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How to Build a Heat Box for $6, Heat your Home Free
The EPA, and Mother Earth, have expressed interest in "Passive Solar Heat Box" units for home and commercial building heating. We decided to build one, 4.5' by 6.5' to check it out. Using old 2 x 4's, some polycarbonate panels we had in storage, we built a box, spray painted screen wire black, tacked aluminum foil on the back wall of the box. When the sunlight came through the polycarbonate, it hit the "black" screen wire, and some of the light hit the aluminum foil and that reflected back creating more heat. We cut a hole in the bottom of the back wall and a hole in the top, and sealed it all tight with silicone. To our amazement, after only 10 minutes in the sun, the box was throwing out a breeze of hot air (130 to 140 degrees F) while the temperature outside was 78 degrees. We tested it several times and even when few clouds passed by, managed a 40 to 60 degree spread. We have been told that if you add bottles of anti-freeze, or rocks, in the unit (would take a larger, deeper unit) that the heat will keep on for about 6 hours after the sun goes down. I plan to put a little solar powered fan on mine to get even more volume of air. I have a basement that is hard to keep warm. It is always 30 degrees cooler than any other room in the house, and I'm going to "Passive solar" heat my "man cave". In this case, the EPA, and MOTHER EARTH NEWS had a great idea. We know there are commercial units available out there, but it was fun building something, especially something that worked. If your house or commercial buildings have energy efficiency units they sell for more, have higher occupancy, and higher rents. The also appraise for more. Put one of these on your Green House and you can heat it even more, and grow vegetables all winter. See: http:www.cornucopia-enterprise.com Give us a call: www.benboothe.com, or www.environment-soultions.com 800-379-8048. Directions: 1. Build wood frame 2. Put aluminum foil on inside of back 3. Install wire screen 2" above the foil 4, Cover the entire frame with polycarbonate to allow the sun to come in hit the foil and reflect and concentrate the heat on the "black wire". 5. Cut a hole at the top of the back wall and another at the bottom of the front polycarbonate wall. 6. Cut a vent hole to match each in your wall, be sure you use an AC vent that can be opened or closed seasonally. 7. If you want to control the speed of the air, install a fan to pull or push the air through.
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cabin heating system
was asked to film what for heat at the camp
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How to heat your cottage better and cheaper!
Hear from Shelia (Kaukauna, WI) about how a Pellet Stove from Earth Sense Energy Systems in Dale, WI saved them money and warmed their home even during the coldest Wisconsin winters. Get to know the Harman Advance pellet stoves a little better... and let the professionals at www.pellethead.com introduce you to exactly what you need to save 25% to 75% of your utility heating this year.
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V2: The Types of Infrared Heaters
Gas-Fired Infrared Heating Series. Video 2:The Types of Infrared Heaters. This video reviews the operating principles, various types and performance characteristics of both high and low intensity infrared heaters.
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About Infratech Comfort and Infrared Electric Heaters
Dinner on the terrace. Cocktails under the stars. Now there is an eco-friendly way to turn up the ambience with Infratech electric infrared heaters. These low-profile electric heaters coordinate with many décor styles, and offer silent operation and superior performance compared to gas, with no harmful emissions or odors. Infratech heaters are over 90% energy efficient, UL listed for outdoor and indoor use and are easy and inexpensive to operate. Infratech has been an industry leader in infrared technology for more than 50 years. We offer a wide selection of heating options, for optimum comfort in any outdoor room or enclosed area. Our products are ideal for use in fine homes, restaurants, hotels and more. For more information, please visit our website: http://www.infratech-usa.com/
Infrared Underfloor Heating System - Installation
www.korea-heating.eu, www.farinfra.ro Korea Heating Co., Ltd. is a specialized in far-infrared ray heating film, leading a new innovation in of architectural heating systems. We have done our best to development and supply of better heating film and been well received by customers. In addition to our high quality heating film, we have invested heavily in development of other high-tech heating material to tackle world's economic and environmental problems, such as economic instability due to worldwide oil prices and the global warming crisis. Furthermore, it has been our mission from the beginning, to export our heating film to the world to further enhance the recognition of the Korean traditional heating system of "ONDOL".
