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MSConfig - Improve your boot up speed
Hey guys. :) A lot of people sometimes wander how to speed up their computer, especially the boot part where people often have to wait 10 minutes before they start using the PC because of a thousand programs loading... I'm showing you how to prevent and stop that with a very useful tool integrated into Windows operating system ;) This method will work on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and Server Editions of Windows. For earlier versions, like Windows 2000/98/95 you'll need to download an alternative that you can get here: https://web.archive.org/web/20131114070048/http://www.mlin.net/StartupCPL.shtml Some services that you can disable in "Services" tab without any problems: ActiveX Installer Adaptive Brightness Adobe Flash Player Update Service ASP.Net State Service Bluetooth Support Service (if your machine doesn't support Bluetooth) Fax (if you're not using a fax) Homegroup Listener Homegroup Provider Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace Audit Service Office Software Protection Platform Parental Controls Print Spooler (if you're not using a printer) Tablet PC Input Service WinHTTP WebProxy Auto Discovery Service Workstation WWAN Autoconfig WLAN or Wired Autoconfig (depending on your type of connection) Don't forget to comment, like and maybe even subscribe ;)
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Enable Maximum Memory! Why Am I Only Getting 2gb of RAM Out Of A 8gb Computer
MAKE ALL YOUR RAM USABLE!! If you are using 32bit windows you can only have a maximum of 3gb RAM - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3_GB_barrier This Tutorial is to show you how to fix missing RAM on Windows 7, 8 or Vista to be able to access your full amount of RAM. Instructions and troubleshooting options are below: INSTRUCTIONS 1. Check your system properties (If it says "x.xx usable") 2. Click on the start button, search "msconfig" and press enter. 3. Go to the boot tab and click advanced options 4. UNTICK the "Maximum memory" box 5. Click ok, on the small dialog box 6. Click apply and OK in the big dialog box. 7. Restart and check your system properties. Please comment, like and subscribe! My Channel http://www.youtube.com/pstasiw/ Troubleshooting -Right click on My Computer and select properties, click on device manager and click "check for hardware changes". Usually if there is a change, you will hear a beep. -Installed devices may be reserving th RAM for themselves so cannot be used elsewhere -If you are using more than one RAM stick, maker sure you get similar RAM sticks as motherboards are fussy about mix and match RAM. -Things like onboard graphics may be using the RAM (Such as intel HD) -You may have gone over the limit of RAM your motherboard can handle (IN this case, check your motherboard specifications) -Old BIOS (Update your BIOS by visiting your computer manufacturer's website) -The version of Windows 7 that is installed may not handle in (Windows 7 Starter Edition only supports 2 GB of installed memory.) -Your RAM may not be in the correct slots on your motherboard, check them. (They work better in pairs - two RAM sticks in the same colour RAM slots) -Your RAM stick may be malfunctioning, swap it with another. -Make sure RAM is not loose -Make sure your RAM is recognised by the motherboard (Check the BIOS by mashing the F10 key on startup) -Windows may be reserving the RAM for a process -Attempt a RAM refresh, type "Mystring=(80000000)" without quotations in notepad, and save the file as "1.vbe". Then double click on the saved file. -BIOS Setting: 1.Enter BIOS (Mashing F10 key on startup (Before windows logo) 2. Go to Advanced 3. Go to Chipset Settings 4. Enable Memory Reamp Feature 5. Exit and Save -Last resort = Reinstall windows -Last last resort = Buy a new PC -Last last last resort = buy a mac and never have a problem again! This video once had 80,000 views, but because I had some tags in the description, YouTube decided to take it down three years after it was published. Apparently this was spamming which people dont like, even though I got over 200 likes?! Please raise awareness for my new video which is the same title. Please help me get back up here by just clicking the like button :) Thanks for watching!!
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Advanced Boot Options in Windows 7
Learn about the Advanced Boot Options available to get your computer going if it won’t start normally. Show Notes: http://helpfulvideotips.com/pdfs/AdvancedBootOptionsInWindows7.pdf
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Advanced Boot Options in Windows 7 - How To Access
Advanced Boot Options in Windows 7 The following topics are covered in this video: advanced boot options Windows 7 repair your computer missing advanced boot options acer laptop advanced boot options menu advanced boot options in Windows 7 advanced boot options dell advanced boot options no repair your computer advanced boot options advanced boot options Windows 7 advanced boot options menu Windows 7 advanced boot options dell Windows 7 advanced boot options debugging mode advanced boot options dell inspiron advanced boot options for Windows 7 advanced boot options repair your computer advanced boot options Windows 7 professional Windows 7 advanced boot options This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops, and tablets running the Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 operating systems.Works for all major computer manufactures (Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung)
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Speed Up Windows 10 with MSCONFIG
Speed up your Windows 10 PC or Laptop using Microsoft's System Configuration tool (also known as msconfig.exe, a classic)! Join me on Skillshare! https://skl.sh/2KPfdTM
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How to remove RAM limitation, Enable CPU cores from MSCONFIG
Processor (CPU) cores can be activated or deactivated by running Msconfig under Windows.
