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Increase Output DC Current Using 2N3055 Transistor

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This video how to make a simple output DC current increase using 2N3055 transistor for variable voltage regulators ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Component is using 1) 2N3055 transistor 2) LM7812 voltage regulator 3) 12v LED light ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click the link see the more videos on the playlist 1)Monitoring & controlling project circuits - https://goo.gl/UUT2CG 2) Inverter circuits - https://goo.gl/xz33Uu 3) Chaser LED lights circuits - https://goo.gl/5aRnU4 4) DC Power supply circuits - https://goo.gl/yt4fuP 5) Remote control circuit - https://goo.gl/rJzx1d 6) LED-based circuits - https://goo.gl/pga5qh 7) Relay-based circuit - https://goo.gl/Q4r7XM 8) PIC Microcontroller project - https://goo.gl/9tNaVm 9) Relay-based circuit - https://goo.gl/J4u8BD 10) Battery controller circuits - https://goo.gl/YVHokC 11) Repair works - https://goo.gl/11uPxn 12)Transformerless power supply circuits - https://goo.gl/c9zvzp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ buy this material to following link 1) 433Mhz RF Wireless Transmitter Receiver Module = https://goo.gl/ZntXYr 2) 10W mini White High Power LED SMD Bead Chips = https://goo.gl/NFBtTV 3) 12V DC Battery Eliminator Power Supply transformer-1 Amp = https://goo.gl/nBE6P3 4) LED driver AC TO DC 12V CONVERTER = https://goo.gl/NMf1Vh 5) 555 Timer Ic = https://goo.gl/ZPB1Zt 6) 1W High Power Led Lamp 110-120Lm Leds = https://goo.gl/3NuufG 7) 12 Volt DC Motor (Multipurpose Brushed Motor For DIY Applications PCB Drill) = https://goo.gl/RVHTQK 8) DC 12v gear motor = https://goo.gl/M3yqZL 9) Electric Hand Drill PCB Press Drilling 12V Motor, 12000 RPM, 10 Pcs 0.3-3.0 mm Drill Bits Set, Keyless Brass Chucks and Hi Watt Battery = https://goo.gl/7qUf9m 10) 12V PCB MOUNT SUGAR CUBE RELAY = https://goo.gl/m1pbD9
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Text Comments (69)
mandal amith (2 hours ago)
not increased any current
pranab das (27 days ago)
Kaushal Kumar (1 month ago)
Respected sir how much current it can give???...plzzz tell
John Anthony Actub (1 month ago)
rain go uy (1 month ago)
You just showed the potential difference not the current...you did not switch your multimeter into current....currents pertain to ampere
Current measure kare tab bataye
Mahesh Edla (2 months ago)
haha , calaculated voltage only. not the current, but ur title is increase output dc current.
Abood Yahya (2 months ago)
Can I use 2n2222 instead of that transistor
miha peterle (3 months ago)
this is not good regulator because 2n 3055 base is driven by curent and 7812 regulator give us 12v not 11.88 but u need voltage on the input Vout + 1.75V so in these case yours positive voltage regulatore need 13.75V on the input to work appropiately you got 12Von your outpu just because 1V was voltage drop on the transistor and your regulator just decipate 1V * 200mV for led its 0.2W of heat trought transistor if you woul input 20V jou will get about 18V on the input
Deutschland402 (7 hours ago)
miha peterle you seem to know a lot about electricity/electronic circuits. Could I bother to ask you a few questions about electrical amplification using transistors? I’m really lost. If you want to help please let me Know at your earliest convenience and I will jot the questions down. If you don’t know the answers, it’s fine, I’m just looking for some guidance. Thanks in advance for any help you may provide, Ray
Sukku Entertainment (3 months ago)
sir please make a 6vsolar panal with simple material
ABM Alkatib (3 months ago)
Hey stupid chutya...do you even know what is Current and voltage?...waste of time.
Rituraj Singh (4 months ago)
Wrong connections.
r!shi kesh (5 months ago)
The use of this circuit is to increase the current gain while keeping the voltage at 12v DC. Lm7812 cannot alone withstand large amount of current. Transistor is working as common collector amplifier which has voltage gain of 1 (less than 1 in practise).so the output must be around 0.7v less than 12v due to drop across b-e junction of transistor, with current gain of around 20 to 70 for 2n3055.This circuit will increase the current carrying capacity of regulator.
