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22 Times Perfectly Timed Photos Became Works Of Art
From a shadow couple to an beautiful wave taking on a girl, here are 22 Times Perfectly Timed Photos Became Works Of Art. #8 - The Love That Passes Us By This perfectly timed picture is an interesting concept, to say the least. Look at the foreground of the picture and you can see two strangers about to walk right past each other. This is something that we do every day when we pick up our kids, go grocery shopping, or simply walk to check the mail. What is super interesting about this photo is the part that we the viewers see after taking a moment to look, it is the same part of the picture that the people inside the photo cannot see. It’s all about the way we perceive things. The shadow on the back wall shows those same two people that are about to walk right by each other, in what seems to be a loving embrace. The love they could have had is something they never even saw because they didn’t look at things that way. #7 - Checkin Out the Likeness This dragonfly was in for a shock when it landed on this lady’s leg after it saw what it thought was another member of its own species. The funny part about this situation isn’t just the fact that the dragonfly mistook a tattoo for the real thing, but that the tattoo and the dragonfly itself are the same size and have the same color pattern; what are the odds of that? #6 - We’ll Always Be Pals This deep sea diver lucked out when he made friends with this huge whale. You can see the two giving each other a high five in an open body of water. That has to be the biggest friend this guy’s ever had; just look at the size difference between the two. #5 - The Everlasting Battle This is a very rare scene captured in this photograph. The bird’s wings are perfectly outstretched so that you can observe each and every one of the vibrantly colored feathers that make up its wings. The praying mantis shows he isn’t going down without a fight and rises up to greet his foe in battle. #4 - Bride of the Sea If you needed unique and interesting ideas for your wedding photos, look no further. You can truly have a Disney wedding as Ariel, just make sure to take all of your non-water photos first since your dress won’t look the same after it’s been floating around in the ocean. Once you’re ready to take the plunge in your gown, try some poses like this woman here, the way she is lying makes the foam from the wave look like it is part of the dress. Instead of seeing two parts, the ocean and a bride, the two come together cohesively to create a stunning masterpiece worthy of your wedding album. #3 - Kissing the Sun Like capturing the crests of waves, photographers using the sun in their photographs isn’t something that’s new; it’s been done several times over. What sets a commonly captured photo apart from the rest is the way in which they capture the power of the sun. This picture was timed perfectly so that it looks like the woman is kissing the sun before it leaves for the night. #2 - The Hairflip The hair flip is a much sought after pose for many models and photographers alike. It is tricky to snap the picture at the perfect moment, but when a photographer captures it just right, you end up with a stunning picture like this. It captures the mermaid essence of the hair and creates a beautiful work of art. #1 - Poseidon's Daughter This photo was captured at just the right moment. It makes this woman look like she is the queen of the sea or at the very least Poseidon’s daughter. It appears as though she has power over the oceans and the wave themselves. Even if she isn’t the daughter of Poseidon, this puts her one step closer to becoming a mermaid.
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25 Perfectly Timed Photos
From sharks to funny women to airplanes, we'll show you 25 of the most perfectly timed pictures. The timing on some of these is unreal! Subscribe for new videos: http://goo.gl/LAjy5o Check out our 12 weirdest discoveries on Google Maps here: https://youtu.be/TzINpIJxQfs 25. At first glance, most people see this as a glass vase resting on a little boy's head. But upon closer examination, we see that it's actually a splash of water being poured that fell in a manner perfect enough to look like a mushroom head. 24. Remember Leo and Kate's "I'm the king of the world" scene from the movie Titanic? Well this couple's attempt ended in an epic fail, with a seagull not giving a f*ck who the king of the world was. 23. Next time you're at the beach, you might wanna to try this! By putting a sand dune behind her, the photographer was able to capture this amazing moment under the waves. 22. This shot, titled "Under the Blanket", happened to be taken right as a great white shark was surfacing the water appearing as if there's only a water blanket left over its head. Isn't this one of the most amazing photos you've ever seen? To me it is. 21. Did we just discover a real life Pegasus? Actually, it's an antelope standing in front of an Indian Sarus Crane spreading its wings. This bird is known as the tallest flying bird in the world. 20. When the b!**es ain't around, he can still get down. I think he thinks this is some sort of scratch-n-sniff. 19. Ever seen a squirrel reading the news? Well, now you have. And surprisingly, this picture is real! 18. Who ever knew MMA could be this easy? 17. This species of monkey was first discovered in 2013. It's scientific name is "The panty-creeper-sketchologist" 16. This probably did not feel too good. 15. Did this lady just invent the flying carpet? As she gives a speech it appears as if she's floating above the sand…or is she? After further inspection we see that it's the shadow of a flag in the foreground that gives it this incredible illusion. 14. When your kids ask you where babies come from, you can use THIS as proof that the stork dropped them off. 13. Alright kids, let me demonstrate how to get your @$$ kicked by a water hose. 12. Ever seen those tribal people on National Geographic with the long, extended necks? Here's a perfectly timed photo of some cats doing the exact same thing. 11. In 2005, a man in Enumclaw, WA died from injuries received from having intimate relations with a horse. This is one of his centaur children. Actually, it's just a girl in wedding dress riding a horse. 10. This bird does what he wants. Some photos are just a little too perfect and this one--after closer examination--has me feeling a little skeptical. What's your verdict? Real or photoshopped? 9. Talk about chicken legs, somebody teach this guy how to do some squats. 8. Man this lady must've felt so dumb. And judging by the look on her face, I don't even think she realizes she was falling backwards right at that exact moment. 7. I'll take 2 pounds of sausage, 3 pounds of your porkchop, and a pound of your face! 6. I dunno if this picture was meant to showcase German architecture, or how terrible Germans are at riding bikes. 5. … 4. Here we have a dog as it's about to get into the pool…but in this crazy pic, it almost appears as if it's pulling a Jesus by walking on water. 3. At first glance I wondered if this picture was real. But after digging in to the matter, the Statue of Liberty actually gets struck by lightning on a regular basis. Fortunately, it's grounded in a massive amount of concrete and a granite pedestal, meaning nearby tourists are safe from danger. 2. I found this one to be really interesting because their shadows make them appear so intimate when in reality, these two couldn't be any more of strangers to one another. Also makes you wonder what was going through the dog's mind when he was watching all this. And now for our number one perfectly timed photo. For more videos subscribe here. 1. Here we have Buddha picking an airplane. Not only does this extraordinary photo seem so difficult to capture because of the plane's speed, but people also admire it for the godly calmness on Buddha's face as he demonstrates his eternal strength over mankind. Be sure to check out our 12 weirdest discoveries on Google Maps by clicking here! Bored Badger
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20 Pranks To REALLY Piss Someone Off
Need some ideas for pranks to spice up your work space or love life? Here are 20 Pranks that will REALLY piss someone off. #10 - An Incorrect Spelling If you can get a hold of a friend’s phone and you know the password, you can do this fun prank that is sure to drive them bonkers. Unlock their phone and go into the phone’s keyboard settings, change words like “are” to “our” and “they’re” to “there.” This prank is subtle, but if they are aware of the English language, they’ll catch on eventually. #9 - The Terrifying Tile If you can reach the ceiling tiles at your work, you should give this prank a try. Replace one of the tiles with a blown up realistic looking photo of the girl from the movie the Grudge or the Ring. Have an ambulance on standby too, for when the photo causes someone to have a heart attack from fright. #8 - The Saran Van You can use this prank on any type of car, just make sure you brought enough saran wrap to go around. This trick is easy, but it does take some time. It is easiest to use a piece of tape to initially hold the end of the saran wrap as you wind around the car. Keep wrapping the car until you have a cover about 6 to 7 layers deep. Make sure you are close by when they reach their car so you can have the best view as the try to tear off all that saran wrap. #7 - The Zip Tie Fanatic Ever get tired of your boyfriend playing the same video game over and over? Here’s how to buy yourself some time free from that new release, zip tie the crap out of it. Make sure the disc is in the case and use at least 50-60 zip ties and zip them tight. The harder it is for him to cut them off, the more quality time you’ll have. That is if he’s speaking to you still. #6 - The New Scent of Deodorant Use this prank to the extreme and only do it to a friend that plays sports and is about to go to a big game, it’ll be classic. This prank consists of taking a friend, or whoever’s deodorant and replacing the scent bar with cream cheese. Not only is it hilarious, but if the pranked successfully uses it before a big game or match, they’ll start smelling like BO and cheese, which is not a pleasant combination. #5 - The Mayo Donut This is a perfect representation of two things that are great separate and just awful together. Want to seem like a nice friend? Buy some donuts, the kind without holes of course, and fill a ziplock with mayonnaise and cut the tip off the bag. Then fill up each of those beauties with the tang of mayo and line them up in the donut box. Watch and wait; soon you’ll see your friend’s face contort when they taste what they thought was a delicious cream filled donut. #4 - A Different Kind of Green Thumb This prank is one you’ll have to start ahead of time to begin seeing results. Once you’ve gotten ahold of someone’s keyboard, carefully remove all of the keys and start stuffing pieces of wet tissue between each of the buttons. Next, you add small seeds and reassemble the keyboard. After a few days, you should start to see little seedlings popping up around the keys. Since the results can’t be seen for a few days, you can keep it completely anonymous. #3 - The Apple Prank A lot of people have heard of this apple trick, but it still works because people are so gullible. The prank consists of taking onions, peeling off the skin, dipping them in caramel sauce and sticking them with popsicle sticks, so they look like candied apples. When a person takes a bite, they’ll be overwhelmed with the disgusting taste of raw onion rather the sweet of a caramel apple. #2 - The Saran Wrap Toilet Cover Not only is this prank gross, but it can be kind of cruel as well. It is simple enough to prepare; grab a roll of saran wrap, attach the end of the wrap to the edge of the toilet and pull it across and make sure it remains tight. You can add as many layers as you want, just make sure the toilet bowl is completely covered. Then the unsuspecting person goes in and does their business, and there is a complete mess all over the floor. #1 - Something’s Fishy This is one of the best office pranks I’ve seen in a long time. While a coworker is out to lunch or on vacation, empty the contents of one of their desk drawers. Then, after stopping by the petshop, line the inside of their desk drawer with a leak proof trash bag, fill halfway with water, add some rocks and little plants and a few live fish. When your coworker comes back, they’ll either be happy with a new pet or displeased with the mess they now have to dispose of. Either way, it’s funny.
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DISTURBING Secrets Hotels DON'T Want You to Know!
These are the top secrets that hotels have been trying to keep under wraps. Take notes! Subscribe to Bored Badger: https://www.youtube.com/boredbadger Check out 10 Ways To Make Money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xobaE9l0mIw
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7 Haunted Houses For Sale!!
These homes are teeming with ghostly activity. Their paranormal reputation has scared everyone away for years. Subscribe to Bored Badger: https://www.youtube.com/boredbadger Check out Ferocious Spiders: https://youtu.be/ueUuD4ofuME Ghosts are real! And there’s something strange in these neighborhoods. From strange rolled cost if boots to count read sir it hold hers. Here are Haunted Mansions that no one wants to buy! # 7 Coming in at the top of the list is the S.K Pierce mansion in Massachusetts. This Victorian home was built in 1875 by a chair manufacturer named Slyvester K. Pierce. This spooky mansion features 10 bedrooms, 2 and a half bathrooms 11 foot ceilings and several marble fireplaces. The home has been on the market for several years, no body wants to buy it because its listed as the most haunted home in all of New England. #6 Number 6 takes us to upstate New York. The Pillars Estate in Albion was built in the early 1800s just after the his sole more. The entire house consist of six bedrooms, #5 Next up on the list is the Charming Forge Mansion in Womelsdorf Pennsylvania. This home was built back in the 1800s and is now famous for its paranormal activity. The best known eerie tale associated with the property takes place in the late 1800s. A young man was traveling by horseback to reunite with his love sir who lived in the mansion. As he approached the mansion the rider spied his sweetheart in the window. In a moment of joy and excitement he stood up in his stirrups to wave at his love. The sudden action spooked the # 4 The next house on our list takes us to Joliet Illinois. The Frank Shaver Allen Home was built in 1887 by prominent architect Frank Allen. It gained notoriety after reports started coming in of poltergeist activity on the grounds. Several sightings, from both visitors and occupants, have been reported of and elderly woman, who is believed to have been the Allen’s nanny and who tried in the home from a mist ease, walking around the halls at night. As well as a the ghost of a small child who is said to have been her ward. One unfortunate #3 Up next is the Adam Griffin House in New Orleans. This home was built in 1868 by Adam Griffin and was promptly abandoned within only months of moving in. As the story goes. During the his sole more, Union loops took over the home to store their you wish ins as a tear backs. Two bon wed her sit hold hers, disguised as union hold hers were caught rooting the nearby houses. They were held in the Adam Griffin house where they awaited denial. When it dawned on them that they would face no leniency from the union arm see they thrived a sold sir to snuggle them two puns and this pair of southerners brought each other simultaneously in the start. # 2 Coming in at number 2 is the historic Campbell Castle in Lexington Kentucky. It took 2 years to build this house in the late 1800s. They spared no expense importing European antiques and sections of other castles to use as material to build this opulent mansion. Rumors of hauntings claim that ghosts traveled from #1 The Schweppe Mansion is considered on of Chicago’s most historically important homes. The grounds stretch an impressive 5 acres which include an elaborate forested estate and a 25,000 square foot mansion with a view of Lake Michigan. Inside this possessed palace is a dizzying 28 rooms, including 10 bedrooms and 11 baths. A formal dining room, a stately library and a cavernous kitchen. In the early 1900s Laura Schweppe the matriarch of the Schweppe mansion tried inside its walls, she stuff heard from a fate stall hard at back. Heart-broken and miserable Laura’s husband, Charles Schweppe, begun experiencing serious men tall will nest. Some speculate that he had clinical deep rest son, others think that he was stuff her sing from crop Nick in some knee a. One cold winter night, in a moment of desk her ate son Charles turned to a permanent solution to his mental rain squish. In the morning servants entered his bedroom and found him ben from a self in strict said pun thought moon to the bed. The only clue left by Charles as to why he book his home wife was a note found in he dresser that simply read “I’ve been awake all night, It’s terrible”. In the years following the two Beth’s, reports of ghost sightings started popping up left and right. The current owners of the mansion refuse to live there and won’t give their reason to the public. It’s been vacant for nearly a half century.
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16 Most Hilariously Bad Products
Did you buy any of these 16 ridiculous and dumb products? Well some weird people actually did buy the pet rock and the sun pod! 8. Happy Smile Trainer There are some pretty insane Japanese inventions; there is no denying that, especially if you've watched the last video, you already know. This device might be a new high, though. You would think that you could never forget how to smile but don’t tell whoever invented this product. You can find this weird little gadget at the Japan Trend Shop which is the insanity of the skymall amplified by 10,000. They claim that biting this mouthpiece for just 5 minutes every day will improve the angles and balance of your face and cheeks and it will also strengthen your gums and teeth. It’s unlikely that this works, but if you ever wanted to look like a 14-year-old fresh removed from their braces in the privacy of your home, then this might be the product for you. 7. The Beer Belly and The Wine Rack You can find both of these products at the beer belly's company website for around $30 which is a bargain for alcoholics that want to maintain their buzz. This product, despite being a little crazy, has done pretty well for itself. It’s a bestseller, and it’s been featured on more than one talk show. The wine rack would be better if it was a push up like a wonderbra but filled with booze instead of water. 6. Exhaust Burger If you’ve ever wanted to cook a burger using your car, then this might be the way to make that reckless dream come true. The inventor of the product says that the exhaust burger cooker won’t end up with your car’s cancerous farts, but it’s hard to believe them. The heat from the exhaust is supposed to work as a steamer for your meat instead of the exhaust fumes itself. With this device, there wouldn’t be any way to get a decently cooked burger because it’s not like there is much precision for this cooking process. If you bring this to a barbecue, you are probably going to be thrown out. The car oven is being made by Iranian Roohollah Merrikhpour and some other people. Sadly, you can’t order this just yet but, if we learned anything from the other entries on this list, it wouldn't be long. 5. USB Pet Rock Pet rocks are obviously the most well-behaved pet to ever exist, but that might just be because it’s an inanimate object. You might as well befriend a lamp for all of the company that it is going to give you. That didn’t stop pet rocks being a huge thing for a long while, though. You can buy this completely pointless invention at ThinkGeek for $8, and they claim that it is to be a natural conversation starter or to trick your friends. You could probably accomplish much of the same thing by throwing real rocks at them, though, and that would cost you less. This thing is also a massive waste of a USB port on your computer. You could be using that for something important like charging your phone. 4. Sun Pod This product was meant to make tanning easier as if the formula for tanning is more complicated than just sitting out in the sun. This idea may seem like a decent idea on paper, but in practice, it would just bake your skin to a crispy finish. KFC could sell you on the menu that they keep in the back room. Just make sure that you season yourself beforehand, it’s just a courtesy. 3. Neck Pro This invention just looks like a Final Destination death waiting to happen. There is probably a lot safer ways to ease neck pain like maybe just pain killers. You’re just waiting for something to go wrong like pulling too hard and doing an accidental execution on yourself. This product might cause more deaths than it does any good. The company website makes it clear that their product is FDA-registered. That word choice doesn’t do much to convince people that their product is safe. You can register for lots of things. It doesn’t make it safe. Still, if you want to go out the same way as David Carradine, you can order this product from their website for just $70. 2. Hug Me Pillow If this invention doesn’t make you just a little bit sad and uncomfortable than you, obviously have problems. We hope that this pillow is extra absorbent for all of the tears that buying this thing will undoubtedly inspire. You couldn’t even give this as a joke gift without seeming insensitive. The product description also promises that it’s perfect for firm sleeping support. So maybe it’s a little sad but not altogether useless. You can get this pillow for $24.99 at various retailers if you wish to buy it. We’re also sorry if you do. 1.The Sound Bubble This invention was pioneered by a Scottish college student in 2010, and it was meant as a kind of isolation chamber for talking to friends inside of a crowded bar. Besides looking idiotic, this invention would also limit the socialization possible for people outside of you’re typically friend group. Should we be worried about that, though? We don’t make friends at bars either way.
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12 Fictional Places That Actually Exist
The beautiful place where Lord of the Rings was filmed to an island with a unbelievable story behind it these mysterious places are real 6. Danvers State Hospital All old psychiatric hospitals are creepy. It seems like a rule. If you are going for famous scary, then this state hospital is sure to be on your shortlist. It inspires HP Lovecraft too, but the thing that we are thinking of is the most recent reimagining of the hospital in Batman. This abandoned horror was the primary inspiration for Arkham Asylum. Beautifully rendered in the recent Batman video game, Batman: Arkham Asylum, you can recognize several prominent places in the video game in its real life counterpart. The real life Danvers Hospital kicks its fictional counterparts butt when it comes to scares. At least Danvers is abandoned, unlike Arkham which is still accepting patients. Maybe Gotham wouldn’t have so many crazies if it put some money into making their city terrifying. 5. Centralia This town can be found in Pennsylvania, United States and as of 2013 it only had seven remaining residents. The near constant fog that is swirling around the town is because of a mine fire that has been burning since 1962. The fire burns in the underground coal mines in depths of up to 300 feet over an eight-mile stretch. Estimates say that the fire could continue to burn for up to 250 years. The fire and the constant stream of steam inspired the famous video game franchise Silent Hill and the resulting movies. It’s not hard to see the resemblance with the abandoned and demolished buildings and the steam that rises up from the ground. 4. Molokini Although the star coupled with that island doesn’t exist, the mythology attached to it is quite significant. The Hawaiian people, where the Molokini Island is located, have a rich mythology that doesn’t get the recognition that some other mythologies do. The story goes that the island was a result of a love affair between Molokini, who was a beautiful woman, and a man that was also desired by Pele, the Fire Goddess who created the Hawaiian Islands. Pele cut the woman in half and transformed her into a stone, one-half of her created the island, and the other became a cinder cone at Makena State Park. In real life, the island is a partially submerged volcanic crater that erupted 230,000 years ago. During World War II, the US Navy also used the island for target practice because of the shape that is similar to that of a battleship. 3. Matamata This small town in New Zealand is picturesque enough that it was the filming location for the Shire scenes in The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series. In the movies, it was home to Frodo, Bilbo, Samwise, Merry, Pippin, and every other favorite Hobbit. The town saw such active tourism that they kept the Hobbit holes that were built for the film. They’ve embraced the resemblance, and they even have a sign that welcomes visitors to Hobbiton. 2. Kunlun Mountains Shangri-La is a mythical place that was first described in 1933 by James Hilton in his novel Lost Horizon. Since the book, Shangri-La has become something of a symbol for a paradise of a place. It’s something that is often used and without much idea about the origin. The real Shangri-La is believed to be found in the Kunlun Mountains in Tibet. The Kunlun Mountains is the longest mountain in Asia, and it has more mythology attached to it than just the mythological Shangri-La. 1.Mavronéri In Greek, the name Mavroneri means black water, which fits this small river because it is famously associated with being the real-life inspiration for the mythological River Styx. The Greeks were pretty well known for basing their mythology around the world around them, which is one of the reasons that their mythology is so well-loved and extensive. In Mythology, the river was one of the entrances to the Underworld that ferried the recently deceased to Hades. This never happened in real life, naturally, but the river has had its share of ill-omens associated with it without the aid of the mythology. Recent investigations revealed that Alexander the Great might have been poisoned by this river's water. Recent reviews of his death have found that he had dangerous levels of a highly deadly bacteria in his system that is abundant in the river. Given the mythological significance of the water, it is not a stretch to imagine an assassin wielding it as soon kind of poetic justice.
