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READING COMPREHENSION in Exams, Tests - Strategies, Tips and Tricks - Building Reading Skills
In this lesson, you will learn strategies for READING COMPREHENSION exercises in exams and tests. Also see - MOST COMMON MISTAKES IN ENGLISH & HOW TO AVOID THEM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Dax90QyXgI&list=PLmwr9polMHwsR35rD9spEhjFUFa7QblF9 ★★★ Also check out ★★★ ➜ PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWr1HXqRKC0&index=1&list=PLmwr9polMHwsRNZW607CtVZhg_SzsbiJw ➜ ALL TENSES Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmwr9polMHwsRNZW607CtVZhg_SzsbiJw ➜ PARTS OF SPEECH Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmwr9polMHwsQmAjoAxtFvwk_PaqQeS68 ➜ ALL GRAMMAR LESSONS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmwr9polMHwsR35rD9spEhjFUFa7QblF9 ➜ VERBS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LciKb0uuFEc&index=2&list=PLmwr9polMHwsQmAjoAxtFvwk_PaqQeS68 ➜ NOUNS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sBYpxaDOPo&index=3&list=PLmwr9polMHwsQmAjoAxtFvwk_PaqQeS68 ➜ PRONOUNS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCrAJB4VohA&index=4&list=PLmwr9polMHwsQmAjoAxtFvwk_PaqQeS68 ➜ ADJECTIVES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnmeV6RYcf0&index=5&list=PLmwr9polMHwsQmAjoAxtFvwk_PaqQeS68 ➜ ADVERBS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKL26Gji4UY&index=6&list=PLmwr9polMHwsQmAjoAxtFvwk_PaqQeS68 Transcript: Hello and welcome back. This lesson comes from a request by Aditya from Maharashtra, India. Aditya says he is preparing for a competitive exam and he has to do reading comprehension exercises as part of the exam, and he wants to know the best way to do these. Before we start, if you want to request a lesson, just leave a comment. In your comment, tell me your name, and I will mention you in the video. OK, in this lesson I will give you some important tips and strategies for reading comprehension exercises. I will give you a reading plan that you can follow, and there are exercises in this lesson for you to practice. Alright, now my teaching experience is mostly with exams like the IELTS and TOEFL, but the tips that I give you in this lesson will help you in any exam situation. So the first thing is: when it comes to reading in an exam, budget your time. That means: you should know how many reading passages there are in the exam, how many exercises there are and how much time you have. In the IELTS exam, for example, there are three reading passages and you have one hour to do all of them. So then divide your time amongst those passages – for IELTS, you might spend roughly 20 minutes per passage. In some exams, one passage might be shorter or easier, and another passage might be longer or more difficult. In that case, obviously, you should plan to spend less time on the short passage, and more time on the long passage. And you should time yourself – if you are allowed to wear a watch in your exam, look at your watch and keep track of the time. If you plan for 20 minutes per passage, stick to that plan. Now, if you’re not allowed to wear a watch, then use the clock in the room or hall, or ask the invigilators how much time you have left. Alright, that’s the first thing: budgeting your time. So now the exam starts – and you have the first reading passage in front of you – what do you do? Well, I’ll tell you what you should NOT do – don’t start at the beginning and read slowly to the finish. Many students do this – and the problem is that when you get to the end, you will have forgotten a lot of the details in the middle, and when you read the questions, you have to go back and read the passage again to find the answers. Instead, here’s the plan that you should follow: your first step in reading should be to skim the passage. What does that mean? Well, skimming is actually something that we do with milk. It’s when you heat or boil milk, and the fat rises to the top in the form of cream. Removing that layer of fat is called skimming. When it comes to reading, skimming means to read the surface of the text quickly to understand the overall message. So if there’s a heading or title to the passage, and if there are subheadings, read all of these first. They will tell you the subject of the text. Then read the first sentence of each paragraph – they will give you a good idea of the overall message. Let’s practice this. You see two paragraphs on the screen, but only the first sentence in each paragraph is visible. Stop the video, read the sentences and try to understand the main topic in each paragraph. Alright, so what do you think the topic of the whole passage might be? It could be the negative effects of social media on children. What about the first paragraph? What is it about? Well it says that using social media can affect a child’s writing skills. And the second paragraph? It says that some people don’t agree with this – that is, the first paragraph – for two reasons: scientific reasons and practical reasons (pragmatic).
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IELTS – 3 Reading Strategies
Is the IELTS Reading section very challenging for you? Can't finish all the readings and questions before the time is up? In this lesson, you will learn three approaches to the IELTS Reading section and their pros and cons. The goal of this lesson is to help you finish the test on time without compromising your understanding of the readings. Learn how to read less while answering more questions correctly. After watching, make sure to do the quiz to test your understanding. Good luck on your test! https://www.engvid.com/ielts-3-reading-strategies/ https://www.GoodLuckIELTS.com/ https://www.writetotop.com/ WATCH NEXT IELTS Writing: The 3 Essay Types https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ-Vyqxn1To TRANSCRIPT Hi again. Welcome back to www.engvid.com. I'm Adam. Today's lesson is about IELTS. As usual, with IELTS lessons, I will be speaking a little bit faster than normal. It's good for your listening practice. But if you're not taking the IELTS, you can still listen and try to follow us as we go through this section. So, let's begin. Today, I'm going to look at the IELTS reading section. I'm going to look at three different approaches to tackling the IELTS reading section. Students always ask me: "What should I do with the reading? How do I do it? How can I finish on time? How can I answer more questions?" Right? So I'm going to give you three approaches, three different ways to try to do the IELTS. Okay? We're going to look at three different ways. They're completely different from each other. The most important thing I want to tell you before we start: you have to know what works for you. Okay? One of these approaches will work for you; the others may not. Practice all three. If you're comfortable with one and it seems to work for you, and your score seems to be getting better, stick with that one and practice that one. Don't try to do all three each time. Figure out which one works, and just practice that one the most. Okay? The most obvious one and the first one we're going to talk about: read the entire passage, and then tackle the questions. Now, a few things to say, good and bad, about this approach. So, you have 20 minutes, let's say, that you're going to start from the first passage, you're going to do about 17 minutes; the second passage, you're going to spend 20 minutes; the last passage, you're going to spend 23, 24, 25 minutes. So, you have to do this very fast. So: can you read the entire passage and do the questions in that timeframe? Okay? That's the question you must ask yourself. Are you a fast reader? Can you comprehend everything you're reading? How is your vocabulary? Things like this. Some people, they must read everything, from beginning to end, and then go to the questions. But they can also keep; they can retain the information they've read, so when they go to the questions, they know where to go back and look for the answers. Now, the good part about this is that you have all the information in your head once you've read the entire passage. The bad part is that you're going to be reading the passage twice. Okay? Or not the whole passage, but you're going to read big chunks of the passage twice. You'll have read it the first time, you'll go to the questions, and then you'll be reading again to find the answers, because you're looking for specific words now. When you get to the questions, sometimes it's only one word difference from what you read in the passage. So, do I recommend this? Yes and no. If you're a fast reader and you can comprehend, then yes, do that. If you're not a fast reader, then no, don't do this. You'll be wasting too much time and reading more than you need to. What I'm going to do with these two approaches is show you how to read less. So you don't need to read the entire passage; you just need to read the areas that contain the answers to the questions. So, the second approach: go straight to the questions. You look at the question. First of all, understand the type of the question. Is it a multiple choice? Is it a fill-in-the-blank, like a summary? Are you looking for like headings for each paragraph? Are you looking for the title? Etc. Figure out what you're looking for, read the question carefully, pick out the keywords in the question or the key idea in the question, and then scan the passage. Don't read the passage. Just quickly look everywhere for where that information ought to be.
