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What does a Mortgage Broker do?
Colton and Alex discuss what mortgage brokers do, and how they can benefit you. Calgary Mortgage Guys are powered by Canada Mortgage Direct.
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What Does a Mortgage Broker Do?
Watch this explainer video to learn more about the services a mortgage broker provides. Visit my website to lean more: http://www.scottdawson.ca
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What is MORTGAGE BROKER? What does MORTGAGE BROKER mean? MORTGAGE BROKER meaning & explanation
What is MORTGAGE BROKER? What does MORTGAGE BROKER mean? MORTGAGE BROKER meaning - MORTGAGE BROKER definition - MORTGAGE BROKER explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. A mortgage broker acts as an intermediary who brokers mortgage loans on behalf of individuals or businesses. Traditionally, banks and other lending institutions have sold their own products. As markets for mortgages have become more competitive, however, the role of the mortgage broker has become more popular. In many developed mortgage markets today, (especially in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Spain), mortgage brokers are the largest sellers of mortgage products for lenders. Mortgage brokers exist to find a bank or a direct lender that will be willing to make specific loan an individual is seeking. Mortgage brokers in Canada are paid by the lender and do not charge fees for good credit applications. Many mortgage brokers are regulated to assure compliance with banking and finance laws in the jurisdiction of the consumer. The extent of the regulation depends on the jurisdiction. Only one state within the United States has no laws that govern mortgage lending. A mortgage broker works as a conduit between the buyer (borrower) and the lender (banks and non-bank lenders), whereas a loan officer typically works directly for the lender. Many states require the mortgage broker to be licensed. States regulate lending practice and licensing, and the rules vary from state to state. Most states require a license for those persons who wish to be a "Broker Associate", a "Brokerage Business", and a "Direct Lender". A mortgage broker is normally registered with the state, and is personally liable (punishable by revocation or prison) for fraud for the life of a loan. A loan officer works under the umbrella license of an institution, typically a bank or direct lender. Both positions have legal, moral, and professional responsibilities and obligations to prevent fraud and to fully disclose loan terms to both consumer and lender. Agents of mortgage brokers may refer to themselves as "loan officers". Mortgage brokers must also be licensed through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS). The purpose of the NMLS is to improve and enhance mortgage industry supervision, create better communication from state to state, and to create consistency in licensing requirements and automate the licensing process to the greatest degree possible. Loan officers who work for a depository institution are required to be registered with the NMLS, but not licensed. Typically, a mortgage broker will make more money per loan than a loan officer, but a loan officer can use the referral network available from the lending institution to sell more loans. There are mortgage brokers and loan officers at all levels of experience.
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What is a Mortgage Broker? Why Use One?
http://MortgagesInVancouver.com Hi everyone! How are you? It is Leah Coss with Mortgage Center, and I wanted to actually go over what the heck a mortgage broker actually is. What is the difference between a mortgage broker and an independent mortgage broker? How much mortgage brokers cost, if anything? And really, what is the difference between coming to me, as opposed to just walking into your bank? Well, let's take this from that last one. What's the difference between going to your bank, and going to me? Well, there is two main things. The first thing is obviously, if you go to the bank, you are only choosing from one set of products from one lender. There is no real competition aspect. So by going to them, you are just choosing from one set of products. By going to me, you're choosing from 40 different products. I've got a huge list of lenders, banks as well as non banks. If you are curious what non banks are check out my blog. It will tell you there the difference between non banks, banks, and private lenders. Those are the three main categories for financing. Because of that obviously, I have created two different things; one, variety and selection. There are many different products out there. If you are self employed, or if you are a new immigrant, or if you are buying a previous grow op, or if you want to buy a rental property, those are going to be four different lenders that I would send you to based on those different criteria. So, by going to your one bank, they may decline you, whereas with another lender, you would be approved in a second. So going to a mortgage broker is obviously saving you time, it's giving you variety. Now, second thing is, what about fees? Well, if you were working with a mortgage broker, and they are trying to charge you a fee by sending you to just a regular lender, a bank or a non bank, drop them, drop them, drop them, drop them. There should be no fees involved. The banks and the non banks, they pay us. Again, we're getting huge volume discounts. We're bringing them business. We are basically working like salesman for them, and so because of that they are paying us a commission. That's where you are going to need private financing. Private lenders do not pay us anything. You have to pay them a fee. You also have to pay us a fee. So, that is how that works. Other than that, it should always be free to use a mortgage broker. We work for you, not for the lenders. Now, what was the last thing? Oh! What is the difference between a mortgage broker that works in a bank, and an independent mortgage broker? Well, I'm sure after this post, I will get many letters from different banks and different mortgage brokers who work for banks, but this is how I am going to say it. People who work for a bank are not a mortgage broker. They call themselves a "Mortgage broker," but they are not. They do not have to go through the same licensing that I do. They do not have to go through the same education and schooling that I have to. They are simply a bank employee who has been shifted into the mortgage department, and is now doing mortgages. They may call themselves "Mobile mortgage brokers," or all these things, but they are not an independent mortgage broker. If you go into Scotia, and you talk to their mortgage broker, you are only going to be offered Scotia products. Where is the brokering in there? There is no brokering. If you walk into TD, and you talk to a TD mobile mortgage specialist, they are not a broker. They are only brokering TD products. Going to an independent mortgage broker is crucial. Ask the mortgage broker, "Do you work for any one bank?" If they say, "Well, yeah. I work for CIBC, or HSBC," or something, they are not a mortgage broker. They are only going to sell you those bank's products.
