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Cafe Femenino - Fair Trade Coffee From Peru
A unique project is linking women in Guelph with indigenous women in the remote northern Andes. Café Femenino is an initiative of some of the poorest women in Peru. It involves them growing their own coffee, keeping it separate from other coffee and keeping the revenue generated through its sale in their own hands. Guelph's Planet Bean Coffee imports...(read more: http://www.planetbeancoffee.com/earth/producers/cafe-femenino/index.php)
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Planet Bean Coffee 2012 COOP Blend - International Year Of Cooperatives!
An introduction to the Planet Bean 2012 COOP Coffee Blend. Order Here: http://www.planetbeancoffee.com/coop-coffee-blend-2012/ Planet Bean Coffee is proud to bring you the 2012 Blend in celebration of the International Year of Co-operatives. The coffee brings together beans from coffee farmer co-operatives in Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Planet Bean is owned and operated by the Sumac Community Worker Co-op so this new blend is co-op from seed to cup. The coffee is also certified organic and is purchased through certified Fairtrade channels. Planet Bean is owned by Sumac Community Worker Co-operative http://www.sumac.coop http://www.planetbeancoffee.com
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Planet Bean Cupping Coffee - Sampling a cinnamon roast
The cupping team at Planet Bean goes through a regular cupping of a sample roast. We sniff, slurp, spit, and break the crust while sampling a new coffee that we'll be offering in our shops.
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Sustainability in Coffee - Earth Air and Water Friendly Coffee
Planet Bean Coffee is certified organic. This means that the organic integrity can be authenticated from the plant to the cup. The Canadian organization that ensures this authentication for Planet Bean is Ecocert Canada. Recent research shows that organic and shade grown coffee growing practices buffer climate change impacts through the forests that sequester carbon and the moisture cycling services these forests also provide. The shade trees help dampen the effects of drought and heat waves by maintaing a cool microclimate beneath the canopy.
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Green Coffee Beans - Fairtrade Organic Coffee From Planet Bean
A coffee bean is one of two halves of a seed of a cherry that grows on a bush with dark green leaves. The sweet jasmine like aroma from the plant's ephemeral white flowers signal the start of a new round of the growth of the fruit. As the cherry ages, it changes from a small hard fleshed green fruit, to a deep red, sweet soft ripe cherry. These are then gently hand harvested by, in the case of our coffee, small scale farmer families. The cherries ripen at different times so a tree will have to be visited several times during the harvest. Hand harvesting protects the quality of the coffee by ensuring that it is only harvested when ripe. On large plantations machines are used in the harvest which strip the coffee cherries off the bushes regardless of their ripeness.
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Planet Bean Coffee - Roasting Coffee in Ontario
Planet bean roasting facility video. This is how we roast our gourmet fair trade organic coffee in Guelph, Ontario Canada. Fresh roasted coffee is the only coffee. Don't settle for stale, tasteless supermarket coffee!
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Planet Bean Coffee Roastery - 2005 Historical Peek
Planet Bean began roasting coffee in downtown Guelph in 1997. Ours was the first roastery in the City for at least half a century. From the begining our focus was on certified fair trade and organic gourmet arabica coffee. The scent of our coffee roastery became a part of the downtown experience and was an aromatic beacon for anyone with a fine sense of flavour. Although Planet Bean has moved shop a few times and changed its structure and expanded, it is still Guelph's premier and primo coffee company. http://www.planetbeancoffee.com Find us on Facebook and Twitter: http://www.facebook.com/planetbeancoffee http://www.twitter.com/planetbeancafe
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What Is Fair Trade - Planet Bean, Guelph's Fair Trade Organic Coffee Company
Planet Bean coffee joined Transfair Canada in 1998 making it one of the first Certified Fair Trade coffee companies in Canada. Since that time we have been committed to only roasting and selling Certified Fair Trade coffee. Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers in the global South. This definition was developed by FINE, a coalition of four major Fair Trade organizations.
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Eclipse - The Dark Side of Espresso
Coming Friday the 13th of March, 2015 to a Planet Bean near you!
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