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Govt. Signs 33rd Tax Information Exchange Agreement
Minister of State for Finance Hon. Michael Halkitis signed the governments 33rd TIEA with a representative of the government of Indonesia. A move he feels demonstrates the governments ongoing commitment to transparency.
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International exchange of tax information (33c3)
https://media.ccc.de/v/33c3-7880-international_exchange_of_tax_information The Common Reporting Standard is a multinational agreement signed by more than 80 nations, including all EU member states. The signatories promised to exchange bank account information on foreigners. ['taxman']
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Offshore Banking and Tax Information Exchange Agreements
Google's chairman, Eric Schmidt, has defended the search engine's tax avoidance policies, saying "we fully comply with the law" after paying just £6m in corporation tax in the UK. In an interview with the BBC, Schmidt defended the fact that Google paid corporation tax of £6m in 2011 despite recording annual revenues of £2.5bn in Britain. He said: "You're describing the way taxes work globally. And the fact of the matter is these are the way taxes are done globally. The same is true for British firms operating in the US, for example."
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Michael Graetz - National Tax Measures on Exchange of Information
Executive training seminars of the Academy of Global Governance, on Tax Havens. Selected Theoretical and Practical Key Issues: A Legal and Economic Perspective, 8-10 June 2011, European University Institute, Italy
Kamla Persad Bissessar RE Tax Information Exchange Agreements Bill Parliament Feb 23rd 2017
Kamla Persad Bissessar's contribution RE-Tax Information Exchange Agreements Bill in Parliament February 23rd, 2017
St. Kitts signs Tax Information Exchange Agreement with Australia
Basseterre, St. Kitts (March 5, 2010) -- Australian High Commissioner, H.E. Philip Kentwell pays courtesy call on St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil L. Douglas and sign Tax Information Exchange Agreement.
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Afschrift Law Firm: Preparing for the automatic exchange of tax information | World Finance
Belgium's new tax regularisation regime has come into force, offering a permanent programme for voluntary disclosure – available once, and once only, for Belgian tax residents. This is in response to the EU directive on the automatic exchange of information for tax purposes, Jonathan Chazkal explains: better to come clean now and pay a moderate penalty, than risk a more punishing prosecution later. If you're starting here, you should go back and watch the first half of our conversation with Jonathan, which covers the costs and benefits of the regularisation programme, as well as how to apply. For a full transcript visit: http://www.worldfinance.com/videos/afschrift-law-firm-preparing-for-the-automatic-exchange-of-tax-information For more World Finance videos go to http://www.worldfinance.com/videos/
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Offshore Banking Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes
Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes: How do countries rate The Global Forum, set up in 2000 to agree global tax standards, now has 119 member countries and jurisdictions. Since 2009, when the G20 called for effective implementation of the internationally agreed standard of information exchange, the Forum has published 100 peer review reports. Most countries have completed the first phase of the reviews which looks at legal frameworks. Fourteen are not moving to the second phase due to deficiencies in their legal frameworks. After it completes a set of Phase 2 reviews, looking at effectiveness of the information exchange practices, the Global Forum will start rating countries' implementation of the standards on the basis of a four-tier classification system: "compliant," "largely compliant," "partially compliant" and "non-compliant". The results of the ratings exercise for the first set of reviews will be completed by year end, with the allocation of overall ratings to approximately 50 tax jurisdictions. Source: http://tinyurl.com/bmwj97b
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Offshore Banking and Auto Tax Info Exchange Agreements
The chairman of the ABBL named reasons why he fully supports Minister Frieden's announcement that Luxembourg will apply the automatic exchange of information and thus give up the withholding tax model. During a press conference, Mr Contzen reminded the audience of journalists that since he became the chairman of the ABBL three years ago, he has been strongly advocating a tax compliant business model: the only sustainable standard for the financial centre. He is convinced that this will help Luxembourg to not be perceived as the villain by the public eye anymore. In the discussions around the automatic exchange of information, Ernst Wilhelm Contzen didn't like the fact that the large countries of the EU tried to deprive Luxembourg of the fundamental rights that are established in the Treaty of Rome. "There is the freedom of movement for persons, goods, services and capital. Luxembourg, like the United Kingdom, has decided to focus on the service industry -- Luxembourg more specifically on finance services --, which we export to the whole EU and around the world. The attitude of large EU states is the wrong approach because every citizen of the European Union has the right to open his account where he wants to and the right to choose in which country his money is managed". Source: http://www.luxembourgforfinance.lu/cat-out-bag More info: http://www.investoffshore.com
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1031 Tax Exchange - the Quick and Simple
Tonja Demoff, Founder of Backyard Wealth explains in simple terms: * A 1031 Tax Exchange. * The difference between the Capital Gains Exclusion vs. the 1031 Tax Exchange. More information on www.BackyardWealth.com. Franchises Available! Visit us for details: www.backyardwealth.com/franchise
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Pasquale Pistone - Cross-Border Exchange of Tax Information
Executive training seminars of the Academy of Global Governance on Tax Heavens, 8-10 June 2011, European University Institute, Florence, Italy.
