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Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes
The Global Forum is the multilateral framework within which work on transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes has been carried out by both OECD and non-OECD economies since 2000. It is the key international body working on the implementation of the international standards on tax transparency. The Global Forum ensures that these high standards of transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes are in place around the world through its monitoring and peer review activities. In order to ensure a worldwide participation in the benefits of increased tax transparency and international co-operation and in order to ensure that developing countries benefit from the new tax transparent environment, the Global Forum has a technical assistance programme for its members. For more information, visit http://www.oecd.org/tax/transparency/
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7 Bonanza Tax Loopholes to legally avoid the Automatic Exchange of Information (OECD)
This video shows the loopholes to circumvent the Automatic Exchange of Information and Common Reporting Standard. You learn how to keep tax neutral money tax neutral. You see how to avoid the reporting of bank account information to the country of residence legally. ________________________________________­______________________ Caputo & Partners AG - Swiss Banking Lawyers ⇨ No hourly fees, flat & success-fee ⇨ Multilingual service ⇨ 24/7 support ⇨ First consultation free ⇨ 20 years of experience ________________________________________­______________________ CONTACT DETAILS ☎ 0041 44 212 44 04 (SWITZERLAND) ► Website: http://www.swiss-banking-lawyers.com/ ► Facebook: https://goo.gl/TB6CKI ► Google+: https://goo.gl/dhRxa0 ► LinkdIn: https://goo.gl/KIjzNN ► Twitter: https://goo.gl/qg9iCK
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How does the automatic exchange of information work?
The automatic exchange of information (AEOI) is the new international standard in tax matters. From 2017/2018, tax relevant data from bank clients will be automatically exchanged between tax authorities of participating countries. This short film aims to answer the most important questions about the AEOI: How does it work, which data will be exchanged, what are the consequences for the clients? You can find more information about AEOI on our website: http://www.swissbanking.org/aeoi
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Crackdown on tax evasion
Bank secrecy for tax purposes is coming to an end as a growing number of countries commit to automatic exchange of information. Soon there will be nowhere left for tax cheats to hide. For more information, please visit: http://www.oecd.org/tax/exchange-of-tax-information/
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CRS: Common Reporting Standard a new global standard for exchange of information
In 2014, the US government pledged all banks around the world to pass the identity of Americans living abroad among their customers to the US tax authorities. With the CRS (Common Reporting Standard) or AEOI (Automatic Exchange of Information), other countries introduced a standard by January 2016 in order to avoid tax evasion and create tax transparency. https://blog.hypovereinsbank.de/common-reporting-standard-deutsch/
International exchange of tax information (33c3)
https://media.ccc.de/v/33c3-7880-international_exchange_of_tax_information The Common Reporting Standard is a multinational agreement signed by more than 80 nations, including all EU member states. The signatories promised to exchange bank account information on foreigners. ['taxman']
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Protect your assets (CRS - OECD - AIA - AEOI)
Globalization is a word who everybody knows. As a result of Globalization international laws getting implemented who officially care about topics like anty money laundering, tax fraud, and terrorism financing. However, the truth behind is the implementing of a total control system who makes everybody's financial movements simply visible. The newest invention of the global control system is called „Common Reporting Standards“ (CRS). 100 countries worldwide signed this agreement. +++ Whats CRS ? +++ Simply explained, everybody who owns a bank account outside his country will be automatically reported to his home countries tax authorities. This means no matter if you own a private or corporate account outside your country your foreign bank will automatically report all your bank transactions, turnovers, incomes etc. to your home country. The bank secrecy as we know is officially history. CRS is a resident based reporting law. The bank secrecy was implemented to keep anybody's privacy and furthermore protect assets from governments especially because governments are often unpredictable. Situations like war, financial crises, currency change, fall of a union like the USSR etc. are common and can happen at any time. Brexit, Syria Crisis, Ukraine war, Refugee crisis, Terror etc are floating our news. The world countries are in the highest debts ever reported. No wonder a law like CRS is on is the way and starts 2017/18 To keep your assets protected and keep your privacy the only legal way is to change your resident to the countries like Dubai who offer a 0% tax rate plus a strong banking system and furthermore do not share any banking data of their residents. We assist in getting your resident status in the UAE and protect your assets also in the future. Our world's financial system is not made to be forever. Protect your assets from crises, wars, and governments who are looking for a total control system. Contact us: ➤➤➤ http://royalfinanceyard.com/ ++++++++++ CONNECT WITH US ++++++++++ Subscribe now ➤➤➤ http://bit.ly/2koboV3 Facebook ➤➤➤ http://bit.ly/2mgYKfg Twitter ➤➤➤ http://bit.ly/2lYXydO Xing ➤➤➤ http://bit.ly/2lBWfjT ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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Exchange of tax information [Plenary Podcast]
