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How To Withraw Money Using A Cheque? (Featuring: Dad's Taunts)
So you know how to write a cheque? Bravo! You smarty pants, you! Now picture a near-apocalyptic scenario where ATMs don’t work. How then would you withdraw cash using a cheque? Wait, before you scratch your brains wondering why Dad never taught you this one, watch this! Click The Below Link To SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOKqI7wA_ohFnx7PFSOPLBA?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/investonomix Twitter: https://twitter.com/investonomix For More Details Visit: www.investonomix.com
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How to Fill Cheque Deposit Form in SBI (Hindi + English)
How to fill in a deposit slip Account number This number ensures that the money is deposited in the correct account. If you do not have your account number with you, your bank can provide the information to you. Your information Your name is pre-printed or written in. Date You will write today’s date here. Cash If depositing cash, you would write the amount here. Checks If you are depositing checks or money orders, you would list each one separately here and continue on the back if more space were needed. Subtotal You will add the cash and check amounts and write the total amount being deposited here. Less cash received If you are at the bank, you would use this space to write the amount of cash you would like to get back from the checks you are depositing. The teller will ask you to sign the deposit slip and provide identification to confirm that you are the account holder. Total You will subtract the amount, if any, on the line “Less Cash Received” from the Subtotal, and write the total amount being deposited here. Signature line The teller will ask you to sign the deposit slip and provide identification to confirm that you are the account holder, if you are withdrawing cash from your deposit. The parts of a cheque Name and address Your name and address are preprinted on the check for your convenience and tell the person or company to whom you’re giving the check — known as the payee — that you’re the one who wrote it. Date This is where you write today’s date. Pay to the order of This is where you write the name of the person or company who will be receiving the money. If you’re making a withdrawal for yourself, you will write “Cash” here. Numeric amount box The amount of the check is written in this box. Written amount The amount in words is written on this line. You start at the left edge of the line and when you’re finished, you will draw a line through the remaining empty space as far as the word “Dollars.” Bank name The name of the bank that holds your account appears here. “For” or memo To remember what you bought, you can write a brief description in the “for” area—other banks may label this area “memo.” Signature line Your signature should be the last thing you complete. It gives the bank permission, or authorization, to release the money to the payee. Check number This is the check number. This reference number will help you keep track of your payments by check. Each time you write a check, you should record the check number, date, payee, and amount in your check register, and calculate your new balance. Account number This is the 10-digit account number that is unique to your account. This tells the bank which account the money comes from. Routing number This is the bank routing number. It identifies the bank that issued the check. You need this number to set up direct deposit at work. Direct deposit allows your employer to electronically deposit your paycheck directly into your account, without giving you a paper check.
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How to fill a cheque
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Us Bank ATM Check Deposit
This is how to deposit a check into US Bank.
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How banks process deposits
So you just made a nice big deposit in your account—you’re free to go spend that money, right? Not so fast. The funds you deposited may not be available right away. Get a better idea of what determines how quickly you have access. To learn more and see more videos go to http://go.bofa.com/5gqzr
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How to Endorse a Check to Someone Else
How to Endorse Your Check So Someone Else May Cash It. A check written specifically to you is a simple matter to cash. By endorsing the back of the check with your name as it appears on the front of the check, you can present the check to a bank to cash or deposit it. If you receive a check that you want to transfer to someone else, endorse your check so someone else may cash it. Endorsing a check simply means you acknowledge receipt of the check, and your signature is evidence of legal transfer of the amount noted on the check. When you sign your name, this is tangible proof you received the check should any questions arise. Watch this video to learn how do you endorse check so that someone else or a particular person can cash it out. You might be interested: https://youtu.be/RwC-EMh2-Z4 Asking for pay raise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jHlFq8PyY8 How To Quit Your Job: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YgnzlLLJRE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HowToCreatorss is a YouTube channel where you can find a lot of How-To Videos, Tips and Tutorials to follow in making our daily life becoming easier. New how-to videos uploaded several times a week. Kindly flick through the channel to see the latest! Stay up-to-date by subscribing to our channel and don’t forget to like, share and comment our videos. Thank You! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/HowToCreatorss?sub_confirmation=1 Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/HowToCreatorss Google+: http://www.google.com/+HowToCreatorss
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Credit card, cash or traveller's cheque? Answer in 59 seconds
So if you plan your backpacking trip around the world you maybe wonder what is the best way to pay or withdraw the money in a different country. Do you need cash? Do you need your own currency like US-Dollars, Euro or pounds? Do you need the currency of the country you travel to? How do you get the cash at ATMs or what is the best and cheapest way? I give you a short summary how we travel, we take some cash but we mainly withdraw money at ATMs with our credit card. We use a special credit card (visa or master) which allows us to get money for free. Calculating the exchanging currency is always difficult and on top you will loose a little bit of money anyways! But you have to live with this! So following those steps in certainly one of the best ways to pay when you travel: 1. Take some cash (to be able to pay the visa on arrival/maybe some food once you arrived/ the taxi, bus or tuk tuk to your hostel/hotel/guesthouse 2. Get a creit card which lets you withdraw money for free (without charging you any fee) 3. Get enough cash! In smaller towns, on islands etc. they only accept cash! So you need money. Calculate round about how much money you need for your trips and withdraw the money in the bigger cities where you can find an ATM. #answerin59seconds YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/thehowtubevideos How to pack your backpack - all you need to pack for a long journey around the world (from New Zealand to Southeast Asia / Packing list): https://youtu.be/e2AVKgasCdI Travel hacks - how to pack your backpack easy and light: https://youtu.be/l56LPXerins Social Networks & Pictures: Instagram: http://instagram.com/thehowtube/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HowTube Twitter: http://twitter.com/theHowTube Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/thehowtube/
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How to fill a DEPOSIT SLIP in English - Simplified.
A step by step process of filling a Deposit Slip (for cheque deposit) in the english language. Students of RN Podar School in Mumbai have made this video as part of their Financial Literacy case study for 'I am the Change' Educational Technology Summit to be held in Oct 2015. Comments & suggestions are most welcome :-)
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How To Endorse A Check To Someone Else
In this video, I show you how to endorse a check to someone else. If a check has been written to you, and you want to give the funds to someone else, you can do it by endorsing the check to them (it's one of the ways that you can give them the funds). It's actually a simple process and basically involves writing and signing on the back of the check! CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mikechimmy/ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: https://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=helpfuldiy FREE DIY ADVICE EBOOK: https://gumroad.com/l/vFujc Disclaimer: Some of the links in this description may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own.