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How to Fix All RAM GB Not Useable Problem in Windows 10/8/7
Fix Full RAM GB Is not usable in Windows PC All Bios Key : https://youtu.be/Pkj6PN2nsUM How to enter system bios setting: https://youtu.be/jigj3_Fkk7I Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/MeMJTube Follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/mj1111983 Website : http://www.bsocialshine.com
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Boot Into Debugging Mode in Windows 7
How to Boot Into Debugging Mode in Windows 7 Support Us By: Subscription Channel, Like and Share Videos If you have any questions please comment Thank you for watching.
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Using the Eclipse Debugger
Basics of how to get around in the Eclipse debugger when writing Java programs. Download the two source code files here: http://krumpe.com/debugger/Fraction.java and http://krumpe.com/debugger/FractionTester.java
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Boot Windows 7 in safe mode without using the F8 key
If the F8 key is not working to get you into safe mode this video will show you how to get it done. Windows 7 | https://amzn.to/2Ysy0YD I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.
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USB boot/ debug Windows update p4/fin
une passion " la bricole" le partage,une raison!, que je partage avec vous :) logiciel Boot que je me sert pour le mode USB. Windows 7 ; http://wudt.codeplex.com/ linux ; http://www.linuxliveusb.com/ optimiser Windows update pour la recherche des mise a jour système en 10 mn !! http://sospc.name/windows-7-apres-reinstallation-windows-update-pas-de-mises-a-jour/ merci a eux pour leur énorme boulot!! lâche ton com!! n'oublie pas le POUCE bleu !! sa fait zizir!! abonne toi!! sa fait hyper_ zizir!! je ne suis sponsorisé par aucune marque du matos que je présente dans mes vidéos!
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Debug JVM using JVisual VM | Heap Dump | Thread Dump | Profiling | Tech Primers
This video covers how to use JVisual VM to see the heap dump, thread dump and profiling options of the JVM. Slack Community: https://techprimers.slack.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/TechPrimers Facebook: http://fb.me/TechPrimers GitHub: https://github.com/TechPrimers or https://techprimers.github.io/ Video Editing: iMovie Background Music: Broke For Free - Day Bird https://brokeforfree.bandcamp.com/track/day-bird The Passion HiFi - What We Came To Do Joakim Karud
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How to disable secure boot policy on windows 10, 8.1 and 8
Fix An error has occurred setting the element data. The value is protected by Secure Boot policy and cannot be modified or deleted. First of all try this code below on your cmd (administrator command prompt) " bcdedit.exe /set nx AlwaysOn " copy this in to cmd without quotation mark. then hit enter ,if any error occurred use the following steps for fix the problem. 1: Open Settings 2: Find Change Advanced Start-up option 3: Restart computer from advanced start up 4: select Troubleshoot 5: Advanced Option 6: UEFI Firmware settings 7: Restart 8: F10 9: System Configuration 10: Boot Option 11: Secure Boot -change enable to Disable 12: F10 13: Press Code + Enter key for changes After log on try the bcdedit.exe /set nx AlwaysOn on cmd it should be fine. Just Remember The Secure Boot policy is always good for system performance so I would recommend it always Enabled. You can Enable once you finish your Computer problems. DONATE TO DEEZ- PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON DOESN'T SUPPORT IN INDIA, BUT YOU CAN DO BY USING THIS LINK.: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BRZVDCMQNWVH2 Any amount you can give is welcome.. "How to Fix windows explorer has stopped working" Fix cmd command error" How to Disable UEFI firmware setting How to Enable UEFI firmware setting How to Disable/Enable secure boot policy on windows 10 How to Disable/Enable secure boot policy on windows 8 How to Disable/Enable secure boot policy on windows 8.1 Benefits of UEFI firmware settings Why Data Execution Prevention not working How to solve Data Execution Prevention problems data execution prevention can't turn off Song Credits : Canon in D Major by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100301 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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alt SS10 f/w boot debug
SPARCstation-10 firmware boot-debug messages (SuperSPARC CPUs)
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How to get access to service menu Samsung smart TV. How to perform factory reset. Hidden Menu
How to get access to service menu Samsung smart TV. How to perform factory reset. Hidden Secret Service Menu. Samsung UE32J5500AW ORIGINAL UNTOUCHED SETTINGS!!! You can help me to support my projects: On PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/2013ElectronicsComputers Bitcoin Wallet: 14AvQMLkvFvG3tnkpLnn328xsfxp3udH8R Web Money: WMZ Z290955088799
4 - Using Msconfig To Enable Multiple Core Boot
4 - Using MSConfig To Enable Multiple Core Boot - Click Start - Type in msconfig and press Enter (Windows 8 users need to click on Run first) - Select the Boot tab - Select Advanced options - Check Number of processors - Click the drop down menu and choose the maximum number of processors you have - Click OK - Click Apply - Click OK - If prompted to Restart, do so
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Developer Options in INTEX Aqua Lions X1 - OEM Unlock & USB Debugging