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How Much Does A Mortgage Broker Make? (Ep172)
How much does a mortgage broker make per deal and how much do they tend to make per year? Mortgage brokers are paid on a commission basis from the banks or the lenders that supply you with your loan. So how much do mortgage brokers make? We are going to break this into two categories, firstly, how much they make per deal and secondly how much they generally make per year. Today we're talking about mortgage brokers and more specifically how much they make per deal and how much a mortgage broker tends to make per year. http://onproperty.com.au/172 - Visit the site for a full transcription and downloadable audio version of this video. ------------------------- Get More OnProperty All Over The Internet Podcast (iTunes): http://onproperty.com.au/itunes Podcast (Stitcher): http://onproperty.com.au/stitcher Instagram: http://onproperty.com.au/instagram ———————————— Want to learn the exact methods I use to find positive cash flow properties all over Australia? Sign up for the Positive CashFlow Academy today http://positivecashflowacademy.com
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5 reasons to choose a Mortgage Broker over a Bank
The 5 main benefits of using a mortgage broker instead of going directly to the bank. Let Mortgage Choice in Perth find the right loan for you.
10 Questions You Should Ask Your Mortgage Broker (Ep268)
What questions should I ask a mortgage broker? If you’re dealing with a mortgage broker there’s some questions that you should ask both on your first meeting with the mortgage broker and throughout working with your mortgage broker to make sure that you’re getting the best service possible. I’m going to go through 10 different questions that you can ask your broker to make sure you’re getting the loan that you need and the service that you want. The first question that I think everyone should ask a mortgage broker is a pretty straightforward one. And that’s, “How much will it cost me?” Most mortgage brokers actually work for free. So it doesn’t actually cost you anything in order to do it. They get money because they are paid by the banks when you successfully get a loan. So they get a small commission of the loan that you apply for and if you get it. So most mortgage brokers will work for free and it won’t cost you anything. However, there are some mortgage brokers out there who do require deposits or who do require you to pay. So, it’s important to ask, “How much will this cost me?” when assessing which mortgage broker you want to go with. Another question that you want to ask the mortgage broker is simply, “How much do you earn in commission from me and from my loan?” This is less to understand exactly how much they make. If you want to understand how much mortgage brokers make, I’ve done an episode on that, which you can check out at onproperty.com.au/172. And you can see what percentage of commissions they make and things like that. But it’s more to understand whether or not they’ll be willing to give you this information. A transparent mortgage broker is someone that’d be willing to give you this information and you know that they have your best interest at heart. If they skirt around this issue and they don’t tell you how much they earn. Well then that would send out red flags for me because I can’t trust them to put my best interest at heart because there are some circumstances where one loan will earn them more money than a loan that could potentially be better for me but not as good for them. So, I’m just trying to establish whether or not this mortgage broker is someone that I can trust. And by asking them the big question, the money question, “How much will you earn from me?” That’s a great way to understand whether or not you can trust them. So ask that question and see how they respond. ------------------------------------------- http://onproperty.com.au/268 - View the full transcription and audio version of this episode. http://onproperty.com.au/free - See real positive cash flow property listings
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Loan Officer vs Mortgage Broker
Understanding the difference between a bank Lender, Loan Officer, and a Mortgage Broker with Bay Area Realtor Phil Evans and Loan Officer Phil Caulfield.
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How Are Mortgage Brokers Paid?
What are mortgage brokers paid and how is payment calculated? What is a good faith estimate and how can you tell junk fees from legitimate costs? Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips segment for more information about mortgage brokers fees and how mortgage brokers are paid.
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Mortgage Broker vs Bank.  WINNER is.....
Videos to help with Mortgage related questions: This channel is for those looking for the Facts behind Everything Mortgages: APPLY NOW. www.TheMortgageUpdate.net Where can I get the best Mortgage Interest Rate: https://youtu.be/q9IBiK1ejEc How can I refinance: https://youtu.be/bAWhE0Y1wn4 DO I qualify for a VA Home Mortgage https://youtu.be/mZRL9yN8BpI Whats the qualifications for an FHA Loan https://youtu.be/XdBUMzSEUts Should I use a Mortgage Broker or the Mortgage Company on TV https://youtu.be/SFaxSoe0owE Are there any Special programs for 1st Time Home Buyers https://youtu.be/2-MEvQnPvdw What is my TRUE CREDIT Score https://youtu.be/r7yWgzESZpA 1st Time Home Buying Mistakes https://youtu.be/2-MEvQnPvdw How to get your Credit Report for FREE https://youtu.be/oeae8J7L0F0 What is a USDA Home Mortgage Loan https://youtu.be/BhJxbQazUJk To APPLY NOW http://1160mortgage.com/applynow Follow me on Facebook for Daily updates on Rates, Programs https://www.facebook.com/TheMortgageUpdate Please leave any comments on any question you may have or a VIDEO you would like to see
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Mortgage Broker Basics - Part 1
Mortgage Broker Basic video on joining the Mortgage Broking Industry in Australia. We Specialise in Mortgage Broker Training and Mortgage Broker Accreditation.
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What are the differences between a real estate agent and a mortgage broker?
