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MDOT explains flashing yellow left-turn signal
This video was developed to help motorists understand the new flashing yellow left-turn signal. The signals are being introduced nationwide and ultimately will be required at all intersections where there is a separate left-turn arrow signal. More information, including a link to download a brochure and a demonstration of how the signal works, is available at www.michigan.gov/flashingyellowarrow.
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New Flashing Yellow Arrow Turn Signals
PennDOT is implementing a new type of traffic signal to provide a safer, more efficient left turn for motorists. The Flashing Yellow Arrow signal is more intuitive and, according to national data, can reduce left-turn crashes by as much as 20 percent!
Flashing, Yellow Left-Turn Arrow Traffic Signals - Dubuque, Iowa
Flashing yellow left-turn arrow signals were introduced to Dubuque streets more than two years ago but some motorists are still unsure of what they mean. This video offers a reminder. Left-Turn Traffic Signals: Steady Red Arrow: Drivers turning left must stop and wait. Steady Yellow Arrow: The left-turn signal is about to turn red. Do not enter the intersection if you can stop safely. Complete your left turn if you are already within the intersection. Flashing Yellow Arrow: Yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians; then turn left proceeding with caution. Oncoming traffic has a green light. Steady Green Arrow: Drivers can proceed with the left turn. Oncoming traffic must stop. Do not go straight.
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This video explains what flashing yellow traffic signals are for and why they are being installed across Missouri.
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New Traffic Signal Setup with Flashing Right Arrow
So this setup is a mix of a Montréal Advanced arrow (the kind where the right turn arrow comes on when the pedestrian clearance phase starts) and flashing yellow arrow. The bus priority phase always goes first, followed by phase two and five (flashing green arrow). Once phase six starts, the through arrow will display and the right arrow will flash yellow. The walk phase is set to "rest in walk" for the duration of this phase. If you press the side street pedestrian button, the green arrow displays (bi-modal) and pedestrian clearance begins. The "emergency priority signals" will only display if a preemption is called. The side street phase is the same as before (Montréal Advanced arrow and an advanced walk and PED clear before phase eight turns green). Another preemption will recall the bus priority signal. Eventually I'll have detectors and the Opticom system set up to run this sequence but manual buttons will do the trick for now!
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What is a flashing yellow arrow?
It is a new type of signal placed over a left turn lane at a signalized intersection where one of the signal indications is a flashing yellow arrow. Other signal indications shown are the green arrow, yellow arrow and red arrow. The ‪#‎FlashingYellowArrow‬ reminds drivers to yield to oncoming traffic when turning left. Why is it a better left-turn signal? Studies by the ‪#‎FederalHighwayAdministration‬ show that the flashing yellow arrow reduces crashes at intersections by providing a clear distinction between when left-turning motorists are protected from oncoming traffic and when they must yield. It also helps move more traffic through an intersection, provides flexibility in traffic management options and is a low-cost safety measure to help prevent crashes. How do they work? Red arrow means STOP and remain stopped. No left turns allowed. Yellow arrow means prepare to stop or complete your left turn if you are in an ‪#‎intersection‬. Flashing yellow arrow means left turns allowed. ‪#‎Yield‬ to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. The oncoming traffic has a green light. Green arrow means GO. It is safe to turn left, oncoming traffic must stop. Where will these signals be installed? The Florida Department of Transportation ‪#‎FDOT‬ will be installing flashing yellow arrows at various locations throughout the state on a case by case basis.
Flashing Yellow Arrow Turn signals
What you need to know about those flashing yellow arrows.....
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My Traffic Lights With Flashing Yellow Arrow
I modified some of the outputs in my controller and am running the FYA the same way I've been running the Advanced Straight Arrow, with pedestrian walk (or flashing walk) and pedestrian clear. Phases 3 and 7 with the 8" green arrow and yellow are supposed to be for emergency vehicles. I thought I'd try something different! The Advanced straight arrow is on the side street phase now and phase 1 is a dedicated bus signal.