Check out presented video presentation to get the solution how to boot into advanced settings in your Intex smartphone, where you can easily manage developer options, for example, enable OEM Unlock or easily allow USB Debugging. Let’s get into phone settings and use a secret trick in order to become a developer of your INTEX Aqua Lions X1. How to enable developer options in INTEX Aqua Lions X1? How to all developer settings in INTEX Aqua Lions X1? How to get access to developer options on INTEX Aqua Lions X1? How to enable USB Debugging in INTEX Aqua Lions X1? How to allow USB Debugging in INTEX Aqua Lions X1? How to enable OEM Unlocking in INTEX Aqua Lions X1? How to unlock OEM in INTEX Aqua Lions X1? How to allow OEM Unlocking in INTEX Aqua Lions X1? Read more about INTEX Aqua Lions X1: https://www.hardreset.info/devices/intex/intex-aqua-lions-x1/hardreset/first-method/ Follow us on Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/hardreset.info Like us on Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/hardresetinfo/ Tweet us on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/HardResetI
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How to Boot to Advanced Startup Options in Windows 8
advanced startup options, windows 8 advanced startup, boot advanced options go to --- http://www.24hComputerRepair.com for information on how to solve your computer problems for free. Computer 101 tutorial video on how to boot to advanced startup options in Windows 8 advanced startup options, windows 8 advanced startup, boot advanced options http://youtu.be/GeDOVM_ctRM
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Remote Debug Java Application Running in Tomcat using Eclipse
JPDA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture) Parameters: 1. JPDA_TRANSPORT - (Optional) JPDA transport used when the "jpda start" command is executed. The default is "dt_socket". 2. JPDA_ADDRESS - (Optional) Java runtime options used when the "jpda start" command is executed. The default is localhost:8000. 3. JPDA_SUSPEND - (Optional) Java runtime options used when the "jpda start" command is executed. Specifies whether JVM should suspend execution immediately after startup. Default is "n". 4. JPDA_OPTS - (Optional) Java runtime options used when the "jpda start" command is executed. If used, JPDA_TRANSPORT, JPDA_ADDRESS, and JPDA_SUSPEND are ignored. Thus, all required jpda options MUST be specified.
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Developer Options myPhone Hammer Force - OEM Unlock / USB Debugging |HardReset.Info
How to enter developer options in myPhone Hammer Force? How to get access to the developer options in myPhone Hammer Force? How to activate developer options in myPhone Hammer Force? How to enable USB Debugging in myPhone Hammer Force? How to allow developer options in myPhone Hammer Force? How to allow OEM Unlock in myPhone Hammer Force? In myPhone Hammer Force you can use developer options. In order to unlock developer section you need to tap a couple of times on Build Number. Afterwards you will be able to us developer features. Here you can enable OEM Unlock, allow developer options or read advanced info. Read More: https://www.hardreset.info/devices/myphone/myphone-hammer-force/hardreset/first-method/
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PCIe Debugging tutorials (Ep2) : Debug tools - Advanced Error Reporting and Protocol analyzers
www.plda.com Debugging issues in a PCIe system is often challenging and time consuming. PCIe Express is a complex protocol with little or no visibility on problems that have a long-term impact. Fortunately, PCIe users benefit from a wide ecosystem of debug tools, ways to increase visibility inside a device, methods to troubleshoot issues and experts to assist with debugging. This series of tutorials will provide simple tips and use cases to troubleshoot PCIe issues. Enjoy and share. More infos on www.plda.com
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Debugger/Diagnostics Tips & Tricks in Visual Studio 2019 - BRK3025
Check out how you can use the debugger and profiling tools in Visual Studio 2019 more effectively on their projects via demos and real-world examples. Do you want to know how to debug your code faster? Tired of seeing printf() statements clutter your code? In this all-demo session, we’ll explore almost every aspect of the Visual Studio debugger, from old features to ones that are introduced in Visual Studio 2019. Whether you’re new to Visual Studio or have been using it for years, you’re sure to learn some cool tips and tricks about how to expedite, customize, and improve your debugging experience!
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How to Enable "Developer Options/USB Debugging" Mode in Android Phones
How to Enable "Developer Options/USB Debugging" Mode in Android Phones Hi Guys, today we are going to see how to enable "Developer Option" on your android version 4.2 Jelly Bean or Above. You may find it difficult to find the "Developer Option" in your android phone if the version is 4.2 or Higher. Because its hidden. So prepare your self for some finger excersize and find this hidden beast 1) So open the Settings. 2) Scroll Down to the bottom and find the option "About Phone" 3) Again scroll down to the bottom and then find the option "Build Number" 4) In the earlier version of Android the "Developer Option" was available in the About Phone section or right above the About Phone. But now all you need to do is to Tap your fingers 7 times on this Build Number option and the miraculosly the "Developer Mode" will be enabled for you. So tap your fingers for 7 times on this option and once you see the result as "You are now a Developer!" the feature is enabled for you. Just go back to one step and right above the About Phone section you can see the option "Developer Mode". I hope you like the video. Keep sharing it, provide your valuable comments in the below comment box and dont forget to hit the subscribe button.
