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213 TIP. Precious Metal Investing: Gold, Silver, & Platinum with David McAlvany
Download Stig & Preston's 1 page checklist for finding great stock picks: http://buffettsbooks.com/checklist Subscribe to The Investors Podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-investors-podcast/id928933489 Subscribe to The Investors Podcast on Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/theinvestorspodcast/the-investors-podcast?refid=stpr Subscribe to The Investors Podcast on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/theinvestorspodcast Have a question? Get your voice heard on the show: https://www.theinvestorspodcast.com/your-questions/ ABOUT THE EPISODE: On today's show, we talk to a precious metals expert, David McAlvany, about whether an investor should include gold, silver, or platinum in their portfolio.
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Silver and Precious Metals Investing 101 Part 1
This is Part 1 of my "How to" video of getting started into silver and precious metal bullion or coin investing. A few of my viewers wanted to know where to begin, so here's some information and tips for you on the subject, while showing you some of the things I chose to buy. With silver investing there's no right or wrong product, whether it's coins, bars or rounds, but there are things that may make one more interesting than another to you. I am a bit of a niche buyer myself and prefer buying things that are unique or artistic that may have some value over the bullion spot price, where a lot of other people prefer to buy for the silver bullion only and pay the lowest premiums possible. Both methods are valid ways to invest. Precious metals investing is a great way to protect your funds from the rapid deflation of currency, balance a stock portfolio and make sure you've got a decent retirement. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming tomorrow! Thanks for Watching!
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Investing in Precious Metals (Mainly Gold and Silver) Explained in One Minute
Precious metals such as gold and silver have had value since... well, since pretty much forever. There's definitely room for them in each and every portfolio but understanding a thing or two about precious metals before starting to buy gold or silver is a must. Investing in precious metals with a "get rich quick" attitude is, in my opinion at least, a mistake. A mistake a lot of people unfortunately make, people who treat gold and/or silver as the Holy Grail of personal finance when, let's face it, that's definitely not the case. Let's approach this asset class with a realistic attitude in order to find out what precious metals can and can't do for you! Please like, comment and subscribe if you've enjoyed the video. To support the channel, give me a minute (see what I did there?) of your time by visiting OneMinuteEconomics.com and reading my message. Bitcoin donations can be sent to 1AFYgM8Cmiiu5HjcXaP5aS1fEBJ5n3VDck and PayPal donations to [email protected], any and all support is greatly appreciated! Oh and I've also started playing around with Patreon, my link is: https://www.patreon.com/oneminuteeconomics Interested in reading a good book? My first book, Wealth Management 2.0 (through which I do my best to help people manage their wealth properly, whether we're talking about someone who has a huge amount of money at his disposal or someone who is still living paycheck to paycheck), can be bought using the links below: Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Wealth-Management-2-0-Financial-Professionals-ebook/dp/B01I1WA2BK Barnes & Noble - http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/wealth-management-20-andrei-polgar/1124435282?ean=2940153328942 iBooks (Apple) - https://itun.es/us/wYSveb.l Kobo - https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/wealth-management-2-0 My second book, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller The Age of Anomaly (through which I help people prepare for financial calamities and become more financially resilient in general), can be bought using the links below. Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Age-Anomaly-Spotting-Financial-Uncertainty-ebook/dp/B078SYL5YS Barnes & Noble - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-age-of-anomaly-andrei-polgar/1127084693?ean=2940155383970 iBooks (Apple) - https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/age-anomaly-spotting-financial-storms-in-sea-uncertainty/id1331704265 Kobo - https://www.kobo.com/ww/en/ebook/the-age-of-anomaly-spotting-financial-storms-in-a-sea-of-uncertainty Last but not least, if you'd like to follow me on social media, use one of the links below: https://www.facebook.com/oneminuteeconomics https://twitter.com/andreipolgar https://ro.linkedin.com/in/andrei-polgar-9a11a561
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Precious metal investing: Don't follow the crowd
In this video, I discuss why you should do the opposite of what everyone else is when investing in precious metals.