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G20 focuses on tax dodging - economy
Despite the Syria dispute overshadowing the G20 Summit's focus on the economy, participants are... euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe for your daily dose of international news, curated and explained:http://eurone.ws/10ZCK4a Euronews is available in 13 other languages: http://eurone.ws/17moBCU http://www.euronews.com/2013/09/05/g20-focuses-on-tax-dodging Despite the Syria dispute overshadowing the G20 Summit's focus on the economy, participants are trying to forge a united front on growth, trade, banking transparency and tax - getting companies to pay their fair share of contributions to governments' treasuries. The leaders of developed and developing nations are set to back a plan to crackdown on global tax evasion and avoidance. James Franey. the euronews correspondent at the gathering at St Petersburg in Russia said: "The business world has long argued that it is simply putting shareholders first by exploiting fiscal loopholes and shifting profits overseas. But with government finances under such strain, leaders here have decided it's time to get tough on the tax evaders." The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's top tax official Pascal Saint-Amans, told us corporate tax loopholes distort the world's economy: "The point is that you need to have fair competition. You don't need to have a system where because you get organised and you play on the existing rules you pay taxes nowhere because that you put all your intangible property, the value, your assets in no-tax jurisdiction where you have no activity. This is not fair competition. This is unfair. This is not good for growth and this is not good for the economy and that's why we are tackling this." Saint-Amans told euronews that there is a "consensus amongst the G20 to take very significant steps" towards automatic exchange of information to target individual tax dodgers and stop companies moving their profits overseas to avoid tax. "People cannot accept to pay more taxes when some don't," he said, adding that an automatic exchange deal is "the end of bank secrecy". The G20's focus on this issue follows a series of scandals involving companies - such as Apple, Amazon, Starbucks and Google - who have been accused of aggressively exploiting cross-border loopholes to lessen their tax burden. Find us on: Youtube http://bit.ly/zr3upY Facebook http://www.facebook.com/euronews.fans Twitter http://twitter.com/euronews
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2010 Tax Exchange
2010 Tax Exchange, visit, http://www.newtaxchanges4investors.com and be aware of 2010 Tax Exchange. This will play a big role in our lives also discover how to make your tax paying made more easy.