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How to use debug.exe in 64bit windows 7
In this video Tutorial I'm going to show you how to run debug tool on a 64-bit OS. The link for DOSBOX:: http://www.dosbox.com/download.php?ma... Here is the link for debug program :: http://www.mediafire.com/?bopdmu16tav...
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Debug Mode Boot
DDP184 Boot
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How To Enable Multiple Processor Cores on Windows 7 Startup
SPECIAL SUBSCRIBER COUPON CODE: YOUTUBE SAVE 50% On My Windows 7 Performance Boosting Bootcamp! https://www.craigthetechteacher.com/courses/windows-7-performance-boosting-bootcamp/ Right out of the packaging the Windows 7 operating system does not come configured to boot up with multiple processor cores. This means that users of multi-core processors are not utilizing the full potential of their processor when their computer boots up. Modifying the number of processors used on startup is an extremely easy thing to do and in many cases can shave a few seconds off of your startup time. Unfortunately, if you do not have a multi-core processor this tip will not do you much good. If you are unsure of how many processor cores you have on your operating system, these steps will show you how many cores you actually have. Multiple processor cores allow tasks to be distributed to different sections, or "cores" of your processor so they can be processed simultaneously. The processor is one of the most powerful aspects of a computer system, it is also the least likely to be bottlenecking your performance. For those who are struggling with memory or graphics card issues, this tip may help with startup, but will not give a significant boost to other performance areas. Enable Multiple Processors on Startup Configuration 1. Click the 'Start Button' 2. Enter 'msconfig' into the run box. 3. Press 'Enter' 4. Select the 'Boot' Tab 5. Select 'Advanced Options' 6. Check the box titled "Number of processors" 7. Choose the maximum number of processors from the dropdown 8. Select 'Ok' 9. Select 'Apply' 10. That's it! Next time you reboot your computer there should be an increase in your startup time. A great way to test how much of an improvement you have made is to time your startup with a stopwatch before you make this change and then time it again after making it. Stay tuned for more Faster 7 speedup tips.
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Enable debugging mode and unlock boot mode in redmi 4a
For support call me 9012026181
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How to Turn on Android Developer Options and USB Debugging on One Plus One
This video will show you How to Turn on Android Developer Options and USB Debugging on One Plus One android smartphone. Music --------- TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music #41 (And End Scene) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz6OFzla-rI http://teknoaxe.com/Link_Code_2.php?q=663
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Default Boot Configuration - MSCONFIG/BCDEDIT
This is a quick tutorial on how to change the default booting os on a dual-booting system. Any questions or queries, you can either PM or comment below. Thanks for watching.
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ARMAEdit Global Debug Mode
ARMAEdit features a debug mode that displays errors and helps you test your mission. This video covers how to use some of those features.
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9 Ways to Make your Computer Run Faster
Here is the detailed video showing how to make your computer run faster and smoother by doing few tweaks to the settings of operating system. Follow this video carefully to know the 9 Ways to Make your Computer Run Faster. Number 1: Removing Temporary files. Open Run by pressing Windows + R Keys and then type %temp% and hit OK. It will open up a window with all temporary files. Select and delete them all to make your computer run faster. Number 2: Again removing Temporary Files. There are two locations actually where the temp files will be stored. So, open Run by pressing Windows + R keys and now type just “temp” then hit OK. Delete all the files and folders which are in opened window. Number 3: Deleting Prefetched files. Open Run again by typing Windows + R keys then now type “prefetch”. If it asks for permission, allow it to delete all prefetched files which help to improve the performance of the Computer or Laptop. Number 4: Using Disk Cleanup. If you are using Windows 7, then use the search bar to get the Disk Clean up wizard or in case of Windows 8, go to metro dashboard then here select “Settings” and now search for Disk Clean up. Open the Disk Clean up wizard and select C Drive to clean. Select Ok and wait for few seconds to get clean up dialogue box. Here select all files and select “OK”. Confirm to “Delete All files”. It will take few seconds to minutes based on the clutter present. This is one of the methods to make your PC run faster and smoother. Number 5: Increasing Virtual RAM. Open My Computer Properties and then select “Advanced System Properties”. Here in the “Advanced” Tab, in the “Performance” section, select “Settings”. Now in the Performance Advanced Tab, select “Change” to change Virtual Memory. Uncheck “Automatically Manage Paging” option to edit the RAM allocation. Here select “Custom Size” and enter the RAM size. Since I’m having 8 Gigs where 4 GB is accessible, Im making it to 8 GB. Means multiplying 1024 with 8. So entering 8192 here as minimum and maximum RAM. Select “Set” then click OK. It will ask you to restart PC to take effect of new settings. Do it to increase the performance of the PC or a Laptop. Number 6: Managing Startup Applications and Processors. Open Run by typing Windows + R keys then type “msconfig”. Manage the startup apps from Startup Tab. Disable unwanted programs that starts soon after booting the PC. And in the “Boot” tab select Advanced options. Over here select “Number of Processors” and set to maximum (in my case selecting 6) and check the Maximum Memory. Confirm all the changes and it will ask you to restart the PC. Do it to make your computer run faster and smoother. Number 7: Improving system performance by editing Registry. Open Run by typing Windows + R keys and type “regedit”. Here