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Led  Lcd TV  LVDS SIGNAL Voltage Checking Process
led lcd tv no picture solutions
cellphone signal booster golden model dual band repeater with LCD display installation
golden model dual band signal booster/single band booster installation details. frequency including: gsm/3g wcdma 900/2100mhz & gsm900/1800mhz, any questions please send me email: [email protected]
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plot signal on LCD screen
swiping input sine wave from 1Hz to 520Hz
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#Lcd Led TV #LVDS SIGNAL  step by Stap Checking
Next Video mother board
Troubleshooting a HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster, using the LCD display and lights.
This video will show you what the light indicators are and how to troubleshoot using the LCD Screen. ----------------------------------------------------------------- For more information, contact us today! ----------------------------------------------------------------- [email protected] (972) 870-5666 https://www.hiboostusa.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------------- 210 N Belt Line Rd Ste 110 Irving, Texas ----------------------------------------------------------------- Like and Follow us on Social Media ----------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.facebook.com/hiboostusa/ http://www.twitter.com/hiboost_usa https://www.instagram.com/hiboostusa/ https://www.pinterest.com/hiboostusa/ ----------------------------------------------------------------- About HiBoost ----------------------------------------------------------------- HiBoost is a leading manufacturer of cell phone signal boosters around the world. We are a fast growing company with an office in Irving, Texas. We operate our business exactly how we think a company should, with excellent quality equipment and honest customer service. HiBoost is a certified ISO 9001-2008 manufacturer and with numerous safety approvals and accredited laboratories. We pride ourselves on the quality of work we produce and the safe manner in which we produce it. We also strive to be as environmentally efficient as possible through every step of the manufacturing and sales process. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Level Up by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1500023 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Генератор тестовых сигналов для VGA мониторов (VGA LCD Signal Generator )
Тестер для проверки и настройки мониторов, проверяет мониторы по тестовым картинкам, меняя разрешение. VGA Test Monitor FROM ALIEXPRESS https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-VGA-LCD-LCD-repair-essential-test-tool-for-VGA-signal-generator-signal-source-signal/32677066628.html?spm=2114.13010708.0.0.j3yDEJ
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Lcd Display freesat v8 Sat Finder
3.5 inch Lcd freesat v8 finder...comes with 3000 mah battery 4 to 5 hour backup ..price 5000
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No signal to Monitor Fix Easy PC Fix
Check out how to troubleshoot and fix the issue of No signal to Monitor that can happen with your PC. Fix Starts- 1:55 (Hold down power for 1 Minute while plugged out) Full Article: http://www.blogtechtips.com/2016/01/03/no-signal-to-monitor/
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TSP #78 - LCD Screen Backlight CCFL to LED Replacement
In this short episode Shahriar demonstrated how to convert a CCFL backlight to an LED backlight on an Anritsu Network Analyzer. The construction of the existing LCD screen along with the new LED driver board are presented. The LED board provides an analog pin for brightness control. The final result is very impressive! Support TSP: http://www.patreon.com/TheSignalPath The Signal Path http://www.TheSignalPath.com
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How to light up a old LCD screen backlight for lighting panel
How to light up a old LCD screen backlight for lighting panel. Here is video how I light up my old LCD laptop screen without laptop. This screen has a ccfl bulb. It needs driver board to light it up. Luckily this one has. This is fujitsu siemens amilo pa1510 laptop. I used original charger adapter to power this backlight. You can use it to make a lightbox or fake winfow for example. Simplest way to light up CCFL backlight is to buy universal CCFL LCD Backlight Inverter Board Universal CCFL bulb driver: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/yfiAaim Music from youtube audio library : Working It 1:11 Jingle Punks Hip Hop Runaways 3:04 Silent Partner Country & Folk | Inspirational Heartland 2:34 Silent Partner Country & Folk | Inspirational -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Tiny house on wheels part 15 - Sleeping loft area beams and walls" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuxRxmPcYpE -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Repair LCD Monitor Samsung 2033sw
Plug in the power cord of the Monitor for the Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw so that the LED light is blue, but the monitor doesn't have the backlight to show pictures on the screen.When the power LED is blue that means that the signal is received on the monitor from the Computer. If it doesn't connect to the Computer the "NO Signal" message will show. The problem is caused by having No Backlight, but everyone calls it 'No Display'. We are going to..... Read more: http://wwehs.blogspot.com/2015/08/how-to-fix-monitor-samsung-2033sw-no_6.html
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3G Mobile Signal Booster Repeater with LCD Type.mp4
3G Mobile Booster Up for Sale! Its come with LCD and Yagi Antena. SMS/Call/Whatapss/WeChat me at +601132114627
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LG W2242T-PF LCD Monitor Problem.