Lack of information-sharing between tax authorities prevents them from correctly assessing the actual tax situation when several countries are involved. The need to remedy this is now widely accepted and some progress are realised, though they are only steps in the right direction. See the paper publication behind this podcast: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/thinktank/en/document.html?reference=EPRS_ATA(2015)569024 Subscribe to EPRS Plenary Podcasts: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/rss/en/audio-podcasts.html
International Exchange of Information in Tax Matters
Ine Lejeune, Partner, Tax Policy and Liesbeth Vermeire, Managing Associate – Dispute Resolution & Litigation,Law Square, Brussels. / For the premium version, please visit http://www.era.int/?128249&en Benefits of the premium version: - Interactive features - Certificate to earn CPD points - Offline versions (Video, Audio, PDF) - Quiz Topic: Ine Lejeune and Liesbeth Vermeire give a general overview of the case law of the Court of Justice of the EU and the European Court of Human Rights concerning the rights of the taxable person, with a special focus on the latest case law concerning the international exchange of information. Furthermore, the relation between the CJEU case law and the ECtHR case law is analysed by discussing Case C-73/16 Peter Puškár.
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Understanding AEOI
This video summarizes the key elements of the OECD’s Common Reporting Standards (CRS) deadline and how global financial institutions need to understand AEOI to manage their customer compliance and reporting obligations.
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OECD Common Reporting Standard – What Information on you will be reported
The most important changes in international taxation within the last 40 years are taking place. The banking secrecy for tax purposes has disappeared. OECD Common Reporting Standard, the so called CRS-rules have destroyed the reason to exist for classic offshore companies. This video shows you what is the information concerning you that will be reported exactly. ________________________________________­______________________ Caputo & Partners AG - Swiss Banking Lawyers ⇨ No hourly fees, flat & success-fee ⇨ Multilingual service ⇨ 24/7 support ⇨ First consultation free ⇨ 20 years of experience ________________________________________­______________________ CONTACT DETAILS ☎ 0041 44 212 44 04 (SWITZERLAND) ► Website: http://www.swiss-banking-lawyers.com/ ► Facebook: https://goo.gl/TB6CKI ► Google+: https://goo.gl/dhRxa0 ► LinkdIn: https://goo.gl/KIjzNN ► Twitter: https://goo.gl/qg9iCK
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OECD Tax Talks #10 - Centre for Tax Policy and Administration
With a number of important recent and upcoming developments in the OECD's international tax work, the OECD's Centre for Tax Policy and Administration (CTPA) gave the latest tax update. Topics included: - Tax challenges of digitalisation - BEPS Implementation (Minimum standards; Transfer pricing) - Tax Transparency (Automatic exchange of information; Residence/Citizenship by investment) - Next steps View the presentation: https://www.slideshare.net/OECDtax/oecd-tax-talks-10-16-october-2018 Visit our website: http://oe.cd/taxtalks
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2018 will see end of bank secrecy in Switzerland, OECD tax chief says
Subscribe to France 24 now: http://bit.ly/France24Subscribe THE BUSINESS INTERVIEW : From HSBC to Mcdonald's, tax dodging is back in the media spotlight following a series of revelations in recent weeks. The issue is global and it requires global solutions, according to Pascal Saint-Amans, the OECD's tax head. He tells FRANCE 24 why 2018 will mark the end of bank secrecy in Switzerland. Visit our website: http://www.france24.com Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=france24english Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FRANCE24.English Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/France24_en
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OECD proposes data exchange system to crack down on tax evasion
The OECD proposed Thursday a new system for cracking down on offshore tax evasion,.... in a bid to improve financial transparency worldwide. The new global standard would require countries that are party to the agreement... to collect and provide information about the investment income, financial assets and bank balances of account-holders who live outside of the country. The system is expected to be finalized during the upcoming meeting of G-20 finance ministers slated for late February in Australia. The organization plans to implement the system by the end of next year. Forty-two countries, including Britain, France and Germany, have already expressed their commitment to signing on to the plan.