Exam skills: 6 tips to help you with reading exams
Time isn't always on your side! Reading English is often OK if you’ve got plenty of time to do it, but in a reading exam, it can seem as if time isn’t on your side! Watch this video to see our six top tips to help you with your reading exam - then afterwards test your understanding in our quiz. [Images: Getty Images] For more, visit our website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/course/english-you-need/unit-13/session-1 Transcript Rob Reading English is often OK if you’ve got plenty of time to do it, but in a reading exam, it can seem as if time isn’t on your side! Here's examiner Mark Shea… Mark Shea, Examiner The way most reading exams work is that you have a lot of reading to do and very little time to do it. Time is more important perhaps in reading than in any other paper. Rob So there's no time to waste in a reading exam but hopefully our top tips will not make your next exam feel like a sprint! The first thing to do is to familiarise yourself with the structure of the exam. Remember to do plenty of reading practice tests – preferably in timed conditions. And get feedback either from your teacher or by checking your answers with answer keys where possible. When you do the real exam, begin by reading the instructions carefully so you know exactly what you're required to do. One suggestion is to start with the reading section that you found easiest in the practice test - then you'll have time to focus on the sections you find most difficult. Other people suggest the opposite. You choose which way works for you. Just don't spend too much time on any one section – the clock is ticking! This is how one student approaches a reading exam… Student When the paper come, I read first the questions. I try to read the whole thing and try to construct how I answer those questions. Rob So it’s a good idea to read the questions before you read the texts, so you know what to look for. You could skim to find the main idea of a section of text or scan to find specific details such as key words, details, phrases or synonyms from the questions. Attempt to answer all the questions as long as there is no penalty for an incorrect answer. And make sure you leave some time at the end to check your answers. Good luck!
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ACT Reading: Strategies to Solve Reading Comprehension Questions
Kaplan ACT Reading teacher and online ACT tutor Rob provides a helpful lesson and tutorial on how to get more points on the Reading section of the ACT using Kaplan ACT Reading strategies. Learn how to get more questions right on the ACT Reading section (and raise your overall ACT score too!) by learning the Kaplan Method for Reading Comp. Find out how to make reading comprehension less painful, faster and more accurate on the test. This lesson is an excerpt from the online lessons in Kaplan Test Prep ACT courses (included in Kaplan online prep programs or in addition to Kaplan ACT classes and ACT tutoring programs). Kaplan ACT courses are designed to help college-bound high school students learn strategies to achieve a higher ACT score and get into college. For more information about Kaplan PSAT, ACT and SAT courses, visit http://www.KaplanSATACT.com.
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IELTS Reading: Top 10 Tips
How to get a high score on the IELTS Reading. In this video, I am going to give you ten important tips that will help you succeed on the reading module of the IELTS. Prepare yourself for test day by watching this class and taking my quiz at the end. http://www.engvid.com/ielts-reading-top-10-tips/ http://www.goodluckielts.com/ TRANSCRIPT Hello. My name is Emma, and in today's video, we are going to talk about the reading module of the IELTS. I'm going to tell you some of my top IELTS reading tips. So let's get started. During the reading module of the IELTS, there will be three passages that you read, and for each passage, there are a bunch of questions you have to answer. The first tip I have for you is: don't spend too much time reading the passages. What happens to a lot of students is they read word-for-word everything. They see a word they don't know, they keep trying to understand the meaning. You don't have to understand everything to understand the passage. If you don't know a word, that's fine. The better thing to do than to slowly read is to use skills such as skimming which means you quickly read for the main idea or scanning, meaning you look for key words or you look for specific detail. A lot of students, what they do for the IELTS is they will actually read the questions first, and then they will read the passage. And that way, they... They know what they're looking for. You don't have to do this; it's one technique. Some students find this a lot easier, other students like to read the passage first and then answer the questions. I recommend trying both out. First do the reading, then the questions, then try to read the questions first and read the passage and see what you like better, what you're more comfortable doing. So the key thing here is: don't read slowly. It's a timed test, you have three parts you have to get through, 40 questions; it's very important that you read quickly. You can start practicing reading quickly also. There are a number of resources out there where you can actually start practicing. And time yourself when you practice, make sure you're not going over time. Number two, similar to number one, my tip is: don't spend too long on each question. Some of the questions are difficult-they're possible, you can do well on them-but some of them, you might be reading and you might think: "Oh, I don't know what the answer is," and you might look at it, and think, and try, and try, and try. Well, the problem is if you spend too much time on a question, there are 40 questions and the one hour limit for the test, it goes by very quickly. So you can spend too much time on each question. So what I recommend is read a question, try to figure out the answer. If you don't know it, you can put a star beside it and come back after. Don't spend too long on any question. You can also take a guess, move on, and come back later. My third tip: spend less time on earlier questions. For the reading module, the... Like I said, there are three passages. The first passage is the easiest, then the second passage, and then the third question. If you spend all your time on the first passage, you're not going to have time to do the second and the third. And, like I said, the first one is easier. So a good idea is to spend less time on the first passage, maybe about 17 minutes, then the second passage maybe spend about 20 minutes, and the third passage maybe 23 minutes. You don't have to follow this exactly, but the main idea is spend less time on part one, more time on part three because part three is harder. My fourth point is: make sure you have enough time to transfer your answers. They will have an answer sheet and you're supposed to write your answers on it. It's very important to leave yourself time to transfer your answers from your test paper to the answer sheet. A lot of students, they work through the booklet and then they realize there's no time to transfer their answers, so make sure you leave time for this.