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Rinnai Space Heating
Instant warmth and savings on your energy bill? Switch to Rinnai gas heating solutions. Rinnai have a range of heating solutions to add real warmth and save you money. Energysaver Power Flued Heaters When the really cold days and nights hit, Rinnai's Energysaver range is a great solution, delivering warmth, safety and efficiency. Key Facts: Efficiency rating between 4.2 - 4.3 Stars - amongst the highest available for flued space heaters, reducing your heating costs Superior indoor air quality with zero emissions into the room - perfect for those who may be susceptible to allergies or respiratory problems Power Flued allowing flexibility with multiple installation options Full Electronic Thermostatic Control. Select a desired temperature which is then maintained by the heater Dual Digital Timers allow for on and off programming for both mornings and evenings Pre-heat Mode ensures your room is pre-heated by the time programmed Economy Mode allows the heater to modulate down after 1 hour when set temperature is reached. Reduces running costs with no noticeable change in temperature Inbuilt Humidifier Tray, easy way to humidify indoor air for greater comfort Child Lock prevents unwanted access Remote Control for simple on/off and temperature control for added convenience There are few things as relaxing and romantic as a log fire. Rinnai's Sapphire Gas Log Fires let you enjoy all the warmth and ambience of a fireplace, without the work of constantly stoking a fire, carrying firewood and cleaning up mess. The perfect blend of comfort and ambience. Key Facts: Clean burning technology enhancing energy efficiency: 4.1 Stars Powerful 6.97kW heat output suitable for heating large open areas Instant heat source with the ambience and glow of flickering flames Realistic Australian Eucalyptus Log Set Manual operation with 7 flame height/heat settings with an automatic 2 speed fan Stylish glass dress guard for protection Zero Clearance Box required Optional Remote Control Accessory Convenience of full thermostatic control for added comfort Programmable 4 period timer for mornings, daytime, evenings and overnight
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V1: The Theory of Infrared Heat
Gas-Fired Infrared Heating Series. Video 1: The Theory of Infrared Heat. This video explores the theory of infrared heat, the electromagnetic spectrum, the benefits of infrared, various heating options and typical infrared installations.
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Hybrid Hot Water Heater / Heat Pump and Electric
This is a video of the next generation of water heaters; the hybrid design of using standard electric and heat pump technology. During low demands, only the heat pump is on (the section on top of the water heater), during higher demand periods, the electric heating elements also turn on to the assist the heat pump. The small, white electrical port that can be seen on the heat pump section is a data port that communicates with your utility company so the unit consumes less electricity during perios of higher electrical cost. The vent seen on top of the unit is the exhaust port. Once the heat pump has extracted the heat from the air, the cold air is exhausted back out. This cold exhaust air can be vented into the home during summer months - a small amount of free air conditioning!
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wood stoves - Tonwerk storage heating stoves - Water heating - www.tonwerk-ag.com
THE POWERHOUSE IN YOUR LIVING ROOM If your house was built or renovated to low-energy specifications, the The Tonwerk storage heating stove with Aqua module is all you need to keep it warm and cosy (subject to your technical installation andrequirements). In other buildings, the Aqua module is an excellent addition to the existing centralheating -- particularly during the shoulder season. Homes built or renovated to low-energyspecifications provide excellent heat insulation and a hermetically optimised shell tooffer a comfortable, energy-saving lifestyle. Heating and hot water are often obtained from renewable energy sources. Many of these homes also boast comfort ventilation with heat recovery: fresh air from outside the house is drawn into the bedrooms and living areas, and stale air is evacuated via the kitchen, bathroom and WC. These technical innovations deliver a huge reduction in energy consumption. Financially, the investment is well worthwhile: build to low-energy specifications and you save on annual operating costs and protect yourself from continually rising prices for fossil fuels in the form of gas and oil. The Tonwerk storage heating stove with Aqua module: T-NEO eco2 PLUS, T-LINE ecoe2 PLUS and T-LOFT PLUS The Tonwerk storage heating stoves with Aqua module are perfectly adapted to the energysaving concept of low-energy building techniques: sandwiched between the stove storage block and the outer casing there is an absorber jacket inside which circulating water can absorb up to 50% of the heat from the stove for use via the central heating system. This reduces the direct release of heat into the ambient air, which makes sense in rooms requiring little heating. The absorber jacket is sufficient to heat ancillary rooms without the need for chimney outlets or additional heating systems, and installation costs are very modest. Thermostat valves ensure optimum heat distribution. The pump and safety technology required for the stove water circuit requires very little space and ensures a correct flow rate at all times. If you have not built or renovated to low-energy specifications, storage heating stove with Aqua Module eprovides an excellent addition to your existing