go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then System then Current Control Set then Control then Session Manager then Memory Management then Prefetch Parameters. Here find EnableSuperFetch and double click on it to change the value. Change the value to “0” then confirm by selecting OK. That’s it. Number 8: Changing Folder settings. This is simple but effective. Go to “folder and search options” and in “View” Tab select “Always show Icons, never Thumbnails” and uncheck “Display file Icon on Thumbnails”. Confirm the changes by selecting OK. Number 9: Changing the security level to account users. Go to metro dashboard and start searching for “User Accounts” in the settings section. Open the user settings and select “Change user account control settings”. Drag the bar over to the bottom and save the settings by pressing Ok. That’s it. I never ask you to accept the permissions which improve the performance of the PC. 9 Ways to Make your Computer Run Faster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5dygCvKypA Subscribe to TechEmpty at https://www.youtube.com/user/techempty?sub_confirmation=1 **Stay Connected with me** Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imsaipraveen Twitter: https://twitter.com/praveenhub Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+techempty Website: http://techempty.org
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Motocross Madness 2 - Iron Mountain
For some reason I suddenly got the urge to play this old classic that I was playing when I was a kid. It was a real bitch to get working, but here's the steps for Windows 7: 1. Acquire game + missing .dll named d3drm.dll. http://www.driverskit.com/dll/d3drm.dll/494.html Yes, the site and name looks sketchy as hell, but the file is legit. 2. Run - msconfig - Boot - Advanced options... - Maximum memory: 2GB. For some reason it won't run unless it's set to max 2GB or less. 3. Right click .exe - Compatiblity - Run with WinXP SP2, Disable visual themes and desktop composition. That is all.
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How to access Samsung Smart TV Hidden Secret Menu
Samsung Smart TV hidden secret menu allows you to do a factory reset and also connect some Bluetooth devices which you were unable to do before. Be careful while fiddling with these options as I cannot take any guarantee if you spoil the TV settings. The Samsung Smart TV I used in the video is Samsung F4500. The secret menu will not open with a smart remote. You may buy or borrow the original normal rectangular Samsung remote to access the secret menu but I am not so sure that will work. Here are all methods to access the secret menu of different Samsung smart TV: Method 1 Put TV on standby and then push in series these buttons on the remote: 'info, menu, mute, power' the TV will then turn itself on and display a menu. Method 2 Turn the power off. On the remote, press Mute followed by 1, 8, 2, Power in sequence. Method 3 With the TV in standby, press the {DISPLAY} {P.STD} {MUTE} {POWER} on the remote. Method 4 With the TV in standby, press the {SLEEP} {P.STD} {MUTE} {POWER} on the remote. Method 5 With the TV in standby, press the {DISPLAY} {MENU} {MUTE} {POWER} on the remote. Method 6 With the TV on standby. On the remote, press Mute followed by 1, 1, 9, Enter in sequence.
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Sonic 1 | iOS & Android | Level Select & Debug Cheat Code Guide!
This video shows you how to activate level select and debug mode cheats for Sonic 1 (Sonic The Hedgehog Classic) on iOS and Android. Very useful for getting Super Sonic easily. I also show you how to get all emeralds! Text guide is as follows: 1. Select no save with any character. 2. When the sega logo appears press the s, e , g, a letters in order. You will hear anring sound. 3. When Sonic appears, use two fingers and press and hold down using both fingers near the bottom right. You will be reported to the level select screen. 4. You can select between Sonic, Tails and knuckles at player option. 5. For all emeralds enter 4, 1, 2 , 6 6. Formdebug enter 1,9,9,01,00,06,02,03 you'll hear a ring sound 7. Start a level, tap the top left of the screen to enter debug mode, plus and minus let's you cycle through all the different object. And press the action button to place them.
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Two ways to enter Engineer mode on Android smartphones(How to?/Code/App/MTK)
➡️➡️Follow my social media sites for latest news and content: 💟Follow my Instagram-http://bit.ly/TechUtopiaInstagram 💟Follow my facebook page-http://bit.ly/TechUtopiaFB 💟Subscribe my YT channel-http://bit.ly/TechUtopiaSub 💟Giveaway COUPONS for phones/tablets-https://goo.gl/m3LrFT 💟My first FUND Raising project,please donate-http://givi.ng/h5s8 ▶︎▶︎▶︎BEST Android smartphones from China◀︎◀︎◀︎ ➡️BUY OnePlus 5T-https://goo.gl/6Qp5m2 ➡️BUY Xiaomi Mi Mix 2-https://goo.gl/53JEdH ➡️BUY Xiaomi MI6-https://goo.gl/pzL4qu ➡️BUY OnePlus 5-https://goo.gl/wNvPjR ➡️BUY Xiaomi Mi Note 3-https://goo.gl/hFQ8E9 ➡️BUY Xiaomi Mi Note 2-https://goo.gl/GXh5M1 ➡️Buy Xiaomi Mi5s Plus-https://goo.gl/wCGBNp ➡️BUY Huawei Honor 9-https://goo.gl/QTXm3A ➡️BUY Huawei P10-https://goo.gl/WHcb34 ➡️BUY Nubia Z17-https://goo.gl/7v7Poq ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top 5 gadgets for phones I use in reviews-https://goo.gl/c6eGXA Top 5 gadgets for tablets I use in reviews-https://goo.gl/K44ur0 Affiliate links above. ----------------------------------------------------- What is TechUtopia? Place filled with latest reviews of phones, tablets, pc,gadgets... On our channel you can find lots of useful videos. We make reviews, game plays, tutorials, announcement videos and sometimes a talk about specs short videos... We are available for reviews if a company wants to send us their items to review them. We can make business. You can contact us via facebook page-https://goo.gl/FXbb1G ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DISCLAIMER!!!!! "no copyright infringement intended", "I do not own this game" "I do not own this app " "i do not own this music" This is my original video, I created it! Some links are based on affiliate legit system. Everything else is my own product!! My videos are also for educational and entertainment purposes! TechUtopia is a participant in the Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to different chinese E SHOPS.