ACT Reading  - Tips, Tricks, and Strategies
Here are a few quick tips for the ACT Reading section - improve your timing and ability to answer simple questions quickly! If you want to see more math videos, explanations, and riddles, subscribe to our channel, and contact us with video requests or if you want to try to stump our crew. Phone: (856)240-0728 Website: www.beyondthetest.com Email: [email protected]
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Free ACT Reading Strategies - ACT Test Study Guide
►ACT Study Guide: http://www.actsecrets.com/ ►ACT Flashcards: http://www.flashcardsecrets.com/act/ Context 0:04 Different Perspectives from Different Authors 5:07 Historical Context 8:06 Inductive and Deductive Reasoning 12:58 Inference 19:48 Interpretation of Expository or Literary Text 22:54 Multiple Meaning Words 28:28 Persuasive Text and Bias 33:03 Plot line 38:47 Point of View 43:55 Textual Evidence for Predictions 48:38 Textual Support for Interpretation 53:00 Theme 57:00 Author's Position 1:01:54 Conclusions that are Stated Directly 1:05:16 Denotative and Connotative Meanings 1:07:16 Determining Word Meanings 1:08:40 Identifying a Logical Conclusion 1:12:07 Predictions 1:13:52 Purpose of an Author 1:15:34 Supporting Details 1:17:15 Textual Evidence 1:19:48 Topics and Main Ideas 1:21:53 When There's No Keyword 1:24:02 For your convenience, we have compiled several ACT reading strategy videos into an ACT Reading Strategies Study Guide for you to study all at once. ►ACT Test Prep Series: https://goo.gl/WySf3o ACT Study Guides ►ACT Math: https://youtu.be/DSMhw3-tjWo ►ACT English: https://youtu.be/8btVwEoIyig ►ACT Science: https://youtu.be/qafhiTWuG2w ►How to pass the ACT Test: https://youtu.be/JE3zvoKLzqQ ►What to expect on the ACT Test - http://goo.gl/75ue97 ►ACT Math Practice Test: https://youtu.be/u8QZbVy6N90 ►ACT Reading Practice Test: http://www.mometrix.com/academy/act-reading-practice-test/
4 SAT Critical Reading Strategies to Raise Your SAT Score
Learn four SAT critical reading strategies to raise your SAT critical reading score. There are tricks to taking the SAT critical reading test that will help you find the right answer more often.
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4 Strategies to Master Reading Comprehension | TalentSprint
Hope you have liked this video by our expert trainer! Want to watch more such videos for FREE? Then get out of YouTube and join TalentSprint's Free Coaching! Free Coaching covers the following: 1. Expert Videos and ebooks 2. Weekly LIVE Classes for Upcoming Exams 3. 100+ Practice tests in real exam interface 4. Downloadable reading material 5. All India Ranking 6. Personal Study Plan Join FREE now @ https://goo.gl/sx6Sr1
IELTS Reading strategies: True, False, Not Given
http://www.engvid.com/ Oh no! My IELTS test is coming, and I am not prepared! Sound familiar? In this video I will give you tips on how to do well on one of the hardest parts of the IELTS. I will explain a specific type of question you may find in the Reading module of the IELTS: True, False, or Not Given. After watching this class, you can try to do some practice questions. After all, practice makes perfect. http://www.engvid.com/ielts-reading-strategies/ TRANSCRIPT Hello. My name is Emma, and in today's video, we are going to be looking at the IELTS, that scary test a lot of you have to do. We're going to look at, specifically, one type of reading question for the academic reading. So this isn't for the general; it's for the academic reading. We're going to talk about the question that has to do with "true, false, or not given". So this is a specific question. It may or may not be on your test, but I think, personally, this is one of the most difficult questions on the reading section of the IELTS. So I'm going to give you some tips and strategies on how to do well on this section. Okay, so let's get started. In this section, what you are going to find is a reading passage. So you will have a long passage on maybe cybercrime, maybe food security, on the history of the Internet -- it can be on anything. After the passage, there will be some statements, some facts, okay? What you need to do is you need to say if the fact matches -- if it's true based on the reading, if it's false based on the reading, or if the information is not given in the reading. So I will explain "true", "false", "not given" in detail in just a minute. Okay. What else to know about the "true, false, or not given"? Another important thing about this question is we're not talking about the question that has to do with the writer's opinion. There's a very similar question on the IELTS that asks about the writer's opinion. That's the "yes, no, not given". This is only on "true, false, not given", not "yes, no, not given". Just -- hopefully, that will clear up any confusion. Okay. So let's get started. What do they mean by "true" in these questions? When would you write "true"? I will show you. You can write "true" or "T". "T" is shorter. If there is a fact and it is clearly written, you write "T". If the fact is clearly written in the reading, you would write "T". You'll often see synonyms, and, again, write "T" only if you actually see this fact written. If you know the fact is true, but it's not written, don't write "true". Only write "true" if, with your eyes, you read it, and you see it in the fact. You see it in the reading; write "true". So I'll give you an example of this type of question. Here is just a part of a passage. The reading is a lot longer, but here is a short version that you might find on the IELTS. "This increase in cybercrime has alarmed many experts." So it would be a long passage. You might see something like that. And then, at the end of the reading, one of the statements you might see might say, "Cyber crime is on the rise." You need to say if this is "true", "false", or "not given". So how do you know if it's "true", "false", or "not given"? My advice to you is first, read the statement: "Cyber crime is on the rise"; underline any key words. "Cyber crime" -- this is a keyword. "is on the 'rise'" -- that's a keyword, okay? Then you go back to the reading passage, and you quickly scan for these words or synonyms. What are "synonyms"? "Synonyms" are words that mean the same thing but are different words. So what is a synonym of "rise"? "Increase", "go up", okay? So let's see if we can find "cyber crime" or "rise". So I would scan the passage -- oh, the word "increase", "cybercrime". So "rise", "increase", okay. So I found a synonym. Now, it's important for me to read very carefully to see if there are any contradictions. What does the sentence say? Does it really match? "This increase in cyber crime has alarmed many experts." "Cyber crime is on the rise." Both of these -- both the reading passage and the fact or the statement are saying cyber crime is increasing. It's going up. So that would mean it's true. So I could write a "T" beside this, "true". Okay. One thing to look out for with "true": Sometimes you will see words like "some", "all", "only", "never", "usually", "often", "sometimes". Be careful with these words, okay? Because if it says, "Some people in Canada like to eat poutine", and you see the sentence saying, "Poutine is always eaten by Canadians", even though you see the two words -- oh, "poutine", "poutine" -- one says "always", one says "some". So this would not be a true statement. So be on the lookout for "some", "all", "only", "never", "usually". This is where they try to trick you on the IELTS...
