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Stocks & Options Tips - Trading Full Time: Key Questions
Free Guide - The 5 Tools I Use To Find Stocks To Trade: http://claytrader.com/lp/Free-Guide-Trading-Tools/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=youtube&utm_campaign=resource%20guide Many people have goals of trading full time. Whether it be stocks, options, Forex, futures, etc., it's a great and ambitious goal to have for yourself - no doubt about it. Goals and reality can often times be very separate things, and while I'm not saying full time trading is impossible, you need to be sure to ask yourself key questions in order to understand some critical numbers. These numbers will ensure you are setting yourself on a pathway towards the best chance of success. The Stock Trading Reality Podcast - http://claytrader.com/podcast/ Join My Private Trading Team - http://claytrader.com/innercircle/ Learn to Use Charts - http://claytrader.com/training/ ClayTrader.com and its employees are not a Registered Investment Advisor, Broker Dealer or a member of any association for other research providers in any jurisdiction whatsoever and we are not qualified to give financial advice. Investing/trading in securities is highly speculative and carries an extremely high degree of risk.
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Live Crypto Trading with CryptoTrader: Ethereum Classic (ETC) finally PUMPS to ALL Time HIGH (ATL)
Tune in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for an episode of Crypto Trading with CryptoTrader Email [email protected] for pricing and to sign up for Crypto Trading Sessions. 1. Step by Step guide to setting up an account/purchasing/transferring crypto currency. 2. Basic Day Trading session. 3. Chatroom membership: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and lifetime. CryptoTraders Room is a place where we: EAT, DRINK, SLEEP, DREAM, TRADE & INVEST in Digital Currency! Join The DECENTRALIZED REVOLUTIONARY Trading Room. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ STAY CONNECTED ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Website → www.cryptotradersroom.com YouTube → https://www.youtube.com/cryptotraderRM Steemit → https://steemit.com/@cryptotradersrm Twitter→ https://twitter.com/CryptoTradersRM Facebook→ https://www.facebook.com/CryptoTradersRM Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/cryptotradersrm Periscope→ https://www.pscp.tv/CryptoTradersRM SnapChat → cryptotradersrm ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ BTC: 15cWNC5v2Hng1xCqzbjFcz2xBryveSj367 ETH: 0x405c7924F272484C16b45A9D3A359AF382c32C71 LTC: Lf59rBgNs19Rf4Q5H5L3R3zdesCpsJpM7F ZEC (ZCASH): t1ceS2pxnidL9ihCrKM92mnzutUZaxEjaB4 DSH (Dash): XgJhKwZWDzA8CRxuLc7cKpkQDGhFhikLRA ETC (Ethereum Classic): 0xceEE75042626017817e1A5680BEf1D1B47952C7B REP (Augur): 0xd920700FEe12777D14cbb2ca66a01E8259657E92 XMR (Monero): 44wnqzWGWdk6iUCcbPko6kE4pkNjwnrR1fWxheovAEypZ8f3zdBqSnbAy48fS37CriZcwNCunVEEBYAAUvn2GFHMBoBtFyE $10 FREE Bitcoin: Signup and start trading/investing. https://www.coinbase.com/join/58f5034c6908ae008811b0d4 20% OFF by shopping @PurseIO! Sign up and get 0.01 BTC free: https://purse.io/?_r=b6S6cA Shop Amazon: http://amzn.to/2rdnhVl Thank you for your support!
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How to use an old Forex trading cheat that will reduce your stop sizes & create risk free trades 🔔
NEWEST VIDEO MUST WATCH: "+1000 Forex traders prove that direction is NOT important when entering Forex trades ✔️ Manage them!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bh9XTz13Ado --~-- http://doubleinadayforex.com How to use an old Forex trading cheat that will reduce your stop sizes & create risk free trades For more information use the links below:- 1. To see our MOST RECENT VIDEO, use this link: https://goo.gl/OnSRkO 2. To view our MOST POPULAR VIDEO, use this link: https://goo.gl/TqVI9g 3. To subscribe to OUR CHANNEL, use this link: https://goo.gl/jhztZR 4. To subscribe to our channel using RSS feed: https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=UCw5NuBE-K4qo6eJzyO1bT6g 5. To link to the PLAYLIST containing more videos on this topic: https://goo.gl/dzg5mS 6. To subscribe to our MAILING LIST, use this link: 7. https://www.moneymakingforextools.com/join-the-expert4x-mailing-list/ 8. To make sure you know about our NEXT PRODUCT LAUNCH, use this link 9. https://www.moneymakingforextools.com/join-the-expert4x-mailing-list/ This video has been created by http://expert4x.com to support the Forex Products and service available on their website. Expert4x Forex offers you many of these Forex trading money making solutions: Beginner introductions, manual trading techniques, Automated trading, using specialized indicators, subscribing to alerts, etc. Expert4x also supplies many FREE trading tools, magazines, movies, courses etc. The Forex trading principles coverred in this 2017 Youtube Forex video are good for experienced Forex traders as well as Forex beginners. We focus on Forex for beginners. We can offer the best Forex beginner course in the industry. How to trade Forex is to develop Forex strategies and you will learn Forex trading techniques that work by implementing these Forex systems in a live trading environment. Some of the techniques work well when trading Binary Options too. We have Forex trading clients in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, Singapore, Canada and the United States that trade these Forex techniques in different Forex Time Zones and on different Broker Forex Accounts.
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3 Simple Steps To *Stop Trading Your Time For Money*
http://www.mariaandros.com CLICK HERE for more Free Training Connect with Maria on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mariaaandros Follow Maria on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mariaandros Visit Maria on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mariaandros Subscribe to Maria's Tumblr Blog here: http://mariaandros.tumblr.com/ For more good resources: The Truth: Why Trading Time For Money is the Best Way to ... passivepanda.com/best-way-make-money I mean, “stop trading time for money” is an inspiring goal, but it's kind of like “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps”, in that it isn't actually ... Create Passive Income: Stop Trading Time for Money http://www.evancarmichael.com/.../Create-Passive-Income-Stop-Trading-Time... That is trading time for money. I realized a few years ago that unless I charged a gazillion dollars for my services, that my income would be capped by the ... Want To Get Rich? Stop Trading Hours For Dollars ... http://www.entrepreneurepicenter.com/want-to-get-rich-stop-trading-hours-for-dollars/ Like everyone else, all you have is time and your time is finite. ... to climb out of the traditional and perpetual trading hours for dollars method of earning money. Trading Time for Money - Get Rich Slowly http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/.../trading-time-for-money/ Get Rich Slowly by J.D. Roth If she sees something in a store, she'll stop and consider: “That vase is ... In Your Money or Your Life, the central point that Joe Dominguez and ... Passive Income - Stop Trading Time for Money - Steps to ... http://www.stepstopassiveincome.com/passive-income-stop-trading-time-for-m... by Kent McCorkle Instead of trading your time now for money now, passive income trades time now for money later. How to Stop Losing Money with Forex - Forex Trading http://www.forextrading.about.com › Money › Forex Trading › Risk Management Getting your trading turned around when you're losing money. ... trading because you're bored, not setting proper stops, trading during the wrong times, etc. Why you must stop trading your time for salary? http://www.belowzerotohero.com/why-you-must-stop-trading-your-time-for-salary by Tal Gur - Trading your time for money is so common that it seems the only way to make money. We have been conditioned to believe this is the safest most respectable
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How to trade the EUR/USD: Tips & Trading Strategies
★ Trading the EUR/USD Discussing the EUR/USD. ★ You can trade the EUR/USD at InterTrader http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/intertrader/intertrader.html ★ If you found value in watching this video, PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can do more! Trading the EUR/USD Discussing the EUR/USD. David Paul, Financial Trader and Managing Director of VectorVest UK comments. If you found value in watching this video, PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can do more! David Paul, Financial Trader and Managing Director of VectorVest UK comments. Is there a strategy that you would use to trade the EUR/USD? Are there any pitfalls that one should avoid when trading currencies? Tell us a little about the Euro Tell us a little about the USA Dollar What is the EUR/USD [If you hear another trader saying "I'm buying the Euro", he/she is expecting that the value of the Euro will rise against the US Dollar and speculates by buying the EUR/USD exchange rate.] If the EUR/USD exchange rate equals 1.12565 for instance what does that mean? Noteworthy some Economic Events that impact the Currency Pair? [mention relevant fundamental announcements..etc] Why is the EUR/USD such a popular pair amongst traders? Tell us about the Characteristics and Particularities of the EUR/USD currency pair Tell us a little about the EUR/USD currency pair [who trades it, how easy it is to predict..etc] How volatile is this currency (how much does it typically moves in a trading session?, describe events from the past that led to major moves in this currency pair – mention that it is volatile and unpredictable…etc) What’s the best way to trade this currency? And the best times to trade? [use a trend following strategy?] Mention some trading tips for trading the EUR/USD Any pitfalls to avoid? Does the EUR/USD have any correlations with other currency pairs?
