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Best Value Property Management in Oxfordshire
New, flexible way of managing your property investment. BEST VALUE in Oxfordshire! WATCH NOW!
Determining Property Value the Right Way
http://www.freedommentor.com/determining-property-value/ - Discover the right way to determining property value.
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DON'T MAKE A PROFIT, MAKE A FORTUNE #4: Value Enhancing Property Management
In our 4th addition to the DON'T MAKE A PROFIT, MAKE A FORTUNE series, Phillip Syrios will take you through how to add value to your properties through effective property management. You make your money...when you manage well!
3 Affordable Ways to Add Value to your Multi-Family Property with Matt Faircloth
Hey Bigger Pockets, For this video we’ll take a look at how you can use these 3 simple steps to increase the value of your multi family unit by using “Forced Appreciation”. 📘My New Book "Raising Private Capital" Available now on Amazon https://amzn.to/2B1xbfM Tip #1: Add Storage units that you can offer to your tenants. By taking out the time to find and designate a location on your property to build out a storage unit, you automatically add an EXTRA perceived value from your tenants. Most tenant use storage as their units aren’t usually big enough to house everything that they own. By having a spot on site, you can entice tenants to move their storage over to your building. Even if tenants don’t use the storage units they’re usually willing to pay an extra $30-$40 dollars to have the option of using it. Tip#2: Have a Security Surveillance System on site. This won’t necessarily add to the bottom line of what you can charge tenants each month. Although it will give both you and the tenant more peace of mind. The tenant will feel safer and you will be able rest a little bit easier at night, knowing that you can also keep an eye on your investment. Camera systems are available in wired and wireless set ups and even have apps that connect to your phone. Check in on your property from in anywhere in the world. Now that’s peace of mind. Tip#3: Add a Washer and Dryer Unit to your property. Most units aren’t big enough to have a washer and dryer in the unit, which means our tenant will have to find a local laundry mat or go to a friends house to do their laundry. By having a unit on site you can charge a little bit extra per month for rent and you also get to collect off the money you make from tenants using the actual washer and dryer units. These units are a relatively cheap investment for the return that they bring, not only to your bottom lined but “Forced Appreciation” as well. Tips and Takeaways Add Storage Unit for Tenants Add Surveillance System Add Washer and Dryer Units Hopefully these small tips can provide you with a big return. To learn more about Matt Faircloth and Biggerpockets.com Visit the links below. As always, please email us any real estate questions to [email protected] and we will answer them on an upcoming episode! Learn more about The DeRosa Group at http://www.DeRosaGroup.com or on BiggerPockets.com - https://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/author/mattfaircloth/ Matt & Liz, founders of DeRosa Group, were recently second-time guests on the BiggerPockets Podcast. Check it out: https://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/bp-podcast-203-finding-deals-funding-contractors-mentors-matt-liz-faircloth/
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Property Management Fee Maximization with Darren Hunter
Are you looking for a way to get more revenue from your existing clientele? For today's podcast, we go over how your property management company can add $107,000 in revenue without adding any extra doors. Our guest for this podcast is Darren Hunter, who has been able to get property management companies in Western Australia earning 50-60% of their income from fees outside of management and leasing. He'll be sharing those same principles for today's interview, where you'll learn: The typical profit margin of property management companies in the United States. The psychology behind landlords Three-part pricing strategies. How you can implement 3 different value-added services today. Value-added services are a great way to double your profit margin, if you have any questions about today's blog, feel free to comment on this video. Link to the Article: https://fourandhalf.com/darren-hunter/ Visit Our Homepage: https://fourandhalf.com/ Give us a Call (We'll Answer!): (510) 329-0078
What Every Landlord Should Know About Property Management
What every landlord should know about property management ideally, before you buy your first rental property.
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Value Engineering in Property Management
Testimonial from Rafco Properties client Bob Lordi, Board President of Westgate Condominium Association, on how Rafco delivers exceptional property management in every area including value engineering.
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Property management is big business but do landlords really get value for money? I Fair Go I TVNZ
We meet a woman who got stuck with a $100K bill after her investment property was turned into a 'P' den.
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What Do Property Management Companies Do
Owning a real estate property can provide an outstanding supplementary income. However there are still vital decisions that you have to make in playing the real estate game and one of that is what Kris Krohn is going to break down for you in this video. Understand what property management is and what do they actually do. Watch and Enjoy! Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury WORK WITH KRIS: ======================== Becoming a successful real estate investor is easier than most people know… as long as you have the right Mentor and the right system. Click here to learn your best options: http://LimitlessMentor.com/TV/ BOOKS By Kris Krohn ======================== The Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth: http://limitlessmentor.com/TV The Conscious Creator: http://amzn.to/2gFEkblLimitless: http://amzn.to/2gLQXoV Be On Limitless TV ======================== Record your questions on video, and join me in a future episode: http://bit.ly/2yO78c7 MUSIC ======================== Tobu - Infectious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux8-EbW6DUI Artist: https://www.youtube.com/tobuofficial Licensed under Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 ======================== Video by Nate Woodbury (The Hero Maker) BeTheHeroStudios.com http://YouTube.com/NateWoodburyHero
What is the True Value of Bradenton Property Management Companies?
https://www.choosegulfcoast.com/true-value-bradenton-property-management-companies/ A Bradenton property management company can provide a number of services and excellent value for landlords and investors in Manatee County and Sarasota County. Today, we’re discussing why it makes sense to hire a professional company, and what you have to gain. Professional Property Management Services Landlords in this day and age can advertise properties on sites like Zillow, Trulia, and even Craigslist on their own. With even basic marketing, they can find a good number of tenant leads. Unfortunately, finding leads isn’t the only aspect of.. To read more go to: https://www.choosegulfcoast.com/true-value-bradenton-property-management-companies/
What is the Value of Professional Mesa Property Management?