central heating. Depending on the heating needs the Aqua module can be used: -- in combination with the existing central heating system -- as a direct heater in its own heating circuit, without buffer storage -- as the sole heat source in a low energy house -- in combination with a solar installation Comfort and heating requirements -- an individual decision Individuals vary greatly in their perception of comfortable heating levels. That is why it is so important to start by determining the building heating requirement before deciding on what type of heating to opt for. Wood-burning systems are fun, but do involve some work: the wood has to be transported, cut and properly stored. The Tonwerk storage heating stove with Aqua module is an economic stove: used as the sole source of heat in a low-energy house, it will burn, on average, one to two loads of wood a day, which is equivalent to between 1,200 and 2,400 kg (2,5 to 5 steres) of wood a year. Your effort will be rewarded with a crackling fire and a cosy living area. And remember: the T-LOFT PLUS diffuses pleasant, healthy radiant heat for some ten hours -- long after the fire has burned right down. The storage heating stove with the Aqua module combines wellness and the fascination of flames with the convenience and additional benefits of heat distribution -- appealing, efficient, clean, and healthy. Tonwerk Lausen AG Hauptstraße 74 4415 Lausen, Schweiz Telefon 0041-619279555 Telefax 0041-619279558 [email protected] www.tonwerk-ag.com
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Infrared Sunnyheat
Infrared Heating by Sunnyheat is the new way to heat youself, houses, renovations, nurseries, buildings, horse-stables, sports-centers etc... Creating a cosy, healthy and low-cost heating! more info on www.sunnyheat.com
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A heating solution by Ala-Talkkari for a farm (poultry farm).mp4
A heating system for solid fuel manufactured by Ala-Talkkari. The equipment is installed on a farm that also includes a poultry farm.
Electric Garage Heaters
Why not add the affordable comfort of electric heat to your garage and workshop? An electric garage heater can make the space comfortable all year 'round. Rebates and financing available to MVEC members, as well as half price Energy Wise electric rates. For more information, visit www.mvec.net.
20110324 - Low cost zero energy homes
For more information about this episode check the BLOG at http://smartscarecrow.blogspot.com/2011/03/200110324-low-cost-zero-energy-homes-by.html Segment 1: Scarecrow's News Rant Presenter: SmartScarecrow Estimated: 10 minutes Governments lie to their people about the safety of nuclear power generation. They have done it for years and are doing it today regarding the Fukushima reactor disaster in Japan. You can bet that the truth about how bad Fukushima really is will not be known for decades. Don't think the government is capable of keeping such a secret? History teaches us they have done it before. It is logical to assume that they are lying to us now and will do it again. Source article: http://blacklistednews.com/Governments-Have-Been-Covering-Up-Nuclear-Meltdowns-for-Fifty-Years-to-Protect-the-Nuclear-Power-Industry/13126/0/0/0/Y/M.html Segment 2: Alternative Energy News Update Presenter: Sterling Allan, CEO, Pure Energy Systems News http://www.pesn.com Estimated: 15 minutes Segment 3: Feature Presentation Presenter: SmartScarecrow and Brian Carsten of OH, Inc. Estimated: 35-45 Minutes Wed Site: http://zehtalk.com Email: [email protected] Let?s define sustainability as smart resource management. It improves your life. Smart design is delivering something for little or nothing. This is a discussion of the H.I.D.E.N. systems approach, Holistic Integrated Design using Engineered Natural Systems. Component Systems of H.I.D.E.N. systems are: Life Style Considerations Stressed Skin Panels Use Facade Simplification Material Utilization Cost Optimization Thermodynamics Space Planning Solar Aptitude Seasonal Changes Flora Consideration Thermal Mass Inertia Deep Earth Interactions Heating and Cooling Days Water Table Bed Rock Interfaces HIDEN Walls Air Control Zero energy homes come without limits. OH Inc. H.I.D.E.N. systems deliver self-heated homes at no additional cost! OH Inc. developed the H.I.D.E.N. systems which follow smart design principles. OH Inc. Builds self-heated homes at a low cost, and Engineers, Speaks, Designs, Consults, Constructs, Educates and trains works with code compliance officials in regards to sustainability, alternative housing and zero energy housing. Segment 4: Audience Q&A Estimated: 10 minutes
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All About Oil-filled Radiator Heaters - The Home Depot
See more: http://thd.co/14UMsZ6 Product expert AboveAverageJoe walks you through oil-filled radiator heaters. For more product and project information visit http://community.homedepot.com
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Cheapest Best Way To Heat Your Home For Less
This is how I have reduced my heating cost in a large way and stay warm on those cold winter nights. It can be done for next to nothing, with materials already in your home. If you don't have an alternative heat source this is a solution to dramatically reducing your heating costs and reducing your carbon footprint. Its not free heat but you will spend less and stay nice and warm.With the high cost of heating oil and other sources of heating your home the best solution is to use less. This if enough people do this makes our current methods of heating more sustainable. By reducing your heating cost in these economic time you can free up much need money for other things. A great way to save on heat.