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How To Invest In Gold For Beginners
Investing in gold: a beginner's guide - MoneyWeek moneyweek.com/a-beginners-guide-to-investing-in-gold/‎ MoneyWeek Nov 27, 2009 - Beautiful, indestructible, rare and conferred the unique status of universal currency - no other investment compares to gold. The Beginners Guide to Precious Metals - JM Bullion www.jmbullion.com/guide/‎ JM Bullion's Beginner's Guide to Precious Metals provides a complete precious metal investing education for ... Spot Price of Gold and Silver · Buying Online vs. Gold as an Investment -- A Beginner's Guide - Buy Shares buyshares.org/gold/‎ a beginner's guide to gold as an investment, including how to invest be it physical bullion or funds such as mutual funds, EFT, or just related stock. How to Buy Gold -- A beginners guide to investing in gold ... yourgoldfund.wordpress.com/.../how-to-buy-gold-a-beginners-guide-to-...‎ Mar 25, 2012 - Buying gold can be both difficult and daunting for many first time investors. T
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Precious Metals - Why they NEED to be in Your Investment Portfolio
Precious Metals need to be a part of your investment portfolio! I have been buying precious metals like gold and silver for a while now and I think that everyone needs to be investing in them. I currently have about 15% of my money in precious metals and 85% in my 401K retirement plan. I am also working on paying off my house. I think that everyone needs to have at least 5% of their money in precious metals in case SHTF happens. It is always smart to plan ahead and be prepared for anything! When it comes to investments it is also great to have something like precious metals that you can actually hold in your hand! I will continue to be investing in precious metals like gold and silver in the future so that I can be prepared. Email: [email protected] Also check me out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/silverdragons47/ If you want to mail me anything here is my address: P.O. Box 304 Gresham, OR 97030 Thanks for watching!! Topics that I cover in this video: precious metals, precious metals investing, investment portfolio, investing in silver, investing in gold, investing in precious metals for beginners, precious metals investments, silver stacking, gold stacking, precious metals 2019
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Precious Metal Investment Techniques (New Video s)
This video is an introduction to how one can invest in precious metals, including silver and gold. In the future, I will make a video summarizing each of these . Buy gold now! Gary Christenson on why gold & silver are poised for massive growth. // Physical gold, physical silver, Investing hoard physical commodities, gold . Rob Kirby on fiat currency failure, market crash, precious metals, market manipulation // stock market crash 2017, bond market crash 2017, stocks gold silver . Andy Hoffman on gold & silver cartels, market manipulation, & how to prepare now / Buy physical gold, physical silver, Investing hoard physical commodities, .
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Comparing national currency investing to precious metal investing - Sierra Leone as an example
In this video I compare how an investor, in the country of Sierra Leone, would have done investing in their nation currency compared to investing in precious metals.
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The Truth About Precious Metals and Cryptos
The Truth About Precious Metals and Cryptos - Jeff Berwick at the Precious Metals Investment Symposium in Perth. Australia Precious Metals Investment Symposium website: https://symposium.net.au Anarchapulco 2019 (Feb 14-17, Acapulco, Mexico) Tickets available at: http://anarchapulco.com TDV's Free Email List: http://dollarvigilante.com/newsletter Subscribe to The Dollar Vigilante newsletter here: https://dollarvigilante.com/takecharge BitTube: https://bit.tube/DollarVigilante BitChute:https://www.bitchute.com/channel/DkNYbFJKDPpX/ DTube: https://d.tube/c/dollarvigilante Steemit: https://steemit.com/@dollarvigilante Minds: https://minds.com/dollarvigilante Fedbook: https://fb.com/DollarVigilante Twitter: https://twitter.com/DollarVigilante Instagram: https://instagr.am/DollarVigilante Topics include: Crypto vs precious metals, market sentiment, picking the top, interest rates and bonds, government debt to GDP, cashless society, 1913 and the federal reserve, central banking, propaganda, Venezuela and hyperinflation, a crypto enabled future, precious metals backed cryptos, emp attacks and the internet kill switch, crypto volatility, the gold and silver markets, precious metals still important but you are more important.
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precious metal investing
http://www.california-gold-rush-miner.us - precious metal investing Most main-stream thinking today is that individual investors should keep at least a small part of their portfolio in precious metals. With the US debt around $17 trillion, a hundred dollars in savings will remain $100, but, the purchasing power has been and will continue to be eroded. Actual, real gold Nuggets not only appreciate as the spot price of gold moves up, but also appreciate because of the rarity factor. The vast majority of gold is mined as very fine gold. On the other hand, natural gold nuggets, like natural diamonds sell at a premium based on their size and characteristics. Subscribe to my channel so you are notified buy YouTube when we publish a new gold prospecting video. When gold prospecting, you need good equipment to save time & help in finding gold nuggets. Visit our site for real gold nuggets and prospecting equipment: http://www.california-gold-rush-miner.us Also, be sure to get a FREE subscription to our popular gold prospecting blog at: http://www.california-gold-rush-miner.us/california-gold-rush-miner If you would like to see more of our videos, please visit our YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/GoldProspecter precious metal investing
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Introduction to Precious Metal Investing
Michael talks with Marc Bianchi, owner of RS Bullion about the importance of knowing how and when to invest in precious metals, ie. gold and silver.
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Are Precious Metals A Good Investment ?
