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Robin Williams, Parkinson (pt1) [2007]
Robin Williams interviewed on Parkinson, in 2007. Part 1 of 2 files. Reposted from my recently Permanently Disabled channel GrubcoTV.
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Robin Williams, Parkinson (pt2) [2007]
Robin Williams interviewed on Parkinson, in 2007. Part 2 of 2 files. Reposted from my recently Permanently Disabled channel GrubcoTV.
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Bathurst Bad Sports (w Mark Skaife & Jim Richards) [2007]
Excerpt from Bathurst 1000 2007, with race veteran Jim Richards and Mark Skaife speaking on their famous 1992 victory in a Nissan Skyline. Heaven forbid!
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Ford Falcon GT HO Phase 4 [1998]
Excerpt from History Of The Ford Falcon (posted on my 'grubcomedia' channel in full), this segment shows a real life Ford Falcon GT HO Phase 4, one of only 4 surviving examples (at least back in 1998).
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Bathurst Shoot Out (w Mark Skaife) [2002]
Bathurst shoot out featuring Mark Skaife from 2004 on how to make a record-breaking lap.
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Boys From Bathurst - Lee Kernaghan [2008]
Excerpt from Bathurst 1000 2008, featuring country singer Lee Kernaghan performing his classic Boys From The Bush (here retitled Boys From Bathurst) and with classic Bathurst moments spliced in.
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Craig Lowndes on Bathurst & Peter Brock [2007]
Excerpt from Bathurst 1000 2007, with Craig Lowndes speaking on the loss of friend and mentor Peter Brock.
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Nancy Cartwright on Rove Live [2004]
Nancy Cartwright interviewed on Rove Live 2004.
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Gallipoli trailer [1981]
1981 television trailer for movie Gallipoli, featuring Mel Gibson in one of his first roles, and the famous Oxygene song that was used as its soundtrack. (The bit where Mel Gibson screams at the end always used to freak me out)
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Old Sydney Town commercial [1980s]
1980s television commercial for Old Sydney Town.
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Robin Williams on Rove [2007]
Robin Williams interviewed live on Rove in 2007 to promote his film License To Wed.
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Matt Damon on Rove [2007]
Matt Damon interviewed on Rove in promotion of his new film The Bourne Ultimatum, in 2007.
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Random Breath Testing commercial [1983]
1983 television community accouncement for Random Breath Testing campaign. Check the bags they're blowing in! Nice jingle (once it gets going).
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Frisbee commercial [1981]
1981 television commercial for Frisbee.
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Robin Williams on Rove Live [2003]
Robin Williams interviewed via satelite on Rove Live in 2003. Note: pardon the crap audio, the video encoder I used was el cheapo - and I long since lost my source copy.
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Gladiator interview (w Russell Crowe) [2000]
Interview and behind-the-scenes look at the movie Gladiator, on Optus TV's Close Up, with Russell Crowe, Connie Nielsen, Ridley Scott, and Joaquin Phoenix.
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Coalition Losses, The Shredder [2007]
Excerpt from Election 2007, the infamous shredder animation, showing all defeated Liberal members going into the shredder - including John Howard.
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Intellivision commercial [1983]
1983 television commercial for gaming console Intellivision, with great games to offer like baseball, horse racing, & boxing.
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Harry Firth on Bathurst & Peter Brock [2007]
Excerpt from Bathurst 1000 2007, with race veteran Harry Firth, speaking on racing and Peter Brock. Includes classic archive footage.
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TAA commercial [1980s]
1980s television commercial for TAA.
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The Australian Newspaper ad [1980s]
1980s television commercial for newspaper The Australian, with cameos of Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke, Olivia Newton-John, Ronald Reagan, and many more big names from the 80s.
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Harry Shearer on Rove [2007]
Harry Shearer, voice-actor from The Simpsons, visits Rove for interview in 2007.
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African Lion Safari commercial [1981]
1981 television commercial for long-gone animal theme park African Lion Safari.
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Evonne Goolagong tribute [1981]
1981 television excerpt from Willisee current affair program, paying tribute to Australia tennis star Evonne Goolagong (from country band Stagecoach).
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1982 Wimbledom Intro [1982]
1982 Wimbledom Championships intro by Nine's Wide World Of Sports, featuring John McEnroe and a bevvy of other 80s tennis greats (even a cameo from Princess Diana!). Sponsored by General Motors Holden, and Milo.
