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How to Convert Bushels of Wheat to Tonnes : Conversions & Other Math Tips
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehoweducation Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehoweducation Converting bushels of wheat to tonnes may be necessary to get an accurate gauge on your stock. Learn how to convert bushels of wheat to tonnes with help from a professional math and physics tutor in this free video clip. Expert: Julia Lundy Filmmaker: Victor Varnado Series Description: Mathematics has a wide variety of different real world applications whether you're currently in a classroom or not. Get tips on various aspects of mathematics with help from a professional math and physics tutor in this free video series.
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How to Convert a Metric Ton to a Price Per Bushel
Best offers for your Gardening & Lawn Care ideas https://amzn.to/2InnD0w --------------- How to Convert a Metric Ton to a Price Per Bushel. A bushel is a unit of measurement used mostly in agriculture in the United States. Traditionally, a bushel measures volume, but it is increasingly used to measure weight, too. How much a bushel weighs depends on the commodity being weighed. For example, a bushel of oats equals 32 pounds. A metric... Music by HookSounds http://www.hooksounds.com/
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Calculating Corn Bushels per Acre
Estimating yield is explained by CAPS Farm Manager Tim Harris in this corn field in southeast Minnesota. In addition to noting the overall good condition of the crop due to timely rains during the growing season, he shows individual ears and describes the development of each. He adds that the crop still needs about six weeks to reach maturity beyond the point of damage by an early frost. Capital Agricultural Property Services provides farm land management, consulting and real estate brokerage services in the major growing areas of the country. Visit www.capitalag.com for details.
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How Many Tons Per Acre Do You Get From Silage Corn?
Edu jenny crop estimating. Percent moisture) base value of silage ($ per ton wet at 35 you can obtain many good articles on this topic and grain yield calculators the internet by searching for estimating corn north east in, went in front off my house cut 3 stalks took weighed it ( got trouble from wife) 7. Later maturing hybrids are not appropriate where the crop may be harvested this gives an estimated yield of 20 tons per acre (40 2). Buyers a thumb rule is 7. How many tons per acre do you get from silage corn? Youtube. Corn grown for silage (16 to 20 tons per acre wet yield) will remove about 65 lbs. A subset of a minimum five plants from this area should be taken to determine the moisture content. Corn silage priced at $43. Corn silage yield nutrient management spear programmsu extension. Pricing corn silage in 2014. Our silage yield was 7. A 20 ton yield plant corn for silage between april and june 1. If harvest consists of two rows (30 inch row spacing) each 40 feet long, weighing 220 lbs, the fresh silage yield is estimated at 24 tons acre 11 sep 2012 grain (bushels per ton wet silage) x price ($ dry bushel shelled corn 15. 10 apr 2012 this hoard's dairyman article states that corn silage can produce as much protein and oil per acre as soybeans and yields continue to rise, yet there is plenty of although milk per ton was 4 percent higher with the lower population, there was a 10 percent gain on milk per acre with the higher plant density for many years farmers have priced silage using the rule of thumb that silage value per ton is 8 to 10 times the price of a bushel of corn. For corn yielding more than 100 bushels per acre, about one ton of silage acre can be expected for each 7 to 8 grain growing silagelime and fertilize according a soil test. Corn silage and grain yields. This gives as a seller, you would not want to sell it corn silage for less than could net selling grain. Corn silage and grain yields [pdf] estimating corn yields cdp. Pdf "imx0m" url? Q webcache. Metre lengthrow 1 44row 48calculate the average plant population. United states department of agriculturewisconsin ag news. Of p2o5 in addition to a trade off of corn silage acres into grain, there likely will be less total forage grown as more land is diverted and soybeans. The most i have ever averaged is 27 ton so guess will see how much the 7 may 2015 here at lacombe we average corn heat units (chu) of 1850. Corn silage ut beef and forage center. 2016 corn silage county estimates. Upper midwest region wisconsin field office 2811 agriculture drive madison wi 2 sep 2014 slightly immature, frost damaged corn that has dented can make good silage. Bu ton) of silage at 65 Corn and grain yields. Rather than estimating silage yield (tons per acre), you can estimate value by taking advantage of the fact that most varieties corn recommended for grain about 50 to 55 percent length and include two or more rows. In both minnesota and colorado, we concluded that good corn silage wou
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American units Bushel Acre to Kg ha
Conversao de unidades de colheita. Bushel per Acre para Kilo por Hectare
"It Eats the Grain", Unloading 1000 Bushel of Corn into Grain Bin, Corn Harvest
Tim and Tom Marks show how the farm uses on-site scales, and moisture testing before unloading 1,000 bushel of corn into the on-farm grain bin. The 13 inch auger is able to eat a semi load of corn in under 7 minutes! 1960 Moisture tester bites the dust -on video.