Come Follow me on these platforms https://www.instagram.com/shadowstack69/ http://thesilverforum.com/ www.steemit.com/@shadowstack
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Investing In Gold And Silver - Need Advice
Learn to budget, beat debt, & build a legacy. Visit the online store today: https://goo.gl/GjPwhe Subscribe to stay up to date with the latest videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/DaveRamseyShow?sub_confirmation=1 Welcome to The Dave Ramsey Show like you've never seen it before. The show live streams on YouTube M-F 2-5pm ET! Watch Dave live in studio every day and see behind-the-scenes action from Dave's producers. Watch video profiles of debt-free callers and see them call in live from Ramsey Solutions. During breaks, you'll see exclusive content from people like Rachel Cruze, and Chris Hogan, Christy Wright and Chris Brown —as well as all kinds of other video pieces that we'll unveil every day. The Dave Ramsey Show channel will change the way you experience one of the most popular radio shows in the country!
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Precious Metal ETFs: Investing in Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium
ETF Trends publisher/editor Tom Lydon spoke with Steve Dunn, Executive Director, Head of Distribution, ETF Securities, at the Schwab Impact Conference in San Diego that ran Oct. 24-27, 2016. Dunn discussed ETF investing when it comes to precious metals and ETFs that focus on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
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How To Invest In Precious Metals On A Budget
In this video, I provide my thoughts on precious metal investing in a tight budget.
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Britannia Wealth: Rhodium the True Precious Metal Investment
Senior Analyst Jon Nadler of Kitco Metals Inc. Montreal discusses the merits of investing in Rhodium, and why the metal, which is a 1000 times rarer than gold, may be an investment gem. Aired on Fox Business News - May 11, 2010 What is Rhodium? Rhodium is a hard, silvery and durable metal in the Platinum group. The chemical symbol for rhodium is Rh. Rhodium is highly reflective and is often used to give white gold an extra shine It has a higher melting point than platinum and is resistant to corrosion. Like platinum it is a hard, ductile, malleable and is a good electrical conductor. Rhodium resists attack by acids and can only be dissolved in aqua regia, a highly volatile mix of concentrated nitric and sulphuric acids that is also one of the few substances that can dissolve gold and platinum. IT IS the most expensive of all precious metals. Over the last 30 years rhodium has averaged circa $1000 a troy ounce and in 2006 has reached $6200.00 an ounce. In may 2008 it peaked at $10,000 an once. It has recently gone from around $2,600 to $1,900 an ounce. With an average of $2,200 now is the best time to invest before demand overwhelms supply. Visit our website to Learn more about Investing in Rhodium today! http://www.britanniawealth.com/
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Buy Silver? Precious Metals as an investment...
I love silver. I love all metals. But silver is my favorite
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All About Precious Metal Investing
All About Precious Metal Investing Click Here For More Information:http://goldiranews.info
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Before You Buy 1 Ounce of Gold or Silver, WATCH THIS
Before You Buy 1 Ounce of Gold or Silver, WATCH THIS. If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to check out the Hidden Secrets of Money website at https://www.hiddensecretsofmoney.com/. It’s a world-leading educational series by Mike Maloney, the bestselling author of the Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver. As Mike explains in the series and his book, we live in an economic system that is made complicated by design. Basically, it’s set up so most people don’t even try to understand it. In Mike’s videos, he breaks down these concepts using easy-to-follow analogies, real pages from history, and animations that tie it all together. And be sure to follow Mike on social media to stay up to date on his latest news and posts: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMikeMaloney/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mike_maloney Mike Maloney is also the founder of GoldSilver.com (http://tinyurl.com/jlypdzc), which was one of the first websites ever to sell bullion online. It is well known for outstanding customer service and its competitive prices. If you’re a fan of Mike’s YouTube channel and need help buying gold and silver, his team is standing by to answer all your questions and make it easy. You can find out more at http://tinyurl.com/jlypdzc.
Precious Metals Update April 2019
In this April update, the Investing NewsNetwork covers how precious metals fared for the month. Plus a look at thoughts from industry experts and more. _________________________________________________________________ Investing News Network (INN) Find out more about investing by INN @ http://investingnews.com/ Want a FREE investor kit? Download here↓ https://investingnews.com/browse-company-profiles/ Follow us Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/resourceinvestingnews Follow us on Twitter: @INN_Resource _________________________________________________________________ The Investing News Network does not guarantee the accuracy or thoroughness of the information reported in the interviews it conducts. The opinions expressed in these interviews do not reflect the opinions of the Investing News Network and do not constitute investment advice. All readers are encouraged to perform their own due diligence.
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Precious metal investment blog
Precious metal Investment,Gold, Precious metal, bullion, Gold standard, Krugerand, Soverign, Silver, Palladium, Copper,Credit crunch, Deflation, Hyperinflation, deraritives,precious-metal-investment.blogspot.com, currency devaluation,lewis Parker - Rise,Precious,metal,Investment, fofoa, another thoughts, friend of another WWW.PRECIOUS-METAL-INVESTMENT.blogspot.com
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Protect Your Precious Metal Investment With Insurance Using Options
The price of physical silver may go down, but that doesn't mean you have to sit back and watch in disgust. Insurance is an option!
