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Introducing DueDil
DueDil is a private company information platform that enables businesses to find opportunities and mitigate risks, by providing authoritative data and rich context on over 40 million companies across 9 countries. https://www.duedil.com _________ In times of political and economic uncertainty, the success or failure of a business depends on the opportunities they seize and the risks they take. Having reliable data on your prospects, customers or competitors is the key to winning. Too many businesses assume that the data they use is "good enough", and are unaware of the benefits that could be achieved from investing in more accurate (investing in accuracy) and comprehensive data sources. Introducing DueDil - the company information platform that is doing things differently. What makes DueDil unique is its ability to match multiple datasets relating to private companies. This provides the richest, most complete view of a company and can expose hidden links between companies and the people who run them. Because of this approach to company information, DueDil has helped businesses: identify net-new opportunities to grow pipeline by 9X (compared to a legacy provider); reduce the time for KYC, AML and sanctions onboarding from 2 weeks to 25 minutes; perform credit decisioning in 80% less time; give your business the competitive edge. Have confidence in the data behind your decisions.
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The DueDil Value Proposition
DueDil discuss where they are heading in 2017 and share three major announcements. These include: the release of their updated API, international data launch and a new partnership with Callcredit, the leading provider of consumer information. Pierre Berlin, Chief Revenue Officer, DueDil Justin Fitzpatrick, Chief Operating Officer, DueDil
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DueDil for Banking
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DueDil API Overview
www.duedil.com/api Businesses use The DueDil API to integrate company information into their internal systems and processes. The DueDil API can be used to: Pre-populate signup forms to reduce drop-off rates and improve customer experience. Automate KYC and AML checks to ensure compliance when onboarding customers.Streamline credit decisioning to approve new customers and suppliers in a fraction of the time. Integrate accurate data into your CRM for data cleansing and enrichment of records. www.duedil.com/api
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A day at the DueDil office!
DueDil is one of the most innovative and disruptive FinTech companies in London. We are building something special here, and it is one exciting journey! If you're interested in joining us, check out our Careers page: https://www.duedil.com/careers Video credit: LightWork Productions
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DueDil Demo: Introduction to DueDil
DueDil has in-depth private company data which helps businesses grow revenue, streamline onboarding and minimise exposure to risk. Join the DueDil team for a 20-minute on-demand webinar where a member of the DueDil team will walk participants through using the DueDil platform and API to find new opportunities and mitigate risk.
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LSEG & DueDil: 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain
The London Stock Exchange released its "1000 Companies to Inspire Britain" report for 2017. The list of 1000 companies was compiled using key financial performance indicators such as: - Company Status - Size & Age - Financial Information - Sector Benchmarks Join DueDil for a 20-minute on-demand webinar to find out how the list was created and how you can segment any market to identify the right businesses for your sales and marketing teams to target.
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How Reward Gateway Drives Growth with DueDil (Short)
When Reward Gateway needed to drive net new pipeline within their target market, they switched to DueDil to find the results they were looking for.
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DueDil Solutions Overview
http://www.duedil.com In times of uncertainty, businesses gain a competitive advantage when they take proactive steps to create their own success. DueDil is the company information platform that helps businesses make decisions based on accurate data as they find opportunities and evaluate risks. Successful businesses rely on DueDil to: Grow revenue with accurate and rich CRM data to better identify new prospects. Streamline customer onboarding and monitoring for KYC, AML and sanctions screening. Expedite credit decisioning to minimise exposure to risk and to approve more customers or suppliers. Put data at the heart of your company's success at http://www.duedil.com.
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Digital Transformation with Santander
In this short video, Jonathan Holman, Director of Transformation at Santander, talks about digital transformation and how to embrace it!
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DueDil opening keynote & product announcements
In this session, hear from DueDil about new product launches and the role data, technology and data play in driving digital transformation. Speakers: Justin Fitzpatrick | CEO & Co-Founder | DueDil Mirit Lugassi | Head of Account Management | DueDil
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Hokodo share how they're driving Digital Transformation as an InsurTech
In this short video, Louis Carbonnier, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Hokodo shares how he partners with DueDil to drive digital transformation and his top tips for success!
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Innovation in Highly-Regulated Industries Panel
How can one be innovative in an environment that is so highly regulated? In this session, leaders share practical advice on how they have created and fostered innovation in their organisations.    Richard Bearman, Head of Small Business UK, HSBC Sean Duffy, Managing Director, TMT Group, Barclays Simon Rogerson, Co-Founder & CEO, Octopus Investments
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Fireside Chat with Antony Jenkins (10X Future Technologies)
Antony Jenkins shares his insight into the evolution of technology in banking. In particular, he shares examples of how one can succeed and thrive by adopting this culture change and stay ahead of the curve. Antony Jenkins, Executive Chairman, 10X Future Technologies, and former CEO, Barclays Damian Kimmelman, Co-Founder & CEO, DueDil
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Nail Your GTM Strategy: Segmenting your market to scale
In this session, learn how companies are using data and technology to segment their market in times of change. Speakers: Cris Santos | Head of EMEA Sales Strategy | Docusign Nina Pepper | Director of Demand Generation | GoCardless Stuart Gregory | Head of Business | Transferwise Todd Latham | CMO & Head of Product | Currencycloud Moderator: Caroline Vaughan | Head Of Commercial and BD | Innovate Finance
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Tops Tips for Digital Transformation with Reward Gateway
In this short video, Tom Conran, UK Research Manager at Reward Gateway, shares how he partners with DueDil to drive digital transformation and top tips to succeed.
