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An App for Global Trade | Freethink Challengers

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Ryan Petersen, founder of Flexport, believes that nothing helps people improve their lives more than the ability to trade with one another. And, yet, even in the era of free trade, international shipping for businesses is still way too cumbersome. If Flexport succeeds, the chair you’re sitting on, the phone you’re holding, and the clothes you’re wearing will all cost less.
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SCREW92 5:30 (11 days ago)
If u love ur mom turn this button blue. Yes u saw my name and I just started the challenge SUB
Sue g (16 days ago)
Its either revolution or bankruptcy lol
PiNe ApPLe (16 days ago)
PewDiePie in the thumbnail
Freethink (16 days ago)
He just walked in front of the camera.
Gosling (21 days ago)
What about trains?
brian belton (22 days ago)
What Irks me, is that you DON'T seem to be promoting OUT bound freight. Containers are piled up like mountains in LA & Oakland. Clintons fault. WTO MFN. A mess.
Fastback GT (28 days ago)
Ryan, Trump has defeated you.
Frances Marshall (28 days ago)
You and your technology will destroy America. Technology will take American jobs and over seas jobs away. Buy American! Gobalization, will destroy our future.
Rob Dim (1 month ago)
Trump will try to get a higher tariff
Riya Day (3 days ago)
Adrian (1 month ago)
*why do you look like pewdiepie in the tumbnail*
amy mayhan (1 month ago)
I have no doubt that you're trying to do a great thing but it's not you that's going to f*** it up it's the corporations that are going back look more profit yaaaaaay which will then go to things like stock BuyBacks and to their CEOs to buy things they most definitely don't need while the poor f****** starve No don't none of y'all right-wing Republican motherfukers come at me I'll beat the f*** out of you I've been itching for a fight for a long goddamn time to you leave me alone and I will beat your face in sounds like a fair deal to me
John Ramos (1 month ago)
I Know that you need to shave that silly looking beard off. I'm so sick of seeing every guy and his brother growing a beard these days.
MARILYNANDERSON88 (1 month ago)
I tell my children that human hands made and transported and provide the products we purchase. They laughed and scoffed, then they get jobs, move tons of bags of sand at home depot and touching each item at the Wal-Mart checker job, then they say, "You are right, mom."
Madelyn Perez (1 month ago)
As someone who works in freight forwarding, this seems a little too idealistic...
Freethink (16 days ago)
Why do you say that? Would love to hear your perspective.
Swaggyp jr (25 days ago)
Same people dont understand how complex it is to correct the madness international trading.
blunt and fly (1 month ago)
Alienator masturbator
Cristal Trevino (1 month ago)
BIG ERNIE (1 month ago)
Sounds like another middle man = FLEXPORT trying to make money off of you me all of us. What this actually does and it doesn't tell you is that they dont control the price per containers its the ports that control all shipping container price.These guys will have a very small percentage of containers ship to the U.S. just so they can say they do ship to the U.S. but the rest will ship to neighbouring countrie ports like Mexico and Canada to bring cost down and hundreds of thousand American people lose their jobs. Its happening now. And at the end the middle man like FLEXPORT becames another multi billion dollar company controlling how much you will pay and they will charge you for shipping.
anarchy idrop (1 month ago)
I'm on a toilet
Jim Eckland (1 month ago)
The vast majority of a nation's Economy has little to do with Foreign Trade. Let's protect our economy and remain independent!!
Walker Mike (10 days ago)
You sir are a moron, go take an international business class before you speak again. I guess you think there is a future in coal too? Own a smart phone, gone tomorrow if you only trade domestically.
Jim Eckland (27 days ago)
+A Conneely The United States for almost two centuries was an 80-90% Domestic- Dependent Economy! Never a truly free-market nation!
A Conneely (27 days ago)
+Jim Eckland America is a market based capitalist economy . Provide evidence of an isolationist economy that has thrived
Jim Eckland (27 days ago)
+A Conneely : Take a look at GNP and total imports and exports!
A Conneely (27 days ago)
+Jim Eckland Horseshit , America exported all over the World . Ford ,General Motors ,Boeing , Caterpillar , John Deere , IBM , Apple etc etc American Companies that rely on exports . Even McDonalds makes most of its money overseas . You are a poorly educated fucking idiot
Rosemarie Shaw (1 month ago)
Jake from state farm
Cameron Manery (1 month ago)
I clicked because the guy in thumbnail looks like the pro player bjergsen from lol.
Don Juan (1 month ago)
Sounds like vchain
Cheliss Morales (1 month ago)
blunt and fly (2 months ago)
URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR0_o petroleumize society where demons come out and plaay hollar ass 0_o
Alex B (2 months ago)
I have professor who will argue to much trade and globalization is the reason why developing economies are suffering
Daniel Embree (2 months ago)
He has an awesome beard
a p (2 months ago)
Separate the pick up yard from the ship yard
Ashley gamer (2 months ago)
The thumbnail looked like pewdiepie not this ;-;
roy humes (2 months ago)
The way i see it is: there is always room for error, why? Even if it is automatized, the software is only as good as the person doing the data entry. Is this company large enough to use their own vessels to move their own containers? No. Do they have their own otr system running at smaller markets and areas? Do they run their private cfs's? Well, if they don't, the freight is still going to exchange hands several times. What about breakbul freight, what about oog or ow or dry bulk or ro-ro freight? Do they have a "solution" for that too? Wonder if they even are a nvocc.