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Day Trading For Beginners – The Best Time Of Day To Trade
Are you just learning how to trade stocks? Learn about the markets and options trading with our free 3 day bootcamp! https://www.ttfrealestate.com/p/free-stock-trading-bootcamp When it comes to day trading, timing is everything. Beyond just recognizing when to get in and out, to set yourself up for the best odds, you need to know when the best times of the day are to trade. I go over the basic rules of thumb for volume in the market and activity, however it is very easy to observe this behavior by watching the market for a few days. This is really important for day trading, and even more important if you are trading options and making swing trades with them. All in all though, hope this helps and if you have any beginner stock market related questions comment them below and I will make a video on them! SUBSCRIBE & LIKE for more videos COMMENT below if you have any questions and I will respond or make a video! If you haven't done so follow me on social media! I am most active on Instagram Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/thetradingfraternity Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tradingfraternity Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/joshanswers If you want to get your real estate license and/or learn how to flip/wholesale you can do so below by joining our state approved course that will qualify you for the real estate test in your state and provide you with the exact training we give to everyone who works with us! Create another source of passive income to fund your trading account! http://www.TTFrealestate.com DISCLAIMER: These videos are for educational purposes only. Nothing in this video should be construed as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any sort of security or investment. Consult with a professional financial advisor before making any financial decisions. Investing in general and options trading especially is risky and has the potential for one to lose most or all of their initial investment
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Stock Trading Rules, Why Have them, and Examples
They are made to keep you disciplined and away from trouble. You should come up with your own rules and set of expectations for when you trade. Rules apply more toward internal psychology than stock trading in general. Examples of Trading Rules 1. Do not force a trade: Many times traders and stock brokers become bored and try to make trades even if there aren't trades available If you don't see an opportunity, do not trade. Spend the day doing something else. 2. Take profits: Whether you are trading daily, monthly, swing trading, etc do not forget to take profits. The stock market goes in cycles so you need to make sure you're taking profits because eventually the stock will start retracting. 3. Be patient: If a stock is going up, let it run its course. If a stock is going down, be patient and wait until it hits the bottom. Even if the stock is retracting slightly, be patient. 4. Always honor stops: For example, if you bought a stock for $50 and you have a $1 stop, and the stock dips down to $48, you should get rid of the stock and take a small loss rather than waiting for it to continue to descend. The same goes for making profits. 5. Never trade earnings plays: Even if the earnings are great, the stock might tank. It's all a matter of the buyer/seller's perception. You have to keep in mind the perception of the news, rather than the news itself. 6. Always set monthly/yearly goals, not daily: Don't focus on daily fluctuations. This is why it is important to be patient. If the average of your trades are positive then you don't need to worry. 7. No trading once the day loss exceeds more than $X: This mostly applies to day trading. Decide on a figure that you're comfortable with, and do not continue to trade once your day loss exceeds that number. You don't want to keep killing your account. 8. Get in before headlines: Get in before the headlines rather than trying to play the headlines. That way you get the full potential either on the upside or the downside. 9. No tips, do your own homework: Don't give out tips and don't listen to them. If people are looking for feedback then do so in a neutral way. Do not be influenced by tips; this goes along with watching TV. 10. Shrug off losses if the rules are followed: There is always another day and there is always another trade. The market will still be there. Don't let your losses stress you out if you followed the rules because it will affect you in the future. You want to be able to trade confidently and effectively the next time. You don't need to follow all of these rules all of the time, but they're a good starting point. ★ SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE: ★ http://bit.ly/addtradersfly ★ ABOUT TRADERSFLY ★ TradersFly is a place where I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience about the stock market, trading, and investing. Stock trading can be a brutal industry especially if you are new. Watch my free educational training videos to avoid making large mistakes and to just continue to get better. Stock trading and investing is a long journey - it doesn't happen overnight. If you are interested to share some insight or contribute to the community we'd love to have you subscribe and join us! STOCK TRADING COURSES: -- http://tradersfly.com/courses/ STOCK TRADING BOOKS: -- http://tradersfly.com/books/ WEBSITES: -- http://rise2learn.com -- http://criticalcharts.com -- http://investinghelpdesk.com -- http://tradersfly.com -- http://backstageincome.com -- http://sashaevdakov.com SOCIAL MEDIA: -- http://twitter.com/criticalcharts/ -- http://facebook.com/criticalcharts/ MY YOUTUBE CHANNELS: -- TradersFly: http://bit.ly/tradersfly -- BackstageIncome: http://bit.ly/backstageincome
ETC Listed on Coinbase Pro! - Coinbase Opens Trading for ETC - Ethereum Classic CryptoCurrency News
Ethereum Classic has been listed on Coinbase Pro today and looks to open up trading for Coinbase in 1-2 weeks! CryptoCurrency! Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoCoinNewz Join Our Telegram: https://t.me/ccncryptochat Business Email: [email protected] I am not a professional financial adviser. All investments you make are of your own. Do your own research. All ICO Reviews are paid reviews and all opinions are our opinions. Do your own research!
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A lot of traders make mistakes by not considering how important time horizons are in bringing together every part of your trading strategy. This topic relates to market structure and is very important to make sure you are trading in the right waves and over the right period of time. This will help with understanding when to enter a trade or when to exit a trade (where to put your stop losses etc.) This is more than just a discussion around time frames; this is potentially the 'make or break' of your system. ================ JOIN US TO LEARN TO TRADE FOR FREE: http://bit.ly/DuomoInnerCircle ================ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE TRADING VIDEOS: http://bit.ly/DuomoYouTube ================ THE DUOMO TRADING PODCAST: http://bit.ly/DuomoPodcast (Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud and more) ================ GET OUR FULL ONLINE COURSE: http://bit.ly/DuomoCourse ================ SOCIAL LINKS: Website: http://www.duomoinitiative.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/duomoinitiative Twitter: http://twitter.com/duomoinitiative Nicholas Twitter: http://twitter.com/nikipuri Instagram: http://instagram.com/duomoinitiative Email: [email protected]
how to do trading online,implement of stratergy
Live execution of 5 min strategy in hindi. how to do trading online,implement of stratergy you can find the execution of my crude oil strategy live implement of 5min strategy in hindi for more details visit Angeltradingfriend.com Angel Trading Friend a friend for solving your trading problems and money problems How to double your money with just 5 min June 11, 2017 This is the commodity crude oil strategy to double your money by just spending 5 min daily Trading Startegy Keep alarm at 9.59am and log into trading terminal. If Open price is less than yesterdays close then go short today i.e short sell at open price at 10am as soon as market opens Vice versa if open price is greater than yesterdays close I have back tested this stratergy from 2010 had it has been working very well.Details available with me,you can do it yourself in excell or you can ping me on my email id if you need the excel file backtested by me. Money Management Trade with 1 lot nifty for 1 lakh Rs intial investment Increase the lot with increase of 1 lakh i.e 1 lakh = 1 lot 2 lakh = 2 lot 3 lakh = 3 lot and so on Results The results have been very good 2016 had a return of 1000%. 2015 had a return of 1000% and so on Considering the slippage, brokerage charges etc we can easily get 800% return every year which is very high compared to any FD,stocks etc Trading Psycology Trading discipline is very very important and one need to carry out the trade daily even if there is continuous loss for 5 days.you can be assured that one day or the other you will have positive trades also the average of which will be in positive.As you all know trading is an art and you have to be very disciplined to master it.Take both loss and profit with same attitude and be very disciplined with your placing daily orders. 1000%return crude oil.commodity how to double your money money double strategy tricks Hi,Im prince and Im your friend and your new Angel. I have been Trading from past 7yrs and have been trading daily.As usual i was also losing lot of money and had no one to help me.I learnt the hard way and finally identified the secret of trading.To be frank there is nothing big secret,its only discipline,discipline and discipline. So I decided to help others to face the problems in trading and overcome the problems and finally achieve the required discipline. In trading there are 3 stages Stage 1)trading with the help of advises and tips Stage 2)Self trading by Searching for the holy grail Stage 3)Trading like a pro I have passed all the stages and have mastered the techniques and have been making profits consistently.I had attended the Zerodha 60 day challenge and have been getting the winner certificates My Mission To help everyone out there to start trading irrespective of which ever stage of trading you guys are. Im always available to be with you as an angel and gui… KEEP READING My Trading Concept June 04, 2017 Image In simple terms Stock market is like a stream of water,like a river gushing towards the sea. There are people sailing on it from one point to other and there are others who gets drowned in it when its violent. But whoever needs water to their field or ploughing ground inorder to grow crop and make money has to make a small channel(strategy) and make provision of water to enter the channel and reach to the field and grow the crops. In times of summer (sideways market )when water is dry , we have to wait patiently with no water flowing through your channel. In times of rainy season(Trending market) whenever water is full,we have to collect all the water flowing through the channel. Come what may,one should not stop ploughing in summer thinking that channel(strategy) is not good.We must have discipline to continue ploughing the field(trading MONEY MONEY MONEY How to do trading,trading,wat is trading, nose, Nifty, bank Nifty, forex, intra day, Nifty intra day, trading techniques, how to make money, bse, returns, good returns, how to make money, how to make money online, trading, trading tricks, trading strategies, help, help to trade, trading for beginners, trading for living, trading for money, trading to live, living, enjoying, making money, stock, stock market, how to pick stocks, gain money in stock market, earn money in stock market, intra day trading tip, trend analysis, best strategy intraday, intraday trading tip
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How to Trade in Very Volatile Markets! 😲
Trading During Turbulent Times http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/strategies/trading-volatility.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! How can one make a profit in a volatile market? Tips for Trading Volatile Markets. Here are 7 things to consider when you're trading during volatile times 1) Observe. Taking time off from the markets and doing nothing for a while is okay! It is about preservation of capital. 2) Spend more time planning. If you intend to get involved, try to understand what is going on. 3) Avoid being seduced by the volatility. This was a big thing for me. 4) Reduce position size. When volatility goes up you want to reduce your position size to have the same risk in the market (since moves are bigger). 5) Have very strict loss limits. 6) Move to a higher timeframe. If you find it too noisy to trade small timeframes, you might need to step back - say from 5-15 minutes to hourly timeframes..etc 7) Do more of what works. If you have a strategy that is working in this volatile environment, ditch your other strategies that aren't working and just go all in on that specific strategy. As traders we are always trying to get the risk/reward ratio up as well as maximising the probability of success. If you are finding that these conditions are offering both then press it! Related Videos: Buying in a Bear Market! 🐻 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HGNM93lU1w Buying Stocks in a Falling Market 🐻 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr8HguZcEHQ Who is Buying if Everyone is Selling!? 🐻 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9UB7LUbyEo How to Profit from a Market Crash! 👊 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b55TABcmZSo 10 Rules for Investing in a Bear Market! 🐻 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NesVdnc3hM Tips For Investors In Volatile Markets: How to Make Money in a Wild Market! 💪 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpDIrRB5lfM How to Trade in Very Volatile Markets! 😲 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5ncfISng9A Use the Right Trading Strategy in the Right Market Conditions! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNnC4p9-0qs Adapting the Market You're Trading to the Strategy You're Using 👍 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-R1ps9VXvBk Creating a System for Bull, Bear and Sideways Markets! 🙂🙃 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnSRxvH0dH8
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Get this great Forex trading signals from using the 360 degree Forex indicator. 1 Forex market view
http://automatedmt4indicators.com/360-degree-forex-indicator/ Trading the strongest currencies against the weakest currencies is the biggest edge that exceptional Forex traders have over average Forex traders. Those type of trades provide the strongest trends. The Problems There are no charts for the US Dollar on its own (or any other currency for that matter) – you have to compare the USD with something else to get a feel for the strength or weakness of the currency. By looking at the EURUSD you can get a feel of whether the US Dollar is stronger or weaker than the EUR. This is a narrow view as the EUR itself could be very strong or very weak so you are only getting information on the EUR compared to the US Dollar. The Confusion What makes this comparison even more confusing is that different time periods will give you different perspectives. The EUR could be stronger than the Dollar on the monthly, 4hour, 15 minute charts and weaker on the weekly, daily, 1 hour, 30 minute, 5 minute and 1 minute charts. Pretty confusing isn’t it. The Sheer volume of information And that is only 1 cross, the EURUSD. Imagine trying to do it for the top 8 currencies crosses in all Time periods. You would have to look at 8 x 8 = 64 possible crosses. This amount can be halved as you don’t need to both the EURUSD and the USDEUR. But then you would have to look at 32 charts in each time period (Monthly, Weekly, Daily, 4 Hour, I Hour, 30 Minute, 15 minute, 5 minute and 1 minute charts) 32 x 7 = 224 constantly changing charts and readings. Reduce confusion about which currencies to trade and in which direction and in which time-frame Trade confidently using the best currencies and the the best direction. Reduce the guessing and taking chances. Know what's going on in the market with all currencies at a glance. HAVE A 360 DEGREE VIEW The solution THE 360 DEGREE INDICATOR. It calculates the strength of a currency compared to all its crosses on all time periods at the same time in pips. It then presents all this information in table formats. These tables sit on your charts and updated in real time – you always know the exact relative strength of a currency compared to other currencies in different time periods ALL the time. It is ideal to trade the strongest currency against the weakest currency. When the currency cross consists of a strong currency/weak currency you should BUY. When the currency cross consist of a weak currency/strong currency then you should SELL. TABLE 1 The basic relative strength readings over various periods ranging from 3 hours to 3 months as shown below. The figures in the blocks show by how many pips the currency has weakened or strengthened. The red blocks show weakened currencies and the green blocks show strengthened currencies:- You will notice that relative strength is measured in time periods that are not in-line with chart timeframes. This way of measuring relative strength has evolved by user experience over the years and the time periods in place have been found to be informative. Relative strength using short term time frames( 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour etc.) have not been meaningful and often misleading. Relative strength trading is intended for longer term perspectives. Examples of the kind of information you can get from this table are: The JPY has overall strengthened compared to other currencies over all measurement times (sign of a sustained strong currency) The CHF and the EUR, overall has weakened compared to other currencies over all measurement times, except for the 1 month period (sign of a sustained weak currency ) In the last day the CHF has lost 995 pips overall compared to other currencies whereas the CAD has gained 653 pips overall compared to other currencies. With the benefit of hindsight buying the CADCHF would have been the best trade to make. You can also see trends in this table. The USD was strengthening in the short term whereas the EUR was weakening in the short term. Selling the EURUSD would have been a good move. Except for the 6-hour view the AUD has been in a strengthening trend.