Finding the right people to help you on the home buying journey can be challenging. In this episode, we discuss the differences between a real estate agent and a mortgage broker as well as their roles in home buying. We discuss the following questions: - Difference between a real estate agent and mortgage broker - Who would you talk to first? - Are there mortgage brokers who are also real estate agents? - Do you go with both in the same company or is it better to be separate? Prefer to read or need to take notes? See the transcripts: http://stories.brookfieldresidential.com/homebuyersschool/difference-between-a-real-estate-agent-and-a-mortgage-broker SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL for more home buying strategies, tactics, and tips: https://goo.gl/aX7gkz Get educated on the home buying process: http://stories.brookfieldresidential.com/homebuyersschool
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What is a real estate mortgage broker career & how to become a real estate mortgage broker
Try my business apps http://www.problemio.com for more business help. In this tutorial, Christopher Stafford shares what it takes to become a good and successful real estate mortgage broker. To learn more about how to become a successful real estate mortgage broker, visit Chris's website http://www.tpblueprint.com If you are starting a business, you may be interested in my book on how to go from business ideas to starting a business: http://www.amazon.com/Business-Start-up-Ideas-Comprehensive-entrepreneurs/dp/1495261840 In this video, I ask Chris what is a real estate mortgage broker, and how to become a real estate broker as a career. To become a real estate mortgage broker, you need a real estate license. There should also be a differentiation between a mortgage banker, and a mortgage broker. A mortgage banker is somebody who works for one bank, and gives loans from only the bank that they work with. A mortgage broker takes your information, and takes it to many different lenders. To be a real estate mortgage broker, you have to be a salesperson because these deals don't just fall on your lap. You have to go out there and get those deals. Also, if you want to become a real estate mortgage broker, there has been some legislation passed in 2009 restricting what you can do. So make sure you understand how that legislation impacts your own work as a real estate mortgage broker. what is a real estate mortgage broker real estate mortgage broker how to become a real estate mortgage broker how to be a real estate mortgage broker Book on going from business ideas to starting a business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtmJEeZmiig What is a business model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsUz6lfXCkE Video of step by step process on how to start a business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goGyLtvKNeA What is a business plan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T63QsuNIwZA Course on how to start a business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgyLxrhgdAk Fundraising course on how to raise money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwT3oXlCRdA Fundraising strategies book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wczuIohbG7k Hiring tips and strategies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEPLs1dOBZg Entrepreneurship playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1fcvHu26XQ&list=PLAgq5S6WQmzFQsL2NvOU2wVGnz92xhPEA How to protect business ideas with NDA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LQtO7q8xug How much to pay yourself as the business owner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1dq4vjT5z0 Top reasons why businesses fail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXZ9IT-bUw4 How to start a business with no money https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gTZknxNoZg What is ab testing and how to do ab testing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTjGBwRBI10 How to work from home efficiently and be productive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0OIf6R-sak Different types of business risk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlQgo1KYEqw Should you use a web hosting company for a website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba69JkQLqwY How to open your own franchise business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_cnPMNJLRs How to pitch your business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8F6kVEUqIE How to stay motivated as the entrepreneur starting a business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OURdhu3AVNI How to find business partners and co founders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ0diYwM3Wk Starting a business with no experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWbQtguyywk Entrepreneur health: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60OVfcYw1uw How to manage your time as an entrepreneur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M96v03kCMkI What is a business mission statement and why it is needed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c8_8YV47ug How to get out of poverty by starting a business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20eX43HsaIo What is a real estate appraiser and how to become one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMvY3umALt4
$50m of sales in his 1st year as a Mortgage Broker!
"We are in the business of prospecting loans, not processing loans." In his first year as a mortgage broker, Bernard Desmond is on-track to write $50m in sales. This multi award-winning broker reveals the 2 things he has built his business on that are crucial for success. Share this with a broker you know and inspire them. Login to the Real Estate Gym for the full interview: https://realestategym.com.au/ Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/tompanos.training/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tom_panos/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/tompanos LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tompanos/ Website: https://www.tompanos.com.au/
What is the difference between a Mortgage Broker VS Bank
Ryan Shields of Century21Westman.com and Chris Turcotte of Centum Mortgage Choice sit down to discuss the major differences between a Mortgage Broker and a traditional bank. For some buyers the bank may be the nest option that fits into your overal financial plan but for other buyers, a mortgage broker may be the best fit to find a product that best suits your financial goals
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How Do Mortgage Brokers Make Money?- This Is How!
http://www.onlinewithjohn.com – How Do Mortgage Brokers Make Money? How do mortgage brokers make money was a question I was asking a few years back. I ended up being a mortgage broker for about 10 years. I did really well and made great money. Once I found out how mortgage brokers make money and how much they could make I got pretty excited. Mortgage brokers make their money in 3 ways. The first way is they get paid an origination fee. This is what the borrower pays to have the loan done. Then you get a yield spread premium. This is the money the lenders pays you based on the rate. The higher the rate the more yield spread premium you make. Then you split fee with other loan originators that work for you. The more originators that work for you the more fees you get. Let me take you in a different direction. Sounds like you might be just starting your search if you’re looking for how do mortgage brokers make money . I left the mortgage business after the mortgage crisis because of all the new government restrictions. All the new testing. It became very tough. It became almost impossible to close a loan which killed my income. I was introduced to internet marketing. Everything is moving towards the internet. I realized if you could market on the internet you could sell anything. I am also partnered up with some 7 figure earners. Let me give you an alternative. Go see what I am doing with internet marketing. Just click the link above and we can talk on the other side. If you’re in transition or just starting out this could be a great move for you. It was the best thing I have ever done. I am in control. Go click the link above and we will talk soon. https://youtu.be/esBAS4wpIog
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What's It Like To Be A Mortgage Broker
https://www.nationwidefinance.com.au https://www.whyjames.com.au https://www.twitter.com/nationwide_co https://www.facebook.com/nationwidefinance I got an email the other day from a friend who is considering a career in the Mortgage industry. He asked me what it's like and if I have any tips for him so after I spoke with him I thought it'd be a cool idea to do a video on what it's like for a mortgage broker and give a few tips.