3 Best ACT Reading Tips and Strategies to Raise Your ACT Reading Score
Visit http://bestactprep.co to increase your ACT score even more! We are also in the process of developing videos that target more specific strategies for the ACT science test, so be on the lookout for them! Full Transcript: http://bestactprep.org/best-3-step-strategy-act-reading-test Best ACT Prep.org Home: http://bestactprep.org
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ACT Reading | 6 ESSENTIAL Tips and Strategies
Get a FREE Magoosh ACT Reading lesson here: https://act.magoosh.com/reading-lesson Want to get a truly awesome ACT Reading Section score? Check out these quick tips, tricks, and strategies that will have you feeling prepared on ACT test day. Do you have other ACT reading strategies or study tips that have helped you? Share them in the comments! Check out Magoosh's awesome, comprehensive ACT prep at https://act.magoosh.com/
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TOEFL Reading Tips and Strategy | Fill in a Table Questions
TOEFL Prep Online. 5 Day Free Trial: http://toefl.prepscholar.com/5-day-free-trial Learn everything you need to know about Fill in a Table questions in the TOEFL iBT Reading section. Video includes how to recognize the question type, sample questions and skill building tips. These questions are worth 3 points, so it's important to know how to answer them correctly. Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb7sbqRJV3QfW0-2oVWiBQg Visit our website: http://toefl.prepscholar.com Read full transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_DCIkRgwVgANJc-fScoa0tkUl0qR82BffvOoPT4tuHg/edit?usp=sharing
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SAT Foundations #7: Reading Passage Strategies
http://rprep.co/newsat Click the above link to view the FREE New SAT Quickstart course.
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SAT Strategies - Guide to Critical Reading - Part 1
Announcement: We have rebranded from Hope Academy to Royal Education This is a guide around the SAT I Critical Reading, strategies and breakdown around how to master the Critical Reading portion. Link to find the sample Critical Reading Exam I passage used for the video: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/practice/full-length-practice-tests Any inquiries, questions, or suggestions? Feel free to reach us at: Location: 3810 Foothill Blvd., La Crescenta CA 91214 Email: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoyalEducationInc Instagram: @RoyalEducationInc Twitter: @RoyalEducate Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/RoyalEducation/ "Pro maio bono" -- For the Greater Good. The mission of Royal Education is to make high quality education accessible to everyone.
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Reading Strategies and Activities for ESL/ELL Classrooms
http://www.thesysintl.com/ Teaching the skill of reading requires a specific flow and integrated approach that incorporates writing, listening, and speaking exercises. ESL Specialist Brenda Huey-Rosas as she reveals reading fluency strategies and comprehension activities for the classroom. Discover how helping your students foster connections and become better listeners dramatically improves their reading skills!
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ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension
This is the 5th video in the ACCUPLACER Seminar Series. In this video you will learn more about the ACCUPLACER Reading section of the test, as well as see an explanation of four practice problems.
Reading skills that work - for tests and in class
http://www.engvid.com/ Do you run out of time when reading in class? Have trouble remembering or understanding what you read? Then put down that book and press play to learn how to improve your reading speed and comprehension today. http://www.engvid.com/reading-skills-that-work/
TOEFL Review Wednesdays: Attacking the reading strategy
If you'd like to improve your reading strategies after viewing our video, please click here to better help you: http://bit.ly/2qwkzXk We've closed our forum, but we have EVERYTHING you need to earn your dream TOEFL score right here: http://bit.ly/2kNoIna After clicking, you'll land on NoteFull where a detailed video that's only 5 minutes and 21 seconds will: 1) Give you the resources that have led millions to TOEFL success. 2) Teach you how many hours you need to study for your dream score. 3) Show you how to study those hours for the fastest and best results! This (http://bit.ly/2kNoIna) is the same help that's led millions of students to their dream TOEFL scores! Just below that video, you'll find another that details exactly what NoteFull TOEFL training material and practice is best for you to earn your dream TOEFL score. In just 6 minutes and 37 seconds, you'll: 1) Identify the best TOEFL training material and practice to succeed. 2) Gain access to the best online free TOEFL training on the planet! Don't delay; you can start your journey to becoming a TOEFL success story just as these students did: "From where you are or whatever skills you have, [NoteFull will] help you develop your skills to get your score." - Chintan G. NoteFull helped me earn 103 overall (R: 23 L: 27 S: 26 W: 27) "NoteFull tells you whatever you need to know to pass the exam. It's the best program on the planet to pass TOEFL. Period." - Shabnam J. NoteFull helped me earn 106 overall (R: 28 L: 27 S: 26 W: 25) "I used all NoteFull free resources; then I bought the program they recommended to me. I find it incredible how I improved!" - Shaymaa G. NoteFull helped me earn 106 overall (R: 27 L: 28 S: 27 W: 24) And, the start of your journey begins by clicking here right now: http://bit.ly/2kNoIna
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CELPIP Accelerate: Reading Strategies   Meaning from Context
Do you want help preparing for the CELPIP-General Test? This is just one of over thirty instructional videos in CELPIP Accelerate - Reading and Writing, a self-directed learning program: https://secure.celpiptest.ca/RegWebApp/#/product-shopping?productId=71 Check out this self-directed study program, and many other preparation materials, at: https://secure.celpiptest.ca/RegWebApp/#/product-shopping. ---------- Find more CELPIP Test videos on our Youtube homepage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsSYTLCLK0K2kq6hFSX476A Here are links to our playlists: About CELPIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zuY96lpRvM&list=PLAqVC0RMPppz_0Ap-D43USbPmLWJ57bD_ CELPIP Recorded Seminars and Information Sessions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJtumZnpUXE&list=PLAqVC0RMPppxAFlxG6kEWjp8mHh8NHhWh Tips For Success https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoF1craa4GU&list=PLAqVC0RMPppw1B8KuVMYSszT7L4fS4YVb CELPIP Rate the Response https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3mqgCYvkrE&list=PLAqVC0RMPppyyHfK9NoAlPGxh91KEV9E3 CELPIP Accelerate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmnU9YYvq3Q&list=PLAqVC0RMPppxtVVcB3_Q7zcw4hSDFiokq Preparing for the CELPIP Test: Test Integrity https://youtu.be/ARYYmwUNijA