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ABC of Forex Trading -  Part 4 - When To Trade and when NOT to Trade ! Fully explained
A thorough explanation of timing your trades - avoiding trading around times when markets are very unpredictable, etc. Fully explained and narrated by Dada Dadiani - TradeGuardian
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FOREX - Astrofx Technical Tuesday Volume 29 - Trading Hours
Astrofx discuss the amount of time aspiring traders ideally should be spending in forex. Sharing personal stories and mistakes made in the past due to over trading etc. Along with further knowledge and information about trading routines, not to mention the weekly market breakdown.
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Iq Option trading candles and Times settings on 1 minutes best trading wining rates
Iq Option trading candles and Times settings on 1 minutes best trading wining rates Whatsapp 03054080880 Email [email protected]
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Flux Histograms Trading Times
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ethereum classic crypto monnaie - timely information is money! ethereum classic etc, zclassic, neo
The latest Tweets from Crypto Trading (@Crypto_News_). Here we provide some tips for day trading crypto, including information on strategy, software and trading bots - as well as specific things new traders need to know, such as taxes or rules in certain markets. Pls what is the best software to use for crypto trading that is good and free to use pls. Rejoins-nous sur Whales of Kraken, notre groupe de Day Trading. The latest Tweets from Crypto Analyse (@CryptoAnalyseFr). Scores on CoinCheckup are based on common sense Formulas that we personally use to analyse crypto coins & tokens. Bienvenue sur Crypto Analyse TV. Every Day Someone Is Growing Rich form article crypto monnaie,Are You Searching For. The same risks apply to trading crypto as with any other security. Zenbot is another open source anonymous crypto trading bot that provides traders with the ability to download the code for the bot and edit it themselves. Ben Self Trading Crypto System is an online course for everyone willing to keep crushing the crypto market in 2018. — Rejoignez nous whales of kraken notre groupe de Day Buying and selling Automatisé :. Author: Topic: [BOUNTY][ICO] CoinPennant - Platform to manage, track and analyse crypto assets (Read 9132 times). How the wealthiest capitalist dynasty went bust; Pop rocks, Mikey and 5 other myths (about… This is how I analyse crypto assets. We've published another crypto trading tips and mistakes guide, you can read it here. See a hand-selected, constantly updated list of strictly monitored groups for Crypto Trading Signals on Telegram. Crypto analyse TV video, The latest music videos, short movies, tv shows, clip ghost, clip Horror, funny and extreme videos. Analyse crypto trades with our interactive charts. The latest Tweets from Real Time Crypto FR (@CryptoTempsReel). Bonjour à tous et bienvenue sur Crypto Analyse TV. Do You Want To Earn $100 To Over $1000 Daily And Weekly Trading Crypto. Pour acheter des crypto monnaies avec de la monnaie FIAT (euros, dollars, etc), vous devez passez passez par une plateforme d'échange en ligne. Tag: crypto chart analyse Crypto Chart Analyse Täglich [29. TRADING CRYPTO handel in cryptocurrencies. Are You Searching For crypto monnaie prometteuse,Every Day Someone Is Growing Rich form article. I'm a bit addicted to crypto trading now lol. Il vous présente intégralement whales of Kraken et l'envers du décors pour vous laisser vous faire une idée la plus objective possible. Crypto analyse tv, скачать, смотреть crypto analyse tv, слушать mp3. Bienvenue sur Crypto Analyse TV. Do not waste time crypto monnaie,Easy step by step. Scores on CoinCheckup are based on common sense Formulas that we personally use to analyse crypto coins & tokens. Découvrez Whales of Kraken, notre groupe de Day Trading Automatisé et copiez nos trades sans effort. Don't learn to make money trading cryptocurrency.
The Best Times To Trade The Forex Markets [Fx Trading Times Uk]
Reliable Binary Options Broker with a ★Profit of up to 95%★ Totally Free 1000$ Demo account! + ✔ Register and Get Best Trading Strategy ➤➤ https://goo.gl/P3e6xW ................................................................................................................Foreign Exchange Market (Literature Subject) Forex can you make money trading binary options 60 second binary options trading strategy binary options 60 second trading strategy Foreign Exchange Market (Taxonomy Subject) best times to trade the forex markets 60 Second Binary Options Trading Strategy can i make money trading binary options binary options trading income secrets best times to trade currency markets Trading Forex Trading Best Forex Trading Times trading the currency markets Forex Trading Hours trading the forex markets forex trading times uk professional forex trader forex trading strategies Profitable trading hours Binary Options Tutorial forex trading australia what times to avoid Forex trading strategy make money from forex trade forex from home forex trading account London Close Strategy currency trading tips Binary Options Binary Option best time to trade London Open Strategy spread betting forex online stock trading canada forex trading Best times to trade London Trading hours forex spread betting forex demo accounts free forex training forex market hours
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How to trade GBP/USD (Cable): Tips & Tricks
★ How to trade GBP/USD i.e. cable, Tips & Tricks ★ You can trade the GBP/USD at InterTrader http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/intertrader/intertrader.html ★ If you found value in watching this video, PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can do more! Discussing the GBP/USD i.e. cable If you found value in watching this video, PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can do more! David Paul, Financial Trader and Managing Director of VectorVest UK comments. Tell us a little about the GBP/USD relationship - its called the Cable- how do the two work. The Pound against the Dollar, the Pound is called the base currency and the Dollar is referred to as the secondary currency. In the GBP/USD and the EUR/USD, the Dollar is the secondary currency. What factors effect Cable? Tell us a little about the GBP/USD currency pair. If the GBP/USD exchange rate equals 1.46829 for instance what does that mean? Why is the GBP/USD such a popular pair amongst traders? Factors affecting the GBP/USD [any notable fundamental announcements] Role of Inflation in Trading GBP USD Tell us about the Characteristics and Particularities of the GBPUSD currency pair? How volatile is this currency? Is the GBP/USD a good currency pair to trade for beginners? What’s the best way to trade this currency? And the best times to trade? [suitable for traders who like to do short-term trades or use martingale type robots.] Mention some trading tips for trading the GBP/USD How the GBP/USD correlated to the EUR/USD? [The GBP/USD is rather sensitively to important news affecting the EUR/USD, with news such as FOMC, Non-Farm Payroll and political events in the UK…etc] Does the GBP/USD have any correlations with other currency pairs?
