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IPsec over a GRE tunnel
A tutorial on how to create a GRE tunnel between two sites via internet and how to secure the tunnel using IPSec VPN technologies, IPSec, isakmp, crypto-map, crypto map
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Policy Based Routing and Route-maps
In this video I cover the basics of policy based routing and creating the route-map to enforce the policy. During the implementation I also cover some of the basics of trouble-shooting PBR routing. For more info and tutorials - http://waynetwork.wordpress.com
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object tracking and IP SLA
A tutorial on how to track objects and influence routing decisions based on the track status. in the first example tracking is applied against the local routing table and in the second example I introduce some IP SLA to base the object tracking on.
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Configuring DMVP with mGRE, IPSec and NHRP
An exploratory video on configuring DMVPN using mGRE and IPSec. I'm not an expert on DMVPN and have some questions about it that I got into at the end of the video. If you know any of the answers please post a comment.
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Cisco IOS Macros
Some time back I found an article on one of the blogs I read about how to use macros with Cisco IOS. I had never done this before so thought it would be fun to set it up and try it out.
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Thomas Show Bag
Mason showing off all the goodies in his show bag.
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Mommy Kite
Stacy's birthday parasailing trip
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The Mason and Connor Show
Mason and Connor dancing to Bob the Builder theme song and playing with Mason's Thomas the train track.
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Tail Games
Dusty playing with Reggie's tail. He doesn't seem to mind at all.
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taekwondo kid
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Manly Fountains
Mason running thru the fountains in Manly
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Testing snow chains on Telluride
Mason is running our snow chains thru their paces. Temperature is about 35 so the snow was very wet and heavy.
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Nerf Battle
Mason and Doug battling it out with the new Nerf guns in the basement.
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The Mason and Connor Show:  Episode 2
Mason and Connor bouncing around at the fair.
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Spring Trucking
Mason and I messing around with the Traxxas Telluride and Axial Wraith Spawn.
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Ninja Battle Part 1
There is a $1,000 bounty on the head of the elusive ninja... Mason, and the evil bounty hunter is out to collect it! Written and directed by Mason Suida. Starring Mason Suida as "the ninja" Starring Doug Suida as the evil bounty hunter
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Deer in the yard - from the air
Used my Bade 350 QX to get some shots of the deer that come into our yard to rob the bird feeders. Footage was shot with a Mobius actioncam. Thought I had put a good scare into them (not my intention) but less than 2 hours later they were back.
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Sled Dog
Reggie wanted to get in on the sledding action.
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Mason's Jam Session
Mason sings Twinkle twinkle little star solo and then accompanies himself with the ukulele.
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Suida Family Reunion
All the Suida's together and Grandma Grandpa Suida's house in DeTour.
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New Year Eve 2009 Fireworks in Sydney
New Years fireworks over the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
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Pileated Woodpecker
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One Day With Mason
A Sunday spent with Mason in the house and on the town.
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Mason's Intro to Oz
Mason, Stacy and Doug goofing around the appt one evening.
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Mason in Front of Camera
Mason getting a kick out of seeing himself on the screen.
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Mason's Pre-school Christmas Party
Mason's C-mas at McMahons Point pre-school
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Zorro vs. Zero
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Hospital Cuisine
Mom and Dad trying to get Mason to eat at the hospital so we can bring him home.
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The Roost
Suida family at the roost
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Blade 120 SR:  1st Flight (and crash)
Had to try out my new 808 camera on the heli. Vibrations are bad and the heli was very hard to control. At the very end the heli lost power and came down in a tree. With the extra weight of the camera I'll need to shorter my flight times by quite a bit.
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Roost from the air
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Mason Interview
Mason talking to himself on camera
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Another one
Mason wanted to do more
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Mason and truck vs. Leaf Pile
Mason was having a great time bashing around with our new Traxxas Telluride. I was saving my pennies to buy a kit for a new hexacopter. Guess I'll have to rely on Santa for than now.
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Mason's Taekwondo demo for 2nd Camo belt
Mason's class give the parents a demonstration of what they leaned at the 4-day Taekwondo camp. Right after this demo Mason was presented with his 2nd level Camo belt.
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Family Kayak
Stacy and I have been waiting many years for Mason to be able to handle his own kayak. Here are a few clips from our first time on the water as a family, and Mason's fourth time on the water.
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Dancing Boy
Footage of Mason and Stacy dancing around the apartment.
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Telluride snow bulidup
Mason and I were testing our snow chains and encountered this phenomenon. We found out later that our snow chain had actually come off this tire.
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Pop-up Mason
Mason goofing around with in his toy house.
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