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18 Most Unique Homes Found Around The World
From the The Cliff House in Victoria, Australia to The Dome Home in Pensacola, Florida here are 18 Most Unique Homes Found Around The World. #8 - The Neverwas Haul from California The Neverwas Haul house is a three-story, self-propelled mobile art design turned home vehicle which was designed to resemble a Victorian house on wheels. It was inspired by the stories of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells and created by Shannon O’Hare and a team from the Shipyard in Berkeley, California. While no one actually lives inside you can see the creation at Obtainium Works which is an art car factory in Vallejo, California. #7 - The Dome Home in Pensacola, Florida This home uses a dome-shape to be able to withstand fierce hurricane force winds during the hurricane season which occurs once a year along the southern coast. The home is able to withstand winds up to 300 miles per hour and even a direct hit from a hurricane. The home sits on 16 pilings which are each driven 17-feet down into the sand. The house lived up to its purpose and fared well through Hurricane Ivan whereas the neighboring houses on either side of the Dome Home were swept away by the storm. #6 - The Upside Down House in Szymbark, Poland The Upside Down House was inspired and built as a statement about the Communist era and the end of the world. Polish philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski commissioned and designed the house which took 114 days since the workers kept getting so disoriented by the angles of the house while building. The house’s interior is decorated with 1970s era furniture and decor complete with the propaganda of the time coming from the television set. Those who visit the house these days often leave “sea-sick” after only being inside for a few moments. #5 - The Bubble House in Tourettes-sur-Loup, France This futuristic-looking home was designed back in the 1970s and is still currently being built today. The house was designed by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag for the fashion designer and mogul, Pierre Cardin. The house was designed to take advantage of the volcanic landscape while giving stunning views of the Mediterranean. And while it may not be quite finished, that doesn’t stop the French Ministry of Culture from listing it as a historic monument. #4 - The Walking House A Chinese man named Liu Lingchao shocked and impressed us when he began his journey from the city he had worked in, to the province of Guangxi, his hometown. The journey took him five years to complete, and throughout the entire journey, he carried a makeshift, recycled, portable home so that he could continue his journey without having to constantly seek and pay for shelter. The “house” is only a few square feet, but it is enough to see him through his adventures. #3 - Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California William Randolph Hearst was the American newspaper publisher who built the nation’s largest newspaper chain to date. In 1919, he wrote a letter to architect Julia Morgan asking for “a little something” to be built since he had grown tired of camping out in the open at the ranch. Morgan more than obliged and presented Hearst with a colossal castle that hosts 165 rooms and 127 acres of perfectly groomed gardens, pools, paths, and hidden treasures. The castle is open to the public for tours, but you might want to plan to stay for more than one day because since the palace is so big, you’ll have to participate in five separate tours before you will have seen the entire place. #2 - The Nautilus House in Mexico City A couple commissioned a sea-shell inspired house and hired design firm Senosiain Arquitectos to oversee the job. The house was created using a design technique that uses a frame of steel-reinforced chicken wire coated with a two-inch-thick layer of specialized concrete which creates a structure that is both earthquake-proof and very low maintenance. #1 - The Cliff House in Victoria, Australia The architects and designers at Modscape created a conceptual property that is permanently perched above the Australian ocean. The house was created for couples who are exploring options for a holiday or vacation home. From far away the house hangs off the face of the cliff the same way that a barnacle clings to the side of a ship. The decorations and furniture are kept as minimal as possible as not to distract from the expansive and breath-taking views of the ocean around you.
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10 Creatures With Unbelievable Mutations
From the amazing Octo-Goat to the most shocking feline out there, the two headed cat, these are 10 creatures with the most unbelievable mutations! 10.Eight Legged Goat This photo was taken in Croatia, and it features a baby goat born with eight legs. It is most likely because this goat absorbed one of its brothers or sisters in the womb. Unfortunately, these genetic mutations do not bode well for the little creatures, and this kid died shortly after birth. Farmers get excited when stuff like this pops out. Could have been a real money Turner at the Croatian State Fair. 9. headed frog This isn't exactly what you want a bunch of preschool kids to find. You end up answering a lot of messy questions that way. That is exactly what happened at the green umbrella nursery in England. It is not known if this mutation was genetic or caused by some serious chemical dumping in the old frog pond. Good thing this never happened to Kermit, the frog. 8.Snake with a Foot A sixty-six-year-old woman found this snake with a foot in China. It was crawling up her wall in her bedroom. Good thing she had a shoe handy, because she nailed it and then put it in a jar alcohol to preserve it. That has got to be the meanest snake wine anyone has ever made. Just kidding guys, this does happen occasionally, as snake got rid of their feet through evolution. 7.Albino Dolphin This Dolphin is pink, which I think is a nice colour for the season. It has a rare genetic mutation called that makes this dolphin and albino. I bet he is the most fantastic dolphin in the whole pod! 6.Blinky I don't know if you guys remember the three-eyed fish that Bart Simpson caught, but here is proof that weird stuff like this actually happens. This time, though the fisherman was downstream from a nuclear power plant in Argentina, instead of Springfield. As you can see in the picture, this fish is kind of a lot like the three-eyed raven from Game of Thrones. I wonder if these fish let the fisherman see into the past. Maybe it was haunting him for all the big fish stories he had told. 5.Cyclops Kitty This cat went viral on the internet. It was a cat born with one eye and no nose. Cyclops kitty didn't last very long unfortunately. It did get a nickname, though, Clyde, very suiting don't you think? 4.Dog on Steroids? No, Actually this dog has a crazy genetic abnormality which makes it so the body can not produce myostatin, which leads to what is called double muscling. You see the condition mostly in Cattle, and dogs. 3.Blue Lobster A lobster has a better chance of getting run over by a bus than it does of being blue. There is only about a 1 in two million chance that a lobster will come out blue. The Blue Lobster occurs because of a rare genetic mutation. A yellow lobster is even rarer than the blue one. They only happen in about one to Thirty million. 2.Mutant Pig This Mutant pig baby came out with a human face, and to top it all off it had what looks like a penis on its forehead. The Chinese farmer who owned the pig said he got tonnes of offers to buy the pig once the photo’s of it went viral. Unfortunately, it was rejected by its mother, and wouldn't take a bottle and subsequently died. No spider was making a webb to save this little guy. 1.Two faced cat And not because it loves you when you feed it but secretly is plotting to kill you. This odd couple is called Frankie and Louie. They happened because they absorbed each other in the womb. Which seems like a common enough thing. This case is special, because unlike many of the mutated animals on this list, Frankie and Louie managed to live a long healthy life. I guess two heads is better than one guy.
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Adorable Animals that are EVIL!!
Things aren't always as they appear. Here are extraordinary cute animals that are exceptionally EVIL! Enjoy :) Subscribe to Bored Badger: https://www.youtube.com/boredbadger Check out how the world is going to end: https://youtu.be/fjXoNxGIvRc # 8 Fist up is the Slow Loris, this thing is ridiculously cute. Its like half lemur and half beanie baby and they’re native to Southeast Asia. Slow Loris’ have these huge eyes that are not only fabulous but also give them stereo vision which is a heightened sense of depth. What sets them apart from almost all other mammals is that they have a vim anonymous bite! And they way that they get their saliva to be rocks it is super strange. ! #7 Next up on our list is an endearing animal that is a real seek of nature! The duck-billed platypus. It’s pretty rare that you look at a creature in the animal kingdom and think you yourself “wow evolution really dropped the ball on that one”. The Duck-Billed Platypus seems like a result of a particularly wild and all call hall fueled woodland creature more see. Legend has it that the first known duck billed platypus was just a regular old bee fur who went out to dinner with his bee fur buddies. #6 Swooping into number 6 is the Bower Bird. The Bower Brid has one of these most unique courtship rituals in the animal kingdom. To attract a date the male Bower Bird wild scrupulously build an elaborate and colorful nest and that nest is actually called a bower. Bower bird live primarily in Australia and New Zealand and they go full throttle when trying to trick out their batch of her pads. They adorn it anything with anything colorful that their beaks can carry. Flowers, grass, plastic straws, anything to make that bower pop! #5 Pouncing into number 5 is the Marsay! The Marsay is a small and adorable wild cat native to Central and South America. Because of its adroit climbing skills the Marsay is sometimes referred to as the tree ocelot and it feeds mostly on birds and monkeys in the tree tops. What makes the Marsay explicitly seen a stir is that it was recently discovered that the Marsay will imitate the mist tress call of a baby Pied Tamarin monkey. #4 Next up is the Black Heron! This bird is super deep in us, it medium sized and lives mostly in sub-saharan Africa and Madagascar. What makes this bird so cunning is its bunting technique, which is called “Canopy Feeding”. The Black Heron dines mostly on small river fish. These fish typically feed at night when insects land on the surface of the water. During the day, Black Herons will wade out into the shallow bank of the river. #3 Blooming into number 3 is the Orchid Mantis. This little bug comes straight out of South East Asia and it is a master of the old switcheroo! The female of the species looks stunningly like an orchid flower, but these flowers are mud thirsty! Their strategy for hunting is to mimic Orchids in a way that attracts flies. The Mantis finds an orchid plant that is flowering. It then climbs up and hangs onto one of the flowers and sways its body to look like its moving in the wind. # 2 the Pufferfish Look at the pufferfish, this thing is a adorable! It’s got those big old eyes and sorta looks like its smiling, and it just puffs out like “get away from be bud” or you’ll get puffed. The Pufferfish’s main defense mechanism is to fill its extremely elastic stomach with water until it its whole body takes on a much larger and spherical shape. So tread ad hers are like “well I was into eating this thing when it was a little fish but now its this big spiky ball, I think I’ll pass”. But this benign looking pufferfish is actually imbued with a crazy potent box in known as Tetrodo boxing. The spikes on the side of the pufferfish’s body are capable of inspecting this bed see boxing into its sick them. # There’s no animal on the planet that does a better job with public relations than the dolphin. The world is in love with dolphins. Sure they’re smart and they look like they’re having a blast when they’re swimming in their pods, but these deceptive mammals are pure evil! One of their favorite past times is to tear a rise pufferfish. In the BBC documentary “spy in the pod” showed that dolphins are able to masterfully handle pufferfish in a way that extracts the pufferfish boxinb. Here’s where it gets crazy, pufferfish toxin gets dolphins hi! Ya turns out flipper is a junk see, according to the Smithsonian, dolphins antagonize the pufferfish enough for them to secrete the tetrodo boxing and then they bask in the sweet serenity of an escape from reality. Thanks for watching, What is you favorite cute/evil animal? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below, be sure to subscribe and become a badger buddy! See you next time.
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Lucky Discoveries That Made People RICH!
There's treasure everywhere and these incredibly lucky people stumbled into discoveries that made them instantly rich! Subscribe to Bored Badger: https://www.youtube.com/boredbadger Check out Hotel Secrets: https://youtu.be/zNtHq0ATnGg Some people have all the luck. From Roman coins to massive pearls here are accidental discoveries that made people rich #8 In 1999 in the Australian outback a Miner who is only known by his first name “Bobby” Was nearing the end of his 40 year career as a Miner. Bobby was cleaning out his very last mining bucket of rough stones before retirement when he noticed something incredible. #7 In 2012 in Bourenmouth Great Britain, an 8 year old boy Charlie Naysmith was walking on the beach of Hengistbury Head when he came across a big chunk of what he thought was a yellow rock. It weighed 600 grams and had a waxy finish. Charlie thought that it looked neat and brought it home. As luck would have it, this was no ordinary rock, it was actually a massive piece ambergris. For those of you wondering what ambergris is, you’re not alone. It’s a rare material that is only found in the interest times of whales. Simply put, it’s whale Tom sit. # 6 Some people are just born lucky. While most of us spend a lifetime of hard work and perseverance trying to amass a fortune, others are dealt winning cards on the very first hand. Wesley Carrington of Hertfordshire England is one of those fortunate few. Back in 2013 Wesley bought a metal detector on a whim thinking that it would be a fun hobby to scan a field near his home for buried metal. Within the first 20 minutes of picking up the machine the metal detector started beeping. He dug 7 inches into the ground and uncoverd a coin that was gold in color with a roman figure on it. As it turns out, the gold coloring was actually pure gold and the coin was an ancient Roman Solidus. The Solidus was a currency that was issued in the late Roman Empire under Constantine who ruled over the massive empire from year 306 to 337. Each coin was made with 4.5 grams of gold and they were used to facilitate trade among romans. Wesley’s coin had been traded all the way up to England which indicates how prolific they were at the height of their circulation. Wesley was understandably pumped with his historic find, he pocketed the coin and kept on searching. #5 Typically a penny from 1974 is just worth one cent. However in the case of Robert Lawrence it can be worth millions. Robert is the son of a long time deputy superintendent of the U.S. Mint in Denver Co, When his father passed he bequeathed Robert with his coin collection. It was nothing fancy, it was just a bunch of coins in a zip lock bag. After a few months Robert decided to take the small collection to a local coin expert who was impressed by the 1974 penny. After doing some research the expert discovered that it was actually an aluminum Penny. One of only 10 made. Back in the early 70s the treasury department was experimenting with different types of metals to be used for penny’s. #4 In 1989 a Pennsylvania man went into a flea market. He found a picture frame that he really liked and he bought if for just 4 bucks. It already had a little picture in it, but he wanted to swap it out for one of his own images. When he removed the picture he found something that would revolutionize his live. #3 While playing in an abandoned house in Pennsylvania, some local kids found several old coins near one of its walls. When their parents found out, they broke the walls and hundreds of coins fell out. All in all there were $8,500 of ordinary coins and some rare coins that were valued at $200,000. So where are the coins today? They’re sitting in the children’s trust funds. Just the ultimate broke of good luck, getting rich by playing hide and go seek is literally the dream. # 2 In 1992 Peter Whatling, A British Farmer asked his friend Eric Lawes to help him find his lost hammer, using Peter’s home made metal detector to find the missing hammer, Eric spent an entire afternoon searching for the lost tool in peter’s field. But instead of finding the misplaced hammer, Eric stumbled across a oak box filled to the brim with gold and silver jewelry and coins. # 1 In 2006 off of the coast of the Philippines, a family of Filipino fishermen were out for the day rounding up fish to sell back at the local market. When it was time to call it a day, one of the sons reeled in the boats anchor and when it surfaced, to his surprise, he found that a giant lamb was stuck to the metal. The son brought the lamb home and when he opened it up in his room he saw that inside was the world’s largest pearl. This thing is gigantic! Its 1 foot wide, 2.2 feet long and weighs 75 pounds.
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23 People Who are Having a Worse Day Than You
Epic fails compilation of people having the worse bad day. Think you had a bad day? These funny people are having a really awful time at work, in the subway, or at home. They probably should've called in sick! Subscribe for new videos: http://goo.gl/LAjy5o Check out our “17 Pictures Taken at THE Right Moment” video here: https://youtu.be/y-dLTB1K26s Be sure to check out our 17 pictures taken at THE right moment by clicking here! Bored Badger “Will Hard – Garbage Man – Dutch (Holland) Nestle's Nuts Bar Commercials Pic2 – 1993” by Will Hard is licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr
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30 Rare Photos From the Past: NEVER BEFORE SEEN
Rare historical photos from past that were never before seen in history. You won't see these behind-the-scenes pics in your history textbooks or on TV! Subscribe for new videos: http://goo.gl/LAjy5o Watch the “14 Creatures You Never Knew Existed” here: https://youtu.be/Fcid0YXb6I8 30. Another one of Robin Williams's crazy antics...here he's making history by becoming the first ever male cheerleader for the Denver Broncos in 1980. 29. This was one bad day for this man. It's a Japanese soldier surrendering to U.S. forces during World War II. 28. Bill Gates's mugshot. Did you know he was arrested in 1977 for driving without a license? This was probably at a time a when the price of bail actually MATTERED to him! 27. Here's The Beatles before their iconic Abbey Road shot. Why does it look like Ringo Starr is picking his nose? 26. The King of the Court meets the King of the Ring: a 1992 picture of when Michael Jordan met Muhammad Ali. 25. Co-founders William Harley and Arthur Davidson in 1914 during the early of stages of what would become the Harley-Davidson motorcycle empire. 24. This is terrifying! Spooky children’s Halloween costumes circa 1900. 23. This is the first ever boxing match at Yankee Stadium, which is normally used as a baseball stadium for the New York Yankees. This event featured former heavyweight champion Jess Willard against Floyd Johnson and drew in over 63,000 people! 22. Diane Keaton and Al Pacino goofing around on set of The Godfather in 1972. Who ever knew Mr. Corleone could have a sense of humor? 21. Not only can he kick your butt, but he can also cut a rug! Here's Bruce Lee swooning the ladies on the dance floor. 20. And here he is again with a young Chuck Norris! Who do you think would win in a fight between these two? I'm gonna go with the Asian sensation. 19. Here we have Nirvana's Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic messing around just outside their hometown of Aberdeen, WA trying to conjure the devil with a 6-6-6 highway sign. 18. Albert Einstein rocking some furry shoes...like a boss! 17. This is a rare look at the construction of Mt. Rushmore in 1939, which took a total of 14 years to make and shows the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. 16. Can you guess who the guy on the right is? That's Osama Bin Laden at judo class! I hope his classmates kicked his ass back then 'cause he definitely deserves it! 15. A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Batman in 1966. 14. This was the last picture ever taken of the Titanic in 1912 before it hit an iceberg and sank, resulting in the tragic deaths of over 1,500 people. 13. Musical geniuses Mick Jagger and Jimi Hendrix maxin-relaxin' backstage in 1969. 12. And here we have Martin Luther King, Jr. maxin-relaxin' with Marlon Brando. 11. Austrian sensation Arnold Schwarzenegger seeing New York City for the first time in 1968. Who ever knew back then that he'd eventually move on to be the governor of California??? 10. Ever seen that famous photo called “Lunch atop a Skyscraper”? Well this guy is taking it to a whole new level. Why would you ever do that???? If he ever asked me to try teeing off there, I'll give him a pocketful of no's. 9. And a pocketful of no's is EXACTLY what THIS elephant is thinking right about now. Here we have Queenie the waterskiing elephant from 1950. 8. Nah zda-ROVH-yeh! Here's a pubescent pic of Vladimir Putin in his teenage years. 7. Making their second appearances in this video are The Beatles with Muhammad Ali. Is it just me, or do they all look like Moe from The Three Stooges? 6. Barack Obama is a baller! Literally! Here he is as a teenager with his basketball team in Hawaii. 5. This is an awesome photo taken in 1937 showing the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It took only four years to make but resulted in the deaths of 11 construction workers. 4. 18-year-old Kobe Bryant signing with the LA Lakers straight outta high school in 1996. Look at that goofy grin! 3. This lady survived the Nagasaki bombing in 1945, which killed between 40,000-80,000 people. Don't ask me why she looks so happy in it. 2. Buzz Aldrin was WAY ahead of his time. Here he is in 1966 snapping a selfie in space! 1. Muhammad Ali Be sure to check out our 14 creatures you NEVER knew existed by clicking here. Bored Badger "Dean Franklin - 06.04.03 Mount Rushmore Monument (by-sa)-3 new" by Dean Franklin - 06.04.03 Mount Rushmore Monument. (Resized by User:ComputerHotline, 20:17, 12. Mai 2007.). Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons
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13 Most Stunning Libraries in The World
Who would've thought that libraries can be some of the most beautiful buildings in the world?! Here are 13 of The Most Stunning Libraries in The World. #6 - The Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland The library is quite well known for holding a truly treasured relic, the Book of Kells. For those of you who aren’t aware, the Book of Kells is an illuminated Gospel manuscript that dates back to the ninth century and contains the four Gospels of the New Testament. The building was completed around 1733 by an Irish architect named Thomas Burgh. The library’s Long Room contains 200,000 of the oldest books in the library’s collection and it also boasts beautiful interior design with dark wooden features and a barrel-like ceiling. To top it off, the sections of the library are lined with busts of writers and philosophers which are frequently visited by guests. #5 - The Vancouver Public Library in Vancouver, Canada The seven-story luxurious library brings a little piece of Rome over the Canadian border with the architectural design of this building. The design also holds a secret rooftop garden that isn’t accessible to the public. It is the third largest library in all of Canada, and it is located in now what is called the Library Square. The Square not only houses the library, but the Federal Office Tower and other services, and retail shops are there as well. The Library Square Project was the largest ever taken on by the City of Vancouver; the project first started in 1993 and was completed in 1995. The library has an average 6.9 million visitors annually and rents out over 9.5 million items each year. #4 - The National Library of Brazil The National Library of Brazil is ranked as the seventh in size out of all of the other libraries around the world. The building is home to over nine million items such as media, written and audio works, and newspapers. The librarians at this establishment certainly have their hands full. The library also houses a 19th-century collection of thousands of significant photographs that are so remarkable; many are listed in the registry of the Memory of the World Programme. While the library was originally built back in 1810, it has since been remodeled into the palace you see today. #3 - The National Library of Belarus This stunning library was founded in September of 1922 and is the national library of the Republic of Belarus. It houses the third largest collection of books written in Russian, coming in after the Russian State Library in Moscow and the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg. The building you see now was designed by architects Mihail and Viktor and wasn’t completed until June of 2006. The building has 22 floors, features a 500-seat conference hall, and can sit about 2,000 readers at any time. In addition to being the main source of information and culture in the city, the building is used as a city attraction as well. The library is situated in the middle of a park and a river bank making it the go-to place for concerts and public shows. Over 2,200 people visit the library each day, and the library is responsible for delivering about 12,000 various media and works every day. #2 - The Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandra, Egypt While the famed Library of Alexandria may have burned to the ground hundreds of years before, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina which was completed in 2002 is on its way to being the new crown of the Nile. The huge building hosts an eleven level design that gives ample room for the eight million books housed there. In addition to all of those books, the library also has four museums, four art galleries, and even a planetarium. The gray exterior walls are etched with 120 different languages in a tribute to the complex richness of the human language. #1 - The Central Library in Mexico City The Central Library in Mexico City, Mexico is a splendor you must put on your bucket list. The library is located on the campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. They call it their crowning jewel, and it’s not hard to see why. The building was constructed and completed in 1952 and holds approximately 400,000 books. The magic in this building isn’t in the books themselves, but rather the murals decorating the outside. Painter Juan O’Gorman covered the ten-story building with an intricate design depicting the country’s history. What’s even more impressive than the artwork is how it’s made, O’Gorman used thousands and thousands of beautifully colored rocks he found during his travels throughout Mexico.
