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Top 20 Most Powerful Countries Of The World (2012)
Top 20 Countries Of The World
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U.S. Election 2016- Rubio?/ Cruz?/ Paul? vs. Hillary?/ Biden?/ ?
I do not claim ownership of anything used in the video.
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Top 20 Most Powerful Nations (2013-UPDATED)
The factors include the economy, natural resources, relations among other countries, nuclear capabilities, the military forces, international influence, provided education to the masses, and general stability as well as overall technological advancement
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Demosphen888 response video
A correction to Demosphen888's video of un- intelligence. (Warning: Use Of Inapropriate language.)
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Nick vs Alex Long The Encounter!
Nick is the black woman, Alex is the same as the last video.
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Miley Cyrus Interviewing Alex Long
Alex long from our Rev rtw clan being interviewed by Miley Cyrus! (Miley is the little girl.)
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Kungpow, Gabe, and David Milford Fei-See who dies first
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Chinese Hooker vs Gay Indian
lol warning: somewhat innapropriate
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All CoD Zombie Maps Worst To Best
Pictures do not belong to me, neither to the songs. This is my opinion of all CoD5 and Black Ops Zombie maps on how good they are, starting out with worst to best, with the songs that play on each map.
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