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TIEA Fundamentals
This is a TIEA Fundamentals presentation brought to you by Cititrust International, Inc. Visit us at www.cititrust.biz
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EU Leaders Close in on Bank Secrecy Agreement
Europe closes in on tax havens following Austria's agreement to swap bank data as EU leaders meet in Brussels. Full Story: Europe moved closer to ending banking secrecy on Wednesday (May 22) after Austria dropped objections to sharing data on foreign depositors and the European Union focused on negotiating a similar agreement with Switzerland. Nearly all EU member states exchange information about which bank account holders receive what interest payments - an agreement known as the Savings Directive. Luxembourg and Austria had not wanted to reveal the names of account holders to other countries and instead allow banks to withhold tax, but under pressure from their European partners both have now agreed to sign up to the code. Luxembourg, whose banking system holds deposits many times the size of its economy, has said it will exchange information from 2015 but first wants a similar agreement with neighbouring Switzerland, the globe's biggest offshore centre with $2 trillion of offshore assets. Automatic exchange of information makes it easier for tax authorities to spot tax evasion or illicit money flows. As well as negotiating with Switzerland to bring it into the same regime as the EU's 27 member states, the EU also plans to negotiate with Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra and San Marino, small states with banking secrecy regimes, to try to close off all potential loopholes in Europe. For more news and videos visit ☛ http://ntd.tv Follow us on Twitter ☛ http://twitter.com/NTDTelevision  Add us on Facebook ☛ http://on.fb.me/s5KV2C
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2018 TIEA Dedication to Breeding Award Finalist - Barbara Nicholls
Barbara Nicholls of Stone Farm is a finalist for the 2018 TIEA Dedication to Breeding Award. Godolphin is the global thoroughbred breeding and horseracing team founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. Visit our website https://www.godolphin.com/ Join our fan club for free https://club.godolphin.com/
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WEBCAST: Bermuda’s TIEA advantage for North American multinationals
Bermuda Captive Conference Chair David Gibbons describes the benefits of Bermuda’s Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs) to the captive insurance sector for both US and Canadian markets.
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Tax Information Exchange Agreement signed between St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Germany
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OECD proposes data exchange system to crack down on tax evasion
The OECD proposed Thursday a new system for cracking down on offshore tax evasion,.... in a bid to improve financial transparency worldwide. The new global standard would require countries that are party to the agreement... to collect and provide information about the investment income, financial assets and bank balances of account-holders who live outside of the country. The system is expected to be finalized during the upcoming meeting of G-20 finance ministers slated for late February in Australia. The organization plans to implement the system by the end of next year. Forty-two countries, including Britain, France and Germany, have already expressed their commitment to signing on to the plan.
Why Offshore Financial Centres Need to Mind Their Own Business.
Offshore wealth is now at 8.5 trillion dollars - a rise of 6.1 percent - and is expected to reach 11.2 trillion dollars by 2017. According to the Boston Consulting Group the top three destinations for this money are Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong; who together have only managed to muster a total of one Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) out of the 800 currently in force. Read the full report here: https://www.bcgperspectives.com/Images/Maintaining_Momentum_Complex_World_May_2013_tcm80-135355.pdf Is there a correlation between this fact and the increasing popularity of these countries among High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals? Absolutely!. Besides the fact that they, along with their competitors in the rest of the offshore world offer discretion; and a broad, specialised and diversified suite of private banking services and expertise; these countries have a large and growing network of double taxation agreements. They know that tax treaties are integral to providing asset solutions to the rich and mobile. TIEAs, on the other hand, add nothing to the profile of these destination countries for offshore wealth. Instead they know that in the marketplace TIEAs serve only to dilute their business brand. This is especially so since the global standard on tax information exchange, contained in TIEAs, is reflected in their tax treaties, most of which, over the past five years, have been systematically updated in line with the OECD standard. Why else would they have secured a passing grade in their OECD Phase 1 Assessments which determines whether a country has the requisite number and type of agreements demonstrating their commitment to the international standard. Search OECD Reports here: http://eoi-tax.org/jurisdictions/CH#agreements The moral of this story is: OFCS need to stop diverting their national wealth, which is after all the collective wealth of their people on TIEAs that were never expected to provide the definitive solution to lack of access to confidential taxpayer information. OFCs need to stop blindly fuelling the work programme of the OECD especially when these plans seem only to gain momentum, even among its own membership, under threat of sanction by the G-20. By now, OFCs ought to have recognised that, in the past five years since the TIEA programme was re-launched, precious little has changed; and what was before has only been reinforced. Indeed the OECD itself has said it is still too early to gauge the success or otherwise of these agreements and now has its eyes firmly fixed on populating its own multilateral convention on information exchange and the global FATCA+ agenda. Most importantly, however, OFCs need to note that with the rise in HNW and UHN individuals projected to come from the Asia-Pacific region and not the West, it is unlikely that they will gain any part of this new market if they continue to focus their attention and resources on trying to measure up to shifting OECD standards and not minding their own business.