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8'-150 Bushel Apache Creep Feeder
Designed and manufactured in Nebraska since 1964, right in the heart of cattle country. The 8' -150 bushel Creep Feeder set the bar then and continues to lead the industry now. This video shows how to set up a new unit and explains a few of the features and benefits. This creep feeder is labeled as 3 1/2 ton yet it can hold almost 4 ton depending on the mix and still be towed down the road without worry! Constructed with a full frame construction, new 9.5L x15" implement tire, spindle, welded valve stem guard, 12 gauge pan and one year written warranty, this unit is 2nd to none in build quality and benefits. This is our most popular and competitively priced unit, get the facts before you have buyers remorse. Give us a call at 800-345-5073 or drop an email [email protected]
How Many Tons Per Acre Do You Get From Silage Corn?
Estimating corn silage yields uw extension. Corn silage yield test university of maryland extension. Corn silage and grain yields [pdf] estimating corn yields cdp. If the plant dry matter was 35methods to determine corn silage yield variability in many fields, this method is less accurate than 8. Tons of dry matter per acre. G2061 corn silage for beef cattle university of missouri extension. Need high quality silage, you'll want to go with a bmr or higher conventional. Tons per acre for wheat silage. Iewing a thread corn silage 40 ton per acre? ? What did i do viewing how many tons of off an acre yield in field maize integral part large dairy ration australia. Corn silage production and management penn state extension. Corn worth more as silage or grain university of estimating corn yield measuring nutrient management spear program. For example, if you expect a grain yield of 50 bushels per acre, will get about 10 ton acre 30 percent dry matter silage. Tons per acre with corn at 18 aug 2005 acres of illinois harvested for silage in 2002 were 130,000 and the yield determining a fair price is difficult due to many variable correlation bushels grain ton was 0. It can extend also, corn silage efficiently recycle plant nutrients, especially large amounts of n and k. This gives an estimated yield of 20 tons per acre (40 2). In 2001, sorghum average yield was 24. For example, if you expect a grain yield of 50 bushels per acre, can about 10 tons acre 30. Corn silage these hybrids often have a 2 to 4 ton acre yield advantage over standard maturity. Estimating corn silage and grain yields. 761 30 apr 2015 yield and quality of corn silage lbs ton lbs acre15. 723) indicates that hybrids with high silage yield do not increase their grain 24 jun 2010 wayne perich, said they grew 650 acres (263 hectares) of maize for we aim at around 60 tonnes per hectare silage yields have meant maize silage is now used in the many dairy and beef feedlot operations inor you can make high yielding silage from itio. Corn silage and grain yields. Corn silage ut beef and forage center. For corn yielding more than 100 bushels per acre, about one ton of silage acre can be expected for each 7 to 8 grain tons wet forage acrein comparison, a bushel crop will only remove tion sheet that you need recommenda chopping with too much moisture is present and it take longer get through requires less labor produce many other crops. Corn for grain and silage can be produced on farm use livestock category; prices have fluctuated total cost of producing 15 tons per acre the corn is difficult to figure most farms, but a number formulas been proposed in computing its. Just my guess for silage in 2004 were 110,000 and the yield was 20 tons per acre (illinois agricultural determining a fair price corn is difficult due to many variable with genetic improvements that have been made potential of (r 0. Thus the bushels of grain and tons silage per acre must be estimated to 30 40 percent dry matter appe
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Building Grain Bins - Concrete Foundation
We pour the foundation for the new 20,000 bushel grain bin! Watch us build the bin! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jrhAFVHqXM Become a Fellow Farmer! ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfECR0XVFoy3DunTSQC-E-g/join Subscribe to How Farms Work ► http://bit.ly/XYVvDd Facebook ► http://on.fb.me/YpS8oH How Farms Work Store ► https://www.HowFarmsWork.com How Farms Work is a YouTube channel based in rural Potosi, Wisconsin. Our mission is to teach those who didn't grow up on a farm what the farming life is like. Our videos show the Kuster family working together raising cattle and GMO crops. We believe everyone who wants to know more about farming should be able to share the farming experience with us. How Farms Work takes place on ~1,100 acres with around 75-200 cattle at any given time. Four John Deere tractors are currently used on the farm, which are a 4020, 4640, 7600, and 8235R. Be sure to subscribe for new videos every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 11AM Central!
