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Jeep Wrangler LED turn signals by Auxbeam

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In this video will show you how to install a pair of Auxbeam LED turn signals on my 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Auxbeam Turn Signals: http://amzn.to/2q2qcwi My Jeep Build List - http://amzn.to/2AwJHCc Camera Used: http://amzn.to/1Uos4vg www.adventuredexonline.com Thanks for watching!! Follow me on Social Media Facebook - www.facebook.com/adventuredex Twitter - www.twitter.com/adventuredex Instagram - www.instagram.com/adventuredex
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Text Comments (59)
Felix Gonzalez (10 months ago)
How did you put the license plate on?
AdventureDex (10 months ago)
Check out the video on the license plate holder by Cascadia4x4!
Eric Pilkinton (1 year ago)
The idea you removed the grill for such an easy task cracks me up...
AdventureDex (1 year ago)
Glad you found it funny!
CHANTAL XOXO (1 year ago)
Hey Dex! I just ordered these and the ones for the fenders. Do you have a video on how to put those on? Thanks!!
AdventureDex (1 year ago)
Hey! The fenders are pretty easy to install. I don’t have a video but you definitely should be able to do it! Thanks for watching
Msleelee94 Williams (1 year ago)
Yea i will have to figure out something they looked so good on and the left one lit up and blinked but the right one didn't blink. Dang it....lol
Msleelee94 Williams (1 year ago)
AdventureDex ok Dex i will check the wires on that right side Thanks!
AdventureDex (1 year ago)
Could be a wiring issue. I would make sure all the wires are connected properly! Thanks for watching!
Msleelee94 Williams (1 year ago)
After i got them on the right one didn't work bummer
AdventureDex (1 year ago)
Oh no! Sorry to hear that!
Rubicon Unlimited (1 year ago)
any light warnings on the dash?
AdventureDex (1 year ago)
No, I hope it stays that way LOL Thanks for watching!
Jacqui Adams (1 year ago)
Nice . Just ordered mine Can't wait to install.....
AdventureDex (1 year ago)
Thanks! You will love it!
S Husain (1 year ago)
nice vid! I saw someone commented (a year ago) about possibly needing resistors? Does anyone know if Dex had any problems with these turn signals down the line? thanks!
S Husain (1 year ago)
Wow thanks man, its really cool to see that you reply to pretty much all your comments, even on older vids. Respect I ordered them and installed them following your vid, super helpful :) Definitely subbed
AdventureDex (1 year ago)
Thanks for the comment! These are still working great, no issues!
120506torque (2 years ago)
did u have problems with the led plug on the back of the lens being secure i just sent mine back it was too loose i wouldve had to glue or tape it
AdventureDex (2 years ago)
Thanks for the comment! The clips can be tricky and you really gotta give them a good push to get them seated but mine clipped in no problem. No need for glue or tape. Just be careful cuz its all plastic and will break if forced. Just be patient and maybe get a buddy to give you a hand. Thanks for watching!
Danielle Cole (2 years ago)
I have halo lights and these led turn signal lights on my 15 wrangler but they aren't working, do I need a resistor?
AdventureDex (2 years ago)
Thanks for the comment Danielle, its hard to say without looking at it. It could be a couple things that you should try. First make sure the lights are grounded properly and second make sure you got a good power source. I hope this helps!
raul serna (2 years ago)
But how do they look at night thou want to buy a pair let me know asap
AdventureDex (2 years ago)
+raul serna they look awesome at night! Check the link in the description! Don't forget to sub! Thanks for watching!
Jeremy Wheaton (3 years ago)
You didn't need to add a load resistor for these turn signals to work properly?
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+Luis Camacho Thanks Luis! Apparently a resistor is not necessary, they are not speeding up. Thanks for watching!
Luis Camacho (3 years ago)
+AdventureDex I was going to ask you the same thing. If you needed a resistor for them to blink with turn signal. Guess you don't. I've ordered them and going to do the install you laid out. Thanks.
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+Jeremy Wheaton Thanks for the comment Jeremy! No, the manufacture advised they will be okay with the OEM wiring harness. I will update the video if I have any issues but right now am loving them! Easy installation. Thanks for watching!
Gabriel Solis (3 years ago)
Awesome install videos, great ideas to upgrade my jeep . Nice job
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+Gabriel Solis Thanks a lot Gabriel! I appreciate the support!
Susie (3 years ago)
www.amazon.com/dp/B01BV0T8D2 This is the right link, sorry for the inconvenience!
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+Auxbeam Lighting Thanks Auxbeam!
Tori Hemingway (3 years ago)
This links to some Sunpie LED turn signal lights - are these the right ones?
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+Tori Hemingway I love to hear that! #jeepwave
Tori Hemingway (3 years ago)
+AdventureDex Thanks! Been watching your channel for about 5-6 months now! It has helped me DIY so many mods!
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+Tori Hemingway Thanks for the comment Tori, these are the same ones as shown in the video. I am unsure why Auxbeams link changed... I will look into it. Thanks for watching!
DFW Supercars (3 years ago)
you should paint your top/fenders white!
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+DFW Supercars Thanks for the idea! I plan on changing my fenders so I don't want to send any money on the ones that I will be getting rid of! Thanks for watching!
Mannniee (3 years ago)
Hey man great video! Just a heads up, I think you accidentally linked the incorrect light.
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+Mannniee Thanks for commenting! That is really strange! I hope its fixed now! Thanks for watching!
swutted (3 years ago)
u should show results :)
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+swutted Thanks for the suggestion! I will do my best to incorporate that into my future videos! Thanks for watching! #jeepwave
BC Bell (3 years ago)
As always, great video Dex! I look forward to them every week. Peace!
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+BC Bell Thanks a lot! You have been here from day 1 and it is much appreciated! Thanks for watching! #jeepwave
Steven Marquez (3 years ago)
This intro is much better! Short and to the point
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+Steven Marquez Thanks for the positive feedback Steve! I will continue to stick to it! Thanks for your support! #jeepwave
Daniel Vargas (3 years ago)
Been looking for these thanks!!
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+Daniel Vargas Thanks for the comment Daniel! No problem, check the link in the description! They are very affordable! Thanks for watching! #jeepwave
Jaskeerat Sran (3 years ago)
Never seen a Jeep with LED turn signals. They look great!
Jeff b (3 years ago)
Yah give it a try . I just hated the Orange look of the lights on mine . It looks way better now ! Awesome video's!! Keep it up
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+Jeff Black Thanks a lot for the comment Jeff! Yeah plastic-dip is awesome, ill try that next time! Thanks #jeepwave
Jeff b (3 years ago)
+AdventureDex hey new subscriber here. loving it . on my Jeep I used Plasti Dip on the lights on the front fender flares of my Jeep 3 coats of the smoke and 1of the black .. looks way better u should give it a try!
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+Jas Singh Thanks for the comment Jas! I really like how they turned out as well! Thanks for watching! #jeepwave
The Bearded Jeeper (3 years ago)
Great install video!
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+The Bearded Jeeper Thanks a lot! I appreciate the support! #jeepwave
TrailRecon (3 years ago)
Nice lights and great detailed install video!
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+TrailRecon Thanks for the comment! I am glad you enjoyed! Thanks for watching! #jeepwave
Girl With Her Views (3 years ago)
Congrats on 5,000 subbies. Eventhough I don't have a jeep these vids make me feel like I could handle these installations myself if I did.
AdventureDex (3 years ago)
+Girl With Her Views Thanks! I appreciate the positive feedback!

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