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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme Song On Piano
Here's a little video of me playing the Power Rangers theme song on my keyboard. This is one that I've played in other videos before, but one had horrible sound quality and the other was a medley of a bunch of different songs. Enjoy!
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Movie Review: Call Me By Your Name
Here's my review of the film Call Me By Your Name, which was directed by Luca Guadagnino and stars Timothee Chalamet, Armie Hammer, and Michael Stuhlbarg. Enjoy! This review is simply a collection of my thoughts and opinions on the film. I do not claim ownership of the film Call Me By Your Name in any way, shape, or form.
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Future War Movie Review
This is a review of the unintentional laugh riot, "Future War." This movie was featured on MST3K in its final season. I do not own any of the clips from the movie being reviewed, but this is not a video for profit. I am just using my freedom of speech, and I think this movie should be better known in the realm of unintentional hilarity. NOTE: There are some references to The Devil's Labyrinth in the beginning.
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Sims 2 Horror: The Devil's Labyrinth... Part 1
scoobertYTP Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Recipe-for-Insomnia-Productions-scoobertYTP/318838548163121 The first part of the Sims 2 Short Film "The Devil's Labyrinth." Sean Malcolm is a fourteen year old in search of the reason why his grandmother died. He happens to find the book she was reading when she died, and he has no idea what's in store once he opens it. Like I've said before, the acting in this film is kinda bad, and it's kinda cheesy, but overall a good counterpart for Sims 2 Horror Films. Remember the other parts are better than this one but in order to understand you need to watch this first. Enjoy.
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Legend: Recipe For Insomnia
This is a song I came up with and recorded on December 30, 2009. I usually hate keyboard generated guitar sounds, but I like how this turned out. Tell me what you think please.
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Really Dumb Criminals
People who commit crimes and expect that their plans are foolproof are pretty dumb, but there are some that are REALLY dumb... like the ones that I mention in this video. Let me know if you guys know any stories of stupid criminals. Enjoy!
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So, really big news, everyone... I'm moving into a new place that I bought. This is a huge step for me, and I'm excited to start this new chapter in my life. Stay tuned for more content coming soon! Thank you for everything!
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Movie Review: Won't You Be My Neighbor
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... a perfect one to post my review of, "Won't You Be My Neighbor," a documentary about Fred Rogers, the host of the famous show, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Enjoy! By posting this review, I am not claiming to own "Won't You Be My Neighbor." This is simply a collection of my opinions about the film.
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A Funny Thing Happened Last Friday
This a video I shot on September 27 in which I talk about some different things. One is that I am now 21 years old. Another is that I now wear glasses. And the last one is a story about what happened to me last Friday when I decided to pay a visit to a restaurant. Enjoy!
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Hurdy Gurdy Man Piano Cover
I made my own little piano version of Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man." It's one that I can play even with a right hand that's healing from an injury. I think it turned out pretty well. Just so you guys know, I obviously did not use my right middle finger (the bandaged one) to play this at all, and I didn't touch any of the keys with it. I practiced this numerous times before I played it so that I wouldn't end up banging it on any of the keys, so me playing something like this with some of the fingers on my right hand is perfectly fine as long as I don't push myself too far. Enjoy!
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It's Hot!
In this video, I discuss the current heatwave in Joliet (pretty much all of Illinois, but I speak of Joliet specifically), ask the questions that people submitted after watching my 20 Questions video, and try to get you to go to my friend's channel to check out his awesome music! Enjoy! Zack W's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/sxezackw Deserted: Party On Stratford: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKHbNe_yydI&feature=plcp If you want to send me a question for my upcoming Q&A, you can send me a personal message on Youtube, leave it as a comment to this video, leave it as a video response, or, if you know of any other places where I post my videos, contact me from there! Thanks! Can't wait to see the questions you guys send!
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A Guide to the White Elephant Gift Exchange
Steve and his clones... including a special guest... are having a white elephant gift exchange. What could possibly go wrong? Enjoy! Happy Holidays from Recipe for Insomnia Productions!