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Mortgage Choice - What does a mortgage broker do?
Jessica Darnbrough from Mortgage Choice gives you tips for purchasing your home If you are thinking of buying property or refinancing in the not –too-distant future, you may be considering whether or not you should use the services of a mortgage broker. If you haven’t used a mortgage broker before, you may be wondering what the advantages or benefits of doing so are. First and foremost, a mortgage broker can save you time, confusion, hassle and possibly money by helping you find a suitable finance solution for your individual financial situation, needs, wants, lifestyle and objectives. With access to an extensive panel of lending institutions such as banks, non-banks, credit unions and building societies, mortgage brokers offer what an individual lender cannot – choice. But how do you choose the right mortgage broker and what questions should you be asking a mortgage broker to ensure you pick the right one? Firstly, it is important to ask your mortgage broker whether or not they are part of an industry body. All mortgage brokers are required to be a member of either the MFAA or the FBAA, so if your broker isn’t a member, then it might be worth considering dealing with someone else. Secondly, ask your broker how many lenders they have on their panel. A good mortgage broker will have access to at least 20 lenders and therefore hundreds of loan products, which means they should be able to help you find the right product for your needs. Thirdly, it is definitely worth asking your mortgage broker how they get paid. The good news is, as a customer, you do not have to pay your broker for the great service they provide, the bank does. Basically, your broker will present all the different options to you and once you have chosen which lender to go through, the application is submitted and approved and you are settled in your new home, that lender will then pay your broker a commission for assisting in setting up the loan. What is important to note is that most lenders pay different commission, so you may be forgiven for assuming that if one lender was to pay more commission than another, then your broker may be swayed to present that lender as a more suitable option. Thankfully however, at Mortgage Choice, our brokers are paid the same regardless of which lender you choose, as long as it’s a residential loan from our panel of lenders. This ensures Mortgage Choice brokers focus on the right outcome for you. If you would like more information on how a mortgage broker gets paid, or if you would like to speak to your local mortgage choice broker, call us today on 13 66 78.
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Starting Your Business as a Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Agent Part1: Prospecting Strategies
hhttp://www.richgrof.com/ Are you a new Mortgage Broker in Canada or Loans Officer and find yourself wondering what sales techniques to use to build your business success? Well stop wondering; you're in the right place! In this training video Master Sales Coach Rich Grof gives a proven sales techniques and coaching tips on how to develop your business as a Mortgage Broker or Loans Officer. Rich will cover all the steps you need to go through to get the basics on how to make set up your business and increase your sales. This is Video 1 of 9 in a basic sales training series called "Starting Your Business as a Mortgage Broker" (don't to forget to check out our level 2 sales coaching & training series called "Winning Your Sales Prospect") STARTING YOUR BUSINESS AS A MORTGAGE BROKER Basic - Training & Coaching **Video 1 - Prospecting Strategies http://youtu.be/kkTEDE5NKY0 **Video 2 - Marketing Strategies http://youtu.be/aQ-b_SYsb_4 **Video 3 - Networking http://youtu.be/J14lyOufYtE **Video 4 - Referral Marketing http://youtu.be/3IVKj8WzFoY **Video 5 - Cold Calling & Finding "NOW" Opportunity http://youtu.be/KV0pgIBiAV4 **Video 6 - Strategic Alliances http://youtu.be/RXULoYMEUCI **Video 7 - Data Base Marketing http://youtu.be/ZEcZqjSvJ4U **Video 8 - The Sales Process http://youtu.be/VFu55OfsYYc **Video 9 - Mortgage Process Technical Training http://youtu.be/XNY4Q0Epwws WINNING YOUR SALES PROSPECT Intermediate - Training & Coaching **Video 1 - The Sales Discovery Process http://youtu.be/nwjQN7jAenI **Video 2 - Your Ideal Sales Prospects http://youtu.be/QAg5R6Q1wrQ **Video 3 - Learning the Power of Your Clients Emotion Hook & Emotional Language http://youtu.be/eDZRRizLeW4 **Video 4 - Interest Rate Objections http://youtu.be/MynqX67pt_4 Join our channel - subscribe here https://www.youtube.com/user/richgroftv?sub_confirmation=1 If you have enjoyed our video, please like it and leave a comment about what other videos you may be interested in. Your help in creating great, relevant content is greatly appreciated. For Mortgage Brokers in Canada and Loans Officers in the United States and all over the world.
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Should I go to a Broker or a Bank?
Colton and Alex discuss a few of the benefits of utilizing a mortgage broker instead of a bank. For more information please visit us at: www.CalgaryMortgageGuys.com There are a lot of reasons to utilize a mortgage broker over a bank. Better customer service is just the beginning. Aside from excellent service and availability, mortgage brokers have several advantages over banks: Mortgage brokers negotiate on your behalf with an array of lenders. This way we can compete the lenders offers against each other and leverage the best possible mortgage products for you. A bank's mortgage agent is salaried, so they are paid to negotiate only on behalf of the bank. A bank employee has no incentive to look out for your best interests, and is in fact paid to negotiate solely in the best interest of the bank. Bank employees are also salaried and have little incentive to deliver quality customer service - it just isn't essential to their business model. A mortgage broker is a singular point of contact for all of your mortgage needs. You will know exactly who to contact if you have any questions about your mortgage product or it's features. Calgary Mortgage Guys are powered by Canada Mortgage Direct.
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Mortgage Broker Assistant Interview
Lailani Santos who works with Announcer as Mortgage Broker Assistant talks about what key areas of assistance VBP could offer to free up a broker's daily workload.
