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IPSec Site-to-Site VPNs w/Static Virtual Tunnel Interfaces (SVTI): IKEv1 & IKEv2

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The following video tutorial takes a deep dive into Static Virtual Tunnel Interface (SVTI) interfaces along with both IKEv1 and IKEv2. We explore all the similarities and differences between the configuration and operation of SVTIs with IKEv1 and IKEv2. The IKEv1 scenario connects two offices together over the Internet and the IKEv2 scenario connects up two offices over an MPLS L3 VPN architecture. Thanks to some typos we also get to troubleshoot what happens when you use a route-map with the wrong name, what happens when a route is learned via eBGP and you want it to be learned via EIGRP (AD concerns!), and when you enter in IP addresses wrong (good troubleshooting)! In each scenario the configuration for either EIGRP or OSPF is done so you can see how to run either routing protocol over your SVTI. The next video will show the same thing, but with crypto-maps! Enjoy!
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