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Download Stig & Preston's 1 page checklist for finding great stock picks: http://buffettsbooks.com/checklist Subscribe to The Investors Podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-investors-podcast/id928933489 Subscribe to The Investors Podcast on Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/theinvestorspodcast/the-investors-podcast?refid=stpr Subscribe to The Investors Podcast on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/theinvestorspodcast Have a question? Get your voice heard on the show: https://www.theinvestorspodcast.com/your-questions/ ABOUT THE EPISODE: On today's show, we talk to a precious metals expert, David McAlvany, about whether an investor should include gold, silver, or platinum in their portfolio.
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Investment Analyst Mark Reichman Shares Advice on Precious Metals Stocks
Mark Reichman, Analyst from Noble Capital Markets, shares investment advice on precious metals stocks. “With respect to gaining precious metals exposure. Investors have an array of investment choices including bullion ETF mutual funds and precious metals mining stocks. While investors should consult financial and tax advisers who are familiar with their situation we do think publicly traded equities of metals producers can offer an attractive way to invest. Given the disproportionate percentage impact higher commodity prices may have on a company’s bottom line and valuation for a given percentage increase in the commodity itself,” – Mark Reichman, Noble Capital Markets. Subscribe to receive more investment opportunities videos: http://bit.ly/Subscribe2BTV Check out more videos: Business TV episodes: http://bit.ly/2Vb3tAk CEO Clips: http://bit.ly/2ZfBdM9 New Listing Alert: http://bit.ly/2ZeySRP
Transfer of Wealth and Precious Metal Investment
Released 10/22/2013 by Greatest Truth Never Told. He does an incredible job putting the current paradigm shift into understandable terms
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Precious Metals in Physical Form for Your Investment - Royal Canadian Mint
Director of Storage & Refining Solutions of the Royal Canadian Mint (MNT:TSX, MNS:TSX), Steve Higgins, explains exchange traded receipts that allow investors the ability to take out actual metal. To see more videos like this go to www.b-tv.com
Peter Thomas: Investing in Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Palladium, and Other Precious Metals
Peter Thomas: Investing in Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Palladium, and Other Precious Metals // commodities investment invest bullion futures Visit Mr. Thomas at https://zanerpreciousmetals.com/ ZanerPreciousMetals.com and at 312-277-0140 Also visit Mr. Thomas on Twitter: @Goldbug111 Visit Zaner Precious Metals on Twitter and request the Zaner Metals Market Report: @MetalZaner Want more help from David Moadel? Contact me at davidmoadel @ gmail . com Subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUoWjpemcumDyh95Z9KPEdA?sub_confirmation=1 Plenty of stock / options / finance education videos here: https://davidmoadel.blogspot.com/ Disclaimer: I am not licensed or registered to provide financial or investment advice. My videos, presentations, and writing are only for entertainment purposes, and are not intended as investment advice. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided. hedge fund investing, financial advisor, financial adviser, day trading, day trader, day trading strategies, day trading for beginners, day trading stocks, day trading penny stocks, day trading live, day trading setup, day trading academy, day trading options, day trading for dummies, day trading for a living, day trading basics, day trading 101, how to day trade, how to day trade for beginners, how to day trade stocks, how to day trade penny stocks, how to day trade options, how to day trade for beginners, day trader interview, options trading for beginners stock market for beginners stocks for beginners stock investing stock market investing options trading strategies stock trading strategies stock investing penny stocks penny stock trading nasdaq apple twitter education rsi bollinger bands $SPY $QQQ $AAPL $TWTR SPY QQQ AAPL TWTR forex david moadel trading traders investing investors stock charts, volatility investing, retail sector trading, stock market experts, stock market interview, Stock market volatility lessons for better trading, UVXY VXX TVIX trading options 101, vix trading, vix index, vix volatility, uvxy trading, uvxy stock, uvxy options, uvxy explained, uvxy technical analysis, market volatility, stock market volatility, stock volatility, vix trading strategies, trading vix options, trading vix futures, trading the vix, tvix stock, tvix explained, vxx trading, vxx stock, vxx etf, vxx options, vxx explained, xiv stock, options volatility, options volatility trading, options implied volatility, market volatility explained, shorting the vix
