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Stress Test: Q-Light QT Modular Tower Light Series
We put the Q-Light QT Modular Light Series to the test as we tested for the ease of customisation, addition of buzzer and warning sound systems as well as the brightness of the steady/flashing lights. The lights come in 50mm and 70mm series. Find out more here: QT50L (50mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/qt50l-signal-tower-light?variant=7384094605367 QT70L (70mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/qt70l-signal-tower-light?variant=7384616927287
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Stress Test: Boxco Plastic Electrical Enclosures
Used to house important electrical components and as a junction box, electrical enclosures must be able to withstand certain environmental conditions. We put this to the test by testing our Boxco ABS Electrical Enclosure's waterproof, dustproof and impact resistance capabilities. Find out detailed specs here: https://kehjihou.com/collections/plastic-enclosures
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Test Printing on i-Bon PVC Marking Tube (Cable Ferrule)
We conducted a simple test print on the i-Bon PVC Marking Tube (Cable Ferrule) to examine the clarity and quality of printing on the tube. The tube printer we used is the Brother PT-E850TKW Industrial Tube Printer Find out detailed specs here: i-Bon Marking Tube: https://kehjihou.com/collections/top-products/products/ibon-tubings Brother PT-E850TKW Printer: https://kehjihou.com/collections/id-printers/products/brother-pt-e850tkw-industrial-tube-printer
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Test: Q-Light SRN Electric Horn
When it comes to industrial signal electric horns, users are often curious about how they sound like. We thus produced this short demo on the various sounds available to the electric horns. These horns come in 12V, 24V, 110V, and 220V. They have warning alarms, warning sound and warning melody Find out more here: https://kehjihou.com/products/srn-electric-horn?variant=7373634633783
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QTG Series modular tower light
Twist. Turn. Pull. Its that simple to remove the modules of the QTG series towerlight. Watch as we show you how easy it is to change the modules on the QTG Series towerlight Find out more @ https://kehjihou.com/
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Q-Light S100U Warning Light Series
We put the S100U Warning light to test as we tested for the efficiency of its IP ratings as well as the brightness of the light. The warning light is specified to be water and dust resistant and suitable for both indoor factory use and outdoor use. Find out more here: S80U (80mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/s80u-single-colour-warning-light?variant=7371023646775 S100U (100mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/s100u-single-colour-warning-light?variant=7371094392887 S125U (125mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/s125u-single-colour-warning-light?variant=7371118477367 S150U (150mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/s150u-single-colour-warning-light?variant=7371151343671 S180U (180mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/s180u-single-colour-warning-light?variant=7371177492535
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MK1500 & MK2600 Label Cartridge
Lets us show you how easily we load and print a label cartridge into a MK1500. Find out more @ https://kehjihou.com/collections/id-printer-accessories-1/products/label-tape
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Q-Light QWCD Warning Light & Electric Horn Series
We put the QWCD unit to the test by testing its waterproof & IP rating as well as its brightness and loudness from a distance. The QWCD series provide for both warning light and electric combinations. it comes in 135mm and 150mm variants and provides a maximum sound volume of max 115 dB. Find out more here: QWCD: https://kehjihou.com/products/qwcd35-qwcd-led-strobe-signal-light-and-electric-horn-combinations?variant=7499469881399
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Stress Test: SJ Series Crane Tower Light
The Q-Light SJ Series cubed signal tower light and beacon light is suitable for outdoor and indoor crane use. It is applicable for safety and emergency use and has been used in machine, mobile, lifting and overhead cranes Find out more here: Bulb: https://kehjihou.com/products/sj-tower-warning-light-1?variant=7372141527095 Xenon: https://kehjihou.com/products/sjds-xenon-lamp-strobe-type-stackable-cube-tower-lights-with-built-in-alarm?variant=7404843270199 LED: https://kehjihou.com/products/sjl-tower-warning-light?variant=7372145688631
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ST Series Tower Light Video
Signal Tower Lights (a.k.a. stack lights), most importantly, must be able to display signals prominently in both lighted and dark areas. For this reason, a common question we encounter is: How bright is our tower light? To show this, we made this short video to display the performance of our Q-Light brand lights. Enjoy! Find out more here: https://kehjihou.com/collections/signal-tower-lights/st-series
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Speed Test: Setting Up the S100SOL Solar Warning Light
The Q-Light S100SOL Solar Warning Light has no external wiring or power supply. How do we then turn it on and how long would it take for us to set it up? We put this to the test by challenging three of our associates on who can be the fastest in setting up the solar warning light. Find out more here: S80SOL (80mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/s80sol-single-colour-solar-warning-light S100SOL (100mm): https://kehjihou.com/collections/warning-lights-electric-horns/products/s100sol-single-colour-solar-warning-light S125SOL (125mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/s125sol-single-colour-solar-warning-light
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S100D Warning Light & Electric Horn