Financial Services Tax Update: GATCA
Financial Services Tax Update: GATCA - Globalization of FATCA and Multilateral Exchange of Tax Information The OECD is developing a framework for multilateral automatic exchange of tax information based on the Model 1 Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) for the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. This global Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) is sometimes referred to as global FATCA or "GATCA". Delivery of this framework is on an ambitious timetable, with the requirements to be finalized in early 2014 and exchange of information scheduled to commence by the end of 2015 among G20 members. Understand how your financial institution will be affected by GATCA and consider the impact of GATCA on current FATCA implementation programs. (Live presentation was aired on 19 Dec 2013) www.deloitte.com/ap/dbriefs
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Automatic exchange of information: Preparing now for reporting in 2018
Many financial institutions in the Asia Pacific region will need to report under the common reporting standard for the first time in 2018. And FATCA reports may not yet have been required to be filed in some jurisdictions. What do financial institutions need to do to prepare for reporting in 2018? Deloitte specialists from Asia Pacific and our global information reporting team will share insights from their experience with assisting clients with FATCA and CRS reporting over the last three years, including CRS reporting for early adopting countries in other regions. Learn why financial institutions in Asia Pacific should start preparing now for reporting in 2018. (Live presentation was aired on 14 Dec 2017) http://www.deloitte.com/ap/dbriefs
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Strengthening tax treaties to fight tax avoidance
The OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Project delivers solutions for closing the gaps in existing international rules that have allowed corporate profits to “disappear” or be artificially shifted to low or no-tax environments, where companies have little or no economic activity. Since June 2017, nearly 80 countries have signed a new Multilateral Convention developed as part of the BEPS Project. The Convention will enable governments to swiftly update their networks of existing tax treaties and further reduce opportunities for tax avoidance. The Convention is expected to enter into force in mid-2018. For further information, go to: http://oe.cd/mli
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Offshore Banking Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes
Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes: How do countries rate The Global Forum, set up in 2000 to agree global tax standards, now has 119 member countries and jurisdictions. Since 2009, when the G20 called for effective implementation of the internationally agreed standard of information exchange, the Forum has published 100 peer review reports. Most countries have completed the first phase of the reviews which looks at legal frameworks. Fourteen are not moving to the second phase due to deficiencies in their legal frameworks. After it completes a set of Phase 2 reviews, looking at effectiveness of the information exchange practices, the Global Forum will start rating countries' implementation of the standards on the basis of a four-tier classification system: "compliant," "largely compliant," "partially compliant" and "non-compliant". The results of the ratings exercise for the first set of reviews will be completed by year end, with the allocation of overall ratings to approximately 50 tax jurisdictions. Source: http://tinyurl.com/bmwj97b
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Afschrift Law Firm: Preparing for the automatic exchange of tax information | World Finance
Belgium's new tax regularisation regime has come into force, offering a permanent programme for voluntary disclosure – available once, and once only, for Belgian tax residents. This is in response to the EU directive on the automatic exchange of information for tax purposes, Jonathan Chazkal explains: better to come clean now and pay a moderate penalty, than risk a more punishing prosecution later. If you're starting here, you should go back and watch the first half of our conversation with Jonathan, which covers the costs and benefits of the regularisation programme, as well as how to apply. For a full transcript visit: http://www.worldfinance.com/videos/afschrift-law-firm-preparing-for-the-automatic-exchange-of-tax-information For more World Finance videos go to http://www.worldfinance.com/videos/
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How a Swiss Bank Account can make people rich (step by step)
