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How to Heat Your Room for 15 Cents a Day

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cheap way to heat a small room
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Josh play ang 2 (22 days ago)
oh well my room is cold as fuck
NEIL GUTTERIDGE (1 month ago)
These are a complete waste of time and i certainly wouldn't use them on a boat.
Melissa (3 months ago)
I have tried this many times it has NEVER worked for me. I tried it in my bathroom.
Tricorn Hat (4 months ago)
How kind of flower pot should I use plastic or stone ?
Maureen Arrivillaga (4 months ago)
What size pot are u using sir?
Mommy Mama (5 months ago)
Does this really work????
Diamond (5 months ago)
Ha ha ha . Are you an idiot?
Rock Roller (5 months ago)
Costs 6 dollars to keep my room at 68 degrees with a ceramic space heater. With your method it will cost $4.65. I think space heater is safer and better option here.
The Poetry Oasis (6 months ago)
Very good. Thanks for such an informative video. Good youtube video, high quality audio and visuals. Once again, thanks.
Jesus Christ (6 months ago)
Dont do this. It will use up the oxygen in the room and you'll die a slow death.
LightSpeed444 (6 months ago)
My house is an ice box in the winter I might try this when the cold weather hits
cgwworldministries (7 months ago)
Warning fire hazard! Don't do this if you value anything a around it.
best videos (7 months ago)
This heater is made up of what???
Al D (7 months ago)
Cheap heat and great for the lungs as well.
Not Vladimir Putin (7 months ago)
The original model Xbox one can heat your room and be used as a stove top XD
tmpEngine (9 months ago)
Candles for longterm = BAD IDEA = less oxygen = brain & health issues & loss in productivity + risk of burning your house
Sn1per On3 (10 months ago)
Must be a dry cold for this thing to work! I tried this at a temp of only 31 degrees but with humidity much colder! I nearly froze! Do your own research folks! I tested this under real time!
Jase Castle (11 months ago)
I have just double glazed my apartment windows with 2 layers of bubble wrap costing $45. The light still gets in but the heat does not dissapate much. The property is a single glazed rental property and I attached the bubblewrap first using clear double sided sellotape then single sided clear tape around the edges. Give it a try. PS Winters in Auckland, New Zealan can get down close to zero degrees. Hope this helps. Regards Jason
marko cynamon (11 months ago)
Should read how to burn down your house for pennies a day..
citizenavatar (1 year ago)
humbug, you can't get more energy from a 30w candle..
homayoun Shirazi (1 year ago)
Your four "tea candles" might be able to keep your pitcher of tea warm but they would not keep your room warm! Consult with any HVAC engineer to understand how many BTU of energy is required to raise the temperature of your room one degree Fahrenheit! You will soon realize that it will take several hundreds of those "tea candles" to heat your room. Of course, by then your room would have become a death trap for all the carbon monoxide that is also generated! You presentation shows how naive you are and how dangerous such claims are. Your den of inequity will soon go up in smokes!
Artist Villanueva (1 year ago)
cool room
Seriously...? Mind blown! ...from how this ridiculous gimmick makes absolutely no sense thermodynamically. People who sell clay pots must have come up with this scam. Please... don’t do this. If someone even mildly intelligent comes into your home and sees this nonsense, your intellectual credibility is shot to hell.
khawla (1 year ago)
Any fire service will tell you tea lights are a good way to burn down your house too. Fires from these type of candles are very common 🤨👎🏼
Buddie Hugs (1 year ago)
Yeah we all know this dude is hustling right here, he got a big wooden shed where he makes and sells both candles and clay pots, real del boy.
Lee Smith (1 year ago)
Over in the margin videos is one totally debunking this one. haha
Fgsd DsgF (1 year ago)
You could get co poisoned if the window is closed.
Sandy Sandifer (1 year ago)
Doing that will keep the heat in one area longer but it will not increase the heat generally. One candle power will always be one candle power.
Blabla Blabla (1 year ago)
This really works guys. I use this every night inside my coffin after it burned my house down...
Krystin Grant (1 year ago)
Blabla Blabla 💀🤣🤣🤣🤣
legendhasitstudio (1 year ago)
Use 2 clay pots , it does produce
Sulfen (1 year ago)
Can’t beat the laws of thermodynamics with a candle.