Help needed for my LG Flatron W2242T-PF LCD Monitor!!! Don't really know what's happening here and couldn't find any answer closed to my problems before I decided to take any actions of repairing this monitor by myself. I'd owned this monitor for almost 3 years since Jan-2009 and it was on my wife's PC. She hardly use, maybe about an hour or two per day, and it's mainly for her surfing the web and so on, and she don't play any hardcore/graphical intense games. This problem had occured about 3 days after posting this video up, and without a warning except an electrical buzzing sound from a Choke or a Relay behind the panel, since about six months of usage before I'd passed down to her, and I don't think the buzzing sound would cause this on 4:55 ~ 5:30. I had dismantled it to check the capacitors and none of them seemed to be bloated which I'd initially thought of to be causing this problem. I'd checked the ribbon cable leading from the PCB to the LCD panel and the backlight, no problems found. So, what's the real problem here? Hope you guys can give some answers by leaving some answers in in the comment box below. A very BIG Thank You for watching and in advance for your answers.
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Dell U2311H IPS LCD encountering signal/display problems
Changed power adapter, plugged it directly on the wall outlet, tried VGA and DVI cable connections, still not working. As you have seen, the display will show for less than a second, then it goes out. Tried using my sister's netbook, my HTPC and my gaming rig, even making it my main or secondary display does not work :( What seems to be the problem? NOTE: Apologize for the video quality, I rendered it with a low bitrate so I can upload it faster because I am only using a wi-fi stick :j
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9-Digit LCD Display Portable Frequency Counter - RF Signal Strength Indicating
•Large LCD •9-digit display •Low power consumption •Display holding •Display saving •Menu setting •Low battery indicating •RF signal strength indicating •Equipped with rubber antenna and power adapter •Range: 10MHz-2.6GHz •Amplifer: 50 ohm •Impedance: 50 ohm, VSWR less than 2:1 •Sensitivity: - less than 5mV @ 100MHz - less than 5mV @ 400MHz - less than 1mV @ 1GHz •Gate: 0.64 Sec, 0.064 Sec, 0.64m Sec, 6.4 Sec •Time base: less than +/-30ppm •LSD: 10Hz, 6.4 Sec •Battery: 2 x AAA Ni-MH (not included) •Power: 5VDC 1A •Cabinet: PVC •ANT: UHF •Dimension (H x D x W): 85 x 49.5 x 21.5mm •Approved: CE / FCC •Accessories: •Antenna •Charger •User Manual http://www.spyonsale.com//index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1738
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How to connect I2C 16X2 LCD Display for Arduino
How to connect an i2c LCD display to an Arduino UNO tutorial. How to use I2C 16X2 (1602) LCD Display for Arduino. In this video, you will see how to interface 16x2 LCD Display with Arduino via I2C communication and code explanation. To make the code you must require 2 library files, download below with code. We use I2C communication to reduce the connections. Download code and libraries : http://electronicsprojectshub.com/how-to-connect-i2c-lcd-display-to-arduino/ ~ How to Connect MQ2 Gas Sensor to Arduino : https://youtu.be/0iooIn2izR0 ~ Simple Arduino Weather Station : https://youtu.be/IO5kay3q3O8 Parts Required : Arduino Uno: https://goo.gl/TlOucU I2C LCD Display: https://goo.gl/Fh6su4 Male to female jumpers: https://goo.gl/nsAkuw Links~~ Get components Here : https://goo.gl/JYah69 Visit Website : https://electronicsprojectshub.com Telegram : http://t.me/techmaker Paypal: https://goo.gl/AiuYzE Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/techmaker/ Follow us on ~~ Facebook :https://goo.gl/DMJ6HE Instructables : https://goo.gl/EcI4mR Google + : https://goo.gl/EOoDZC Twitter :https://goo.gl/rtGDXu I2C was originally developed in 1982 by Philips for various Philips chips. The original spec allowed for only 100kHz communications, and provided only for 7-bit addresses, limiting the number of devices on the bus to 112 (there are several reserved addresses, which will never be used for valid I2C addresses). In 1992, the first public specification was published, adding a 400kHz fast-mode as well as an expanded 10-bit address space. Much of the time (for instance, in the ATMega328 device on many Arduino-compatible boards) , device support for I2C ends at this point. There are three additional modes specified: fast-mode plus, at 1MHz; high-speed mode, at 3.4MHz; and ultra-fast mode, at 5MHz. In addition to “vanilla” I2C, Intel introduced a variant in 1995 call “System Management Bus” (SMBus). SMBus is a more tightly controlled format, intended to maximize predictability of communications between support ICs on PC motherboards. The most significant difference between SMBus is that it limits speeds from 10kHz to 100kHz, while I2C can support devices from 0kHz to 5MHz. SMBus includes a clock timeout mode which makes low-speed operations illegal, although many SMBus devices will support it anyway to maximize interoperability with embedded I2C systems. The Inter-integrated Circuit (I2C) Protocol is a protocol intended to allow multiple “slave” digital integrated circuits (“chips”) to communicate with one or more “master” chips. Like the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), it is only intended for short distance communications within a single device. Like Asynchronous Serial Interfaces (such as RS-232 or UARTs), it only requires two signal wires to exchange information. I2C requires a mere two wires, like asynchronous serial, but those two wires can support up to 1008 slave devices. Also, unlike SPI, I2C can support a multi-master system, allowing more than one master to communicate with all devices on the bus (although the master devices can’t talk to each other over the bus and must take turns using the bus lines). Data rates fall between asynchronous serial and SPI; most I2C devices can communicate at 100kHz or 400kHz. There is some overhead with I2C; for every 8 bits of data to be sent, one extra bit of meta data (the “ACK/NACK” bit, which we’ll discuss later) must be transmitted. The hardware required to implement I2C is more complex than SPI, but less than asynchronous serial. It can be fairly trivially implemented in software. Each I2C bus consists of two signals: SCL and SDA. SCL is the clock signal, and SDA is the data signal. The clock signal is always generated by the current bus master; some slave devices may force the clock low at times to delay the master sending more data (or to require more time to prepare data before the master attempts to clock it out). This is called “clock stretching” and is described on the protocol page. Unlike UART or SPI connections, the I2C bus drivers are “open drain”, meaning that they can pull the corresponding signal line low, but cannot drive it high. Thus, there can be no bus contention where one device is trying to drive the line high while another tries to pull it low, eliminating the potential for damage to the drivers or excessive power dissipation in the system. Each signal line has a pull-up resistor on it, to restore the signal to high when no device is asserting it low.
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Signal Elektronik LCD Display Modül
Signal Elektronik Standart Modül LCD Göstergeler Signal Elektronik Standard LCD Module Display http://www.signal.com.tr/urunler-lcd-display.html
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PCI Tester MKQCP6A PCI Diagnostic Card with LCD Display
Get this from Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07B65PBR2/?tag=movitraifilmi-21 Features: LCD displays shows diagnosis result of motherboard. Especially helpful to pinpoint where is the problem when power on the computer and find no display or machine hang. PCI bus reset and CLK signal working indicator.(When indicator LED is on to indicate its respective signal is fine.) Compatible with Phoenix, Award and AMI Bios motherboards which has the PCI bus slot ,mini pci,mini pci-e or LPC port . Intelligent analysis of the code corresponding to the cause of the malfunction, and gives diagnostic program! It can display the halting execution automatic with a couple of times. This card is easy to use for end users and it works with high stability. It is your ideal and useful tool for notebook repairing partner. It can diagnosis signal which show the problem of CPU, Memory, display card and so on. LED displays shows diagnosis result of motherboard. Especially helpful to pinpoint where is the problem when power on the computer and find no display or machine hang. This is used to display the Error-code and RST/CLK signals.
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How to fix Sharp LCD TV LC- no hdmi signal, no power, no audio sound
HOW TO FIX SHARP LCD TV LC- no audio, no video, no hdmi input signal, no power, common easy tv repair service review guide. I got my board here and includes warranty- http://bit.ly/1MVIEyQ if you have video distortion that can be from tcon board or main board, if the video and menu is distorted it is likely the tcon board.