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2018 Oscar Nominations: My Reaction
I listened to the 2018 Oscar Nomination announcements this morning. Here's a video of my reaction. I've also included a list of time points split up by category: 0:00 - My initial thoughts/predictions 3:27 - Best Production Design 3:56 - Best Cinematography 4:22 - Best Costume Design 4:41 - Best Sound Editing 5:08 - Best Sound Mixing 5:39 - Best Animated Short Film 5:58 - Best Live Action Short Film 6:20 - Best Original Score 6:50 - Best Visual Effects 7:11 - Best Film Editing 7:37 - Best Makeup/Hairstyling 7:50 - Intermission/my thoughts on the nominees so far 9:02 - Best Actress in a Supporting Role 9:35 - Best Actor in a Supporting Role 10:17 - Best Foreign Language Film 10:45 - Best Documentary Short Subject 11:19 - Best Documentary Feature 11:44 - Best Original Song 12:13 - Best Animated Feature 12:38 - Best Adapted Screenplay 13:27 - Best Original Screenoplay 13:57 - Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role 14:46 - Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role 15:19 - Best Director 15:54 - Best Picture Enjoy! I am not affiliated with the Academy Awards and do not claim ownership of any of the films, songs, or screenplays listed in the nominations, nor do I claim to own the broadcast. This is an example of fair use, and simply is a list of my reactions and opinions to the nominees.
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Movie Review: American Animals
Remember, this isn't based on a true story... it IS a true story. Here's my review for American Animals, directed by Bart Layton and starring Evan Peters, Barry Keoghan, Jared Abrahamson, Blake Jenner, Ann Dowd, and Udo Kier. Enjoy! By posting this review, I am not claiming ownership of American Animals. This is simply a collection of my thoughts about the film.
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Movie Review: You Were Never Really Here
Here's my review for the winner of Best Actor and Best Screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival, "You Were Never Really Here," directed by Lynne Ramsay and starring Joaquin Phoenix, Judith Roberts, and Ekaterina Samsonov. Enjoy! Here's a link to the GoFundMe that I mentioned in the video (fair warning... some of the images might be a little hard to take for some viewers): https://www.gofundme.com/wbxx9hve By posting this review, I am not claiming to own "You Were Never Really Here." This is simply a collection of my opinions about the film.
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Some of you might have seen this somewhat popular courtroom video of a girl flipping off a judge in a courtroom. The reactions from some people who watch this video surprise me. This video is basically about what I think of the whole situation. Enjoy! URL to the video I'm talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLA7dQ-uxR0
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Stupid Warning Labels
There are some products with warning labels that make you wonder, "Who the heck was dumb enough to do something like that!?" There are also some signs and messages on products that make you wonder, "what they heck were they thinking!?" And now you might be wondering, "where the heck is Steve going with this!?" Well, this video is a list of 13 of those very things I just described that I have stumbled upon. I hope you enjoy this little list. Also, if you have any stupid warnings or signs that you would like to share, leave them in the comments below or as a video response. I just might give you a shout-out in my next video. Enjoy!
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Fresh (1994): Films Unseen - Episode 1
The subject of this episode is the 1994 crime drama, "Fresh," written and directed by Boaz Yakin, and starring Sean Nelson, Samuel L. Jackson, Giancarlo Esposito, and N'Bushe Wright. "Films Unseen" is a series that puts the spotlight on films that, for whatever reason, did not receive the audience attention that I feel they deserved. Each episode goes through the merits of one such film, as well as ideas on why it might not have received audience attention. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @FilmFanSteve: https://twitter.com/FilmFanSteve Enjoy! By posting this video, I am not claiming ownership of the film, "Fresh." This video is simply a collection of my opinions about the film.
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Solving the Peg Game
You know that peg game? You know, the one that's at the Cracker Barrel? Well, here's one solution that leaves only one peg left on the board. Enjoy!