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Creating your own promissory note, bill of exchange, negotiable instrument, cheque money For dummies
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Difference Between Dd and Cheque
1. A cheque is issued by an individual, whereas a demand draft is issued by a bank. 2. Cheque and Demand drafts (DD) are both negotiable instruments. Both are mechanisms used to make payments. 3. Dishonour Cheque: Yes, due to insufficient balance or other similar reasons. Demand drafts: No 4. A cheque is drawn by an account holder of a bank, whereas a draft is drawn by one branch of a bank on another branch of the same bank. 5. Payment of cheque can be stopped by drawee, whereas payment cannot be stopped in DD. 6. Three Parties involved in Cheque: Drawer, Drawee, Payee. Two Parties involved in demand draft: Drawer, Payee. 7. A cheque can be paid to bearer or order. While, DD is paid to person on order. 8. The Demand Draft is a pre-paid Negotiable Instrument, wherein the drawee bank acts as guarantor to make payment in full when the instrument is presented.
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Crossing a Cheque - Explained in Hindi
Crossing a Cheque is the safest way to transfer money. A crossed cheque can ensure that the money is transferred only in a Bank account and cash is not withdrawn. In this hindi video, let's understand various forms of crossing of a cheque and what they mean. Related Videos: How to fill cheque: https://youtu.be/rZ2iMOmG08I Types of Cheques: https://youtu.be/3wGn7CpFWNQ चेक को क्रॉस करना पैसे ट्रांसफर करने का सबसे सुरक्षित तरीका है। एक क्रॉस चेक यह सुनिश्चित कर सकता है कि पैसा केवल बैंक खाते में स्थानांतरित हो और कैश के रूप में नहीं निकाला जा सके। इस वीडियो में हम समझेंगे की चेक को क्रॉस करने के कितने तरीके होते हैं और उनका क्या मतलब है होता है। Share this Video: https://youtu.be/35MgOurQtbc Subscribe To Our Channel and Get More Property and Real Estate Tips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsNxHPbaCWL1tKw2hxGQD6g If you want to become an Expert Real Estate investor, please visit our website https://assetyogi.com now and Subscribe to our newsletter. In this video, we have explained: How to cross a cheque? What is the right way of crossing a cheque? How many types of bank cheque are there? What is the correct method for crossing a bank cheque? What is the safest way of filling a cheque? How to fill a cheque to avoid frauds? How crossed cheque is a safe method of filling a bank cheque? What is the general crossing of bank cheque and how to do it? How to use cross cheque? What are the benefits of issuing crossed cheque? What is the safest way to transfer money? What is the special crossing of a bank cheque? How to write specially crossed bank cheque? What is the meaning of special crossing of a cheque? What are the various forms of crossing of a cheque? What is not negotiable crossing of a bank cheque? What is the meaning of the account payee crossing of a cheque? What is the difference between general crossing and account payee crossing of a cheque? Make sure to Like and Share this video. Other Great Resources AssetYogi – http://assetyogi.com/ Follow Us: Google Plus – https://plus.google.com/+assetyogi-ay Twitter - http://twitter.com/assetyogi Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/assetyogi/ Instagram - http://instagram.com/assetyogi Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/assetyogi Linkedin - http://www.linkedin.com/company/asset-yogi Hope you liked this video in Hindi on “Crossing a Cheque”.
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How to Record a Cheque Cashing Transaction | CurrencyXchanger (CXR)
This tutorial shows you how to record a cheque cashing (cashing a check) transaction using CurrencyXchanger 4.
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Cheque Exchange commercial [2000]
2000 television commercial for Cheque Exchange, "Cash when you need it!"
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How to fill deposit slip for cheque
Learn how to fill deposit slip for cheque. If we receive cheque from any one with account pay we are filling deposit slip or challan for that cheque to convert it to money. All banks like icici bank,hdfc,axis,kvb,sbi,iob, are same. Watch this video in Tamil,Telugu,Kannada,Hindi, English
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Cash and Cheque express stores offer a wide range of services, from buying and selling quality pre-loved goods to providing fast and convenient ways of raising short term cash. you'll also find us a great place to buy your foreign currency and send money worldwide through Western Union. We'll give you cash for your cheque.. simply br..., 211, St. Albans Rd, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD24 5BH, http://www.yell.com/b/CASH+and+CHEQUE+EXPRESS-Secondhand+Dealers-Watford-WD245BH-2776812/photos-video.html
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Dishonour of Cheques
This video explains the concept of dishonour of cheques
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how to fill up and deposit cheque in a bank(a/c payee deposit cheque )
fill up sbi deposit cheque in hindi CHECKOUT MY BLOG https://www.hypertheorytech.com/ for latest tech related articles
Cash & Cheque Lodgement
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Intelligent ATM Machines: NCR Intelligent Check Deposit Video
Deposit your checks into an NCR SelfServ ATM without the need for an envelope! When it comes to atm machines, accepting checks and cash, or paying bills, fines and fees can be difficult. But not any more. With NCR's Intelligent Deposit atm machines, you can offer your customers and non-customers advanced, deposit-based transactions like foreign exchange, loan repayment, check cashing and processing and bill payment. Learn more about NCR at www.NCR.com.