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Parents day at The Islamic Educational Academy, Speech by the President of TIEA, Mufti Tanweer Ahmed. PART 2
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Parents day at The Islamic Educational Academy, Speech by the President of TIEA, Mufti Tanweer Ahmed. PART 1
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This is an ad bt TIEA promoting their ONLINE ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSE.
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All Andorra: news 08.2014 - 11.2014
https://all-andorra.com/supported-by-the-club-of-madrid-and-the-state-committee-on-work-with-diaspora-azerbaijan-and-by-the-initiative-of-nizami-ganjavi-international-center-the-assembly-credibility-reestablishment-in-europe/ https://all-andorra.com/switzerland-confirmed-the-agreement-on-tax-information-exchange-tiea-with-andorra/ https://all-andorra.com/light-fountains-grandvalira/ https://all-andorra.com/tourism-china-south-america/ https://all-andorra.com/global-day-of-tourism/ https://all-andorra.com/oktoberfest-andorra/ https://all-andorra.com/the-exhibition-welcome-back-home-andorran-works-of-art-taken-from-abroad-invites-its-visitors-to-the-exhibition-hall-of-andorran-government-on-september-23/ https://all-andorra.com/grandvalira-ensisa-financial-indexes-demonstrate-18-growth-of-sales-for-the-summer-season-of-2014-in-comparison-to-the-previous-year/ https://all-andorra.com/university-portuguese/ https://all-andorra.com/un-general-assembly/ https://all-andorra.com/the-government-of-andorra-intends-to-issue-the-bonds-for-70-mln-euro/ https://all-andorra.com/andorra-intends-to-develop-business-tourism-that-makes-up-only-0-1-of-the-total-amount-of-the-visits-to-the-principality/ https://all-andorra.com/standard-poor-s-has-decreased-andorra-s-rating-to-the-level-of-bbb-because-of-the-banking-sector-expansion-risks/ https://all-andorra.com/andorra-monaco-lichtenstein-luxembourg-island-malta-montenegro-and-san-marino-will-unify-the-efforts-in-protecting-their-interests-on-the-international-arena/ https://all-andorra.com/in-2016-andorra-la-vella-will-get-the-status-of-latin-american-capital-of-culture/ https://all-andorra.com/air-andorra-became-the-50th-member-of-era-from-the-moment-the-organization-was-launched/ https://all-andorra.com/tourism-sport-hobby-leisure-and-health-will-become-the-core-topics-of-the-36th-fair-that-will-take-place-at-the-central-park-pavilion-of-andorra-la-vella-on-october-24-26/ https://all-andorra.com/the-british-magazine-world-finance-called-morabanc-the-best-andorran-bank-in-accordance-to-world-finance-banking-2014-rating/ https://all-andorra.com/consulate-of-the-united-states-of-america/ https://all-andorra.com/according-to-the-world-bank-andorra-is-one-of-top-five-oecd-members-in-accordance-to-political-stability-and-the-absence-of-criminal-criteria/ https://all-andorra.com/vallnord-announced-incomparable-growth-of-the-amount-of-tourists-in-summertime/ https://all-andorra.com/trade-unions-intend-to-open-a-criminal-case-against-the-prime-minister-of-andorra-antoni-marti-and-the-minister-for-finances-jordi-cinca-because-of-the-pensionary-reform-being-prepared-in-the-governme/
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Move your IRA to an Offshore Investment Account
When your investments are overseas via a U.S. Qualified Retirement Plan they are excluded from Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) and Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) rules. Recognized asset protected by foreign domestic law, Double Tax Agreement (DTA) and Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA). Read more: http://wp.me/p2MWIV-15j
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Invest Offshore into the USA
This is the only mobile asset protection and tax deferred solution possible for residents of the People's Republic of China because it is integrated pension law recognized by the Peoples Republic of China, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of the Treasury, Double Tax Agreement (''DTA'') , Tax Information Exchange Agreement (''TIEA'') and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (''FATCA''). Kindle eBook - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LXO16JQ
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MP Weir on Cameco and Offshore Tax Havens (June 17, 2016)
Regina–Lewvan MP Erin Weir addresses Saskatchewan uranium company Cameco’s alleged exploitation of a Swiss tax haven and the widespread abuse of Tax Information Exchange Agreements.