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Smart Pension & DueDil: Embracing Data to Drive Automation
Market disruptor Smart Pension provides auto-enrolment for workplace pensions to UK SMEs. Since launching in May 2015, it has signed up 35,000 companies and more than 180,000 members. In this 30-minute, on-demand webinar, Sam Barton, CTO of Smart Pension will share his journey of transformation. By using DueDil and embracing data, Sam has enabled his team to avoid high drop-off rates associated with a long and complicated sign-up procedure for new customers, which has resulted in a 70% increase in revenue.
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CRM Planning: Territory Alignment and Distribution for Sales Success
Plan for sales and marketing success by learning about: - Salesforce account hierarchy best practices - Using industry keywords to build segmented clusters relevant to your business - Territory segmentation by size and geography - Using data to ensure fair distribution of accounts https://www.duedil.com
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Scaling Amidst Uncertainty Panel
How are you scaling amidst these uncertain times? In this session, we hear from executives across the financial industry discussing the main strategies they've adopted to embrace the ever-changing environment we're living in.  Sherry Coutu, Angel Investor & Non-Executive Board Director Nick Fryer, CTO, Paymentsense Manish Madhvani, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, GP Bullhound Gary Turner, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, UK & EMEA, Xero Oli Barrett, Director, StartUp Britain
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Get Started With DueDil API Trial Keys
Learn more about the DueDil API and register for a free trial key: www.duedil.com/api
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How Reward Gateway Drives Growth with DueDil
When Reward Gateway needed to drive net new pipeline within their target market, they switched to DueDil to find the results they were looking for.
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Industry Panel: Driving transformation in regulated environments
In this session, hear from industry leaders on how they are empowering their organisations to drive transformation in regulated environments using data, technology and people. Speakers: Alex Park | Director of Digital | Metro Bank Pullen Daniel | EVP / Managing Director EMEA & APAC | nCino Charlotte Crosswell | CEO | Innovate Finance Moderator: Kevin Reed | Journalist | Pembar Publishing
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Accelerate Growth: Using insights and data to create impactful customer relationships
In this session, speakers discuss the importance of using insights and data to create impactful customer relationships and accelerate growth. Speakers: Shalom Joseph | VP of Growth Partnerships | Growth Street Munyaradzi Hoto | Director of Digital Marketing | The Foundry Karen Muldoon | UK Sales Leader | Zendesk Clancy Childs | CPO & CTO | Dow Jones Moderator: Brian Harris | CPO | Currencies Direct
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Inside Out: Disrupting financial services from within
In this session, speakers discuss how to disrupt financial services from within. Louis Carbonnier | co-CEO | Hokodo James Russell | Director | Brisk Alan Walsh | Head of Network & Partnerships | Bud Moderator: James Clark | Head of Tech | London Stock Exchange
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Know Your Customer: Create memorable onboarding experiences that enhance your brand
In this session, speakers discuss the importance of creating a memorable onboarding experience and the impact that it can have on your brand. Speakers: Jonathan Holman | Director Transformation | Santander Easton Taylor | Director of Customer Success EMEA | Gainsight Josh Gunnall | Head of Fraud & ID Pre-Sales | TransUnion Tom | COO | Monzo Moderator: Hannah Leach | Growth & Strategy Director | Adapt
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Account based prospecting and GDPR compliance
In this 20-minute webinar Farouk Umar, Data Privacy Expert, will explain the impact of GDPR on companies and how DueDil have prepared for this new legislation. Our account based selling expert, Anneliese Niebauer, will share how she is helping clients take an account-based approach to selling and coaching them as they build their Ideal Customer Profile.
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Enhanced Financials: Basics
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DueDil & Callcredit: The seamless approach to customer onboarding
Creating a seamless approach to customer onboarding is critical as it’s the first interaction between your customer and the business outside of the sales and marketing cycle. It is also a key indicator of the quality of service your customer can expect moving forward into the relationship. Conducting effective KYC and KYB checks can be very time-consuming and cumbersome for your customer and team as it involves collating data from multiple sources which is often quite manual and repetitive. Why go through that pain, when the information could be pulled from one single access point? Tune into this 30-minute webinar to learn how you can transform and automate your KYC & KYB onboarding process to create a seamless onboarding process that customers admire. To learn more about DueDil, please reach us on duedil.com/contact
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Dealcloud discuss the power of data
In this short video, Connor Chapman, Manager of EMEA Operations at DealCloud shares the importance of having the right metrics and infrastructure in place to drive digital transformation.
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2017 Product Innovations & Looking Ahead to 2018
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Fireside Chat with Tim Weller (Incisive Media)
In this short video, Tim Weller shares his extraordinary professional journey to date. He shares his main strategies on growing an organisation, leading digital transformation and provides tangible takeaways and advice to others facing similar challenges. Tim Weller, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Incisive Media Damian Kimmelman, Co-Founder & CEO, DueDil
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Leveraging DueDil Enterprise
In this 30 minute webinar, a member of the DueDil team shows participants how to leverage DueDil for your business to size your market, navigate group and shareholder structures and investigate a company's financial history.
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CRM Planning: Enrich Your Database For Sales Success
Plan for sales and marketing success by: - Matching existing accounts in your CRM to DueDil data - Finding insights on existing customers and identifying similar companies based on matching characteristics - Researching the size of new target markets - Exporting enriched company data and new account details https://www.duedil.com
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