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Types of Cheques - Hindi
What is a Cheque? Types of Cheques? Explained in Hindi. Various cheque types are bearer cheque, order cheque, crossed cheque, account payee cheque, blank cheque, post dated cheque, open cheque, uncrossed cheque, self cheque, bankers cheque, cancelled cheque, stale cheque, mutilated cheque, gift cheque, traveller's cheque. Which one to use in which situation? Related Video: How to fill cheque: https://youtu.be/rZ2iMOmG08I Crossing a Cheque: https://youtu.be/35MgOurQtbc You should know that cheque validity is for 3 months. Details available in your Bank Cheque - cheque number, IFSC Code, MICR Code, Account Details. चेक क्या है? चेक के कितने प्रकार होते हैं? बीयरर चेक, ऑर्डर चेक, क्रॉस्ड चेक, अकाउंट पेयी चेक, ब्लेंक चेक, पोस्ट डेटेड चेक, ओपन चेक, अनक्रॉस्ड चेक, सेल्फ चेक, बैंकर चेक, कैंसल्ड चेक, स्टेल चेक, मल्टीलेटेड चेक, गिफ्ट चेक, ट्रैवलर्स चेक आदि कई प्रकार के चेक होते हैं। किस स्थिति में कौन-से चेक का उपयोग किया जाता है? आपको ये भी पता होना चाहिए कि कोई भी चेक जारी होने के बाद 3 महीने तक के लिए ही वैध होता है। आपके बैंक चेक में उपलब्ध विवरण कुछ इस प्रकार होते हैं - चेक नंबर, आईएफएससी कोड, एमआईसीआर कोड, खाता विवरण। Share this Video: https://youtu.be/3wGn7CpFWNQ Subscribe To Our Channel and Get More Property and Real Estate Tips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsNxHPbaCWL1tKw2hxGQD6g If you want to become an Expert Real Estate investor, please visit our website https://assetyogi.com now and Subscribe to our newsletter. In this video, we have explained: What are the various types of bank cheques? How many types of cheques are there? What is a bank cheque? How bank cheques are used? What is the validity period of cheques? What type of cheques are used for which purpose? What is a bearer cheque? What is an order cheque? What is a crossed cheque? What are negotiable types of cheques and in which situation these cheques are used? What are non-negotiable types of cheques and why they are used? What is account payee cheque and how it is different from crossed cheque? What is general crossing, account payee crossing and special crossing in a cheque? What is an open cheque or uncrossed cheque? What is a blank cheque and what are the risks associated with it? How to use blank cheque safely? What is post-dated cheque? What is a self-cheque and how to write it? What is bankers cheque and how it is used? What is cancelled cheque and how to write a cancelled cheque? What is stale cheque and a mutilated cheque? How to check details like cheque number, IFSC Code, MICR Code and account details in a bank cheque? What is a gift cheque and how banks issue gift cheques? What is a traveller's cheque and how to use it? Make sure to Like and Share this video. Other Great Resources AssetYogi – http://assetyogi.com/ Follow Us: Twitter - http://twitter.com/assetyogi Instagram - http://instagram.com/assetyogi Linkedin - http://www.linkedin.com/company/asset-yogi Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/assetyogi Google Plus – https://plus.google.com/+assetyogi-ay Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/assetyogi/ Hope you liked this video in Hindi on “Types of Cheques”.
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10 tips to help you write a cheque correctly - Banking Basics
10 things to keep in mind when writing a cheque. Watch this video to learn the do's and don'ts before you write your next cheque. Visit http://www.hdfcbank.com/ to know more.
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BES171/Banking Transaction#1: Cheque Types, MICR, CTS Truncation, Negotiable Instrument Act
- Till now we've finished the evolution of money, with focus on legal tender and blockchain technology. Now let's see the bank money and its paper-transaction in greater depth because of the upcoming SBI-PO and UPSC prelims exams. - Negotiable instrument act 1881: various types of negotiable instruments (bill of exchange, cheque and promissory notes) and Amendments to this act in 2015 for dishonor and bouncing of cheques. - Differences between bill of exchange, cheque, promissory notes. - Differences between stale cheque vs anti-dated and post-dated. - Types of Crossing on cheque: bearer, general, specific. - Stale cheque, anti-dated cheque and post-dated cheque - Local cheque vs At Par Cheque. - Check clearance systems: MICR Cheque vs OCR - IFSC code and cheque truncation system (CTS) of NPCi. - Faculty Name: You know who - all Powerpoint available at http://mrunal.org/powerpoint - Exam-Utility: UPSC IAS IPS Civil service exam, Prelims, CSAT, Mains, Staff selection SSC-CGL, IBPS, SBI PO/MT, RBI Grade "B" Officer and other banking exams; LIC, EPFO, FCI & other PSU exams; CDS, CAPF and other defense services exams; GPSC, MPPCS, RPSC & other State PCS services exams with Indian Economy, Budget, Banking, Public Finance in its syllabus- with descriptive questions and answer writing.
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IN-How to fill SBT Bank deposit slip for cheque or cash deposit
In this video we show how to fill deposit slip of SBT or State Bank of Travancore. for cash or cheque .http://twitter.com/howtobank- follow us on twitter http://gplus.to/howtobank - Catch us on Google Plus http://goo.gl/iRRf5i - like our facebook pagent of SBT Bank -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Are you getting maximum limit reached error? watch our video to change transaction Limit for PNB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UksG9JugeG0 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Accounting Entry for Cheque receipt and deposit
