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Rikers Island Training - is Officially live!
A link to my site - http://www.rikersislandtraining.com/ Please take a moment to stop by and check it out!
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I passed! I am Rob Riker CCIE #50693
I finally made it to the elite level of CCIE. I take a few minutes and breakdown everything and answer questions regarding this coveted certification!
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VMware NSX Overview
We take a look at VMware Network Virtualization platform NSX. We talk about use cases why you would use it, how it would get implemented and breaking down the different components that make it up.
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CCNA to CCNP to CCIE, is it possible... you be the judge!
I cover what my opinion on CCNA to CCIE and my approach to passing those exams
Views: 47839 Rob Riker
Using GNS3 and VMware ESXi for CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Prep
This video is to help anyone that isn't sure how to go about setting a lab. If you have questions, ask!
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CCIE v5 Lab setup
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Home Lab Setup and walkthrough!
I decided to do an update video on my home lab. Most of the gear is the same, location and some other stuff changed. Hope you enjoy.
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vSphere Networking - How vSphere networking works
I break down the details on how vSphere networking works and the different parts of connectivty
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Understanding Basic Network Design
Understanding Basic Network Design
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Layer 2 VPN Technologies Demystified
We take a theoretical walk through the different L2 VPN technologies out there. New format, let me know what you think!
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SSH on a Cisco switch
I show you how to implement SSH on a Cisco switch
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Policy Routing and IP SLA tracking
I demonstrate how to implement Layer 3 path control based on a given set of network topology and given requirements. I also demonstrate how to configure IP SLA and Enhanced Object Tracking (EOT) to monitor the reach-ability of the policy.
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MPLS L3 and L2 VPNs
I take a high level overview of the different pieces of MPLS VPNs and how they all work together.
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DMVPN - VRF Aware, IPsec Profiles and Behind NAT
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CCNP Officially!
I finally passed the CCNP! I review what and how I passed the CCNP
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005 - ICND1 - 100 - 105 - IP Fundamentals - Network Architecture - Three Tier vs Collapsed Core
https://www.rikersislandtraining.com/ccent.html This video covers network architecture
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CCNA Version 3 - What is up with this version!
http://www.ine.com/ https://learningcontent.cisco.com/cln_storage/text/cln/marketing/exam-topics/100-105-icnd1-v3.pdf https://learningcontent.cisco.com/cln_storage/text/cln/marketing/exam-topics/200-105-icnd2-v3.pdf https://learningcontent.cisco.com/cln_storage/text/cln/marketing/exam-topics/200-125-ccna-v3.pdf
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CCIE Service Provider v4 Comprehensive Guide now out!!!
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Certification Study Vlog - Episode 2 - IPv6 IOS XE and IOS XR Deep dive kickoff!
I am kicking of an IPv6 deepdive for IOS and IOS XR. Really cool stuff coming out. I will be using a Podcast style delivery for any of that content.
Views: 302 Rob Riker
Segment Routing on IOS XR
We cover SR. http://theriker.blogspot.com/2018/05/segment-routing-on-ios-xr-60.html
Views: 1418 Rob Riker
063 - ICND2 - 200-105 - SPAN and RSPAN
Views: 328 Rob Riker
Home Lab build
This video covers why I bought the server I use. How I set it up to allow me to practice and learn the technologies I have come to learn, what I have learned since buying it and some of the options I have for moving forward.
Views: 10809 Rob Riker
Channel update - 200k views! Thank You!
Recently returned from my 2nd attempt at the CCIE R&S v5 lab in RTP, NC. I received the worst possible results, I passed all three sections but failed to meet the minimum overall cut score, therefore I failed for the second time. No worries, my third attempt is coming soon as when I pass the lab, I'll post another video and that experience.
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Downloading IOS XE and IOS XR Software from Cisco for Lab Practice
https://upload.cisco.com/cgi-bin/swc/fileexg/main.cgi?CONTYPES=Cisco-IOS-XRv https://www.rikersislandtraining.com/
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Packet Captures on an ESXi Host
We'll take a look at capturing the data flowing inside a vSwitch on an ESXi host. Good for those studying for CCNP/CCIE level courses
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Embedded Packet Capture, TFTP and Basic Wireshark
I explain EPC and how to capture traffic on the router, then export it off with TFTP and then view it with Wireshark.
Views: 1619 Rob Riker
I tested out GET VPN and I breakdown my experience getting it working.
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Introduction to IOS-XR
For those interested in the Service Provider track for Cisco, this video gives you an introductory look at the IOS-XR OS and some basic fucntionality
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This is the lab prep course designed to be used after you have completed the technologies sections. To hone your skills as you prepare for the CCIE lab. No slides just CLI configuration of all items listed in the R&S expanded blueprint. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0-H8NBmnhhTU2diQVNkSDR6cXc&usp=sharing
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IPsec Site to SIte VPN on IOS Router
crypto isakmp policy 10 encr aes authentication pre-share group 2 crypto isakmp key cisco address - remote peer public IP crypto ipsec transform-set L2L esp-aes esp-sha-hmac mode tunnel crypto map L2L 10 ipsec-isakmp set peer - remote peer public IP set transform-set L2L match address L2L ip access-list extended L2L 10 permit ip - mirror this on remote side
Views: 1264 Rob Riker
Setting up Frame Relay in GNS3
I demonstrate how to setup Frame Relay using both the Frame switch from GNS3 and using a router with an HWIC.
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