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New, Killer TOEFL Reading Tricks, Tips, & Strategy from NoteFull
Stressed? Breakthrough to your dream reading score now with our powerful TOEFL training that's helped thousands; you won't find it anywhere else but here: http://bit.ly/2eLWVl0 For EVERYTHING you need to earn your dream TOEFL score, click here: http://bit.ly/2kNoIna After clicking, you'll land on NoteFull where a detailed video that's only 5 minutes and 21 seconds will: 1) Give you the resources that have led millions to TOEFL success. 2) Teach you how many hours you need to study for your dream score. 3) Show you how to study those hours for the fastest and best results! This (http://bit.ly/2kNoIna) is the same help that's led millions of students to their dream TOEFL scores! Just below that video, you'll find another that details exactly what NoteFull TOEFL training material and practice is best for you to earn your dream TOEFL score. In just 6 minutes and 37 seconds, you'll: 1) Identify the best TOEFL training material and practice to succeed. 2) Gain access to the best online free TOEFL training on the planet! Don't delay; you can start your journey to becoming a TOEFL success story just as these students did: "From where you are or whatever skills you have, [NoteFull will] help you develop your skills to get your score." - Chintan G. NoteFull helped me earn 103 overall (R: 23 L: 27 S: 26 W: 27) "NoteFull tells you whatever you need to know to pass the exam. It's the best program on the planet to pass TOEFL. Period." - Shabnam J. NoteFull helped me earn 106 overall (R: 28 L: 27 S: 26 W: 25) "I used all NoteFull free resources; then I bought the program they recommended to me. I find it incredible how I improved!" - Shaymaa G. NoteFull helped me earn 106 overall (R: 27 L: 28 S: 27 W: 24) And, the start of your journey begins by clicking here right now: http://bit.ly/2kNoIna
Views: 1178035 NoteFull TOEFL Mastery
5 Rules (and One Secret Weapon) for Acing Multiple Choice Tests
A,B,C,D... which answer is most common on multiple choice questions? Is the old advice to "go with C when in doubt" actually true? In this video, I'll reveal the answer. Additionally, we'll go over five useful strategies you can use to improve your performance on these types of questions - whether they're on your ACT/SAT/GCSE exams or just on a pop quiz. Need more test tactics? Check out The Ultimate Guide to Acing your Final Exams: https://collegeinfogeek.com/final-exams-ultimate-guide/ My book "10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades" is completely free, so check it out if you're interested in improving your grades! http://collegeinfogeek.com/get-better-grades/ ---------- Videos you might want to watch next: Confidence Tracking: A Brain Hack for Your Exams - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USkDbcGPKP0&list=PLx65qkgCWNJIgq1Mj0rtsthmpqDGFL8Yn How to Stop Making Dumb Mistakes on Exams - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY6Z8gNKp-w&list=PLx65qkgCWNJIgq1Mj0rtsthmpqDGFL8Yn ---------- If you want to get even more strategies and tips on becoming a more productive, successful student, subscribe to my channel right here: http://buff.ly/1vQP5ar This week's podcast episode - How to Build Your Vocabulary: https://collegeinfogeek.com/build-your-vocabulary/ Twitter ➔ https://twitter.com/tomfrankly Instagram ➔ https://instagram.com/tomfrankly ~ created by Thomas Frank Music: "The Catch" by MAESON: https://soundcloud.com/maeson-1/2-the-catch "Nola by Broke" for Free: http://brokeforfree.com/ Graphics: https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/078-Multiple-Choice-Tests-KGBqJIf6pmlhA5WzW97Nv
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Tutoring Tips: Reading Comprehension Strategies
Learn different ways to engage students while reading to increase reading comprehension! The mission of School on Wheels is to provide one-on-one tutoring and educational advocacy for school-aged children impacted by homelessness. http://www.indyschoolonwheels.org
Views: 179888 indySOW
SAT READING: DESTROY THE READING SECTION!  Tips, Tricks, Strategies for the New SAT Reading Section
From a perfect scoring tutor! 5 of the BEST Tips, Tricks and Strategies for the New SAT Reading Having trouble with the SAT reading section? In this video I go over 5 essential tips to help you get through it effectively and efficiently. For the blog post that recaps all the information discussed in the video, click here: https://supertutortv.com/sat/5-tips-sat-reading/ FEATURING Tutor and Perfect SAT/ACT Scorer and Stanford graduate Brooke Hanson Want more SAT videos? Look no further! SAT Book Review: The Best Books for the SAT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIjJxQtzDGU SAT Math Subject Test: Self Study Tips!! Level II and Level I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22IKS8XQP_E How to get a PERFECT SCORE on the NEW SAT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96HgTh6ptSo How to CRAM for the NEW SAT!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxwv_BHABAE What to Bring to the SAT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe0hRpSKIDE Get more tips and tricks by following us! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/supertutortv Twitter: https://twitter.com/supertutorTV Links to practice tests can be found here: https://supertutortv.com/resources/ Learning Made Awesome! Interested in private tutoring from a perfect scoring test prep expert? Check out http://www.brookehansontutoring.com or https://supertutortv.com/tutoring/ for more information!
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Step up your prep game! Own the ACT! Get into the college of your dreams! https://supertutortv.com/the-best-act-prep-course-ever Find out the #1 tip for studying for the ACT Reading Section! With Perfect SAT/ACT Scorer and Tutor Brooke Hanson ACT ENGLISH: #1 SECRET TIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9G0DsYkJjRQ ACT SCIENCE: #1 SECRET TIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCe1p9vdnE4 ACT MATH: #1 SECRET TIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfYNngI8B50 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL!! CLICK SUBSCRIBE NOW :) !! Blog post on our website that recaps this info: Get more tips and tricks by following us! https://www.facebook.com/supertutortv https://twitter.com/supertutorTV https://www.quora.com/profile/Brooke-Hanson-3 Subscribe to our mailing list at www.supertutortv.com http://supertutortv.com/main/subscribe/ Links to practice tests can be found here: http://supertutortv.com/main/resources/ Learning Made Awesome! Interested in private tutoring from a perfect scoring test prep expert? Check out http://www.brookehansontutoring.com or http://supertutortv.com/main/tutoring-information/ for more information!