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Precious Metal Coins as an Investment - (Liquid element) – by cabadejo
http://illuminatisilver.com http://facebook.com/illuminatisilver Precious Metal Coins as an Investment - (Liquid element) Today is Wednesday 11th January 2017 and we are presenting todays video written by one of our subscribers Cabadejo. It runs as follows: I have been invited to write a piece by illuminati Silver. So for a first offering I have elected to write about investing in precious metal coins. This will primarily be about silver coins but I will mention gold and other presentations of precious metal in my discussion. If you have decided to invest some of your currency into precious metals why would you want to buy actual physical gold and silver? There is a saying that “if you don’t hold it you don’t have it.” This is a topic in its own right but in brief holding physical gold and silver eliminates third party risk. When you invest in a company share, how well that investment performs depends on many other people. Lots can and do go wrong with companies which might jeopardise your investment. When you invest in share representing physical silver, such as the ETF SLV, there is still third party risk. You run the risk there is no silver in the vaults or that at some point JP Morgan, the custodian of the SLV hoard, actually does sell it or something worse. If you invest in precious metal in an unallocated account, you may think there is gold or silver there with your name on it, but there really isn’t. You are actually in a very precarious position. You rely on many others; there are many others between you and your asset, if you indeed even have one. On the other hand, a tube of silver coins in your physical possession is very tangible. You can touch (with gloves on I hope). You see them. They are yours. Yes the coins might be fake and someone might steal them but assuming this doesn’t happen you are not reliant on third parties to perform. There is no third party liability. So assuming you have decided that physical precious metals will be part of your investment portfolio, where do you go from there? You have to decide how much of your capital you want to put into precious metals always remembering they are not income generating assets unless you trade them. I have often heard a figure of around 10% as a reasonable amount of an investment portfolio being devoted to precious metals. Personally I would put more in but that is me. Considering the cost of even basic 1oz coins those with smaller amounts to invest may find they have to devote a larger percentage to a precious metal portfolio but there are easy ways to start. In the end it all depends on your own circumstances. For some people this will be as far as they will take their portfolio. Investing in more numismatic coins is seen as a waste of cash which could have been used to buy more metal. Investing in the numismatic part of a gold and silver portfolio is more risky but for me is the exciting part and one of the main reasons I do it. For the next episode I will start by looking at some other practical considerations of investing in gold and silver before getting into numismatics which is a fancy word used to describe the collector value of coins. Please view our latest videos: Zero Hedge Headline debunked for Exaggeration or Scaremongering. https://youtu.be/KtOst5V0QH4 China’s Finance Ministry expects 6.7% growth for 2016 https://youtu.be/mdhjfjXkXWA Gold and Silver Update - 6th January 2017 https://youtu.be/7Bryoj9lLkw Jobs Figures Disappoint but still suggests lower gold and silver prices ahead https://youtu.be/7wiPEmzRSGU First Silver Unboxing of 2017 - Illuminati Silver https://youtu.be/QLiXw2UQPzI Inner Sanctum Membership Interest Link. https://youtu.be/haXoDIjFPH4 Why are Global PMI’s rising when naysayers predict imminent economic collapse? https://youtu.be/svIbXtld0oA Megan Kelly Leaves Fox News and Joins NBC https://youtu.be/09DZxKG-AWc Inner Sanctum Membership Update https://youtu.be/V0WdxYkRY4o An Introduction to and Interview of Greg an Illuminati Silver Elder https://youtu.be/jO5434nVqJY Winners of our Gold and Silver Price Prediction 2016 https://youtu.be/bxklsS_p4Bg Gold and Silver Update w/e 30th December 2016 https://youtu.be/5-V6_CE4eOM Platinum Update and Price Forecast for 2017 https://youtu.be/ctSrIbMPFck Oil price forecast 2017 https://youtu.be/cMs8M49Mgeg UK Investors follow US Investors into the Stock Markets https://youtu.be/AwC8JzSHW2U Musings on the Future Direction of US Stock Markets in 2017 https://youtu.be/4_u-5HT7SsQ How Money and Gold can bring happiness into your life - Poem https://youtu.be/3Cny1JMpLno Bitcoin – An Introduction as its value doubles in 2016 https://youtu.be/XFA0j5fxPu4
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Make Money in Precious Metals Cut Out Middle Man
Best way to make money in the Precious Metals start buying scrap. You can do it if your serious about investing and want to make money in the PM market buy scrap gold and silver.