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Movie Review: Three Identical Strangers
Here's my review for the new Tim Wardle documentary, "Three Identical Strangers," the documentary about thee men who found out through an odd series of events that they were triplets who'd been separated at birth. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @FilmFanSteve: https://twitter.com/FilmFanSteve Enjoy! By posting this video, I am not claiming ownership of the film, "Three Identical Strangers" This video is simply a collection of my opinions about the film.
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"Come Sail Away" Piano Cover by Steve Jensen
This is a piano (well, I guess technically keyboard) cover of "Come Sail Away" by Styx. Sound recorded with a Blue Yeti mic. Enjoy!
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Movie Review: Truth or Dare
Here's my movie review for, the film, "Truth or Dare," directed by Jeff Wadlow and starring Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, and Violett Bean. I didn't mention it in this video, but here is a link GoFundMe page for my sister that I have been mentioning in other videos. The page has information on her condition, and as a fair warning, some of the pictures might be a bit hard to take in. For those of you who have donated or spread it around, thank you so much! https://www.gofundme.com/wbxx9hve By posting this video, I am not claiming ownership of Truth or Dare. This is simply a collection of my opinions about the film.
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Sims 2 Horror: The devil's Labyrinth... Part 2
scoobertYTP Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Recipe-for-Insomnia-Productions-scoobertYTP/318838548163121 Part 2 of the series.
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Sims 2 Horror: The Devil's Labyrinth Trailer
A trailer for a movie I made with the Sims 2. Sean Malcolm is a 14 year old boy who is still mystified by his grandmother's strange death. One day while looking through his attic he finds the book she was reading when she died. He has no idea what's in store for him once he opens it. Movie's almost complete. The acting isn't oscar worthy but I still feel happy with the to-be-finished product.
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Super Dark Times (2017): Films Unseen - Episode 4
The subject of this episode of Films Unseen is the 2017 indie drama, "Super Dark Times," directed by Kevin Phillips, and starring Owen Campbell, Charlie Tahan, Elizabeth Cappuccino, Max Talisman, Sawyer Barth, and Amy Hargreaves. "Films Unseen" is a series that puts the spotlight on films that, for whatever reason, did not receive the audience attention that I feel they deserved. Each episode goes through the merits of one such film, as well as ideas on why it might not have received audience attention. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @FilmFanSteve: https://twitter.com/FilmFanSteve Enjoy! By posting this video, I am not claiming ownership of the film, "Super Dark Times." This video is simply a collection of my opinions about the film.
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So, finals are over, and I stumbled upon what is probably the best name that anyone has ever called a food, let alone a popcorn. Not only is this name fun to say, but it could be used as an exclamation of sorts. And I apologize in advance for the beginning of this video. Enjoy!
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Over the Edge (1979): Films Unseen - Episode 2
The subject of this episode of "Films Unseen" is the 1979 drama, "Over the Edge," directed by Jonathan Kaplan, and starring Matt Dillon in his acting debut, as well as Michael Kramer, Vincent Spano, Pamela Ludwig, Tom Fergus, Andy Romano, Ellen Geer, and Harry Northup. "Films Unseen" is a series that puts the spotlight on films that, for whatever reason, did not receive the audience attention that I feel they deserved. Each episode goes through the merits of one such film, as well as ideas on why it might not have received audience attention. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @FilmFanSteve: https://twitter.com/FilmFanSteve Enjoy! By posting this video, I am not claiming ownership of the film, "Over the Edge." This video is simply a collection of my opinions about the film.
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Baba O'Riley Piano Cover
scoobertYTP Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Recipe-for-Insomnia-Productions-scoobertYTP/318838548163121 This is a piano cover of Baba O'Riley (Teenage Wasteland) by The Who by Steve (me). This is not as good as The Who's version (obviously, who could top it?), but I think it turned out good overall. This is way better than my last Baba O'Riley cover, in my opinion.