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18 Unbelievable Things Sold On Ebay
You won't believe the strange things that people actually bought off of Ebay like Britney Spear's pregnancy test and Pharrell's weird hat. 9. Weekend with Some Australian Dudes Everybody loves Australia. They are the Earth’s beauty mark. The people are boisterous and sometimes a little weirdly specific type of racist. A group of Australian guys sold a weekend hanging out with them, and it went for 1,300. They promised beers, snacks, and a lot of laughs. Not sure if laughs include sexual favors but, it’s not as they could advertise it. 8. Britney Spears Gum No, she isn’t releasing a new line of chewing gum. The item for sale was a chewed piece of gum that she had spat out at one of her concerts. It was sold in 2000 for 14,000. No wonder Britney had a breakdown. People are nuts. 7. Imaginary Friends There has actually been more than one imaginary friend that was sold on eBay. Some of them are doing for therapeutic reasons, and some of them are just doing it for the cold hard cash. The price for these non-existent items has been sold successfully for anywhere from 100 to 6000 dollars. The more creative, the better. The people who are buying these items are most likely just children with their parent's credit cards, right? 6. Justin Timberlake’s Half Eaten Toast The listing was done after a half eaten piece of french toast was found in Justin Timberlake’s dressing room after he did an interview at a radio station. The toast was eventually sold for 1025 to a die hard fan of the singer. 5. Box of Twinkies Twinkies are one of those snacks that are undeniably American. There was also a scare in 2012 when Hostess announced that it was closing due to bankruptcy. This caused a frenzy that left many people furiously buying as many Hostess products as was possible like it was the apocalypse. The frenzy led to a box of 10 Twinkies to sell for 59.99, a product that would usually cost about 2 to 3 dollars at a grocery store. Of course, hostess started production again not long after that making everyone feel a little bit silly. The buyer can now say that he has the most expensive box of Twinkies ever, though. If they don't release a gold plated Twinkie at some point. 4. Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese This grilled cheese is worth more than most people's cars. It is believed to depict the Virgin Mary who is a prominent figure in Christianity. The sandwich was a decade old at the time that it was sold for 28,000. The purchaser was an internet casino that purchased the sandwich, not for religious reasons but because they wanted to take it on tour. The casino wanted to take the sandwich on tour and donate the proceeds to charity. If somebody didn’t eat it to absorb its power like a vampire, then that is just a waste of a magic sandwich. 3. Virginity Rosie Reid was one of the first people to attempt to auction off her virginity on ebay. There are actually an alarmingly high case of attempts. Rosie Reid is the only case that has claimed to have actually been completed. She needed the money to help pay for school tuition and actually specified in the ad that she is actually a lesbian. She was reported to have been sold for 11,000 and luckily, the man who bought her virginity never claimed it. He just wanted to help her pay for school. 2. Forehead Ad Space Andrew Fischer had the enterprising idea to auction off space on his forehead that he would put a company's logo on. The tattoo had to be non-permanent though, and he would only wear it for 30 days. The news coverage from the circus would be more than enough advertisement than some guys forehead but, his forehead still sold for 37,375. The company that won was a snoring remedy called SnoreStop. We hope that their sales went up at least. 1.A Life No, this wasn’t done in some seedy basement with Hip to be Square playing on repeat and billionaire's bidding on who gets to kill him. Ian Usher sold his life on eBay, and the sale included all of his Earthly belongings, his friends, and even his job. The ad was brought on by a divorce and the desire to start over. In the end, his life went for 300,000, and he got more out of the sale. He has written several books since the sell and Disney is planning to adapt his story into a movie.
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WEIRDEST Foods In The World
What seems strange to some cultures is commonplace to others. That’s certainly true of food and culinary choices. In some parts of the world, food choices like octopus and fried tarantula are considered repulsive. In other parts of the world, they are considered delicacies. So it’s all relative, really. But we found several food choices that many sources considered pretty bizarre in any part of the world … so here are 17 of the weirdest foods in the world (relatively speaking) … Bon Appetit! #8 Sannakji You say you like your seafood served raw? You might like to try this Korean delicacy. Long arm octopus is killed and seasoned before being plated. But owing to the creature’s complex nervous system, the tentacles might still twitch or spasm even though there’s no brain activity. The rubbery creature can still pose a hazard even though it’s expired. That’s because its suckers are still active and can stick to the mouth or throat while being swallowed. Even so, it’s been a staple of Korean cuisine for centuries, and is considered a health food. #7 Tuna Eyeball Very popular in Japan, they can be found in grocery stores selling for about $1. As if having your food giving you the eye isn’t strange enough, the organ is surrounded by fat, and still has its severed muscles attached. Simply boil it prior to eating, and be prepared for a taste that’s similar to squid. #6 Haggis This is likely one of the better known unusual foods on the list. From Scotland, haggis is famous (or infamous) for arriving at your dinner table encased within a sheep’s bladder. In fact, the food consists of a savory pudding that is made from the animal’s heart, liver and lungs … then combined with salt, spices and onion mixed with stock. Many people can be put off (to put it kindly) by that description. But haggis is said to have a delicious flavor and a pleasant, savory texture. We’ll take their word for it. #5 Cuy Maybe you’ve had a guinea pig as a pet … but did you ever think of the friendly little rodent as a potential meal? They do in South America. In fact, they’ve long been bred for their meat by indigenous peoples in the Andean highlands. They’re still considered to be a delicacy reserved for special occasions … and are often cooked on a spit, then served. Did you know that in Peru alone, some 65 million guinea pigs are consumed each year? #4 Toasted Tarantula Do you have an appetite for arachnids? If so, then this on is for you. It’s a regional delicacy found in Cambodia … and is essentially a helping of fried tarantula, or ‘a-ping’ as they’re called in the Khmer language. Around the size of a human palm, the spiders also serve as a tourist attraction. Visitors usually just want pictures of the unusual food … but others will take a dare to chow down on the spiders. It’s not clear just how the unusual practice began … but some experts think it may have started during the food scarcities that were prevalent under the regime of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. How do they taste? Well despite being prepared with sugar, garlic, MSG and salt the spiders are said to taste a lot like chicken … like just about every other food, it seems! #3 Bat Food While many of us dine on food made from four-legged mammals like cows or pigs, when is the last time you had a craving for flying mammals? Of course, those would be bats. In Asia and the Pacific Rim, bats are a food source in countries like Thailand, Guam and Vietnam. Fruit bats in particular are considered a delicacy because they eat only fruit and are thought to be clean animals. Bat meat is often made into a type of stew or stir fry, and can be served grilled, barbecued, or deep fried. Many experts advise against partaking of bat cuisine, though. The creatures are known to carry disease, so it may not be a good idea to be a bat-fan. Could you guess that bat meat is said to taste like chicken? #2 Baby Mice Wine In China, this isn’t known for being an alcoholic beverage as it is for being a ‘health tonic’ … albeit one that is little known. Maybe for good reason. The concoction is composed of hairless dead infant rodents … presumably because the mature ones with fur would seem strange. The baby mice cannot be more than 3 days old, then are placed, while still alive, into a bottle of rice wine … where they are left to ferment for the next 14 months. #1...
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AWESOME Facts About Beards
Whether you like them or hate them, one thing’s for sure; beards are popular, and while they may rise and fall in popularity, they will never disappear entirely. Considering that, I decided to find some pretty cool things that deal with all matters facial hair! Walk with me on the manly side with some Awesome Facts About Beards. 9. Hans Langseth Have you ever heard of this guy? I never had either, but now that I know who he is and what he accomplished, I hold him in high esteem. The tremendous Norwegian man pictured here had a beard that, when fully stretched out, measured an incredible 17 feet 6 inches when measured in 1927! Unfortunately, this was many years ago, and Hans has long since left us here on Earth to fend for ourselves, but his beard lives on at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, where it was brought in 1967 for storage! Now that’s a long beard! 8. Cincinnati Reds Did you know that the Cincinnati Reds once had a policy that was enforced between 1966 and 1999, where none of its players was allowed to have any facial hair? That’s right; players weren’t allowed to have a beard, a mustache, or even sideburns for all those years! At one point, in 1986, Pete Rose called Rollie Finger to see if he was interested in playing for the team. Now, Rollie Fingers is infamous for his impressive mustache, and since facial hair wasn’t allowed on the team, Fingers had to turn Rose down. The ban was lifted on February 15, 1999, and with that, the players were once again able to grow their scruff out. The team has had many players with various types of facial hair since and there continue to be those that choose to wear it today. 7. Marriage Market One fun fact about facial hair is this: when the marriage market is going wild, and guys seem to be finding wives left and right, more guys tend to keep their facial hair and feel confident with it. But when that market is low and more and more guys are living lonely lives but still trying to date, more guys elect to go clean-shaven, as they believe it makes them look less intimidating and makes women feel safer. But what if you don’t look good with a clean shave? Well, then you better find yourself a pogonophile, mister! 6. Dihydrotestosterone This here is a hormone and endogenous androgen sex steroid found in men that basically helps make them, well, men. Specifically, for the purpose of this list, it’s a chemical that helps to promote both balding and hair loss and the growth of fabulous beards! Seasonal changes can and typically do affect the level of it contained within the body, which makes for a bushier beard in the summer months and a more spare-looking beard in the winter! 5. Prevalence of Facial Hair It’s been determined that roughly 55% of men from all around the world have some form of facial hair, whether it be a simple mustache, some super sideburns, or a full-fledged beard. Only 33% of Americans, however, are seen with facial hair, which begs the question, why? I don’t know why the difference, but I do know that I’m here to tell everyone—come on Americans! We can’t fall behind in the facial hair department! Beards are great, so get to growing baby-face! 4. Day vs. Night Did you know that beards grow faster during the day than at night? Want to know why that is? Apparently, sunlight shining on your facial hair has no direct role to play in beard growing, but daylight definitely offers a better environment for beard growth than darkness. Sunshine does also yield more vitamin d intake, which in turn helps in the production of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, which make for a better, faster-growing beard. Pretty cool, huh? Get out in that sun if you want an intensely fantastic beard! Same goes for the summer vs. winter months; beard and facial hair growth is definitely better in the summer when there’s more sunlight! 3. Christianity When Christianity came around in the 7th century, the clergy decided to introduce a new law which would require them to shave and for none of them to sport any awesome facial hair (as you can see here). Before the advent of Christianity, though, the Anglo-Saxons had beards and wore them like champs. I don’t know what I’d do if my religion suddenly told me to shave my beard off. I’d probably drop religion! I mean, nobody messes with the beard, and I mean nobody. 2. Shaving Problems Want to hear an unfortunate fact? Well, a man who shaves regularly can expect to spend right around 3,350 hours of his life in the bathroom… shaving. Doesn’t that just sound like the biggest waste of time you’ve ever heard of? Shaving also comes with many other downsides besides just wasted time, like the likelihood of ingrown hairs going up when you shave, razor-burn, rashes, cuts, bumps, pain! Why would you want to inflict any of those painful damages upon yourself when you could just chill out and enjoy the beard. Sounds like a better use of time and I’m a big fan of not having problems with my face! 1...
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The Insanely Expensive Life of Birdman
In 2017, Forbes listed rapper Birdman at having a net worth of 110 Million Dollars. That seems like enough money for a lifetime for any of us but Birdman hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down on his spending anytime soon. Here’s The Insanely Expensive Life Of Birdman. Let’s see what he’s spent his money on. #5 - His Maybach Exelero Although we didn’t think that Birdman’s car collection could get any more grand or higher in value, he goes out and purchases a Maybach Exelero in 2011. The stunning car pictured here was uploaded to his social media account saying that he was going to paint it red when it arrived. This impressive beast can go from 0 to 60mph in just 4.4 seconds and its top speed is 218! How much did he pay for this incredible vehicle? $8 million dollars. That’s a lot of dough for a car! #4 - Mega Mansions For Music Videos The fortress pictured below is a real place and not a concept drawing of an epic palace. You can, in theory, actually buy it too, if you have a little over $10 million to spare. This insane three-story home has just about everything you could imagine to find in a mega mansion of this proportion. It was designed and built by Miami architect Charles Sieger and you might recognize it because Birdman rented it out to film his music video, “Fire Flame.” This gorgeous fortress houses eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a six car garage, multiple swimming pools, and the entire thing is equipped with private elevators. Although he can certainly afford it, Birdman only rented this massive complex which is a bill that would probably give us a heart attack. For him, it’s just another crazy day in the insanely expensive life of Birdman. #3 - His Clothing Line - Respek It would definitely take a person like Birdman to turn a horribly embarrassing situation into another source of profit. In April of 2016, the famous rapper was very rude and stormed out during a hip-hop radio show called The Breakfast Club. During the live interview, he cussed at the hosts and yelled things like “put some respek on my name.” After a few viral videos were made of the toddler like tangent, like he looks in this picture taken from the interview, Birdman came back to publicly apologize. He later went on to launch a merchandise line called “Respek” which features catchphrases from the interview so you can wear his words now and pay him for it. Like the hat in this picture. Respek the hustle, right? #2 - Bronald Oil and Gas, LLC Only an uber rich mogul would even dream of starting an oil company, and Birdman seemingly fit the bill. It’s pretty obvious that some of the richest people in the world own a lot of land that produces oil, and since oil is clearly making people rich, a serial entrepreneur like Birdman couldn’t let a cash cow like that go unmilked. In the early months of 2010, Birdman and his brother, pictured here, joined forces once again to create a company called Bronald Oil and Gas, LLC. The company name came from a combination of the two brother’s first names, Bryan, and Ronald. Over the next few months, the only evidence of this “business” was a website and a pump jack tattoo freshly inked on the side of Birdman’s head. In February of 2010, Birdman had even told Ozone magazine that he had been in the oil business already for the past several years. Not long after the addition of the skull tattoo, rumor started to spread that it wasn’t going so well for Bronald Oil and Gas, LLC. Even though it seemingly failed after a reveal from Bloomberg, it is a bold move that could only have been pulled off by a person with no fear of spending money. #1 - A Gift For His Girlfriend As far as we know, Birdman is still dating the beautiful Toni Braxton and by now, we’ve seen just how much he cares about her. In 2016, he made sure she knew his feelings when he bought her the $250,000 Bentley Bentayga SUV pictured here. It wasn’t because of a birthday or an anniversary, and it certainly wasn’t a holiday. He just bought her a 2017 SUV because he FELT LIKE IT. Are you kidding us? We’d be totally thrilled to be surprised with a much cheaper car, on a holiday. To a normal person, a car is a long time investment whereas to rich people like Birdman, they’re as easy to buy as a box of crackers. It must be nice.
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14 Ocean's Deadliest Creatures
Here are the top 14 dangerous and some even poisonous creatures in the ocean it's terrifying to think they are under there waiting!! 7. Megalodon Megalodon is an extinct species of shark that lived millions of years ago. They were a lot like the great white sharks of today only much bigger. While great whites can reach a length of 20 feet, Megalodon’s could reportedly reach a ridiculous length of nearly 60 feet. Their teeth have been found across the globe from Australia to Japan and as far north as England and Denmark. 6. Killer Whales Being an apex predator means you have no natural predators. Essentially these are the animals at the top of the food chain. Killer, or Orca, whales are considered apex predators and have been known to kill great white sharks, leopard seals, and even other whales. Like wolves, they have a tendency to hunt in packs. Wild orcas don't pose any threat to humans, but there have been incidents in which captive orcas have killed or seriously injured their handlers at marine theme parks. These events highlight the fact that people should probably stop keeping killer whales in captivity rather than any indication that orcas are potentially dangerous to humans. 5. Stingrays Stingrays are usually very passive and gentle around human beings. But if they feel vulnerable in any way they have barbed stingers on their tails that inflict notoriously painful stings that can be deadly when hit in the chest or abdomen. Since stingrays spend a lot of time camouflaging on the seafloor humans often step on them accidentally and end up with a very sore foot to show for it. The world just recognized the ten year anniversary of popular wildlife expert Steve Irwin’s death, who was fatally stung by a stingray on September 4, 2006. 4. Leopard Seal Most seals are relatively harmless and pose no threat to human beings. Leopard seals, however, are not your average run of the mill seal. They are the only seals that eat warm-blooded prey, and the females are larger than the males, another oddity amongst seals. They eat penguins, smaller seals and squid using their powerful jaws, sharp teeth, and clever hunting tactics. In 2003 a British marine biologist was fatally attacked by a leopard seal while snorkeling off of the Antarctic Peninsula. It was the first time a fatal seal attack was recorded, and though seal attacks are rare scientists speculate that the more humans interact with these seals, the more attacks there will be in the future. 3. Box Jellyfish Amongst the world’s most poisonous creatures, this unassuming ocean dweller is responsible for many fatalities annually. Many countries don’t require death certificates, so the exact number isn’t known, but judging from the fact that 20 to 40 people die every year in the Philippines alone, it’s safe to assume that box jellyfish are one of the ocean’s deadliest creatures. Their tentacles are covered with cnidocyst, which contains a tiny dart loaded with a poison that can cause a rapid spike in blood pressure leading to a potentially fatal heart attack. These facts have led some to call the box jellyfish the world’s most venomous creature. 2. Sharks When talking about the ocean’s deadliest predators, sharks are usually the first creatures to come to people’s minds. Though their reputation does have some basis in reality, it is cultural references like the Jaws movie franchise and the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week that have ballooned the shark’s reputation to all new somewhat undeserving heights. There are around 500 species of sharks, but only three, the great white, tiger and bull sharks are responsible for double-digit fatalities. From 1948 to early 2016 there were 2,899 total unprovoked shark attacks recorded around the world, 548 of which were fatal. In comparison, you are more likely to be killed by a falling aircraft or riding a horse. 1. Saltwater Crocodile The saltwater crocodile has two things going for it that help to make them the ocean’s deadliest. These beasts are the largest reptiles on the planet, reaching weights of up to 2,600 pounds and have the most powerful bite on earth, ten times stronger than that of the great white shark. Of all crocodiles, this territorial species is the most likely to treat humans as prey. There are a few fatal saltwater crocodile attacks per year in Australia, with many more attacks from different areas of the world that are believed to go unreported.