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Nextion LCD Application -Signal Meter V2
I am working on a project using Nextion LCD. The ultimate goal is to apply to the HF Transceiver (uBITX). This video is registered for use in posts in the links below. Please try to turn on subtitles because there is no voice
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DBC111 Digital Satellite Finder Meter with Compass and  LCD Display
Digital Satellite Finder Meter with Compass Digital Satellite Signal Finder Meter with LCD Display Features: Lighting function. Auto calculate angle of AZ, EL. 7.4V/800mAh Li-ion battery included. Supports DISEQC 1.0/1.1, 0/22khz tone. Sound and light alarm for locking signal. Software upgrade by PC. Digital meter for signal strength and quality. Beep integrated. LNB short protect. Support mechanical compass. Easy to operate. Satellite meter for DTH Dish Satellite meter for dish TV Satellite meter for Direct to home satellite meter for dish tracking satellite finder for dish tracking satellite finder for dth buy online, dbc111 , dcb, SATLIMK,
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LCD Monitor Repair and disassembly | Samsung Syncmaster 943NWX
Samsung LCD monitor repair and disassembly procedure explained in steps. LCD monitor can be repaired by replacing fused capacitors which are the major cause of faults. After replacing the faulty capacitor with new ones my Samsung LCD monitor is repaired and working great from 6+ years. Initially I was facing the issue where in the monitor was not powering up and there was no dialogue box saying check signal. So I thought disassembling and checking out what is wrong with the power circuit might help. This is how I found the reason that is just 3 faulty capacitors. I got new ones for Rs.20(Less than a dollar) dirt cheap. I saved like 1000-2000 INR if I had given the laptop for repairing in Samsung service center. The only hard part is to remember to put back everything in proper place or else there will be a new issue. This is how LCD monitor repairing was done. Visit http://technofall.com for more such tricks and hacks. Music: http://bensound.com
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Monochrome Monitor - Old signal on new LCD.mpg
Modern LCD monitor displays text and graphics from Hercules compatible monochrome graphics card.
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Basic FPV Monitor Signal Test w/ 7" Digital Prism LCD Monitor and GoPro Hero
Here is the link to the battery-powered Digital Prism monitor for just $50 on Amazon: http://fave.co/XLc3gy Just a quick vid based on an email I received asking if the Digital Prism 7" LCD monitor I use for FPV would completely drop signal if it was weak. I left the quadcopter and video transmitter indoors while I walked outside. I was testing to see if the video monitor would do a decent job of maintaining the video signal before completely dropping. I would say it did. I did this test with my HobbyKing video TX/RX setup: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__15295__5_8g_200mw_FPV_Wireless_AV_Tx_Rx_Set.html One day I'll spring for FPV goggles, but this is a much more affordable option until I get my FPV skills fine tuned!
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How to Make Led, Lcd TV | Use Universal TV card | Bangla
I am today Led LCD Display Monitor How to Make Led, Lcd TV Use Universal TV card in Bangla If make any Display Make TV #MakeLEDLCDTv #UseDisplayMakeTV #MakeLedTv2019 Universal TV card Software firmware Link: https://goo.gl/5kG4Jz ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ashik computer Official website: https://bit.ly/2IAogDS Official Pchelpline page: https://bit.ly/2IRkWHT Please, Subscribe to my Channel: https://bit.ly/2IW04iI ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Universal TV Key features: Compatible to all LCD panel, up to 1920*1080p, from 7-inch to above 100 inches For different resolution, no need program, CND patent jumper selecting panel resolution Supports TV system: DTV-T2/DTV-T/DTV-C/PAL/NTSC/SECAM/mirror function/flip function USB play movie music photo text, updating the firmware Use USB updating firmware: Step 1: empty the U-disk Step 2: copy bin file to U disk Step 3: connect the U-disk to TV main board Step 4: connect the keyboard to TV main board Step 