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Infrared Tube Gas Heater Garage
The most efficient and ideal way to heat your Garage!
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Old idea.....slight mod...more useful......figured I would share it for new comers...Peace....
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Heat-On Heating Systems - far infrared heating explained
Heat-On far infrared heaters can be installed directly to the ceiling or as can be seen here they are suspended down to a more optimum height around 3.0m above the floor. The heaters are not directly space heating the air. What the heaters are actually doing is transferring thermal heating energy into the floor and surrounding walls. Once enough heat energy is absorb by the building and it's furnishings - its the floor and the walls that actually heat and increase the ambient room temperature. This all happens very quickly as the invisible heating waves travel at the speed of light. The benefits of having the heaters suspended lower is that the required system output capacity is reduced. For example this is a 92m2 room with 4.5m high ceilings and we are able to heat it with only 75W/m2. This is a total output of only 6.9kW per room or 28Amps. This is a very efficient and effective way of space heating especially for large areas with high ceilings.
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110302 HD Slash Your Austin Heating Bills! Replace Your Heating System with ABC
As energy bills rise, it's tempting to look for the single solution that will shave off a large part of your heating bill, but there are numerous ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home. With these simple and inexpensive Austin HVAC maintenance solutions, you can keep those heating bills from rising -- even in the cold holiday season! ADJUST THE THERMOSTAT The most obvious way to reduce your fuel use is to turn down the thermostat. Think of it as a valve between your fuel supplier and your wallet. For every degree you turn it down, you will use up to 3 percent less heating energy. A 10-degree setback overnight or while you're at work will cut your heating bill by up to 10 percent. Keep in mind that it doesn't take long to heat your home to a comfortable level -- only about 15 minutes. Never adjust the thermostat above the desired temperature; doing so will not heat your home any faster. REPAIR DRAFTY WINDOWS Older windows are often big energy wasters. When you're ready to invest in new windows, many energy-efficient options are available before you buy, you should know there are several inexpensive repairs that can improve the performance of your current windows. EFFICIENT HEATING SYSTEMS A typical heating system will last about 20 years, although some have been around much longer. If yours is 15 years old or more, then it is a good candidate for replacement: Efficiency can range from about 60 percent in older equipment to 95 percent or higher in modern systems. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is a standardized test of a heating appliance's overall efficiency and is listed on the yellow EnergyGuide tags found on heating equipment. But before you buy a new heating appliance, consider low-cost maintenance and relatively inexpensive upgrades, which offer significant energy savings. HOME HEATING CHECKLIST Open the curtains and shades on sunny days. Design landscaping to allow sunlight to enter south-facing windows in the winter, and to provide shade in the summer and year-round wind blocks. Dress warmly and keep the temperature as low as is comfortable. Use a programmable thermostat to turn down the heat at night, and while you're at work or out of town. Seal and insulate your furnace ductwork. Use insulating window curtains at night to reduce heat loss. Install a ceiling fan to circulate warm air trapped at the ceiling, allowing you to turn down the thermostat a few degrees. Use plastic window film, storm windows or insulating window panels if your home has single-pane windows. Seal drafty areas where outside air enters the home, such as at doors and windows and anywhere air from the attic can penetrate the rest of the house, such as the chimney, plumbing chases and attic hatches.