Trollkiller 69 (1 year ago)
"This is a room heater!".... puts poop in box
jaspjody (1 year ago)
No no four candles ' not fork handles. 🤣😂
Marc L (1 year ago)
sorry but I have to tell you that you are crazy and very sick of the head hahahahaha
Bruce Dobson (1 year ago)
I'm not absolutely positive, but I think you could get just a little more heat out of it if you closed the hole at the top of the outside pot. That way the outer pot would hold the heated air a little longer and heat up a bit more. Maybe it doesn't make any difference but I'd give it a try. I cannot understand why people think this doesn't work.
xeepromx (1 year ago)
I tried this and it absolutely doesn't work.
Kitchen Therapy (1 year ago)
Thanks I will try this method
Repair Tech (1 year ago)
I tried this in my living room. It does seem to work but my carbon monoxide detector went ape shit after 30 minutes. I would be extremely wary of using it in a small enclosed space such as a boat cabin or caravan.......
soldier person (1 year ago)
I have a pocket full of Pence
Thomas McNulty (1 year ago)
Can I use this in my van to survive winter?
Cranford Ducain (1 year ago)
Did the same but with some sterno cores. It worked much better and still didn't cost much. I had to do something; at the time all the heat went out and I had work to finish.
tcj (1 year ago)
But DON'T place it on a magasine! Read it and put it away. This works but also, NEVER put Tea Lights close together as the oil will ignite.
Bulldog Drummond (1 year ago)
Well each to their own, but I grew up getting parafin for my mums heater and sharing the oxygen not to mention the safety issues. I also remember the condensation on the windows everyday was awful.
lividmany (1 year ago)
The flame of the candle also draws in and reduces dampness drying out the air. It won't make the room hot but will take the edge off and bring comfort...
Carl Capps (1 year ago)
Day light regardless of how cold dark metal in sunlight will transfer heat well free.
William Potts (1 year ago)
un candle...vegtable oil .
Julia S (1 year ago)
You are not creating any additional heat this way. The candles heat up the room on their own.
John Hofmann (1 year ago)
$.15/day for the heat and $100/mo for additional fire insurance.
Funny, I did research on this 5 years ago and it was disproven. It all boils down to how many BTU's come from a candle. The pots produce zero BTU's.
FU 2 (1 year ago)
Buy longjohn thermal underwear. Sorted.
FU 2 (1 year ago)
How many fork handles do you use each time?
David Murphy (1 year ago)
Lol Stay of the Dam Drugs BOY .
BlackPage (1 year ago)
You can use leftover cooking oil or other things like vegetable oil, bacon grease etc. No need to even buy candles.
Haha I like how you plugged your boat magazine.. Also very cool little trick also my wife buys all those smelly candles so I guess I can kill to birds with one stone with this little trick. Thanks ✌
Kevin Waters (1 year ago)
No no no "fork" handles 😂
CarolCorp5x5 (1 year ago)
how do so many of you not get how this can add heat to a room? its the same concept you can use in winter survival situations with rocks in a campfire. the rocks absorb the heat and retain it for a long time so you take the rock out of the fire and bring it into your shelter where it will radiate heat. one of these things wont heat a large space, but in a small room with proper insulation you'd be surprised how well this technique will work. since it isnt just about the heat the candles put out. its the way the pots absorb and retain that heat while radiating it. simple concept that even the dimmest mind should be able to grasp.
A J (4 months ago)
Oh ok.
matt Feltham (1 year ago)
matt Feltham (1 year ago)
4 Candles? Got any 'ose?
Ashwin Patel (1 year ago)
Where will the carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide will go? Will remain in the room? !!!!!!!!!!!! What would happen?
Joey Suggs (1 year ago)
Well, that's UK where the temps are prolly 40sF. This wouldnt heat a broom closet in the midwestern US.
Wayne Leong (1 year ago)
when you are finished with your tea lights you can replace the empty metal ball with cooking oil the cheapest you can find and a cotton wick that should be even cheaper for you
Wayne Leong (1 year ago)
little metal bowl *
WICKEDLEE LOOPY (1 year ago)
use an exercise bike & you won't need to hear your room & you can produce your own electric from it . if so desired. save money by adding a fire hazard 🙄
EL EVO (2 years ago)
How would this work on a boat with hoppy water's rocking the boat left to right and right to left? will and Extinguisher be needed?