http://mesaproperty.management/what-is-the-value-of-professional-mesa-property-management/ Homeowners often ask me why they should use a professional property management company and more importantly, they want to know what value is found in using World Class Properties. There is a lot that we offer our clients, and we’re particularly proud of our experience, legal knowledge, communication, and customer service. Staff Experience and Knowledge The experience of our staff brings a lot of value to the landlords and investors we work with. Together we have over... To read more go to: http://mesaproperty.management/what-is-the-value-of-professional-mesa-property-management/
How to Determine Rental Value | Property Management in Colorado Springs
http://www.muldoonassociatespm.com/2016/10/11/determine-rental-value-colorado-springs-property-management/ Pricing your rental home can be difficult if you’re trying to manage a property on your own. We always encourage that you work with a professional property manager because of the liability, legislation, fair housing issues, and other regulations that have a major impact on your rental home. This is one of the largest assets in your portfolio, and you want to make sure good decisions are being made. If you are certain that you want to manage on your own, however, we can help you figure out how to price your rental property. Research Comparable Prices Look at other homes in your area. There will be properties currently on the market or recently rented. Call on those homes to verify that they are similar to your own in size, square footage, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and property condition. That will help you measure where you should be pricewise. Check out websites like Realtor.com. That site will have... To read more, go to: http://www.muldoonassociatespm.com/2016/10/11/determine-rental-value-colorado-springs-property-management/
Real Estate Investing and Property Management by Grant Cardone
I want to give you my new Real Estate book for FREE! Just follow this link: https://10x.grantcardone.com/real-estate-made-simple-book Real Estate Investing and Property Management by Grant Cardone Real Estate Investing Made Simple Landlord Grant Cardone: Sometimes in real estate you need to use a little force. There's 3 T's that you need to concern yourself with when you get involved in real estate: termites, toilets, and tenants. Our offerings under Rule 506(c) are for accredited investors only. FOR OUR CURRENT REGULATION A OFFERING, NO SALE MAY BE MADE TO YOU IN THIS OFFERING IF THE AGGREGATE PURCHASE PRICE YOU PAY IS MORE THAN 10% OF THE GREATER OF YOUR ANNUAL INCOME OR NET WORTH. DIFFERENT RULES APPLY TO ACCREDITED INVESTORS AND NON-NATURAL PERSONS. BEFORE MAKING ANY REPRESENTATION THAT YOUR INVESTMENT DOES NOT EXCEED APPLICABLE THRESHOLDS, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO REVIEW RULE 251(D)(2)(I)(C) OF REGULATION A. FOR GENERAL INFORMATION ON INVESTING, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO REFER TO WWW.INVESTOR.GOV. For our anticipated Regulation A offering, until such time that the Offering Statement is qualified by the SEC, no money or consideration is being solicited, and if sent in response prior to qualification, such money will not be accepted. No offer to buy the securities can by accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until the offering statement is qualified. Any offer may be withdrawn or revoked, without obligation or commitment of any kind, at any time before notice of its acceptance given after the qualification date. A person's indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind. Our Offering Circular, which is part of the Offering Statement, may be found at www.cardonecapital.com #business #realestate #investing #GrantCardone #10XRule #SalesTraining #SalesMotivation
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Property Management Fees Explained by a Local Property Manager
http://www.haasproperties.com/property-management-fees-explained-by-a-local-property-manager/ There are different types of fees that property managers charge. Property management fees are an important part of hiring a management company, but look at them in the context of the services you’re getting and the quality of those services... To read more, go to: http://www.haasproperties.com/property-management-fees-explained-by-a-local-property-manager/
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Starting a Property Management Company: Pricing Structure ft. The Property Management Coach
ARTICLE LINK IN FULL: http://fourandhalf.com/starting-property-management-pricing/ OUR SITE: http://everythingpropertymanagement.com/ PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MARKETING: http://fourandhalf.com/ Starting a Property Management Company: Pricing Structure If you are thinking about starting your own company, or looking to improve processes and organization, you will need an effective property management pricing structure in place so you can continue running your business that's fair to you and your clients. Our special guest today is a property management guru and the property management coach – literally. She’s Kathleen Richards, "The Property Management Coach" and she provides guidance to other property management company owners on topics like this to help them with business and to be successful. She is also the broker/owner of an award-winning property management company in Santa Cruz, CA, Portola Property Management. We felt that someone with her pedigree is perfect to talk about setting an effective pricing structure for their company. The Different Property Management Pricing Structures If you’re a new company starting out and you’re growing your business organically versus buying a company that might already have a pricing structure in place, look around and see what your competitors are doing in the area. Figure out how you can differentiate yourself. Flat-Fee Pricing Structure Sometimes people do a flat-fee and for a new business owner that may be a great way to go. You can build your business quickly that way, just make sure you don’t over-commit to all the things that will fall under that set price, otherwise you’ll be doing a lot of work for free. Percentage of the Rent It’s also common to do a percentage of the rent. You need to decide what will be a good range. For example, if in your area you find out by doing your own research that all you competitors are charging X amount, maybe you charge a percentage below that. Hybrid Then there are hybrids where you can charge a percentage for the monthly management and then you have other value-added services with set prices so when the owner needs that service, you charge at the time the service is provided. If you’re buying a property management company with an existing price structure but they’re lower than you’d like to charge, you have to make strategic changes. So maybe you keep the prices at first so the new owners can see how great you are. Then, you can educate them about what you do and then roll out new services or start increasing prices. Can Packages Work for Your Property Management Company? When Kathleen bought Portola Property Management 15 years ago, the pricing model was set at one price with everything included. After a year, she set out clearly what the management fee covered, and started charging separate fees for value-added services. That allowed different revenue streams to come in.
