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... unless you install them correctly. It is not hard if you follow these simple steps, but most installers miss a couple of the simple steps because they don't know them. Not knowing creates problems that you have to come back and fix. WATCH THIS VIDEO and avoid making these mistakes. Matt from www.stromquist.com ( a master distributor of gas regulators) and controltrends.com walks our viewers through the proper way to pipe a gas pressure regulator. Watch Matt's informative video and save time and money on your gas pressure regulator startup and maintenance. Remember, if you need a gas regulator, go to stromquist.com.
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DONALD1951 (3 months ago)
Never heard of a strainer. What is it?. Thanks.
Hi Donald1950 a strainer is basically a filter that keeps dirt and other things from clogging up the gas line or gas pressure regulator. Thanks for checking out our video
Sama Gas (4 months ago)
Central Gas System Installer in UAE http://samagas.com
Thanks os much! Please let me know if there are any subjects you would like us to make videos on in HVAC or Smart Bulding Controls
Kevin Gilles (6 months ago)
On a 100 pound tank dose the regulator haft to be hooked on the tank or can you put it in line anywhere
Dj Jayfresh (5 months ago)
On tank
VegasLowBlower (7 months ago)
What if the drip leg is outside. Could it freeze
Ryan Tettenburn (7 months ago)
Some drip legs are outside. For instance, stand alone generators.
jake williams (11 months ago)
thanks for a very good video !
Oliver Cat (11 months ago)
Is that Randy from Trailer Park Boys?
white wiskers (1 year ago)
Does orientation matter ?
it can, depends on the gas pressure regulator, be sure to check your installation instructions before installing
Rajesh Korke (1 year ago)
Sir muzhe machine chahiye gas to gas suplay Karna he mera no he muzhe call Karo 7020555091
Mike R (1 year ago)
I was going to pass this on to our technical staff but decided not to.  I wish he would have covered the flow direction requirements for the strainer and regulator and adjustments. The main failure mode for us is the regulator installed backwards by the installer. We sell about 20,000 commercial gas appliances a year and direction, pressure rating, and BTU capacity under sizing are our main issues.
Mike, great point maybe we will do a follow up video addressing this, thanks for checking us out
Kimball McGary (2 years ago)
If you want to do yourself a favor then do yourself a favor and watch this video. You'll be doing yourself a favor.
Kimball, thanks so much !
Bill McKee (1 year ago)
Kimball McGary
Muhammad Rashid (2 years ago)
i have3.5 kva generator and its gas kit has 2 valve plz tells me its working operation because its start too late after 3,4 self with choke and sound changed onload
Godfred sarpong (3 years ago)
I did my lp gas installation on 13kva standby genset is working alright but the regulator is freezing I dnt kwn why. plz I need help
Mike R (1 year ago)
You have moisture in your gas.  I had the same issue and my supplier had to come out and drain my tank and refill.
jay shah (3 years ago)
is it safe to install Gas Regulator under cooktop and behind electric oven? or gas regulator should install in next cabinet in kitchen?
mdw (3 years ago)
Thanks for vids... I'm Asian... This knowledge will help a lot if people here... ;-):-):-D:-D:-D What I install recently not a "drip leg",, just a "bleed off" valve... because we usually use gas tank (12Kgs)... Bleed off valve function is to bleed "other gas" which usually makes kitchen burner difficult to fire up.. This "drip leg" will needs to install when my country is able to distribute gas... (supply gas from city)
mdw (3 years ago)
Sentence problem: *a lot of people *we usually have gas tank *kitchen burner = stove
Thomaz Gunn (4 years ago)
rob l (4 years ago)
I'm gald I found this video.  my gen set was set up without a drip tube or strainer, and it ran for years, but now is not getting enough gas.  I speculate that this is the problem.  I have a fisher regulator to step down the pressure before my garrettson regulator and I was wondering if one or both regulators need replaced, or if they can be repaired or cleaned. does anyone know if the first regulator would be the only one compromised?  should I start be replacing only the fisher regulator first? I appreciate any advise as to the best way to fix this problem.  thanks for the vid.
merch marine (2 years ago)
But why are you gald about it ??? You have no reason to be angry at the video !
Wil Don (3 years ago)
+rob l Did you fix your problem? I think the best way is set up the drip tube and strainer before regulator, and then you should inspect both of regulator inside, You will find the way of clean or repair the regulator.
James Keyes (6 years ago)
OK, you told me everything BUT what I wanted to know: THE REGULATOR !!! You talked about everything leading up to the regulator, but never even got to the regulator. What about installing it? Adjusting? Safety precautions? DUH!
James, great questions, most of which depend on whose gas pressure regulator you are using, typically you wnat 3 to 5 pipe diameterns upstream and aboutt the same downstream, some regulators are less senstive to this, be sure to check your gas rregulator installation sheet.
Ryan Tettenburn (7 months ago)
+Edward Mcfarland 3 inch minimum in NC.
Edward Mcfarland (8 months ago)
How long does the drip pipe need to be
Edward Mcfarland (8 months ago)
James Keyes do you know how long the drip pipe needs to be
oscar0312 (9 years ago)
what this video is saying is true.

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