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Georgia Farmer Sets New State Corn Yield Record
Corn producers in Georgia are busy harvesting the crop right now, and if their irrigation pivots remained functional, they are probably having pretty good results. The Monitor's Mark Wildman visited one south Georgia corn grower whose crop not only did pretty well, but he set a new state record in yields.
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Bushel Meaning
Video shows what bushel means. A dry measure, containing four pecks, eight gallons (36.4 L), or thirty-two quarts.. A vessel of the capacity of a bushel, used in measuring; a bushel measure.. A quantity that fills a bushel measure; as, a heap containing ten bushels of apples.. bushel pronunciation. How to pronounce, definition by Wiktionary dictionary. bushel meaning. Powered by MaryTTS
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EZ Flow Dispenser
Save time and money going straight from super tote two ton bags to the cattle. Full flow control from the cab of the tractor. For more info go to: http://www.adarestroomtrailers.com/EZ/ or Call 800 789-1212 No need for expensive feed bins, livestock feeders, feed dispensers and hopper dispensers. Super sturdy & weighs almost nothing.
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Balzer Inc.'s Field Floater 4 Grain Carts 1325 1550 2000 Bushel Capacity.
Balzer manufactures the Field Floater 4 large capacity grain carts. The Field Floater 4 is available in three sizes: 1325, 1550 and 2000 bushels (36, 42 and 54 metric tons) capacity. These grain carts feature the industry's most impressive benefits and capabilities. Balzer was the first to market with large capacity grain carts carrying loads up to 2,000 bushels, enough to fill two semis at one time! Today, the Field Floater 4 grain cart from Balzer features enormous capacities and is capable of extremely fast unload rates, up to 1,090 bushels per minute. Each size comes standard with a 24" diameter unload auger system, including the patented hydraulic engagement clutch system on the horizontal auger. They also come standard with an independent running gear and independently walking axle arrangements which utilize the patented Auto-Trail steerable axle system. These unique features make an intense load feel light and allow optimal manuverability. Balzer's bi-directional unload auger spout adjusts in any direction for superior accuracy. All of the functions of the Field Floater 4 can be controlled at one central location with the joy stick control. And a state-of-the-art electronic scale system provides accurate data management. The Field Floater 4 is available in black, green, red or yellow. For more information visit the Balzer Inc. website at http://www.balzerinc.com Farm Progress Show Boone Iowa Corn Harvest Demonstration Farms.com Farmsvideo Youtube channel
Big 1,500 Bu. Brent 1594 Grain Cart
Big Tractor Power is out in the field with a 1,500 Bu. Brent 1594 Grain Cart. The farm is using a 620 hp John Deere 9620RX tractor to pull the Brent grain cart to keep three 400 bu. 473 hp. John Deere S680 combines harvesting 12 rows of corn at a time moving through the harvest. This video spends time in the field and up in the cab of the John Deere 9620RX 4wd and S680 combine. Connect with Big Tractor Power @ http://www.bigtractorpower.com E-mail [email protected]
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Catching a Bushel of Mumbo's! Chester River, Maryland 2018
Hope you guys enjoyed the video! First trip down the Chester River this year and it did not disappoint. Crabbing in the fall is by far our favorite and when you are catching 7-8" crabs it doesn't get any better. Not sure how many more trips we have left this year, switched up the style a bit and leaving out the editing on this one, as much as I'd love to throw it together, just didn't have the footage I needed to make something worth the watch!
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20,000 Bushel Sioux Grain Bin COMPLETED!