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Barry dreams of a sustainable Buckie with affordable renewable heating options
Barry Taylor is a vital contributor to the Buckie area and Chair of Buckie Area Forum in 2011. He would like to see Buckie independently substainable, with affordable heating, insulating and other renewable options available for the community's benefit and cost efficient living.
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Geothermal Energy- Heating & Cooling Demonstration at Seattle Green Home
Reporting from ShilsholePointe.com Geo Homes, Seattle, WA, with All Radiant Sub-Contractor, Hayward Giraud explains the functioning of the geo thermal heating and cooling system for this new community of green built homes. These systems are 350% more efficient than standard HVAC systems making them low cost and better for the environment. Geo thermal systems also provide federal credits for the new home owners saving thousands of dollars. Giraud explains the mechanical functioning of geo thermal heating and cooling systems in this video. www.jrjdevelopment.com
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How To Safely Heat with a Heat Lamp - The Home Depot
See more: http://thd.co/1954edn A product expert from our How-To Community, AboveAverageJoe, takes you through heat lamp safety. For more projects and product discussion visit http://community.homedepot.com
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H2Oasis Alternative Home Heating
H2Oasis - Alternatives for Home Heating
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Radiant Heating Installation Options with Uponor PEX Tubing
Uponor offers six separate radiant heating installation methods featuring their PEX-a tubing. Uponor provides PEX tubing used in radiant floor heating and cooling, PEX plumbing and fire sprinkler systems; all with commercial and residential applications. Learn more about Uponor's radiant heating systems at http://www.uponor-usa.com/Residential-Radiant-Floor-Heating.aspx?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video
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Underfloor Heating Systems
Learn more about Underfloor Heating Systems here: http://electricunderfloorheatingsystems.net http://electricunderfloorheatingsystems.net/electric-underfloor-heating http://electricunderfloorheatingsystems.net/underfloor-heating-cost
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Heat Pump
http://www.astralpool.com.au/products/electric-heat-pumps At Astral Pool, we offer a range of affordable heating options to help you get more use out of your swimming pool.
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The Future Of Residential Housing - Zero Energy Housing
The concept of insulated panels has previously been used in commercial building projects only. Bondor has now developed an insulated panel InsulWall® specifically for residential applications. Together with the already popular roofing product SolarSpan®, InsulWall® is expected to revolutionise Australian housing design and construction. Australia's new 6-Star Energy Efficiency requirement for new homes will demand significant advancements in the choice of materials for Australian residential construction practices. Insulated Construction Australia will demonstrate how uncomplicated the system can be to build an aesthetically pleasing home that meets and exceeds thermal performance requirements. Using technology that enables people to save on future energy bills by providing an affordable energy efficient family home of the future which requires significantly less construction time.
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Wood Fuel Heating
Wood Fuel is an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels such as the oil, gas or coal used to heat your house. Its 'Carbon Neutral' and significantly cheaper than mains gas (traditionally the cheapest fuel available). What's not to like?
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Experiments in Induction Cooking
Check out www.yuppiechef.com/cookingschool We've had a number of people asking just how induction cooking works so we decided to put a little video together to illustrate the genius of it all. Induction pans are made of ferromagnetic metal. Induction hobs have electromagnets in them and when they're turned on the induction cookware on the hob essentially turns into the element and gets hot - quickly! The amazing thing is that the actual hob surface doesn't get hot aside from a bit of reflected heat. This makes induction cooking fast, energy efficient and far safer to use than conventional stove tops or gas burners.
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Home Heating Innovation Passive Solar DIY Part 2
This is a part of series with our home heating innovation DIY. The innovative black pipe absorber panel shall reduce the cost of home heating to a bare minimum. Our trial works for the solar heat collector and distribution system is almost complete. But this time we have increased the absorber panel size to 100 sft instead of usual 6' dia panel, which is almost approximately 4 times more. We shall publish other relevant details as soon as possible...but this one includes some on site modification for better performance. We are sure this shall help conserve energy to the extreme, truely a friendly DIY item for so many around the globe.
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Green infrared radiant heating.  The_Greenest_ House_w_todd_installation.flv
Discussing the safety of Enerjoy radiant heating panels as seen on The Greenest House.