Benefits of Investing In Precious Metals
The benefits of investing in precious metals and why you should include them in your investment portfolio are discussed. 📚 Take our FREE courses here: https://bullishbears.com/ Also, download our FREE e-book on how to trade candlesticks: https://bullishbears.com/candlesticks-charts/ 🎈 Start your 14-day free trial with our trading community here: https://bullishbears.com/stock-market-trading/ 📺 Watch the video above and learn: 📖 What are precious metals 📖 Why it's important when trading 📖 How to them for your benefit (Read More: https://bullishbears.com/benefits-of-investing-in-precious-metals/) 💲 Here’s What You’ll Receive as a Member of Our Trading Community: ✅ Receive our e-book on how to trade candlesticks patterns ✅ Receive our beautiful custom-made candlesticks desktop wallpaper backgrounds ✅ Access to our informative and fun Facebook trading community of over 35,000+ members ✅ Access to our free stock trading courses ($3,000+ value) ✅ Daily day trade and swing trade watch lists ✅ Daily day trade and swing trade alert setups ✅ Updated morning watch lists with detailed analysis of trade setups ✅ Access to our live day trading room open 24/7/365 ✅ Access to our live swing trading and futures room open 24/7/365 ✅ See our Trade Ideas day trade scanner Monday-Friday ($120+ monthly value) ✅ Real-time live streaming where we share live charts, technical analysis, trade setups and more ✅ Our commitment to you as a trader. We are here to help you learn to trade! 👍 Follow Us: 👉 Like & follow our fan page for market updates: https://www.facebook.com/bullishbearstrading/ 👉 Watch us on YouTube and accelerate your learning: https://www.youtube.com/c/bullishbearstrading 👉 Follow us on Twitter for charts, analysis and knowledge: https://twitter.com/bullishbrs 👉 Follow us on Instagram for life, charts and memes: https://www.instagram.com/bullishbears/ 😃 Bullish Bears Story: Tim, Dan, and Lucien are the founders of the Bullish Bears trading community. We like to think of ourselves as the “pay it forward” movement within the stock market because we hold nothing back in our community. 👀 See what people say about us here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/bullishbearstrading/reviews We aren’t “stock pumpers” that try to fill our brokerage accounts off our members. You won’t see us pumping and dumping stocks and then claiming to be hot shot traders by selling shares when you’re buying. Instead you’ll see us charting, teaching, mentoring, and answering questions daily in our live trade rooms where we don’t hold back the “trading secrets”. We make trading affordable for the everyday trader. What you see is what you get in our community. We won’t pitch you some false traders’ lifestyle. We don’t show pictures of us in front of luxury cars, private jets, or vacationing in Bali because that’s not our style. That’s not why we are here. Our #1 focus is on YOU and not on us. Hope is Real within our community. We have a passion and desire to help our members succeed in the stock market with a level playing field. If we sound like the trading community for you then come and check us out. 🎈 Start your 14-day free trial with our trading community here: https://bullishbears.com/stock-market-trading/ 😍 Love ya peeps, Tim, Dan, Lucien & the Rest of the Bullish Bears Team
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Investing in Precious Metals
Scott A. Travers is one of the most knowledgeable and influential coin dealers in the world. He has authored 7 best selling books on coins, including “The Insider’s Guide To US Coin Values.” For more great tips from Scott, check out his other videos at Bottomlineinc.com In this video, Scott Travers, gold and rare coin expert, and author of The Insider’s Guide to US Coin Values, explains why you should invest in precious metals. It is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio and is a source of insurance and potential barter in the event of an economic calamity. While there are many precious metals to invest in (such as gold, silver, platinum and rhodium), Mr. Travers recommends gold in particular because it is a universal currency rather than a commodity (such as silver). That makes it a more secure and liquid investment. Finally, he suggests that consumers purchase physical metals rather than funds based on these metals so that they can use these metals for bartering if necessary.
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Paying Cash for Precious Metals
Paying Cash for Precious Metals In this video, I’ll discuss using cash to purchase precious metals at local coin shops. I like to use cash to purchase precious metals for the added privacy. Disclaimer: I am not a financial or tax professional. Everything that I discuss in this video is my opinion, and my opinion only. Like any investment, you can realize a loss with precious metals. Do your own research, and consult with professionals that you trust if you need to. Email: [email protected] Gold stack, silver stack, investing in gold, investing in silver, investing in precious metals, coin collecting, stack gold and silver privately, local coin shop, using cash to buy gold, using cash to buy silver, gold confiscation.
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First Precious Metal Investments and more unique pieces - Gold / Platinum / Palladium
Just doing a video of some of my initial PM purchases while I move them to a new storage facility. Enjoy
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Book Review : Precious Metals Investing For Dummies
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Today we cover precious metals in depth, why gold and precious metals can make good investments, and other precious metals, like platinum, silver, palladium and rhodium. Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and any information in this video is for general education only.
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"Silver is this decade's golden investment" Precious metal discussions on Lang and O'Leary Exchange
full episode http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/News/TV_Shows/Lang_&_O'Leary_Exchange/1308689786/ID=1697992384 Amanda Lang and Kevin O'Leary discuss precious metals and the economy. Plus, Sprott Asset Management representative David Franklin discuses the future of silver who says "$50 silver is an easy move next year" what he considers to be normal price by the end of 2011.
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Why Should You Invest in Precious Metals?
http://bit.ly/APMEXforInvestors. The APMEX Vice President of Sales explains the benefits of investing a portion of your assets in precious metals.