Absolute Island Management, Inc. Property Management Professionals
Visit us on the web at https://absoluteisland.com/ Choosing a property manager on Hilton Head Island, Bluffton or Beaufort SC doesn't have to be a tough decision when one of your options is Absolute Island Management, Inc. Located on Hilton Head Island, SC and serving Hilton Head, Bluffton and Beaufort, AiM provides simple, transparent and honest property management solutions. We market, screen, lease and manage over 200 homes and apartments as long term rental properties on Hilton Head and Bluffton. We offer pro-active services with a focus on customer service and attention to detail. For a free property assessment please call 888-344-4246 or email [email protected] We look forward to serving you and increasing the value of your rental property.
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Who’s  Responsible for Cost of Damaged Carpets? | Property Management | Welcome Home Rentals
http://welcomehomerentals.com.au/ We are Gympie property managers with a heart. All items in an investment property have a depreciation value. Watch this video as Kylie Best from Welcome Home Rentals explains the effect that depreciation has when it comes to damaged carpets in your rental property. The carpet in an investment property will lose value with each year of age. Typically carpets have a ‘shelf life’ of 10 years. Tenants who damage carpet in a rental property can only be held liable for the remaining shelf life of the carpet at the time that they vacate the property. If a property investor installs brand new carpet in February of 2016 and these carpets were damaged when the tenants vacated 12 months later, the owner could claim 90% of the total cost of the replacement of the damaged carpet. Carpet that exceeds 10 years in age no longer has any depreciation left and therefore a claim may not legally be awarded
Orlando Florida Property Management
Visit- http://www.windermereluxuryproperty.com/Orlando-Florida-Property-Management-6-15871.html Property Management inquiries- Contact Us 407-864-4626 Providing Property Management in Orlando Fl,Windermere Fl,Winter Garden Fl,Clermont Fl,Ocoee Fl and Kissimmee Fl and more. 8% For one home and 7% for 2 homes or more. No hidden fees like you will find with most discount property managing services. We have a performance proven maintenance team which too decades to assemble. They provide quality service and we do not charge for providing them. Contact us today to get an estimate rental value on your property. http://www.windermereluxuryproperty.com/Orlando-Florida-Property-Management-6-15871.html
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Property Management - first time landlord perspective
A property is your greatest asset. Good management maintains the asset value, enables you to charge market rents, and encourages tenants to stay longer. We talk to Adam Joseph, CEO of the Happy Tenant Company about property management from a newbie perspective.
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We Know Property Management - Zahiba Mawji
Meet Zahiba Mawji, property manager for Karen, Kilimani, Kileleshwa, Upper Hill and Surrounds Our Services At Pam Golding Management Services, we offer high level expertise and value added services. We have invested in a state- of- the art software for generating all financial and administrative documents and reports which are viewable by landlord and tenants alike. We offer: Financial Management Administrative Management Physical Management Maintenance of Investment Value Tenant/Landlord Liaison Visit our website: http://www.pamgolding.co.ke/ Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PamGoldingPr... Twitter: https://twitter.com/PGPKenya Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pgpkenya/
How to Get Promoted In Property Management
https://www.leasinguniversity.com or call us (888) 735-7451 let's get you leases! What can you do to increase the value of your service to your property, region or portfolio today? If you are a leasing agent, property manager or regional manager, first, remind yourself that you are on the payroll to help your leadership achieve their objectives for the organization. It is absolutely essential that you know exactly what is most important to your leadership and that you do everything possible to satisfy that need with precision and excellence. Recently, I asked several property management CEO’s what qualities would most put a person on the fast track in your portfolio and organization. These CEO’s told me that the two most important qualities for rapid advancement in property management were: First, the ability to set priorities. This is the ability to separate the relevant from the irrelevant and focus on the activities that make the greatest contribution to the company in the shortest amount of time. Second is speed. The willingness and ability to get on with a job and get it done fast. One of the most valuable qualities you can develop on property management is a sense of urgency. Something that we work on in my training boot camps and live events is moving from task orientation to action orientation.
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Sterling Karamar  Property Management - Corporate Video
Sterling Karamar Property Management operates a full-service property management company that specializes in the management of Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Condominium properties for third party owners. We place great importance on providing excellent and caring customer service and strive to bring added-value to our clients.
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Improving Rental Value of your Investment Property by Real Property Management
http://rpmaustralia.com.au One of the questions that clients often come to me with is “What would be some small improvements I can make to my property that would increase their weekly rent that I can charge?”. When looking at property improvements we tend to look at them in two (2) different categories: IMPROVEMENTS Improvement that can increase weekly rent Outdoor living space like a covered deck. Air Conditioning throughout the property Swimming Pool Outdoor Storage like garden sheds Improvements that will increase appeal of your property and improve the inquiry level that we get on your property. Security and fly screens Tasteful blinds and curtains Ceiling Fans Built in wardrobes Fully fenced backyard If you are thinking of injecting some money into your investment property you do need to think about whether; Will this increase the rent that you can achieve on the property? Will this increase the appeal? Because there are things that you can spend money on that won’t do either. These could include: doing expensive landscaping in the garden that would be difficult for the tenants to maintain or; investing in high-quality fittings that the tenants might not even recognize or appreciate. If you are looking at making improvements to your existing property or you’re thinking about purchasing a property that might need a little bit of work, please engage with us as early as you can because we’d love to help you out through that decision making process.