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How to boot to Safe mode on a Windows PC (with Subtitles)
- IT Support and laptop repairs in London: https://rebootthat.com This video will show you have to boot your computer into Safe mode. Safe mode can help with fixing lot's of issues on a Windows PC including home editions and servers. We detail how you switch on the computer and press the F8 key to access the Safe mode menu with the following options: - Safe Mode - Safe Mode with Networking - Safe mode with Command Prompt - Enable Boot Logging - Enable low-resolution video (640x480) - Last Know Good Configuration (advanced) - Directory Services Restore Mode - Debugging Mode - Disable automatic restart on system failure - Disable Driver Signature Enforcement - Start windows Normally http://rebootthat.com - Laptop repairs London
How to Speed Up your PC when Startuping up (By using all your Processors)
How to Speed Up your PC when Startuping up (By using all your Processors) msconfig: START+R--msconfig--Boot--Advanced Options--Number of Processors I know, not much to this video, I just wanted to do a quicke ;. See my Channel for more tuorials. Videos added Often. Tags: How to Steed Up your PC when Startuping up (By using all Processors)W7 x64 x32 Vista XP janX janX9 tweaks hacks tips performance pagefile tweak computer increase settings windows 98 howto how tutorial batch file system properties drivers demo technology electronics disc
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Fixing usable RAM, If it shows less than, what we installed Capacity......
Ex: Installed Memory (RAM): 4GB installed (2GB usable). • Run msconfig. • Choose the Boot tab. • Click the Advanced Options button. • Turn off the Maximum Memory option*. • Close the dialog boxes, and then reboot the system.
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Windows 8 Startup Menu
Full text transcriptions and downloadable versions: http://www.helpdesktv.ca Questions & Answers: http://forums.helpdesktv.ca The Windows Advanced Boot Options menu, also known as the Windows Startup Menu, includes various system repair and troubleshooting modes which help users fix system startup problems, access the command line interpreter, and run Windows in safe mode, along with Windows boot debugging options to initiate step-by-step identification of Windows boot process issues.
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how to boost computer/pc/laptop  boot speed?
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to boost computer boot speed? -boot speed means start up speed. 1.press ctrl+alt+del keys at same time. 2.Go Task manager and click it. 3.Go to startup tab. 4. Disable unneeded application from startup and close the tab. 5. press windows + R at same time and Type misconfig and hit enter. 6. Go to Services and Tick on Hide all Microsoft services and apply. 7. Again go to misconfig and go to Boot. 8. Go to Advanced options. 9. Select high number of processors and select maximum memory and click ok. 10. back on boot and make timeout 3 seconds. and apply ok. 11. restart your pc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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iPhone 8 - First 8 Things To Do!