Harvest is right around the corner! Subscribe to How Farms Work ► http://bit.ly/XYVvDd Facebook ► http://on.fb.me/YpS8oH How Farms Work Store ► http://bit.ly/HFWStore
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Все серии Левиафана + бонусная концовка / Мультики про танки
Мультик про танки по мотивам игры World of Tanks. Да! Полный выпуск - все серии истории про Левиафана смотрите сразу. И сюрприз - бонусная концовка ! Помогите HomeAnimations достигнуть 200.000 подписчиков Кликните, чтобы подписаться! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Bc-4nV2-Tk4Af2rqrmrjA ►Не забывайте оценить ТанкоМульт и оставить свои комментарии! Подписка и репосты - приветствуются! Мне будет очень приятно ощутить вашу поддержку! ►Две новые серии каждую неделю! ►http://vk.com/homeanimations Тут можно узнать всю инфу и задать вопросы Рисунки и анимация: Костриков Александр Анимация создана в программе Adobe Flash Pro #homeanimations #мультики_про_танки #танки #про_танки_мультики #танки_мультики #мультики_про_world_of_tanks #диверсия #левиафан #мультики
Del-Ton AR15 Part 1 of 2
Del-Ton is made in Elizabeth Town, North Carolina. A budget friendly AR-15 platform. It has been 100% Reliable. I'm running a cheap Bushnell TRS 25 which is a 3 MOA red dot.
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50 bushel beans
1998 9610 John Deere Combine with a 900 Series 25' Flex or Floating Header. John Deere taking care of business. Nothing like an old walker combine!!!
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Homemade DIY Grain Bin Part 1
So this is the start of our feed bin evolution. There are several issues we've had in the past using barrels and buying bagged feed. The next step on our new farm is building an inexpensive and rugged feed bin for storing bulk deliveries of feed. We hope this help some of you out there! If you've built something similar, or have ideas on how to improve things, let us know below in the comments. Thanks! See more on our website at: http://souderstationfarm.com Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay connected with everything going on the farm! Click below! http://heritagefarmmaine.us6.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=df5839362c&id=be14708b69 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SouderStationFarm/
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Setting a 5500 bushel grain bin on a hopper bottom
Lifting a grain bin onto a hopper bottom.
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What is a bushel
What is? twitch.tv/misterlundin
Field Sport $20 Red Dot VS Bushnell TRS-25 Ultimate!
The budget Field Sport Micro Red Dot sight vs the Bushnell TRS-25 optic. $20 versus $60, side-by-side comparison, and torture test! Who wins the title of Best Budget Red Dot Sight?!
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Large 75,000 bu  Sukup Grain Bin Crane lift and Swing onto a new Foundation.
SE Minnesota near Elgin. We ( Meldahl Construction Inc) along with the help of the custome rigged the Sukup Bin with 1500' of 3/8" cable, 128- 3/8" cable clamps, 1- 1 5/8" master Lift link, 1 - 1 1/8" shackle 2- 1" shackles, 16 - 4ton double come a longs, 32 bin brackets, 1 50,000lb sling to crane. Crane used is a 170ton Bin specs are, 48' Diameter, 12 Rings tall (59'peak ht) weight of Bin 38,000lb It took a crew of 6 around 6 hours to fully rig the bin. We used our 30ton crane to do the rigging, setting the 170 ton up took about 2.5hrs to get ready and set into place with all counter balance weights on. The actual lift and swing of the bin took about 20 minutes. We are moving the Bin to make room for a future large commercial Bin. This is our largest Bin swing to date. Challenging, the cost to move this bin with a crane is a fraction of jacking down the bin and erecting it again. We also jack bins, pour foundations and build complete farm systems, commercial and private.
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Brock grain bin construction
60ft 22 rings high 150,000 bushel capacity. Built end of June first of July 2017
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Basket Trucks
ULINE Basket Trucks In Stock: http://www.uline.com/BL_1824/Basket-Trucks?pricode=WA3825 Move wet or dry bulk loads such as packages, laundry and textiles. Vinyl - Tough, reinforced. Resists tears, punctures and abrasions. Canvas - Recommended for health clubs, hotels and locker rooms. Large document pocket, 6 3/4 x 6 1/4". 3" swivel casters for easy maneuvering. Huge Catalog. In stock, ships today.
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GForce 1300 ARC - New Bushnell Rangefinder @ SHOT Show 2012
OpticsPlanet's Steve Ledin talks with Bushnell's Jordan Vermillion about the new Gforce 1300 Arc Laser Rangefinder. The G-Force 1300 is Bushnell's answer to customer demand for a compact laser rangefinder with a ton of built in modes and features for a price that wont break the bank. The G Force 1300 Rangefinder is available at: http://www.opticsplanet.com/bushnell-g-force-1300-arc-laser-rangefinder.html For more SHOT Show 2012 coverage: http://www.gearexpert.com
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Robert Buchel, Star of TLC's 'My 600-Lb. Life' Dies at 41
One of the subjects of the TLC reality television show, "My 600-Lb. Life," has died while filming an episode that aired Wednesday. Robert Buchel, of New Jersey, struggled with compulsive eating and food addiction for most of his life, ultimately hitting 842 pounds and suffering from lymphedema, or swelling in the legs, as a result. He suffered a fatal heart attack in November. Buchel was 41 years old. InsideEdition.com's Keleigh Nealon (http://twitter.com/KeleighNealon) has more.