Property Management & Leasing Dallas
We are a full-service property management firm specializing in managing single-family homes, condos, lofts and duplexes. Our clients are individual property owners and investors. 90% of our clientele are absentee property owners whom either lives out of state or out of the country. They put their trust in us and we value each relationship.
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How To Become A Property Developer uk | Project Management / Developing /Property Developing UK Tips
How to become a property developer... that's what today's video is all about and I'm also sharing 10 property developing tips because I feel property development is a FANTASTIC way to build equity. I am delighted to say Today's video is in association with the Refurbishment Masterclass run by the highly regarded Martin and Sarah Rapley - an expert at project management with tons of experience developing land, property (real estate) and other development. I've managed to persuade them to let me give away five of their amazing project management PDF fact sheets. They're on how to write project specifications, putting together budgets, how to appoint builders, working with builders, and managing your timeline of works. These are incredible resources and click the link below to download them... https://yourfirstfourhouses.com/ Here are the tips... 1. Always work backwards from the gross development value, or GDV, when calculating a purchase price. It's the very best way to work out what you should be paying for a property or a building plot. Be realistic about this gross development value. In fact, can I suggest perhaps being a little bit pessimistic when calculating this figure. 2. Next, just because a property needs refurbishing, that doesn't automatically make it a good deal. If you spot a property that appears to be, say, 20,000 pounds below market value, if you've then got to spend, say, 30,000 pounds doing it up, that's not a deal. Unless you can add some real tangible value in some other way, for example, say, building in the back garden, I would suggest you should be looking for another project. 3. Just because a plot has planning, that doesn't guarantee you a profit or that the property could even be developed at all, for that matter. Obviously, you need to do your research careful and dare I say if the agent is offering up some fairly persuasive numbers, for example the gross development value, keep in mind the agent makes a commission if you buy. Personally, I would suggest putting more faith in your own numbers, rather than theirs. 4. Always have a schedule of works. If you don't know what you want, how does the builder, and just as importantly how can you possibly have a realistic budget? 5. You can't build from planning drawings. It's therefore impossible for builders to accurately price from them. Your architect needs to produce building reg drawings before you go and get any prices. 6. Don't be afraid to outsource to experts. Honestly, they will save you thousands in the long term. 7. You don't have to appoint the cheapest builder, work with the best builder. On any one project, you can only achieve two of the following three items. You can get high quality, fast turnaround, or low cost. Our advice is to aim for high quality and fast turnaround, if you possibly can. 8. Delaying the project whilst trying to beat down the price can cost you more in the longer term than what you're trying to save. Delays tend to swallow up your profits as the financing costs on any given project are genuinely quite high. 9. Always agree terms with your builder before the work starts and write them down for both parties to keep a record of. On larger projects, don't be afraid to use a formal contract. 10. Lastly, I've got to ask you this question. Is project managing the works really the best use of your time and skills or might your time be better spent going out looking for that next deal? I really hope you found this project manager based video helpful. My name is Tony Law from Your First Four Houses with online training that helps build your property portfolio.
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Meet Property Management Extraordinaire, RE Investor & Hotel Owner Jesse McCue | BP Podcast 294
http://biggerpockets.com/show294 Are you happy with the current state of your real estate business? If you’re like most people, the answer is no. On today’s show, we interview property management superstar Jesse McCue and dig deep into how he’s became Maine’s top property manager as well as a successful RE investor along the way. Jesse shares how he formed a partnership with a successful business to become an owner of the company, as well as how he bought a 67-unit hotel off of a tip from his electrician for half of its appraised value! You’ll be amazed as he describes a strategy that is “better than BRRRR”—and most importantly, the number one question you need to ask a property manager to find out if they are the right choice for you. If you want to learn how to put fundamental business skills to work in your investment business, this is a show you do not want to miss! Start of interview: 05:04 Check the full show notes here: http://biggerpockets.com/show294
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Property Management Marketing Tips
Property Management Marketing Video - Property management marketing 101. Internet marketing tips : http://www.buzzhubmedia.com/goproperty Internet marketing for Property Managers! .:: PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MARKETING TRANSCRIPT ::. Are you a property manager, tired of wasting money on property management marketing and not seeing results? Ultimately you want to get found by landlords and close more property management contracts, and you know you can get found online. But how? There are two types of prospects searching for you online. There are those who know they need you, and those who don't. And of these two prospects, how do they search? The ones who know they need you will search for a property management company online. However 90% of people online are searching for solutions, this type of search is known as long tail search. For example "find tenants in sacramento" would yield relevant content and video in Google results, and you want to be on page one of Google with you content providing a solution. So how do you get in front of your prospects with Property Management marketing and gain leads? The answer is content marketing. Here at Buzzhub Media we are experts at finding leads online by providing value to your clients.So how does it work? We specialize in integrated marketing powered by content marketing. Our process is simple. We'll research potential keywords and your target audience like landlords and investors, then create content like blogs, social media, and eBooks, and finally use PPC to jumpstart your content marketing and provide value to prospects searching for your help. So, what are you waiting for? We even have landing pages to gain leads & create sales funnels! And the best part, we manage it all for you! Call us today to for a free consultation! Plus Get our free property management marketing ebook at http://www.buzzhubmedia.com/goproperty or click the link below for property management marketing eBook. Buzzhub Media - value driven integrated marketing. Get tips on Real Estate Marketing, Property Management Marketing, Real Estate leads, and more at Buzzhub Media http://www.buzzhubmedia.com/property-management-marketing
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Digital Disruption In The Rental Property Management Market
We catch up with Marlene Liontis from Realrenta.com.au, a disruptive digital platform which offers a flat fee rental management facility in Australia. [The network connection was a bit wonky] https://www.realrenta.com.au/ As we highlighted an industry ripe for such disruption! Thanks to Marlene. https://www.linkedin.com/in/marleneliontis/
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Property Managers Value Proposition Mihalko's Fire and Water
Are you a property owner looking for an Emergency Response Plan? Call Mihalko's for a more than disaster response. Mihalko's a disaster prevention company! Serving Pittsburgh, Altoona, Johnstown, Greensburg, State College.