Did you liked this video lecture? Then please check out the complete course related to this lecture, ACCOUNTING BASICS A COMPLETE STUDY with 300+ Lectures, 28+ hours content available at discounted price (only Rs.640)with life time validity and certificate of completion. https://www.udemy.com/fundamentals-of-accounting-a-complete-study/?couponCode=YTBABCS46 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to one of the comprehensive ever course on Accounting Basics. This course starts from “What is Accounting”, “Need for Accounting” to various Practical aspects in Accounting. Enjoy lectures for each and every concept in accounting presented in digital hand written format followed by Solved Case Studies Video. New videos are being added at frequent intervals and this course will be the longest one in Accounting soon. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Accounting Basics - A Complete Study Course! This is one of the comprehensive course in Fundamentals of Accounting covering theory as well as practice. In this course, you will learn Fundamentals of Accounting, step by step covering the following: Section 1: a) Introduction to Accounting; b) Book Keeping; c) Accounting – Objectives and Process; d) Accounting Cycle; e) Accountancy, Accounting and Book Keeping; f) Users of Accounting Information; g) Branches of Accounting; h) Basic Accounting Terms; i) Basic Assumptions in Accounting; j) Basic Concepts in Accounting; k) Modifying Principles of Accounting; l) Accounting Standards; Section 2: m) Double Entry System in Accounting; n) Accounting Equation; o) Golden Rules of Accounting; Section 3: p) Source Documents; q) Cash Memo; r) Invoice; s) Receipt; t) Debit Note; u) Credit Note; v) Pay in Slip; w) Cheque; x) Vouchers; Section 4: y) Books of Original Entry; z) Journal and Format aa) Steps in Journalising; bb) Journal Illustrations; cc) Compound Journal Entry; Section 5: dd) Ledger; ee) Utility of Ledger; ff) Format of Ledger; gg) Posting; hh) Procedure for Posting; ii) Posting of Compound Journal Entry; jj) Posting the Opening Entry; kk) Balancing an Account; ll) Significance of Balancing; mm) Balancing of Different Accounts; nn) Procedure for Balancing; Section 6 - covering Trial Balance and Final Accounts. This course is structured in self paced learning style. Video lectures are used for delivering the course content. Take this course to create strong foundation in fundamentals of accountancy. • Category: Business What's in the Course? 1. Over 206 lectures and 20 hours of content! 2. Understand need and importance of Accounting 3. Understand Book Keeping, Objectives and Advantages 4. Understand Accounting Process, Accounting Cycle, 5. Understand Users of Accounting Information 6. Understand Branches of Accounting 7. Understand Basic Accounting Terms 8. Understand Accounting Assumptions, Concepts and Principles 9. Understand Rules of Accounting 10. Understand Journal, Ledger, Trial Balance and Final Accounts Preparation Course Requirements: 1. No basic knowledge is required 2. Students can approach this course with fresh mind Who Should Attend? 1. Any one interested in Learning Accountancy 2. Accounting / Finance / Science Students 3. Entrepreneurs
Bill of Exchange - Explained in Hindi
Bill of Exchange is explained in Hindi. What is Bill of Exchange meaning, format, parties, endorsement of bill etc.? Discounting of Bills of Exchange and Types of Bill of Exchange will be discussed in upcoming videos. Other negotiable instruments under Negotiable Instrument Act 1881 are Promissory Note and Cheque. Related Videos: Promissory Note - https://youtu.be/Rh2GkMpJ7vU Types of Bills of Exchange: https://youtu.be/vDCoDg2o-yk इस हिंदी वीडियो में बिल ऑफ़ एक्सचेंज को समझाया गया है। बिल ऑफ एक्सचेंज मीनिंग, फॉर्मेट, पार्टीज, इंडोर्समेंट ऑफ़ बिल आदि क्या होते हैं? डिस्कॉउंटिंग ऑफ़ बिल्स ऑफ़ एक्सचेंज और टाइप्स ऑफ़ बिल ऑफ़ एक्सचेंज के बारे में भी दूसरे विडोज़ में विस्तार से चर्चा की गयी है। नेगोशिएबल इंस्ट्रूमेंट एक्ट 1881 के तहत प्रोमिसरी नोट और चेक भी नेगोशिएबल इंस्ट्रूमेंट्स के रूप में जाने जाते हैं। Share this Video: https://youtu.be/qcpkS1tpsFk Subscribe To Our Channel and Get More Property and Real Estate Tips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsNxHPbaCWL1tKw2hxGQD6g If you want to become an Expert Real Estate investor, please visit our website https://assetyogi.com now and Subscribe to our newsletter. In this video, we have explained: What is the bill of exchange? What are the essential elements of the bill of exchange? Why bill of exchange is used? What is the definition of bill of exchange mentioned under negotiable instrument act 1881? What is the concept of bill of exchange? How to use bill of exchange in international trades or import-export? What is the difference between bill of exchange and promissory note? How many parties are involved in the bill of exchange payment method? How bill of exchange works? What is discounting of bill of exchange? What are the requirements of bill of exchange? What are the different types of bill of exchange? How a bill of exchange format looks? How you can file a suit? How to issue a bill of exchange? Make sure to Like and Share this video. Other Great Resources AssetYogi – http://assetyogi.com/ Follow Us: Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/assetyogi Google Plus – https://plus.google.com/+assetyogi-ay Linkedin - http://www.linkedin.com/company/asset-yogi Twitter - http://twitter.com/assetyogi Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/assetyogi/ Instagram - http://instagram.com/assetyogi Hope you liked this video in Hindi on “Bill of Exchange”.
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Travellers Cheques/Checks | Australian Currency Exchange
http://www.CrownCurrency.com.au/ Disclaimer: Crown Currency Exchange (a trading arm of Kings Currency Exchange Pty Ltd) is a wholly owned and operated Australian business. It has no connections whatsoever with a business named Crown Currency Exchange in U.K. When it comes to Foreign Exchange look no further than Crown and Kings Currency Exchanges....for all your holiday money needs. SPECIAL RATES FOR ALL SENIORS Our Currency Exchanges offer the best Australian Exchange Rates all day every day! We operate five Foreign Exchange offices in Queensland - three on the Gold Coast and two in Brisbane - Toowong & Indooroopilly. Please come in and see our friendly, experienced staff for all your money exchange needs. In addition to the major currencies, we also keep on hand stocks of more exotic currencies such as Egyptian Pounds and Argentinian Pesos. Our staff are dedicated to providing outstanding service to all travellers, providing competitive foreign exchange rates on Currency Purchases and Sales, Travellers Cheques, Phone Cards and Travel Insurance. Please note that we no longer issue Moneygrams at any of our locations. Senior Travellers - contact us to find out about seniors discountsWe specialise in assisting the senior traveller. Coupled with our "no fee" policy, we are able to offer suggestions as to the appropriate currencies required and general travel tips, together with supplying products such as phone cards, travel insurance etc. Contact us at http://www.crowncurrency.com.au/contactus.html Get a free quote at http://www.crowncurrency.com.au/quote.html