Did you know that a Swiss bank account can make you rich? All you need is working with the best in class offshore banking professionals. My clients multiplied their money by 20 or 30 times. A Client from Cairo started with 500’000 USD in 1995 and step by step his portfolio went up to 12 million. During the same period, others have lost millions. Choosing the wrong bank, getting the wrong advice and investing in dangerous products are the most frequent mistakes made by non-resident investors. I have carefully analyzed the history of successful portfolios. I discovered a few simple rules. Following such simple rules will make you rich. ►► Join our Boutique Law Firm Letter https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/ ►► Our Website: https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/ ►► Tax Evasion [Best Tips & Tricks] https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/tax-evasion/ ►► OECD Automatic Exchange of Information and CRS [Insider Report 2018] https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/automatic-exchange-of-information/ ►► How Millionaires pay less Tax using Secret Tax Avoidance Strategies – Confessions of an International Tax Lawyer https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/tax-avoidance/ ►► Ultimate Guide in Private Banking to Secure Your Wealth https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/private-banking/ ►► Best Private Bank List – Swiss Private Bank Directory https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/best-private-bank-list-swiss-private-bank/ ►► 10 Reasons for Swiss Bank Account Opening [Ex-UBS Lawyer reveals the truth] https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/swiss-bank-account-opening/
OECD Tax Talks #6 - Centre for Tax Policy and Administration
With a number of important recent and upcoming developments in the OECD's international tax work, the OECD's Centre for Tax Policy and Administration (CTPA) gave the latest tax update. Topics included: - The Inclusive Framework on BEPS – including progress on transfer pricing, the Multilateral Instrument, and updated work on branch mismatch arrangements. - Upcoming G20 Summit in Hamburg. - Global Forum work on tax transparency and exchange of information. - The months ahead: Our work programme, and how you can be involved. View the presentation: https://www.slideshare.net/OECDtax/oecd-tax-talks-6-26-june-2017 Visit our website: http://oe.cd/taxtalks
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Fighting tax evasion
The fight against tax havens is moving ahead. To avoid the G20s threat of sanctions, countries have signed more than 100 new tax information exchange agreements, crimping would-be tax evaders ability to stash money in secret bank accounts.
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How to tackle CRS reporting challenges?
Interview with Ronald Frey, Partner at BearingPoint Switzerland about differences between FATCA and CRS and the biggest challenges with CRS. Ronald talks about how CRS affects the way financial institutions must approach their operations and if outsourcing of CRS reporting is an option. Finally, Ronald gives an outlook on what is coming next in tax matters. For more information about BearingPoint’s tax reporting solutions FiTAX and EasyTax, please visit: www.bearingpointabs.com
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OECD Tax Q&A Webinar | Multilateral BEPS Convention (MLI)
On 7 June 2017, over 65 countries signed a ground-breaking multilateral tax convention that will close loopholes in thousands of tax treaties worldwide, reducing opportunities for tax avoidance by multinational enterprises. This webinar discusses some of the key features of the multilateral instrument, and presents the available tools that will facilitate the application of the convention by taxpayers and tax administrations. For more information, visit http://oe.cd/mli
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AEOI: Automatic Exchange of Information on Financial Accounts.
My last video about Automatic Exchange of Information on Financial Accounts. This is the first ever agreement to exchange this type of information automatically between the jurisdictions that signed the agreement under a single global standard on an annual basis. 54 jurisdictions committed to start the information exchange by 2017, 47 jurisdictions more by 2018. If you are operating a business outside of your country of citizenship or residency you should be aware of the new reporting standards! --------------------------------------------------- Contact Astorts Group: 👉🏻 www.astortsconsulting.com 👉🏻 [email protected] 📞 +442037402520 📞 +85235212835 📞 +74991123783 --------------------------------------------------- #bank #exchange #aeoi #fatca #money #investment #forex #broker #wealthmanagement #familyoffice #bankaccount #like4like #london #moscow #hongkong #astortsgroup #offshore
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OECD’s Common Reporting Standard: Are You Ready?