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Precious Metals Investing 101: Gold, Silver, and Palladium
MORE INVESTING 101 RESOURCES: http://www.ftmdaily.com/gold In this web presentation, FTMDaily Editor-in-Chief Jerry Robinson teams up with veteran hard assets expert, Tom Cloud, to provide you with an up-to-date briefing on precious metals investing. With central banks across the world keeping their printing presses hot and global tensions heightening every single day, Tom Cloud brings us his outlook on precious metals investing during this volatile time in history. In this 90 minute webinar, Jerry and Tom: - Provide their latest investment insights on gold, silver, palladium, and platinum - Give a general forecast of where prices are heading... and when. - Show you how to know when to sell your gold - Provide an update on the U.S. dollar, the U.S. debt crisis, and QE to infinity - Plus, ideas on the best ways to store your metals MORE INVESTING RESOURCES: http://www.ftmdaily.com/gold
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Where is it safe to store my precious metal investments?
Do you want to invest in physical precious metal without the security risk of storing it at home? The historic Perth Mint's depository was created in the 1990s to enable clients to invest in gold and silver without the need to take physical delivery. Uniquely, our depository offers the only government guaranteed investment and storage program in the world, and uses the most extensive central bank grade vaulting facilities in the Southern Hemisphere. Today, our depository has more than 30,000 clients worldwide. Last year alone, the value of precious metals on deposit at The Perth Mint increased from $2.69 billion to $3.11 billion. For depository clients who would like to be able to react quickly 24 hours a day to the dynamic precious metals markets, you can buy and sell gold and silver through our easy to use and secure online trading platform, Perth Mint Depository Online - https://www.perthmint.com/storage/depository-online.html
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🌈 INVESTING IN GOLD 🥇 - Should You Own Precious Metals?
Today we cover why people invest in precious metals, why gold and precious metals can make good investments, and how gold works in an investment portfolio. Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and any information in this video is for general education only. I would like to thank my dear friend Darrie Wyndham for her (always) sagely advice in the making of this video.
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Important Tool To Have For Precious Metal Collecting Or Investing...
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GS8LWIW/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=B00GS8LWIW&link_code=as3&tag=cutlerylover-20&linkId=RWJ72RI4IDQGMPCK http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ME8VI34/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=B00ME8VI34&link_code=as3&tag=cutlerylover-20&linkId=VTQHTG2TL5YLSBN4 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003STEJAC/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=B003STEJAC&link_code=as3&tag=cutlerylover-20&linkId=I24ZLDNXYQE2GYXB
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Precious Metal Investing with a Self-Directed IRA
It's almost impossible in this day and age to turn on a television or radio and not see or hear an advertisement for gold or other precious metals. Since the stock market drop in 2008, gold, silver, and platinum have been trumpeted as safe, yet lucrative investments. Sounds great, but how many Americans have thousands of dollars laying around ready to be invested? It turns out, anyone with a retirement account has investing potential in metals. They only need a self-directed IRA. In this video, Kingdom Trust COO Charles "Bo" Ives discusses the benefits of investing in precious metals, as well as the procedure used by Kingdom Trust. Ives, who has nearly 20 years of experience in self-directed IRAs - particularly precious metals - provides a guide to investing in precious metals. Learn more at www.kingdomtrustco.com
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Precious Metal Investment Guide
http://pminvestorsguide.com/ Your top resource for acquiring precious metals For 2 years, we have assisted consumers to be informed investors in gold and general stock markets. Our experience includes stock markets, futures markets and over 10 years experience investing in commodities and precious metals.
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Why I Also buy Silver Precious Metal? | Investment Portfolio Diversification | 2019
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Part 2 Silver and Precious Metals Investing 101
This is Part 2 of my "How to" video of getting started into silver and precious metal bullion or coin investing. A few of my viewers wanted to know where to begin, so here's some information and tips for you on the subject, while showing you some of the things I chose to buy. With silver investing there's no right or wrong product, whether it's coins, bars or rounds, but there are things that may make one more interesting than another to you. I am a bit of a niche buyer myself and prefer buying things that are unique or artistic that may have some value over the bullion spot price, where a lot of other people prefer to buy for the silver bullion only and pay the lowest premiums possible. Both methods are valid ways to invest. Precious metals investing is a great way to protect your funds from the rapid deflation of currency, balance a stock portfolio and make sure you've got a decent retirement. Thanks for Watching!
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Numismatics or precious metals as an investment?
Thanks for watching! My opinion is numismatics. I say that based on my knowledge of coins. Also, precious metal prices are down in value. That makes a good buying market, but no selling market to drive the value uphill.