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मेरे बारे में कुछ जानकारी के लिए निचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करें ।  My blog----- http://www.aparichitzone.com/  About me--- http://www.aparichitzone.xyz/ निचे कुछ लिंक दिए गए है आप वह क्लिक करके भी हमसे जुड़ सकते है मेरे हर एक वीडियो जो मै यूट्यूब डालता रहता हु आप को मिल सकते है I  Facebook--- https://www.facebook.com/Aparichitzone  twitter-------- https://twitter.com/aparichitzone  LinkedIn------ https://www.linkedin.com/in/aparichitzone  Instagram-- https://www.instagram.com/aparichitzone -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- कुछ ख़ास वीडियो का लिंक है जिसको मई personally पसंद करता हु ।  Awesome portfolio page - https://youtu.be/FFVPo2UUBLY  Personal web site- https://youtu.be/IrTljQnHm7M  E-district portal- https://youtu.be/yFpffHjcrng  My first PC build- https://youtu.be/8FVBv0Sw0SQ  What ssd disk- https://youtu.be/tQ6ZH7LDF5g  Excel data search- https://youtu.be/WeLIhB4AY8Q PLAYLIST INDEXING 1. MOBILE TIPS AND TRICKS TO KNOW ALL HELPFUL TIPS N TRICKS ABOUT MOBILE APPS AND HOW TO USE IT IN YOUR ANDROID MOBILE JUST HAVE A LITTLE GLANCE AND DEFINITELY YOU COME TO KNOW ALL ABOUT IT. SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE TO YOUR FRIENDS N FAMILY CLCIK THE LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnyyLzo8sEI&list=PLcPzpLe3o_yejcgIEovynGhD6EnT9P3LJ 2. GOOGLE & GMAIL TUTORIALS इस लिस्ट में आप को गूगल क्रोम और जीमेल से संभंधित हर तरह का वीडियोस मिल जायेगा और इस केटेगरी से मिलता जुलता वीडियोस इसी लिस्ट में ही मई अपडेट करता रहता हूँ .......IF YOU LOOKING FOR ANY TUTORIALS ABOUT GOOGLE CHROME AND G-MAIL THEN YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT CHANNEL YOU CAN WATCH EVERYTHING HERE. CLICK THE LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I6Q9eWTAn8&list=PLcPzpLe3o_yfn7-dgo1-qTUOFclTER-2I KEEP IN TOUCH ---THANK YOU 3. AUDIO N VIDEO TRICKS SOME NEEDY TIPS REGARDING SOUND AND VIDEO CLIPS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOkSGw7YBxs&list=PLcPzpLe3o_yfohVJXZunUfkQQOPxwe6Hj 4. YOU TUBE TIPS N TRICKS अगर आप YOUTUBE के बारे में कुछ जानना चाहते है और कुछ TRICKS को आप अपने खुद का चैनल में इस्तेमाल करना चाहते है तो आप इस सीरीज को देख सकते है मुझे यकीन है आप को बहुत नहीं तो थोड़ी बहुत जानकारी आसानी से मिल सकती है https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL34RinUzDA&list=PLcPzpLe3o_yfgUHgxelC5glW7exALAoSt 5. INTERNET TRICKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lMKl2_jchI&list=PLcPzpLe3o_ycnAzDJh3qaN0fGXFQzqcKm 6. HOW TO APPLY TIPS N TRICKS इस सीरीज में बहुत सरे ऐसे TRICKS है जो आप को ज़रूरत पडती रहती है हमेसा ONLINE SE AAP BAHUT SARE FORM KO FILLUP KAR SAKTE HAI ISKE LIYE AAP KO LINE LAGANE KI KOI ZARURAT NAHI HAI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M7qSh8umE4&list=PLcPzpLe3o_yfWGqIUeVYJspHsMlY4rH0d 7. TRICKS ABOUT miscellaneous TOPIC MOST POPULAR TRICKS YOU MUST KNOW.SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND MAKE OTHER UNDERSTAND CLICK HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dy_j_ncAOE&list=PLcPzpLe3o_yebqeS5A3tj5UNqrxPy8YsE VARIOUS TYPE OF TUTORIALS STEP BY STEP IN HINDI 1. WORDPRESS ALL VIDEOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRWiSVcJrvI&list=PLcPzpLe3o_yeAMMvjeJFyY9-Q1Yi4mjEx 2. SONY VEGAS PRO 13 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLDPrVcgAnY&list=PLcPzpLe3o_yfKJZo0os24MX4gEBYwT41W 3. CYBER LINK POWER DIRECTOR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToExOz_vqRU&list=PLcPzpLe3o_ydEU5DSMjEyFCUsnjcY7ibj 4. WONDER SHARE VIDEO EDITING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8t7gR50MliU&list=PLcPzpLe3o_yeQzNlHzPSkqpyB8hbO7WFz 5. BLOGGING STEP BY STEP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNZcvi8_RvM&list=PLcPzpLe3o_ycInBLkwU9s_3KtQEHG1yU6 6. MICRO SOFT EXCEL TIPS N TRICKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X0rZKLk0Rg&list=PLcPzpLe3o_yeBKMnNgODYhBETpMeZ1taa 7. MICROSOFT WORD ALL VIDEOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmlonIvKQgU&list=PLcPzpLe3o_ycGiU8UZSDTmh_7tOFVG8IT 8. MICRO SOFT POWER POING TIPS N TRICKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy4mmU5hXhE&list=PLcPzpLe3o_yfDMKBy09TVuhXHGleeYVVZ
Fake traveler's cheques ring busted
http://www.myfoxdfw.com FOX 4 News is a FOX-owned station serving Dallas-Fort Worth and all of North Texas.
How To Deposit Cash easily in SBI Cash Deposit Machine
Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/pibini_photography Watch the new updated 2018 video here : https://youtu.be/gHbAnYJRtNs #SBI #pibini #Money For Cardless Deposit : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NveO_v5vPkk The same method can be followed for new 500 and 2000 notes. You cannot deposit old 500 and 1000 rupees now. :) Watch the new video to know more. To Exchange your Old Rs.500 and 1000 notes, Download this form from here right now and get ready. http://ay.gy/1fVmFE Watch "How to deposit money without ATM card" @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJYnyGrdCrA You can find your nearest CDM/ATM by clicking here: http://ay.gy/1dkLLk Official SBI Website : http://ay.gy/1dkLWi This is the most convenient way to deposit cash to any State bank account 24x7 without worries. No need of waiting in queue anymore. Feel free to comment. Thanks to Karthik B for helping me in making these tutorial videos. Important things to do before entering Cash Deposit Machine 1) Make sure the money which you are depositing is purely genuine. 2) There must be no folding or crimps of notes, and make sure you make it all clear perfect before you deposit. 3) Only Rs.100, Rs.500, Rs.1000 notes are accepted and not any other than that. You can deposit any multiples of 100.
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Post Dated Cheque (PDC) management in Marg ERP [Hindi]
A post-dated cheque (PDC) means the Cheque cannot be cashed until that day i.e. it remains bill of exchange and it becomes cheque only on the date written on the cheque. With the help of PDC Management option in Marg ERP Software the user can able to save time and money by simply filling the bank slip. In order to learn PDC management in MARG software in detail then kindly watch the video or you can also contact us at: 011-30969600.
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50 CENT Cash in 100 million dollar cheque.
100 million Dollar instant cash in!!!