OECD’s Common Reporting Standard: Are You Ready? The OECD has released detailed commentary on the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) on 21 July 2014. The CRS will establish a new global standard for the automatic exchange of financial account information between governments. More than 90 jurisdictions have already publicly committed to the implementation of CRS, with 58 jurisdictions adopting the "early adopter" status and 51 jurisdictions signing a multilateral agreement to implement the CRS on 29 October 2014. An ambitious timeline will need to be adhered to – early adopters have pledged to work towards launching their first exchange of information by September 2017, while others are expected to follow in 2018. Learn about this new standard and what you should prepare going forward. (Live presentation was aired on 27 Jan 2015) www.deloitte.com/ap/dbriefs
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What is FATCA-Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act-CRS-Common Reporting Standard-Explained-In Hindi
What is FATCA and CRS this is what I am going to explain you in In Hindi. What is FATCA? The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a piece of US tax regulation that aims to combat tax evasion by US persons opening accounts offshore. FATCA aims to detect and discourage offshore tax evasion by U.S. citizens or U.S. residents by requiring financial institutions to identify and report accounts held by U.S. persons. Where account holders refuse to be identified, financial institutions are required to report them based on information available. The main aim of FATCA is to restrict US persons to create wealth outside USA like in Mutual Funds, NPS, Fixed Deposits etc. It not only is for US persons but also binds business entities. Government of India has bilateral agreement with Government of United states to implement FATCA. What is CRS? Alike FATCA, CRS stands for Common Reporting Standard(CRS) is a globally accepted standard to automatic exchange of financial information among nations, set forth by OECD(organization for economic cooperation and development, which is in close cooperation among G-20 nations , EU(European union) and other countries. You can check the status if your FATCA\CRS for is submitted or not online and even you can submit these forms online hassle-free, You just need your PAN Number and mobile number linked to your PAN Number so that you can receive an OTP code and can easily submit the form online. Submit FATCA\CRS Online CAMS: https://www.camsonline.com/FATCA/COL_FATCAOnlineIndividualForm.aspx?amc=ALL KARVY: https://www.karvymfs.com/karvy/fatca-kyc.aspx SUNDARAM BNP PARIBAS: https://www.sundarambnpparibasfs.in/web/service/fatca/ Offline Forms NSDL: https://www.npscra.nsdl.co.in/FATCA-Self-Declaration.php ICICI: https://www.icicibank.com/managed-assets/docs/form-center/fatca-individual.pdf Kotak Mahindra Bank: http://www.kotak.com/bank/common/kotak_offer_files/FATCA_annexure1.pdf This declaration has recently become mandatory for NPS account holders and even nowadays bank account holders while login to net-banking are getting online form automatically to accept and submit it. I received the FATCA\CRS declaration online while logging to my Kotak net-banking account. Please watch the complete video for proper understanding. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My ebook Real Ways to Make Money Online - E-book (Lifetime Free updates) (Rs.149) : https://goo.gl/oB95Pt Donate us to Keep Motivated paypal.me/techbulu Products I use Samson Go Mic: https://amzn.to/2LoefhP Pop filter: https://amzn.to/2uyZRJR Microsoft Office 365: https://amzn.to/2JBVP8y My phone: https://amzn.to/2uMuwCV Desktop : https://amzn.to/2JCe5yF Digital Pen: https://amzn.to/2LpvCin Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TECHBULU Twitter: https://twitter.com/techbulu Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/techbulu/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/techbulu/ Google Plus: https://goo.gl/sZhdc0 Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tech-bulu-15834b140/ BlogSite: http://www.techbulu.com/ About Us: TECHBULU is a YouTube Channel, where you will find technical and education videos. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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A.E.O.I (automatic exchange of information)
Echange automatique d'informations des banques. Ce qu'il faut savoir. Quelles solutions ?