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Best Time for Intraday Trading in Share Market in India 📈 (2018)
Best Time for Intraday Trading in Share Market in India 📈 (2018) Learn intraday trading. Indian stock market timings: Both NSE and BSE trade between 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on weekdays and on non public holidays. Initial 15 minutes pre open trade session in both NSE and BSE. But why this 15 minutes of session is introduced ? So for you and me the actual share market opens at 9:15 A.M and remains open till 3: 15 P.M. Indian market and Indian companies not only have the business in India but also globally. Global market timings affect Indian stock as well. Asian markets: Asian markets open approximately at 5:30 A.M. This includes Tokyo market Hong Kong Shanghai and India finally opens at 9 A.M. So by the time Indian Market opens, it is already in impact of other Asian Stock Markets. Then comes the European market. This opens at 1:30 P.M according to Indian standard time. So while out Indian trade sessions are ongoing, European market opens at 1:30 P.M. Then comes American market. American market opens finally at 7:30 p.m. So, what is the best time to trade for intraday trading? Watch the video and let me know what do you think. Subtitles available in English,Hindi,Chinese,Russian,French,Telugu etc. My referral link to open zerodha trading and demat account is as below. It is a form. Please provide Name, Email, Mobile No. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdW34haGya6WGZLePq5-Jjx1yX_LPUyWRm6H8-eNB1O0Sa8FA/viewform Credits: Music: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music
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End of Day Trading: How to Trade the Closing Price 30 Minutes 💡
Trading The Closing Price. Strategies for trading the closing 30 minutes session. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! i.e. trading end of day times. This is from an indices perspective. This is for day traders who like to day trading the S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX 30..etc This is a strategy I use in the right conditions. What am i looking for? Let's focus on the last 30 minutes of trade. This is important because everyone has the same time stamp ending time for the closing of the exchange. At 4pm UK time the market will close - you can't trade UK stocks after this bell. This open the close to trading opportunities given the right conditions - either some market participants have to fulfill some orders for the day, or they maybe need to square off or close some trades into the close. One thing we can say is that we have to be careful - don't assume increased volatility - see if there is any clue first. If we get direction right and we get onto the end of something just hold it until the end. We are looking for volume moving in one direction. What happened to that prior 30 minutes is very important. The likelihood is that we won't be getting that much flurry. We are not trying to fade out momentum here - we either get onto that momentum or not take the trade at all.
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Watch me make over $4,000 -- in about an hour -- by day trading technicals in the stock market
Some of my most requested videos: My day trading Premarket Preparation routine: https://youtu.be/34i0aajHvQ4 500% gains in just a few weeks; WITH A SMALL ACCOUNT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2d8AgCbE1c&t=1246s Another $4,000 day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnhGQisnNlA&t=3s Discussion about how I day trade versus those who average up/down: https://youtu.be/Yrzid53zFMI FAQ on using CME as a day trading broker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xt23-yXYrTQ&t=1s Tips and tricks for using DAS Trader Pro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XI0VKfL-9Fs Some thoughts on how to read level 2 as a day trader: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO5S9Cpx4YU&t=5s Daniel Thomas is a daytrader (day trader) who specializes in analyzing technical stock trends, patterns, and indicators, then applying his analysis to buying and selling stocks (mostly intraday). Though Daniel takes a "long" position almost daily, a large majority of his day trades are of the shorting stock variety. The videos Daniel puts together are: 1) Largely intended to be used as a personal journal (for Daniel Thomas), where he documents various day trades (sometimes swing trades), for personal reflection. Daniel firmly believes that one of the best ways to fix mistakes, and/or weaknesses, is to face them head on; and recording videos of his stock market blunders is his preferred method for self-accountability (you can't hide from a weakness that you're forced to see). On the flip side, it's always good to review some of our strengths as well, so recording all trades (not just the losing variety) enables Daniel to identify both his strengths, and weaknesses, when it comes to applying technical analysis to the stock market in a day-trading fashion. 2) NEVER intended to be used as financial advice. Daniel is NOT qualified to give financial advice, and as such -- would never do so. There have been countless times where Daniel has had to ignore email questions/chat/etc., because traders are asking his opinion on the future direction of a stock. The reality is, Daniel shares perspective with the likes of Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, and many other great traders/investors, in that -- the only person any of us should trust (with regards to "advice" on the stock market) is the person staring back at us in the mirror. And if the person in the mirror doesn't know how to personally trade the stock market, they should: a) acquire an education on the art/skill of trading/investing, before getting personally involved, b) develop said skill through an abundance of practice (preferably in a simulator; such as the one DAS Trader Pro provides), and c) avoid trading with money they cannot afford to lose. If a person lacks the time/money to meet these prerequisites, and/or wants "legitimate" financial advice -- they should really consult a certified financial advisor, and/or someone who is legally qualified to give such advice. 3) For educational purposes ONLY. Daniel makes his day trading videos public, because he thinks that other traders can see his successes/failures, and open their minds to what he calls, "the bigger picture." There are 1,000 ways to trade the stock market, just like there are 1,000 ways to swing a golf club. Daniel believes that individual traders can benefit by watching the strengths/weaknesses of other day-traders, and though it would be nearly impossible to successfully replicate any trader's strategy(ies) (or any golfer's swing), watching a "bigger picture" of the stock market, and a trader's day within, will undoubtedly add to the education/wisdom of any person pursuing personal development in applicable arenas. Favorite technical patterns and trading strategies: -Head & shoulders -Descending triangles, Ascending triangles -Moving average cross-overs (including the use of VWAP) -HOD/LOD, premarket high/low -bull flags, bear flags -gap & go; gap fill -Daniel's self-proclaimed "levels in space" day trading strategy Favorite authors on topic: William O'Neil, Edwin Lefevre, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, Mark Douglas, Toni Turner, Andrew Aziz, Ross Cameron. Trading Platform: DAS Trader Pro Brokers: Capital Markets Elite Group (CME), Interactive Brokers, Fidelity, (will never use SureTrader again) Favorite Traders: Jessie Livermore (lol), Andrew Aziz, everybody in the book "Market Wizards," and much respect for Ross Cameron, Nate, Sykes, and more… Equipment: Acer 38" ultra-wide gaming monitor, HP IPS 23" monitors, Dell Inspiron 17" laptop, AOC portable usb-powered monitors (travel station), Uplift sit/stand desk, gaming keyboard, J5 create USB-HDMI splitters, Logitech mouse. Scanners: Trade Ideas pro, Benzinga Pro, FinViz Chat room: BearBullTraders YouTube Channel: Daniel Thomas (danwaytho) StockTwits profile: Tradersmakemoneybothways Promo Code for CME (broker): CMEGDANIELTHOMAS Education: BA & MBA - Fresno State Vocational (Firefighter, Pharmacy technician, Hazmat specialist, Real Estate) Soldier - US Army
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Best Forex Trading Times
So what are the best forex trading times? The forex market is open 24 hours a day during the business week, but this does not necessarily mean that all of those 24 hours are good for trading.
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crude hedging 3 times a day in mcx commodity online trading
Speedearning.in is a stock market Advisory website owned by Pankaj Jain Who is also the founder of IMM (Institute of Money Management) where Trainees are trained and equipped with the tools of technical analysis to study the market. The main advantage of technical approach for Stock analysis is that it is more fast, accurate and easy to learn as compared to the Fundamental Analysis. Another Major Advantage is that it doesn't change for different markets and same technique can be applied to all segments like cash shares, futures, options, stock market, equity market, commodity market as well as the forex market. It can be even processed similarly for national exchanges like nse, bse, mcx, ncdex as well as the global exchanges like wall street, dow jones etc.., We here at IMM aim to not only teach you the technical tools but also help you in their practical implementation and help you develop a self-based of self-created trading system that will help you to create regular and good profits in the market. So here we not aim for Trainees but for professional traders and brokers that are expert in their field. And I think that is our greatest strength because theoretical knowledge can be obtained from many sources but the practical implementation of the knowledge comes from mistakes and here we help you gain the practical knowledge by helping you avoiding the basic mistakes and learn from the mistakes of other and hence reducing your losses. 09619748433 09754381469 www.speedearning.in www.smallstoploss.in mcx commodity live chart free trial tip -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Zinc daily technical analysis for safe easy profit" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5JJQ3NS3_8 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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HOW TO INVEST IN CRYPTOCURRENCY: If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, and not limit yourself to just buy/sell/trade, as a Newbie, there are a few options; you can choose between The GBTC trust as sold on the stock market. An exchange to buy coins on and a wallet to store the coins in. [ *CUSTOM RECOMMENDATION ] cryptocurrency IRA (Not really recommended because No reviews on them) Each option has its pros and cons, but notably, only an exchange-broker-wallet hybrid. TIP1.0: Successful & Smart investors or Traders follow trusted guides from professionals to maximize their crypto-investment potentials & Reduce Risk. What You Should Know Before You Start Trading Cryptocurrency, There are a few things more to know about trading cryptocurrency beyond what was noted above but find below a few of the most important things to know before getting started: A cryptocurrency exchange is not part of the regular stock exchange RISK: The cryptocurrency market is insanely volatile. You can make a fortune now and lose it in a twinkle of an eye, whether you trade Bitcoin, another coin, or the GBTC Bitcoin trust. Consider mitigating risks, hedging, and not “going long” with all your investable funds. 1 of the simplest place to invest, buy, sell, and store coins are OPTIONSTOWER, IQOPTIONS or Coinbase. [1 of the amazing things about these platforms is that the platform is home to various cryptocurrency trading markets, including Dash, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. What is even more intriguing is how all of these currencies can be traded against the US Dollar directly. They are the best right now, – after my experience, No doubt] Follow Step by Step trading instructions from an expert to avoid frequent loss of Trades. This was how I started and cannot fail to mention it because it paid out. If you want to go into cryptocurrency trading/Investing, you are doing one right thing by reading this. TIP1.1: Trading top coins like BTC, Ethereum e.t.c reduces the risk of huge loss, (Other cryptocurrencies are riskier (but can offer quick gains on a good day). TIP1.2: There are a few sides to cryptocurrency which makes it stands out. (i) you can trade and invest in it, (2). you can use it for transactions (anywhere a coin type is accepted), (3). you can break out a graphics processing unit and some software and mine coins. These are all valid and interesting, But this page is focused on “trading” cryptocurrency (and therefore also investing in it). With that said, even if you want to do the other things with cryptocurrencies, you still need to be set up for trading. What You Need to Know to Start Trading Cryptocurrency For those who want to trade cryptocurrency. A beginner should start by choosing a company with a good reputation that offers an exchange and wallet (to help keep the process simple). Additionally, only a few platforms offer to exchange and wallet. A beginner should also start by trading prominent coins. Currently, in 2018, By prominent coins, I mean coins like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). In the future, this could change. But right now as a good and smart trader or investor, you have to focus on what pays you the most, at this particular point in time. New Traders/Investors must really understand how the system works to avoid loss of money. [For serious traders only, I disclosed my contact information at the end of this review for advance support/Guidance, If needed] Why You should Trade Cryptocurrency (whether as a main or back job for the ‘perfect extra income’)... Cryptocurrency Trading, According to a Forbes reporter is considered the 2018 most lucrative backup job for the ‘perfect Extra Income’ & I totally agree. No matter anyone’s financial status there’s always that need for an extra income, – more preferably a job you can do from anywhere at any time! Nothing beats that! Now Everyone has heard about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, whose market capitalization (the price per unit times the circulating supply) as of July 6, 2017, exceeds $42 billion, only slightly below the market capitalization of Ford Motor Company. But six other cryptocurrencies (Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin, Etherium Classic, NEM, and Dash) have market capitalizations over $1 billion, and another thirty-seven have between $100 and $999.99 million. I use a cloud trading system that simulates live signals on all current market rate of anything I choose to trade. I am very open to guide you if you are a trader, contact me directly, I accept calls, & email only Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/frank.hills.14289 Email: [email protected]
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Are The Bitcoin (BTC) Bears Still Too Powerful?! - Crypto Trading & Cryptocurrency Price News
👍 THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE + 🔔FOR 2X DAILY CRYPTO LIVE STREAMS! 🏅 PUBLIC TRADE ALERTS- https://t.me/AltCoinParty 🏆 PRIVATE VIP ELITE TRADE ALERTS- https://t.me/VIPELITE ⚡️ Follow @ https://twitter.com/CryptoKirby Are the Bitcoin (BTC) bears still too powerful?! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading analysis + current news topics on today's video! 😈 Let’s get this crypto! Disclaimer: The content covered in this video/live stream is NOT investment advice. I’m NOT a financial adviser. These are only my own personal opinions, ideas, charts, technical analysis, insights, news and price predictions. Always do your own research and only invest solely based on your own findings and personal judgement. Deciding to invest in and/or buy Bitcoin (BTC) or any other type of cryptocurrency is extremely high risk and can crash at any time! This video/live stream is purely for entertainment purposes only!