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Places With The CRAZIEST Weather
From spiders raining down on you to the strangest lightning show in the entire world, here are Places Around The World With The Craziest Weather! #5 - Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis This weather phenomenon is made up of charged particles that have reached the Earth’s upper atmosphere and have become excited. What happens is that the gaseous particles of the atmosphere collide with the charged particles from the sun as they enter into the Earth’s atmosphere. The astonishing event pictured here happens at both the north and south poles and is more often seen during the equinoxes of the year. Although these pictures show you the teal green version, the weather event can appear in many colors, with the most frequent being pink and green, like you see in this picture. #4 - Rainbow Rain This colored rain falls over southern parts of India, and while it’s pretty, it can be rather gross. The colored rain that falls in India is said to have been red, yellow, green, brown, and even black in color. The reason for the strange colorings is due to the particles of materials that is absorbed into the clouds. Scientists say that sometimes the coloring comes from algae spores, as well as other places like black coal, pollens, dust, and other airborne spores. If we didn’t know about colored rain, we would have probably run inside screaming if we ever saw it, thinking that it was acid rain or something horrific like that. It turns out it is just dirty rain, colored by different particles. #3 - The Weather Atop Mount Washington The building you see chained down in this picture isn’t some kind of prison; it’s the weather station on the top of Mount Weather, a place that is supposed to have the worst weather in the entire world. It has to have chains so that the building doesn’t just get blown away! The smallish summit is only just over 6,000 feet tall and is located in New Hampshire. This lovely mountain enjoys extreme cold, near constant, year-round snow fall, thick fog, heavy icing, and extreme winds. Although these all seem like things one would be able to adapt to, the weather has been likened to to what people experience at the South Pole or at the top of Mount Everest. The lowest ever recorded temperature was a chilling -50-degrees with winds that have reached an incredible 231 miles per hour, a speed that beats even the most ferocious hurricanes. #2 - Fish Storms This seemingly Dr. Seuss story of actual animals taking the place of raindrops during a summer storm, appears to actually be true. Since sometime in the 1800’s between May and June, there is a large storm that appears over the small Honduran town of Yoro, and it proceeds to rain small silver fish. Of course, once we first read this insane tale, we weren’t inclined to believe it until after we read all of the testimonies, some of which were made by a team of researchers from National Geographic, who witnessed this events themselves. Scientists believe that this crazy weather comes from when a water spout sucks up an entire pond, or something like, and shoots the animals high into the air where they come down like rain, sometimes reaching far away from where they came from if the winds are strong enough. Here is a picture of a worker cleaning the roads after a rainfall of fish. It would most certainly be a sight to see. #1 - The Everlasting Lightning Storm Also referred to as a storm nursery, this river in Puerto Concha, Venezuela receives so many lightning strikes per square meter that it was named as having the most out of every other place in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records. The weather phenomenon pictured here is a lightning storm located at the mouth Catatumbo River, at the point where it meets Lake Maracaibo. For anywhere between 200 and 300 days each year, the storm that rages here produces an average of 28 lightning strikes every minute for up to ten hours at a time. The strikes are so incredibly bright that they can be seen from up to 250 miles away. Scientists believe that the occurrence of lightning strikes happens so frequently here due to the deposits of methane gas that lies buried underground. They theorize that the gas seeps into the air, increasing the conductivity. That’s wild!
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BIZARRE Faces Of Mother Nature
The term “Pareidolia” is used to describe the occurrence of seeing humanoid faces in unusual places, like in a tree trunk or in the clouds. Here are the Many Faces Of Mother Nature, as seen by a person suffering from pareidolia #10 - Happy Leaf This little guy looks as happy as a clam. We know this is a leaf in this picture, but the phrase refers to a “clam,” so we went with it. If we fell off of a tree and we were now free to fly around and do as we please, we would probably be just as happy as this leaf too. #9 - The Stone Thinker Here is a great photo of another “Thinking Man.” In this image, you can see the distinct nose, eyes, and lips in the rock formation. The connected rock underneath the “head” makes it look like this structure is thinking hard. About what, we don’t know, but being around for millions of years means you have to think of something at some point, or life is going to be really boring. #8 - Deadly Rock This rock looks like it’s had some much better days. Just look at the face in this picture, the last time we saw something this close to death, it was the leaf from #13! This rock looks like it just drank poison and it doesn’t look like he’s going to make it. #7 - An Apple Faced Baby It’s a little gross to see rotting fruit, but for the purpose of this video, we have to add this picture. You can see that a worm or some kind of insect burrowed into the apple, giving it a pair of “eyes.” Combine that with the odd shape and the bottom core shaped to look like a mouth, and you have a full blown apple that looks like a baby. It’s a baby faced apple. How strange. #6 - Mr. Cool BBQ You only have to glance at this picture for a split second before you realize this is the coolest BBQ on the block. Not because the whole thing is covered in snow but because he’s got on some stunner shades and a cool grin. #5 - Shadow Face This shadow of the assumed nearby tree creates a perfect male face against the garage door. We know that shadows change constantly with the amount of light involved, etc, but we wonder if this same face shows up day after day. As long as the tree remains semi constant, as in it keeps the majority of its leaves, this face, in theory, should be back tomorrow. #4 - Old Lady Parsnip After seeing this picture, we are rather glad we didn’t come to possess this old lady parsnip. As you can see, this root vegetable looks exactly like the face of a witch! We’re pretty sure this is how people go about getting themselves cursed, so we would be leaving this thing at the market. #3 - Tiny Tree Dancer This example of pareidolia is almost too good to be true. The branches of this tiny tree make it look like a dancer, dancing ballet. This is our favorite example of pareidolia to date; it just looks so cool. #2 - Clouds Above A Volcano The clouds sitting above the volcano in this picture make it look like the second coming is here. You might think that this cloudy face looks like just a face, but there are plenty of others who think this is the face of Jesus. What do you think? #1 - The Smiling Sunset Now, the picture you see here is just about one of the most iconic pictures showing pareidolia. As you can clearly see, the three birds flying off into the setting sun come together to form a smiling face. Mother nature truly seems to be a happy soul. Here’s the proof.
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STRANGEST Solved And Unsolved Mysteries
The world is full of mysteries and unsolved happenings that are so bizarre they almost seem like there couldn’t be an answer to them. We’re here to present you with some of those things, but also to show you the other end of the spectrum; the solved mysteries and the few that lie somewhere in between. Follow us through Strangest Solved and Unsolved Mysteries. 7. Carlina White When she was a teeny, tiny baby, Carlina White was abducted from New York’s Harlem Hospital Center after being brought in with a high fever and infection. Carlina was only 19 days old when she went missing, and it took twenty-three years to figure out just where she went, and she even broke the case herself. Carlina began doing some research after her “mother” couldn’t provide her with birth documents, and she noticed the lack of the resemblance between them. She stumbled across some photos of a missing baby that resembled her when she was little, and then decided to contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It turns out she had been stolen from the hospital by Annugetta “Ann” Pettway, and her parents had been holding onto hope of finding her ever since. She was reunited with her family in 2000, and Ann Pettway was sentenced to 12 years in prison. 12 years! This is why nobody trusts the criminal justice system. 6. Nazca Lines These massive geoglyphs can be found in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru and are mysterious because we don’t know why they were created, much like Stonehenge. Why would the Nazca people go to all of the trouble of making these giant, intricate drawings on the ground? Were they drawn to be seen by the gods? Were they used in astronomy, or something similar to it? We just don’t know, which makes these lines mysterious and kind of annoying. Why didn’t ancient peoples leave explanations for any of the things they did? They are the ultimate trolls! 5. Missing Okie’s In November of 1970, three Oklahoma teenagers disappeared without a trace, leaving an entire gossipy, small town to pontificate on if they’d just run away or if something more sinister had happened. The families were left to wonder and worry as the police came up empty-handed. For decades the case stayed cold, that is until the police department was testing sonar equipment in a lake and found a car beneath the surface. It turns out the vehicle held the answer to the long-standing mystery of their whereabout and the case was closed. What exactly happened to the kids and how they ended up where they did may never fully be known, but at least the family isn’t left forever scanning crowds for a familiar face. 4. Zodiac Letters Alright, so we’re not going to get into the crimes of the Zodiac, as they’re very horrifying. What we’re more interested in anyways are the letters he, or she, sent to the press in the 1960’s and 70’s. One of four of the letters received has been solved and contained a disturbing message. The other three have yet to be deciphered. All these years later and we still can’t figure out what is contained in the pages of these writings. We don’t know if we even want to know. Okay, we do, so will somebody please hurry up and solve these already! Gyllenhaal, you were so close! 3. Baltic Sea Anomaly This here odd object was found, you guessed it, in the Baltic Sea back in 2011. At first they didn’t know what it was; actually, it remained mysterious for some time. Recently though, they cracked it: it’s a simple glacial deposit left behind when glaciers moved around during the Ice Age. When announced, it was a sad day for those who thought that it might be of an extraterrestrial origin; some believed that it might have been a part from a fleet of aliens, others compared it to the Millennium Falcon. No dice. The object, which stands a whopping 26-feet-tall, was found by Swedish explorer Peter Lindberg and his team while they were searching for a shipwreck and he stated that their equipment stopped working when they got within 200 feet of the object. So one can see why some may have thought it to originate somewhere in the final frontier, but it didn’t; it was made right here on good old planet Earth. That’s one for the home team. 2. Kryptos This crazy cool sculpture can be found right on the grounds of the CIA, and it’s never been entirely solved, not even by the Central… Intelligence… Agency. Three of the four inscriptions have been, but the fourth still has not. The sculpture was created by a man named Jim Sanborn, to show that everything can be decoded and solved using patterns and clues. Well, Jim, we think you went in a little hard here seeing as some of the most brilliant minds in the world can’t even figure it out. Maybe someday we’ll have someone with enough brains join up and figure it out, but until then it’ll remain unsolved all while surrounded by those that work for an agency that has intelligence in its name. Way to go, Jim. 1...
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BIGGEST Scams To Watch Out For
Money is a factor in most dealings these days. Unfortunately, there are a ton of people out in the world trying to get a hold of all your hard earned cash. These are the 14 Biggest Scams To Watch Out For to make sure you aren’t their next target. #5 - Overpayment Scams This sort of scam is really popular with online sellers and buyers. Scammers pay for a service or product with a cashier’s check larger than the cost of said item. They either say that it was a mistake, that the bonus was for the great job that you did, or that the extra amount is for their “shipper.” Then, they ask for you to send the remaining balance sent to a third party, which they usually call their “shipper.” Banks say that if you cash the check, you are responsible for the check amount after the check bounces since there aren’t any actual funds to pull from. A quick, general tip for selling things online, NO ONE is EVER going to pay you more than what your asking price is, don’t think that you just lucked out. You were just scammed. #4 - The Diploma Scam Seeing as paying for school is a scam anyways, it seems rather cruel that people would go as far as trick someone into thinking they actually got an education. Unfortunately, it happens more often than not. If you, for whatever reason, didn’t finish high school, you might be realizing how hard it is to apply for things or to even find employment that will take you without that diploma. If you wanted the quickest and easiest way out, you can find the diploma scams that give you a decorated piece of paper that claims to be a “diploma” for however much money. If you did opt for that path, just know that they “diploma” you bought is fake and it won’t get you much of anywhere. Although high diploma’s seem to be more common, there are still scammers out there who are willing to make you a master at pretty much whatever, from the school of your choice, as long as you have the right amount of money. #3 - ‘Can You Hear Me?’ Telephone Scam Recently, this scam has been making its way around the newsrooms of America with some pretty dire warnings. The scam supposedly goes like this: you receive a call and answer the phone, the first thing the person on the other line asks is “Can you hear me?” The reason the scammers ask this question is because they want you to say “yes,” therefore giving them consent. They then take this recorded “yes” and they use it to tack on additional phone charges, or they give your consent to make themselves purchases and things of that nature. The best advice for when you hear the other person asking whether or not you can hear them is to not say a word and simply hang up the phone. #2 - NFC Scams You’ve heard of them, just not necessarily by that name. NFC, or “near field communication” is a type of technology that is found in today’s smartphones. Unfortunately for us, this kind of technology can be used as a wireless skimming device meaning that it can retrieve your credit or debit card information without ever having to touch you. The scammer just needs to walk close enough to you for their skimming device to retrieve all the important data from your bank cards and transfer the information onto the black strip of a card that they possess. Which means that they can now access all of your stuff. Remember when all of those card protection wallets that came out saying that they prevented wireless transmissions from happening? This is the scam they were trying to protect you from. #1 - ATM Card Reader The dangerous device you see pictured here is one that could end up costing you big bucks if you don’t know what to look out for. This device is called the card skimmer, and it fits so nicely over the real card holder slot, you wouldn’t even realize that it’s there. Unfortunately, the people who are installing these skim readers at ATMs around the world are pretty good at what they do, meaning that it is that much harder for you to spot the device. Some things to help prevent the scam: always wiggle the card holder, as you can see from this image, the false front came right off the machine after just a wiggle or two, check the surroundings of the machine, does it look like someone has set up a pinhole camera somewhere? If you believe so, use a different ATM. Or, if the cash tray is partially lifted or has been cracked, meaning someone tampered with it, leave the machine and use another one. Basically, if it looks fishy, it probably is. Maybe it’s just safer to pull money out from a teller inside your bank.
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12 World's Most Weirdest Statues
You won't believe that these statues and sculptures are real! From strange giant bugs to a creepy fountain depicts babies being eaten! 7. The Mazinger Z Statue, Mas del Plata, Spain For anyone that isn’t familiar with it, Mazinger Z is a manga series that is quite popular and is considered as pioneering when it began in 1972. It helped influence the creation of Manga as a whole and other popular series such as Transformers and Power Rangers. However, it also seems to have gained popularity in a small suburb that is located in Catalonia, Spain.The statue can be found in the Mas Del Plata suburb that was never completed due to funds for the project running out. It’s entirely made out of fiberglass and stands at a massive 40 feet tall where it guards the unfinished suburb. Manga and anime fans alike flock to see the statue every year. 6. The Tarasque Statue, Tarascon, France The Tarasque happens to be a mythical creature from urban legends, a type of chimera that is made up of a dragon/bear/turtle that is believed to have tyrannized the villagers of Tarascon many centuries ago. Based on the local tales, the animal was subdued by a Saint named Martha who returned it to the village where the citizens killed it. They felt sorry for what they had done and their reactions to the beast so they named the town after the monster and that’s how supposedly Tarascon got it’s name. The artist who created this statue is named Pascal De Maumont and he finished it back in 2005 where every year it’s the centerpiece of a festival that honors the town’s name. 5. The Lobster Mickey Statue, Massachusetts, US This strange statue was built by an artist named Breanna Rowlette back in 2003. As part of Mickey Mouse’s 75th anniversary, Disney asked several artists around the United States to create a statue of Mickey that best represented their region. Rowlette being from Boston decided to turn Mickey into a lobster hybrid as Massachusetts is known for their lobster. Each of the 75 Mickey statues weighed 700 pounds and are 6 feet tall. The statue was located in the Faneuil Hall marketplace in Boston but was recently sold to an unknown buyer at an auction where it sold for $900. 4. The Maman Sculpture, Ottawa, Ontario The sculpture created by a French-American artist named Louise Bourgeois( Borshwah) can be found in Ottawa, Canada where it stands at a height of 30 feet. It was first unveiled in 1999 at the Tate Museum Of Modern Art in Britain. The large spider is made out of a combination of marble, bronze, and stainless steel. Its French title translates to the informal wording for “mother,” and for good reason. Bourgeois stated that the sculpture is entirely dedicated to her mother because she shares many similar qualities with the arachnids explaining that her mother was also a weaver, immensely clever, and also being helpful and protective. 3. The Pig Duck Of Turku, Finland Formally known as the “Posankka,” this statue depicts what appears to be a hybrid between a marzipan pig(possu) and a rubber duck(ankka). The statue was created back in 1999 by a Finnish painter named Alvar Gullichsen and can be found near the campus of the University of Turku. The statue was actually placed in the Aurajoki river and has remained in its current spot since 2001. According to Gullichsen, the statue is supposed to criticize modern gene-splicing technology. Fun fact: the locals place a Santa hat on the statue every winter. 2. The Obscene Figure This statue titled “The Obscene Figure” stands erected near a highway in Colima, Mexico. The statue was donated to the city of Colima as a gift back in September of 2001 by the Mexican artist José Luis Cuevas. The statue depicts a man who is prostrate with one of his legs lifted upwards. The sculpture has caused some issues and was even part of a scandal back in 2006. Cuevas is well known for his work in neo figurative art and has had several exhibits throughout Latin America. Even the famous Pablo Picasso bought some of Cuevas’ work. To this day, he still continues to display his works in active exhibits at the age of 82. 1. The Child Eater Fountain, Bern, Switzerland This awfully peculiar fountain dates all the way back to the 16th-century and can be found in Bern, Switzerland. Named the “Kindlifresserbrunnen”, which translates to Fountain of The Eater of Little Children, in English and depicts just that. An ogre sitting atop of the fountain is devouring a child and has 4 more ready to be eaten. There’ve been several different theories about what the fountain is supposed to represent but they’re all just folktales. Some people speculate that it’s just there to scare children into behaving. They say that Hans Rudolf Manuel Deutsch (Doich) was the one who built it but no one actually knows for sure or why it was built.
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20 Most Unusual Playgrounds
From The Nagasaki School Playground to The Playground For Grownups here are 20 Most Unusual Playgrounds! #7 - The Playground For Grownups No one under 16 is allowed into this park built especially for adults. Nicknamed the “Playground for Grownups,” the Pruessen Park in Berlin has low impact equipment that is specifically designed for the elderly and people over five feet tall. The park was created to encourage the elderly to go outside and become more active and in turn, live longer. It looks like Berlin has learned the secret to living forever. #6 - The Sand Witch Out of all of the creative and imaginative creatures you could have as sculptures at a children’s park, these people chose this one, a crazy looking witch popping out of the sand. If that wasn’t scary enough, the witch has already stolen a little girl and keeps her clutched in her hand as a reminder to the others. Not a very friendly picture for all the kids who want to come and enjoy the park. #5 - Clemyjontri Park in Mclean, Virginia Clemyjontri Park is another pioneer in the park business with its park accessible to children with all abilities. The two-acre park is divided into four sections each with a different theme. Rides such as the Liberty Bell allow kids in wheelchairs to use and enjoy the equipment just like everyone else. As to include everyone, signs in both braille and sign language can be found frequent throughout the park. The park also has interactive stations that promote critical thinking like colorful maps and fun interlocking mazes. #4 - The Nagasaki School Playground In order to encourage school kids to go outside and play more, architects Hibinosekkei designed this one-of-a-kind playground structure that utilizes the multi-story school building to create a playground on the roof deck that included climbing spots, nets, and even a fireman’s pole to slide from the top to the bottom. It is certainly a new way to enjoy recess. #3 - The Poop Park It isn’t really called the poop park, but it might as well be since the theme is close enough. The people of Japan are educating their children about the systems within the body with this inflatable butt and giant piles of climbable poop, don’t worry, the piles of poop are actually plastic. But still, the entire idea stinks. #2 - A Strange Statue We’re not quite sure what the artist was thinking when they created this monstrosity. It looks like a bad replication of leap frog, except no one, is leaping. #1 - Water-Based Playground Designed by Robert Cirjak If you have enough money, then you could be the new owner of one of these colossal water-based playgrounds. Wibit Sports GmbH is the German water-sports company that creates the floating playgrounds that have been dreamed up by the genius Robert Crijak. The one pictured is located near Zlatni Rat in Bol, Croatia. The unit features slides, swings, and multiple climbing structures. The company has designed 59 other water-based playgrounds just like this one in other areas of Croatia.
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19 Strangest Body Modifications
Body Modifications are becoming more and more common these days, here are 19 of the strangest bod mods ever. Snake ears anyone? #10 - Subdermal Implants Subdermal implants are molded shapes that are surgically implanted underneath your skin. Your doctor makes a tiny slit in your skin, inserts the pre-selected shape and as your skin heals the mold takes its shape under your skin. As with any body modification, there is a risk of infection, scarring or even permanent disfigurement may occur. #9 - Shaped Ears Science fiction and fantasy lovers are often the recipients of this body modification. The modification takes a person’s ear and slices and dices until it begins to take form. One of the most popular designs is that of an elven ear where the top of the ear forms a point rather than being sloped as it is naturally. This is the most often seen body modification at events such as comic con, other than tattoos. #8 - Eye Tattoos and Piercings Anything having to do with the eyeball is certainly at a higher risk than any other part of your body. This definitely holds true for body modifications. The application of eye piercings and eye tattoos is growing in popularity but should be approached with extreme caution. Not only is it risky having a needle or scalpel near your eye, but your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body, and can easily get strained and stressed. And if you ever try to have a piercing or tattoo removed from your eyeball, you’ll have more scarring than any other body area, and you may not be able to see properly ever again. #7 - Saline Injections Saline implants used to be reserved for women wanting a breast augmentation, but that is a thing of the past. Saline implants are still being used to increase a woman’s bust size, but now they hold a much broader role. Saline can be injected into almost any part of your body giving it a semi-permanent appearance of bloating. The most commonly seen use of this modification is what is known as the “bagel-head” where a saline implant that resembles the shape of a bagel is inserted into one’s forehead. #6 - Scarification Scarification is where the skin is etched into, removing some of the upper layers of skin to create words or pictures and when it fully heals it leaves something like the opposite of a tattoo. Once the lines are made abrasives are rubbed into the modification causing it to scar more and leave a more noticeable mark. This method of body modification has been used for thousands of years as a kind of “social skin” to mark different tribes or communities in many other parts of the world. #5 - Nose Modifications Nose modifications are usually seen when the wearer is trying to resemble a snake, dragon, devil or Lord Voldemort. The procedure cuts and removes small sections of the nose, sews up the remaining pieces and after the skin heals, it gives the appearance of a snake or in this case, a skull. #4 - Skull Implants Skull implants are becoming increasingly popular with all the new accessories you can simply screw into your skull. When you get this procedure done, incisions are made in your skull, and a base piece is inserted and allowed to heal. After you are fully healed you can take your horns, or jewels or whatever accessory you see fit and either snap or screw the pieces into their “bases” on your skull. #3 - Becoming a Cyborg With all of this new age technology, it isn’t surprising that some people want it not only at their fingers but under their skin. Many new forms of the tech body mods are popping up every day but the most often seen is the smartwatch underneath the skin of the forearm or the info packed microchip that is implanted in the back of the neck. The dream of being a human cyborg is becoming more and more realistic with each passing day and each new tech mod. #2 - Animal Instinct People have been trying not to be human for some time now. We have seen it in instances of Ripley’s Believe or Not as well as other shows that revel in oddities. The most well known animal-human hybrids are Tom Leppard - the man who has had his entire body tattooed to look like a leopard, Jocelyn Wildenstein - the lady who changed her appearance to resemble that of a cat and Eric Sprague - the man who tattooed his whole body and split his tongue to look like a lizard. #1 - If You’re not Ready to Commit It’s ok if you don’t feel like hacking off a part of your body or splitting it in two. Here is the solution to looking strange without the commitment. You can do what this person is doing. Step one: have gauged ears. Step two: insert a small snake. Step three: revel in the stares of others.