iPhone 8 - First 8 Things To Do! (First Settings to Change) Just get an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus and wondering what to do after the initial setup process? Here are 8 settings to change and tips to consider with your new phone! Save battery life on iPhone 8: https://youtu.be/TNsJm8oM8DU iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Unboxing: https://youtu.be/pum6dtkOgy0 How to Setup iPhone 8: https://youtu.be/0wCP-kjnxfc Wallpaper sites/apps: http://iphonewalls.net http://papers.co https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zedge-wallpapers/id1086101495?mt=8 iPhone 8 Cases: Olixar: https://www.olixar.com/ (Fav Olixar case: http://bit.ly/2xZ1gwY) Spigen: http://amzn.to/2xoxJcS (Fav Spigen cases: http://amzn.to/2xAwGbU & http://amzn.to/2wMuudm) Speck: http://amzn.to/2wHGbXB (Fav Speck case: http://amzn.to/2jREwIJ) Note: Most iPhone 7 cases will also work for the iPhone 8. Anything you'd like to add? Let me know below! - Best tech deals (updated daily): http://amzn.to/2qcK0QT Become a Patron to see all videos early + other perks: http://bit.ly/2luewSU Thanks for watching! Let me know if you have any questions. ▬ SOCIAL MEDIA ▬ ▶ Instagram: https://instagram.com/brandonbutch ▶ Twitter: https://twitter.com/brandonbutch ▶ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbsipodtouchhelp ▶ Snapchat: bb255 ▶ Email (business inquiries only): ibrandon2526[at]gmail.com ▬ MY GEAR used to make this video ▬ ▶ Camera: http://amzn.to/2kLPqzG ▶ Lens: http://amzn.to/2kNxUa0 ▶ Mic: http://amzn.to/2jP0HLl ▶ Other Mic: http://amzn.to/2kNE1LG ▶ Audio Interface: http://amzn.to/2kNwwnU ▬ Check these OTHER VIDEOS out ▬ ▶ 26 More iOS 10 - 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks: https://youtu.be/j8AMHhmhdLw ▶ Install KODI Krypton iOS 10 - 10.2: https://youtu.be/C-l5TZkgfzI ▶ 46 Awesome iOS 10 - 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks: https://youtu.be/eovoe69MJ4k ▶ 17 STUNNING iOS 10 Themes: https://youtu.be/xskjiUCdBgQ ▶ Top 23 iOS 10 - 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks: https://youtu.be/bbPHcX5M8mk ▶ How to install KODI: https://youtu.be/Y1WKYT6r5Fg ▶ How to Get Spotify Premium FREE (NO JAILBREAK): https://youtu.be/2KQEklFutcY ▶ 15 BEST Tips to Improve iPhone Battery Life: https://youtu.be/_uCygQjzUdU ▶ 7 Best iOS Apps of 2017: https://youtu.be/Pny5vii365I ▶ Install GBA4iOS on iOS 10 (NO JAILBREAK): https://youtu.be/RDL_1bBf2GY ▶ How to Fix Black Screen on iPhone 7 (Recovery/DFU Mode): https://youtu.be/KIaSUPpewJA ▶ Top 150 iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweaks: http://youtu.be/bH_qmVQy96g ▶ How to fix BOOTLOOP/re-jailbreak issues without restoring: http://youtu.be/ucnwG6jBWWc ▶ How to UNJAILBREAK without restoring or updating: http://youtu.be/6tiuuGF5Z5g ▬ STAY UP-TO-DATE! ▬ Make sure to subscribe to the channel & opt-in for push notifications (click the BELL icon next to the subscribe button) to be notified immediately when I release new videos! ▬▬ If you watched this video and made it this deep into the description, I greatly appreciate you & would love to connect! If you have any questions, give me a shout on social media & I'll answer any question(s) you may have. Have a fantastic day & I'll see you in the next video!
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iOS 5.1.1 kernel debugging with verbose boot
I have used debug cable to connecting kdp over serial Boot-args: -v debug=0x9 kdp_match_name=serial
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Windows 10 - Performance - Virtual Memory - Visual Effects - Advanced System Settings
Windows 10 - Performance - Virtual Memory - Visual Effects - Advanced System Settings Optimize your Windows 10 Virtual Memory and Visual Settings If you want (or need) to get maximum performance from your PC, you can turn off these visual effects and save RAM and CPU cycles. Your system will be faster, more responsive, and more stable. Here is the path to the fully optimized best performance settings (see video for greater detail): Right-Click on Start, then choose Control Panel, Small Icons, System, Advanced System Settings, Performance, Visual Effects, Adjust for Best Performance
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How to enable developer options on KRUGER & MATZ Move 5? How to allow developer options in KRUGER & MATZ Move 5? How to get access to developer options on KRUGER & MATZ Move 5? How to allow USB Debugging? How to allow OEM Unlock on KRUGER & MATZ Move 5? If you would like to have access to hidden options on KRUGER & MATZ Move 5 you should enable developer options. Here you can enable USB Debugging and allow OEM Unlock. More Info: http://www.hardreset.info/devices/kruger-matz/kruger-and-matz-move-5/
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How to install and default setting for Start kernel debugging
How to install and default setting for Start kernel debugging
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Windows 8, 8.1: Fastest Way to Access Safe Mode step by step
Windows 8: Fastest Way to Access SafeMode The fastest way is to access the Advanced Options. However there are several way to access the advanced options depending on where you are currently at on the Windows Operating System. Basically where ever you see a restart button you just hold down the shift key and press restart. Once you do this another screen will pop up that says "Choose an option". You want to choose "Troubleshoot". Then Advanced Options, then Startup Settings then on next window you click on "restart" then a menu will pop up: 1) Enable debugging 2) Enable boot logging 3) Enable low-resolution video 4) Enable Safe Mode 5) Enable Safe Mode with Networking 6) Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt 7) Disable driver signature enforcement 8) Disable early launch anti-malware protection 9) Disable automatic restart after failure Subs and comments appreciated. Thanks.