5: connect the power supply Step 6: after the power on, the keyboard led light will be blue-red flash around 15 times-blue-red Remark: if the red light flashing more than 20 times, it fails, then ask CND for help Factory settings: Menu: remote control press 8896, factory setting Screen specification adjustment: factory setting: use the right key to choose-map data (LVDS map data has 16 items totally, it is enough for most of the screen) Boot logo setting: Step 1: put your logo into the U disk Step 2: connect your U-disk with the mainboard Step 3: find your logo in multi-media file Step 4: select your logo Step 5: press no, 6 on the remote control to change to the full screenplay, then press ok on the remote control, on the bottom of the option items, there is a catch, choose it LED,LCD Laptop Compatible LCD Display Pannel List: LTN156AT02 LTN156AT03 LTN156AT05 LTN156AT09 LTN156AT15 LTN156AT17 LTN156AT19 LTN156AT20 LTN156AT22 LTN156AT23 LTN156AT24 LTN156AT26 LTN156AT27 LTN156AT29 LTN156AT30 LTN156AT32 LTN156AT34 LTN156AT35 LTN156AT36 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Important interfaces definition descriptions CN8,2 X 15PIN/2.0, LVDS interface Pin Seq. Definition Description 1 LCD-VDD Power for Panel 2 LCD-VDD Power for Panel 3 LCD-VDD Power for Panel 4 GND Ground 5 GND Ground 6 GND Ground 7 RXO0- LVDS ODD 0 - Signal 8 RXO0+ LVDS ODD 0 + Signal 9 RXO1- LVDS ODD 1 - Signal 10 RXO1+ LVDS ODD 1 + Signal 11 RXO2- LVDS ODD 2 - Signal 12 RXO2+ LVDS ODD 2 + Signal 13 GND Ground 14 GND Ground 15 RXOC- LVDS ODD Clock - Signal 16 RXOC+ LVDS ODD Clock + Signal 17 RXO3- LVDS ODD 3 - Signal 18 RXO3+ LVDS ODD 3 + Signal 19 RXE0- LVDS EVEN 0 - Signal 20 RXE0+ LVDS EVEN 0 + Signal 21 RXE1- LVDS EVEN 1 - Signal 22 RXE1+ LVDS EVEN 1 + Signal 23 RXE2- LVDS EVEN 2 - Signal 24 RXE2+ LVDS EVEN 2 + Signal 25 GND Ground 26 GND Ground 27 EXEC- LVDS EVEN Clock - Signal 28 RXEC+ LVDS EVEN Clock + Signal 29 RXE3- LVDS EVEN 3 - Signal 30 RXE3+ LVDS EVEN 3 + Signal Instruction to connect the controller board to the LCD: 1. Take away the old inverter and old LVDS cable from the LCD panel. 2. Connect the new inverter and LVDS cable to your LCD panel. 3. Connect controller board with PC by VGA cable. 4. The input power of 12V,4A. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit my social media: flow twitter: https://twitter.com/ashik98967315 flow FB: https://www.facebook.com/Ahik.islam143 flow FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Ashik.comput/ FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/354621928238430/?ref=group_header Thanks a lot for watching my Laptop Motherboard repair Class
Pulse Width Modulation (PMW) Generator With display
.In this video you will learn how to use the PWM Generator module. You will see it is tested by observing the signal on oscilloscope and then connecting it to the mini servo. Tutorial by Robojax.com Get other projects code and learn Arduino http://robojax.com/learn/arduino 20190318-AD
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Vertical Alignment Twisted Nematic LCD Display VATN LCD
Vertical Alignment Twisted Nematic LCD Display VATN LCD -20ºC +70ºC, 150º View Angle, RGB Backlight http://www.signal.com.tr/urunler-custom-design-lcd-display.html
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Transparent LCD Screen Display Refrigerator VGA/HDMI/AV/USB Signal Input
SHHAG transparent LCD refrigerator door is designed for indoor use at convenience and grocery stores. The glass door with TLCD visual area has good light transmission, the internal goods can be seen clearly when the video play! Shandong Huajig Household Appliances Glass Co., Ltd Gavin Fan Email: [email protected] Skype: chilema3721
LCD Display Symptoms and causes.
Click here to see my website. http://tvrepairinfo.com Click here to find your TV repair part.http://bit.ly/ShopJimmy1 With LCD TVs you can have the same display problems for different reasons. If a loose ribbon cable can produce a rainbow effect of vertical lines then so can a bad solder connection on the T-con board connector. Pinpointing an exact cause and effect can be difficult. This video is designed to give people a general idea as to what's wrong with your LCD TV but don't assume your results will be the same. Hopefully others will add their repair histories in the comment section of this video.