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10 Spectacular Artificial Reefs Throughout the Ocean
From a famous statue of Jesus Christ to a Volkswagen Beetle, here are 10 Spectacular Artificial Reefs Throughout The Ocean. #5 - The Christ of the Abyss There are a few of the Christ of the Abyss statues in the waters of our world, but this one is the original. The original was placed in the Mediterranean Sea near the spot where people believed Dario Gonzatti, the first Italian to use scuba gear, died back in 1947. The statue depicts Jesus Christ offering his hands in peace. The statue, which was carved by Guido Galletti, was sunk on August 22, 1954, but due to excessive corrosion, it was removed in 2003 to be restored to its former glory. Not even a year later, on July 17, 2004, the statue was returned to its watery home. #4 - The Ocean Atlas In 2014, Jason Taylor dropped this 60-ton statue into the waters of the Bahamas, piece by piece. The model he used was a small Bahamian school girl named Camilla, and he designed the piece so that she is supporting the weight of the ocean on her shoulders like Atlas does with the weight of the world. Like all of his creations, Jason made this piece of art to last through lifetimes. He claims that the statue will never disintegrate but rather as time passes, more and more calcium will build up around the outside. He is excited to eventually see the outcome of the pieces he has made and says this about it “I am making these inert objects, but the environment is giving them their souls.” We’ll have to see just how awesome this sculpture becomes once the ocean gives it a soul. #3 - The Governor's River Walk Reef Located off the coast of Palm Beach Florida, the Governor’s River Walk Reef is made up of four sunken ships, concrete corridors that connect one ship to the next and an assortment of large limestone blocks. The project started when US Customs gave the four ships to the Palm Beach County’s Artificial Reef Program as part of the Operation River Walk. The program, which was conceived to eliminate drug smuggling up and down the Miami River turned four former drug vessels named the Shasha Boekanier, St. Jacques, Gilbert Sea, and Thozina into an artificial reef. The Shasha Boekanier even has a memorial statue at the northern tip that was placed there by the Delray Beach police and firefighters to honor those lives lost due to drug smugglers. This spectacular sight is now a perfect spot for recreational diving since there is a huge variety of tropical fish as well as turtles and different species of shark. #2 - The USS Oriskany The sinking of this giant vessel had to be reviewed and overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that all toxic substances on the ship were properly removed and cleaned out before the sinking took place. In 2006, the Essex-class retired aircraft carrier was sunk off the coast of Florida to create an artificial reef. Even though the aircraft carrier had battle stars for services in both the Korean and Vietnam wars, it’s destiny was to become the largest man-made reef in the whole world. Usually, after you sink a vessel intended to become a reef, it takes time for the life around the structure to grow accustomed to it and decide to move in. With the case of the USS Oriskany, the move-ins began occurring right after it was sunk. Local diver Bryan Clark recounts his first dive to the colossal ship just a few days after it sunk. According to Clark, a crab hatch must have happened right before or after the ship was sunk because the wreck was covered by thousands and thousands of tiny baby crabs which, of course, attracted even more fish and wildlife all of which decided to stay. #1 - The Sunken Volkswagen This spectacular piece was imagined and created by a man named Jason deCaires Taylor in an effort to save the lobster population in Cancun, Mexico. Taylor had been snorkeling around the bottom of one of his famous sculptures in Cancun when he was delighted to see a gathering of 100 or so lobsters. He went back a week later to be shocked after finding that every single lobster had disappeared. He soon discovered that the reason for the lobsters’ disappearance was due to the local fisherman going out at night and capturing them to eat and sell. In an effort to change the rapid population decrease Jason Taylor set to work creating this hollow replica of a Volkswagen car. Even though it is hollow, the creation weighed nine tons and proved a difficult feat to move it to its final resting place under the water. Even the best intentions and the best-laid plans can go awry, and for the first two years after its placement, Jason was beginning to feel as though he had failed. It took over two years for lobsters to decide that they trusted the VW enough to claim it as their own and move inside. Thankfully, the last time Jason went to check up on his masterpiece, there were over eighty of the clawed creatures inside, living peacefully away from the snatching hands of the local fisherman.
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18 of the Scariest Holes in the World
The world is a strange place, and it can be scary too! Here are 18 of the worlds scariest holes.. is one forming underneath you right now?! #9 - The Sacred Cenote Nearby the Mayan tourist destination you can find a limestone sinkhole dubbed the Well of Sacrifice. The new owner of a nearby plantation first explored the sinkhole in 1904 and was shocked by his discovery. Amongst the pieces of jewelry, pottery, and gold were the ghastly remains of over 120 adults and a multitude of children. Reports from early Spanish settlers suggest that the Mayan people pushed the victims into the hole as punishment for various crimes. #8 - National Park Mammoth Cave National Park is a system of caves located in Kentucky. The cave system is thought to be the longest one in the world with over 400 miles of it already explored. The national park recently celebrated over 200 completed tours of the cave system. Some sections have even been given names that go along with each section’s story. One site, called the Frozen Niagara is known for the waterfall-like flowstone formations that line the cave’s interior. Another, dubbed Gothic Avenue, is named because of all the signatures that were left by 19-century visitors. #7 - A Luminescent Glow The Waitomo Glowworm Cave is often a tourist destination on the North Island of New Zealand. Thousands and thousands of glowworms call this cave system their home. They hang from the top of the cave where their silk nest attaches to the high ceiling. When they need to feed, they hang a glowing silicon strand that lures and traps prey, almost as if they were fishing. The insects are drawn in by the source of light and trapped by the sticky coating. Once a meal is captured, the glow worm reels it in and begins eating it alive. #6 - Dead Man’s Hole A local cave in Texas is the final resting place for 17 poor souls. The cave called “Dead Man’s Hole” is now covered but has a plaque nearby telling the gruesome story. The plaque explains that the cave was originally discovered in 1821 and that an oak tree once grew and hung over the entrance. The remains that were found at the bottom were supposedly hung from the oak tree before being unceremoniously tossed into the hole. #5 - A Bottleneck Resemblance Known as the Cave of Swallows, this cave system nestled in Mexico has the largest cave shaft in the world. Its shape resembles a wine bottle, with the “neck” of the cave being 55 meters wide and expanding to 160 meters towards the bottom. The depth of the shaft is 376 meters, making it the largest in the world. #4 - The Roman Well The well is currently sealed with a grate, but you can still visit the courtyard it sits in. It became a story of horror in 1494 when the city acted as a stronghold against the Turkish Empire. A group of 37 tried and failed to sneak invaders into the city, as punishment each was lowered to the bottom of the well. They were kept there to starve for some time before knives were thrown down so they could kill and eat each other. Others have also been thrown down to die at the bottom of the well, but never as many as in 1494. #3 - The Door to Hell What people call the “Door to Hell” is just a natural gas underground cavern. It collapsed and became the glowing cavern it is known as today in 1971. It spans 230 feet and was given its name due to the fact that it is forever on fire. In 1971 a team of Soviet scientists were drilling into the earth, looking for deposits of natural gases. The rig that was on their drilling platform broke and fell into the hole. Trying to contain the spread of poisonous methane gas, the team set the crater on fire hoping that it would burn out in a few short hours. Over forty years later, the crater is still burning strong. #2 - A Wrong Turn The Devil’s Hole Massacre of 1763 is what mainly give this cave its creep factor. In 1763 a group of Native American warriors chose this cave to ambush and overrun an English wagon train. Not only were the pioneers done for, but when a military force nearby heard the noise and came to the rescue, they themselves were also slaughtered. Over 80 people died at the cave, only two people survived the bloodbath. #1 - The Most Dangerous Spot to Dive One of divers’ favorite diving hotspots is the underwater cave system located in Southeast Mexico, the Yucatan Cenotes. The murky depths call for the lives of many explorers, and it is said that almost 200 people have never made it to the surface again. Some sinkholes are blocked off with “Danger” and “Do Not Enter” signs, but still divers proceed. Most explorers love the element of danger that accompanies them during each one of these dives, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.
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Worlds Most BEAUTIFUL Trees
We all see them, every day, and we all ignore them and don’t give them any of the attention that they probably crave, and most definitely do deserve. I’m talkin’ about trees, darn it, and I’m going to show you what I mean in just a second. There are so many different types and families of trees out there these days, and I’m here to show them to ya! Come along my friends; this is World’s Most Beautiful Trees. 6. Delonix Regia Also called the “Flame Tree,” this here tree is a neat flowering plant that is in the bean family called Fabaceae. It has flowers that are really big, with four scarlet and/or orange petals that can reach eight centimeters in length, and one larger, upright petal called the standard, which is typically spotted with white or yellow. These trees require at the very least a near-tropical climate but do their best in a tropical environment.They’re found all over, like seriously—they grow in so many places that I can’t even list them all here and have to advise you to Google it if you want to know where to find them! Crazy! It’s actually believed by the Saint Thomas Christians of Kerala that when Jesus (yes, THE Jesus) was crucified, there was a little royal poinciana (another name for the Delonix Regia) tree near to the cross. Holy sm—naw, just holy, I guess. 5. Windy Windy Want to see something fresh? Look at these trees over in New Zealand! They’re located at Slope Point on New Zealand’s South Island. Slope Point is the most southern point of the whole island, and this spot gets beaten and battered by amazingly fierce and intense winds year round, which, unsurprisingly, bends the heck out of the trees in the area in whichever way the wind is blowing. There are really no humans that live on the part of the island where the trees are, and for a good reason! I mean, who wants to battle those kinds of winds day in and day out for as long as you live there? Nope, not for me, I care too much about my hair… but maybe it’s for you? Perhaps you can handle the tree-bending winds. 4. Chapel Oak So this here is a tree that got hollowed out when it was hit by lightning and the fire that resulted from the strike wholly burned out the inside and efficiently hollowed the tree out! It was then that the village priest, Father Du Cerceau, and the local Abbot, Du Detroit proclaimed that the fire and lightning strike was no mere coincidence and they claimed that it happened for a holy purpose. They thought they needed to build a place for people take a pilgrimage to that was devoted to the Virgin Mary. These days there are two chapels, which a spiral staircase that wraps around the tree provides access to. Mass is celebrated inside the tree to this day two times a year, which is pretty darn cool if you ask me. 3. Baobab These trees almost don’t look real! Who planted these buggers upside-down? These big old trees can live up to 800 years and are incredibly respected by locals in Madagascar, where six species of baobab is native to, as a food source and for their value as building material! These trees are threatened by deforestation and have been for a long time, and in 2007 a neat row of Baobabs called the “Avenue of the Baobabs” was granted temporary protected status, and there are hopes that they can one day make it Madagascar’s first natural monument. As of this very moment, the area is not considered a natural park and therefore has no visitor center or any gate fees, and the residents in the surrounding area make no money off of tourism to the site. Let's give it the natural monument title, make tourists trying to view the trees pay a fee for visits, and make a little profit off of the place, as long as it helps from anyone destroying these big, incredible trees! They sure are pleasing to look at and are most definitely beautiful. 2. Cannonball Tree This here tree is a deciduous tree that falls in the family Lecythidaceae. This beauty thrives in rainforest conditions such as the ones in South and Central America, and it’s now grown all over the world in tropical areas due to its beauty and its fruits. This guy can grow up to 110 feet tall and the leaves, which are clustered in bundles at the ends of the branches, reach 3 to 12 inches in length but have been known to reach 22 inches. The flowers of the Cannonball tree are exceptionally strongly scented, and that scent gets even stronger during the night time or in the early morning hours. What a genuinely interesting-looking thing; I think I’d be confused by it if I came by one in the forest, what about you? 1...
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20 Times People Failed At Pinterest
From The Bieber Meatloaf to The Spongebob Cake here are 20 Times People Failed At Pinterest. Some are funny some are scary! #10 - Becoming An Artist Trying out new techniques as an artist is not something to be ashamed of but rather embraced because learning is a continuous and exciting journey. If you are learning a new technique, I would not suggest that you learn this new skill from anything you’ve seen on Pinterest. This poor guy tried to do the whole melted crayon art thing, and it failed miserably, some of the crayons didn’t even stay attached to the tape on top. #9 - The Bieber Meatloaf This idea popped up on Pinterest back when Justin Bieber had just became a huge hit. Why else would you want to make dinner out of meat made to look like the rising star? This is probably the biggest fail of all time just for the gross and strange fact that someone’s likeness was recreated with ground beef and bacon. #8 - The Spongebob Cake I think the real problem with this cake was the fact that the baker doesn’t look like they waited long enough to put the frosting on. All bakers know, if you attempt to ice a cake fresh out of the oven, the frosting will start to melt and slide all over the place. It appears, according to the eyes, that was what happened here. If you are a fan and from time to time watch Spongebob Squarepants you might be familiar with the episode where his pencil draws another “lesser” sponge, and this new sponge is drawn a little out of whack, that is the image that was conjured when I gazed upon this cake. #7 - The Nail Technician Another commonly searched and most often failed topic on Pinterest is nail designs. Whether you are painting with different colors or you are trying to attach those tiny shapes and characters to your acrylic nails, you can probably find the tutorial you are looking for on this site. Here is a perfect example of Pinterest nail designs gone wrong. I have to say, though, this person doesn’t even look like they tried. #6 - The Makeup Artist Like I’ve said before, you can find just about anything on Pinterest, including makeup tutorials that claim to make you look like a pop art character. That is what this poor woman tried to do. It looks like she gave a three-year-old a black sharpie and told him to draw her face, at least she forgot the red dots which would have probably made her look like she came down with the chicken pox. At least then she’d have an excuse to run and hide inside. #5 - Redecorating the Home While the owners clearly wanted a series of perpendicular stripes that create the charming effect that resembles your favorite button-down shirt, otherwise known as gingham, what they got was a little more boxed in than they probably would have liked. Again, don’t let Pinterest lead you to believe that you are all the sudden an interior designer. It looks like a great idea online, but you might need to pay for professional execution if you want any hope of it turning out the way you wanted. #4 - The Pikachu Cake Props to this person for making a 3D cake, that alone is a feat worthy of praise. What isn’t worthy of praise is this take on the famous electric Pokemon, Pikachu. This version looks like an add-on character on the slightly off-color show, Ren & Stimpy. Normally you’d be the first pick but Pikachu, as long as you look like this, I’ll choose anything but you. #3 - The Haute Couture Model Pinterest is at it again making its users believe they are haute couture fashion models who look picturesque after their signature makeup look includes decorative sprinkles. You can see by the girl’s face that she is not getting the result she was trying so hard for. #2 - The Lamb Cake It may look more like a West Highland Terrier, but this failed mess was supposed to be a darling lamb cake for Easter. Hopefully, this was a trial run, and this person is either going to go pick out something at a bakery, or they’ll need to put in a lot more practice before the big day. #1 - It Takes A Pro The original instructions on this beauty are certainly too difficult for the average Joe so I can see why this would be a 100% fail. Regardless of how cool the real one looks, the attempt is the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile. Just Remember that even though you see it on Pinterest, it usually takes a pro.
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20 Strangest Underwater Creatures
The strangest deep sea creatures ever discovered! These creepy sea creatures are scary, bizarre, and terrifying. You won't believe these weird animals actually exist! Some are caught on tape even, others are caught on camera. Subscribe for new videos: http://goo.gl/LAjy5o Check out our 12 biggest bodybuilders video here: https://youtu.be/d0_OTHBKEE8 20. Megamouth shark! This beast is a rare species of shark. They have huge mouths with small teeth and broad snouts, often causing observers to mistake them for orcas. 19. Sea cucumber. There's about 1,500 different species of sea cucumbers. They discharge a sticky thread to ensnare their enemies while others mutilate their own bodies! 18. Grenadier. Or rattail due to its slender body that tapers to a thin tail. The males have a special drum machine on their bladder that they use to attract females. 17. Fangtooth. A ferocious-looking deep-sea fish that likes to cruise as far as 16,000 ft below sea level. 16. Sea robin. Much like a real robin, they've got orange undersides and open and close their fins like a bird's wings in flight. They can also glide short distances above the water's surface just like a flying fish. 15. Goblin shark. It's a bottom-dwelling shark that lives as deep as 4,200 feet underwater.They're the only living species of the Mitsukuridinae family. 14. Firefly squid. It produces a bright blue flashing light resembling that of a firefly. Its light-producing organ is called a photophore and it has hundreds of them throughout its body that can flash in some of the greatest animated patterns. 13. Coffinfish. Not to be mistaken for a blowfish. 12. Blobfish. Which is the worst between these two? 11. Handfish. They're strange, slow-moving fish that prefer to move around by walking along the sea floor with their hands rather than swimming. 10. Oarfish. A long elongated fish reaching up to 36 ft long! Some believe they're the inspiration behind the sea serpent tales of the past, like that of the Loch Ness monster. 9. Common mola, or ocean sunfish. The heaviest bony fish in the world! They have flattened bodies, which can be seen lying horizontally at the surface of the water under the sun. They eat huge amounts of jellyfish, squid, and fish to maintain their size. 8. Blue-ringed octopus. It'sthe size of a golf ball. A single bite from a blue ringed octopus is toxic enough to kill 26 adult humans within minutes and there's no antivenom! You won't wanna be scuba diving or swimming near this guy anytime soon. 7. Stargazer. A fish whose glass like eyes sit at the top of its head. They bury themselves in a sandy haven then leap out at you and attack as you pass overhead. They're venomous with some species able to deliver an electric shock! 6. Pelican eel. It gets its name from its large gaping mouth resembling that of a pelican bird. Its mouth is loosely hinged and allows it to swallow things much larger than itself. 5. Colossal squid. It's believed to be the largest squid species in terms of mass. They've got the largest eyes ever documented in the animal kingdom. This one was caught in 2007 by a boat in the Antarctic waters of the Ross Sea! It's on display at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. 4. Dana octopus squid. The longest known squid species! It's also known for flashing lights in front of its prey to disorient them. 3. Viperfish. It grows a foot long but its fangs are so big that they don't even fit in its mouth! It has a light-producing organ jutting from its back, which it moves around and flashes on and off to lure in prey. 2. Dragonfish. It has a light-producing barbel hanging. Once its prey get close, the dragonfish snaps it up in its powerful jaws and feasts like a king in all its glory. Its prey can also produce light, so the dragonfish evolved with a special method of hiding from predators after its meal. The walls of its stomach are completely black, helping conceal any light from being emit by its prey while being digested! 1. Chimaera. It's a type of cartilaginous fish--which means its skeleton is made of cartilage rather than bone. They've also got not one, but two chambered hearts. This slimy sea creature uses its snout like a metal detector and scans the sea floor for electrical impulses. They confine themselves to deep ocean waters that seem like worlds away to reach. They're so rare that little is known about their scientific backgrounds to this day. For photo & video attributions, click here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iufs50q34foxy30/Strangest%20Underwater%20Creatures%20Attributions.docx?dl=0
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23 Strange Relationship Traditions Around the World
From the offering of a severed head to sitting on your lover's shoulders, here are 23 Strange Relationship Traditions Around the World. #10 - The Head Offer During the 19th century, if a Taiwanese man liked a woman and wanted to show his interest, he would supposedly give his love a severed head. What a romantic gesture. I think I still prefer flowers. #9 - A Trashy Event If you are getting married in Scotland, don’t be surprised if the natives start throwing trash at you in your wedding gown. Contrary to your belief, they don’t think that your dress is hideous, they believe that if you and your future husband can survive the hail of trash, then your marriage can survive anything. What a smelly tradition. #8 - Plump and Prime For Marriage For the poor young women of Mauritania, being force-fed massive amounts of milk and couscous is a regular occurrence when preparing for marriage. Unlike most of the rest of the world, these women are forced to gain weight and be fatter for their wedding day and marriage after that. In this culture, the bigger you are, the better. #7 - A Purchasing Agreement Usually, when two people get married, they intend for it to be forever, or as long as they live. However, things are different for the brides of the Thai province of Chiang Rai. Here, when a man wants to live with a woman, he pays for her time, which ranges from a few months to a year. If he so chooses, he can also opt to buy her for a lifetime of companionship. #6 - Taking Several Suitors For the Kreung tribe living in Cambodia, courtship and marriage are something that takes a multistep process to ensure that the couple is a good match. That includes allowing the woman to bring as many men as she wishes back to her shag hut, as long as it is only one per night. This ensures that she isn’t stuck with someone that sucks in the sack. #5 - The Meaning Of Rice There is a long standing courting tradition practiced in the Miao ethnic group in Southwest China, and it involves rice. Basically, on a day equivalent to our Valentine’s Day, a girl gives a guy a package of cooked rice. If the boy opens the package and finds two red chopsticks buried in the rice, the girl likes the boy back, if he finds only one red chopstick, then the girl has politely declined the relationship. However, if a boy opens his rice to find the girl has added garlic or chili pepper, that means she wants nothing to do with him. If the girl has yet to decide, she will include a pine needle that indicates she might say yes, given that there are more presents. #4 - Bundling With Your Lover The act of “bundling” is when a couple soon to be married shares one bed in two separate “sacks” that allow the pair to get to know each other without the fear of premarital sex. In some cultures, like the Amish you see in this picture, this method is still used in relationships today. #3 - The Language Of The Fans In parts of Europe, during the 18th and 19th centuries, women communicated with the men they wanted to dance with through a diverse language made of moving the handheld fans they often carried with them. The signals used the fan only and allowed the women to speak to the men without ever opening their mouths. #2 - Welsh Love Spoons Usually, when a person is attracted to another, they do things to show their affection. Normally, we would think of things like writing love letters and buying flowers, but that’s just not enough for the Welsh. Since the 17th century, the Welsh have been whittling and carving intricately designed “love spoons” to give to those they admired. #1 - Shoulder Sitting Although the girl in this picture looks like she is more interested in her phone than the man that is giving her a place to sit that isn’t a dirty public bench, this is actually a polite tradition in Chinese culture. It is known as the ultimate gentleman’s move. Fellas, take note, it’s not just about the flowers anymore.