What it Takes to Succeed as a New Mortgage Broker Agent
http://www.richgrof.com/ Wonder what it will take to succeed? Master coach Rich Grof discusses with top Mortgage Broker, Nick L'Ecuyer of Mortgage Wellness Group (Barrie Ontario), on how to rise to the top of the brokerage industry fast. Together they identify the tips that can help you make this year a great year in your business.
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Mortgage Shopping, Difference between banks, mortgage brokers, and direct lenders
The three types of places that offer mortgages are banks (& credit unions), mortgage brokers, and direct lenders. Here's a brief look at the differences. For more info visit : http://lawheadmortgages.com/
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Mortgage Broking 101 Training Video
A 5 minute insight into a valuable training resource for Mortgage Brokers
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How to get Realtors to work with you! | Mortgage Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers WATCH THIS!
How to get Realtors to work with you! | Mortgage Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers WATCH THIS! Attention Mortgage Loan Officers! Want to know how to pick up your Purchase business? Establish solid relationships with Realtors! More and more, the requests are going from “I want to refinance…” to “I want to get Pre-Qualified…” or “I found a home and offer was accepted!...” is a clear sign that our business is leaning more and more towards a ‘Purchase Market’. With Rates on the rise and Refinance leads slowing down, we need to adapt our focus to what is in demand and right now its Purchase Loans! So you would think its easy to find a Realtor right? The idea of just buying a Realtor coffee or bringing their office a box of donuts should be enough to earn their business for life, but that is simply not the case. Let your competitors use those old tactics and let us @SalesRemastered focus on what really works! The truth is that selling to a Realtor is far different than selling to a prospect and I made a VIDEO where I go into depth on this and how to improve your approach to earn the Realtors attention and consideration as their ‘preferred lender’. In short, a Realtor is already being smothered by your competitors with Starbuck cards, Donuts, lunch offers or appointments to meet for coffee that never end up working out. How you sell to a Realtor is much like comparing how a Refinance loan is to a Purchase loan…there are much more moving parts. You have more parties to consider in the communication from Buyer / Seller Agent, your Client, Title and Escrow and Processing! Because of this, most of your competitors will shy away from doing Purchase loans and this is where your window of opportunity is! If you can learn how to make noise in a different way, the Realtors you want to hear you will hear you. But if you practice the same old school tactics of ‘I was just dropping bye and I just happen to have this box of treats with my logo ALL over each item for you….” Then you’re name, company and business card will be thrown in the drawer with ALL the other solicitors trying to trade snacks for business. Understand what advantage you can offer the Realtors, like; - CRM Technology that allows you to log in from a tablet or smartphone to produce a prequal on the spot! - Access to Niche financing that their ‘Preferred Lender’ could not do. I.e. “ call me if you have a loan that you can’t get approved, I’ve been making magic happen with quick turn times to make the American dream come true for clients….let me do the same for you…” - Research Open Houses and Broker Locations in your area and research the Agents before you approach them - Consider their BRE License number to determine if their a Veteran Agent with established relationships or if their a Newly licensed Realtor just trying to stake their claim and build their pipeline Knowing where to focus your time and what message to deliver is key to earning the trust and attention from Realtors, but when you do earn it you are setting yourself up to become a Brand within a Brand because Realtors don’t care what your lender name is they care if you can deliver and ensure their money is protected. Realtors want accountability and thoroughness to ensure they’re not wasting time with non-qualified buyers and not ruining their reputation or income by working with an inadequate source of funding. Learn how to establish a relationship with a Realtor and you’ll slowly build the credibility you need to become their ‘Preferred Lender’ - Was this Video Helpful? Subscribe Here: https://www.YouTube.com/SalesRemastered Leave me a comment, Like the Videos you like and share them with your network. I have a SOLID Sales Script for you to use, would love your feedback on it, so download a copy for FREE and let me know what you think? You can download the script for FREE here: https://www.SalesRemastered.com Be sure to download it and give yourself an 'Unfair Advantage" today! ========================== CONNECT WITH ME: ========================== Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SalesRemastered Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/SalesRemastered Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/SalesRemastered Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/salesremasterd LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dnicart Website: https://www.SalesRemastered.com If you would like to Speak to Me Directly and Receive Direct One on One Mentoring for maximum impact and reward, you can reach me here: [email protected]
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ABC The Business 29 Mar 2018 On Mortgage Brokers
Nice segment from the ABC on Mortgage Brokers.
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Broker Mentoring - So you want to be a Mortgage Broker?
So you want to be a Mortgage Broker! We talk to Therese O'neill from Alpha Broker on the mentoring and support programs available for new brokers entering the finance industry. Thanks for watching our video! Links to more information - The Local Loan Company website - http://www.localloan.com.au/ The Local Loan Company Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/The-Local-Loan-Company-683651745083064/ Where to find Therese from Alphabroker Website - http://alphabroker.com.au/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/alphabrokermentor/?hc_ref=SEARCH
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Big Bank vs Mortgage Broker vs a Direct Lender
If you aren't aware of the difference between a Mortgage Broker and a Direct Lender and a Bank, it can make a HUGE difference in how smoothly a transaction goes, including the length of time to close and costs to the buyer.