Shirley Debor (2 months ago)
Beautiful connection's! !!! 😃 👌
Random Content (4 months ago)
Arshdeep Singh (6 months ago)
this video motivated me enough to go ahead with my own startup....thanks guys...you are awesome !!!
Freethink (6 months ago)
That's incredible, Arshdeep! We'd love to hear about your progress. We have a facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/freethinkforum/, would love to have you be a part of it!
MeatusBeatus (6 months ago)
I was taking a shit and got this ad 😂
Wobasta Ilipaf (8 months ago)
Intro song
prithvi shetty (9 months ago)
They didn't emphasis on the mechanism or the process, give an example
Degarge Lakew (14 days ago)
.+Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt (20 days ago)
Yeah, that thing! Etc. etc. etc. He wasn't specific at all. I believe the main jist of it is an app they've developed and over see transactions between shipping companies to link up on a worldwide scale and kind of allow them to have accounts where each shipment has a GPS tracker in the app, and with each company using the app, they contact each other virtually anytime through that account of the shipment on the app.
Gulam Quadir (9 months ago)
i hope these guys succeed in their vision but interontinental movement of goods depends on the trade policies of their respective government and everything bogs down at border custom which i believe is the actual problem and is solved by custom broker and not freight brokers.its not a rocket science to ship goods.
Sorcize (10 months ago)
Fuck this add
Denys Thomson (11 months ago)
I've used FlexPort for over a year and have been very happy with the pricing until recently. I was advised by my friends that there are much cheaper options. And indeed, after doing my research I found a freight forwarder that would move my 40 ft container to the west coast for $1000 less. I also requested an additional quote to the east coast just to see if it would be the same. And in that case, as well, the new forwarder's quote was $850 cheaper than that of Flexport's. That's a lot of money if you move products frequently, which I do. Unless FlexPort offers better quotes, I don't think I'll work with them again. On top of it, Flexport's local partners in China charged my Chinese suppliers exorbitant FOB fees. Four different factories complained about the same issue and they told me they wouldn't work with FlexPort unless they offer lower FOB fees. FlexPort refused to change anything. Another reason for me to move on and stick with the cheaper option. As my friend said, FlexPort is a big company and we are just small fish for them. But for small forwarders, we are big fish and they are willing to go above and beyond to keep our business and keep us happy with the prices.
roy humes (2 months ago)
+hemanth kumar hey man, it depends where you are, i will suggest a smaller to medium size forwarder, go on line and pick 2 or 3 and request an all inclusive door to door if you want your freight delivered to your door or dock, depending on the type of move, fcl or lcl. Do it dap if you have a customs broker or ddp if you dont have one. You see the difference.
Ray Cota (2 months ago)
Can you let me know who you use ?
Shotokan227 (2 months ago)
Hello hemanth kumar, please call me directly - Vector Global Logistics in Atlanta - 470 885 6403.
hemanth kumar (2 months ago)
Bro suggest me a company
Paul Hendrix (1 year ago)
Impressively well made, good ad. I wonder if getting this as an ad was retargeting as I had just become aware of Flexport a few days ago.
Leban Arreh (1 year ago)
Wow I agree with the CEO Ryan Peterson and how he's going about to solve this major problem in a multi trillion dollar industry. I'd love to be apart of this great moevment in enabling trade !!!
Alex Maz (1 year ago)
Great video, makes me feel special to be a client of Flexport!
M I (1 year ago)
Blockchain visions for Flexport?
Alex B (2 months ago)
M I that’s what I was thinking
cedrix57 (1 year ago)
The idea is interresting. But at the end, is the goal reached? For instance I usually import my goods my Dhl Global Forwarding. Will your website wake things more easy for me? Or cheaper?
roy humes (2 months ago)
I will tell you to look for an smaller freight forwarder, i can assure you will get much better rates and customer service
Francisco Scherer (1 year ago)
Good* i'll help that
Aidan Au (1 year ago)
2:04 those nails.... ewwwwww
kevin holguin (2 months ago)
Quito. Cansione. Dr Antonio rio
harsh savla (1 year ago)
I interviewed there. Couldn't get in. Energy of the ppl there amazed me. Very passionate.
Chula.Samyuth (1 year ago)
This is the next grass roots chain supply movement #LOVEIT
Leith H. (2 years ago)
Amazing. Keep up the good work guys!
Julius Ferguson (2 years ago)
thank you for the information
Britton Winterrose (2 years ago)
100% agree with Flexport. Make it happen!!
Winnie Hessler (20 days ago)
Hansel and Gretel
Mark Zhuk (2 years ago)
awesome stuff
Harrison Tamayo (2 years ago)
Why does this channel get no attention ?!
HouBin Liu (8 months ago)
Harrison Tamayo zzz. -aceweddw
Michael Wensel (1 year ago)
Rickvian Aldi (2 years ago)
Harrison Tamayo because this is for "hard" people

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