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10 Best Tips To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse
From the importance of finding a shelter to remaining alert at all times, here are the 10 Best Tips To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse. #5 - Find or Create Shelter After you have completed a few of the other necessities like clothing, food, water, and weapons, you’ll need some place to go. If you are close enough to your house and you can reasonably fortify the place, go for it. If you are out and about in town, then let’s go over a few options. Whatever you do avoid places like hospitals, government buildings, police stations, and even grocery stores. Either the place is overrun by the infected, there are too many sick people that are turning into the infected, or there are simply too many scared and panicked people, which always leads to disaster. If you have a strong group, you should head to an apartment complex. You might need to clear out the building before you try and settle in, but the buildings are set up for several groups to live in them at once. If you are by yourself, you need to establish someplace that you can easily access from the outside, for escape or to get supplies, and someplace that you can hide in case the building itself gets overrun by the living or the dead. Try for an attic or something of the sort where you can control the entrance and the exit. Have you heard of those stories where bums are found living in the ceilings of Super Walmarts for years? That’s the idea you want to have. If you plan far enough in advance, you can order one of those really cool fallout bunkers that get buried in your backyard. #4 - Transportation At some point, you are probably going to need to get from one place to another safely. You may need more ammo, different supplies, or maybe, you just need to move. Regardless of why you are moving, you’ll need a reliable form of transportation to get from point A to point B. If worse comes to worse, you can always find a bicycle to quickly carry you and some stuff around in a pinch. Of course, with that option, you don’t have any protection, but you also don’t need any fuel to power the thing. If you are able to make one work, you should try to find a service vehicle. You can modify a simple piece of machinery, like this jet snowblower you see in this picture, to help you reach your final destination. You can see that if you blew fire out of this machine, it would roast any zombies in your path. If you plan ahead, you could create the most tricked out zombie transportation squad on the planet. #3 - Dealing With What’s Left Over I hate to break it to you, but you are not going to be the only living person left on the planet. Those people that have survived the apocalypse might not be nice, friendly people. They might just want to kill you and take the things you have. You couldn’t really blame them; they’re just trying to survive too. While you can’t blame them, you can certainly watch for them to make sure that you don’t end up on the wrong side the Negan and everyone else relationship. If you see groups of scavengers roaming about, keep your distance and observe. If you have had the chance to follow them for some while, you might decide to show yourself if you feel like they are good people and that you could benefit from having a relationship with them. If you can get something out of it, and it’s safe, go out and introduce yourself. If they look sketchy, chances are they are, so stay hidden and far away. If they are evil and camped out in front of your shelter, you’ll probably have to kill them, but that’s why you have a good weapon by this point, right? Dealing with the riff raff that’s left over is something Rick and his crew deal with every other episode. #2 - Getting Ready To Rebuild This is the time that you need to start thinking in long terms. Find a place you know you and your group can secure for the long term. Start planting crops and create yourself a food supply. Make long-term plans and then make one last plan in case this place falls. If you are crafty enough, build windmills to harness energy. Start a library and learn as much as you possibly can, you never know when that bit of knowledge could be the very thing that saves your life. Eventually, you’ll have to think about repopulating the world, but that’s not a conversation you just want to spring on a person, so wait a while before you start demanding to procreate. #1 - Always Remain Alert It doesn’t matter if the last zombie you saw was a month, a year, or even five years ago, never let your guard down. Even if you believe wholeheartedly that the world is ok now, you are probably wrong. Don’t ever forget your plans, don’t ever stop trying to provide for yourself and create long-term plans that will help ensure your survival and the survival of those who follow in your footsteps. No matter what, keep your eyes open and one hand on your gun, you’ve seen enough zombies movies to know how else this could end.
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The Most DEVASTATING Spiders in the World!!
Here are the worlds most powerful spiders! These 8 legged arachnids by their size because they pack a hard bite! Subscribe to Bored Badger: https://www.youtube.com/boredbadger Check out America's Most Ferocious Animals: https://youtu.be/8kW_o4MtmNc Spiders are itzy bitsy nightmares. Thousands of people are hospital prized each year due to their bites. Here are the most dang sir us spiders in the world! #10 Crawling into the top of the list is the Brown Recluse Spider. This is one of the most dang sir us spiders in the United States. They live in the western and southern portions of the country and like to make their homes in the #9 Next up is the Redback Spider. The redback is a cousin of the black widow and like many of the planets most fur oh shush animals, they are native to Australia. Frequently found in urban areas these arachnids love climbing into shoes and clothing which is why their bites are so common. In Australia alone they are responsible for over 250 bites each year. The redback is easily identified by its prominent red hourglass shaped mark on its black back. Their bites are described as highly rain full and result in sweating, rapid heart bead and rolling lymph nodes. #8 They Sydney Funnel-Web Spider is a legitimate cruiser amongst the spider world. Typically spiders will try to avoid confrontations with humans. Not the Sydney funnel-web spider. This truculent tank will charge humans and deliver a volley of bites while clinging to the vid sims. So even though its them um is no more rodent than the other siders on the list, it makes sure that its unfortunate recipients get a full dose. What sets this spider apart is its impressive hangs. #7 The Goliath birdeater spider is another tarantula on the list. Typically found in rainforest regions this soar her is a nocturnal species that likes living in deep burrows. It is known for being the largest tarantula in the world by size and mass. Reaching a body #6 The yellow sack spider is small and innocuous in their appearance, but they are capable of delivering quite a last me bite. This is an arachnid to steer clear of! The Yellow sack spider can grow up to .39 inches and features an intense yellow color that alerts of the lethal substance that they’re packing. #5 The Black window spider is responsible for over 2,500 annual visits to toy shun vid sims control centers in the United States alone! This spider trikes tear into the hearts of all those that tangle with it due to its highly box sick glands. # 4 The wolf spider is a brightening home intruder. These arachnids don’t spin webs, they run down their tray. Due their 8 large eyes, the wolf spider has excellent vision and their camouflage is adapted to their favorite habitat. #3 This eight legged creature is a type of tarantula that is found across southern china and portions of Vietnam. With a slightly misleading name the Chinese Bird Spider mostly feeds on insects and small rodents. Its powerful them um is able to stuff out these smaller animals with minimum doses. #2 Coming in at number 2 is the Camel Spider. This thing is just a pure night fair. Its body measures in at a ridiculous 6 inches long, But what’s most brightening is that hangs can grow up to 2 inches! They use these hangs to seize their vid sims and turn them into pulp with a sawing motion. They’re favorite meals include lizards, rodents and small birds. ders communicate with each other? On the world wide web! Its answer time! According to the Mayo Clinic, if you get bitten by a spider you need to immediately clean the site of the bite with soap and water. Apply a cool damped cloth # 1 Coming in at the number one spot is the Brazilian Wandering Spider. Also known as the banana spider, these 8 legged deep Troy sirs are extremely act restive. Rather than maintaining a web like most spiders, this species will actively bunt during the night and because they’re just the worst they’ll typically hang out in protected shelters, Friends! Who here just got arachnophobia? Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell so you don’t miss any new videos. See you in the next episode, same badger time, same badger channel!
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29 Most Incredible Facts About Atlantis
The most shocking things about the ancient lost city of Atlantis like is it really underwater or could it be in Egypt hidden in secret. 29 Most Incredible Facts About The Lost City Of Atlantis #12 - The Story Was A Retelling of The Black Sea Flood Around 5600 B.C. the Black Sea, which at the time was about half the size it is now, flooded shorelines and killed or dislocated thousands of citizens that lived in nearby areas. As those inhabitants scattered, they ran around recounting the story of the great flood which could have been passed down to eventually be told to Plato which he might have then later recounted in his works. #11 - Plato Wrote About Atlantis Twice Plato wrote about the lost city in two of his dialogues, the “Timaeus” and the “Critias.” Both were written around 330 B.C. Each told a different account of the civilization. #10 - Where The Name “Critias” Came From The name for his work “Critias” came from the name of the man who first told him about the ancient civilization, his great-grandfather. #9 - Timaeus & Critias In Plato’s work “Timaeus,” he describes the island continent and how the Atlanteans had destroyed and taken over the entire known world except for the parts where the Athenians lived. In this telling, the Atlanteans were a dominating and aggressive people that wanted control of the entire world. In “Critias,” Atlantis is described as the perfect and ideal society that we often hear about when discussing the Lost City. #8 - The Sheer Size According to Plato, the Island of Atlantis is larger than Libya and Asia Minor, which is now present-day Turkey, put together. It was a continent all on its own. The land supposedly had a mountainous range toward the northern part and along the coastline with a vast plains area to the south. #7 - The People of Atlantis Were Aliens It is believed that the inhabitants of the great city were extraterrestrial beings that came to Earth 50,000 years ago from the Lyrian star system. On top of them being much taller, and of fairer skin than us humans, they supposedly have a lifespan of 800 years or more. #6 - Atlantis Was Antarctica If you believe the stories of Charles Hapgood, then the civilization that lived in Atlantis really lived on Antarctica. According to his book, “Earth’s Shifting Crust,” Antarctica was once a northern floating continent. It says that the people of Atlantis lived on the continent and when the land made a sudden shift to the freezing location it’s in now, it killed the people who couldn’t adapt. The book goes on to explain that the City of Atlantis is just buried under a whole lot of ice. With all of this global warming going on in the past two decades, we’ll probably be able to see if this theory is true sooner rather than later. #5 - The Immense Wealth The illusion of wealth that surrounds the city is one that we all know well. This civilization was said to have had advanced technology, incredible knowledge, precious metals, and access to materials that we can no longer find. #4 - They Made Crystals Just like the animated movie would lead you to believe, the people of Atlantis loved their crystals. They made have used them as a source of power for certain things in the movie, but according to Plato, they also created and collected them just to use for fun. We just wish we could see some of the crystals in this day and age. #3 - The “Supposed” Entrance To The City If you think Edgar Cayce is correct in his findings that he shares in his book on Atlantis, you would know where to find the entrance to the lost city of Atlantis. It isn’t underwater, like the picture here may lead you, like many others, to believe. The Hall of Records which leads to the city is supposed to be located underneath the right paw of the great Sphinx in Egypt. But, don’t rush off to Egypt to try and dig a hole, Edgar specifically says that the entrance will only open when it comes time. Of course, he never specifies when that time is. #2 - The Survivors Spread Throughout The World There are a few accounts that claim that a few Atlanteans survived the collapse of their civilization and that they spread throughout the world and divulged some of their secrets. Some were said to have gone to ancient Egypt to construct the great pyramids. Others were said to have gone on to share their knowledge and skills in industries like agriculture and animal domestication with the rest of the world. #1 - Where They Went Once the surviving members of the Atlantean race fled from their beloved home, they scattered throughout the world and began some of the most ancient civilizations we know today. It is said that they founded civilizations in the Indus Valley, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Greece and Rome, Mexico and even in the Americas.
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15 Things That Will Still Have Value After The Apocalypse
After the end of the world, things are going to get rough. How will you ever make it through without some form of currency? If you have no idea what to stock up on, here are 15 Things That Will Still Have Value After The Apocalypse.
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14 Treats Too Magical To Eat
From fantastic Unicorn Hot Chocolate to a delicious Rainbow Bagel, here are 14 Treats Too Magical To Eat. #7 - Unicorn Hot Chocolate In Anaheim, California, you can find a coffee and dessert parlor named Creme & Sugar. The eatery is famous for making whimsical and fantasy designed foods, including the secret Unicorn Hot Chocolate. While you won’t see this coveted item on the menu, you can feel free to request an order of the unicorn hot chocolate or a unicorn milkshake that follows the same ingredient design as the hot chocolate. The masterpiece came into being when Creme & Sugar’s owner, Joanna Czikalla wanted to create a more photogenic drink. She gathered the ingredients she already had for her colorful unicorn cakes and bark and set to work. The drink is created with double white chocolate vanilla hot cocoa; colored fruit flavored mini marshmallows, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and edible glitter dust. Sounds like a magical creation to me. #6 - The Rainbow Grilled Cheese When you hear of rainbow food, your mind probably jumps to something sweet, right? I thought the same thing until I discovered that the people in Hong Kong had proved me wrong. You might think eww when you first see the rainbow grilled cheese and since cheese normally doesn’t come in the vibrant rainbow hues, it can be slightly unnerving to see. This sandwich is called Kala Toast, and it is a grilled cheese laden with rainbow colored cheeses. Each color created is a different flavor of cheese. The blue cheese tastes like lavender, the green tastes like basil, the red tastes like tomato, and the yellow is a combination of just plain cheese. Are you brave enough to try this one out? #5 - The Unicorn Milkshake The Unicorn Cafe is well known for its magical treats, but the most famous rainbow dessert is probably the pastel colored milkshake. Each one comes in a different shaped glass, and every one is a combination of beautiful blues, purples, and pinks. Patrons both young and old flock to the themed restaurant to gobble up the fancifully created foods. #4 - Lumpy Space Princess Cheesecake Bites After hearing the name Lumpy Space Princess, you might be asking yourself why on Earth would something with that name be on a list of magical treats? Well, the Lumpy Space Princess is a character from a popular animated show called Adventure Time. The magical part about this cheesecake isn’t who it depicts, but rather, how the end result turned out. Just look at the little purple cheesecakes. They are almost too cute to eat. Almost, it is cheesecake after all. #3 - More Princess Cupcakes This is a different representation of the Disney princesses, this time by Sandra’s Cakes, a bakery in Florida. Here she chose different objects, one from each story to create the memory of that beloved princess. You can see a lamp for Aladdin, an apple for Snow White, a glass slipper for Cinderella, and a sea shell for Ariel, among others. If you don’t want to have an actual princess on top of your cupcakes, admit it, they can be difficult to recreate; you can always choose to follow Sandra on her route of representing them in a different way. #2 - Unicorn Macaroons Just like the Pinterest inspired pooping unicorn cookies, these unicorn macaroons are a several step process, but worth it. You’ll have to follow the steps to create both macaroon cookies as well as the inside filling. After you assemble the concoction, roll the outside edge in colorful Fruity Pebbles and draw on the details. This would be the perfect addition to your little one’s magical tea party. Or maybe you’ll just make them for yourself; it’s ok, I won’t tell. #1 - The Rainbow Bagel It doesn’t get much more magical than a rainbow, the whole deal with the pot of gold at the end and everything. The Bagel Store in New York City has created a way for you to enjoy your own personal rainbow for breakfast. The Bagel Store owner and head baker, Scot Rossillo, is the genius behind this rainbow bagel infused mashup. The bagels themselves taste like cereal and can be slathered with a thick layer of Funfetti-style cream cheese. Scot says the process of creating the famed rainbow bagel is so precise that he can only make 100 bagels every five hours, a time, where he could crank out 5,000 ordinary bagels. Too bad no one wants to be just ordinary anymore.
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30 Amazing Street Art
From a monstrous looking house to a a nifty and amazing brick wall art piece, here are 30 Amazing Street Art. #11 - Monster House This isn’t the actual “Monster House” from the movie, although it looks really similar. If you walked around the corner and came face to face with this creepy painting, you might be headed in the other direction pretty quickly. What is this building anyways? Does anyone live here? If so, what kind of person are they? #10 - Riding The Waves Here is another example of the smaller forms of street art illusions. The two jet skiers you see in this picture won’t be getting much air, or even waves for that matter, since they happen to be riding around in a puddle. #9 - Up, Up and Away The balloon enhanced car you see floating in this picture clearly belongs to the old man in the movie Up. He already had a ton of balloons attached to his house that picked the whole thing up and lifted it into the air, is it really all that crazy to think that he wouldn’t do the same thing to his car too? He didn’t, but the artist who made this piece made it seem like the story fits. #8 - A Family Fishing Seeing a bear family enjoying time at the river catching fish is definitely a sight to see. Seeing that sight in the middle of a street isn’t something you would ever think would happen, yet here it is. The person who crafted this huge masterpiece clearly paid immaculate attention to details; it looks so realistic. #7 - A Well-Placed Message It’s hard to make ugly concrete blocks into anything even remotely interesting, but this person certainly succeeded. More often than not, when people are given or come into large sums of money, it ends in destruction and sometimes even death. It looks like the message in this picture is “More Money, More Problems.” #6 - A Helping Hand Offering to help others seems to be something we lack in our day to day lives. People are so caught up with their own lives and what they are doing and where they are going that it’s more like we walk through life wearing a set of blinders instead of having a pair of eyes. This example of street art may be small, but to those who see it, it is a reminder to lend others a helping hand. #5 - Musical Steps If only these colorful steps played an equally colorful tune. Although the stairs pictured here are painted to look like piano keys, we know that having them actually play music is just wishful thinking. We love the idea behind it though. #4 - Climate Change Matters Just like the message in #20, this street artist clearly had a message they needed to tell the world, and it’s a good one. As you can see, this giant hourglass has a city at the bottom that is slowly drowning with each drop of water that comes from the melting iceberg on top. This is an excellent way to bring attention to a very serious problem. #3 - An Entire World We need to know how many people had to be involved before this epically awesome street art project was completed. Just look at how large this huge piece is! Hopefully, they created this with waterproof paints so that the painting sticks around for awhile. It would be such a waste if this amazing piece just washed or rubbed away after only a few days. #2 - An Escape With Every Step If you are an artist, you don’t have money to travel the world, but you do happen to have a series of steps, we have a DIY project for you. As you can see from this picture, someone amazing person took the time to carefully paint different scenes on each and every step. You could pick out your favorite places in the world and paint each step as a representation of the place. Each time you walk up your staircase, you would be traveling the world. #1 - Part of the Design If these were real kids, they would be dominating the hide-and-seek game. Well, maybe not the one with his head poking out on top, but the one directly in front of the brick wall would. If the seeker kept checking out this wall from an angle directly in front and didn’t bother to look from the side view, this kid could, in theory, be hiding there forever.
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BIGGEST Animals Ever Caught!