What is Residential Property Management and Rental?
Call Us: (416) 835-7191 Specializing in Commercial and Residential Property Management and Rental Services in the Greater Toronto Area. Buttonwood Property Management Toronto provides end to end solutions for all your real estate needs. Our value proposition combines comprehensive services for the right price. We can help you create real estate wealth over time. Visit Our Website: http://www.buttonwood.ca Follow Us On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ButtonwoodPropertyManagement Follow Us On Google+: https://plus.google.com/+ButtonwoodPropertyManagementToronto/posts#+ButtonwoodPropertyManagementToronto/posts Follow Us On LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/buttonwood-property-management-inc-
Raleigh Property Management  - Tips on Increasing the Value of Your Rental Property
The goal of any Raleigh real estate investor is to see their property increase in value. While a boom in the real estate market can lead to an increase in property value, there are upgrades that you can make to do the same. 1) Upgrade the Plumping Fixtures 2) Install High-Quality Countertops 3) Install Better Windows - Helps improve the property’s light and temperature 4) Replace the Floor 5) Install a New/Better Roof - Have a qualified roof inspector come perform a thorough inspection  6) Increase Storage 7) Other Miscellaneous Upgrades - Such as tankless water heaters, sound systems, or landscaping For the full article, take a look at https://raleighrental.com/tips-increase-property-value/. If you need help with managing your Raleigh rental property contact us today at https://raleighrental.com/. Connect with us on social media and stay up-to-date: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ammons-Pittman-Property-Management-840796842730014/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmmonsPittmanPM Google +: https://plus.google.com/b/103888647792580686853/+AmmonsPittmanPropertyManagementRaleigh
How can Fourandhalf Websites Transform a Property Management Business?
What if your website could generate a quarter of a million dollars in additional lifetime revenue? Would you say: no, thanks? Jock McNeill from Alliance Property Management said YES to Fourandhalf’s new OnePartner property management website platform. And, he joined Alex to talk about what that’s meant for his businesses. Hint: It’s meant growth. Leads, and a lot of growth. Let’s Talk Turkey Jock talks about the increased revenue, the increased profits from revenue, and the increased value his business now holds. Alex broke down the numbers and dove into the data. It turns out the new Fourandhalf property management website created a lift of roughly 183 percent for Alliance Property Management. The increase in annual contract value hovers around $100,000, and the lifetime customer value is about $300,000. That’s kind of a big deal. How our Websites Work We don’t reinvent the wheel. We take all of your great content and we refresh it with some new copy, videos, and SEO-rich resources. Then, we present what you have to offer in a different way so that the website experience is better for owners and tenants. We drive up SEO and then we review the results every 90 days. This is revolutionary. Are you ready to grow your business like Jock did? Get started by requesting your FREE website analysis here: http://fourandhalf.com/testimonial2
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MHM Real Estate Property Management
MHM Real Estate Property Management. We provide a proactive property management package designed to meet your requirements. Our uniqueness is that we constantly seek to develop and improve income, marketability & value to you as a property owner. We aim to provide you with a stress-free solution when renting out your property.
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Residential lettings and property management service - adding value to landlords and tenants
www.force10property.co.uk - New video commercial for Force 10 Property Management - finalist of Landlord and Letting Awards 2011/ 2012
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The #1 Thing for Property Management Companies
(888) 683-5883 https://www.multifamilytraffic.com Property management companies, this video explains is the single most important part of property management. This is a must watch video for anyone involved in multifamily property management who wants their apartment communities to cash flow and increase in asset value.