We put Q-Light S100D/S125D Warning Light & Electric Horn combination to the test by testing for its brightness in bright and dark environments, the loudness of its warning sounds and the light's IP54 rating. The series comes in bulb, LED and xenon variants. Find out more here: S100D: https://kehjihou.com/search?type=product&q=*S100D* S125D: https://kehjihou.com/search?type=product&q=*S125D*
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Stress Test: Q-Light S100SOL Solar Warning Light
Having the rare chance to interact with the light, a couple of our associates put one of our more popular models, the S100SOL, to the test and tested its ease-of set up, light intensity in a darkened environment and its waterproof features. Find out more: S80SOL (80mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/s80sol-single-colour-solar-warning-light S100SOL (100mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/s100sol-single-colour-solar-warning-light S125SOL (125mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/s125sol-single-colour-solar-warning-light
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UPUN Din Rail cutter | Clean Cut, Smooth edges
The UPUN Din Rail cutter make jobs easier as cutting multiple din rails can really tire one out. The Din Rail cutter provides easy and precise cuts with smooth edges. Check out our video to see how you can cut clean and precise Din Rails as well! Find out more @ https://kehjihou.com/products/din-rail-cutter
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Stress Test: ST-USB Series Tower Light
We tested the ST-USB Series Tower Light to understand how it was used and tested. The Bright LED and clear audible sound shows that despite a small power shortage from a computer's USB port, it is still able to function to its maximum. Check out the ST-USB Series in our stores today @ https://kehjihou.com/collections/special-controlled-tower-lights
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Q Series Signal light
The Q-Series Signal light is IP65 rated and features high visibility with special diffusive lens and direct LED light distribution system. A built-in switch The signal light has a built-in buzzer available with a max volume of 80dB at 1metre. The signal light has steady and flashing (60-80 flashes/min) available with built-in switches for selection. Find out more about our Q-Series signal light below: Q60L - 60mm Diameter: https://kehjihou.com/collections/warning-lights/products/q60l-single-colour-warning-light Q80L - 80mm Diameter: https://kehjihou.com/collections/warning-lights/products/q80l-single-colour-warning-light Q100L - 100mm diameter: https://kehjihou.com/collections/warning-lights/products/q100l-single-colour-warning-light
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BOXCO IP67 enclosure
- It has few discoloration even used outdoors for a long time by addition of UV Stabilizer. - It protects electric/electronic instruments by using the material with substance preventing static electricity. - It is easy to make without breakage in hole and drill press and very strong against impact by using the material for high impact resistance. - We can supply optimized products which will be made of ordered material you request considering purpose and area used besides standard specification. Find out more @ https://kehjihou.com/collections/boxco today!
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SWT Wall-Mount Series Signal Light
The SWT Series light is fully wall mounted, which helps to save space while also fulfilling the requirements of the user. Find out more here @ https://kehjihou.com/search?type=product&q=*SWT*+*Wall-Mounted*+*series*
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Q-Light SHD Heavy Duty Series Warning Beacon
With heavy duty beacon often being used in marine vessels and heavy industries, it is vital that they possess substantial impact and shock resistance whilst giving out clear audible and visual signals. We test that Q-Light Heavy duty warning light to test on these two vital features. Find out more here: SHD (Bulb): https://kehjihou.com/products/shd-warning-light-and-electric-horn-combination-for-vessels-and-heavy-industry-applications SHDL (LED): https://kehjihou.com/products/shdl-warning-light-and-electric-horn-combination-for-vessels-and-heavy-industry-applications
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Light Test S100SOL: Day to Night Transition
The Q-Light S100SOL Solar Warning Light has a built-in darkness detection system that allows for the warning light to be turned on once in low-light environments. We put that to the test by placing the light in an external environment throughout the night. Find out more here: S80SOL (80mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/s80sol-single-colour-solar-warning-light S100SOL (100mm): https://kehjihou.com/collections/warning-lights-electric-horns/products/s100sol-single-colour-solar-warning-light S125SOL (125mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/s125sol-single-colour-solar-warning-light
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Waterproof Test: S100SOL Solar Warning Light Waterproof Timelapse
The Q-Light S100SOL Solar Warning Light is IP54 rated. We put that to the test by placing it in an outdoor environment, under rainy conditions. Find out more here: S80SOL (80mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/s80sol-single-colour-solar-warning-light S100SOL (100mm): https://kehjihou.com/collections/warning-lights-electric-horns/products/s100sol-single-colour-solar-warning-light S125SOL (125mm): https://kehjihou.com/products/s125sol-single-colour-solar-warning-light
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1 Layer, 3 Colours: STC Series Tower Light
Need to display more than 1 colour in a single layer? The STC Series Tower Light allows you to display up to 3 colours in a single layer tower light. Find out more @ https://kehjihou.com/search?type=product&q=*stc* STC45L: https://kehjihou.com/products/stc45l-signal-tower-light STC56L: https://kehjihou.com/products/stc56l-signal-tower-light
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