Bank Vs Broker. Getting a Mortgage In Canada
Whether you’re purchasing a home for the first time, taking out equity from your home for investment or pleasure, or your current mortgage is simply up for renewal, it’s important that you are making an educated buying decision with professional unbiased advice. While a bank only offers the products from their particular institution, licensed mortgage professionals send millions of dollars in mortgage business each year to Canada's largest banks, credit unions, trust companies, and financial institutions. Mortgage professionals work for you, and not the banks; therefore, they work in your best interest. From the first consultation to the signing of your mortgage, their services are free. Visit Us online www.mortgageapplyonline.ca Ph: 780-466-9898
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Canada mortgage: learn the basics
What is a mortgage, and which lending provisions are right for you? Learn about down payments, the difference between a mortgage term and amortization, types of mortgage rates, and the benefits of a mortgage broker.
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The Difference Between Mortgage Brokers vs. Banks on "The Real Estate Minute"
Leading Toronto Realtor Michael Shuster Talks About The Differences Between Using a Mortgage Broker vs. a Bank
3 tips to guarantee you get the best mortgage interest rate
TITLE: 3 tips to get the best mortgage interest rate This video will show you everything you need to know about how to get the best mortgage interest rates on a mortgage and the best deal on a mortgage. When working with Banks, lenders and mortgage brokers it’s hard to know what the best deal on a mortgage is. In fact, these are the same ideas that we use in our company to help clients all over Florida get the best deal on a mortgage. They’re the main reason that I have been successful as a mortgage broker in Central Florida. We help clients all over Florida, primarily working in the Orlando are with our office in Oviedo, Florida. So how do you get the best deal on a mortgage? First you have to understand the numbers. Lenders and mortgage brokers use a Loan Estimate to show you the numbers and the only thing that they control are lender fees and the interest rate, everything else is an estimate. One way we make this easy on the client is that we do not charge lender fees, so it’s easy to analyze, zero fees. You pay no processing, underwriting, admin or application fees. Next up we have understanding the mortgage market. So many people never question a lender when they seem to be offering rates lower than ever other bank in the market. If you were buying a new car you would be extremely suspect if you found the car way cheaper than what the other dealers were selling them for. You have to take the same approach when looking at rates and be suspect for anything that seems too good to be true. The Third tip is to do your research, to get a low interest and best deal on a mortgage you need to make sure you are working with someone that you can trust. Google the name of the loan officer you are speaking with and see what other people are saying about them. Googling the bank does you now good, google the person as they are who you are going to be working with. also if you ever thought about buying an investment property in Florida, watch this video for some good info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oukxmc8FxZg Rayce Robinson 321-377-4211 nmls 322615 [email protected] https://www.zillow.com/lender-profile/Rayce%20Robinson/ www.raycerobinson.com Mid Florida Mortgage Professionals COMPANY NMLS 1587074 Note - mortgage interest rates change every day if you have a question on where rates are at just give Rayce Robinson a call from the Robinson Mortgage Team to get your quote today and see how we apply this tips to get you the best mortgage interest rate as well as the best over all deal on a mortgage. Rayce Robinson 321-377-4211 RAYCE ROBINSON (NMLS 322615) Mid Florida Mortgage Professionals, LLC Company NMLS 1587074
The Value of a Mortgage Broker 30 Seconds
Mortgage brokers offer unparalleled choice and expert advice to Canadians when making likely the largest financial decision of their lives.
Join Aussie as a Mortgage Broker
Over 1,000 successful Mortgage Brokers choose to partner their business with Australia’s leading mortgage broking brand. Watch our video featuring Aussie CEO James Symond and founder John Symond explaining how you can be a part of our team. Find out more here: www.aussie.com.au/careers
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Mortgage Broker vs Banker (The Ultimate Smackdown!)
http://loanlove.com/mortgage-broker-vs-banker/ What's the difference between a banker and broker? First, brokers work with lots of lenders, often from all over the country. So, in theory anyway, they know the best deals that can be had when it comes to rates and terms. And, because they work with lots of lenders, they usually can find at least one that's willing to loan money to people with poor credit and other special circumstances that most banks just aren't gonna be interested in. But, brokers are paid fairly hefty commissions, either by you or by the lender. When the lender pays, there's always the risk that the broker may decide to recommend a lender that pays the best commissions. OK, so that takes care of brokers. Now for bankers. If you don't mind doing a little legwork to shop around using the Internet, you can find lots of good deals all on your own without using a broker. It can be a little tricky finding lenders willing to work with riskier borrowers, like those with poor credit, but with the search and compare tools at LoanLove, most borrowers aren't gonna have any trouble finding a great deal. Visit LoanLove.com to learn more: http://loanlove.com/mortgage-broker-vs-banker/
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Canadian Mortgage Finders Vancouver Mortgage Brokers John Charbonneau and Patrick Wells
http://www.canadianmortgagefinders.com Vancouver Mortgage Broker John Charbonneau and Patrick Wells provide a mortgage shopping experience far superior to the traditional method of shopping for a mortgage. Call us for a no cost no obligation initial consultation.