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Ductless Heat Pumps in Salem, Oregon - Clean Energy Comfort
Ductless heat pumps by Clean Energy Comfort, and Mitsubishi Electric. Pictures in the video feature ductless heat pumps installed by Clean Energy Comfort. Ductless heat pumps are an extremely efficient way to heat and cool a home. They are perfect for homes that are being heated with electric resistance heat, such as baseboard heaters, cadet heaters, ceiling cable heat, or electric forced air furnaces. These very inefficient types of heat can be easily replaced by a ductless heat pump system, which can substantially lower utility cost, and provide air conditioning during the Summer as well as year around air filtration. If you are a resident in Oregon, and you are interested in ductless heat pumps, then contact Clean Energy Comfort for a no cost proposal. Please visit our website at www.cleanenergycomfort.com. You can also check out another of our ductless heat pump videos here: https://youtu.be/pjHiaTWpiXo
Denver Heating and Air Conditioning
http://aaatoday.com/wordpress/air-conditioning/ Denver heating and Air Conditioning -Central air conditioning and heatpump repairs, replacement, installation -- Denver area home cooling experts - We know how important your heat pump or central air conditioner unit is to your family's comfort during hot summer days. We service all air conditioner makes and models. Air conditioning breakdowns and problems are not cool, so our emergency cooling repair service gets your air conditioning system working like new in no time. Our central air conditioning maintenance plan assures your air conditioner is at its highest cooling efficiency at the lowest energy cost and won't leave you in a sweat. Central air conditioning and heat pump repairs Heating and air conditioning repairs Heat pumps, all repairs Emergency AC service All makes and models Air conditioning maintenance and tune-ups Recommended by manufacturers Maintain peak operating efficiency Extend equipment life Prevent costly breakdowns Our courteous, clean A/C technicians give you up front pricing and fix it fast the same day. We accommodate your schedule, arrive on time, listen closely to you, provide a thorough diagnosis, and recommend options. We price by the job, so there are no surprise costs for extra hours. Our air conditioning techs respect and protect your home with shoe covers, drop cloths, and do a thorough clean-up. You'll even get a follow up phone call to assure your satisfaction. If we do it, we stand by it. Central air conditioning experts, all makes and models of heat pumps and air conditioner units. Call AAA today, 303-313-3333 Home heating and air repairs, all makes and models Heating and air repairs Forced air gas furnaces Electric furnaces Heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps Radiant heating Heating duct repair and cleaning Indoor air quality products and services Emergency heating service available Home heaters -- maintenance & tune ups, furnaces, heat pumps, radiant heaters Recommended by manufacturers Maintain peak operating efficiency Extend equipment life Prevent costly breakdowns
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heating company Denver Colorado
heating company Denver Colorado http://www.aaatoday.com Furnace and heat pump repair, replacement and installation experts for Denver area homes We fix all home heating problems with heat pumps and furnaces. Our heating service is your local area home heating and air expert -- all makes and models. Heating breakdowns are not cool, so our emergency heating repair service gets your furnace, heat pump or boiler working like new in no time. Our heating maintenance plan assures your heater is at its highest heating efficiency at the lowest energy cost and won't leave you in the cold. Home heating and air repairs, all makes and models Heating and air repairs Forced air gas furnaces Electric furnaces Heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps Radiant heating Heating duct repair and cleaning Indoor air quality products and services Emergency heating service available Home heaters -- maintenance & tune ups, furnaces, heat pumps, radiant heaters Recommended by manufacturers Maintain peak operating efficiency Extend equipment life Prevent costly breakdowns Our courteous, clean technicians give you up front pricing and fix it fast the same day. We accommodate your schedule, arrive on time, listen closely to you, provide a thorough diagnosis, and recommend options. We price by the job, so there are no surprise costs for extra hours. Our home heating and air experts respect and protect your home with shoe covers, drop cloths, and do a thorough clean-up. You'll even get a follow up phone call to assure your satisfaction. If we do it, we stand by it. Home heating and air repairs done right, done today! Call us now and it's fixed today. 313-303-3333.
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Low Cost Flatbed Paddy Dryer under Operation Hmaw Bi Rice Research Center!