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Dave Kranzler | Using Leverage in Precious Metals & Mining Stock Investing
Returning guest Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics returns to the program to discuss the use of leverage when investing in precious metals and mining stocks. Dave co-manages a precious metals and junior mining stock fund and is the editor of the Mining Stock Journal and Short Seller’s Journal. Leverage, as any savvy business owner or investors knows, can dramatically increase the growth rate of one’s wealth when things go in your favor. But when you use leverage to invest and things don’t go in your favor, your wealth can begin to evaporate quickly. If the use of leverage goes wrong for the investor it is even possible that you lose all of your invested capital AND more leaving you with a debt to pay off. Many people are attracted to mining stocks because of the built-in leverage they offer relative to the price of the underlying commodity that a mining company mines. Not only are the mining stocks essentially a leveraged instrument, but there are derivative financial products available to the investor that even further increases the leverage already built into a mining stock. In this interview, Dave Kranzler discusses with Bill Powers how to deal with the emotions of greed and fear when investing in mining stocks and also ways in which the investor might utilize the various leveraged financial instruments of margin accounts, put and call options, JNUG and DUST (3x daily ETF’s) and gold and silver futures contracts. 0:05 Introduction of Topic and Guest 1:07 Dealing with the emotions of greed and fear when investing 12:23 Using margin to invest in mining stocks 15:25 Discussing the probability of successful trading 18:11 Using put & call options on mining stocks 24:22 How to play JNUG & DUST (3x daily ETF’s) 29:43 Discussing Gold & Silver Futures Contracts 32:45 Dave’s concluding thoughts regarding leverage Sign up for our free newsletter and receive interview transcripts, stock profiles and investment ideas: http://eepurl.com/cHxJ39 The content found on MiningStockEducation.com is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered personal legal or investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell securities or any other product. It is based on opinions, SEC filings, current events, press releases and interviews but is not infallible. It may contain errors and MiningStockEducation.com offers no inferred or explicit warranty as to the accuracy of the information presented. If personal advice is needed, consult a qualified legal, tax or investment professional. Do not base any investment decision on the information contained on MiningStockEducation.com or our videos. We may hold equity positions in some of the companies featured on this site and therefore are biased and hold an obvious conflict of interest. MiningStockEducation.com may provide website addresses or links to websites and we disclaim any responsibility for the content of any such other websites. The information you find on MiningStockEducation.com is to be used at your own risk. By reading MiningStockEducation.com, you agree to hold MiningStockEducation.com, its owner, associates, sponsors, affiliates, and partners harmless and to completely release them from any and all liabilities due to any and all losses, damages, or injuries (financial or otherwise) that may be incurred.
Gold vs. Silver as Precious Metal Investments
Gold vs. Silver as Precious Metal Investments
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United States Gold Bureau: How to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio with Precious Metals
How to diversify your precious metals portfolio with the United States Gold Bureau. At the U.S. Gold Bureau, we recommend that our clients not only diversify into precious metals, but also within precious metals, to make their portfolios as balanced as possible. With traditional investments, this might mean splitting your assets between stocks and bonds. With precious metals, the balance is between gold, silver, and other metals – and by metal types, such as bullion and investment grade coins. So what’s the difference? Why does it matter? Bullion can be found as bars, government-minted coins, and privately minted coins, called “rounds.” Regardless of the form factor, they are all valued by their weight and metal content. The value of bullion items floats up and down every minute with the market price of the gold, silver or other metal they contain. This is commonly referred to as the “spot price” – and it’s also how the market works for traditional commodities -- like crude oil, wheat, and pork bellies, for example. On the other hand, Investment Grade Coins, which are the best specimens of certified coins by class, have a value that is driven more purely by supply and demand, much like prime real estate, fine art, or other non-reproducible tangible assets. Since the price of Investment Grade Coins is not driven by the “spot price” of the metal, ownership of these coins, as part of a balanced portfolio, can help to offset some of the volatility of the commodity and equities markets. The market value of Investment Grade Coins is also not subject to manipulation by the banking system, the Fed, government oversight, or other political forces. This is a unique factor that can make them appealing to investors looking for an alternative to traditionally regulated assets of the classical financial industry. The most important thing to remember about bullion and Investment Grade Coins is that their performance does not correlate to the performance of stocks and bonds, meaning they do not necessarily go up and down at the same time. That’s why an investment portfolio that contains a balance of both is considered to be better diversified and less volatile as a long-term investment. So what mix of bullion and Investment Grade Coins is right for you? It all depends on your individual tolerance for risk, your time horizon, and your liquidity requirements. Owning precious metals as part of your overall investment portfolio is not without risks. All investments, including precious metals, can go up and down in value. An Account Executive from the U.S. Gold Bureau will explain your options and help to customize a portfolio that best meets your goals and objectives. We look forward to working with you and putting you on a path to a more secure and more prosperous future. For a free consultation, call (800) 775-3504. The information presented in these materials is based on our opinions and experience in the precious metals markets. All investments involve risk, and coins, bullion metals and currency are no exception. USGB, LLC, representatives are not licensed investment advisors. Consult with an independent financial advisor prior to making a decision regarding the purchase or sale of any investment security. Purchases from USGB, LLC, are subject to our Terms & Conditions of Sale, which are available online at invest.usgoldbureau.com/faq. All conversations and communications between you and the Company may be recorded.