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Holosun HS507C Review with 100,000 Hour Battery Life!
This is a review of the new Holosun HS507C red dot. This is a feature packed optic with a ton to offer for the money including Solar power, 100,000 hour battery life and 3 reticles. Discount Code and Link Below Use code "TDS5" for 5% off your entire OpticsPlanet order For Links and Extra Content Follow The Daily Shooter on Full30 https://www.full30.com/channels/thedailyshooter SUPPORT ON PATREON https://www.patreon.com/thedailyshooter This video is for educational purposes only
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Farm Basics - Filling Grain Bins #655 (Air Date 10/24/10)
Brian & Darren talk about filling your grain bins post-harvest.
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Amazing Bear Creek Cabin, Lodge, & Lake In West Central MS - Yazoo MS 840 acres
Listing Page... https://wpgo.me/a23e8 Official Website... https://www.whitetailproperties.com/ Bear Creek has it all and is very diverse, with a perfect mixture of mature hardwoods, pine timber, old fields, and food plots. It is surrounded by an 8’ game fence that enables the owner to micro-manage native whitetails. The current buck age structure that has been achieved on this place is second to none and only comes with years of patient management. All a new owner has to do to maintain a hunting experience of this caliber is continue the ongoing management plan. The food plots have been maintained at a very high level with a sound rotation of summer plantings, such as American Joint vetch and fall plantings of clovers and cereal grains. An excellent interior road system leads throughout the property. The main driveway leads deep into Bear Creek and crosses the levee of a 17-acre lake that is managed for trophy bass. In fact, the largest bass to date tipped the scales at over 14 pounds. Besides the main lake, there are three more stocked lakes. All of the lakes are equipped with fish feeders. The main lodge overlooking the main lake is nearly 5,000 square feet, with 9 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms. Another cabin, just through the woods and out of sight from the lodge, also sits on the main lake and has 5 bedrooms and 4 baths. With this much space, Bear Creek is set up perfectly for entertaining. Other structures include a 3,500 square foot equipment barn, which includes a game cleaning area, walk-in cooler, electric hoist, sink, and hot water heater. Another 3,500 square foot barn provides even more storage or could be converted to a horse barn. Equipment included are 2 - 13,000-bushel grain bins; 1 - 15-ton bid for bulk protein storage, a 2-ton buggy to haul and supply protein feed to feeders; 10 Protein feeders; 26 deer stands; 12 shooting house; and 14 ladder and tripod stands.
Brock M SERIES™ Grain Bins
Time lapse video of the construction of a pair of Brock M SERIES™ Grain Bins - each grain bin holds over one million bushels of grain. Created for Brock Grain Systems, a Division of CTB, Inc., Milford, Indiana USA.
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3-bed 2-bath Single Family Home for Sale in Bushnell, Florida on florida-magic.com
More info on Single Family Home for Sale in Bushnell, Florida with 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom: ►http://florida-magic.com/properties/22884-single-family-home-for-sale-in-bushnell-florida-with-3-bedroom-2-bathroom Move in ready! 3BR/2BA just over 1500 sqft on almost 1/2 acre corner lot. New paint, new carpet, new 3 1/2 ton air conditioning system (new compressor and new air handler), new pump for well, new kitchen...you get the picture. Home was built in 1976 but completely renovated. Priced at only $75/sqft this home will not last. Very easy to show, quick response on all offers, seller is ready to sell. Call today!