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Mobile Banking Registration through Canara Bank ATM
Your Banking Made SIMPLE with Mobile Banking at Canara Bank. Main Menu---Other Services--- Mobile Banking Registration--- Enter Your Registered Mobile Number---Select Your Account Type Download "CANMOBILE" app from Google Playstore to use our Enhanced Mobile Banking Services. Subscribe our YouTube channel and watch more Educative Series Videos. And also follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/canarabanktweet 1.Mobile Banking: (i) Registration - CanMobile App (English) https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=D8lTqDVWcrs (ii) Registration - CanMobile App (Hindi) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzPsBumgjhc (iii) Registration through Canara Bank ATM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E_f_F3HZMY 2. Internet Banking (i) Self Registration Process https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cym6sfbm2GQ FAQ: https://netbanking.canarabank.in/entry/FAQ123.htm 3. Canara Mserve App: (Switch on/off your debit/credit card. You can also hotlist your card in case of theft/lost. Security at your finger tip) (i) Mserve App info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBmO5xsBBow (i) Registration (English) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nM88onOhaZA (ii) Registration (Hindi) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3tbelruET4 4. Canara E info App: ( Canara e-Infobook enables you to view e-passbook (transactions details), balance inquiry, A/C summary, Cheque Status, ATM/Branch Locator, Info about new products etc now on your mobile set at anytime anywhere) (i) Registration (English) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xJmOzUwN2I (ii) Registration (Hindi) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oX7-9EgVVJs&t=6s 5. Linking Aadhaar number through Canara Bank ATM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx__meNmFUg 6. Green PIN/ Forgot PIN option for Debit Card: (i) Procedure (English) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9nbhweUZy8 (ii) Procedure (Hindi) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fB9yCj7v5Q 7. BHIM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbX3Rv5V4tg 8. Bharath QR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4-846Evv7g
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How to Endorse a Check
Watch more How to Use the Bank Wisely videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/271447-How-to-Endorse-a-Check Turn your check into dollar bills by endorsing it. Step 1: Take the check to the bank Take your check to your banking institution. Step 2: Sign in space allotted Sign your check in the designated area only. The back of the check will tell you where to sign your name. Step 3: Sign your name exactly the way it appears on the front of the check. Step 4: Write account number Write your bank account number below your signature. Tip Sign or endorse your check in front of the teller at the bank. Step 5: Write "For deposit only" Write "For deposit only," under your account number when mailing your check to the bank, or when someone else is depositing it for you. Did You Know? Did you know? A 1988 Federal law limited the endorsement portion of the back of a check to 1½ inches.
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Benefits of Using Traveler's Checks
SmartMoney Monday (7/22/13) Planning to travel this summer? ‪‎Traveler's Checks‬ have a number of benefits that credit & debit cards don't. [personal finance]
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Travelers Cheques
Traveling to Australia and wondering if you should take cash or Travelers Cheques? Jill and Stacey investigate which is the better option, cash, bank cards, Visa or Travelers Cheques? Bottom line, you want to protect your bottom! Its like they say cash doesnt grow on trees! So lets see what Stacey recommends! To view more episodes check us out at http://www.jillandstaceydotheroo.com
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What is Demand Draft? | How to Make a DD
In this video I have explained the generalized steps of how to make a demand draft and in short what is DD. Note: Procedure for Demand Draft can change anytime as per Bank's rules and regulations. What is NEFT : https://youtu.be/EXUUJh7LF40 What is RTGS : https://youtu.be/mxJwEkGWfo8 To know in detail about NEFT & RTGS : https://youtu.be/0wXl0yvgD6A What is Demand Draft : https://youtu.be/nSWKAB3pLMY
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NCERT Class 10 Economics Chapter 3: Money and Credit (CRR, SLR & Repo Rate)
Dr. Manishika Jain in this lecture NCERT Class 10 Economics Chapter 3: Money and credit discusses Money versus Barter Barter System – Double coincidence of wants Money – eliminates double coincidence of wants; Medium of EXCHANGE Forms of Money Currency: Paper notes and coins – authorized by Govt. (India – RBI) Deposit with Banks – to earn interest for extra money; demand deposit (withdrawn on demand) – Cheque rather than Cash Depositor vs. Borrower Bank hold 15% of total deposit as cash B/w surplus & those who need Extend loans Higher interest rate on loan Diff. = INCOME for bank Credit (Loan) Situation Lender supplies the borrower in return for promise of future payment For industry, housing, crop production Can push borrower in further credit (crop failure) Terms of Credit Interest + Principal = Repayment Collateral: asset that the borrower owns and uses this as a guarantee to a lender until the loan is repaid Interest rate + collateral + documentation + mode of repayment = Terms of Credit Formal Sector Credit Formal sector loan – bank & cooperative – 90% rich household Informal sector loan - moneylenders, traders, employers, relatives and friends – not supervised & charge any amount (usually higher) – 85% poor households Formal – Supervised by RBI – Looks into Cash maintained by banks Loan not only to profit making businesses but others High borrowing cost implies most money goes in loan repayment Need for cheap & affordable credit 50% rural credit needs by formal sector Self-Help Groups Organize rural poor in groups and collect money Members take loan from group Group charges interest If group is regular in saving – can take bank loans Loan given in name of group – self employment opportunities Overcome problem of collaterals Grameen bank (Bangladesh) – 1970s – 6 million borrowers in 40,000 villages Concepts discussed are: Repo rate reverse repo rate CRR SLR Bank Rate Money versus Barter @0:14 Barter System @1:06 Money @1:58 Forms of Money @2:48 Currency @3:37 Deposit with Banks @4:40 Depositor vs. Borrower @5:55 Credit (Loan) Situation @9:02 Terms of Credit @11:53 Collateral @12:18 Formal Sector Credit @16:43 Self – Help Groups @18:32 Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) @22:51 Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) @23:42 #Promise #Lender #Collateral #Borrower #Surplus #Authorized #Currency #Coincidence #Eliminates #Barter #Manishika #Examrace For details on IAS visit https://www.examrace.com/IAS/IAS-FlexiPrep-Program/ For competitive exam preparation visit https://www.doorsteptutor.com/Exams/
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How to Deposit $Money without ATM/Debit Card in SBI Cash Deposit Machine - Cardless Deposit
Instagram Profile- http://www.instagram.com/pibini_photography . Watch the New Updated Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NveO_v5vPkk #SBI #pibini #Cashless The same method can be followed for new 500 and 2000 notes. You cannot deposit old 500 and 1000 rupees now. :) Also from now on, an additional 25+ rupees will be charged as service tax if you do cardless transaction. Exchange your Old 500 and 1000 notes soon! Download this form right away from here http://ay.gy/1fVmFE Watch my previous video on using ATM card to deposit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI1LF_jPyZ0 You can find your nearest CDM/ATM by clicking here: http://ay.gy/1dkLLk Official SBI Website : http://ay.gy/1dkLWi You can deposit money into your account or into some others account without using ATM/Debit card. All you need is the registered mobile number and account number of any State Bank branch account.