Last News on the Automatic Exchange of Information regarding Switzerland
#RERCT ► site sobre RERCT: http://www.rerct.net.br ☎ 0055 11 434 96 170 (BRAZIL) ☎ 0041 44 212 44 04 (SWITZERLAND) The Government of Switzerland takes the Automatic Exchange of Information very serious. Switzerland is working on a new law involving all sort of countries with the Automatic Exchange of information. Switzerland will exchange non-resident client information with the following countries: China, Indonesia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Liechtenstein, Colombia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Montserrat, Aruba, Curaçao, Belize, Costa Rica, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Cook Islands and the Marshall Islands. Some of the new countries have a very bad ranking according the Corruption Perception Index. Transparency International measures the Perception of Corruption with all countries in the world. Swiss bankers fear that very confidential and sensitive client information can land in the hands of very corrupt tax officers operating in very corrupt countries. Is this the goal of the Automatic Exchange of Information to deliver very confidential information to corrupt officials working in very corrupt countries? Have such countries the IT system in place to comply with the principle of reciprocity with Switzerland delivering the equivalent information? Leia mais aqui: http://www.rerct.net.br/receita-federal-brasil-os-riscos ______________________________________________________________ Caputo & Partners AG ⇨ No hourly fees, flat & success-fee ⇨ Multilingual service ⇨ 24/7 support ⇨ First consultation free ⇨ 20 years of experience ______________________________________________________________ CONTACT DETAILS ☎ 0055 11 434 96 170 (BRAZIL) ☎ 0041 44 212 44 04 (SWITZERLAND) ► Website: https://goo.gl/9NgH5f ► Facebook: https://goo.gl/TB6CKI
Latest News 24/7 - India votes in the oecd ranking of exchange of tax information
Latest News 24/7 - Latest News 24/7 - India votes in the oecd ranking of exchange of tax information Latest News 24/7 - Latest News 24/7 - India votes in the oecd ranking of exchange of tax information TNN Nov 22, 2017, 0400 IST Mumbai India has slipped from a rating of compliant to an overall rating of largely compliant as regards its meeting international standards for exchange of tax information, according to a peer review. A set of peer review reports covering six countries, including India, were released recently by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD. A pertinent suggestion for India, is to ensure the quality of the exchange of information EoI requests sent to ... Source: http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/2/911852208?-41452:27463:0 © Latest News 24/7 THANK YOU for your watching SUBSCRIBE my channel for more videos: http://xuri.co/8mYj9zs ─────────────────── ▼ DISCLAIMER : ➤ If you have problems about copyright or label, please contact me via email or YT inbox. Thank you :) ➤ If you wanna use my uploads in your videos/streams, please give a link back to my original video, thats all ;) #LatestNews #News #WorldNews #SportsNews #TopNews #NewsToday #TodayNews #Breaking #BreakingNews #BreakingNewsToday #BreakingNewsLatestNews #LatestNews #LatestNewsToday #CNNNews #CNNBreakingNews #LocalNewsToday #HeadlineNews #RecentNews #UpdateNews #LastNews #Trump #TrumpNews #DonaldTrumpNews #News24h
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Exchange of Information in a Transparent World
In the following presentation Mr. Yoad Frenkel, Adv. & CPA. (Isr.) presents the recent trends in the field of exchange of information for tax purposes: the interpretation of article 26 of the OECD Model Convention, FATCA, CRS, and the exchange of information made by the Israeli Tax Authority
Common Reporting Standard in Hong Kong (Digital nomads and offshore tax exemption)
Common Reporting Standard in Hong Kong (Digital nomads and offshore tax exemption) This video is about the impact of Common Reporting Standard, CRS, from OECD on Business in Hong Kong. More specifically, Digital Nomads and people claiming offshore tax exemption.
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OECD Tax Talks #9 - Centre for Tax Policy and Administration
With a number of recent and upcoming developments in the OECD's international tax work, we invite you to join a live webcast with experts from the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration for an update on the work relating to the tax challenges arising from the digitalisation of the economy, in view of the upcoming G20 Finance Ministers meeting. Speakers (L-R): - Achim Pross (Head of International Co-operation and Tax Administration Division) - Caroline Malcolm* (Senior Advisor, Tax and Digitalisation) - David Bradbury (Head of Tax Policy and Statistics) - Giorgia Maffini (Deputy Head of Tax Policy and Statistics Division) - Eric Robert (Advisor, Tax and Digitalisation) Website: http://oe.cd/taxtalks * Note correct spelling.
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In An Age of Transparency & Automatic Tax Information Exchange, Can OFCs Survive?