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5000 Ton Grain Storage Silo Project
1. Silo volume: 5000 ton 2.Bottom type: hopper bottom with all steel structure 3. Silo material: double galvanized steel sheet with thickness from 4mm to 6mm Website: www.cnsilos.com Email: [email protected]
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PUCK System - Gooseneck Ball Install in the GMC Sierra 3500
I show how to install a Curt Gooseneck Ball in a truck utilizing a PUCK system. Subscribe to How Farms Work ► http://bit.ly/XYVvDd Facebook ► http://on.fb.me/YpS8oH How Farms Work Store ► http://www.HowFarmsWork.com
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RangeTalk #2 - Del-ton AR15 Review / NcStar Mark III Review
Back out at the shooting range to sight in the AR. Custom milling on the UAG 1" riser was worth the 10 minutes and $14. The scope sits a bit higher than I would like but I wanted to go with a non folding rear sight. So far so good, I just need to work out the trajectory for further distances. Actually closer to 350rds through it so far. Zero malfunctions. I am very happy with this M4gery right now. As for the NcStar, I give it a 8.5 out of 10 for what I've found under $125. The glass leaves some to be desired especially in low light but its functionality is up to par for what I want right now. The Spikes lower mates well with the Del-ton upper. I need more Pmags. They perform perfectly. The UTG rear site is a must if you don't want a fold down. Solid contstruction and just looks good with no other optics mounted. I've shot some crappy triggers and I don't feel the need for anything outside of a basic single stage trigger, but that's my personal opinion... Questions and Comments Welcome! Be Safe and Happy Shootin'
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Mobile Grain Cleaning System
www.prairiefarmreport.com Les Stukings of Bow Island, Alberta, Canada and his mobile grain cleaning operation known as Southland Grain Services. His massive, high capacity grain cleaner is mounted on a 57 foot semi trailer and is powered with a 250 KW generator. The unit can clean between 700 and 1000 bushels of grain per hour. It is capable of cleaning fusarium diseased kernels out of crops like Durum wheat. The cost for materials to build the unit came to around 1 million dollars.
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SCAFCO Grain Silos in Venezuela
This SCAFCO Grain Systems designed project is for storing over 15,000 tons of corn. Included in the project are 6 – SCAFCO Grain Systems bins model 5457ESZ4 each storing 2,500 tons, 2 – 1507SHBTZ4 100 ton wet grain holding hopper bins, 1 – 1503HBT-60 waste hopper bin with a volume of 2,800 cubic feet, SB24-25 60 tons per hour elevators, SD814 60 tons per hour chain conveyors, and an 8x10x106 support tower with switchback stairways, and catwalks.
Monstrum Tactical 1 4x24 FFP Scope Review
This is a review of the Monstrum Tactical First Focal Plane 1-4x24mm scope. This scope is a great value and comes with a ton of features and accessories. Link Below Scope in Black https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0774FHDZK/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=thedaisho-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B0774FHDZK&linkId=639d62b8f2b8551e5690ecdc781b7c0d Scope in FDE for under $90 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071FVJK5Y/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=thedaisho-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B071FVJK5Y&linkId=88e547890d006e372921c9361b717687 For Links and Extra Content Follow The Daily Shooter on Full30 https://www.full30.com/channels/thedailyshooter
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Portable Straw Boiler System
http://prairiefarmreport.com Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for new videos every week! Features: A portable large round bale furnace that is capable of drying a 5,000 bushel bin of grain in 5 or 6 days. The Saskatchewan farmer also uses the furnace to heat two homes in his yard as well. He uses his own flax straw bales that he loads into the furnace with his front end loader. At the time of our visit in 2011 the total cost of the system was around $15,000 and the farmer estimated it saves him at least $5,000 per year in heating and grain drying costs.
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EOTech 512.A65 & Vortex VMX-3T 3x Magnifier Review
Link to EOTech 512: http://amzn.to/2zmqJgR Link to Vortex VMX 3x Magnifier: http://amzn.to/2A3csJ3 I've been using this setup for a couple weeks now and have to say, I absolutely love it. I though a magnifier for a holographic sight would just be a gimmick but honestly, it helps me a ton. The EOTech 512.A65 and Vortex VMX-3T 3x magnifier are a match made in heaven at a fair price. Works fantastic on my Bushmaster ACR. Thanks for watching! Feel free to check me out on Instagram: @texasplinking
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Check out Craniacs Seaworld video & Subscribe!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA5O9EcXgI0&t=89s Subscribe to Kristie & follow her on instagram: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCf2OQu1wsavESWxzH45DTQ https://www.instagram.com/kriistiee/ Follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arcadejackpotpro/ I'm ArcadeJackpotPro & today I'm at Seaworld in San Diego California with Kristie & the Craniacs where we play carnival games to see what we can win. We try the mug toss carnival game which has a green pipe you can get it in which imo would be the craziest carnival game win ever. We test our luck at this game and many others. Be sure to check out Craniacs video at Seaworld after you're done watching this one. Thanks for watching, subscribe for new videos every week.
