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Custom Dynamics "Dynamic Ringz" LED Turn Signal Bullet Style Inserts On A Harley Davidson 2017 SGS

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Very happy with the LED options that Custom Dynamics offers. In this video, I install and review the LED Genesis Dynamic Ringz Bullet Style Inserts front and rear turn-signal lights. Solid improvement from stock signals. Follow Me on the sites that are called social: Twitter: www.https://twitter.com/broncoridevlogs Instagram: www.https://www.instagram.com/broncoride My Ride: 2017 Milwaukee Eight Street Glide Special My other stuff: GoPro4, Sena20s, Sena GoPro Bluetooth Audio Pack, Hero5 Session Fits all H-D Motorcycles with Factory Incandescent Bulbs. http://www.customdynamics.com/harley_davidson_led_turn_signals.htm You can choose between Inserts(Bullet Style: what's in this video), or Flat Ringz. Depends on personal preference and what type of bike you have. They make a huge difference. Part # for Front Inserts: GEN200-AW-1157 Part # for Rear Inserts: GEN200-R-1157 When you go to checkout, it will ask you what kind of covers you want. I went with smoke, but there are other options. For the TRI-BAR Dual Intensity: http://www.customdynamics.com/street_magic_harley_davidson_led_taillights.htm#TRI-BAR_Dual_Intensity_LED_Fender_Tip Part# GEN2-TRI-FT-3-SMOKE Thanks for watching. If you like the channel, please hit the subscribe button.
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Text Comments (83)
Kevin Williamson (2 months ago)
Did you get "Hyper Flashing" after you installed these?
Broncoride (2 months ago)
No sir. I believe it’s 14 and earlier that you need the extra part to offset the flashing.
VIC CAMPOS (3 months ago)
will they front ones turn amber when you hit the signal button? Nice video Sir.
Broncoride (3 months ago)
Yes they do.
How does it work when flashing? I heard some lights are too bright and the flashing feature get washed out, true?
Broncoride (5 months ago)
Not true. As soon as you hit turn signal, it goes to amber(flashing) and then goes back to light when done. It’s a solid LED with regular and turn signal too.
John Hoffman (7 months ago)
Are the front Amber or white?
John Hoffman (7 months ago)
Thanks for getting back
Broncoride (7 months ago)
Amber when turning only otherwise white
Michael Cordova (8 months ago)
Put mine front and back. They work awesome. Well worth the money
Broncoride (8 months ago)
Yeah man, they work awesome.
KUTZFRECH (9 months ago)
No hyper flash issues? Do they have built in resistors?
Broncoride (9 months ago)
Don’t believe they do. When you first install, you run a series through the signals if they aren’t linking to the right and left signals. This fixes any issues. I know on some bikes, they have another part to level the load. Didn’t need it for for my bike. I believe it’s on the website.
Ek Chuah Studios (9 months ago)
Thanks for the info.
LBCSG17 (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video and the info! I purchased these after I saw your video. These are awesome and they look great on my SGS. The install was super easy, too! Thanks again.
Broncoride (1 year ago)
No problem and I’m glad you’re happy with them.
Alan Whiteside (1 year ago)
I just bought some for the front on my 2016 Limited with the clear lens and they are bright as heck but I don’t know if they are the same brand as in your video. I bought them from a guy who sells them out of his company van that’s what he does is LED Lights for bikes, cars, & trucks etc. He also does some kind of procedure to get the lights to flash at the right speed using the ignition switch and turn signal switch’s. I paid $100 for the pair clear lenses include I didn’t care for the smoke lens makes the light not as bright Heck I want to be seen! Note: in your video you didn’t show how the front turn from white to amber while flashing. Good video!
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Thanks for response. These are Custom Dynamics. With the CD lights on front, they do turn to Amber when you hit turn signals.
Scott Pioso (1 year ago)
Don't the fronts have to be an amber color? This video shows white. Thanks!
Scott Pioso (1 year ago)
Just put them in yesterday and they look great!!
Scott Pioso (1 year ago)
HI there. I just ordered 2 pairs, one pair for the front, and 1 for the rear. I am ordering the white/amber combo for the fronts and solid red for the rear but am going to try the stock red covers for the rear along with red LED's. I'll take your advice and use the flat head screw driver to push the reflector back and we'll see how it goes. I think the red lamp with red covers should be cool.
Scott Pioso (1 year ago)
Hi got one more question.......you mentioned smoke colored covers......i assume new covers come with the kits, correct?
Scott Pioso (1 year ago)
Broncoride thanks
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Yes sir
rdeason1982 (1 year ago)
I was just wondering if you had to install anything with the turn signals for the extra voltage? A lot of the LED turn signals i see have some sort of relay or power converter two switch from bulb to LED. If these are true plug and play then i will probably get me a set. I do appreciate it and good video.