Mortgage Shopping, Difference between Banks, Mortgage Brokers and Direct Lenders
Videos to help with Mortgage related questions: This channel is for those looking for the Facts behind Everything Mortgages: Get Pre-Approved TODAY: www.TheMortgageUpdate.net Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheMortgageUpdate/ MyFico Order your report TODAY https://www.myfico.com/lp/SEM080009.aspx?sourceid=Affiliate-_-SaS-_-1714292-_-1024597&cm_mmc=Affiliate-_-SaS-_-1714292-_-1024597 Credit SAINT https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=919812&u=1714292&m=68113&urllink=&afftrack= How to order your TRUE credit Score: http://1160mortgage.com/true-credit-score Where to get Professional Help to obtain a better credit score: http://1160mortgage.com/get-your-free-credit-evaluation Where can I get the best Mortgage Interest Rate: https://youtu.be/q9IBiK1ejEc How can I refinance: https://youtu.be/bAWhE0Y1wn4 DO I qualify for a VA Home Mortgage https://youtu.be/mZRL9yN8BpI Whats the qualifications for an FHA Loan https://youtu.be/XdBUMzSEUts Should I use a Mortgage Broker or the Mortgage Company on TV https://youtu.be/SFaxSoe0owE Are there any Special programs for 1st Time Home Buyers https://youtu.be/2-MEvQnPvdw What is my TRUE CREDIT Score https://youtu.be/r7yWgzESZpA 1st Time Home Buying Mistakes https://youtu.be/2-MEvQnPvdw How to get your Credit Report for FREE https://youtu.be/oeae8J7L0F0 What is a USDA Home Mortgage Loan https://youtu.be/BhJxbQazUJk To APPLY NOW http://1160mortgage.com/applynow Follow me on Facebook for Daily updates on Rates, Programs https://www.facebook.com/TheMortgageUpdate Please leave any comments on any question you may have or a VIDEO you would like to see
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Mortgage Brokers 2017 Internet Marketing Plan - Mortgage Broker Marketing
On this live workshop we unpacked "Your 2017 Internet Marketing Plan" and what you need to do to MAXIMIZE your leadflow online in your Mortgage business in the New Year. For a free strategy session please visit: http://www.mortgagebrokermarketing.com/schedule To download our free internet marketing guide for mortgage brokers go here: http://www.mortgagebrokermarketing.com/free/ Download our Google My Business Cheat Sheet: http://www.mortgagebrokermarketing.com/cheat-sheet/ Download the most commonly searched Mortgage related keywords here: http://www.mortgagebrokermarketing.com/top-mortgage-keywords-for-seo/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mbmktg9/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mbmktg9 Subscribe to our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC07RLpWSm-MvQMTfaGXZVYg
What not to ask your Mortgage Broker or Lender to get the best Mortgage loan for you.
Utah mortgage questions to ask or not ask to make sure you get the very best Utah mortgage loan available. When you are looking for the best mortgage and not just in Utah, whether it is for buying a home or refinancing your home, you want to make sure that you are getting the best mortgage loan program available to you for your situation. Many times people ask “what is the lowest rate you can get me?” While that may seem like a very good question the fact is that interest rate is only a small factor to consider when getting a mortgage. You can get a very low interest rate on a mortgage but what if that rate comes at a significant cost, you could be getting charged “discount points”, “origination fees” or other various “buy-downs” to get that particular rate. The lowest rate may also come with a variable rate option, meaning that your rate can go up or down depending on mortgage indexes. We like to work one on one with our clients to show them the options that are the very best for their particular situation. We will show you what option has the lowest rate, lowest closing costs and other great features that don’t cost you an arm and leg. We offer mortgage loan programs to all of Utah and these options include: FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional, HELOC and HARP. If you are looking to refinance or buy a home, make sure you contact us to get the very best mortgage for your situation. Visit www.mymtgsolution.com or call 801-230-3107 to learn more. We offer mortgage loan programs to buy and refinance homes throughout the entire state of Utah. Keywords to help Utah Homeowners find the best Mortgage Options: mortgage calculator utah utah mortgage calculator reverse mortgage utah utah home mortgage Utah mortgages academy mortgage utah mortgage utah utah reverse mortgage bank of Utah mortgage Utah mortgage brokers mortgage brokers utah republic mortgage utah utah mortgage refinance mortgage refinance utah graystone mortgage utah mortgages utah mortgage broker utah peoples mortgage utah primary residential mortgage utah home mortgage utah citywide mortgage utah security national mortgage utah mortgage jobs utah mortgage types mortgage mortgage broker city mortgage mortgages 15 year mortgage mortgage salt lake city second mortgage mortgage calc mortgage brokers mortgage programs mortgage calculater regions mortgage freedom mortgage reverse mortgage mortgage amortization costco mortgage mortgage estimator mortgage assistance 2nd mortgage mortgage calulatortypes of mortgages subprime mortgage mortgage payment greentree mortgage cenlar mortgage standard mortgage pre qualify for mortgage first mortgage mortgage caculatoramerican mortgage mortgage prequalification us mortgage mortgage lending mortgage relief program arm mortgage mortgage options assumable mortgage residential mortgage first option mortgage mortgage qualification usa mortgage mortgage help mortgage modification mortgage services mortgage application capwest mortgage mortgage after bankruptcy mortgage assistance program house mortgage qualifying for a mortgage mortgage price mortgage costs 203k mortgage private mortgage mortgage comparison prequalify mortgage stated income mortgage mortgage consultant compare mortgages accurate mortgage mortgages for dummies streamline mortgage no doc mortgage prequalify for a mortgage 80/20 mortgage
Mortgage Broker Leads Australia -  Wealthify Lead Generation
Explainer video for Wealthify Mortgage Leads Subscriptions. A new way for mortgage brokers, aggregators and lenders to generate fresh leads, on demand.