POWER GEN (5 months ago)
i agree with
Victor S (5 months ago)
Finally u dont check the current
POWER GEN (5 months ago)
sorry, I will check on next video
Andrew Hudson (5 months ago)
Could have used an n channel mosfet as a low side switch instead of the 2n3055 and used your regulator to power the gate. That way the regulator won't have to dissipate nearly the same power as your design
POWER GEN (5 months ago)
thank you for comment
Raj Kumar (5 months ago)
Your input current 13 something and your output 13 approx.. Lol your current is decrease..
POWER GEN (5 months ago)
The LM type regulator has a maximum of 1.5A but The 2N3055 is a silicon NPN power transistor of 15A so one of the current quality managing circuits
Dj Ice (6 months ago)
thanks for the knowledge it really help me out a lot
POWER GEN (5 months ago)
Thank you for comment
Brow did not tell you by checking the ampere.
POWER GEN (6 months ago)
i tell the next video
Bhai Apne ampere to check hi Ni Karl dikhaya
POWER GEN (6 months ago)
sorry bro, I don't know Hindi please ask in English
ibles bosuok (6 months ago)
Good video. For more stable output voltage, it's better to apply 7812, 3.3 ohms resistor and MJ2955. Greetings from Indonesia
POWER GEN (6 months ago)
Thank you for comment
Kumaraesh R (6 months ago)
Can i use 2n3055 transistor for 24 v circuit ??
Deepak Nanda (6 months ago)
Transistor can increase voltage alone..like this circuit..it only act as a regulator switch..
Kumaraesh R (6 months ago)
POWER GEN (6 months ago)
Yes, you can use it
angel space (7 months ago)
aap jo supply de rahe hai wo 1.5 v battery hai ya 4 volt battery or 12 v
angel space (7 months ago)
POWER GEN (7 months ago)
angel space (7 months ago)
power kitna de raha hai bataya nahi 3 v ya 12 volt wo chupaya hai tune saale..
POWER GEN (7 months ago)
I don't know understand your language
Sheikh Adil (8 months ago)
Bhai ye song KAUNSA ha
full time masti (2 months ago)
I love this music
POWER GEN (8 months ago)
i do not know but i download in NCS (no copy right song) youtube channel
adrian tanase (8 months ago)
Wtf was that?
Deepak Nanda (6 months ago)
Really..wtf is this..using transistor alone to increase voltega..can the maker explain it
POWER GEN (8 months ago)
Do not understand
majid khan (8 months ago)
abe chutiya banane ke liye tujhe koi aur nhi mila..
S.S Telecom (9 months ago)
Learnings... (9 months ago)
what if i want to amplify......the current 5v current .. can I use 7805 from 12v to amplify the current
ZAIDATUL AKMAL (8 months ago)
Hazim Safawi all the best for your exam. But just know, I try working on with this circuit by using Proteus Software. And yes, the value voltage from 5V to decrease to 3.5V . But I didn't measure current value. Hopefully it will increase.
Zim Unknown (8 months ago)
ZAIDATUL AKMAL not yet. Right now I'm paying my attention for my exams. ☹
ZAIDATUL AKMAL (8 months ago)
hi Hazim Safawi, have you done this circuit?Is it working or not? because i also need to increase the current value for charging the mobile phone
Zim Unknown (8 months ago)
debarghya m i didn't know that before. Thanks for the information!
debarghya m (8 months ago)
Hazim Safawi no...it won't....it cannot increase the current.... current will still be 250mA.. what you can do is use 7805 voltage regulator with 2N3055 or similar transistor... You will get about 5v 250mA.
I am Back (11 months ago)
Ac 250 को DC 12v किया कैसे जाए
I am Back (11 months ago)
POWER GEN तब बनाना बताए
POWER GEN (11 months ago)
only below DC 32v power supply
QAI PAKISTAN (11 months ago)
A.U.X Circuits (11 months ago)
I have a request you to please make a circuit of kA2281 Vu meter.

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