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Crazy Train Piano Cover
I came up with a little piano/keyboard version of the song, "Crazy Train," by Ozzy Osbourne. It's not the greatest out there, and it still needs work, but it turned out alright. I didn't try to do a rendition of the entire song, and you can tell that I kind of came up with something to fill in for the guitar solo on the spot. It also goes faster than Ozzy's version. However, I might end up uploading a better version once I get a better grasp on playing this song. Enjoy! And I don't know what the heck is up with me deciding to use those last three notes.
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Movie Review: Love, Simon
Here's my review of "Love, Simon," directed by Greg Berlanti and starring Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, Josh Duhamel, and Katherine Langford. The video in which I was talking about my oldest sister's situation: https://youtu.be/_Dah-wgxa9A The GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/wbxx9hve By posting this review, I am not claiming to own Love Simon. This is simply a a collection of my opinions about the film.
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Worst Motivational Speaker Ever
Don't take this guy's words to heart. You'll be demotivated. Note: The things said by the "motivational speaker" do not reflect my actual views. Education is very important, and you probably have things to look forward to. Unless you're Steve (kidding about that last part). Enjoy!
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Completely Random Keyboard Medley
This is a random medley I came up with when I was bored.
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Van Halen: "Dreams" Piano Cover
I came up with a piano/keyboard version of the song, "Dreams," by Van Halen. I learned this mostly by guesswork and by ear, so it's definitely not perfect. I think it turned out alright though. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!
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New Piano Medley
It's been a while since I posted any piano videos, so I decided to make another completely random medley of songs that I learned how to play. Most of these songs are ones that you will not find in any of my other medley videos, but some of them are slightly different versions of songs I've played in other videos. Yes, there are some mistakes here and there in the video, but I think it turned out all right overall. Let me know what you guys think! I hope you like it! Also, no, I did not get rid of my Casio keyboard. I simply took it off of the keyboard stand for this video because it was causing the stand to shake. It wasn't dangerous, but it was creating a little too much unnecessary noise. List of songs in order: "Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap "Where Is My Mind" by Pixies "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey "Go Go Power Rangers" by Ron Wasserman "Pinball Wizard" by The Who (even though the first part of it sounds a little more like the Elton John version used in the movie, "Tommy.") "Baba O'Riley" by The Who
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Old Spice: Wrong Bathroom
WARNING: Some strong language. Man, the Old Spice Guy has definitely let himself go... and has somehow changed his skin tone drastically... either that, or there's some delusional, pasty white guy running around people's bathrooms. This is my first narrative-style skit in a while. Hope you guys like it! Also, I do not own the rights to any Old Spice products, and this is not a video for profit.
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What People Say vs. What People Want to Say
Sometimes we have to keep ourselves from saying what we want to say. But not for the people in this video. Special thanks to Kasandra for helping me with this video and for coming up with the original idea for it. Enjoy!
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Very Important Update: Please Watch (Help Jamie Heal)
As you will hear in the video, my family is going through something very tough, and we've realized that we are going to need a little help. Here is the link to the Help Jamie Heal GoFundMe for my sister. If you could make any contributions, no matter how small, it would be greatly appreciated. As a warning, some images shown on the GoFundMe page of Jamie's condition are relatively graphic: https://www.gofundme.com/wbxx9hve Thank you so much for all your love and support.
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Should Wikipedia Be Used As a Source?
Whether you came here to see if Wikipedia is appropriate to use for a research paper, or to get tips for final exams, or to see Steve use his old man voice, or to see a ridiculous dance montage, you've come to the right place. Enjoy! By the way, the song playing is the Staff Roll from Street Fighter II, the arcade version. I do not own this piece of music, nor do I intend to make any profits from it. I simply used part of it in a not-for-profit video, which is perfectly fine under the Fair Use Act.