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Best Property Management Company El Segundo CA Review by JoJo K. - (424) 287-4999
Best Property Management Company El Segundo CA Review by JoJo K. Call us at: (424) 287-4999 Visit our website: http://www.HarborPM.com Harbor Property Management is the best around — and kind! Harbor Property Management exclusively services rental properties in the cities of the South Bay Area, including Rancho Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, and many others. More for your money: More service. More security. More value. Per-property fee structure with NO hidden fees and unrivaled knowledge of the South Bay Area. We KNOW the South Bay and Long Beach area — we KNOW property management. With over 20 years of experience, we thrive on serving both homeowners and tenants, making sure all their needs are met. We have a highly-efficient bilingual staff who believes in managing just a handful of properties so as to provide the best personal service possible- even going the extra mile for our homeowner's tenants. Harbor Property Management 1426 W 25th St San Pedro CA 90731 (424) 287-4999 http://www.HarborPM.com
3 Renovation Tips to Make Property Management Easy with Matt Faircloth for Bigger Pockets
Hey Bigger Pockets, In today's episode Matt show us 3 simple tools that we can use to make property management easier. We begin by creating systems and standardizing materials that are most often used. 📘My New Book "Raising Private Capital" Available now on Amazon https://amzn.to/2B1xbfM The first example we'll look at is the paint and paint colors you're using in your rental properties. Instead of using a different color for each property that you mange. Always use the same color. This way when a tenant moves out or you need to go in and touch up the walls, you're not wondering, "what color did I use for that unit?" "where did I store the paint cans for that unit"? By implementing this system you'll never have to wonder what color, or where it's at. It'll all be the same, no matter which of your units needs attention. The next item that we'll look at is Landlord Locks. These are a major time saver and they also provide peace of mind. Landlord locks are a specially designed lock with a special master key that will allow you to change out lock cylinders quickly and efficiently. They also save you money over the long term because you can just switch locks around on the different properties that you manage. The last tip is to have durable flooring. This means selecting a material like hardwood or vinyl tile and avoiding materials like carpet. You want to have floors that will be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Giving your floors treatments like polyurethane will help them last over the longer term. If you decide to put in carpet, just keep it to the bedrooms. The goal is to make it simple and repeatable. By making these small adjustments you'll be able to save money and time over the lifetime of maintaining that unit. In addition to systematizing your process, you make it easier when it's time to turnover the unit from one tenant to another. Other areas that you can standardize and systematize. -Cabinet Finishes -Light fixtures -Video Surveillance Cameras As always, please email us any real estate questions to [email protected] and we will answer them on an upcoming episode! Learn more about The DeRosa Group at http://www.DeRosaGroup.com or on BiggerPockets.com - https://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/author/mattfaircloth/ Matt & Liz, founders of DeRosa Group, were recently second-time guests on the BiggerPockets Podcast. Check it out: https://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/bp-podcast-203-finding-deals-funding-contractors-mentors-matt-liz-faircloth/
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CREPN #187 - Technology Disrupts Multifamily Property Management with  Neal Bawa
Technology is disrupting Multifamily Property Management, and the results are impressive. Neal Bawa, founder of Grocapitus Investments and Multifamily U is a technologist by education, who came to real estate investing out of necessity. It was when his boss elected to purchase a building rather than continue to pay rent, that Neal was forced to learn on the fly how to make the new property ready before their lease expired and penalties ensued. Like most of us, the lessons learned under pressure are permanent. Having caught the bug for real estate, Neal first invested in single family homes, but soon realized the challenge to scale. Then he found and invested in thirteen syndications as a passive investor. However, he was not getting the returns he expected. Realizing there was a vacancy problem that was preventing him and his fellow investors from receiving distributions, he asked the syndicator if he could market for prospective residents. Soon, he developed a system that was generating qualified prospects to managers who were able to fill the vacancies. When the property filled up, investors started receiving distributions. The increased NOI drover the value up, and again made investors very happy. When the asset managers asked Neal what he wanted in return, he asked for permission to participate in their weekly asset management calls. They told him the calls were boring, full of acronyms, and he would not like them. But he did. Over the course of 200 such calls, he got a front row seat to the inner workings of multifamily operations on a day to day basis. He realized that each person in the operation had a particular expertise, but no one person, knew all the pieces. Except for him, the note taking technologist. Neal realized he had learned something that not everyone else knew. To make certain he did not forget these newly learned lessons, he started a wildly successful Meetup group in San Francisco where he shared everything he learned about multifamily investing. Soon the members became motivated, and wanted to invest with Neal. He had the knowledge and the support to become a multifamily syndication sponsor. Technology Disrupts Multifamily Property Management In the 200 weekly operations meetings, Neal recognized some limitations in the existing property management system for filling vacant units. As a technologist, he identified the choke points where it was time for technology to disrupt the status quo. Neal developed a technology hardware and software system with virtual assistants that attract, screen, schedule, and remind prospective tenants of their scheduled tour for his properties. For 2018, his system attracted 30,000 qualified resident prospects for properties he owns. This flood of qualified prospects accounted for 64% of all leases signed. Now, property managers are able to focus on showing units, signing leases and do more operational tasks without the distraction of marketing for empty units. Additional Value from Technology Now that the units are full, Neal realized a second opportunity to leverage his technology and disrupt the income stream to add more value to the property. There were missed sales opportunities for add ons like carports, washers & dryers, etc. Neal observed that property management income was a percentage of all rents collected. While they were focused on a big number like the apartment rent, they did not get motivated about a little number that would pay them an additional $1.20 commission for leasing a carport for $40 per month. For Neal and his fellow investors this lack of focus was keeping them from realizing a significant long term value. The $40 per month carport rent was $480 per year in income. That same $40 per month translates, at a 6 cap rate, to an additional $7,680 in property value per carport! If you have 100 carports, that’s as much as $768,000! BIGGEST RISK Each week I ask my guest what is the Biggest Risk they see that real estate investors face. BIGGEST RISK: Opportunity Zones. When millions of dollars are pumped into distressed areas with no fundamentals for growth, why will these areas become successful? How to manage the risk?: Don’t invest as a Class C area with no growth potential solely as a strategy to avoid paying capital gains taxes. Be wary of investing in an opportunity zone if you do not understand the fundamentals in the area. For more go to: https://multifamilyu.com/ https://www.grocapitus.com/
Top 3 Profit Killers for Rental Property Landlords by Auckland Property Management