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How To Enable Legacy Advanced Boot Option Menu In Windows 10
This tutorial will show you how to enable the legacy F8 Safe Mode Boot Menu options in Windows 10. This tutorial will show how to both enable and disable the F8 boot menu in Windows 10. Booting Windows into Safe Mode is the most common method of Troubleshooting Windows problems. But unfortunately, most of the users are missing Windows Advanced Boot Menu as it does not appear even after tapping F8. Microsoft has decided to disable Boot Menu by default to speed up the Windows Booting Process. But that doesn't mean that it has been removed. You can still enable Windows Advanced Boot Menu [F8] just by running a simple dos command. Advanced Boot screen is the black screen which appears when you keep pressing the F8 button continuously during boot. The Advanced Boot Options include option to choose from normal booting, Safe Mode, Safe Mode with command Prompt and so on. This is done when you want to install a new operating system, you want to format your computer, open the computer in Safe Mode etc. The screen is definitely important and by default it is turned on. You can find it by pressing the F8 button uninterrupted. But if you have fast boot enabled, which is generally the case of Windows 10, you will not be able to find out the Advanced Boot options as the time span will be too small for you to press F8. You must be signed in as Administrator to enable or disable the feature. This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10 operating system (Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education) from all supported hardware manufactures, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba,Lenovo, and Samsung).
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HowTo Get More Space on your Computer and make it smoother
Thank you guys for watching, hope you enjoyed, don't forget to like, comment and subscribe for more videos!!! First step: go to start button and search for Run Then open it and write %temp% and then press OK. HERE YOU WILL SEE RANDOM FILES THAT ARE TAKING UP YOUR SPACE. Just delete everything you don't have to worry about deleting files that computer needs because computer won't let you delete them. Second step: Again go to the start button and search for RUN. When you open "RUN" type on it Prefetch. And this will pop up so delete all files again. Third step: Go to the start button and search for "Disk Cleanup" This will search for files that computer doesn't need,(again don't worry about deleting because it will just search for files that your PC doesn't need. Fourth step: go to the start button and type in power options. And when you did that you will get this window. And then chose High performance! Fifth step: go to the start button and type mscnfig. Once you did that you will get System Configuration box. Then go to "Boot" and then click on "Advance Options..." Once you did that you will get "boot advance options" box And then you are going to select "number of processors" and then you will chose the highest number! Once you did that select "maximum memory" after that click ok! Then go to "Startup" and there you will unselect everything what you don't realy want to start up when you turn on your computer. Once you are done with that click on "apply" and then "OK" And then it will ask you to restart your computer, go ahead and restart your computer. Sixst step: go to the start button and type in regedit. Once you done that click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and from that click on SYSTEM and from that clik on CurrentControlSet and from that click on CONTROL and then go to SESSION MANAGER and from that you will need to click on MEMORY MANAGMENT and then go to PREFETCH PARAMETERS and then double clik on EnableSuperfeth and you are gonna change the Values data: from 3 to 0. Once you did all that just close all. Seventh step: go to the start button and type on FOLDER AND SEARCH Once you did that and then click on View button. And then uncheck the "Display file icon on thumbails" And then click "Apply" and then "OK" Eight step: go to the start button and then type in services and click on it: Once you did that go and search for "Windows Search" And then click on "Window Search" ans then STOP services! Ninth step: go to the start button and then type on it "USER ACCOUNTS" and then go ahead and click on it. Then click on "change user account control settings" And then you want to scroll this bar to "Never notify" and click "OK". Tenth Step: To make your apps run faster, right click on app that you want to make faster and go to properties and the go and find "Target" there you will find some text go to the end of that text then press "Space" on your keyboard and copy this code: /prefetch:1
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How To Fix Blue Screen Error By Cleaning Dump Files
When Windows blue-screens, it creates memory dump files — also known as crash dumps. This is what Windows 8’s BSOD is talking about when it says its “just collecting some error info.” These files contain a copy of the computer’s memory at the time of the crash. They can be used to help diagnose and identify the problem that led to the crash in the first place. By default, the setting under Write debugging information is set to “Automatic memory dump.” Here’s what each type of memory dump actually is: ✔Complete memory dump: A complete memory dump is the largest type of possible memory dump. This contains a copy of all the data used by Windows in physical memory. So, if you have 16 GB of RAM and Windows is using 8 GB of it at the time of the system crash, the memory dump will be 8 GB in size. Crashes are usually caused by code running in kernel-mode, so the complete information including each program’s memory is rarely useful — a kernel memory dump will usually be sufficient even for a developer. ✔Kernel memory dump: A kernel memory dump will be much smaller than a complete memory dump. Microsoft says it will typically be about one-third the size of the physical memory installed on the system. ✔Small memory dump (256 kb): A small memory dump is the smallest type of memory dump. It contains very little information — the blue-screen information, a list of loaded drivers, process information, and a bit of kernel information. It can be helpful for identifying the error, but offers less detailed debugging information than a kernel memory dump. ✔✔For More Information Click On It:- http://www.howtogeek.com/196672/windows-memory-dumps-what-exactly-are-they-for/ 🌟🌟How To Do It 1. Go To My Computer 2. Select C Drive 3. Type DMP In The Search Box 4. Select & Delete All The DMP Files 5. Now Right Click On The C Drive And Click On Properties And Click On Drive Cleanup 6. Delete All The Files 7. Now In My Computer Click On System Properties then Click On Advanced system Settings And Click On Settings In Startup and Recovery And Then Click Or Uncheck Automatically Restart Option In System Failure Done. Now Restart Your PC
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