Given the success of a global clampdown on tax evasion, can Offshore Financial Centers survive and prosper in this new financial climate without tax evading clients and if so, who will be the winners and losers? Burke Files, Principal, Financial Examinations & Evaluations, Inc. (Arizona) Tim Ridley, Former Chairman, Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (Cayman Islands) Jack Blum, Chairman, Tax Justice Network (USA) James McConvill, Counsel, Forbes Hare (London) & Senior Lecturer, Offshore Corporate Law, Victoria University (Australia) Dan Reeves, Founder, Offshore Compliance & Enforcement Consulting Group & Retired Senior Advisor, IRS Off- shore Compliance Initiatives (New Jersey)
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Common Reporting Standards (CRS): An overview and global update, Zac Lucas
Financial Transparency is the new global standard. The OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS) expands the scope of cross board financial account disclosure originally introduced by the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Malaysia is a fully committed member of the CRS Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement, with 60 exchange relationship where the Malaysia IRBM will send financial data to foreign tax authorities, and 84 exchange relationship where the IRBM will receive financial data on accounts held by Malaysians in countries such as Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Switzerland and UK. In order to counter attempts to circumvent and avoid the CRS, the OECD published on the 9th March 2018 the Mandatory Disclosure Rules (MDRs). The MDRs provide the basis on which CRS Avoidance Arrangements are required to be Disclosed and later exchanged with relevant foreign tax authorities. The purpose of the talk is to discuss and explore the above initiatives and in particular the provisions of the Mandatory Disclosure Rules, ending with a brief update on the status and developments surrounding the US FATCA
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AEOI Automatic Exchange of Information Video 2018 E
AEOI Automatic Exchange of Information and penalty-free voluntary disclosure Video 2018 E
Day 2 - 2018 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum
Under the theme “Planet Integrity”, the Forum will debate how integrity cultivates a level playing field for business, reduces socio-economic inequalities, and makes public policies more effective - enhancing the benefits of globalisation for all. The debates will also focus on the governance of globalisation and its role in curbing corruption and unethical practices in areas such as trade, competition, infrastructure, development co-operation, and revenue collection.
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Offshore Banking and Tax Information Exchange Agreements
Google's chairman, Eric Schmidt, has defended the search engine's tax avoidance policies, saying "we fully comply with the law" after paying just £6m in corporation tax in the UK. In an interview with the BBC, Schmidt defended the fact that Google paid corporation tax of £6m in 2011 despite recording annual revenues of £2.5bn in Britain. He said: "You're describing the way taxes work globally. And the fact of the matter is these are the way taxes are done globally. The same is true for British firms operating in the US, for example."
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India to Follow OECD Issues New Standard to Combat Blackmoney
The G20 Invited the OECD to Develop a Global Standard on Automatic Exchange of Information in 2013 and Remains the Driving Force Behind the Move Toward Greater Tax Transparency Worldwide. Visit our Website : http://V6news.tv Twitter : https://twitter.com/#!/V6News Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/V6News.tv Google+ : https://plus.google.com/109903438943940210337 V6 News Channel
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The ABCs of tax transparency
Automatic exchange of tax information is becoming the new standard Beneficial ownership transparency is on its way Country-by-country reporting by multinationals now exists and is on the road towards public availability... Explained in greater detail here https://www.taxjustice.net/2017/10/19/tax-justice-new-washington-consensus/
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Introduction to Common Reporting Standard Video – Macau Version
Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is released by The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and G20, it provides a guideline for participating tax jurisdiction to exchange tax resident’s financial account information regularly. CRS is a worldwide information-gathering and reporting requirement for financial institutions, aims to increase tax transparency and combats cross-border tax evasion. Please check out the video to learn CRS. For details please refer to websites of Macau Financial Services Bureau and OECD.