Top 3 Rental Property Profit Killers for Landlords Celia Burbery, Auckland Property Management’s General Manager, speaks with Sheldon Rodrigues about the most likely killers of profit for an investment property. Rental Property Profit Killer #1: Pricing your property One of the jobs of our property management company is to maximize the rental returns for landlords. Depending on the rent levels throughout the market in the area of your property, we will try to achieve a premium value for your investment property. However, letting a property sit unoccupied for weeks on end hoping to get the best price is not always the wisest move. It can be much more beneficial to decrease the weekly rent level slightly, rather than go for week without any rent being paid. The financial recovery for an unrented property takes much longer than renting at a slightly lower rate. Pricing for the best rate is advice that a property manager can give landlords to help them avoid this rental property profit killer by getting their property tenanted at the best rate possible, as soon as possible. Rental Property Profit Killer #2: How can landlords help themselves with vacancy rates? Contrary to popular belief, even though rental property is a high supply-and-demand industry, tenants do have choices. Keeping property maintenance and cleanliness at a high level is more attractive to tenants. It’s the little things being maintained that show prospective tenants the kind of tenancy they can expect. To avoid vacancy as a rental property profit killer, it is best to keep your investment in good shape to make it desirable so it will rent more quickly. Rental Property Profit Killer #3: Rent arrears Possibly the most obvious profit killer, rent arrears are a scenario where prevention is better than cure. At Auckland Property Management, all tenants sign an arrears policy that outlines the various steps that will be taken if rent is in arrears during their tenancy. Within the first seven days of arrears, tenants know how Auckland Property Management will be going about recovering their arrears if they miss a rental payment. This policy has helped with the rate of arrears. A property manager can help landlords make the most of their investment properties by addressing these rental property profit killers. If you are interested in more benefits of property management for your investment, contact us using the form and we will get in touch. To watch other videos Click to go to the list of all videos on Auckland Property Management’s Video Blog – https://www.aucklandproperty.net/video-blog/ For any related questions that you might have, feel free to contact Auckland Property Management Ltd in Auckland who has over 20 years’ experience managing properties all the way from Bombay to Orewa. Auckland Property Management Ltd 145 Manukau Road Epsom, 1023, Auckland, Ph: (09) 638 2500 Fax: (09) 639 0873, Email: [email protected], Postal: PO Box 28510, Remuera,1541, Auckland
10 Ways to Add Value To Your Rental Property - Part 1
Part One of Talk to The Expert: Hadar Orkibi Interviews Kyle Elmer from Mana Property Management Dunedin. Mana Property Management are regular contributors to the Property Investors Network at: http://www.propertygenie.co.nz/author/mana-property-management For more info about Mana Property Management in Dunedin: http://www.manaproperty.co.nz/
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The Art of the Sale for Property Managers – Part 1: WIFM and Structure
Grow Your Property Management company series. Part 1: WIFM and Structure: http://fourandhalf.com/the-art-of-the-sale-for-property-managers-part-1-wifm-structure/ Today’s blog kicks off a four part series on how property managers can close more management contracts. The first part of the series discusses WIFM (or What’s In It For Me) and sales structure. Property managers work with companies like Fourandhalf to increase the number of leads that come in. Once you get that lead, you control the relationship. The inquiry is that point where you take on the responsibility of closing the lead. The best way to do that is to structure your sales process. This is a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors while increasing revenue. Challenges to Closing Leads It seems like once you get a great lead, all you need to do is call the lead, close the deal and collect the money. It’s not usually so simple. Sometimes you can’t get the person on the phone, and you just leave message after message. Or, you quickly realize that they are shopping by price only. The problem may also be that they simply don’t see the value in professional property management services. There are a few solutions that can be incorporated into your selling techniques. Three Techniques to Help Win Every Prospect: • WIFM • Structured Sales Process • Follow Up
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Growth Through Acquisitions for Your Property Management Company
Click here to read the article in full: http://fourandhalf.com/buying-an-existing-property-management-company Fourandhalf published a blog, earlier this year, about the best channel for quickly growing a property management company. We went over the two main options that property managers use: running a Google AdWords campaign or buying an existing property management business. The blog spurred a lot of dialogue among the members of our tribe and it became obvious that we should bring in someone who has plenty of experience in buying existing portfolios for today. Today, we welcome Jock McNeill of Alliance Property Management, who has been quietly building a property management empire since becoming a property manager in 1999. Alliance Property Management has acquired six property management companies in the last 10 years and Jock is sharing his wisdom on buying an existing property management company. Due Diligence When Buying a Company If you are preparing to acquire an existing property management company, you must do your due diligence. Jock says that you have to know what you’re getting into - know exactly what type of portfolio you're buying, especially with your first one. Make sure the portfolio is in line with the company you currently have. If you have a company portfolio built on high-end single family homes, you don’t want to buy a business that manages a completely different type of property. Make sure the properties you’re taking on are in good condition and have a historically good stream of income attached to them. Although it sounds like you are investing in a good area if you’re buying from someone who grew 50 percent in the last year, you’re not getting seasoned accounts. Those won’t necessarily be as a good as clients that have been around for 5 or 10 years. How Alliance Analyzes the Properties They Inherit If you are looking to acquire an existing property management company, follow these tips that Jock uses for Alliance Property Management: Check the quality of the properties you receive by looking at a rent-roll and make sure that a non-disclosure agreement is always attached. You want to make sure income history is there. Ask for two or three years' worth of records showing management fee income. Then, actually get into the car and drive around and look at those properties from the outside. An exterior inspection can tell you a lot about the care of the home. Pro-Tip: An interior inspection isn’t practical, but you can do it within your first two or three months of taking over the account. Should You Buy from a Company with a Poor Reputation? In a perfect world, you'd want to make sure the company has a good reputation. However, it's possible you'll buy from someone with a bad reputation, so beware: you’re probably getting bad clients because they’ve been poorly handled. Nonetheless, not all is lost, your newfound owner base may welcome the change to a new property management company. In those instances, Jock tries to look for situations where he can add value. An example is if a company is using an old school property management software, and you have a cloud-based software - that makes a huge incentive for them to stay with you when you take over. How to Address Company Branding When buying a company, Jock will usually add them to the Alliance Property Management brand unless there is value in keeping the original brand. Recently, they acquired a company in a market where Alliance didn’t exist. The brand they bought had been there for 30 years, so they made sure to keep it at it's original name as it had a great presence already. Deciding on whether to sunset the brand or maintain it is unique in every situation. Jock will be speaking on all of these topics at length as well as how to value a portfolio at the upcoming PM Grow Summit on January 25-27, in West Palm Beach, FL. He'll be joined by Michael Catalano, CEO of Real Estate Connections in Silicon Valley to discuss growth through acquisitions for property managers. If you have any questions, please contact us at Fourandhalf, the property manager's choice in digital marketing.