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Govt. seeks parliamentary approval for tax treaties with Bahamas, Vanuatu  조세피난처 탈세 정보 교환 속도낸다
Click "CC" for Scripts Subscribe to arirang! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=arirangnews A recent report has implicated a list of high-profile businessmen of possible tax evasion for creating bogus companies in tax havens overseas. The Korean government is trying to install an information exchange system to better fight these schemes. Our Kim Yeon-ji has more. The Korean government wants to have its tax information exchange agreements with the Bahamas and Vanuatu ratified by the National Assembly. as soon as possible. Tax information exchange agreements, or TIEAs, provide the legal and administrative frameworks necessary for treaty partners to exchange information relating to civil tax matters. Korea's treaties with the two island countries have already been signed, but they need parliamentary approval to go into effect. TIEAs signed before March 2012 require a parliamentary approval, but ones signed since then do not. The Korean government is hoping to have the treaties ratified in the June extraordinary session. to better chase down individuals and organizations that use tax havens to avoid taxes. As of April, Korea has entered into an agreement to sign a TIEA with 17 countries identified as tax havens. Of the 17, treaties with the Cook Islands and the Marshall Islands have been ratified and gone into effect. Three of them are close to going into effect, while the remaining 12 are currently at a provisional status. On Wednesday, an independent journalists' group released three names of the heads of family-owned conglomerates, who allegedly set up a paper company in the British Virgin Islands and the Cook Islands to stash secretive funds or avoid paying taxes. The National Tax Service says it cannot yet confirm whether these individuals set up paper companies in offshore jurisdictions to avoid paying taxes. because the data released does not have details about their overseas accounts or the amount of money in them. Kim Yeon-ji, Arirang News. Visit us on Homepage http://www.arirang.co.kr Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/arirangtv Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/arirangworld
Issues with Foreign Accounts - Anil Harish Pt 2
Investment and taxation expert Anil Harish, partner, DM Harish & Co, spoke on international investment opportunities for Indians at the Moneylife Foundation seminar. The event at Royal Bombay Yacht Club was a packed house. Government regulation allows you to invest up to $200,000 under Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) in foreign assets every year. The master circulars are issued by RBI with latest one dated July 2011 and valid for one year. The money can be used for opening bank accounts, acquiring and holding immovable property, shares, debt instruments/securities, making gifts, personal expenses, buying art and so on. It is definitely an opportunity as long as rules and tax implications of India and foreign country are understood and complied with. Mr Harish said, "The procedure for remitting $200,000 abroad every financial year can be completed in 10 days and without prior approval of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The rules are different for a resident Indian, non-resident Indian (NRI) and Indian company. E.g. NRI can remit $1 million year. Indian government allows and disallows certain investments. E.g. Remittance cannot be used for buying lottery, prohibitive magazine, trading in foreign exchange abroad. Also, loans cannot be taken in the foreign country." "Remittance is not allowed in countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Mauritius, and Pakistan as well as other non-cooperative countries and territories like British Virgin Islands. The income earned on investment can be retained and reinvested. It is not required to repatriate funds back to India. Loans can also be given abroad," he added. The total foreign currency available in cash, traveller's cheques, travel cards, etc, per person per year is $10,000. Business trip can have $25,000. Education remittance and medical expenses remittance can be for $100,000. Attending patients can be for $25,000. A person settling abroad can remit $100,000 for expenses. According to Mr Harish, "Other countries' legal requirements and taxation is an important aspect of investment abroad. E.g. The US has estate tax which will have to be paid. A foreign country may not have wealth tax, but you will still have to comply with Indian