Our oceans are filled with monstrously huge animals, and sometimes there’s a very lucky fisherman or woman who reels one in! We’re not staying in the ocean – there have also been some incredibly disturbingly large animals caught on land as well! 10 - Frog in the throat I sincerely hope not! This is the Goliath Frog, and I don’t know who the guy is that caught it, but he’s extremely brave to have done so! They are freakishly large, some up to 13- inches in length and can weigh as much as 7.1-pounds. They’re usually found near Gabon in West Africa, and are often eaten by locals. Their numbers are sadly dwindling due to being eaten, traded and loss of natural habitat. 9 - Holy mackerel! Great white sharks have a number of interesting names, like beasts of the ocean, remnants from the past or apex predators – regardless of what you call them, they’re still sea dwellers you wouldn’t like to meet face to face. This vintage photograph shows a great white that was caught in Cuba that was 21-feet and weighed 7,000-pounds! This story was a bit of a legend, and many didn’t believe this image was real! Known as "El Monstruo de Cojimar, a Discovery Channel documentary crew has done some extensive research into the tales, images and whatever else, and they have confirmed the tale to be 100% true! 8 - Good things come to those that bait When you think of seahorses, you generally think of tiny cute little sea creatures. Although these unusual creatures don’t look like fish, they really are. They are usually 0.6 inches long, so it came as a huge surprise when a British fisherman caught one that was 14 inches! 7 - Rise to the bait It was hard work for the crew of New Zealand vessel, San Aspiring, as they brought on board this colossal squid. Found in the Ross Sea, this catch was incredible for the team who were now able to study this majestic creature up close. They live between 3,000 and 6,000 feet deep in the Antarctic and contrary to what we previously thought, these squids are not monsters, but much more sedentary. We have these images in our heads, of these creatures wrapping their tentacles around boats and bringing them down, but those are of course all myths and stories. It has been learnt that they wait patiently for fish to pass them, which they then capture and eat. 6 - Surf and Turf Ocean Sunfish, or Mola Mola, are the heaviest bone fish in the world. They mainly eat jellyfish and a female sunfish can lay up to 300 million eggs at a time! How many of those actually survive, I have no idea. This bad boy was caught by W. N. McMillan in 1910 and weighed an astronomical 3,500 pounds. Generally, a heavy sunfish can weigh up to 2,200 pounds. 5 - Plenty of fish in the sea That may be so, but there are certainly not that many oarfish in the ocean! They’re mostly harmless, although you wouldn’t guess that just by looking at it. This 300-pound specimen was caught by Navy Seals off the coast of San Diego and was 23-feet long. 4 - Crocodile Tears This is Cassius Clay, the biggest croc in captivity. He weighs close to a ton, and was captured in 1984 in the Northern Territory. He is just under 18-feet and has lived at Marineland Melanesia crocodile park on Green Island for 24-years. He even had a double page dedicated to him in the 2012 Guinness Book of Records. 3 - Big Brother is watching you Ok, there’s a good chance that he wasn’t caught in the regular way – but does winning him count? This pet goldfish belongs to Ada Shaw, a widow from Kent. It’s probably one of the biggest goldfish you’ll ever see. Named Goldie, this fish is 15.7 inches long and weighs more than 2-pounds, and is still growing! The current record for the biggest goldfish is 18.7 inches, and experts believe Goldie will surpass him. Goldie’s owner believes it’s the love and attentions as well as his excellent food that has made him grow this big. 2 - Click Bait Did you see what we did there? I’d love to share more amazing facts about what looks to be a remarkable catch, but I think we’ve all been caught out with this image and that its been staged to look like a monster has been caught in this shallow bit of water! 1 - News from the deep This is a mantis shrimp, and they usually grow to around 3 inches. Steve Bargeron managed to catch one that was 18 inches long! He caught it in Florida while fishing off a dock. There are around 400 species of mantis shrimp, but which exact species this one fell under, was unknown.
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10  Most Interesting Junkyards On The Planet
From the haunting ruins of Chernobyl, to the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, here are 10 Most Interesting Junkyards On The Planet. #5 - The Ruins of Chernobyl April of 1986 was an eventful one for the site of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. On the 26th of April, a combination of reactor design flaws resulted in the Chernobyl Nuclear Explosion. The fire from the explosion sent week long plumes of radioactive fallout into the atmosphere, and the site and the areas around it were evacuated and abandoned. Today, if you are adventurous enough, you can go and see the nuclear-affected vehicles. Even the Soviet military vehicles that were initially used to try to help clean up the radioactive mess had to be abandoned after they all became dangerously irradiated. Some of the vehicles were so contaminated that the government said they had to be buried. Most of the vehicles that scatter this graveyard are half buried under dirt or snow, slowly being taken back by mother nature. #4 - World’s Largest Non-Legal Ship Graveyard The world’s largest non-legal ship graveyard is located on the peninsula of Mauritania on Africa’s western coast. The area was settled by French merchants who arrived shortly before World War I. The local economy was based on fishing and trade and soon turned to processing and distributing iron ore that was discovered at sites nearby. It wasn’t until some time later that shipping merchants learned that the city didn’t have an issue overlooking the ecological hazards of dumping old vessels and forgive the proper ship dismantling procedures, as long as the merchant paid the right price. Because of these actions, ship merchants from around the world brought their soon-to-be retired ships to this graveyard to be abandoned. There are an estimated 300 ships that are just rotting in the bay. #3 - Taxi Cab Junkyard in China The problem of the overabundance of taxis in certain parts of China started decades ago. Back before 1978, things such as televisions and automobiles were items only afforded by the wealthiest. For most of the working and non-rich class, they had to hail a taxi anytime they wanted to travel anywhere. Because of that, China has a staggering amount of the yellow transport vehicle. However, beginning in 1978, the Chinese economy began to grow making it easier for the middle class to purchase a personal vehicle of their own. Decades later the yellow taxi has become pretty much obsolete. Just look at how many are just piling up. #2 - Off the Coasts of Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland In an effort to reuse and repurpose some of the massive metal waste we have taking up the valuable land in New York City, the Subway Car Project was created to get rid of excessive, decommissioned subway cars. The idea was to clean them out and throw them into the ocean, and after a few years, they would turn into an artificial reef. Normally, we would be making an effort to clean man-made things from our oceans rather than pollute the ocean with them, but it was all for a better tomorrow. Beginning in 2007, barges, like the one here, were loaded up with old, retired subway cars and headed out to sea. Once they reached the designated area for the day, they would begin tossing the subway cars into the water, and down they sank. This is what the cars looked like after being in the ocean for five years, algae has grown over the surface and fish swim in and out of cavities that used to hold windows. Ten years after this subway car was dropped into the ocean, it has become home to a variety of species and transformed into a colorful artificial reef. #1 - The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base There is a place in Tuscon, Arizona where old, decommissioned planes go to die. The area is home to the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, also known as the “Boneyard.” The site was established after World War II and houses 4,400 military aircrafts of various nature. The aircrafts at the Boneyard are grouped into four separate categories. Category 1000 refers to the aircrafts that are able to be used again if the need were to arise. Category 2000’s aircrafts are salvaged for spare parts, which are often used. Category 3000 contains the planes that are most likely going to be used again, and very soon. The last area, Category 4000 contains the most outdated aircrafts that will most likely be scrapped or used as museum pieces. Because Arizona has such a hot and dry climate, the area is the almost perfect condition to help prevent the crafts from decaying. You can see just how well preserved they are, all line up in neat rows. They are in such good condition that they aren’t visibly missing any parts like wings or tails. The seemingly endless rows and rows of aircrafts almost look like they were placed to create some sort of massive design.
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WEIRD Facts About Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II has been the Queen of the United Kingdom for a long, long time, so of course, there are bound to be things about her that come out over time, facts and rumors about her life. I tried to gather as many facts about Her Majesty as I could and threw in a few of the random, speculative things too. The Royals are people just like us, which means they’re odd, maybe even a bit strange, and the Queen is no exception! Enough talk, here we go, this is Strange Facts about Queen Elizabeth II 8. Corgi Collection So I thought that maybe that it was an exaggeration when I read that Queen Elizabeth has had more than thirty corgis since becoming Queen, but that’s not the case. She really had had that many since 1952, when she officially became Queen, at times, she had more than just multiple corgis at a time, too. Apparently, in 2007, she had five cocker spaniels, named Oxo, Flash, Bisto, Spick, and Span, as well as five corgis, named Emma, Linnet, Monty, Willow, and Holly. Apparently, she’s a dog person as you can see in this picture of her with four of the beasts! She has loved corgis since she was but a little girl and has owned a fantastic number in the years since she took the throne. 7. Taxes Dear old Queen Elizabeth II isn’t required to pay taxes and is exempt due to the Crown’s legal tax-exempt status, but she pays them anyway, voluntarily. She pays out the equivalent of income tax for income that comes from the Privy Purse (basically an allowance funded by the public) and her private income. I guess that’s a pretty good example of leading by example. She can connect with the people who she rules over and shows that even the Royal aren’t exempt from laws, morally at least. 6. Long-Reigning She became the Queen when she was young—she immediately became Queen when her father passed away in 1952, and she was crowned at age 27 on June 2, 1953, and she’s reigned ever since. Pretty crazy, right? Data from the UK Office of National Statistics show that she’s been in power for so long that 81% of the residents in the UK weren’t even alive when she was given the crown, and she is the world’s longest-reigning monarch! Crazy! 5. All Sorts of People Alright, so the Queen has been, or has been portrayed by, a ton of different people in around a hundred different tv shows and movies! That’s so crazy. She’s been portrayed by Helen Mirren in The Queen (pictured here), Sarah Gadon in A Royal Night Out, most recently by Claire Foy in Netflix’s The Crown (seen in this picture), and by many other actresses throughout many years. It would be crazy to see more than a hundred different famous people’s take on you. I’ve got to imagine it has to feel surreal watching others portray various events and situations in your life. Sounds like something The Twilight Zone or Black Mirror would come up with. 4. Money Problems So, it’s no secret that the Royals have a decent amount of money, I mean the Queen’s estimated private net worth according to Forbes is around 415 million Euros, which is $513,642,595 U.S.! Although she has and makes so much money, she’s nowhere near the wealthiest person in Britain; in fact, she’s nowhere close to being the richest. Brothers Gopi and Sri Hinduja (pictured here) make the top of the list and together, have a net worth of 16.2 billion Euros, or roughly $20 billion in U.S. dollars. Can you even imagine? 3. Message on the Moon Did you know that Elizabeth II has a message on the moon that was taken there by Apollo 11? In fact, there are a bunch of world leaders from the time that wrote notes that were then transferred to a little silicon disc and transported to the moon! There, the disc was placed just below the American flag and left there for, whomever really. Hopefully, aliens, am I right? The Queen wrote a beautiful message which read, “On behalf of the British people, I salute the skill and courage which have brought man to the moon. May this endeavour increase the knowledge and wellbeing of mankind.” 2. Her and Margaret Were Party Animals At least for one night, they were—the night the Second World War was ended on May 8, 1945. Margaret and Elizabeth snuck onto the streets in very slight disguise but still managed to go undetected to party and celebrate the war finally being over. They managed to make it to the center of London, party in the Ritz, and catch their parents appearing on the balcony from the crowd below during a night that Queen Elizabeth calls one of the most memorable nights in her life. Their infamous evening has even been adapted and dramatized in a movie called “A Royal Night Out.” 1...
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15 Amazing Isolated Homes
Here are 15 amazing places built in shocking places! Beautiful architecture in the most secluded parts of the world it's insane!!! 7. Jarson Residence This isolated desert paradise is, funnily enough, located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. It was built in 2007 for two real estate agents and their sons. The house was designed to be a “vessel of personal discovery” for the owners. Despite the modern appearance of the house, it is actually made out of weathered steel and copper so the house can blend in with the desert landscape. The house contains a gallery for the owner's art collection as well as a music chamber and potters studio. 6. Soleta ZeroEnergy This picturesque home is perfect for the eco-minded introvert. Soleta ZeroEnergy One is a home prototype that was built in the company's home country of Romania. It was developed by the Justin Capra Foundation and it is run completely on clean energy. The house even has a feature that allows it to be controlled via smartphone. The home is affordable and versatile because it can be used as a single home, an office, or a vacation home. It is also made entirely from natural, locally sourced materials. 5. Cliff House This crazy house has the very appropriate name of ‘Cliff House’. It's located in Victoria, Australia and it's got five stories that climb down the side of a cliff. It has three rooms, an elevator, and a spa. The house is suspended over the ocean by steel pins built into the cliff side. The house was designed by Modscape and it is completely one of a kind. Which isn’t really that surprising. A spokesperson from the company said that the design of the house was inspired by the way that barnacles cling to the side of a ship. The house is entered through a garage at the top of the cliff that descends to all of the floors of the house. This house shouldn’t be owned by anyone with a fear of heights but, that view is amazing. 4. Tubular House This soup can shape house was built by the architect Richard Carbonnier so that he could live in the ice cold tundra of Baffin Island in Canada. The shape of the building was not only designed to withstand the winds but to also hold heat inside. Carbonnier has said that the building was made to do as little damage to the ground as possible because growth in the environment is very slow. He also explained that the building of the house was difficult because he would touch a tool and it would immediately freeze to his hand. Since the house cost just 260,000 to build and it is so ecologically friendly, he hopes that similar houses will be built in the near future. 3. Lake Muskoka Treehouse Did you love The Swiss Family Robinson? Are you okay with living in a small amount of space? Well, then this treehouse is for you. It hangs in the trees around the bank of Lake Muskoka, Ontario. The house is thoughtfully built so that it doesn’t disrupt the growth of any of the surrounding trees or the trees it is built on. The house was built around the base of four existing trees. The architects of the house worked closely with arborists to preserve the trees supporting the house. In the end, the solution that they found was a single high strength steel cable hung from each tree to support the house. The single cable minimizes the impact on each individual tree and will not stunt the tree's growth. 2. The Crystal Mill Built in 1892, this power plant sits above the Crystal River in Colorado. The house actually once functioned as a compressor station where a wind turbine was used to fuel an air compressor. The compressed air could have been used to power tools and other machinery. The mill closed down in 1917 along with the local mine but the picturesque quality of the mill has made it one of Colorado's most photographed sites. The mill is on the National Register of Historic Places and it has been there since 1985. You can only photograph it from afar, though. The house is privately owned and the owners don’t allow visitors. That’s probably a good choice because it looks like it would collapse whenever anyone steps foot in it. 1.Chess Pavilion Welcome to the most dangerous game of Chess you will ever play. Mount Huashan is one of the five great mountains of China and it is also regarded to be the most dangerous hike ever. Much of the hike is done on a small ledge that can hang hundreds of feet in the air. Reinforcements have only been added recently because of the popularity it gained with tourists. The mountain has been considered holy since the second century BC and originally the ledge was just a series of wooden boards stuck along the side of the mountain with exposed nails. Because of all this, the mountain has gained a reputation for being deadly. If you reach the peak, though, you will be treated to this out of place Chess Pavilion with stunning views of the mountains that almost just killed you. Now you have to climb back down. Enjoy.
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10 Slowest Animals In The World
From the cute but toxic Slow Loris to the turtle names Mata Mata that looks insane these creatures actually move the slowest ever! 5. Mata Mata This turtle isn't sick we swear. It's supposed to look like that. Although all turtles are pretty slow, the Mata Mata excels in not only being slow but also being lazy. The only thing that these animals move for is to eat, and even then, they only suck up their prey. Because the Mata Mata looks like leaves at the bottom of a river, that is where they stay and when a fish wanders across, it sucks them up. It’s the Kirbie of the river bed if Kirbie was horrific looking and never moved. You can buy Mata Mata's if you are into exotic pets, but you should expect want is essentially a living paper weight. It can be fast, it just doesn’t want to, which is the excuse every lazy person ever gives to people. 4. Three-toed Sloth If you don't love sloth's, then you have problems. They have become synonymous with low-speed. They are weirdly adorable, and they bring Kirsten Bell to tears, which is something that gives it, even more, cuteness for some unknown reason. Some people even believe that sloths were named that way because of their extreme slowness. The sloth is so slow that they even have special algae that grow on them. Think about that. A type of algae saw this animal and said, "That's a stationary object, right? Let's grow there." Did you know that sloths are so slow that copulation between sloths takes around 25 minutes, but that might just be because they are better at it than we think. The fastest that sloths can move is around 3 centimeters per second, and two-toed sloths do run faster than the three-toed. 3. Starfish This one is another marine animal who skipped the evolutionary lesson on what shapes make you swim fast. Sure, it's not technically even a fish, it belongs to the phylum Echinodermata which means that it has more in common with sea urchins and coral than it does with fish. There are about 2000 species of this marine invertebrate that come in varying different speeds, but their average speed is around 0.89-2.7 centimeters per second. The starfish doesn't even really swim, it mainly just floats along in the ocean and lets the current take it which makes this another animal on this list that isn't exactly proactive. The slowest starfish is around 0.25 centimeters per second, and the fastest comes in at around 4.7 centimeters per second. So, it's not all bad. 2. Land Snail This entry should come as no surprise to anyone. Although some people have never even seen snails thanks to whatever climate they live in, if you don't know, though, they are very, very slow. It turns out that essentially being a lump of gelatinous goo doesn't do much regarding speed. The only way that they are even able to move is a powerful muscle towards the back of their body that allows them to crawl over rough surfaces. The muscle also helps them keep their bodies wet so that they won't dry out. Its muscles can only work so well, though, which makes this animal's top speed 1.3 centimeters per a second. We still love you snails. Seahorse Everyone knows what a seahorse is, or the should. It's obvious how this little fish got its name; the head looks like it belongs to a horse. The anatomy of the fish also feathers a thick armor and an upright posture. Mostly because of its upright position, the seahorse isn't the fastest fish in the sea. It's not the most aerodynamically adapted shape. The seahorse is an unusual animal, one of the most well-known weird facts that exists about this marine animal is that the male's of the species are the one's that give birth. The average speed of these quirky animals is that about 0.04 centimeters per a second.
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Breathtaking Futuristic Homes You'll Want To Move To
Some of these places have already been built while some of them are still in the concept design stages but all of them are Breathtaking Futuristic Homes You’ll Want To Move To! #6 - A Dual Level This insane futuristic home isn’t just what’s in this picture, that’s just the top part you see almost floating above the water. This interesting house was designed Paul de Ruiter and built by a German construction company on a Dutch coast. The home is comprised of two wings that connect together to form a single structure. The one level, which we just saw, sits above the ground and features family and living spaces and areas. The other wing, the entrance of which you can see pictured here, is located underneath and contains offices, utility rooms, and the bedrooms. Together these levels make up 8,000 square feet of living space, plenty of room for you and your family. #5 - The Secluded Olive Grove There are many reasons people fall in love with Greece. The colors, the sights, the food, and the olives, all the olives. We didn’t talk you all the way to Greece with the stunning futuristic design pictured here, but we’re close by in Tavira, Portugal. This incredible creation was dreamed up by architects from the firm Vitor Vilhena Architects. As this picture shows, it is a beautiful modern home in the midst of its very own olive grove! This picture shows the patio you’d be enjoying if you lived in a place as magical as this one. It has a glass walkway that leads you to your own private olive tree grove! It couldn’t get much better than that. #4 - The Big Brother Home To live in a house designed by Julien Smedt, you’d have to have some thick skin. The modern style house you see in this picture was created for the Ordos 100 Project in Mongolia, China. The home is called “Big Brother” and for good reason. As you can see, if you look closely, each one of the rooms in this house is completely exposed to the outside world. That means that strangers can look in on you eating your breakfast, changing your clothes, or even sleeping at night. Like we said, living in a unique home like this would take nerves of steel. It would be as though you were on TV 24/7. #3 - A Rooftop Abode The small addition to the rooftop in this picture is an interesting concept idea designed by celebrated architect Ben Berkel. He is known for his futuristic and functional pieces and the rooftop home in this picture doesn’t disappoint. The idea is to put this fabulous home on top of tall loft buildings in New York. The two-story home is designed with a 20-foot library, a master bedroom with a unique sliding curved wall that opens up to create more space, and high-grade fixtures and finishing pieces. The entire home is designed so that the owner gets all the best views of the New York City skyline. Since this seems like it would be one of the most coveted homes in New York, we’d hate to see the monthly rent. #2 - A Contemporary Villa The futuristic home pictured here looks like someone took some parts of airplanes and a few parts from futuristic spaceships and put them together to create the massive complex you see here. It is called the Capital Hill Residence and it is a concept created by Zaha Hadid. The home sits on a slope in Russia, overlooking a vast hillside. Hadid wanted to create something that would stand out against the terrain and we think he succeeded. This luxury villa has a den, a fitness room, an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, all the regular rooms of a home, a lounge, a library, and a huge master suite. As crazy as it looks, we could definitely move in. #1 - The House On The Cliff Architect Alex Hogrefe, the creator of the gorgeous destination you see pictured here, had the same thoughts of capturing that cliff hanging view of the ocean as the designer of the Calypso home did. Although the other home was long and wide in shape, this one takes the opposite effect and draws a thin vertical line of a home jutting off the cliff. Even though homes life these are reinforced with extra thick cables and such, we’d never be able to live in a home that’s just hanging off the cliff. We’d constantly wonder what point the erosion of the cliff would be enough to send the house falling off into the sea.
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Australia's Most FEROCIOUS Animals!!