This is Vietnam Design, Low Cost Paddy Dryer constructed by Pioneer Post Harvest Development Group, Myanmar. PPHDG got technology from Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, under the arrangement of IRRC projects by International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). PPHDG has been developed nearly 100 units and more than a hundred units by technology transfer to local mechanics in Myanmar. This dryer is commercial type with the capability of drying 4-5 tons of paddy in one batch. The duration of drying time depends on the initial moisture content of paddy, that means, the higher the initial moisture content (MC), the longer the drying time. These types of dryers are reasonable in investment, environmentally friendly, easy to operate, easy to maintain, cheaper in drying cost in compare with other types of dryers, can operate in lack of electricity, etc.
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How To Replace an Old Thermostat
Learn how to replace a thermostat to save money on your heating and cooling bills. For more tips on how to change a thermostat, see our Home Thermostats playlist here: https://thd.co/2MJjiGt Replace your old thermostat with a smart thermostat that allows you to easily program it and control it with your smartphone. Although these smart thermostats are more expensive up front, they can save you money in the long run. To learn more about smart or WiFi thermostats and to see a full selection, click here: https://thd.co/2MHMEEP For a lower cost solution, a traditional non-programmable thermostat is a great option: https://thd.co/2NSbV42 To learn more about how to install a thermostat, see our guide here: https://thd.co/2NLku0v Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more helpful home improvement tips, ideas, and projects: http://thd.co/2iib0HE Connect with us on your favorite social media channel: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/homedepot/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/homedepot/ Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/homedepot/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/homedepot/
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Fuelless Heater, No Fuel, No Gas, No Biofuel, No Green House Gases
CREDITS: theoneagain: http://www.youtube.com/user/theoneagain from the webmaster Although the device is efficient, in most all water heating applications it is difficult to economically justify a device. The company has moved towards the mixing and reaction chemistry applications and specialized heating applications. The system can heat water, but there are numerous competing technologies that can heat water and make steam that are much less capital intensive and often cheaper to operate, as electricity is an expensive and highly refined fuel when compared to gas, coal or oil. Because of this we ceased marketing home/residential heating systems and generic steam systems. Our core heating applications are now applications where: A fluid scales rapidly on a heat transfer surface Safety/operational concerns demand a flameless system for safety Total automation is needed and not available with conventional technology Our heating applications are largely niche applications where conventional technology falls short. Examples of heating applications well suited to the device include: Heating of food products such as cheese, eggs and chocolate Heating chemical and polymeric streams Heating industrial brines and heavy salt solutions Our company continues to strive to bring our customers the best industrial heating, mixing and reactor solutions. PRODUCT REVIEW HYDRODYNAMICS.com or http://www.totalsep.com/sprmoreinfo.htm
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How To Install Underfloor Heating | Rated People
Mick Laverick of LeeMick Ltd has been an underfloor heating engineer for 15 years. In this video, Mick takes us through the process of laying water underfloor heating and explains why he considers floor heating to be a far preferable way to heat your home than central heating. As well as underfloor heating costs being significantly lower than central heating, an absence of radiators can free up floor space and make it easier to position furniture in rooms against walls. Heated floors can also give you more control over the temperature of individual rooms. If you’re considering installing an underfloor heating system, we’d always recommend getting a professional underfloor heating company like Mick’s to do the job. Find a tradesperson for the job easily and for free – just post your job on RatedPeople.com: http://rated.uk/tmLyw and up to three tradespeople will get in touch. They’ve been rated by previous customers, so take the time to read their reviews and choose the one that’s best for you. Read more about the ins and outs of water-based underfloor heating on our blog: http://rated.uk/K2KoY Plus, find out more about different types of heating systems – including water and electric underfloor heating – as well as the cost of underfloor heating here: http://rated.uk/6xBYw Follow Rated People on: Facebook: http://rated.uk/U46Fu Twitter: http://rated.uk/LmdUw LinkedIn: http://rated.uk/LKMf3 Find out more about Rated People and what we do: http://rated.uk/oMPjt   Rated People are the UK’s number 1 online marketplace, connecting over 1m homeowners with over 50,000 quality local tradespeople who between them specialise in over 30 trades.