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Drivers find flashing yellow arrows confusing
A different kind of traffic signal is appearing at more and more intersections around Minnesota. It uses a flashing yellow arrow to help drivers turn left, but some people find them confusing and dangerous.
How to navigate flashing yellow left turn signals
New flashing yellow left turn signals have been installed at the corner of Victory Boulevard and Manor Road in Castleton Corners.
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New Flashing Yellow Arrow
The flashing yellow arrow signal is slowly making its way around the US but you may not know that Oregon came up with this variant long before the FYA itself was even federally approved. Medford would set up their left turn signals this way even back in the 90s and it's now tentatively approved for statewide use. It makes sense as it requires no additional sections or LED modules and the signal can be converted back to a protected-only left with nothing more than a quick reprogramming of the controller.
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Flashing Yellow Arrow Doghouse Signal
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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NYCDOT Explains Flashing Yellow Turn Signals
Left turn only signals reduce injuries for pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as improve safety, comfort and mobility for motorists. This video shows two examples of flashing yellow arrow left turn signals in NYC.
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Flashing Yellow Arrow, Left Turn Traffic Signals
Flashing Yellow Arrows can now be found at four intersections on Rosemont Road in Virginia Beach. See how these new signals are keeping drivers safe.
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Flashing Yellow Arrow video 2011
An updated version of the Missouri Department of Transportation's video explaining the use of Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrow signals. These signals help improve the flow of traffic by giving more options for vehicles turning left.
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Flashing yellow arrow
New flashing yellow arrow left turn signals are being installed in Oklahoma City. The first ones are going in the downtown area as part of Project 180.
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Yellow Flashing Lights Installed in Baldwin Co.
FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WPMI) New traffic lights featuring a yellow flashing arrow are going up across Alabama. It's a moved aimed at cutting down on driver mistakes. The Alabama Department of Transportation began installing the lights in Baldwin County Tuesday. It's expected to take several weeks. A flashing yellow arrow is more easily understood when it comes to yielding to oncoming traffic before you turn left, that's the theory. "The sequence you will see is a green arrow followed by a yellow solid arrow, then a read arrow, after the red arrow that's when you see the yellow flashing arrow which means you can turn left when the traffic is clear," said Kathryn Hamlett with ALDOT. "I got a postcard in the mail a week ago and I read it and it was cool, whatever. I follow the traffic laws. It's no big deal. Whatever they want me to do, turn here turn there whatever. Just let me figure out the rules and I'm alright," said motorist Lucas brown of Fairhope. "And what engineers have found is that if people see the flashing yellow arrow and they don't know what it means they are still more likely to make a safe maneuver like stop or yield to oncoming traffic," said Hamlett. ALDOT Tuesday focused on installing the lights at the intersection of Highway 98 and Middle Avenue in Fairhope. The total cost for the lights? $300,000, that covers Fairhope to Spanish Fort. It's money the state has to spend to meet new federal highway standards. State and federal engineers say its about safety. Drivers are also hoping it'll move traffic. "I mean it should change a little faster because the light does take a little while. So other than that it would be a lot better," said Charles Daughtry. Huntsville has as few of the lights. Baldwin's U.S. 98 gets the state's entire budget for the flashing yellow signals this year. All 17 will be done by the end of the month.
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Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signal Peoria IL
Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signal at Farmington Road and Sterling Av in Peoria Illinois
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Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signals
See how the flashing yellow arrow traffic signals you've started seeing around Round Rock are keeping you safe and saving you time.
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Flashing Yellow Arrow
This is a short video clip of a left turn traffic signal that includes the "Flashing Yellow Arrow" traffic signal. This traffic light is located at the entryway of the campus of California State University, Fullerton along State College Blvd. in Fullerton.
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Flashing Yellow Arrow PSA
Left turners have new traffic signals in Lincoln. We all know green arrows mean go, red means stop, steady yellow means prepare to stop. When yellow arrows flash, wait for oncoming traffic and pedestrians, and turn when it's safe.
