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White Elephant Gift Exchange
The students of CCN take part in a White Elephant Gift Exchange to celebrate the Holidays.
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 1]
The Columbia Cougar News team is back. Led by 2018-2019 Directors Clea Dobrish, Grace Petroccia, and Aidan Romanaux, this year's crew is ready to provide you with all your CHS and community news. Get ready for a great year!
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 5]
Zach and Hudson have the latest on Senior Night for the CHS Field Hockey and Volleyball teams. Plus, it's the debut episode of CCN: Carpool Karaoke!
The Luke Burke Show with Holden Cohen Episode One [Pt. 1]
Luke and Holden get ready for their very first show of the 2017-18 year.
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 8]
The CCN team gets you all caught up on all the upcoming events this week at CHS, and we begin our winter sports coverage with a look at the boys basketball team. Plus, get your tickets for the CHS Parnassian Society production of "Shakespeare in Love" this week!
Mr. Camp's DIY Face Mask
Mr. Camp gets a Face mask from Clea.
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 18]
In honor of Black History Month, the CCN crew shines a spotlight on football player and activist Colin Kaepernick. Plus, with the Super Bowl just played, we asked some CHS students a little Super Bowl trivia. Is Tom Brady super darn handsome?
Pajama Day
Day one of CHS Spirit Week has the halls packed with students dressed in pajamas. So who wins the prize for best PJ's?
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 14]
A preview of the CHS Wrestling team, and a quick look at a brand new CCN segment called "Powerpoint Roulette" produced by Sunny Solomon. Plus some of the latest goings on at CHS, and we introduce everyone to CCN's brand new mascot!
Hairspray Spotlight
The CHS all-school musical is getting ready to hit the stage. This year, it's Hairspray! Come on out March 9, 10, 16, & 17 at 7:30 pm and March 11 & 18 at 2pm to see the show!
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 11]
2018 is quickly approaching an end, so the CCN crew begins to look back at what made news this past year. In this week's episode we look back at some of the Top 10 events in entertainment and pop culture. Plus, Matt and Zach offer up a preview of the CHS Swim team.
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 2]
It's the "Week of Respect" and the CCN crew talked to some students from Clinton Elementary to find out what they're doing to help stomp out bullying. Plus Max and Michelle give us a behind the scenes look at some of the new equipment here at CCN.
Anthony presents The Truth About Reincarnation
Have you ever wondered what happens after death? Is it a dark abyss, the embrace of a higher being, or a new life altogether? Anthony has the answers for you.
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 6 - The Halloween Special]
The CCN team gets you ready for Halloween with some spooky interviews and a special Halloween candy ASMR!
Columbia Cougar News [Ep. 4]
It's the annual CCN Halloween Special! Check out the crew doing their best imitation of "The Addams Family" and get a quick look at "The Luke Burke Show with Holden Cohen" and "Columbia Product Reviews."
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 9 - The Thanksgiving Special]
Student Council has some news, and Matt & Zach take a look at the CHS girl's basketball team. Plus, the CCN team normally brings you a disgusting eating challenge for Thanksgiving, but not this year as they decide to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate all they're thankful for.
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 4]
The CCN crew takes a look back at Homecoming Weekend for CHS. Plus, we find out what some of the students think about Kanye's new song, and it's the premiere of CCN: Silent Library!
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 19]
The Grammy's were held last night, so the CCN crew spotlighted Grammy host Alicia Keys in honor of Black History Month. Plus, we take a look at a CHS AP Studio Art Class's tribute to Aretha Franklin! And since Valentine's Day is just around the corner we help spreads the love around CHS.
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 15]
All the latest that's going at CHS, including band and orchestra concerts, and some important reminders for spring athletes. Plus, we offer you a quick look behind the scenes of the CCN crew getting ready for the week.
Columbia Cougar News [Ep. 1]
The 2017-18 CCN AM News Directors Sophia Annand and Georgia Longstreet walk you through what the new Columbia Cougar News show will look like this year.
New Year's Resolutions
CCN went around school to ask some students and staff what their New Year's Resolutions are for 2019.
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 3]
Sunny and Anthony get you caught up on all that's happening at CHS for the coming week, and we get a first look at a little fall sports update from Matt and Zach. Plus, some of the crew take on the Bean Boozled Challenge!