rules if the kind of investment is such that wealth tax is applicable (E.g. Aircraft, yacht, etc). Foreign tax paid abroad on investments can be given a credit for tax implications in India, subject to different agreements like Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) and Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA). There are risks like foreign exchange rate, country and business risks." There will be tax filing abroad and in India to ensure there is no double taxation. The following topics were presented—the past, present, allowed and disallowed usage of remittances by resident Indians abroad, procedure of remittance application, buying a property abroad, taxation, other allowed remittances (medical, education, etc), remittances by NRI, Indian companies, capital gains on sale of house in India, compliance with laws, double tax avoidance agreements, opportunities abroad and risks. http://foundation.moneylife.in/th_gallery/international-investment-today-is-easier-than-ever-before/ For more information visit our website : http://foundation.moneylife.in/ Register : http://moneylife.in/register/ Follow us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/moneylifedailyclinics/ Follow us on Twitter : https://twitter.com/MoneylifeF
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Tax deferred investing and asset protection overseas brought to you by the IRS
A reader of this book should be able to exactly define the statutory foreign pension laws required to yield tax deferred contributions and accumulations in a foreign retirement plan that is recognized in Internal Revenue Code. What makes that significant is that in most foreign jurisdictions it is not possible to bolt together a U.S. Internal Revenue Service compliant retirement plan at the individual level that is also Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) compliant at the institutional level and recognized tax compliant globally. It can be done with those who have been through this already. At the institutional level it is either FATCA compliant or not. Certain types of foreign retirement plans are recognized in FATCA rules, Double Tax Treaties (DTA) , Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEA) and in legal systems worldwide. The U.S. Treasury's new W8 BEN-E form gives a special exemption place for authorized foreign retirement plans. Having a FATCA exempt registration means that your retirement plan has the freedom to invest because it has the authorization to sign a W8 BEN-E and any transfers in U.S. Dollars for or by that retirement plan are exempted from FATCA withholding and FATCA reporting. The 1986 IRS Code recognizing foreign retirement plans has remained the same and the mutually shared U.S. Treasury's and IRS new W8 BEN-E form has a special exemption place for authorized foreign retirement plans. Therefore, tax deferred investing and asset protection overseas is brought to you by the IRS and U.S. Treasury. Contributions inside this foreign retirement plan are not reportable as income until withdrawal and anything accrued inside is not taxable under IRC code, not under O.E.C.D. standards and not taxable back home in the USA. Contact: http://www.investoffshore.com
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1. A New International Tax Order? Xavier Oberson
Banking Secrecy, Tax Evasion and the "Rubik Agreements" - A New International Tax Order? Università Bocconi, Milan, 17th February 2012. Bank Secrecy and International Exchange of Information in Tax Matters - The New Swiss Policy by Xavier Oberson (University of Geneva). Stay informed about Università Bocconi events! Sign up for the newsletter at http://info.unibocconi.it/newsletter/?lingua=eng
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Move your IRA to an Offshore Investment Account
MORE INFO: https://regalassets.com/request-free-gold-ira-kit?id=6118 When your investments are overseas via a U.S. Qualified Retirement Plan they are excluded from Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) and Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) rules. Recognized asset protected by foreign domestic law, Double Tax Agreement (DTA) and Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA). Read more: https://regalassets.com/request-free-gold-ira-kit?id=6118
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The International Tax Post:  Philip Marcovici, Part 1
Jefferson VanderWolk discusses tax information exchange and other international tax issues with Philip Marcovici of Baker & McKenzie/Law in Context
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