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Flashing Yellow Arrow Information Video
The Town of Lexington has installed flashing yellow arrow turn signals at several intersections throughout the Town.
Flashing Yellow Traffic Arrow
A quick look at what flashing yellow traffic signals are and what to do when you encounter one. Debuting on Maui, these traffic signals will eventually be installed across the state of Hawaii.
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Flashing Yellow Arrow Signals - January 2013
Flashing Yellow Arrows (FYA) signals are being introduced nationwide and ultimately will be required at intersections where there is a separate left-turn-arrow signal. The new signals are being introduced as a result of a national study, conducted for the Federal Highway Administration, which demonstrated that the new signals help to prevent crashes, move more traffic through an intersection, and provide additional traffic management flexibility for road agencies. The City of Allen will begin replacing the circular green indication for left turns lanes with the flashing yellow arrow signs at selected intersections to help drivers make better choices about turning left when oncoming traffic is clear. --Why use flashing yellow arrow instead of a solid green light?-- The solid green light is often misunderstood as a left turn indicator. This is because drivers naturally thing "green means go." Federal Highway Administration research found motorists more clearly understood what to do when presented with the flashing yellow arrow. Additionally, the flashing yellow arrow is especially effective at intersections with high volumes of traffic as it provides more flexibility to optimize signal timing. --Which intersections will be changing?-- Flashing yellow arrows (FYA) will not be installed at every intersection. Signals will be changed as roadway projects occur and as funding allows. Overall FYA signal conversion will take years to complete. More Info: 214-509-4576 http://www.cityofallen.org/flashing-yellow
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NDDOT- Flashing yellow left turn signal
The NDDOT is in the process of installing flashing yellow left turn signals at intersections throughout the state. This video informs motorists what it means and how to navigate through the intersections.
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Flashing yellow arrow turn signal
The flashing yellow arrow turn signal sequence shown in this video is like those being installed at some intersections with traffic signals in Bellevue.
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Flashing Yellow Arrow - 60 Sec PSA
The RTC and its member entities, in cooperation with the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), have launched a Pilot Program to install the new Flashing Yellow Arrow left turn signals at selected intersections around the Valley.
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Flashing Yellow Signal Lights Coming Soon
ALABAMA (WPMI) You will soon see flashing yellow lights at intersections in Alabama. It's a new federal mandate that's being executed by Drive Safe Alabama and the Alabama Department of Transportation. In a video posted to YouTube, Drive Safe Alabama says the new flashing yellow arrow means turns are permitted, but you must first yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, then turn with caution. Research shows drivers make fewer mistakes with the new signals than with traditional left-turn arrow signals. The four signal lights will have the following lights: red, green, solid yellow and a yellow arrow. The yellow arrow will flash with left turns are permitted to let drivers know to take caution. CLICK HERE to visit Drive Safe Alabama online. CLICK HERE to watch the promotional video. What do you think of yellow flashing turn signals?
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Flashing-Yellow-Arrow traffic signals around Burbank
This video is about the relatively new Flashing-Yellow-Arrow traffic signals around Burbank.
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Driving through intersections with flashing left-turn arrows
This video shows the sequence for a signal using the flashing yellow left turn arrowhead.
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Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signal In East Meadow, NY
After hearing about it for many years, I finally saw the flshing yellow arrow in person. It was originally invented to solve the problem of Yellow Trap by beginning/ending the premissive left turn phase at a different point in the cycle, something that could not be done with the standard 5-lamp signal head. This particular signal is on the corner of East Meadow Avenue and NY 102 (Front Street). Unfortunately it does not take advantage of the FYA, using the normal "double lead" progression instead of the lead-lag progression it was originally intended for. Also note the lack of "left turn yield on flashing yellow arrow" signs.