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no signal on lcd led monitor display cpu fan run system beep clean ram solve problem fix
no signal on lcd led monitor display cpu fan run system beep clean ram solve problem fix.windows not start.bios doesnot load.black screen
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Nextion LCD Application -Signal Meter
I am working on a project using Nextion LCD. The ultimate goal is to apply to the HF Transceiver (uBITX). This video is registered for use in posts in the links below. Please try to turn on subtitles because there is no voice
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$6  Digital Satellite Signal Finder LCD Screen Display DVB T SF 95DL TV Antenna Satellite Finder Met
, Digital, Satellite, Signal, Finder, LCD, Screen, Display, DVB, T, SF, 95DL, TV, Antenna, Satellite, Finder, Meter
My Pet Arduino Copies Morse Code to an LCD Display Module
Audio from a lap top computer sending Morse Code is fed into an Arduino Uno that decodes tones and prints characters on an 20x4 LCD display. The sketch adjusts itself to the speed of the code, missing a letter or two when it changes. Although there are many simple products and programs out there that will do the same thing. This project was about the journey, not the destination. I taught myself how to program the Arduino. I came up with an algorithm that would decode Morse characters. When I got my LCD display I was too anxious to try it out to write my own software for it so I used a published library, but the challenge was handling 'Word Wrap' on the display and scrolling text when the bottom line filled up. The biggest hurdle for me was figuring out how to sample audio, I'm not an electronic engineer. My next challenge is to filter the tones, because when I take code off of the radio, the background noise confuses My Pet Arduino. He can copy code as fast as 80 wpm (with frequent errors, but readable) when the signal is crisp and clear coming from the computer's audio. Actual Ham Radio signals aren't as easy. I have copied enough to get call signs, names and QTH ... but I have a ways to go.
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VGA and LCD controllers using RGB signals
I used the Altera DE2-115 FPGA board to send RGB signals to a computer monitor using a VGA controller, and then an LCD touchscreen, using an LCD controller.
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Mobile Signal Detection Display on LCD
A call is coming to the mobile and corresponding message is displayed on LCD using Microcontroller. For more detail visit : https://www.extremisinc.com/
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5110 lcd   joystick okuma ve yazdirma- reading analog signals and printing to 5110 lcd
In this video we tried to read analog signals of the joystick and print them to the 5110 lcd screen.
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1 check cable cord and HDMI devices to TV for a bad connection by wiggling the cable to check if "no signal" changes to a picture 2 reset HDMI devices and TV by unplugging power for 30 seconds or updating firmware which will fix memory corruption 3 if you narrowed the problem to TV main board then replace it or fix the main board, watch these videos below for BEST HDMI repair Louis Rossmann IC repairs-https://www.youtube.com/user/rossmanngroup Ipad Rehab "PS4 HDMI repair"-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlHuqoX2hIA&t=7s Learn more about Tech and Subscribe for more tech videos- https://www.youtube.com/tampatec Follow Tampatec on Instagram for Quick tech videos-https://www.instagram.com/tampatec/ * I offer free tech support only for my subscribers and followers * When working on electronics act at your own risk, follow your electronics safety manual and / or NEC safety codes *Some of these products I buy myself and some I receive to create a Howto guide and review for companies but I DON'T get $$$ for product reviews. *My TV repair tools I use in my videos at my TV repair shop here- http://amzn.to/2iLHxae Hi, I'm Paul an electronics tech from Tampa FL aka Tampatec, I post weekly usually on the weekends. My channel is aimed for anyone that wants an easy to follow tech guide or wants to easily learn how to fix their electronics, whether it's LED LCD TV repair, tablet repair, phone repair and more. I also do tech reviews, my tech giveaways is on my Instagram only my subscribers / followers- https://www.instagram.com/tampatec/ Thanks for watching and your support!