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🇨🇳China Stock Market Crash 2018. China Economic Collapse or Rebound?🇨🇳
China Stock Market Crash 2018. China Economic Collapse or Rebound? Idea #1-Share prices reflect not only today, but the the future. With the ongoing trade war between the United States and China investors have become incredibly concerned about a a huge slowdown in economic growth in China. Is Wall Street right in their assumption that economic growth in China is coming to a screeching halt? This is the million dollar question. Idea #2-Investors have become increasingly concerned about Chinese companies profitability. As we’ve seen giants like Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, JD, and IQ the list goes on...these stocks have sold off massively and one of the key reasons is because investors are questioning these companies spending sprees. Are companies in China unnecessarily spending billions of dollars quarter after quarter to diversify into businesses that won’t pay off over the long term? This shift in thinking by the investing community has directly contributed to the massive slide in stocks throughout China and we have to ask ourselves is the voting power of the investing community getting the story right, or will these investments translate into massive profits over the long term? Idea #3 to consider-Are Chinese consumers cutting down on spending? In major cities like Beijing housing has become increasingly out of reach (think New York or San Francisco in the U.S. for example) for the average Chinese citizen. The skyrocketing cost of living in China due to the enormous population has contributed to a significant decrease in spending. This is the argument put forth by bears, but are they wrong? These three ideas along with other factors such as the depreciation of the Yuan vs the dollar have contributed to a huge decline in the share price of Chinese stocks. Is growth in China slowing? Are companies like ALibaba, Baidu, JD, IQ etc overspending in a desperate attempt to diversify? Are investors assuming the worst? Are China stocks oversold? Are they do for a massive rebound? Is the investing community getting the story right? Alibaba-trading close to 20.5 times its forward EPS estimates. It’s forecasted Alibaba’s revenue growth will be over 50% in the next few quarters. This valuation multiple seems really low. Bidu-trading at under 17 times forward earnings. It’s forecasted Baidu will grow its top line by 22% this year. IQ-42% of total revenue from online advertising. 67.1 million subscribers and growing rapidly. IQ is on track towards achieving profitability TCEHY-Sells for 30 times earnings. TCEHY is firing on all cylinders and growing rapidly. Tencent is down over 40% from its 52 week high. JD-Forward P/E 30.72. As profit margins tick higher that will translate into a huge uptick in the share price. IMF CHINA FORECAST: https://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2018/07/25/na072618-chinas-economic-outlook-in-six-charts
WIPRO, MINDTREE Intraday Trade Using Retest Gap | Example Included
------------------------------------ Support my work: https://www.patreon.com/analysissense ----------------------------------- In this video I have explained my today's trades. #RetestGap #Intraday #PriceAction ====================================================== Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnalysisSense TradingView: https://in.tradingview.com/u/AnalysisSense/ ====================================================== I am not SEBI Registered Financial Advisor. Before Taking Any Decision Please Consult Your Financial Advisor. If you like this video, Please Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/AnalysisSense ====================================================== My Setup: Headphone: https://amzn.to/2rTlId9 Laptop: https://amzn.to/2kacsOg Extra Display: https://amzn.to/2k7hqes ====================================================== Favorite Books: Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications https://amzn.to/2GvGWmG How to Day Trade for a Living: Tools, Tactics, Money Management, Discipline and Trading Psychology https://amzn.to/2GT7f6h How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad, Fourth Edition https://amzn.to/2LAU1P9 DISCLAIMER: All stock recommendations and comments are the opinion of presenter. Traders should be cautious about any and all stock recommendations and should consider the source of any advice on stock selection. Various factors, including personal ownership, may influence or factor into a stock analysis or opinion. All traders are advised to conduct their own independent research into individual stocks before making a purchase decision. In addition, traders are advised that past stock performance is not indicative of future price action. You should be aware of the risks involved in stock investing, and you use the material contained herein at your own risk. Neither AnalysisSense nor any of its owners guarantee its accuracy or validity, nor are they responsible for any errors or omissions which may have occurred. The analysis, ratings, and/or recommendations made by AnalysisSense, and/or any of its presenter do not provide, imply, or otherwise constitute a guarantee of performance. The material and information on this channel are provided for information purpose only. AnalysisSense does not accept liability for your use of the channel videos. The information is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, without any representations, warranties or conditions of any kind. Copyright of AnalysisSense. Downloading this video from YouTube would be in violation of the copyright. Users are allowed to ONLY watch this video training from the YouTube. If this video is found in any other channel, please report to [email protected] Background Music Credit: https://www.bensound.com
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WARFRAME - Simple and Easy Trading: Mods, Prime Parts, etc.
THANKS FOR WATCHING! In this video I'm going to teach you how to sell (in particular), trade, and buy different items in Warframe. If I did miss any information or you feel that you can add to the video feel free to comment down below! Have a great day! :D Price Check= (https://warframe.market/) ALSO REMEMBER THAT THE WARFRAME TRADE CHAT IS AN OPEN MARKET, THERE IS NO SET PRICE TO ANY ITEM. Often times you want to buy low and sell high and if people tell you that certain things are not a reasonable price, you don't have to listen to them... unless you're selling an unranked redirection mod for 200000 platinum! I'm not a Jake Pauler
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Best Forex Trading Hours GMT, EST AEST 2
Best Forex Trading Hours GMT, EST AEST 2
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Ubisoft Outlines Year One Road Map: Endgame Updates, Player Trading, ETC
• Follow Me ► Facebook - http://facebook.com/king.gothalion ► Twitter - https://twitter.com/Gothalion ► Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/KingGothalion ► Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GothalionFriends https://www.facebook.com/groups/DestinyTheCompletePicture Destiny is set seven hundred years into the future in a post-apocalyptic setting following a prosperous period of exploration, peace and technological advancement known as the Golden Age. In a universe where humans have spread out and colonized planets in the Solar System, an event known as "the Collapse" saw the mysterious dissolution of these colonies, the end of the Golden Age, and mankind teetering on the brink of extinction. The only known survivors of the Collapse are those living on Earth, who were saved by "the Traveller", a white, spherical celestial body whose appearance centuries before had enabled humans to reach the stars. The Traveller now hovers above the last remaining human city, and its presence allows the "Guardians of the City"—the last defenders of the human race—the ability to wield an unknown power, only referred to as "The Light". Upon mankind's first attempt to repopulate and reconstruct after the Collapse, it is discovered that hostile alien races have occupied mankind's former colonies and civilizations and are now encroaching upon the City. The player takes on the role of a Guardian of the City, and is tasked with investigating and destroying these threats before humanity is completely wiped out.
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High Leverage Intraday Trading | Angel Broking
For more information visit - http://www.angelbroking.com/
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Live Day Trading Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) with CryptoTrader
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ BTC: 1AjxGVE6d5q1xiPGzzmBsWED4ASMxHcgBA ETH: 0x6fFDA70ff78FEC16b97906F870Be842D14112861 LTC: LdcsQo1UbKgydNn5pVETxL853PnyZDsPZd 20% OFF by shopping @PurseIO! Sign up and get 0.01 BTC free: https://purse.io/?_r=b6S6cA Shop Amazon: http://amzn.to/2C0TNez Thank you for your support!
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How to Use Volume (VWAP) to Improve your Trading  📈
Volume Weighted Average Price. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/volume.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Trading tips and tricks, how to use volume to improve your trading - Hidden Secrets of the Volume Weighted Average Price. We’ve already seen how you can use a moving average to find inflection points, and how you can make profitable trades simply by seeing how the price reacts to the moving average. However, the potential problem with the moving average is that it takes no account of the volume of trading. There could be one contract bought and sold a long way away from the current price, and that would be immediately reflected in the moving average, distorting the actual sympathy of the market. That’s why the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) can be very useful as an alternative. As an indication of how useful the VWAP can be, you should note that a lot of pension plans use it as a benchmark when considering their trades. The VWAP allows the institutional investor to have as little impact as possible on the price when trading in or out of the shares, as it more reasonably represents the market sympathy taking into account trading volume. With the quantities of trading that institutions do, it is important that they do not upset market sentiment and impact the costs of their own trading – for instance, by buying too enthusiastically they might find that they were forcing the price up and costing themselves more for the position, and using the VWAP mitigates this effect. The Volume Weighted Average Price can be calculated on a daily basis by taking the sum of all the numbers of shares bought times the price for those shares, and dividing it by the total number of shares that were traded. It can also be calculated on an intraday basis, using the same principles. For comparison with a simple moving average, it is useful to plot them both on the same chart. Although it’s only become popular fairly recently, most charting software now includes the VWAP. If you are trading in a trend, you use the indicator in a similar way to previous indicators, such as the moving average, Bollinger Bands, etc. The individual trader is not concerned with market impact in the same way as institutional investors. To use the indicator, you’re looking for the price to retrace down to the VWAP (in an uptrend), and then expecting it to take support from the line and increase again. The price may break below the VWAP, in which case you could take a long position once it broke back to the upside. Provided the trade works out, you can anticipate to exit at the high of the day. The stop loss should be positioned at the most recent low point in case the uptrend fails. If you are trading in a downtrend, of course you should reverse all these guidelines. Some traders believe that the VWAP is one of the great indicators, and use it consistently. Others say that it is not so useful as a trading trigger because in a strong trend, the price is unlikely to move far enough to touch the VWAP. Either way, it’s interesting enough that you should explore what you can do with it.