Broncoride (1 year ago)
I asked the same question before I ordered. Some LED lights out there have this issue, but usually it's the headlight. For these, just pure plug and play. Thanks for watching.
Rick Robinson (1 year ago)
Shiny. :)
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Quite shiny.
lonestarrider (1 year ago)
Very Nice Install! 😎
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Thanks Rex.
Skywave400LTDABS (1 year ago)
Hello! You are a good mechanic. LEDization is wonderful. Thank you (^ ^) /
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Haha, I wouldn't call myself a good mechanic. This is pretty easy. It is just plug and play. Thanks for watching Skywave
DriveShaft Drew (1 year ago)
happy easter to you and yours nice lights
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Thank you Drew. Happy Easter to you as well.
NC Stoney (1 year ago)
Looks good, buddy. Nice upgrade.
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Yes sir, it's sweet
A Few Below (1 year ago)
LED is so much better!
Broncoride (1 year ago)
INVALID (1 year ago)
cm moto sent me
INVALID (1 year ago)
Broncoride you are very much welcome
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Thanks man. Appreciate it
Steve H (1 year ago)
Nice tutorial. They look great! Custom Dynamics are so easy to install, I added the bullet blinker lights. I installed them in the parking lot at the dealer because I couldn't wait until I got home.
Broncoride (1 year ago)
The tri-bar will take a little longer, but this install was simple. Thanks for the comment man.
gentlemansnine (1 year ago)
Wow, big difference!
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Freedom Rider (1 year ago)
very impressed with the ease of the install. Nice tip on pushing the "O" Rings back. Thanks, man...informative.
Rajan Chaudhary (6 months ago)
Freedom Rider what is the price bro
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Thanks Tom. Always value your comments.
1down4up (1 year ago)
cool lights but why did you sound so out of breath brother?
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Haha, didn't realize that. My voice cracked once. Guess I need to get in shape.
TheRoadRatt (1 year ago)
Great job!
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Thanks man
Touring Midwest (1 year ago)
Nice Install, I was gonna make a video when I did mine but I cant remember why I didn't lol cant wait to see the hdlmp install.
Touring Midwest (1 year ago)
Broncoride ooh, ok
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Ended up not filming the headlight install. Harleytrek did one on the same Eagle light. He's the one that pointed me towards Custom Dynamics.
Britex3186 (1 year ago)
LOoks Great!! easy install! rsmf
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Thanks my friend. You've been busy with your new sticker career.
faith biker (1 year ago)
Looked easy.  Thanks for showing us how to put the LED lights in.  Great tutorial.  Best to you my friend.  Oh yes, Thanks again for the stickers very cool looking!
Broncoride (1 year ago)
No problem FB. Glad you got the sticker.
HoaryRider (1 year ago)
Easy as pie. Looks good and bright. Damned hard to miss. Perfect. What LED are you looking at for your head lamp? Cheers
Broncoride (1 year ago)
I installed the headlight. It's from Eagle Lights. Very nice. You can see it on the first ride vid. Unfortunately, it's daytime in the video.
Ridin' Country (1 year ago)
Very cool. I have smoked out lenses front and back. Not the smartest idea but dam they look great!!
Ridin' Country (1 year ago)
Broncoride ya they do. Every light I have is smoked, except head of course. I should get the LED though, they do dim my light quite a bit.
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Smoked out looks sweet.
Vegas Gurl (1 year ago)
Wow those are bright & easy install 👍
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Surprised how bright they actually were.
Papa2two (1 year ago)
Easy install. I'll be checking those out!  Take care and rsmf...
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Totally worth it sir.
BigBadWolfMoto (1 year ago)
Perfect!!! So the ones in the front work as side lights too, right? These are sawweet! Probably the quickest install for such a cool product, I've seen in a long time! Thanks for sharing brother!!!
Broncoride (1 year ago)
If you mean turning signals, then yes. They blink yellow, then turn back to white. Thanks for watching man.
Iron Fire Horse (1 year ago)
Nice work! Awesome bike :)
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Thanks Irene.  Appreciate that.
Bear's SGS (1 year ago)
Yeah i got these when i got my Milwaukee 8. front and back.
Bear's SGS (1 year ago)
Broncoride yes sir...
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Couldn't believe the difference.  They are sweet.
Danny's Corner (1 year ago)
good job
Broncoride (1 year ago)
Thanks Danny.
Maikeli7 (1 year ago)
Awesome and easy!!! How much for this?
Maikeli7 (1 year ago)
That's a very reasonable price. Thanks!
Broncoride (1 year ago)
$90 per pair.  Compared to other LED lights, this isn't bad.

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