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Richshine G101evn01 0 10.1'' TFT-LCD display panel for industrial monitor
Feature : Wide Viewing Angle, Landscape type, White LED Backlight, Wide Aspect Ratio, Signal Interface Position Revers
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NL6448BC20-08E LCD Panel
Panel Size:6.4" Resolution : 640×480 Mode : TN, Normally White, Transmissive Surface : Antiglare (Haze 16%), Hard coating (2H), Antireflection Brightness : 300 cd/m2 (Typ.) Contrast Ratio : 250:1 (Typ.) Display Color : 262K Viewing Angle : 50/50/35/45 (Typ.)(CR≥10) Frequency : 60Hz Lamp Type : 2 pcs CCFL Signal Type : Parallel RGB Application : Industrial Application http://www.invshop.com/products/nl6448bc20-08e-64-640480-a-si-tft-lcd-for-nec-282.html
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How to Fix Chromecast No TV Signal Black Screen & Not Working Issues Help Guide
For more Google Chromecast troubleshoot Help see guide here- https://support.google.com/chromecast/answer/6345122?hl=en LED status light on Chromecast- https://support.google.com/chromecast/answer/6280256 Learn more about Tech and how to fix Tech, Subscribe to Tampatec here- https://www.youtube.com/tampatec * Follow Tampatec on Instagram for tech videos and tech giveaways -https://www.instagram.com/tampatec/ *Follow on G+ http://bit.ly/2ormuvN * I offer free tech support for my subs and followers *Some of these products I buy myself and some I receive for free to produce a Howto guide or / and review for companies but I DON'T get $ for positive product reviews. Soldering kit- http://amzn.to/2DnJUZI TV wall mounting- http://amzn.to/2DvCac5 *links supports my tech channel Hi, I'm Paul an electronics tech from NYC area but live in Tampa bay area currently aka Tampatec, I post weekly usually on the weekends. My How-to tech channel is aimed for the novice tech or anyone that wants an easy to follow tech guide or wants to easily learn how to setup, use, or fix their electronics. whether it's LED LCD TV, tablets, phone repair, home automation setup, Google Home, Chromecast guide, Echo dot tutorials, just to name a few. I'm here to help for free, just subscribe. *DISCLAIMER When working on electronics or installing, act at your own risk. follow safety manuals and / or NEC safety codes, unplug power, please watch other howto videos for a better understanding. Tampatec is not responsible for damages or misunderstanding info in the videos. I believe in this famous quote- give a person a fish they eat for a day but teach that person to fish and they will eat for a life time. Thanks for watching and your support!
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-= PART 1 of 3 =- This is an Instructional video series that I have put together to explain the fundamental concepts and signal requirements for driving the HD44780 LCD display unit using the VHDL hardware description language. This VHDL code has been compiled to be used with the Altera Cyclone II FPGA on the Altera DE2 development board. However, you can modify the code slightly to port it to other development boards or FPGA's and CPLD's. In this video I review the signal requirements using actual waveform scans from a Logic Analyzer that show the Control and 8-bit databus signals used to drive the HD44780 display through its initialization sequence and then a character display sequence for printing a custom message onto the LCD screen. The signals scanned are all generated by a VHDL source file programmed onto an Altera Cyclone II FPGA on the Altera DE2 development board. This VHDL file produces a 32 character message to be displayed on the HD44780 LCD screen. After reviewing the Waveform scans I briefly go over the VHDL code step by step to explain how it all works. I will be providing a link to a devoted webpage on my Website for this project where I will provide further images and information and also extra links to other files such as the VHDL code source file for you to download. With this, you can try and create your own custom messages on an FPGA or CPLD board of your choosing. http://www.digital-circuitry.com/Projects_LCD_DISPLAYS.htm Cheers! Gerry O'Brien http://www.digital-circuitry.com
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DCF77 Frankfurt Radio Controlled Atomic Time Signal LCD
My home brewed DCF77 Radio Controlled Clock, incorporating 16F873 PIC and 20 MHz stability crystal using veroboard, decoupling caps etc, Red LED=Parity Error, Yellow LED= 0 bit, Green LED=1 bit , A=no pulses received for 2 seconds, LED display=16x2 HD44780 Hitachi. The jumper switch is for plus or minus hours. I will try to answer questions but expect a delay due to commitments. Thanks to my friend Tony who did all the hard work.
