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Top 10 Largest Stock Exchanges In The World

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► Support With Your Comment Subscribe To Our Channel ► http://bit.ly/SxmsCelik-SUBs-NOW Facebook Page ► http://bit.ly/SCLikeFacebookPagee Donate My Channel ► http://bit.ly/DONATE-ME 10. Deutsche Börse – $1.71 trillion The powerful German economy and its firms are largely influenced by what goes on at the Frankfurt stock exchange. 9. Shenzhen Stock Exchange – $1.91 trillion The rise of the Chinese economy has allowed the Shanghai-based exchange to penetrate the top ten. 8. TMX Group – $2.20 trillion Trading the best Canada has to offer, the Toronto-based TMX Group operates the country’s most important stock exchanges. 7. Shanghai Stock Exchange – $2.86 trillion The second Chinese stock market is also located in Shanghai, but is far larger than its counterpart. 6. Hong Kong Stock Exchange – $3.14 trillion As one of the largest global trade centers, Hong Kong’s financial growth has been absolutely stunning and continues on the same trajectory. 5. London Stock Exchange Group – $3.39 trillion Despite being one of the most important financial centers throughout history, the city is no longer as powerful as it once was. 4. Euronext – $3.50 trillion Commanding the economies of the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Portugal, this exchange not only has several members, but also several headquarters. 3. Japan Exchange Group – $4.48 trillion Trading shares of some of the most advanced corporations in the world, the Tokyo-based stock exchange has grown to become one of the world’s biggest. 2. NASDAQ – $6.68 trillion The second largest stock exchange in the world is the NASDAQ, located in New York and trading, among others, very lucrative technology stocks. 1. New York Stock Exchange – $18.77 trillion By far the most important financial trading grounds in the world today, the New York Stock Exchange is home to some the biggest and most powerful corporations from the United States. Edit: Sehmous Celik Contact ► [email protected] For Copyright Issues ► [email protected] ▼Follow Me On▼ Website ► http://sxmscelik.com/ Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/scvideos Instagram ► https://instagram.com/sxmscelik Twitter ► http://www.twitter.com/scvideoss Youtube ► http://www.youtube.com/scvideos Google+ ► http://plus.google.com/+scvideos Pinterest ► http://www.pinterest.com/sxmscelik
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