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SAT Reading: Strategies for the 7 Different Question Types
The best strategies for the SAT reading comprehension section. Be sure to complete the passage first so that the strategies all become clear. Spend 13 minutes doing passage 1 on this test. https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/pdf/sat-practice-test-6.pdf
Views: 3014 Revolution Tutors
ACT Reading Strategies - Brightstorm ACT Prep
Learn ACT reading section strategies from an ACT expert. Includes general strategies, reading in sweeps, macro-reading, marking up the passage, what to look for when reading and a lot of other tips. http://www.brightstorm.com/test-prep/act/act-reading/act-reading-strategies/ DOWNLOAD our FREE MOBILE APP FOR MORE ACT PREP VIDEOS - Google play ► https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studystorm.act - iTunes ► https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/act-prep-video-tutorials-by/id1055620354?ls=1&mt=8 SUBSCRIBE FOR All OUR VIDEOS! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=brightstorm2 VISIT BRIGHTSTORM.com FOR TONS OF VIDEO TUTORIALS AND OTHER FEATURES! http://www.brightstorm.com/ LET'S CONNECT! Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/brightstorm Pinterest ► https://www.pinterest.com/brightstorm/ Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+brightstorm/ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/brightstorm_ Brightstorm website ► https://www.brightstorm.com/
Views: 30243 Brightstorm
Reading Strategy for Comprehension
Way to help struggling readers using GED information. This method can be used with most reading assignments and exams. Please visit "Ms. Melchior' Class" at https://sites.google.com/site/msmelchiorsclass/.
Views: 40689 earlamel
CBEST Reading Test Prep
For more videos, visit: http://www.teacherstestprep.com/online This CBEST Reading test prep video covers important subject matter appearing on the CBEST Exam (Reading Subtest). This particular video focuses on identifying the Central Idea, Theme, and/or Thesis Statement of a passage. It also examines how to apply these skills to a sample passage that is typical of the kind of passage you are likely to encounter on the actual CBEST, and demonstrates how to avoid a common pitfall with questions that ask you to identify a passage's topic sentence. Our online prep programs for the CBEST exam include Core subject matter videos like this one, which cover all of the reading skills that you need to know for the exam, and also include interactive practice tests with "Smart-STEM" virtual tutoring that helps you with each question you missed and teaches you the specific test strategies you need to pass. On the Teachers Test Prep website, you can also access a free CBEST Study Guide and CBEST Practice Test, which can help you get started preparing for your teacher credentialing and certification exam by assessing your strengths and weaknesses in each domain of the test.
Views: 9576 Teachers Test Prep
TOEFL Tuesday: Reading Section Advice
Need more TOEFL practice? Check out Magoosh: http://bit.ly/magooshtoeflprep Don't let these common TOEFL reading problems affect you! In this video, Lucas gives advice on the TOEFL Reading Section. Here are some common problems student face on this part of the exam: TOEFL Reading Common Problem 1: The clock Reading on the TOEFL isn’t quite like reading in your personal life, because the material is very different, and you have only a limited time. In fact, those are the two biggest problems in TOEFL reading: the clock and staying focused on boring reading topics. The clock is the most common problem. Many students reach the last reading passage with less than 20 minutes remaining. You have exactly 20 minutes for each text and set of questions (e.g. if there are three texts with three question sets, the time limit will be 60 minutes), so if you are a little too slow in the earlier texts, it can cause trouble near the end of the reading section. Imagine you have only ten minutes for the final passage and set of 14 questions. What do you do then? It’s hard to read all that and answer all the questions in such a short time! TOEFL Reading Tip 1: Read the first question first One of the most interesting test strategies is not reading the text—at least not in the beginning. On test day, you will see the text before questions. But you can scroll to the end of the text, click “next” to go to the first question, and still have the opportunity to return to the text after. That means you can start your reading with the first question in mind. So you read the first question, then go to the text and start reading. When you find the answer to the first question, you stop reading, give your answer, and look at the next question. Once you know what to look for, go back to the text and continue reading from where you had stopped. Read until you find the answer for question two, etc. This strategy is most helpful for advanced students who can comfortably understand both the meaning of the question and of the text. For lower level students, it may make more sense to focus only on the reading at first, to understand as much as possible of the bigger ideas. TOEFL Reading Common Problem 2: Focus (boring texts) The second problem, focus, makes problem of timing even harder. It’s easy to waste time reading and re-reading the same text because it is not only difficult, but also extremely boring. TOEFL reading can be about very random, specific scientific topics. For example, you might read a text about what materials were used for mirrors before the invention of glass mirrors. Pair that with difficult vocabulary, and you have a text that can be hard to focus on. TOEFL Reading Tip 2: Focus When you are reading a boring passage, don’t just think about the meanings of the individual words or phrases. Consider the whole paragraph. Try to summarize what you are reading! If you can summarize a whole paragraph into one or two sentences, that’s great. Trying to summarize like this means that you have to stay engaged with the text, looking for the most important ideas. If you think about how the text is structured, it can really help you stay focused. The more you think about what you are reading—summarizing, reacting to—the better you will understand and remember it later. Paraphrasing longer sentences and paragraphs is the simplest way to make yourself think about the overall text and the author’s intentions. Improve your scores: http://toefl.magoosh.com Visit our blog: http://magoosh.com/toefl/
Views: 64605 MagooshTOEFL
ACT Reading Strategies for Slow Readers | ACT Pacing Tips
ACT Reading pacing can be tricky when it seems like the ACT Reading section goes by in a flash! Today we're sharing tips and strategies to help you read faster and get a great ACT reading score. Did this video help you? Send it to a friend! Let's all go to college 🎓🎓 -- Need a better score? Check out Magoosh's ACT prep at https://act.magoosh.com/
Views: 5071 MagooshACT
CELPIP Reading Tip - Wikipedia?