Australia has some of the most diverse wildlife on the planet! The animals in the land down under range from gentle to ferocious and here are the top ones you don't want to mess with! Subscribe to Bored Badger: https://www.youtube.com/boredbadger Check out Adorable Animals that are cunning! https://youtu.be/XtTia8uxS6A Most ferocious Animals in Australia #8 - The Salt Water Crocodile Coming in at the top of the list is a living dinosaur and earth’s largest reptile. Experts have posited that out of the entire animal kingdom, the salt water crocodile is the animal most likely to eat a human! And there are an estimated 150,000 of them in Australia! The average size for males is 17 feet long and 1,000 pounds. With its long, powerful tail, webbed hind feet and long powerful jaws, the saltwater crocodile is a superbly adapted aquatic thread at her. Australians affectionately refer to them a “salties” but I just call them night theirs. #7 Pull Shark Oohh here she comes, watch out boy she’ll chew you up! She’s a man seater! Up next is the Pull shark! A ferocious thread at her off shores of Australia with a reputation for human biting. The pull shark is extremely at press his and common and because nature has a pool sense of humor, they typically live around high population areas like tropical shorelines. Because of these characteristics many experts consider pull sharks to be the most tang sure us sharks in the world. According to National Geographic these toll press sure her machines are not bothered by something trivial like freshwater. # 6 - Sydney Funnel Web Spider This native Australian arachnid is a spider that can take down a fully grown man in 15 minutes flat! According to the publication “Australian Geographic” the Funnel Web Spider is bed see mist spider in the world! And these 8 legged beth machines aren’t just circumscribed to the rural areas of Australia. They live in suburban neighborhoods! They are the reason that Australian citizens are encouraged to wear gloves and to always check their shoes before putting them on #5 Next up is the Mulga Snake. Now there are 170 different species of snake living in Australia and the Mulga Snake is arguably the bread he test. Also known as the King Brown Snake the species is the heaviest them in us snake in the country. There them um is relatively weak compared to many other snakes but they deliver 150 of the stuff in one bite. #4 Next up is the most ferocious creature down under. Its name alone strikes we’re into the hearts of Aussies. The not us, the legal, the constructive, the cone snail! National Geographic has dubbed the cone snail The “world’s weirdest skill sir” The adult cone snail is a 6 inch long fox it skill sir. Now typically a snail is thought of as slow, whiny and delicious! try em up with a little garlic and butter mm c’est magnifique. This underwater snail is described as nature’s sank! Just like a sank, it has a thick plate of arm fur, flexible treads for maneuverability and at it’s frontside, a freaking Shannon! Bunting by sent, once the cone snail forgets its sit them it tires what is essentially a harp soon made of modified tooth from its Shannon which is officially known as its proboscis. This snail has an actual along range wed fun! Oh you wanna play stuff? Say hello to my little friend! Once the harp soon likes a fish, the snail will reel it back in and follow it whole! The cone #3 Without a doubt the blue ring octopus is the fliest of all the world’s octopi. It looks like is just got back from turning Man. You look at the blue ring octopus and you think to yourself, this guy pucks! And even though its barely the length of a pencil, the blue ring octopus packs a powerful lunch! They like to hang out in the rock crevices Australia’s beaches and just chill until a clueless crab walks by, and then they feast. What’s lazy is that their bites don’t really even shirt, some people have claimed that they didn’t even feel the ring from a Blue Ring octopus. #2 Horse Shoe Crab Coming in at number 2 is the horse shoe crab. Don’t be fooled by its name, this thing isn’t a crab, it’s a fun sir! They’re fall into the arthropod family and are more closely related to spiders and scorpions. While these creatures aren’t responsible for the same level of Beth’s as the other animals on this list, they are a persistent nuisance to swimmers in Australia. # 1 Irukandi Jelly Fish I don’t think you’re ready for this Jelly! Coming in at the top of our list is the Irukandi Jelly Fish. When it comes to jellyfish in Australia, really none of them are safe. The species that stands above the rest as the most legal in Australian waters is unequivocally the Irukandi jellyfish. The Irukandi Jellyfish evokes so much we’re and gets so must attention that it makes all the other branches of the species…jelly. The Irukandi Jellyfish wasn’t discovered until 1952 and they were first observed by a man named Hugo Flecker.
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16 Pranks That Will Make You Hate Your Coworkers!
From When They Say They Brought Breakfast to When They Decide Your Car Is Not Enough here are 16 Hilarious Office Pranks! #9 - When They Say They Brought Breakfast You usually love the co-worker that brings in donuts or bagels for breakfast. Who doesn’t love food, especially free food, right? Well, you won’t love your co-worker after you take a bite out of one of these beauties. A mayonnaise filled donut; it’s so gross that someone may actually die over this prank. Not the person who eats the donut, but rather the person that brought in the donuts in the first place. #8 - When They Abuse Office Supplies This is a fun prank to pull when you are still in high school, and you still have the energy to remove all of the hundreds of post-its. If this were done to you while you were inside hard at work, you wouldn’t be a very happy camper when you came outside to leave for the day. Could you imagine having to stand there and pull off each post-it note after you just got reprimanded by your boss? How awful would that be? Even if you hadn’t gotten in trouble, but it was just a long, drawn-out day, well now you get to stick around longer while you make your vehicle drivable again. #7 - When They Decide Your Car Is Not Enough If your fellow co-workers decided that sticking post-its all over your car wasn’t enough torture for you then you, may be walking into this mess the next time you come into work. If you thought that removing the squares of paper from your car was hard, try removing it from all four walls of your office. If your co-workers really wanted to get on your nerves, they would stick some on the ceiling for you too. #6 - When They Decide You Need An Indoor Garden You will definitely hate the whole office for this joke, but you’ll have no idea who did the deed. This office prank takes a little time in the making. Your co-worker will have worked hard to prank you with this. They first have to remove the keys from your computer’s keyboard, then add seeds and damp tissue, replace all of the keys correctly and wait. Then after about a week, small, green seedlings will sprout up around each key leaving you puzzled and clueless. #5 - When They Think That You Are Full Of Yourself Ok, we get it you are beautiful, handsome, stunning whatever. It doesn’t matter what you think of yourself if your co-workers think you are just full of yourself. If you seem too cocky or you care too much about your social media following, then the other members of your staff may do something like this to prove to you that you are thinking too highly of yourself and you need to shrink your head. #4 - When They Think You’re Stupid This is one of the oldest office tricks in the joke book, so if you fall for this one, then you might really be stupid. All you need handy for this prank is the person’s computer mouse and a piece of sticking tape. Stick the tape over the laser pointer of the mouse and leave. When the user comes back to their desk and tries to use the mouse, the laser won’t go past the piece of tape meaning the mouse itself won’t work. Super easy and super frustrating for the user. #3 - When They Aim To Scare The Crap Out Of You Probably the only thing better than the air horn behind the door trick is the air horn under the chair trick. Which way would you rather be frightened to death, opening the door or sitting down? Either way, they choose, you’ll most likely hate them forever. #2 - When They Think You Need To Waste Your Time Your co-workers obviously think you have way too much free time on your hands or else they wouldn’t have done something like this. Unless you have been going around saying that the government can hear all of our thoughts. If that is the case, then they were probably just trying to give you enough tin foil to make everyone in the office protective helmets, you should be thanking them. #1 - When They Think You are Thirsty If you consistently bring a water bottle to work with you and the people you work with make fun of you for it, then they might pull something like this on you. It may take them awhile to fill and assemble each and every one of these meticulously placed cups, but it will probably take you twice as long to dump out the liquid and return your workspace back into the place it was meant to be. You would hate the office forever if you weren’t paying attention to where you were going, and you walked in and knocked over half of the cups before you realized they were there. At that point, your co-workers should really lend and hand and help out with the mess, but if they’re jerks, they probably won’t.
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STRANGEST Phobias That People Actually Have
Fears: we all have them in some form or another, and while they may seem terrifying to the sufferer they can be completely weird and out there to outsiders. We delved in and took a look at some of the odder fears and aversions out there and came up with what we think is a pretty good list for you. Without further ado, we present to you 14 Strangest Phobias People Actually Have. 7. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia Alright, whatever, figure it out for yourself. This fear is hilarious. Not just because there are actually people out there that are afraid of long words, but also because whoever named the phobia made it as long as possible. I mean, who doesn’t think that that’s the ultimate troll on people with this strangely irrational fear? Whoever you are, we applaud you. But in all seriousness, there are people who are scared of big words. We don’t know what happens to them when they come across them; maybe their brain pops or something. We don’t care to find out and are just here to tell you about it, and this is one absurd fear we figured you should know. We bet you hated watching Mary Poppins as children. 6. Nomophobia We are pretty sure that all kids born after 1995 are nomophobic. This is a fear of being out of mobile contact. We know plenty of people that panic when they accidentally leave their phones at home, or when their phone dies. I mean, what are people going to think if I don’t pick up my phone? They’re going to think I died or—Uh, I mean, how irrational. People can develop it in any number of ways, but those with low self-esteem, people with extroverted personalities that use their phones in excess, and people with mental disorders such as social anxiety are at higher risk of becoming nomophobes. Who are we? What is our world coming to? First. World. Problems. 5. Geniophobia Jay Leno, you’re out brother. Geniophobia is an irrational fear and/or aversion to chins. Yes, chins. The facial feature that sits beneath your mouth and above your neck. This fear typically results in an obsession with other people’s chins, those that are imperfect or strange to them. This is another fear that we just can’t wrap our heads around; everybody has a chin, so how can you have a fear of them? Sounds strange to us, but we’re sure geniophobes would have a good argument for their side so we’ll leave that for them to provide. Either way, there are people who have judged, and have possibly been obsessed with, your chin. Feeling self-conscious yet? 4. Lipophobia This one doesn’t seem all that irrational to us. We feel that a lot of people have this fear, as it’s the fear of becoming fat. Doesn’t sound all that crazy, does it? It can also mean a fear of dietary fats and can result in eating disorders. We’re not going to joke about this one because eating disorders aren’t funny, but we thought we’d throw this one in here to bring this list back down to ground level. We were getting a little crazy with all of the weird fears; we almost forgot that there are real problems going on in the world surrounding phobias! Lipophobia, not funny. Pogonophobia, still hilarious. 3. Thalassophobia This here fear is pretty darn common and probably makes some of you uneasy just looking at these pictures. Thalassophobia is a fear of the sea or sea travel. For some it’s a fear of deep water; for others it’s a fear of what lies beneath the water that gets them. We’re not going to lie; deep water is kinda freaky. Have you ever seen movies like Titanic, A Perfect Storm, or Jaws? Open water can hide many a terrifying creature, and if you’re left alone on the open ocean for extended periods, chances are you’re going to perish. We’re just going to say that we won’t be heading out on any open-water expeditions anytime soon and while we’re not trying to tell you what to do, we don’t recommend you go out there either. Because just look at this! 2. Oikophobia We all know that the best place to go when you’re scared of something is home, right? For people who are oikophobic this is a problem, as oikophobia is fear or aversion to home surroundings. Where do they go when they’re scared of their own house? If poor Dorothy had been oikophobic, she probably would have wound up back in that creepy haunted forest with those freaky red-eyed birds when she clicked her ruby-red slippers together. We just wanted to let you know that there are people who have no place to go when they’re scared, so they may just have it much worse than some of the others on this list. We’re looking at you, pogonophobes. 1...
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18 Random Products To Waste Your Money On
From The Giant Human Bowling Ball Game to The Smartphone Laser Tag Attachment 18 Random Products To Waste Your Money On. #9 - The Giant Human Bowling Ball Game Take your fun to the next level this summer with this giant inflatable human bowling ball game large enough to include the whole family. In this version, you step inside and play the giant inflated “bowling ball” as you throw yourself down the lane to knock down as many pins as possible. It may be a really fun toy, and I’m sure everyone now wants one, but if you’re serious, you’ll have to come up with some serious cash. The set comes from a site called hammacher.com and will cost you over $5,500, and that price doesn’t even with a stinking electric air pump! Still, if you have the money, it’s a really cool product to waste your cash on. #8 - The Foot Gym If you are a total gym rat, then this piece of workout equipment is going to be right up your alley. The piece treats a range of foot related issues such as Achilles Tendinitis and Plantar Fasciitis. The resistance bands come in varying strengths so you can put your foot through a moderate to intense foot workout. Now working out is as easy as sitting in a chair and flexing your toes. You can find this miracle worker on Amazon.com for less than $35. #7 - The Pokemon Fusion Doll If you lack a Pokedex but still want to travel around with a pocketful of your favorite Pokemon pets, you should grab one of these Pokemon Fusion Dolls that gives you all you want in one convenient package. The keychain features sections of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Eevee. You can find yours at Etsy.com. #6 - The Poop Emoji Pool Float There have been a lot of really awesome pool floats surfacing around the internet over the past few years. You can find unicorns, golden swans, giant slices of watermelon, as well as giant pineapples. If you were ever a huge fan of the popular poop emoji, now is the chance to bring it into the real world. Snatch yours up today for a ridiculous $120 from Amazon.com. #5 - The Professional Pet Neck Tie Thoroughly piss your cat off by slipping this over his head and stepping away. Your cat may not think it’s the best idea in the world, but you’ll be laughing all the way to the office because of how dapper your kitty looks in his striped pattern tie. #4 - The Smartphone Laser Tag Attachment With just about everyone owning and using a smartphone these days, this is a product you’re sure to get a lot of use from. Long past are the days where you had to get together and actually drive to a building that had been designed specifically for the game to play laser tag. Now you just have to have more than one, one would probably be pretty boring, and some friends and off you go. Now you can turn your local mall or neighborhood into the hottest laser tag track around. You can find this version on Amazon.com for only $30, no smartphone included. #3 - The Kid Created Plushie The geniuses at Budsies came up with an amazingly unique way to inspire your child’s creative imagination. They take a picture that your child has drawn, think more of a crazy monster, not so much as a drawing of a house, send it in to them, and just a few short weeks later you’ll receive a stuffed animal identical to the character your kid drew. It has a decent price tag too, for what it is; you can find this service for only $80 a pop. For your kid’s next birthday ask them to draw their best friend, send it in and have it made. It’ll be one birthday they will never forget. #2 - Baby Na’vi - The Avatar Baby Doll As movie buffs we usually find ourselves buying at least one or two movie themed items to remember the experience. Whether it be actual legit movie memorabilia or just a simple logo t-shirt, you’ve shown your love and appreciation for the film. If you are a huge fan of the smash hit Avatar, then this realistic baby doll might just be right up your alley. The doll was designed and is manufactured by a doll company based in Spain called Babyclon. The company, which is founded by Cristina Iglesias, makes a range of realistic animatronic living dolls. The world is pretty evenly divided when it comes to what consumers think about the somewhat creepy doll. Some feel the need to rush out and purchase them by the dozens whereas others think that they are utterly terrifying. #1 - The Big Bang Theory Lego Set Now you can recreate your favorite scenes from the hit tv show with this themed lego set. The geeky 484 piece set will allow you to build the iconic apartment of Leonard and Sheldon. The set is priced around the same price as any other themed lego set at $60. The set can be found on Amazon.com. It may be a fun toy for you but it would be an amazing gift for a fellow Big Bang Theory fan.
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14 Most Interesting Birds
From the "ugly" Marabou Stork to the cute Golden Pheasant named "Little Red", here are 14 Most Interesting Birds. #7 - The Marabou Stork The Marabou Stork is considered by most to be the ugliest bird in the entire world. After seeing it’s bald pink head and naked pink wattle hanging off its chest in this picture, we could definitely back that theory up. The Marabou Stork live in the dry parts of South Africa. While it enjoys eating carrion as their main source of food, it will settle for eating a smaller bird like pigeons, pelicans, and doves when necessary. This is not a bird you would want to discover while not in a heavily armored vehicle. #6 - The Sri Lanka Frogmouth Bird As you can see in this picture, the reason why this bird is named “frogmouth” is because it’s mouth rather resembles a frog’s. These funny looking birds are mainly found in the southwestern parts of Sri Lanka and India. They don’t grow too big in size, the average length of an adult is about 9 inches. They are known for being nocturnal hunters, coming out at night to use their large mouths to capture and eat the insects that populate the night sky. The Sri Lanka Frogmouth bird is also known for the loud song they sing to each other to communicate within their species; locals say that the shrieks sound like the birds are laughing. #5 - The Hoatzin The Hoatzin isn’t just a strange looking bird; it smells weird too. Hoatzins are herbivores, but the way they digest the plant parts makes the bird smell like manure. In fact, locally, the hoatzin is referred to as the “Stinkbird” and most stay as far away as possible because of the smell. The most interesting part about these birds are the twin claws they have on each wing. Even though you may think that means this bird came from nightmares, some experts theorize that the hoatzin are direct descents of an Archaeopteryx, a prehistoric creature that had three claws on each wing. #4 - The California Condor The California Condor has the largest wingspan of any bird in North America. It’s wingspan is so large that it is more often mistaken for a small plane than another bird. Another interesting fact about these birds is that all living California Condors are descended from just 22 individual birds. The original 22 were captured in 1987 and introduced into a captive breeding program. As of May 2013, there are now 198 California Condors living in captivity and 237 living out in the wild. They may be ugly birds, but they sure have made a miraculous comeback. #3 - The Kakapo The kakapo is a strange bird indeed. As you can see in this picture, it sort of looks like a furry rodent, not very much like a bird at all. But it gets stranger. This parrot is the heaviest parrot and only flightless parrot in the world. It is also the only parrot in the world to mate by lekking. Lekking is where the males line up in a type of mating arena, and the females wander around watching all of the displays. When she chooses the male that she likes, they mate. Another weird fact about the kakapo, they only mate three times a DECADE and only when there is an abundance of fruit on the rimu tree. Weird huh? #2 - The Philippine Eagle The impressive bird you see pictured here is the world’s longest raptor, measuring an average of three feet from beak tip to tail feathers. This crazy bird may not look all that crazy, but it was once called the “Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle” because it was believed that the bird feasted on only primates. More recent years have shown that the Philippine Eagle will eat pretty much whatever kind of meat it can get it’s talons in, including monkeys. On July 4, 1995, the Philippine Eagle was named the national bird of the Philippines, which means that if you kill one, you could be facing twelve years in prison. #1 - The Golden Pheasant This is Little Red, and he is a golden pheasant that lives in the Hangzhou Safari Park in Eastern China. This little guy is certainly interesting to look at. The difference between the orange and black feathers around the sides of the head and the yellow straw looking feathers on top of the head are interesting, to say the least. The red plumage on his breast is the reason caretaker Mr. Gao calls him “Little Red.” he is one of about 50 golden pheasants cared for at the safari park. Recently Little Red has received a lot of attention after someone made the connection of this bird’s “hairpiece” and the one President Donald Trump wears. What do you think? Pretty similar?
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Genius Products You Need For Your Backyard Part 2
We’ve already shown you some pretty cool products made for your backyard, but we’ve found even more epic products that your summer simply can’t do without. This is Genius Products You Need For Your Backyard Part 2. #10 - A Floating Golf Course For all those golf lovers out there, this is the perfect gift for you, as long as you own a pool, that is. As you can see from this photo, the mini putting green is a floating land mass in the middle of your pool. You stand on the edge and take your best swing. Amazon is the place to go for this cool product, as well as if you wanted a gadget that would correct your swing. #9 - The Cacoon Here is another hammock, but this one is unique. The hammock design pictured here is called the “Cacoon,” and you can find it for purchase on hang-in-out.com. These colorful hammocks are made up of stretchy fabric that allows the breeze to still pass through. If you have a sturdy tree in your backyard, we suggest getting one of these bad boys to relax in today. #8 - A Wood Burning Hot Tub You might look at this picture and think it shows the first hot tub ever made, but it’s a fairly “new” design. This is a product for those who actively seek to buy the strange and the odd. This hot tub gets hot by burning wood. You can find it at weltevree.eu and invite your friends over for a very unique hangout experience. #7 - A Bacon Grilling Rack Amazon is the place for a lot of really great things. Case and point, the bacon grill rack in this picture. Why is cooking bacon on your grill awesome? Because it’s bacon, and bacon is rad. #6 - A Pool Rock Climbing Wall Aquaclimb came up with the coolest pool toy known to man, except for the product that claimed our #1 spot. In this picture, you see the tall poolside rock climbing wall. It’s HUGE! How much fun would you have had if you had this contraption in your backyard growing up? Heck, we’ll still take one today. We just wonder how much weight it will hold; it looks like it was made for kids more than adults. It would suck to be stoked and get all the way to the top to have the wall snap in half. We can still dream. #5 - This Epic Float You would need to have a few friends ready to go to get good use out of the epic float boat you see here. We found this one on Amazon also, and it’s just about as crazy as they get. Not only do you have half loungers with a foot pool for you and three others, but you also have two additional loungers in the back for two more friends. Now you won’t have to worry about your group drifting away from each other while you’re out enjoying the sunshine. This would only work in your backyard if you had a pretty big pool, but still, you’ll want to find someplace big enough to hold this awesome float, just so you can use it. #4 - The Rootvue Farm Garden Lab The mini planter pictured here is from a place called hearthsong.com, and as you can see it has a great view. You won’t be able to grow very much since it’s so small, but you still get to experience watching underground vegetables grow, which obviously, is something you can’t normally do. #3 - An Underwater Disco Light At parpools.com you can find the coolest underwater disco light. You can see from this image that it works to create an amazing light show underneath the surface of your pool. Just turn it on and be the talk of the town at the next pool party you throw. It makes the water look like a kaleidoscope. #2 - Water Air Hockey Game We’ve all seen outdoor games, some of them are really cool. One we hadn’t seen before is the one in this picture. This game is found on Amazon, and it combines a slip and slide with an air hockey game. Looks like a lot of fun. #1 - The InflataBULL Now, we’ve seen some pretty epic pool floats from Amazon, but nothing quite compares to what you see in this picture. This pool float is a bull riding float that mimics the real ride while you’re in the water! Now you can challenge your friends to the longest ride while everyone else tries to push them off. This is hands down the best pool float ever made. Just look at how much fun these people are having!
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