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How to fill up Bank DD form
Topics: How to fill up Bank DD form How to fill up Bank Demand Draft form __________________________________________________________ If you found this video valuable, give it a like. If you know someone who needs to see it, share it. If you have questions ask below in comment section. Add it to a playlist if you want to watch it later. ___________________________________________________________ T A L K W I T H M E ! Business Email: [email protected] Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/geekyshow1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GeekyShow Twitter: https://twitter.com/Geekyshow1 Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+Geekyshowsgeek Website: http://www.geekyshows.com/ ___________________________________________________________ Make sure you LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, and REQUEST A VIDEO! :) ___________________________________________________________ Keywords: State Bank of India demand Draft form Bank of India Demand draft form IDBI demand draft form
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World's Most Confusing Currency? (IRANIAN RIAL)
One of my favorite things to do whenever I enter a new country (like Iran) is analyzed their currency situation, exchange rate and how these things affect their economy. I’ve handled many inflated currencies -- such as the Indonesian RUPIAH and Vietnamese DONG — but here in Iran, the RIAL gets a lot more confusing than inflation. Iran has 2 different systems to count their money. The first is RIALS (the official Iranian currency), and the second is TUMAN (which is like the Rial, without the last zero). As a traveler, you don’t know which price is listed unless you ask. $1 USD = 50,000 Rials and that same $1 dollar = 5,000 Tuman. Sound confusing? ... It is! Moreover, the only way to get money in Iran as a tourist is by bringing lots of cash (USD or Euros is preferred) and then exchanging it for Iranian Rials when you arrive. The reason is because there are no ATMs in Iran that cater to foreign banks. If you are as confused reading this as I am typing it out, then this video will explain the confusing world of the Iranian Rial a little better. Just curious, did you know anything about this before I made this video? Please share your thoughts on this below! And special thanks to G Adventures for hosting me on this life changing trip! Music: Epidemic Sound ► SUBSCRIBE for daily travel videos: http://bit.ly/2hyQnZ1 ► Are you on Instagram? Join me @drewbinsky! ► Travel Blog: https://drewbinsky.com/ ESSENTIAL GEAR (these are affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission at no additional cost to you. Your purchase helps me continue making these videos!) ► Panasonic Lumix GH5 (main camera): https://amzn.to/2rC8hi9 ► DJI Spark (drone): https://amzn.to/2IdS09r ► Go Pro Hero Session 5: https://amzn.to/2rE1mo3 ► MacBook Pro 15'': https://amzn.to/2Ga9Qs3 ► 2TB Lacie External Hardrive: https://amzn.to/2Ihh2IW ► JOBY Gorilla Tripod: https://amzn.to/2rJtAOU ► Osprey 46L Backpack: https://amzn.to/2rJtGWM Want $30 off your next hotel booking? Use this link: https://www.booking.com/s/faf31869 ... (You will get $30 credited to your account immediately after your stay. You're welcome!) FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ►Facebook @drewbinsky: https://www.facebook.com/drewbinsky/ (I post daily videos there too!) ►Instagram @drewbinsky: https://www.instagram.com/drewbinsky/ ►Snapchat @drewbinsky ►Twitter @drewbinsky: https://twitter.com/drewbinsky MORE ABOUT ME: https://drewbinsky.com/about/ CONTACT ME: drew (at) drewbinsky (dot) com
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The Carbonaro Effect - Instant Cash
Michael stuns an unsuspecting customer when he uses an app to transform a check into cash. Subscribe to truTV on YouTube: http://full.sc/1s9KQGe Watch Full Episodes for Free: http://full.sc/11eAcFr Michael Carbonaro is a magician by trade, but a prankster by heart. In THE CARBONARO EFFECT, Michael performs baffling tricks on unsuspecting people in everyday situations, all caught on hidden camera. Everyone is left stunned and delighted, even though they have no idea what just hit them. Like The Carbonaro Effect on Facebook: http://full.sc/1w3w71Z truTV Official Site: http://www.trutv.com/ Like truTV on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/truTV Follow truTV on Twitter: https://twitter.com/truTV Follow truTV on Tumblr: http://trutv.tumblr.com/ Get the truTV app on Google Play: http://bit.ly/1eYxjPP Get the truTV app on iTunes: http://apple.co/1JiGkjh Way more truTV! Watch clips, sneak peeks and exclusives from original shows like Comedy Knockout, Those Who Can't and more – plus fresh video from hit shows like Impractical Jokers and The Carbonaro Effect. The Carbonaro Effect - Instant Cash
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What is a Forex Card? - Best Prepaid Card for International Traveller & Students
In this video we talk about what is Forex card and why it is best prepaid card or plastic money for international travelers and students? On the official website of your bank you need to enter what type of FOREX card you need, amount of Forex etc. and your bank will calculate its final cost for you. If you agree to pay the final cost then you can make payment from your bank account and your bank will load/reload your Forex card and dispatch it to your address on record. A Forex card can be considered very useful for you if you are travelling abroad for Business, Education, Employment Abroad, Immigration, Medical Treatment or Personal. Some things that you should know about Forex card are as follows: 1. A Forex Card can be loaded with almost any foreign currency depending on your travel destination. While loading any currency of your choice you need to pay in Indian Rupees only. 2. With A FOREX card, just like a credit or debit card, you can pay for your expenses in a local currency abroad by swiping your card. You can also withdraw local cash from an ATM using it. 3. Some banks also provide their customers with a contact less Forex Card, which can be used to make payments for your purchases at retail outlets simply by waving or tapping at the payment terminal. 4. A multi currency Forex card allows you to pay for your purchases or allows you to withdraw money from an ATM in multiple countries. 5. With a Forex Card, chances are high that you may get a better exchange rate than cash or traveller cheque (TC). Some other benefits of a Forex card can be (varies from one bank to another): * NO ATM access fee for cash withdrawal. * Zero cross-currency charges and lower transaction charges than international credit or debit cards * Exclusive offers with partner shops and outlets. * 24x7 personal concierge service. * Free international SIM card * Emergency cash assistance in case your Forex card is lost. 6. Locked in exchange rate: Forex card has a locked in exchange rate (at the time of its load or reload) which protects you from currency value fluctuations at the exchange market. This way you are protected from loosing the value of your currency due to sudden Forex fluctuation. 