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5-Section Flashing Yellow Arrow ("Yield to Pedestrians") -- Federal Way, WA
This 5-section signal is setup as follows: - No pedestrian signal: green orb with left green arrow (split phasing) - Pedestrian signal activated: red orb with left-facing flashing yellow arrow (left turns may yield simultaneously but no through traffic allowed). When the pedestrian signal is activated, the signal can run the left turns at the same time. Otherwise the signal is split-phased. The lagging green in this video was only activated due to cars coming up the road. Otherwise the FYA would have ended and the cross street would have received their green. The top three heads are red, yellow and green orbs. The fourth head is a flashing yellow arrow. The fifth head is a bi-modal green/yellow arrow. Location: https://goo.gl/RuoQou (14 Ave SW @ SW 312 St, Federal Way, WA)
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Flashing Yellow Arrow
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Flashing Yellow Arrow Signals - IDOT District 4
Flashing yellow arrow signals have been added to more than 100 intersections in Peoria and are also being added to intersections in Galesburg. Studies have shown that using the flashing yellow arrow instead of the circular green has greatly reduced left-turn crashes. This short video explains how drivers should proceed at flashing yellow arrow intersections.
Flashing yellow turn signals come with learning curve for drivers
New traffic signals are coming to five busy east Indianapolis intersections this week. While the flashing yellow arrows are commonplace in other parts of he country, they just began popping up in Indiana two years ago and there is a learning curve.
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Flashing Yellow Arrow - 30 Sec PSA
The RTC and its member entities, in cooperation with the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), have launched a Pilot Program to install the new Flashing Yellow Arrow left turn signals at selected intersections around the Valley.
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DDI Flashing Yellow Arrow
MoDOT's Innovation Challenge 2018 entry for Projects
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5-section signal vs flashing yellow arrow -- Puyallup, WA
I included a description in the video itself, but in short, my approach got skipped because I didn't arrive fast enough...a flashing yellow arrow disregards arrival times, defaulting straight to the flashing mode. If this turn was an FYA, I could have proceeded.
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2016 Thousand Oaks Flashing Yellow Traffic Signal PSA
http://www.toaks.org/ In January 2016, the City Council approved a recommendation by the Traffic and Transportation Advisory Commission to install Flashing Yellow Arrow signals at five intersections in the City. What is the City doing? The City is going to install Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) Traffic Signals at five protected left-turn intersections. To learn more, please watch a brief video. Where is the City doing this work? Flashing Yellow Arrow Left-Turn lights will be installed at the following locations in order: 1. Thousand Oaks Blvd. at Dallas Drive (Westbound) 2. Moorpark Road at Thousand Oaks High School Driveway (Northbound) 3. Hillcrest Drive at Marin Street (Eastbound/Westbound) 4. Thousand Oaks Blvd. at Rancho Road (Northbound/Southbound) 5. Thousand Oaks Blvd. at Duesenberg Drive (Eastbound/Westbound) Why is the City doing this? The FYA installations are in response to public requests to shorten wait times at signals operating with protected left-turn arrows. The FYA will reduce delays by permitting left-turns to occur after the steady green arrow is no longer displayed. During peak periods, the FYA may not be operational at all intersections to minimize left-turning conflicts with opposing through traffic. What are the impacts from this project? Minimal impact during the installation as the work at each intersection from start to finish is expected to take 4-6 hours. When is the City doing this work and how long will it take? The work is expected to start by Spring 2016 with the first three sites listed above installed first, followed by the remaining two by Summer 2016. Who can I contact if I have questions? Please contact Robert Sweeting, Project Manager at [email protected] or (805) 449-2438. http://www.toaks.org/government/depts/public_works/construction_projects/current_projects/flashing_yellow_arrow.asp Programming by TOTV Original Video and Animation by City of Torrance Music License - De Wolfe Music © City of Thousand Oaks
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Driving through the Vincennes Indiana's Horizontal Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signal
Driving through Indiana's 2nd Flashing Yellow Arrow traffic signal (and the first installed horizontally) in Vincennes, Indiana at the intersection of Business US41 and Old Whetland Road shortly after opening on November 18, 2013.
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Flashing yellow arrow
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McCain Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Lights
These were moved from the cross street to this side next to two thru signals when they converted turns on to Sunset Rd. to protected-only.
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