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How to check connection  on lvds connector on LCD/LED panel /LVDS pin configuration find method
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Arduino FM Radio Project with TEA5767 and a Nokia 5110 LCD display ✅
In this Arduino project video, we are going to build a simple FM Radio using the TEA5767 module with a Nokia LCD display. Let's get started! In this video, we are going to build this. A simple FM Radio receiver on a breadboard. Let's listen to it for a few seconds … As you can see the radio is working fine and we can hear some music coming out of it. I am transmitting some YouTube safe tracks using this inexpensive FM transmitter at this frequency. I am using the Nokia 5110 LCD display, to display the selected frequency, the signal strength, and a stereo icon if we are receiving stereo sound. The brains of the project are the small and inexpensive Arduino Nano. We can control the volume of the speaker using this potentiometer, and we can change the Radio frequency using this potentiometer. It is a fascinating project and relatively easy to build. Let's see how to build it. -------------------- WHERE TO BUY -------------------- Arduino Nano: http://educ8s.tv/part/ArduinoNano FM Radio Module: http://educ8s.tv/part/FMRadioModule Nokia 5110 LCD: http://educ8s.tv/part/NOKIA5110 10K Potentiometer: http://bit.ly/Potentiometer10K Audio Amplifier: http://bit.ly/LM386_Module 3W Speaker: http://bit.ly/3WSpeaker Large Breadboard: http://educ8s.tv/part/LargeBreadboard Audio Cable: http://bit.ly/AudioCable35 Jumper Wires: http://educ8s.tv/part/JumperWires Wires: http://educ8s.tv/part/Wires FM Transmitter: http://bit.ly/FMTransmitterSmall Power Bank: http://educ8s.tv/part/Powerbank OLED Meter: http://educ8s.tv/part/UsbDoctorOLED Full disclosure: All of the links above are affiliate links. I get a small percentage of each sale they generate. Thank you for your support! The project is built around this FM radio module. The module uses the TEA5767 radio chip, this one here. The chip uses the I2C interface, so it is straightforward to use with Arduino. On the module, we can also find an audio amplifier, this little chip here. Unfortunately, this is a headphone amplifier so we cannot connect a speaker to the output of the module directly since the audio signal is very weak. We need to amplify it first. Also, there is no way to control the volume that comes out of the module with software, so we are going to use a potentiometer later on. On the module there are two headphone jacks, one is for the antenna, and the other one is the standard headphone output. The module comes with this antenna, but you can easily build your own if you wish. Let's now build the circuit according to this schematic diagram. -------------------- LIBRARIES -------------------- 📥 Nokia 5110 Graph: http://www.rinkydinkelectronics.com/library.php?id=48 📥 FM Radio Library: https://github.com/mroger/TEA5767 -------------------- CODE OF THE PROJECT -------------------- 📥 http://educ8s.tv/arduino-fm-radio-project -------------------- FACT OR FICTION 2018 Quiz Game -------------------- You can download my latest Android Game which is called Fact or Fiction 2018 here: 📥 http://bit.ly/FactOrFiction2018 -------------------- MORE PROJECTS -------------------- Arduino Datalogger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oei3Y6tOhVI Arduino Weather Station Project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jN-3DtS1RI Arduino Nokia 5110 LCD Display: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDwrMeu4k9Y Arduino OLED display tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9EwJ7M7OsI DIY Arduino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npc3uzEVvc0 -------------------- ABOUT EDUC8S.TV -------------------- Educ8s.tv is a Youtube channel and website which is dedicated to developing high-quality videos about DIY hardware and software projects. In this channel we develop projects with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, we build robots and simple electronic circuits. Check out our website as well for more information: http://www.educ8s.tv -------------------- SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE -------------------- Never miss a video: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=educ8s
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LCD display driven by STM32
Here is a Nokia LCD taken from a 3410 'phone. The display graphics are rendered to an off-screen buffer by a STM32 ARM cortex processor and sent out a complete screenful at a time. In the video, screens are updates about 20 frames per second. Drawing each screen takes between 3 and 5 milliseconds, depending on how big the filled circle is. There is no real attempt to optimise the circle fill. It just draws lines between the endpoints generated by a Bresenham circle routine. Sending the data to the display takes just 1.5 milliseconds to transfer all 900 bytes or so. The input signal is a slow sine wave from a signal generator read through one of the ADC pins of the STM32. Find out more at http://www.micromouseonline.com/blog
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