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Property Management Acquisitions, Growth and Marketing: The Renters Warehouse Strategy
How can you increase your lifetime customer value and maximize the marketing dollars you spend to attract those customers? Kevin Ortner, CEO of the largest single-family focused property management company in the U.S., has some ideas. In fact, he’s found a way to continue managing the properties that he convinces his owners to sell. You won’t want to miss the first podcast of 2019. Renters Warehouse + Own America = Better Business and Better Service Renters Warehouse acquired Own America, a company that allows owners of single-family rental properties to sell those properties with tenants in place through an online marketplace to new investors. What’s in it for Renters Warehouse and their customers? Well, a lot. Buyers can shop in new markets and acquire an investment with cash flow already in place. Sellers have access to an engaged market of interested buyers and can sell with tenants in place. Tenants don’t have to move. Renters Warehouse continues to manage the property, even after it’s sold. This model is new and innovative and exciting, and something you can follow if you want to find a way to attract new business while holding onto your current business. Roll Your Eyes if You Want, We’re Still Talking about Customer Experience Kevin and Alex will discuss themes that aren’t new to anyone in property management. You cannot focus on the next best thing without making sure your current customers are happy. You have to add value and provide the best possible service. Otherwise, your new tech and your new products and your new ideas don’t matter one bit. List to one of the leaders in property management talk about how the industry is changing, and what we can all do to make the delivery of property management and investor services better. The full article is right here: http://fourandhalf.com/renters-warehouse-2019-strategy Contact us at Fourandhalf to ask any questions or tell us about your marketing plans for the New Year. We’re all ears: http://fourandhalf.com/contact
Prompton Property Management
Prompton's Property Management Division servicing Yaletown, Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey, BC, Canada. Our aim is to maximize your asset value and minimize your problems.
How can Fourandhalf Websites Transform a Property Management Business?
How can Fourandhalf Websites Transform a Property Management Business? What if your website could save you money by providing more new business than paid leads? Andy Moore, from Gulf Coast Property Management, is saving about $2,600 a month with a new OnePartner property management website that Fourandhalf designed. He joined Alex to talk about the outcomes and the process. What’s Good at Gulf Coast? Andy said the phones have been ringing and the business has been coming in strong since upgrading his website. And, he’s closing leads at a rate that’s over 30 percent. This should make all of us jealous. Alex drilled down into real numbers. It turns out the new Fourandhalf property management website created a 180 percent increase in leads for Gulf Coast Property Management. This translates into an increase in annual contract value that’s $90,000, and the lifetime customer value of about $270,000. How our Websites Work Our websites are designed to create a better user experience and deliver highly qualified leads. We take all of your great content and we refresh it with some new copy, videos, and SEO-rich resources. Then, we present what you have to offer in a different way so that the website experience is better for owners and tenants. We drive up SEO and then we review the results every 90 days. This is revolutionary. Check out the full review from Andy and then request your FREE website analysis here: https://fourandhalf.com/testimonial1/
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How to set fees in retail and commercial property management
In attempting to set professional fees in commercial and retail property management, there are special considerations to make. In this program learn how to set fees in different ways considering the property and the client. Get more ideas in the article here: http://commercial-realestate-training.com/fee-structures-for-commercial-property-management/
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Proactive Property Management in the 5 Phases of Multifamily – With Bryan Chavis
There are five key phases in the multifamily investing process, and the property manager you hire plays a key role in nearly every stage. So, what should you look for in a property management company? And what KPIs can you use to assess the property manager’s performance? Bryan Chavis is a thought-leader in the realm of multifamily property management and the bestselling author of Buy It, Rent It, Profit and The Landlord Entrepreneur. He is also the founder of The Landlord Property Management Academy, an online platform for real estate professionals and property management certification. Bryan was named one of the top 40 up-and-coming entrepreneurs under 40 by the Gulf Coast Business Review, and he is a sought-after speaker and consultant for some of the largest housing authorities in the US. Today, Bryan sits down with me to share his journey, discussing the obstacles he has overcome and his unique approach to ‘embracing adversity.’ He walks us through the five phases of multifamily investment, discussing the current challenges around the acquisitions process and the fundamentals of the implementation stage. Bryan explains what to look for in a property management company and the Key Performance Indicators he reviews on a monthly basis. Listen in for Bryan’s insight on finding a property manager who is proactive and learn to relish the journey as a multifamily investor! http://www.themichaelblank.com/podcasts/session121
Atlanta Investment Property Managers and their Value to the Atlanta Real Estate Investment Community
Atlanta Real Estate Investors should understand the value of Atlanta Property Management services which in my humble opinion will change the face of your business because it will free you up to concentrate on being a real CEO of your Atlanta Real Estate Investment Company versus dealing with tenants which will occupy the majority of your time.