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Channel 7 ID [1986]
Full-extended version of channel 7 ident of 1986 with the slogan "Lets All Be There."
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Kevin Bartlett on Camaro flip [2007]
Excerpt from Bathurst 1000 2007, with race veteran Kevin Bartlett and his classic flip of the channel 9 Camaro (or is that channel 6?). Includes classic archive footage.
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Gremlins Teenager Care promotion [1984]
1984 television commercial for Teenage Care initiative with actors (well the old dude anyway) from the then-new film Gremlins.
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Centrepoint Tower commercial [1980s]
1980s television commercial for Sydney Centrepoint Tower (now AMP Tower), with catchy jingle.
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Jane Hall on Rove [2007]
Actress Jane Hall, of Home & Away and All Together Now, is interviewed on Rove in 2007.
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Victa commercial (w Peter Wherrett) [1980s]
1980s television commercial for Victa Lawnmovers, with cross-dressing motorist Peter Wherrett.
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Grace Bros commercial [1983]
1983 television commercial for Grace Bros, they're all the things you are (so sayeth the jingle). Not sure about the lady with the physcho eyes at 0.40.
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News Report: 100,000th Sigma [1980]
1980 television news report on Chrysler Australia's 100,000th Sigma vehicle, prefaced by host James Dibble.
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1977 Bathurst Ford 1, 2 Finish (w Colin Bond) [2007]
Excerpt from Bathurst 1000 2007, with race veteran Colin Bond speaking out on the famous 1977 finish of dual Ford Falcon (and having to slow down for race partner Alan Moffat to win). Includes classic archive footage.
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Demtel Rabbit commercial [1987]
1987 television commercial for Demtel and their Rabbit offer. That's all folks?
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Channel 9 ID [1983]
Channel 9 ident from 1983 featuring "Late Movie" presentation (from a time when TV shut down after midnight). Did anybody spot the Star name at 0.19?
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Swan Lager Export commercial [1983]
1983 television commercial for Swan Lager Export brand beer, featuring truck and check stop.
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Joyce Mayne commercial [1980s]
1980s television commercial for Joyce Mayne Furniture Complex, starring the lady herself here dressed as a lovely prostitute.
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Bathurst Historic Touring Cars [2003]
Race event from 2003 Bathurst 1000, featuring all the historic classic racing cars from yesteryear.
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1982 Up In Lights record [1982]
1982 television commercial for annual hits compilation record, The Winners, featuring hits by Missing Persons, Hall & Oates, Melissa Manchester, Yazoo, Joe Jackson, Kim Carnes, Madness, Joe Cocker, The Pointer Sisters, Bananarama, JoJo Zepp, Joan Jett, Frida, & many more. Great price too!
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SBS ID [1983]
1983 extended ident for channel 0/28 SBS.
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Ansett Airliners commercial [1982]
1982 television commercial for Ansett Airlines, promoting their new fleet of Boeing 727s and 737s, and boldly aspiring to be not only the best airline in Australia but possibly the best in the world!
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Birth of RaceCam (w Geoff Healy) [2007]
Excerpt from Bathurst 1000 2007, with the backstory on in-car cameras - aka the racecam, with pioneer Geoff Healy, and comments from Dick Johnson.
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Caltex commercial (w Charles Bud Tingwell) [2000]
2000 television commercial for Caltex (not really sure how a service station / quickie mart can be "nice and easy", but there you go) and featuring well-known "old lady" actress Esme Melville - and voice-over from Charles Bud Tingwell. Anybody know her name? I heard she passed away a few years ago.
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Julie Anthony record [1982]
1982 television commercial for Julie Anthony cover-song compilation album.
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Smurf BreakerTube commercial [1980s]
1980s television commercial for Smurf Breakertube, a summertime beach floatation device as endorsed by a Smurf. On my previous channel, it was pointed out (and asked) why this Smurf has white legs?
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John Howard Election Defeat Speech (Part 1) [2007]
John Howard's election defeat speech from Election 2007. Full and uncut.
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Bird Dance record [1983]
1983 television commercial for Bird Dance record, from K-Tel.
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State Rail commercial [1980s]
1980s television commercial for State Rail Authority of New South Wales.
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Demtel Pens commercial [1986]
1986 television commercial for Demtel and their Pens offer. There's a pen here for chewing-on for each day of the year!
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