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Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading: MACD + RSI - How To Use
I discuss two of the most popular and most used indicators by cryptocurrency and Bitcoin traders, the MACD and RSI. I go through what they are, how to add them to your charts, and show you a few examples of how they help traders find good entry points. Keys to Remember: 1) Macro to Micro (start at long-term view (i.e. daily) and work your way down (i.e. 4 hour, 1 hour, etc.) 2) Do not place buy trades in overbought conditions and do not place sell orders in oversold conditions (you will lose most of the time) 3) Look for bullish and bearish crossovers on the MACD 4) Look for bullish and bearish divergences on both the MACD and RSI
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Discover 3 simple steps to trading success (evergreen)
http://www.spartantraderfx.com/billion-dollar-traders-workshop-intro/ FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP: Sunday March 18 "Discover The Exact Steps And Software We Use To Trade Just Like The Billion Dollar Traders & Banks" http://www.simplesmartforex.com/starter/ Are you still interested in trading Forex but worried about losing money? I made this 10 minute video to show you exactly how to change this quickly and easily. Just click this link to watch it right away: Our New Live class workshop replay...it's 100% FREE...click to get it no...http://www.simplesmartforex.com/starter/ Ready to start trading? I have produced the ultimate trading program to help you get the results you always wanted, and faster than you thought possible. It’s time to enjoy trading right now, without stress, fear or anger. Check it out here: http://www.simplesmartforex.com/ Click this link for more http://www.spartantraderfx.com Looking for a trading Mentor?... http://www.nikosmermigas.com/ http://www.simplesmartforex.com/mentorship/ Before we dig right into 3 steps to trading success , I want to guide you for a second. This won't hurt and will take only a few sentences. The Spartan FX Academy 3 step formula is not just a trading system but more a guide you want to follow in order to create and keep the right mindset as a trader. Remember; you want to be successful for longer than a day I guess! Especially when you are a new trader, you want to go from losing money to not losing money first. Then you need to improve. Learn from your mistakes and start making money. You also want to keep the money you are making and grow your trading account over time. So, trading mastery is a process that needs like everything that counts in live a bit time! There a two ways to do this... 1. You just jump into it, open trading accounts lose a lot of money and try again and again for years until you understand the real values in trading or... 2. You follow the 3 simple steps to trading success , save a lot of money, time and stress, enjoy the markets and build up your personal trading business with a clear mind. I would personally suggest you go with the second option here. Point one was my choice took when I started and I can't recommend it at all. Not only because I lost a lot of money, but because it made me feeling sick every single day in past. But let's not talk about me here. The reason I created this small but very powerful 3 steps to trading success blue print was to help YOU saving a lot of time and money in your trading future. Make sure you read this manual many times and apply all 3 steps before you even thing about opening any trading positions. As I mentioned already in some of the intro videos; I use this formula for many years with success and many of my students also. Here are the 3 steps to trading success! Step 1: Understand the markets by reading charts a 100% correctly. Then identify a trend or a market range on high time frames and look for trading setups according to the trading system and your trading plan only. Step 2: If a signal is triggered you don't hesitate. You trade by splitting your position into multiple parts, and never expose your account to more than 1 or 2 % risk. Your goal is to stay in a trade as long as possible, especially when you ride a trend. If the price goes your way you look always for bigger targets and trail your stop according to the system rules. Step 3: The markets never move in one direction without taking a breather (pullback, retracement). You take advantage of these pullbacks on lower time frames by locking in profits (hedging). You will make incremental profits on the pullbacks and leave the main trend positions running according to the trade management rules. Now repeat these 3 steps to trading success again and again! You can apply this formula in all major financial markets. So I am talking about Forex, Stocks, Options, Metals etc. In order to get it right and make it easy for you I like to watch the video here. As they saying goes..."a picture is worth more than a thousand words" Have fun Nikos Mermigas Looking for a trading Mentor... http://www.nikosmermigas.com/ http://www.spartantraderfx.com http://www.spartantraderfx.com/fast-track-program/
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Crypto Trading talk on BTC; ETH; LTC etc.  2017.11.22
Welcome to the MoneyCharts Channel BITCOIN (BTC) gift wallet 33P5E2iwRLesW39sJoiQazoceQ8xQumHk2 LITECOIN gift wallet 35hBtnMzxmdiH7hjpjibWyKU3vvMBh26v8 LOWEST TRANSFER FEES I'VE FOUND Bitcoin transfer I have seen as low as about seventy cents and are usually over three times that much everywhere else. Litecoin at 0.01 works out to about fifty cents based on fifty dollar price and have seen this number as low as 0.001 from Polo which is a great deal at only about five cents. But codes below are even cheaper than that to transfer: BITTREX PesetaCoin (PTC) - About 1 BTC satoshi cost L2iDhTeQ2U7kD7HX8yYYiLw9FkrNfGXgmS POLONIEX PINK - Between 2-3 BTC satoshi cost 2asEEokAPDiVzSLrZU8RraKs4fXhbt16PJ
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Lightning Strikes during "Trading Time" TV Show on ETC TV3 8/10/15
Host Richard Scott reacts to a lightning strike during the Live "Trading Time" TV show on ETC 3 Cable TV in Ellijay, GA on 8/10/15
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How to earn in Stock Market Philippines - Trading, Dividends, Investment for beginners 2018
Beginners tutorial how to make money online with Dividends, Buying and Selling of Stocks in the Philippines Stock Exchange this 2018 Hindi naman pwedeng Thank you nalang lagi hahaha... Subscribe din + LIKE :) THANKS!! hehehe Subscribe Here: https://goo.gl/HGTojy Second channel: https://goo.gl/rzTCnK check nyo tong 2nd channel ko videos ng murang kainan + commute guide My number 1 Recommended Free bitcoin site Freebitco in : https://youtu.be/2h2vXDph9BM My number 1 Recommended Full time/ Part time online job FreeeUp: https://youtu.be/APLmTkIs0xY Ang topics na i discuss ko dito ay 1. Paano kumita sa Stocks with Dividends and Buying and Selling of stocks. 2. Paano mag simula sa stock market - or Ano ang mga kaylangan para makapag simula dito. 3. Risks sa stock market 4. FAQs Hindi po ako expert sa stock market - Introduction lang ito para sa viewers ko para matutunan nila paano ba sila pwede kumita at mag invest dito. Bago kayo mag simula make sure na mag research maige bago kayo pumasok dito. Huwag nyo din ituturing na financial advise yung mga dinuscuss ko dito - hindi ako magaling dito - Make your own research - sa youtube and google maraming mas expert sakin dito Thanks and Goodluck Maging updated sa mga Extra Income online Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JamesTristanRuiz08/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AskJamesRuiz Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/askjamesruiz/ Check this other videos Extra income online: (paying pa hangang ngayung 2018) 1. Gotranscript: https://youtu.be/2zL4r-ssYCs 2. Vuewin ( freelotto ) : https://youtu.be/Xep4dSCMO_g 3. usertesting: https://youtu.be/B5MTp120HzQ 4. InstaGC: https://youtu.be/BqVVLWkye50 5. Coins Ph: https://youtu.be/phTsJnn7aWU 6. Ko Trivia: https://youtu.be/zo-RkO5lzjk 7. Free load: https://youtu.be/SYp48zKhtW4 How to Properly Register in Paypal: https://youtu.be/UT24FvUjYMI Panuorin nyo ng buo ang VIDEO para maiwasan ang pagkakamali :) hindi ito para saakin para to sainyo LOL For Business Inquiries email me: [email protected] ( Product Promotions etc ) Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links where I will earn a very small commission when you register or make a purchase under me which is also am giving away to my viewers (check my giveaway videos - those giveaways came from referral commisions) Hindi kayo yayaman dito sa channel ko Extra income lang ito kung gusto nyo ng araw araw may kikitain kayo dapat sainyu yung Fulltime Online jobs - check my freeeup video thanks! #stocks
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Which Markets To Trade?  Trading the Forex Markets! 👍
Which Markets to Trade? FOREX http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/forex/spread-betting-forex.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! The foreign exchange market, also known as forex, currency trading, spot forex and FX; can offer attractive opportunities to spread traders, even during turbulent market conditions. The currency markets are highly liquid with the global forex market being worth some $4 trillion-a-day. If you are interested in forex trading, you can actually trade forex through financial spread betting and currencies like the euro/pound have always been popular with traders. Most spread betting providers offer trading on a wide range of major and even exotic currency pairs. The added advantage is that with your same spread betting account you can trade a wide range of other financial markets that are often impacted by fluctuations in the forex market. Trading Forex Markets: A question that always comes up when someone starts trading is what market should I trade in? And what financial instrument(s) in that market are best? It can be very confusing for a beginner, as there are just so many markets and ways of trading, and you can trade in virtually everything (even the change in house prices, if you include products such as spread betting). To start with, let’s look at the four main markets. First we have Forex, or the foreign exchange market. This is concerned with currency conversions, such as how many dollars my pound sterling can buy. Secondly, there are stock markets in all major countries, with some countries such as the US having several, and on these you can trade stocks and shares. The terms are used interchangeably, but often the word stocks is used when you have interests in several different companies, and shares when you’re talking about a particular company, e.g. shares in IBM. The third major market is indices, such as the DAX, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the FTSE, etc. These are combinations of stock prices, calculated in different ways for each and giving a general reflection on the health of a country’s economy. And fourthly, we can consider trading on commodities, which you may recognize as oil, gold, wheat, and other major goods. Which market you choose depends on a variety of factors. When you are trading, you need a measure of volatility, which is price changing, so that you can make your profit. The only exception to this is if you trade options on the underlying financial instruments, when you can make money when prices don’t move – but discussion of that is beyond the scope of this course. It is a matter of personal preference how much you want to see the price change. If you are daytrading, you need the price to move fairly often to a significant extent, but with swing trading you may be satisfied with steady price changes over several days. It comes down to how you trade and also your personal disposition. Within each of the four markets you will see differences between different products. Some will move smoothly, the prices of others may move in a jagged and erratic way. This will also vary over time, so you need to learn the market that you are trading in. Considering first the Forex market, this is huge. There are exchanges all around the world, and the market is open 24 hours a day, closing only at weekends. A large market is good for trading, because you have liquidity, which means you can easily trade at any time, and the fees and spreads will tend to be small, saving you money. The most common currencies traded on Forex are the Great British pound, the US dollar, the euro, and the Japanese yen. These can be traded in all sorts of combinations such as the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, etc. There are many other currencies available, including some called the “exotics”, but it is as well to start off trading the big ones.