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BEPS Webcast #6: Update on BEPS Project
Join senior members of the OECD's Centre for Tax Policy and Administration (CTPA) commented on the recent publicationof the first steps toward implementation of OECD/G20 efforts against tax avoidance by multinationals. OECD and G20 countries have agreed three key elements that will enable implementation of the BEPS Project: a mandate to launch negotiations on a multilateral instrument to streamline implementation of tax treaty-related BEPS measures; an implementation package for country-by-country reporting in 2016 and a related government-to-government exchange mechanism to start in 2017; criteria to assess whether preferential treatment regimes for intellectual property (patent boxes) are harmful or not. In addition, they discussed upcoming discussion drafts and public consultations, and provided a progress report of the 2015 Deliverables to date. Download the PowerPoint: www.slideshare.net/OECDtax/beps-webcast-6-update-on-project For more information, please visit our website: www.oecd.org/tax/beps-webcasts.htm
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Personal Tax Residency
International taxation series: How to determine your personal tax residency Introduction to international taxation videos. This series will cover personal residency and company residency. This specific video will cover the personal tax residency. The key criteria, presumptions, tie breakers... Source: International tax primer: https://lrus.wolterskluwer.com/store/product/international-tax-primer-third-edition/ OECD Tax convention Model: http://www.oecd.org/ctp/treaties/model-tax-convention-on-income-and-on-capital-condensed-version-20745419.htm UN Tax convention Model: http://www.un.org/esa/ffd/documents/UN_Model_2011_Update.pdf Contact us: [email protected] athenasia.com
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OECD Global Forum on Development 2017 -  Opening and Session 1
OECD Global Forum on Development 2017 5 April 2017, OECD headquarters, Paris, France www.oecd.org/site/oecdgfd Opening Session Keynote speeches: Ángel Gurría, Secretary-General, OECD Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations Amy Jadesimi, Chief Executive Officer, Lagos Deep Offshore ogistics Alain Papiasse, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, BNP Paribas Session 1 - Financing the SDGs: How to make it happen? Speakers: Marjeta Jager, Deputy Director-General, International Cooperation and Development, European Commission Dessima Williams, Special Adviser on the Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations Sergei Guriev, Chief Economist, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Nanno Kleiterp, Chairman, European Development Finance Institutions David Croft, Chair, BIAC Development Committee Harpinder Collacott, Executive Director, Development Initiatives Vineet Rai, Chairman and Co-founder, Aavishkaar Intellecap Group Jorge Moreira da Silva, Director, Development Co-operation Directorate, OECD
Common Reporting Standard - Are You Ready?
WHAT IS CRS? In order to help fight against tax evasion, governments around the globe are introducing new information and reporting requirements for financial institutions. This is known as the Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”). Participation is obligatory, and Manulife is required by the CRS to (1) identify where our customers are tax resident and (2) report on certain accounts and policies held directly or indirectly by tax residents in any of the participating CRS countries. While similar in nature, the CRS is in addition to the requirements under the United States Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”). CRS requires Manulife to send the reportable information to domestic tax authorities. These authorities in turn will exchange that information automatically with jurisdictions of residence of account holders on an annual basis. WHO IS AFFECTED? Given the broad application of the CRS, all of Manulife’s customers may be affected. Manulife is required by the CRS to (1) identify where our customers are tax resident and (2) report on certain accounts and policies held directly or indirectly by tax residents in any of the participating CRS countries. Manulife will require CRS self-certification from new customers, where applicable from 1 January 2017 onwards. We will contact existing customers at a later stage, if required. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? Manulife will ask you to complete a self-declaration form. We may need to request further information or documentation from you to confirm your tax status. Customers with more than one relationship with different Manulife entities may receive multiple requests for confirmation of their tax status. WHERE CAN I FIND FURTHER INFORMATION? For general questions on CRS, please do not hesitate to contact your Manulife representative, or call our hotline at (+65) 6833 8188 Manulife does not provide tax advice. For further information on your tax residency, please refer to the rules governing tax residence that have been published by your national tax authority or contact your tax advisor. You can also visit the OECD Automatic Exchange of Information portal.
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International exchange of tax information (33c3) - deutsche Übersetzung
https://media.ccc.de/v/33c3-7880-international_exchange_of_tax_information The Common Reporting Standard is a multinational agreement signed by more than 80 nations, including all EU member states. The signatories promised to exchange bank account information on foreigners. ['taxman']
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