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PowerBI Embedded in D365 Finance and Operations
In this webinar, we will take a look on deploying Power BI Report in Dynamics 365 FOE using Entity Store and its entire configuration. We will take a look on how to create Analytics elements and discuss how to refresh it in Operations for using as DirectQuery. This will include configurations of Power BI report in D365 FOE workspaces.
Going through Exchange Online Admin Center
In this webinar, we will take a look at different types of Recipients in Exchange Online, their features and delegations. Also, we will demonstrate how to assign permissions for different role groups, creating role assignment policies for users and policies for Outlook web app. We will also walk through how to share calendars with external users or organizations.
Data Loss Prevention in Office 365
In this webinar, we will walk-through Data Loss Prevention in Office 365. We will see how to create DLP policy with Labels as a condition. We will also go through Document fingerprint in Exchange Online DLP and DLP reports.
D365 Portals
The webinar is a introduction to D365 Portals. We will walk through the setup of the Portals on a D365 instance. With that, we will take a look at 4 types of Portals – Custom, Customer Self Service, Partner and Community Portal. We will also take a look at how users can access portal using Contacts in D365.
Labels in Office 365 Security Compliance
In this webinar, we will take a look at Labels which is used for classification of data across organization. We will see how to publish labels and how to apply it to the documents in SharePoint and OneDrive.
Azure Data Factory and Power BI Updates
This video will walk you through introduction to Azure Data Factory with the help of a small demo and Power BI updates for November month
In-Place eDiscovery & hold (Exchange Online Admin Center)
In this webinar, we will take a look at In-Place eDiscovery which can be used to search for content across all mailboxes in your organization and we will also walkthrough In-place hold which preserves all mailbox content, including deleted items. All such mailbox items are returned in an In-place eDiscovery search.
Client Testimonial: MAGIC BUS
This testimonial from Magic Bus (India) Director of Technology Mr. Nitin Aurora and Senior Project Manager Mr. Raghunandan Hegde talk about the success of CloudFront's strategic partnership with Magic Bus. To know more, contact CloudFronts at https://www.cloudfronts.com/contact-us/ or email at [email protected]
Power BI Deep Dive & Real Time Analytics !
Get more insights into Power BI through Power BI Groups, Content Packs, DAX, new visualizations and real time dashboards using Power BI REST API
Field Service in Dynamics CRM Online
This webinar will showcase how to manage your Field Service workforce with Dynamics CRM. The intention is to demonstrate Centralization of Scheduling and Dispatch, Work Order Management, Preventive Maintenance Management, Inventory Management and Mobile Collaboration.
Project Management Solution
This webinar will showcase Project Management Solution by CloudFronts. The intention is to demonstrate the ease with which the product can be used to create the project, manage Time Entries, Invoicing, etc. Overall, an end-to-end solution for Project management on top of CRM for SMB sector industry.
Exchange Online Protection
In this webinar, we will take a look at Protection in Exchange Online from malware and spam. We will create mail filtering policies and will walk through outbound spam, reviewing and releasing items in quarantine.
Microsoft Azure Logic Apps
In this webinar, we will showcase how to integrate the SFDC with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Microsoft CRM Online Success Story
This is a casestudy video for a Dynamics CRM 2011 Online Implmentation we did for a client.
PepsiCo Inc. Sales Analysis Power BI Report
This report is designed considering PepsiCo Inc. as a brand created using dummy dataset. Using this interactive Power BI report, Sales Manager can monitor the sales activity for different warehouses in terms of sales revenue, sales growth and quantity of product sold. You can filter reports for different months of the year, compare sales figure day/date wise, set targets to be achieved, monitor running sales total each day and finally the quantity of products sold & its revenue at each warehouse level, and all of the visualizations update instantly to reflect the desired filter criteria. This report can be very useful to have a glance at the overall sales performance activity, data analysis, decision making and can serve as a great Power BI Dashboard!
CRM Online 2016 Portal Capabilities
This webinar will showcase the new CRM Online portal capabilities and new features. We will also compare online CRM portal with On Premises ADX portal.
AX Finance User Training
This video is specific to AX Finance User Training for UAT. Video is recorded on 24th Feb during the training.
AX Production and AX MRP
This Video is specific to AX Production and AX MRP training for UAT. Video is recorded on 1st March during the training.
Knowlarity Cloud Telephony - Dynamics CRM Online Integration
Overview of how Knowlarity Cloud Telephony is integrated with Dynamics CRM Online for interacting with calls from Knowlarity for call center agents who use CRM Online.
Power BI Premium Deep Dive
In this webinar, we will take a look at how embedding can be done for Power BI users and for Non-Power BI users using the .NET SDK and the Power BI REST API. We will also take a look at all different capacity nodes available for premium currently and what are the features that come along with it. Then, we will see how to assign a capacity node to a work space which will promote our solution to a premium environment.
D365 Field Service
This webinar will showcase ways to register Customer issues in Field Service and various stages of Work Order involving Technician and Dispatcher along with KPI review capabilities for Management Team in Field Service.
PSM - Revenue Forecast
PSM Reports Revenue Forecast of Active and Not Started projects
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
In this session we will take a look at Microsoft Dynamics Marketing which is a marketing campaign management tool from Microsoft that is designed to help marketing professionals plan and deliver engaging campaigns that return concrete, quantifiable results.
Enhanced Service Desk Capabilities in CRM 2016
Join us for reviewing the new Service Desk capabilities in CRM 2016! In this session we will focus on the Interactive Dashboard and the Knowledgebase features in CRM 2016 plus high level overview of new things like dynamic SLAs.