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Part 1 – What Affects the Market Indices? | Trading Data Science
We love to trade the different stock indices (S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000, and S&P 100), either via the futures or the ETFs. In this first part (of two), we studied what affects the indices and how each is affected by implied volatility (IV). Part two will describe how each index reacts to different market environments. A key part of Data Science is to use graphics to simplify complex concepts. Thankfully, we have Mike Rechenthin PhD, our in house Data Science expert, who lives up to his nickname of Dr. Data. The first graph showed where the implied volatility is on the different indices now. It was no surprise that the Russell 2000 (RUT) was the highest and the Dow Jones (DJI) the lowest as the RUT has the highest IV 82% of the time and either the DJI or the S&P 100 has the lowest 96% of the time. Subsequent tables describe the stock composition of each index and that the DJI is price weighted while the others are weighted by market capitalization. The next graph shows the makeup of each index by the market cap of each with the RUT of course being made up of all small caps which is why it consistently has the highest IV. Some stocks are found in multiple indices. Mike makes the point that it’s important to know what type of overlap you have in your portfolio. A graphical representation of the price weighted Dow Jones was displayed. Dr. Data noted how MMM has a much greater impact on the index than GE even though MMM’s market cap is a third of GE’s (it’s an old index). One hundred shares in the DIA equates to owning about four shares of Apple, etc. The final graphic was a handy table that shows the sector makeup of each index in percentage terms. You can see where you might have overlap and where you don’t. Utilities were singled out as not making up much of any of the indices. ======== tastytrade.com ======== Finally a financial network for traders, built by traders. Hosted by Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista, tastytrade is a real financial network with 8 hours of live programming five days a week during market hours. From pop culture to advanced investment strategies, tastytrade has a broad spectrum of content for viewers of all kinds! Tune in and learn how to trade options successfully and make the most of your investments! Watch tastytrade LIVE daily Monday-Friday 7am-3:30pmCT: http://ow.ly/EbzUU Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/tastytrade1?sub_confirmation=1 Follow tastytrade: Twitter: https://twitter.com/tastytrade Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tastytrade LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/tastytrade Instagram: http://instagram.com/tastytrade Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/tastytrade/
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Options trading strategies: Buying options before big events (Fed, earnings, etc.) // Options basics
Options trading strategies: Buying options before big events (Fed, earnings reports) // Options 101, buying puts and calls, buying puts, buying calls, buying put options, buying call options, options trading tips, options trading for beginners, options trading basics, options trading explained, stock options explained, stock options for beginners, stock options for dummies, options strategies explained, options straddle, options strangle Want more help? Contact me at davidmoadel @ gmail . com Plenty of stock / options / finance education videos here: https://davidmoadel.blogspot.com/ Subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUoWjpemcumDyh95Z9KPEdA?sub_confirmation=1 Disclaimer: I am not licensed or registered to provide financial or investment advice. My videos, presentations, and writing are only for entertainment purposes, and are not intended as investment advice. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided. stock trading strategies, options trading basics, stock market investing tips, stock investing tips, stock investing for beginners, stock investing 101, options trading 101, options trading for beginners, options trading basics, stocks for beginners, stocks to trade, stock market for beginners, options trading strategies, options trading for dummies, stock trading basics, trading options for income, stock investing basics, options basics 101, david moadel, penny stocks, penny stock trading, rsi, bollinger bands, forex, trading, traders, investing, investors, finance, robinhood, timothy sykes scams, jason bond picks, binary options scams, Options trading strategies, Buying options, earnings reports, Options 101, buying puts and calls, buying puts, buying calls, buying put options, buying call options, options trading tips, options trading for beginners, options trading basics, options trading explained, stock options explained, stock options for beginners, stock options for dummies, options strategies explained, options straddle, options strangle
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TRADING सीखे FREE - In hindi - Stock market India
In this video, I have shared the website from where you can learn trading for free without losing your hard earned money. In stock market and Intraday trading in general there is learning curve associated of more than 2 years. Traders who goes through this learning curve turns in to professional traders. Website is of economic times which provides all the Indicators (i.e moving average, RSI, MACD, ADX etc) and chart types i.e candlesticks, bar chart etc), Additionally it provides the explanation and into also to the basics of Trading using indicators and oscillators. Trendline plotting is also supported in this. Chart Mantra - http://chartmantracache.economictimes.indiatimes.com/GameBoard.htm #intradaytrading #stockmarket #stockmarketindia ▶ For zerodha account opening link below https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=RT0688 ▶ SUBSCRIBE FOR LATEST UPDATES http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3YNx_O_pHIwajfFUN2lZkg?sub_confirmation=1 ▶ SHARE, SUPPORT, SUBSRCIBE!!! Website: http://www.tradinglab.in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tradinglabin-802542689916548/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/tradinglabhindi ▶ Intraday futures trading - 1 - समझे और करें - Online stock trading https://youtu.be/GuOjrIZ7_Wc ▶ Nifty Intraday trend - पहचाने 1 सेकंड मैं - stock market NSE/BSE https://youtu.be/kH0HRZHNW6Y ▶ Nifty top gainers losers - एक दिन पहले कैसे पता करें - Intraday Trading https://youtu.be/QNt-L80fKH8 ▶ Chart patterns - 100% SECRET - Intraday trading strategies https://youtu.be/7OwbKEDQvDI ▶ Price Action Pattern - बहुत महत्वपूर्ण ! - एक मज़बूत और सटीक https://youtu.be/bpDuS5_aZI0
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SUMMER TIME TRADING - WHAT TO EXPECT - See more at: http://www.netpicks.com/making-money-over-the-summer/ Trading over the summer months can be hit and miss at times. Some years it can be great, but many other years it can be slow and dull with low trading volume. Big traders and fund managers etc. will take off this time to enjoy it with their families and recharge their batteries. Central bankers – those who are currently the main drivers behind market movements – are also likely to take time off. So in the absence of bigger players on Wall Street and market movers, it makes sense that markets would slow down in what is called the summer doldrums. - Visit our website: http://www.netpicks.com/ - Download the free indicator blueprint: http://www.netpicks.com/blueprint/ - Options Hot List PLUS Training: http://www.netpicks.com/oftbrightbreakthroughs summer, summer trading, trading, summer months trading Risk Disclosures: https://www.netpicks.com/risk-disclosure/
Episode 060: Trading With Market Profile
Welcome to Episode 60 of the 10,000 Trades Show! Today I'm showing you a market profile. A market profile is when the market trades at a certain level and we look at where all this activity takes place. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Over the years, I've noticed that most of the retail traders do not have a good grasp of how the fundamentals impact the currency prices. Because of that, many retail times get caught on the wrong side of the trades. I've done that myself. Back in the day, I kept buying US dollars when Fed was announcing their QEI and QEII programs which any bank trader would know would be negative for the currency. It was only after losing a substantial sum of money that I became serious about understanding the fundamentals and their impact on prices. To bridge that gap, I'm launching a new course called "De-Mystifying Forex Fundamentals".  To Reserve Your Spot, please visit: http://tradingwithvenus.com/fundamentals In the course, we'll cover:  * How to gauge Market Sentiment * Understanding the News Reports - CPI, GDP, Interest rates etc. * How to use Leading Indicators * Inter-market Correlations * Currency Co-relations * Using Equities to trade Forex * Using Options data to trade Forex * Using US dollar Index * Country profiles and what impacts their currencies * Carry Trades • $250 The course starts April 1st 2017 and will be delivered as a series of 8 weekly webinars. This way there will be a plenty of time to interact with me and get your questions answered. For more information, please visit: http://tradingwithvenus.com/fundamentals
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No Man's Sky 1.3 - making 50,000,000 units/hour trading (crash/buy/sell Dynamic Resonators)
(UPDATE 1.37) still works, changed a bit, but still makes over 50,000,000 units/hour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVfao_U_csI but now switching DRs with Trade Items you can make over 100,000,000 units/hour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMOvISW7KXQ (UPDATE 1.35) still works 0:00 - CRASHING: Dynamic Resonators at one space station (High Wealth with high item quantity) 2:00 - BUY/SELL: Dynamic Resonators at new space stations (Medium or High Wealth) 2:46 to 59:05 - PROFIT: 50,000,000 units in 1 hour (UPDATE 1.34) still works Teleporting was changed slightly... Easiest fix is accept a Mission from your Buy System to keep it on your Teleport list. Otherwise, new teleport list change may add about 25 seconds per run, or about 2 minutes total (so 50m per 62 minutes :P So, if you find that when you arrive at your 'Sell System' than your 'Buy System' is not on the teleport list, then fix this my not warping from the Buy System -- Buy at Buy System, Teleport to _any_ other system, and Warp from there to new Sell System -- this will keep the Buy System on your teleport list when you try leave Sell System.) (ORIGINAL) So I made a few more improvements to my trading method and I am now able to make about 50 million units per hour with it. The main steps are as follows: 1. find a system* with 100+ Dynamic Resonators** 2. buy them all and immediately re-sell at same location 3. teleport out of star system and back to reset Dynamic Resonators quantities 4. do this 3 total times (prices should crash to a 6600 buy price) costs about 1.5 million 5. buy 100+ Dynamic Resonators at 6600 each 6. resell Dynamic Resonators in any*** new system for 26-28,000 each 7. ??? 8. profit :D *try a Wealthy star system economy: Rich, Booming, Affluent, Wealthy, etc sell much higher quantities **any item would work but you want the highest possible value per ship inventory slot + small difference between buy/sell premium to minimize loss when crashing the item price **try avoid poor systems as they can pay as low as 22,000; moderate wealth levels pay the highest up to 28,000 I improved the volume by searching wealthy star systems for the one with highest quantity of Dynamic Resonators and I was able to find one with about 50% more quantity than the previous wealthy star system I was using. I also sold strictly in moderate and wealthy star systems to maximize the price I was receiving per trade run. In this video I show the quick 2 intro clips from my other video again that show the two main steps to this method: buying and selling Dynamic Resonators at the same high quantity star station to crash the prices of Dynamic Resonators; and then buying cheap Dynamic Resonators from there and selling them in new systems at a 4 times higher price. [Improvements I made over the 30 million units/hour method] I ended up improving it by searching Wealthy star systems for one that had higher quantities of Dynamic Resonators, and though most of them were around 80-120... I finally found a Wealthy star system* that had 159 Dynamic Resonators :D I also avoided Low Wealth star systems, and was usually able to sell between 26,000-29,000 each. Highest I ever saw was 28,900 in a High Wealth (HW) system... Which is interesting because it was higher than Medium Wealth (MW) systems (usually 26K-28K), but MW systems pay more for Trade Items (e.g. 11,900 for Fusion Cores in MW vs 11,000 in HW). Then, I used the 30mil I made yesterday to invest in a new ship so I could carry all 159 Dynamic Resonators + invested another 1,500,000 crashing the Dynamic Resonator price in the new economy. Obviously at about 47,000,000 profit in 55 minutes or so, I made it back pretty fast haha.