7. Multi-currency Forex cards generally comes with an expiry of about 3-5 years. This same card can be used across multiple countries so that your leftover cash in the card can be utilized whenever you want and you don't have to pay a fee and change the currency back to rupees. And if you wish to en-cash it, then you can do so by paying a cash out fee. 8. Some other benefits of Forex card are as follows: * Secure transaction using EMV CHIP technology and PIN. * Using Net Banking you can instantly change your Forex Card's ATM PIN. * Block or Unblock your card by contacting your bank or via net banking. * Insurance against unauthorized Transactions. 9. If you'd like to get more information about Forex card then you need to visit your bank's official website. आइये जानते हैं इस वीडियो में फॉरेक्स कार्ड क्या है और उसके क्या फायदे हैं? Aaiye jaante hai iss video mein ki Forex Card kya hai aur uske kya fayde hai? *************************************** * Subscribe to DailyTechTuts: https://bit.ly/2sInRbV * Visit our website: https://www.dailytechtuts.com/ * Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DailyTechTuts * Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DailyTechTuts * DailyTechTuts on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+MrinTechs * Email us: [email protected] *************************************** Royalty Free MUSIC Credit: Artist: Nicolai Heidlas (https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas) Title: Pacific Sun Image credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/8lnbXtxFGZw (Sharon McCutcheon)
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Types of Cheques
In this video, 3 types of cheques have been explained
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How to Transfer Money from SBI to Other Bank Account using the Online SBI- Internet Banking SBI
How to Transfer Money from SBI to Other Bank Account using the Online SBI - Internet Banking SBI. भारतीय स्टेट बैंक से किसी भी दुसरे बैंक में ऑनलाइन पैसे कैसे ट्रांसफर करते हैं ? how to transfer money from sbi to other bank in online . +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -My Gear- My Screen Recording Software Camtasia -https://www.techsmith.pxf.io/c/1243092/347799/5161 My DSLR Camera- https://amzn.to/2J92xGH My 360° Camera - https://amzn.to/2kvSlu7 My PC - https://amzn.to/2GXhYwH My Touch Screen Monitor - https://amzn.to/2IVeIDV My Laptop- https://amzn.to/2IRYKOU My DSLR Mic - https://amzn.to/2L2XFQO My Recommended Smartphone- https://amzn.to/2GWSfo3 My Tripod- https://amzn.to/2sk2fCn My Tripod (For Smartphone)- https://amzn.to/2L2PJz6 32GB & 64GB Memory Card- https://amzn.to/2L2PJz6 TP-Link Wireless Router :- https://amzn.to/2MNhJbp +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ अगर आप को यह विडियो पसंद आया तो कृपया लाइक करें और अगर आप कुछ कहना या पूछना चाहते है तो कृपया नीचे दिए गए कमेंट बॉक्स में लिखें धन्यवाद ! Subscribe Us For Daily Computer, Internet And Technology Learning Video Tutorials In Hindi/Urdu. अगर आप Computer, Internet & Technology के बारे में सीखना और जानना चाहते है तोह हमारे "How To हिंदी" YouTube चैनल को Subscribe कर ले | Click Here To SUBSCRIBE How To Hindi For More Videos : https://www.youtube.com/c/HowToHindiIn?sub_confirmation=1 Advance YouTube Tips and Tricks and How to Videos For Creators In Hindi/Urdu - 2016 | Basic YouTube Tutorials In Hindi/Urdu (Step By Step (★Easily✔)) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFmEKtijTdx66A4ab11sQFjxsiZLrvN5w Beginners Blogger Tips,Tricks & Tutorials to Make Money Online In Hindi/Urdu | Blogger Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi/Urdu https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFmEKtijTdx5O1OTTftQJzZ_TddJ5xlvu How To Add Social Media Buttons to Blogger Posts - Boost Traffic to Blogger Blog FREE! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFmEKtijTdx63bdzfRbIAxUAqFjtoTUBB Mozilla Firefox -Tips, Tricks & Tutorials and How to Videos In Hindi/Urdu-2016 http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFmEKtijTdx4HSKq5PCF9_Npv8fjIa_Rs Google Drive How To Tutorials | Google Drive Tips and Tricks and How to Videos In Hindi/Urdu- 2016 (★Easily✔) :- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFmEKtijTdx6jsDu_g2rbN10W5be9_VQs Gmail Tips and Tricks and How to Videos In Hindi/Urdu - 2016 | Gmail Tutorials In Hindi/Urdu (Step By Step (★Easily✔)) :- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFmEKtijTdx4skYyeEJQRpdyCBe4uAQz5 Internet Tips and Tricks and How to Videos In Hindi/Urdu - 2016 | Internet Tutorials In Hindi/Urdu (Step By Step (★Easily✔)) :- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFmEKtijTdx6xmvJmQIHvyCNdKWqEZkpZ Computer/Laptop Tips and Tricks and How to Videos In Hindi/Urdu - 2016 | Computer/Laptop Tutorials In Hindi/Urdu (Step By Step (★Easily✔)) :- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFmEKtijTdx4wOd_sC9oIUIqo-dy010ot Facebook Tips and Tricks and How to Videos In Hindi/Urdu - 2016| Facebook Tutorials In Hindi/Urdu (Step By Step (★Easily✔)) :- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFmEKtijTdx5IMJE9HJYUC6JcaOgc7vsR Basic YouTube Tips and Tricks and How to Videos In Hindi/Urdu - 2016 | Basic YouTube Tutorials In Hindi/Urdu (Step By Step (★Easily✔)) :- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFmEKtijTdx7_BHNNIsfb2e9CH5Gq_fQh Complete Photoshop Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi/Urdu | Learn Photoshop Step By Step Easily https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFmEKtijTdx5uuvv3ES7mCsMcWiL-iaBy We Provide Online Classes For Computer , Internet , Mobile , Technology & Computer science classes online For FREE . We Also Provide Online Classes For Website Development , Design And Web Hosting Services / Domain Registration and Online Business Promotions Tips & Tricks Online Classes . Like Us On Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/HowToHindi Follow Us On Google +:- https://google.com/+HowToHindiIn Follow Us On Twitter:- https://twitter.com/HowToHindi Visit Our Website :-http://www.howtohindi.in/
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How to arrange the Travelers Cheques
Travelers cheques need to be arranged from a legal entity which is recognized by government and RBI. These entities are American Express Bank, Axis Bank, Thomas Cook. Most of the students prefer these banks to arrange traveler’s cheques. When you submit an application for Travelers cheques, you need a copy of Visa, passport and student details and they will immediately process your traveler’s cheques. Visit Us : http://www.degreefromcanada.com/ Subscribe Us to Receive More : http://www.youtube.com/channel/DegreeFromCanada?sub_confirmation=1 Connect Us for More : https://www.facebook.com/Degreefromcanadacom-448489571966117/timeline/ https://twitter.com/DegreeCanada https://in.linkedin.com/in/degreefromcanada https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/108493505116115365496/108493505116115365496/posts
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