Gravity Forms - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration
Gravity Form is a popular contact form Plugin for WordPress. We have integrated Gravity Forms with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Web to Lead conversions. When a prospect fills out the Contact Us page on your website, the details are submitted to Dynamics CRM and the Lead record is created. A simple workflow can notify the sales team members to follow up on this new Lead. This functionality will help companies easily integrate their WordPress Contact Us page with Dynamics CRM Online… without any manual data entry! We are already using and testing it for the Contact Us page on our WordPress site – http://www.cloudfronts.com/contact-us/ You can preview the complete working of the functionality in this video. To know more about this feature, pricing and availability please email us at [email protected]
PSA V3 Web Series: Part 1 (Sales Cycle)
PSA Web series Part 1: Sales Cycle: Check out this informative video to know the process of lead to contract in #PSA Version 3. #ProjectServiceAutomation #MSDyn365
PSA V3 Web Series: Part 4. Final Part (Invoicing & Journal entries)
PSA V3 Web Series: Part 4 (Invoicing & Journal entries): Check out the part 4 of #PSA web series V3. This will give you step by step idea about Invoicing & Journal entries. #ProjectServiceAutomation #MSDyn365
Client Testimonial: Momentum India
This testimonial from Momentum India team shows how CloudFronts has proved to be great partner in the digital transformation journey and created an eco-system for the startups. #Office365
PSA V3 Web Series: Part 2 (Project Service & Resource Scheduling)
PSA Web series Part 2: (Project Service & Resource Scheduling): Check out the part 2 of #PSA web series V3. This will give you step by step idea about Project Service and Resource Scheduling. #ProjectServiceAutomation #MSDyn365
Data Governance in Office 365
In this webinar, we will walk-through Data Governance in Office 365 Security & Compliance Center. We will see how to archive mails, using Retention policy for documents, using Labels as a Retention, Disposition and monitoring emails with Supervision.
Restrict download and print option for documents in SPO
In this webinar, we will see how to restrict users from downloading and printing the documents in SharePoint Online document library.
Mobility Enhancements in CRM 2016  : Mobile Management (MDM)
With help of Microsoft Intune, users will be able to secure organisation data with mobile application management capabilities. Customers will be able to secure the data in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scenarios.
Content Search in Office 365 Security & Compliance Center
In this webinar, we are going to take a look into Content Search which is an eDiscovery tool and is used to search for content such as email, documents, and messaging conversation for various Microsoft 365 services.
Vendor Collaboration in D365 for Finance and Operations
The Vendor collaboration module is targeted at vendors who don't have electronic data interchange (EDI) integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
Add a New Time Entry on the Professional Services Management
PSM is a powerful Project Management solution that can be used to organize your internal and/or client projects and time & expense entry, supported by strong BI & reporting around Billing, Revenue Forecasting & Resource Utilization. The solution is built on the MS Dynamics CRM Online platform along with a well-designed Mobile Web App interface.
Threat Management in Office 365
In this webinar we will walk-through Threat Management in Office 365. We will see how to create Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware filter policy and how to review the messages in quarantine which has been determined as a Spam.
Marketing ROI for Dynamics CRM
In this session, we will discuss how to measure Return on investment (ROI) and the performance of Campaigns using ClickDimensions Marketing Automation.
Canvas And Model driven Apps
In this webinar, we will walk-through Canvas and Model driven Apps, and difference between them. We will learn how to create canvas apps with Dynamics 365 data source and create Model driven Apps. We will also take a look on creating entity in CDS and running and sharing Canvas and Model driven Apps.
Mobility Enhancements in CRM 2016
Join us for Mobility enhancements in CRM 2016. From offline support to custom controls, the CRM mobile client gets a huge face lift !
Mail Flow in Exchange Online
In this webinar, we will take a look at how to create mail transport rules, and how to trace messages. We will also see how to manage accepted and remote domains and how to use connectors in Exchange Online.
Mobile Device Access and Policies
In this webinar, we will take a look at Exchange ActiveSync, mobile device access, how to create device access rules and will also walk through Mobile device mailbox policy.
Password Less Auth using Azure AD
In this webinar, we will walk through how we can utilize password less authentication method in Azure AD by means of which you skip the password and do all your identity verification on your phone.
Client Testimonial : Sujeeth Ravindran
Sujeeth Ravindran, Partner, iD Fresh Food (India) Pvt. Ltd. Website: www.idspecial.com Project: Power BI Implementation
Dynamics 365 Field Service Integrated Solution
Join us for a webinar to look at our Integrated Dynamics 365 Field Service and Dynamics 365 Operations (AX) solution. We will also review the new D365 Field Service solution along with Embedded Power BI for D365 Field Service KPIs! In this webinar, we also review how we can leverage Power BI SQL Datawarehouse deployment on Azure and deploying Dynamics 365 Operations Dev and Test environments on Azure through LCS.
Power BI : April Deep Dive
Join Us for Power BI Features Deep Dive! In this session, we will have a look at the Row Level Security using Power BI and the major updates released this month along with demonstration.
CRM 2016 User Training
This video is specific to CRM 2016 User Training for UAT. Video is recorded on 23rd Feb during the training.
Mobility Enhancements in CRM 2016  : Mobile Client Form Preview
In Mobile Client Form Preview, user can view Mobile, Tablet forms and Dashboards within the browser before publishing the customization.