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Ruthless Reductionism In Trading | Complexity Vs Simplicity In Stocks
In this video we’ll be talking about ruthless reductionism! We need to ruthlessly reduce any complexity that shows up in an investing process. Complexity always creeps into market analysis because there is so much free information available these days. We can’t help but be inundated by chart lines, indicators, real time news feeds, twitter feeds, talking heads, newsletters, etc. Information flow itself is not much of a edge anymore, but organizing information flow is. We want to ruthlessly reduce this flow into actionable ideas instead of creating elaborate theories on why an asset should move up or down. Leave the fancy theories for the cocktail parties when you are away from the quotes and your money is not at stake. A profitable process is something that is actionable, understandable, and easily measurable. If you do not know exactly how a particular area of your process contributes to the bottom line, toss it out. It may sound fancy or make you look smart, but that is not the goal here. As a practitioner, the goal is singular, and that is to produce outstanding risk-adjusted returns. Reduce, reduce, reduce! Reduction does more than just filter signal from noise, it is also tremendously helpful when it comes to evaluating trading results. A process filled with too many variables, contingencies, and undefined areas results in an inability to accurately measure results. This leads to trading and investing disaster. Why didn’t the trade work out? If the reasons you entered the trade are convoluted or inconsistent with a total process, well then good luck finding out what actually went wrong. Was it an incorrect interpretation of the charts? Bad trade management? Psychological issues? Correlation issues? Wrong macro thesis? Maybe it was actually a sound trade but you just got unlucky. There is no way of knowing. With too many moving parts it is very hard to identify the “bad apple.” In order to improve and maintain an investment edge we must cultivate the ability to evaluate what is working and what is not. Times change, markets move, and this forces the prudent money manager to constantly reevaluate his investment process. The best portfolio managers relentlessly update and upgrade their process, but you need to have a solid handle on what your process entails before attempting to do either. The more you reduce complexity the easier this becomes. To learn more, make sure you watch the video above! And as always, stay Fallible out there investors! Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/akfallible And Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fallible_money/ ***All content, opinions, and commentary by Fallible is intended for general information and educational purposes only, NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE.
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How To Avoid Compounding Trading Mistakes (My Story)
If you saw yesterday's video, you know I set a buy stop for Bitcoin at $11,600. You also know I set a sell stop for Bitcoin at $10,700. If you watched Bitcoin's price today, you know how this story ended - I got whipsawed big time. Ouch. Situations like these are perfect for testing your emotional compatibility with trading and what the best strategy is for you. There are more details in the video, but the important takeaways are: 1) Scale your position appropriately 2) If you make a poor decision, give yourself a night's rest before making further decisions (you're not a robot) 3) Always look at relative losses / gains rather than absolute 4) Be prepared for all results by having entry and exit points (such that no outcome catches you with your pants down) If you're an investor (buy and hold), then the takeaways are: 1) STOP looking at price so frequently. It amazes me how many people say they are hodlers, but they check Bitcoin's price at least 3 times a day. This is the worst possible thing you can do if you're a real hodler since price shouldn't matter to you and obsessively observing price will only serve to increase your emotional attachment to Mr. Market. 2) Remove right or wrong from the equation and invest as you can without regard to market timing. If price goes down immediately after you invest, don't stress. If you can't prevent stress, invest more in traditional assets (stocks, bonds, funds) until you find an allocation that works without emotionally straining you. Another important piece of information in this video: I generally trade to reduce risk, NOT increase return. This strategy that I lost money on is outside my usual book of strategies and I'm not surprised by the result. I will still try this strategy in the future, but it is worth noting there is a difference between trading to increase returns and trading to decrease risks. This particular trade was the former and it burned me. I buy & hold if price declines (e.g: altcoins). I will do the same for Bitcoin if the situation reverses and Bitcoin declines while altcoins rise (sell altcoins and buy Bitcoin). As always, I am interested to hear your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for watching. ================ If you like my content, you can support me through using ANY of the affiliate links below (I receive small compensation). The beauty of affiliate links is that I can pick and choose what I like rather than have companies approach me - everything I linked below (with the exception of Trezor since I like Ledger), I use myself frequently. ================ My Recommended Hardware Wallets: If you want to store your cryptocurrencies safely, the best way is through a hardware wallet. Seriously - look it up and you'll find plenty of information supporting this claim. There are alternatives such as paper wallets, but these are convenient and my choice for cold storage (offline): Ledger Nano S: http://amzn.to/2hZPj0q Trezor: http://amzn.to/2AxD9TN Ledger Blue (expensive): http://amzn.to/2hk7xst I personally prefer the Ledger Nano S, but the Trezor is such a close second that it really doesn't matter which one you go with. Ledger Blue is premium and convenient, but not necessary. ================ My Favorite Book for Investing in Crypto: Cryptoassets: http://amzn.to/2zKDdCF This book is, bar none, my favorite book for investing in cryptocurrencies. It doesn't bog you down with technical jargon, but instead focuses on all the elements you should understand before you invest. It's a comprehensive book for both beginners and experts. Beginners will find information about major cryptocurrencies (not just Bitcoin) as well as details on historical market events (that you can draw on for future) and events to watch for moving into the future. Experts will find the chapters on valuation particularly useful. For those of you involved in traditional investing, this book is even more of a godsend as finance info is explored (correlations with other asset classes, ETFs, etc). ================ My Recommended Exchanges: Coinbase / GDAX / Bittrex https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a08b12e305a1401d79d10e0 If you sign up to Coinbase using link above, you and I will both receive $10 each after you buy your first $100 of Bitcoin using Coinbase. Coinbase is much less intimidating for beginners. Once ready, move up to GDAX for cheaper or zero fees. For altcoins, I recommend Bittrex. ================ Legal Stuff: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. None of what I provide in my videos is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. ================ My Platforms: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Truth_Investor SteemIt: https://steemit.com/@cryptovestor Medium: https://medium.com/@Truth_Investor Seeking Alpha: https://seekingalpha.com/author/truth-investor/articles
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Which Markets To Trade?  Trading Indices! 👍
Which Markets To Trade? Trading Indices http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/indices/Index-spread-betting.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! An Index can be defined either by what it is or what it does. It is a “basket of stocks”, but that’s about as enlightening as a set of flat-pack furniture instructions…written in Korean. What it does is let people see how well a stock market is performing. -Indices are a ‘basket of stocks’. They rise or fall depending on what happens to their constituent stocks. -Most indices use a ‘market cap weighted average’ calculation, so they are more heavily affected by large stocks than by small ones. -However a few, including the Dow Jones 30, don’t use this method. It pays to know what stocks and/or sectors are heavily represented in your index. Trading Indices Now we look at the second market you may consider trading, particularly when you are just starting out. This is the market of indices, the combination values of various countries’ markets or sectors. For instance, in America you have the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) or simply the “Dow”. This is made up of the values of the stocks of just 30 companies, and yet reflects the general state of US industry. It’s been going more than a century, and the only company that has remained on it all that time is General Electric. Other companies have been swapped out from time to time so that the index remains a good indication of the market. The companies are selected by the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, which meets at intervals for just this purpose. The great advantage of trading the Dow is that it is cheap to trade, with a small spread – the difference between the buying and selling price or bid and offer. It’s a great place to start your trading. Also in America we have the S&P 500, which in contrast to the Dow uses the prices of the stocks of 500 companies to make up its value. When indices are made up, they usually don’t just add together the stock prices of the named companies to come to a total. They apply a weighting factor, which may for example mean that the stock price of a larger company has a larger effect on the index. The primary purpose of indices in the first place was to reflect the general investing environment, to report on how the markets are doing, so when they were set up the founders had that purpose in mind. In the UK we look to the FTSE 100 for an indication of the strength of the economy. This combines the stock prices of 100 UK companies. With some indices, such as this and the Dow, there are actually a whole range of varied “sub” indices available, covering different market sectors, different company capitalization, etc., but it is generally understood which index is meant when you use the term FTSE (footsie) or Dow. Another popular index is the DAX, which is the German market index. This tends to be more volatile than the others and thus can be hard to trade. But this also makes it more rewarding if you are up to the challenge. The French CAC is a similar sort of index, less popular than the DAX, and with slightly less volatility. Before you decide which index to use, it’s worthwhile doing a little research online. For instance, you will probably want to know whether the index is biased towards the tech industries or whether it has a predominance of banking and financial components. If you know what sectors the index tends to be weighted towards, you are better able to understand how it moves. This research is not something you have to do frequently, but it simply sets the stage for you to understand how the index value may vary over time.
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