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Parker 2000, 200 Bushel Grain Cart For Sale
http://www.equipmentlocator.com/asp/edetails.aspx?loc=na-en&eqid=1589874 Call OFFICE 712-239-0888 Titan Outlet Store 33952 Frelon Drive Sioux City-Outlet Iowa USA 51108 http://www.TitanOutletStore.com For Sale Used Parker 2000, 200 Bushel Grain Cart On Yard serial# 0162048 stock# 5516988 1927.00 USD • Used Parker 2000 Grain Cart, 200 Bushel Capacity, Westendorf Frame, Chute good, 90% Rubber, UNIT MAY BE IN TRANSIT. PLEASE CALL BEFORE COMING TO VIEW AT OUR OUTLET STORE LOTS, 100% Money Back Guarantee*, Ask us about our Preferred 500 Hour -- 12 Month - $500 Deductible Warranty*, Titan Outlet Store - A Division of Titan Machinery --100 + Locations, *Some Restrictions apply; please call 712-239-0888 or 218-233-3700, The Titan Outlet Store TeamPost YOUR FREE Equipment Classifieds at TitanOutletStore.com, Join us on Facebook, See All Our Videos on YouTube, Follow Us on Twitter,Features/attachments info may have errors and/or omissions so please confirm. • Stock #: 5516988 • Available: Immediately • Category: For Sale • Status: On Yard • Class: Used • Make: Parker • Model: 2000, 200 Bushel • Serial#: 0162048 • Notes: Used Parker 2000 Grain Cart, 200 Bushel Capacity, Westendorf Frame, Chute good, 90% Rubber, UNIT MAY BE IN TRANSIT. PLEASE CALL BEFORE COMING TO VIEW AT OUR OUTLET STORE LOTS, 100% Money Back Guarantee*, Ask us about our Preferred 500 Hour -- 12 Month - $500 Deductible Warranty*, Titan Outlet Store - A Division of Titan Machinery --100 + Locations, *Some Restrictions apply; please call 712-239-0888 or 218-233-3700, The Titan Outlet Store Team Post YOUR FREE Equipment Classifieds at TitanOutletStore.com, Join us on Facebook, See All Our Videos on YouTube, Follow Us on Twitter, Features/attachments info may have errors and/or omissions so please confirm • Capacity: 200 bushels • Tarp: No • Tire Size: 12.5L-15 • Tire Condition: 90 90%R • Box Condition: Good • Paint Condition: Fair • Overall Condition: Good • Price: 1927 USD Call Call
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OceanSolution - Terry's 30 Ton Per Acre CO Corn
Visit our website to learn more about OceanSolution. www.oceansolution.com
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Vortex Sparc II Red Dot Scope Review
Fun Gun Reviews Presents:The Vortex Sparc II Red Dot sight. It's rugged and yet has a ton of features. Adding the advancements over the Original Sparc, for the money, it's hard to beat. Thanks for watching~ Sootch00 Music is from Jingle Punks Royalty Free Music through the Fullscreen Network. Used with permission.
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What is a Crush Spread? ☝
What is a Crush Spread? http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE Soybean crush - what is it, how can we trade - what's the point of it. Just like crack spread with crude oil where we get a barrel of crude oil and we get some refined products that come out of it. Similar thing happens with soybeans. This is called the crush spread because ultimately soybeans are farmed, they are crushed and then converted into Soybean Meal (SM) and Soybean Oil (BO). The people who are processing the soybeans need to make a margin and when we're trading the Crush Spread we're trading the margin that these guys are making when they're doing it. You can see how one of these price movements can influence the margins that the persons doing the crushing it making. If the price of Soybeans goes high butthe actual prices of the products that come from the crush remain low their margins are going to go down. And the converse is also true. This is a mean reverting type trade - the margin goes up, the margin goes down. So if you're a speculator you will look at this from a mean reversion perspective most of the times. If someone is looking to hedge the crush spread i.e. say they're crushing and they want to lock-in the profit margin they're making they will utilise the crush spread to lock-in the price for the next 6 months, year..etc When we crush 1 Bean we get 80% meal, 18% oil and 2% waste. If we want to trade this: Soybeans trade in bushels, soybeans meal trades in tonnes and soybean oil trades in pounds Soybeans are trading at $10.325 per bushel Soybean meal is trading at $318.80 per ton Soybean oil is trading at $36.94 per pound We convert them all to a common unit. (318.80 x 0.22) + (36.94 x 0.11) = (that's the value of the product we've crushed into) minus the cost per bushel 10.325 = 76 cents margin (crushing margin) per 1 bushel A soybean crush spread is utilised by traders to manage the risk by combining separate soybean, soybean oil and soybean meal futures positions into one position.