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Auburn Fireplace Low Cost UPGRADE Gas Log, Bead, Glass Options
http://www.customfireside.com/ FOR ASSISTANCE CALL: 916-331-2423 http://www.facebook.com/pag... $450 - $750 Instant Savings in Auburn. Instant rebates of $450-$750 on gas inserts, $300 rebates on gas logs, and $250 rebates on pellet stoves in Auburn city and county. Contact Custom Fireside for details. Our new Elk Grove store is now open! We moved to 9097 Elk Grove Blvd. in "Old Town" and have 50% more stoves and inserts on display. Custom Fireside is now an Avalon Dealer with a complete line of their gas, wood, and pellet stoves and inserts. Come take a look!
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Heat-On Heating Systems - room temperature comparison
Heat-On heating panels have just been installed in one classroom. The heaters have been switched ON for only 15 minutes. The room has increased around 1.5 degrees C in ambient temperature. In the second classroom our electrician is still installing the heaters and therefore there is no heating operating. We measure the surface temperatures of the floor in both rooms comparing both carpet & timber. The results are a difference of between 4~5 degrees C after only 15 minutes of heating.
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DIY tips to improve wood-burning fireplace efficiency
Curling up by the fire may sound cozy, but if your fireplace is burning wood, it’s definitely not efficient. A wood-burning fireplace is one of the least efficient ways to heat your home. Since hot air rises, the majority of the hot air produced by the fireplace, along with the heated air from your home, goes out the chimney. Only a small percentage of heated air from the fireplace makes it into the room. Installing a natural gas fireplace insert converts a wood-burning fireplace into a more efficient heating option for your home. If you can’t invest in a natural gas insert, there are other do-it-yourself options to make your wood burning fireplace more energy efficient. These include adding glass doors with insulation and a tight seal, installing an outdoor air intake at the back of the fireplace, turning on a ceiling fan in the room, placing wood on a grate with C-shaped metal tubes and burning only dry hard wood. Get more energy-efficiency tips at our website: powerhousetv.com. Learn more about our TV show and show times at www.powerhousetv.com/GetShowInfo/StationsShowTimes/ .
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18 EER Rooftop Air conditioner - Daikin McQuay Heat pump Air conditioning
The new Daikin McQuay Rebel commercial packaged rooftop system offers building owners unprecedented energy savings using quality manufactured McQuay equipment incorporated with advanced Daikin technologies that include an industry first VAV down to 3 tons, heat pump with hybrid (gas, electric, hot water) heat options, patented ultra-quiet condenser fans, and an inverter scroll compressor that minimizes on/off cycling. Rebel's innovative design creates energy efficiencies that overwhelmingly surpass ASHRAE's 90.1 quality standard by a staggering 71%, and is a testament of Daikin McQuay's commitment toward providing the efficiency, quality, reliability, and serviceability that you expect from the world's leading HVAC manufacturer. HVAC System Type 3-15 ton commercial packaged rooftop. Building Application Ideal for any low-rise commercial buildings such as schools, retail, and dedicated outdoor air systems. Featuring Daikin inverter scroll compressor, VAV down to 3 tons, heat pump with hybrid heat options, ultra-quiet condenser fan, ECM fan motors, modulating hot gas reheat, MicroTech® III controller, stand-alone or hybrid heat options, energy recovery, and configurable as CAV, VAV, or DOAS. Benefits New technologies deliver unmatched energy efficiencies and cost savings, providing payback to owners in as little as two years!
Mr. Heater HERO:  QUIET!!
Mr. Heater HERO: QUIET!!. The Worlds First Cordless Forced Air Propane Heater. For more information and to purchase HERO: http://bit.ly/2By51Hk HERO: http://bit.ly/2nwYoTF
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Electric Tankless Water Heaters - The Reasons They Are The More Effective Options
http://electrictanklesswaterheaters.org/ click here to get more information about electric tankless water heater. There is a lot of informative article in the blog. Check it out now. tags tankless water heater, under sink water heater, water heater electric tankless, electric tankless water heater, electric water heater tankless, water heater tankless,
Thermostatic valves - HVAC
http://www.caleffi.com - Thermostatic valves, thermostatic heads. Do you wish to reduce energy waste and heating bills at low cost? Thermostatic radiator valves are the easiest way to achieve your goal. They determine the hot water flow to your radiator to keep the ambient temperature of the room where they are installed constant at the set value. This prevents unwanted temperature rises and achieves considerable energy savings. For more information, jump to www.caleffi.com.
Solar heat clothes drying trailer
Building a mobile demo trailer that show cases our solar heat panels and some options for more than just space heating
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