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Boe-Bot Robotics: My Final Project
This is a video I made showing my final robotics project for class. It's nothing terribly complex. It just uses IR detection and object detection with the whiskers to follow a path, go toward a ball, hit the ball into a goal, and go back omto the track. The IR sensors send a different value back depending on whether it senses light or not. The white board reflects the light back, so when they get too close to the white board the robot corrects itself by turning slightly. The whiskers are set up so that whenever on of the whiskers hits one of the pins on the breadboard, the robot backs up and does the hard-coded ball hitting stuff. When the ball-hitting and track finding code is finished, the program just goes back to the IR detection, causing it to perpetually go through the ball-hitting process. Also, the reason why the robot seems to shake a little bit when it stops to hit the ball is because the servos weren't properly callibrated when I shot the video. As I will mention in a future video, I had a severe injury to my right hand that makes it hard for me to tinker with the hardware right now. Enjoy!
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Sims 2 Horror: The Devil's Labyrinth: Full Movie with Director Commentary
Hello everyone! Long time, no see! Back when I was fifteen years old, I decided that I was going to make a horror movie. It would be amazing! It would instill terror in all who saw it! It would... be made by a kid with the Sims 2? As one would expect from that last part, the end result was less-than-stellar. I recently found a DVD copy when going through old stuff in my room, and I thought to myself, "You know what would be fun... if I watched this for the first time in years and recorded my reaction." So that's just what I did. With that, here's the complete Sims 2 horror movie that I made at the tender age of fifteen, with my sarcastic commentary throughout. Enjoy! Content warning: This video contains scenes of drinking alcoholic beverages and foul language, but for good reason. Also, the movie for which the commentary is being made contains language, intense situations, disturbing imagery, and gore. In all seriousness though, I do not endorse or promote any instances in excessive drinking. If you decide to enjoy alcoholic beverages, please, PLEASE do so responsibly.
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(Spoiler-Free) Movie Review: Avengers: Infinity War
Here's my spoiler-free review of Avengers: Infinity War, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Chadwick Boseman, and many other actors from the Marvel franchise. The link to the GoFundMe I was referring to (warning: some of the pictures on the page might be hard to look at for some): https://www.gofundme.com/wbxx9hve By posting this video, I am not claiming to own Avengers: Infinity War. This is simply a collection of my thoughts about the film.
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I See Exactly What You're Saying
Ever have one of those moments where you can see exactly what someone is saying? Well, this is for you. Enjoy!
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Girl Talk
Steve and his clone discuss a very important topic that causes mass confusion among men... girls. This leads to some interesting results. Enjoy! Check out ToneCone's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7jvYExl8n0uQi_xPm6aDJA
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Pi Day
It's 3/14/15... and you know what that means! Happy Pi Day, everyone! Enjoy!
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Trains, Pains, and Wilson
scoobertYTP Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Recipe-for-Insomnia-Productions-scoobertYTP/318838548163121 In this vlog, which was shot on July 6, 2011, I reveal the plans for a project that a couple of my friends and I plan to work on. The video will be a parody of Jenna Rose's "My Jeans" and will be called "My Beans." This video also covers some of the things that we did when distracted from planning, including, but not limited to, coming up with the most awesome description of a train ever and inventing the most pointless but epic sport in the history of mankind.
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It's Not My Birthday
Really... it's not my birthday. Don't you just hate when this happens? Enjoy!
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Legend (2010 Version): Recipe For Insomnia
This is a rerecorded and updated version of my song, "Legend." I hope you guys like it.
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Another Piano Medley
This is another random song arrangement that I did about a week ago. It was mainly to test a new microphone that I had hidden directly behind the keyboard and had set to record on a volume level of 70%. Consider it was my first test, I don't think it turned out too bad. Yes, there are some mistakes. Enjoy.
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"False Hope" by Recipe For Insomnia
I spent most of today recording this song. It's definitely different from the stuff I usually play, and it's probably the clearest recording that I've ever made. I was actually happy with how this turned out. To make this song, I used my keyboard, an electric drum set, and a keytar. Enjoy!
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Things I Would Say To My Teenage Self
Here are some things that I would say to my teenage self. Although I haven't been out of my teen years as long as a lot of other folks, I feel like I could give my teenage self... and other teenagers... some advice. Enjoy! Also, don't forget to check out my buddy Tonecone's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7jvYExl8n0uQi_xPm6aDJA
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