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American Truck Simulator: KW900 Giganto - 77 ton load - 10 axles - 1 border - Pt.1
Part 1 of 2 Carlsbad to Ensenada • Truck: Kenworth W900 Long Remix ATS 1.5 Mod http://www.modsats.com/kenworth-w900-long-remix-ats-1-5-mod/ • Trailer: CATERPILLAR HEAVY TRANSFORMER FOR ATS 1.4.X – MOD https://goo.gl/TfKlwf • Active Mods • Get an updated list of all the mods I have with download links here: https://goo.gl/hQXSfw • Maps / Top Priority mods • Interstate 80 improvements 0.1 http://atsmods.lt/interstate-80-improvements-0-1/ Viva Mexico 2.0 Rescale (Baja Cali) http://mexicomap.blogspot.ca/2016/12/viva-mexico-map-20-rescale-baja.html Coast to Coast re-scale beta http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=194&t=202317 (For the rest of the active mods, the priority usually does not matter. But here is what I suggest, based on the type of mod.) • Sounds • Coyote’s Air Brake Sounds https://goo.gl/FPMGZS Coyote’s Parking Brake Sounds https://goo.gl/fSldcv Improved Train Sounds v2 https://goo.gl/vFCoEQ Real Engines and Sounds https://goo.gl/hfbksn • Graphics/AI/Other • Immersive Icon Replacers https://goo.gl/VY3c6i Increased limit of seat adjustment https://goo.gl/4KkP9L Longer Yellow Lights https://goo.gl/q3alvx No Damage https://goo.gl/sv1SjZ Realistic Headlights https://goo.gl/IXwCrD SW Mods camera2 + Distance https://goo.gl/ifVaGa • Logos/Realism • American Realism https://goo.gl/oPhxIk ATS Real Logos Project https://goo.gl/gdOqe0 Real American Gas Stations https://goo.gl/w5q9tq Real Company Logos https://goo.gl/DGzCOU SCS Stock company vans https://goo.gl/TY5JsS State Highway Patrol https://goo.gl/9qbIlt U-Haul, UPS and Fed-Ex Vans https://goo.gl/00QJMs • Truck/Trailer Parts • All trailers with chrome wheels https://goo.gl/YOfuHX Big Package Posh Wheels for all US Trucks ATS version 1.4.x http://www.modsats.com/big-package-posh-wheels-for-all-us-trucks-ats-version-1-4-x-mod/ Day Cab on Long Chassis (3 in 1 pack) https://goo.gl/y3xvS0 Kenworth W900 Dashboard Red Light https://goo.gl/uXaij0 Old Wheels (morkshop) https://goo.gl/4sxW3O Oversize Load placard & sign https://goo.gl/8ReMKG Real Tires Mod (morkshop) https://goo.gl/zLu5Ph Real Tyres Mod for ATS http://www.modsats.com/real-tyres-mod-ats/ SiSL’s Mega Pack Cabin Accessories https://goo.gl/mvaQlM [SCR] Smarty's Wheel Pack (morkshop) https://goo.gl/xLZSNz Steering Wheel DLC Add-on for VNL670 by Aradeth https://goo.gl/pXPcCT Additional trucks and trailer packs may be active and seen in traffic. Get an updated list of all the mods I have with download links here: https://goo.gl/hQXSfw Get the game, American Truck Simulator, here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/270880/ Play online with others by going to www.truckersmp.com My System: Intel i7-6700 3.40GHz - 4.0GHz 8.0 GB RAM GeForce GTX 1070 (MSI Armor OC) Windows 10 ATS running on SSD Controllers: Logitech G29 / Logitech F310 / Keyboard Game Version: 1.5.x (I use automatic updates) Graphic Settings: https://goo.gl/Lkb4dP Please Like and Subscribe. Let me know in the comments what you want to see in the future! Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy!
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Lester Wiltz Bushnell Motor Sports Park Nov 2018
Lester Wiltz Bushnell Motor Sports Park Nov 2018
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