Here's a great CELPIP reading tip for you! 😃 Become one of my students! :) Visit my website: http://metv.cool My channel is about learning English. I try to make creative and fun lessons to help you learn vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, verb tenses, idioms, IELTS and TOEFL preparation, and much more! My videos will help you improve your English speaking, reading, writing, and listening. If you don't understand something I say or have any questions for me, please just ask! I reply to all the comments on my videos! I make new lessons every day so follow me on Facebook and YouTube! 😃 You can always find my YouTube homepage at: Youtube.com/madenglishtv Follow me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/madenglishtv/ Here are the links to my playlists. Exam Practice https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2-SI2qqn8uSQXIgGsEAWKf6IMh9muHMp New to Canada https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2-SI2qqn8uRURiWLuYvTufL_sPRGO8IX English Vocabulary https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2-SI2qqn8uQEtKUOMHkGpTt2uw4r-Gm4 Verb Tenses https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2-SI2qqn8uRwSh-TZIensKaA_UKSgwR8 Pronunciation https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2-SI2qqn8uTqXa8q_pXg3mj8frl8jmq4 Relax & Repeat https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2-SI2qqn8uRG5dzSRZPMfCYUWq1cDSF0 Travel English https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2-SI2qqn8uRtVXjk1gdDmR4kS2mIcCPl Business English https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2-SI2qqn8uQUYZFcceN9Nu_0FtarAwM4 English Grammar https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2-SI2qqn8uQUmwumF9nhqZNZfiYNXOoq English Jokes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2-SI2qqn8uTaW61uhOi109NM_X1yqXdE English Music https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2-SI2qqn8uTkE_6YuvDOp3PPKh7TlaRB English Culture https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2-SI2qqn8uQZ464rSoojMFW_rgeYh5GO English Writing https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2-SI2qqn8uQop8j2ypUO0miDcba3fzRB
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Reading Passage 1: 2016-2017 ACT Practice Test
Welcome to WebScho Academy's Answer and Explanation strategy videos for the 2017 official ACT practice test. Passage 1 of the Reading test is explained in detail using WebScho's tips and tricks. Link to "Preparing for the ACT 2016|2017" practice test: http://www.act.org/content/dam/act/unsecured/documents/Preparing-for-the-ACT.pdf ACT Test Review, Strategies, and Guide on WebScho Academy: Practice all of the skills you’ll need for the ACT. We will be releasing video explanations for all ACT questions for the recently released official ACT 2016|2017 practice test on a daily basis, so subscribe to our channel and check them out. About WebScho Academy: WebScho Academy began as an idea – to provide high quality, affordable test preparation for all students. SAT and ACT test prep classes are shockingly expensive, and very few programs live up to expectations. Our goal is for high prices to no longer be a barrier for achieving your target test scores. And there's no better price than free on our YouTube channel, where we provide free advice and tips to improve your score! WebScho Academy Channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM11VuWDYJSwdbIGQiab3WQ Twitter http://www.twitter.com/webschoacademy Facebook http://www.facebook.com/webschoacademy Website http://www.webscho.com Instagram http://www.instagram.com/webschoacademy Contact us at: [email protected]
Views: 4202 WebScho Academy
3 Ways To Increase Your ACT Reading Score To a 36
FREE SPEED READING COURSE ► http://irisreading.com/fundamentals This video covers an approach to improving your ACT reading comprehension score. The video covers strategies and tips to help you finish in time and score better so you can boost your score closer to 36.
Views: 49128 Iris Reading
PSAT Critical Reading Section Strategies
Top test taking strategies on the Critical Reading section of the PSAT. http://www.brightstorm.com/psat
Views: 49443 Brightstorm
Test Strategies #1, Long Reading Passages
How to answer questions from a long reading passage in the quickest way. Leave precious minutes to answer tougher questions on the test. G.E.D. Math Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKi4WTp6PRGXt4t8Nuu_iiCnDQV3p64b_ SUPPORT MY WORK: PATREON https://www.patreon.com/JoannsSchool PAYPAL https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=KKAMABTBVDFNY MINDS minds.com/joannsschool YOUTUBE FAN FUNDING on my channel Home page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAZKtYcE5Jgd6hVL-RHv6Vw If you can't afford to become a monthly patron... click or watch the ads to help me out. FOLLOW ME: TWITTER https://twitter.com/JoannsSchool FACEBOOK Message me! https://www.facebook.com/JoAnnsSchool/
Views: 477 JoAnn's School
FSA Writing Test DURING READING Strategies
This video models what effective readers do DURING READING of the FSA Writing test (11/12 Retakes).
Views: 13503 Kyle Gonzalez
CBEST Reading Study Guide
►CBEST Study Guide http://www.cbestsecrets.com/ ►CBEST Flashcards: http://www.flashcardsecrets.com/cbest/ Author's Main Point or Purpose 0:04 Context 3:53 Defining a Word 8:57 Inductive and Deductive Reasoning 11:09 Inference 17:59 Interpretation of Expository or Literary Text 21:05 Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words 26:40 Textual Evidence for Predictions 29:48 Textual Support for Interpretation 34:10 Inference Questions 38:10 Nearly and Perfect Synonyms 42:19 Author's Position 44:33 Conclusions That are Stated Directly 47:54 Denotative and Connotative Meanings 49:55 Determining Word Meanings 51:18 Identifying a Logical Conclusion 54:46 Predictions 56:34 Purpose of an Author 58:16 Summarizing Text 59:56 Supporting Details 1:03:28 Text Evidence 1:06:04 When There's No Key Word 1:08:15 We have compiled multiple reading tutorials into a CBEST Reading Study Guide for you to use in preparation for your CBEST reading test. ►CBEST Writing: https://youtu.be/h6gM-419J9k ►How to pass the CBEST test: https://youtu.be/l8W-2hgaqN8 ►What to expect: http://www.mometrix.com/blog/what-to-expect-on-the-cbest-exam/ ►CBEST Reading Practice Test: http://www.mometrix.com/academy/cbest-reading-practice-test/
General IELTS Reading Section 1 Article 1 Example and Strategies for High Scores
A General IELTS reading by www.gieltshelp.com. This video is section 1 article 1. It teaches important concepts for IELTS reading section. Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GeneralIeltsHelp. This video is a part in a series that teaches the steps necessary to achieve a high score, between 7 to 9, on the IETLS reading section questions. The series shows general strategies of paraphrasing, critical thinking and visualization as well as specific question strategies. The series includes several sections that teach comprehension for a variety of texts such as info posts, magazine excerpts, T.V guide and more. This series will teach you the skills that will help you to reach success on this question in the 60 minute time limit. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure to practice. It is important to try different types of question for the reading, so you can think quickly and logically. Practice will help with speed and comprehension of reading. Enjoy.