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How much does a mortgage broker make
When working with a mortgage broker they will generally offer their services to their clients fee free. The reason behind this is that they will receive a commission from the credit facility for securing the deal on their behalf. So how much does a mortgage broker actually receive… well it all depends! And in truth it is hard to put down concrete numbers because it will vary significantly from lender to lender. Mortgage Broker will tend to work with an aggregator. An aggregator is basically a platform that brokers can access to give their customers a wide choice of lenders and products. For the use of this service the broker will have to pay a monthly fee or in most cases split the commission. Again, this varies depending on the aggregator platform and the volume of business that is actually written. That aside a broker will receive commission in two different formats if they were to sign up your business. The first, is the upfront commission which is generally the largest proportion. This can range from 0.2% to 0.7% this is a big variance if we were talking about a loan in the $450k to $500k range. But believe me most will be paid at the lower end of that range. Also if you pull out of the loan in the first couple of years or default the broker could need to rebate some or all of that commission. The second aspect is the trail commission. Trail is the by product of the loan and is associated with a wide range of products including insurance and investments. Now this trail figure will be paid on a monthly basis and could be paid for five years or in some cases the life of the loan. And the average loan has a life of about four years. Also, there is no certainty that a trail will even be paid. Typically it can range from 0.01% to 0.2/0.3%. Again it generally on the lower side. To ensure that you are in actual fact getting the best deal ask for disclosure. Appreciate that the broker needs to earn an income, feed the family and keep the lights on but also ensure that their recommended product is best for you and not because it provides the highest comm’s. The Buyers Guide - www.thebuyersguide.com.au - How much commission do mortgage brokers receive?
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Broker vs. Bank
A broker compares deals from hundreds of banks and lenders across the U.S., helping borrowers choose the best mortgage for their circumstances. http://findamortgagebroker.com/
How To Become A Mortgage Adviser
http://www.financial-diploma.co.uk/contact.htm This video introduces the role of mortgage adviser to those looking for a career change. It is the first in a series of videos, and is intended to help you decide whether the role of mortgage adviser is right for you. If your interest is the CeMAP qualification, please register your interest via the link below, and we’ll happily send you a FREE link to one of our CeMAP Video Tutorials. This is a 45-minute tutorial and includes a test at the end just for fun, and all we’ll need from you is your email address and your first name. Learn more about CeMAP at http://www.cemap-training.org
Mortgages : How to Start a Mortgage Brokerage Business
A mortgage broker can start a business by seeking legal counsel, getting incorporated and paying a state for licensing and overall setup. Start a mortgage broker business to make more money with tips from a licensed mortgage broker in this free video on personal finance and real estate. Expert: Adriel Torres Contact: ultimatecredittoday.com Bio: Adriel Torres has been in the mortgage business for over a decade. He has owned two mortgage companies and is a licensed mortgage broker. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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How To Pick A Mortgage Lender When Buying A House
Learn how to pick a mortgage lender when buying a house. Contact me at http://www.tampa2enjoy.com/contact-us/ and Check out http://www.tampa2enjoy.com to view all homes for sale in Tampa and surrounding areas. Here's my updated video on How To Choose a Mortgage Lender: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRkfgkQrwrU If you do not need financing, don’t worry about watching this video unless you want to know more information. This video covers how to buy a house and how to pick a mortgage lender to help you with your home buying process. Finding a mortgage lender is a good place to start after choosing a real estate agent to work with. Make sure to also ask your friends/family who they choose to work with and get a general idea. There are 3 types of top mortgage lenders out there: big banks, mortgage bankers, and mortgage brokers. I personally do not like big banks. If you have a special circumstance, big banks will usually tell you that you do not qualify for a loan, period. However, you may qualify for a home loan through someone else. Big banks are also limited because they are only lending their own money, and if you can’t work around it, then it won’t work for them. I highly recommend looking for local mortgage lenders, try not to use someone out of state. I’ve also worked with several credit unions in the past, and yes, while they do care about their customers, I find that they, unfortunately, provide their loan officers with insufficient training. I’m a big fan of mortgage bankers because they lend their own money but they also do the underwriting for the file in-house. Mortgage brokers have access to several lenders but you want someone who will make sure your loan deal happens because otherwise they won’t get paid until you close. When calling up for rate quotes, make sure to call all of your choices on the same day so that you can get your interest rate locked in. Interest rates change daily so make sure to get your rate quote in writing from the lender. Pick someone who is going to help you with representing your best interests. Make sure to ask the right questions; why should I choose you to work with? What makes you one of the best mortgage lenders for me? Get statistics and information on local schools in Tampa, etc... Click here: http://www.tampa2enjoy.com/area-info/school-info/ Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to set up a free consultation. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up or give me a comment. Don't forget to "Subscribe" to my YouTube Channel. Love this? Like our page on Facebook.com/TampaRealEstateExpert Follow us on Twitter.com/tampa2enjoy Lance Mohr Mohr Realty Group at Keller Williams 813-317-4009 http://www.tampa2enjoy.com http://www.tampabayrealtypros.com *************************************************************** Find out how to choose a mortgage lender that'll perfectly suit your needs and more when buying a house... Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95UcxFXAJ9M
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About Mortgage Brokers - ABC Radio Interview
A recent ABC Radio National Breakfast item, in which I participated. "A prominent finance industry expert has warned we're witnessing the beginning of the end of the mortgage broking industry as new technology makes it easier for consumers to apply for a loan on their own". http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/breakfast/mortgage-broking-industry/9569996
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Advantages of an Independent Mortgage Broker
Looking to purchase a place of your own? Monica and Jimmy are going through the same process, and have a lot of questions about home loans. Who do I go to? How do I know I've chosen the right broker? Am I getting a good deal? A visit to an Independent Mortgage Broker and a leading expert in the field of home loans gives us the inside scoop on how to select the broker that is right for you. We learn that not all mortgage brokers are the same. Finding the right broker is the key to long term savings and securing the right home loan for you. Visit: http://www.designingspaces.tv Like: https://www.facebook.com/DSpacesTV Follow: https://twitter.com/DSpacesTV #DesigningSpaces 104120
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What is the difference between a mortgage broker and a bank?
Description of services provided and potential cost differences
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