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Christmas party game - white elephant gift exchange -vlogmas 12/22/16

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We play this game at the family Christmas party. Everybody brings a few items. All presents go in a pile. Draw numbers out of a hat to determine the order of how people choose the gifts. When it is someone's turn they can steal a gift or choose a new one. If your gift is stolen you can steal a gift or choose a new one. Keep going until all gifts are unwrapped.
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Couponing with Andy (2 years ago)
The game sounds very fun!!I will have to try this next year. Thanks for sharing!😄😃
Couponing with Andy (2 years ago)
michellesfrugallivin. Aww😃
+Couponing with Andy it's a lot of fun. And sometimes the grandkids have to steal from grandpa
Sass (2 years ago)
Great idea! Merry Christmas to you and yours...... Sass
+sass clenaghen merry Christmas Sass
lisa p. (2 years ago)
Definitely have to show us what you ended up with.
+lisa p. It should be interesting. lol
Joshua Claussen (2 years ago)
Merry Christmas Michelle!!
+Joshua Claussen merry Christmas Joshua
Chamilia H. (2 years ago)
Happy holidays Michelle! Thanks for all your help!
+Chamilia H. Thanks for watching :)
love it.I think it is a great way to have fun and stay in a budget
+KatahdinKooking Mama (Maineroses) and a way avoid having to buy a specific gift for hard to buy for people

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