Trish Libonati (2 years ago)
rstevewarmarycom is a pompous ass....and I don't need a degree in physics to tell me that. You would have a stroke if you thought you weren't the smartest in the room.
I Will Not Comply (2 years ago)
~~~This does not produce enough btu's to heat anything. It wont even help much with heating bills.  Maybe warm a cedar chest to temp.
Mangleman (2 years ago)
fork handles (four candles) - handles for forks. I'll have some O's letter O's. now some P's..... no, garden peas.... Ronnie Barker RIP - genius!!!
christian maguire (2 years ago)
don't let the cat knock it over. the liquid was will cause a flash fire.
Mr No Manners Gent (2 years ago)
I don't see the logic! If you can own a Boat, then why can't you just go and buy a heater.
Hamin Choi (2 years ago)
Until what temperature will it work? can it handle -10C'?
Kaiser Sözshye (2 years ago)
what a bunch of self important know it alls commenting in this thread.
Bill Hale (2 years ago)
Well done! You're the only bloke thus far who has uniquely not wasted time getting all over-instructive with mechanical trivia and also managed in a brief time to actually explain the principles underlying the effectiveness of the flower pot operation. Thank you.
Theron XL (2 years ago)
i liked the video because i would like to try it..in the bathroom maybe...and use scented candles...👍
The Layman (2 years ago)
what about the fumes
Corey P (2 years ago)
If only Bob Cratchit had known!
DT DD (2 years ago)
Thanks for the info
Min 1066 (2 years ago)
Thanks..... he said 'Four candles' (Fork handles)... I'm off the watch the Two Ronnies.
Berdt (2 years ago)
That's brilliant
hugo balder (2 years ago)
omg this is so obviously bullshit. people who believe this should have their right to vote taken away
I'm betting those thick brick with concrete walls are not helping also.You can also level room temperature with wooden floors and thick carpets
Michael Price (2 years ago)
it works in a small room , if your ro a room is bigger then try two or three sets of candles, it will cost you 3 times as much, 45 cents as opposed to 15 cents a day then look at other ideas that can help, any money saved can be used for other things,.
Ijoel Ismail (2 years ago)
Thanks God, we have 12 hours sun shine a day. Come visit Indonesia islands of warm and heat.
Acrylix Paint (2 years ago)
tx 4 CO pzn commo
This BMW (2 years ago)
Fork handles?
Kevin Chamberlain (2 years ago)
Fork handles or four candles?
tizer76 (2 years ago)
Handles for forks?
AL spezial (2 years ago)
what about a compost for garbudge from the kitchen? the composting process producs heat and the gasses are able to be burned as well.
Adam Buzard (2 years ago)
I find it strange that people are fighting over how much heat a tea light puts out wow! no wonder the world is falling apart
Duf Arshfart (2 years ago)
it doesn't work. I'm lighting my fork handles but still nothing.....
MsScruffy4 (2 years ago)
Crazy-- heat is not produced by storing it a bit. This stuff is dangerous and does not warm rooms very much- not more than burning candles. Will warm for a short time a very very small space.
TheRoidemortetfleur (2 years ago)
i use a lava lamp :P
Moletti di Sardo (2 years ago)
Turning up the heat also works.
Dr. Amir Mosavi (2 years ago)
thats chemical material u breathing.
D.E.B. B (2 years ago)
Overclock your cpu and video card and create a space heater out of your computer.
StephenNu9 (2 years ago)
clever. For a larger room, use two setups.
cobainzlady (2 years ago)
Let's put it this way, IT'S BETTER THAN NOTHING. of course, it depends on how cold it gets where you live. probably better for moderate climates.
JoeCubicle (2 years ago)
The candle thing does not work, you would be better off with a small wood or pellet burning stove.
Napoleon (2 years ago)
Fork-handles...I just love it ! God bless the Two Ronnie`s.
bigearedmouse17 (2 years ago)
cecilia preziose (2 years ago)
yeah that mag will prevent a fire..........good going
Frank Lehmann (2 years ago)

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