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 7]
The CCN crew brings you all the info you need about the upcoming volleyball tournament and other school news. Plus, we find out what CHS is thinking about the Nicki Minaj and Cardi B feud, and it's the return of "Math and Dance" with Mr. Luchetta!
Freshman of the Week [Spelling Bee]
Josh puts two freshmen to the spelling bee test to see who comes out on top.
Columbia Cougar News [Ep. 6}
CCN's Clea Dobrish talks with two members of the CHS Parnassian Society, who are getting ready for the production of "The Alabama Story" And it's the return of "Freshmen of the Week" with a new twist!
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 17]
There is a lot happening at CHS in the coming weeks, and the CCN crew has all the info for you.
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 13]
The CCN team gives you the latest on "Grads Return" returning to CHS this week, and we look back at the top 10 news stories of 2018. Plus, a special thank you to Mrs. Judi Cohen.
Columbia Cougar News [Ep. 23]
The CCN team takes a look at the CHS baseball team ahead of the season, and gives you a sneak peak at their April Fool's Easter Egg Hunt.
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 12]
The CCN team brings you the latest goings on for the week ahead at CHS. Plus we bring you a new weather update segment, and the Top 10 events in the world of sports.
Columbia Cougar News [S2 Ep. 10]
Michelle and Lyle get everyone caught up on the latest happenings at CHS and reveal what the word of 2018 is. Plus Matt and Zach take a look at the CHS Hockey Team, and the CHS Parnassian Society is set to return with two encore performances!
The Luke Burke Show with Holden Cohen Episode One [Pt. 2]
Luke and Holden ask Maplewood Mayor Vic DeLuca the hard hitting questions. (Note: Mayor DeLuca does not smoke crack!)
Judi Cohen Is...
Thank You Mrs. Cohen!!
Columbia Cougar News [Ep. 28]
It's the final episode of Columbia Cougar News for the 2017-18 school year. This year's directors Sophia and Georgia anchor our final show, and take us on a quick look-back at some of the year's more memorable moments.
Columbia Cougar News [Ep. 27]
A big win for the Columbian! Plus, news about Student Council elections for 2018-19, and the final episode of "Freshman of the Week" for the 2017-18 school year.
Chester presents Advice for GenZ
Are you a Gen Z in need of advice, Chester has got the help you need.
Modern Family open
The Columbia Cougar News team try their hand at being a "Modern Family."
CCN Rock
Should we call it CCN Rock or 17 Parker Ave?
Lunch with Mr  Camp
It's the world premiere of "Lunch with Mr. Camp" as Aidan and Mr. Camp go get a bite to eat one afternoon. Will they make it back to school on time?
CHS Baseball Preview
Matt and Zach offer up a preview of the CHS baseball team for the upcoming season.
SNL Intro
LIVE from B134 ... it's Columbia Cougar News!
Luke Burke Show with Holden Cohen Ep.1 promo
A quick look at what's in store for viewers on the Luke Burke Show with Holden Cohen Episode 1.
Promo for The Luke Burke Show with Holden Cohen
Luke Burke and Holden Cohen are ready to make you rethink your priorities and everything that you think makes sense.
Columbia Cougar News [Ep. 5]
Get a first look at the new CCN series, "The Columbia Bachelor" starring Matthew Gabriel Kritzberg. Also find out what Ethan's punishment is for picking wrong again on the CHS football team.
CCN's Full House
The CCN crew does their best imitation of the Full House open.
CCN Holiday Wish [S2]
The 2018-19 CCN team wishes everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a safe and happy New Year!
Columbia Cougar News [Ep. 7]
A look at what the staff of "The Columbian" are up to, a partnership between the CHS World Multicultural Club and the African-Caribbean Heritage Club, and the South Orange/Maplewood School District Toy Drive!
Columbia Cougar News [Ep. 8]
It's the Annual CCN Thanksgiving Special! This year we pit grade against grade in a pie eating contest! Plus...a very special guest joins in too!
Columbia Cougar News [Ep. 9]
Get into the holiday spirit by giving back! Learn more about the SOMSD Toy Drive and Operation Smile!
The Luke Burke Show with Holden Cohen [Ep. 2] promo
Luke Burke and Holden Cohen are gearing up for another episode.
Columbia Product Reviews [Ep. 1, Chair]
Will, Cole and Jack put a Columbia High School chair to the test to see if it makes the grade.