Views: 307717 GeneralIELTSHelp
Most Common Mistake - SAT Reading: Tricks, Tips, and Strategies for a perfect score!
Tired of the SAT and want to prep hard for the ACT instead? Prep with us! https://supertutortv.com/the-best-act-prep-course-ever DON'T make this common mistake on the SAT Reading section... It's super easy to avoid. In this video, Brooke tells you how. Subscribe to our mailing list!! https://supertutortv.com/subscribe SUBSCRIBE NOW! And give us a thumbs up if you liked this video. Get more tips and tricks by following us! https://www.facebook.com/supertutortv https://twitter.com/supertutorTV https://www.quora.com/profile/Brooke-Hanson-3 Learning Made Awesome! Learn more about SupertutorTV: https://supertutortv.com Interested in private tutoring from a perfect scoring test prep expert? Check out http://www.brookehansontutoring.com or https://supertutortv.com/tutoring-information/ for more information! Produced by: David Paul Edited by: Sara Lester
Views: 104086 SupertutorTV
How To Improve Your Reading Comprehension
http://www.irisreading.com/speed-reading-courses In this webinar you'll learn how to improve your reading comprehension. The free speed reading class will help you learn simple reading strategies to comprehend your material more easily. You'll also learn how to improve your concentration while reading.
Views: 374759 Iris Reading
ACT Reading Strategies: 6 Question Types(HD) - Brightstorm ACT Prep
This video explains 6 popular question types you'll see in the ACT reading section, common wrong answer traps and how not to fall for them. Watch our 'ACT English Strategies video(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHFskyOUdf4)' first to make the best of this video. http://www.brightstorm.com/test-prep/act/act-reading/act-reading-practice/ DOWNLOAD our FREE MOBILE APP FOR MORE ACT PREP VIDEOS - Google play ► https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studystorm.act - iTunes ► https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/act-prep-video-tutorials-by/id1055620354?ls=1&mt=8 SUBSCRIBE FOR All OUR VIDEOS! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=brightstorm2 VISIT BRIGHTSTORM.com FOR TONS OF VIDEO TUTORIALS AND OTHER FEATURES! http://www.brightstorm.com/ LET'S CONNECT! Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/brightstorm Pinterest ► https://www.pinterest.com/brightstorm/ Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+brightstorm/ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/brightstorm_ Brightstorm website ► https://www.brightstorm.com/
Views: 14667 Brightstorm
OET 2.0 Updated Reading Strategies | Medcity International Academy
Here are some strategies for reading subtest of OET 2.0
Reading Comprehension Strategies - 4 EASY steps to ACE comprehensions!
Reading Comprehension Strategies - http://www.singlishtoenglish.com/reading-comprehension-strategies - how to ACE comprehensions! Do you find yourself staring at your comprehension worksheet because you just do not know where to start? Check out our reading comprehension strategies. In this video I give you 4 easy steps to tackle comprehensions. 1. Read the passage once to get the gist of the story. 2. Read the passage again to familiarise yourself with the story. 3. Read the questions 4. Read the passage a third time and underline the answers to the questions. Please leave me a comment. If you like this video, do share it with your family and friends and please subscribe to my channel. Now go ACE your comprehensions! Check out my blog for more tips, http://www.singlishtoenglish.com. http://youtu.be/q5PL5B85bGo External tags: "comprehension strategies", "comprehension", "main idea worksheets", "reading comprehension", "reading comprehension strategies" http://youtu.be/q5PL5B85bGo
Views: 44724 SinglishtoEnglish
How to get a 34 on the ACT Reading Section
In this video I share with you guys three specific strategies that can help anyone get a 34 on the reading section of the ACT.
Views: 780 Aarya Patel
IELTS | Reading Strategies | Information Matching
description hello, dear viewers!! here is my another video to help you guys to help you guys to do better in IELTS reading. Hope this was a valuable lesson for viewers of all ages. Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! Please comment if there are any queries. The courses we provide: IELTS, SPOKEN, Language Club (L.C), Mock tests, Personal IELTS Personal SPOKEN Preschool Childrens' language club. Order books+CD For more information: please call: 01612570870 , 01972570870. Facebook link- https://www.facebook.com/ShafinsEnglish/ We are here: Mirpur 11,opposite to probe cinema hall,besides APEX.One bank building 4th floor.
Views: 11326 Shafins
GMAT Tuesday: Reading Comprehension Strategies
This week, I cover a very popular and common topic—Reading Comprehension strategies. The video covers 6 tips plus a bonus tip to help you on your way to dominating this question type. Tip # 1 - Know the question types! This way, you can develop a strategy for each of these. Tip # 2 - Look for wrong answers, and eliminate them. If you do this instead of looking for the right answer directly, the process will be much easier. Tip # 3 - Map, don't memorize. You really want to understand the passage, and know what information is where. Tip # 4 - Take notes. Your notes should include the main idea, structure, and the author's tone. Tip # 5 - Before you read the passage, glance at the first question about the passage. This way you'll get a sense of what the question is asking, and you can look out for that as you read the passage. Experiment with this; if it doesn't work for you, you don't need to do it. Tip # 6 - Read as much as you can! The more you read, the more you'll build your reading comprehension skills, and the better you'll do on Reading Comprehension questions. You should read every day! Bonus tip - Cultivate curiosity! If you can approach the passages as something unique that you can learn from, you'll do better on the test! :) We have a lot of resources that cover these tips in much more detail. I recommend that you take the time to go through all the resources below after watching the video: -Strategies for Reading Comprehension Questions: http://magoosh.com/gmat/2012/strategies-for-the-6-reading-comprehension-question-types/ -Eliminating Wrong Answers: http://magoosh.com/gmat/2012/gmat-rc-eliminating-wrong-answers/ -Map—Don’t Memorize: http://magoosh.com/gmat/2012/gmat-reading-comprehension-technique-read-carefully-once/ Check out hundreds of practice questions and video lessons to help you prep for the GMAT at http://gmat.magoosh.com
Views: 36918 MagooshGMAT
IELTS - Reading Strategies & Time Management
IELTS - Reading Strategies & Time Management Watch more video tutorials at https://www.tutorialspoint.com/videotutorials/index.htm Lecture By: Ms. Shoba Narayana, Tutorials Point India Private Limited

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