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Instantly improve your English with 3 easy words!

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Improve how you sound in English by mastering when these three words are used! I've met thousands of English learners at all levels. Most of them, even the advanced students, make mistakes with the words "a", "the", and "to". These are some of the most common words we use, so in this lesson I'm going to teach you how we use these words. I don't want to look just at grammar; I want you to understand these words and why we use them. If you're an advanced English student, this will be a great review for you. If you're a beginner, try to understand this and save yourself years of English mistakes. TAKE THE QUIZ: https://www.engvid.com/instantly-improve-your-english-with-3-easy-words/ TRANSCRIPT Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo. The things I do for love. There's not a thing... Hi. James from engVid. Today's lesson is about instantly improving. Now, I know... "Instant", what does that mean? People say it all the time. I want to show you a little trick that will make your English sound better instantly, and I will give you a technique that you can use after to help practice this. What I have found are students have a mistake or make a mistake when they drop these three words, and because of that I know you're not a native speaker. But today I'm going to address that, show you the three words... Okay? Explain why, and then I will give you a technique that you can use at home soon as you go back over this video or any video to practice it, and you will get instantly better. 10-20%. Okay? Want to know what I'm talking about? Let's go to the board and look at something you've learned, but today you're going to understand. You ready? So, Mr. E said: "Which three words can help you sound like a native speaker?" I'm going to help you a little bit by doing this, and then we're going to go to the board. The words I'm talking about, and you might not consider them words but they are words are: "a" or "an"... Okay, and I consider that one word because it's modified. Right? "The" and "to". Of course you're going to say: "Yeah, James, we know all these. We learned this at beginner, so how does that instantly help me improve my English?" The problem is this: When a person knows something they will talk, when they understand they will change their behaviour or they will use the information. Many students know about articles and the preposition "to", but they actually don't use them in sentences. Many times I've heard students go... Say: "I need to go work tonight." Soon as you say that I know you're not a native speaker. Or if they say: "I bought car yesterday" or "I bought food..." Not "some food". "I bought apple yesterday at the store." I'm like: "A-... You mean an apple, right?" They don't think to say it, because they know: "Teacher, you know what I'm saying." And I go: "Yeah, I know what you're saying, but the way you said it I know English is not your first language." So what I want to do is get you to come back to understanding, not just knowing why these words are important, the fact that, especially with the articles we're going to talk about, they are in most of the sentences. You can almost not get by a sentence without using them. So let's go to the board and take a look. First, what is an article? Well, you'll see an article is the letter "a" or "an". Quickly on that one, "an" is used when we have a vowel sound, sound... Not a... Not just a vowel. So when you say: "A apple", we know "a" and "a" make it difficult for us to actually get it out and for you to understand, so we add: "an" to put a consonant to make it easier for the listener. "I want an apple." Oh, okay, cool. How about "hour"? Teacher, that has an "h" in front of it. I'm like: "Enh?" But we say: "hour", we don't say: "h-our", because with "a" we have to say: "an hour", and that once again tells me one hour. You keep noticing I keep saying "one". I'll explain in a second. Now, this is what we call and indefinite article. I.e. it's not special. When I say to you: "I want a marker", a marker. All right? I'm talking about this. See this? They're all basically the same. I don't care what type of marker. "A" just means generally speaking marker. That's why it's indefinite; it's not special. When we look at the word "the", "the" is special. In this case, when I say to you: "I want the marker", which one do you think I'm talking about? Can you see the difference? Clearly. Even if you don't know, you would look and see four, and see this and go: "He's probably talking about this one." So with a definite article what's happening is someone is being very specific. Well, there are two things. They could say something is special or something is specific. Okay? And here we have definite article is "the". "Tell the man I like him." Okay? "Tell the man", in this case both of us have to know what you're talking about, because if there are 10 men you'll go: "Which man?"
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Gr U (1 day ago)
Thanks =شكرا
Viadorjohn Viajar (7 days ago)
Thank you James, everytime that i watched your video i learned always.
Anton FIL (8 days ago)
Weird thing you say - no grammar topics! While want us to know and understand rather than just know
AblePrime JP (10 days ago)
thanks a lots
Tenzin Saldon (12 days ago)
Can you tell me the difference between "most of" and numerous?
Sofia Mukhtar (14 days ago)
Superb sir 👍
SOMI (14 days ago)
9:35 a trump wall.... i like it james
SIMI MARK (15 days ago)
Thanks sir for this great lesson! I could improve English a lot!😎💪👍
Vinato Zhimo (18 days ago)
leandro wang (19 days ago)
very beginners...c´mon!
Mia Jiiani (20 days ago)
You are the best teacher ever🙏
True love 83 (20 days ago)
i love mister E because she is always silent 😍😍😍
Sultan Abdullah (24 days ago)
I really really like the way u teach and it funny and understandable .
You are like a football player.
carmen 707 (25 days ago)
The best teacher
Sarah Connor (27 days ago)
Cheers from Brazil!
Deni Dosh (29 days ago)
James is the best english teacher. I like your humor and teaching.
Paty Valls (29 days ago)
Thank you!!!
Abhijit Chakraborty (1 month ago)
I find the use of to quite interesting. While I say "I am going south", I should say "I am going to the West." Probably the usage differs with the type of noun as the subject (south vs West). I think "I need to go work tonight." isn't entirely wrong. Work here refers to the job, whereas work in the other case could refer to the actual workplace: I have to go work tonight vs I have to go to office (or work) tonight.
Doudou Mputu (1 month ago)
Why are we saying I’m going home 🏡
EriKa Chlazaro (1 month ago)
Buen profesor , se deja entender fácilmente ...
Hash Money (1 month ago)
Hi James, Just found out your channel. I have lived in Canada for 15+ years and I can speak English fluently however I still have an accent. Is there a way I can get rid of it or hide my accent (Spanish Accent)? I also don't really have friends or people who can let me know whether or not I'm saying some words the way they should be.
Douglas Coldibelli (1 month ago)
Thank you James!!! =D
blue night eternity (1 month ago)
James esl is good teacher conceptualy, i(A) confirm you, come on guy
Furkan Bora Çetin (1 month ago)
I saw a man who would give informative videos on youtube. The man was James. And I started to watch his videos.
Antonio Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I like these classes. I really love it😍
riza saagundo (1 month ago)
Your videos are so entertaining. It can easily understand. 👏🏼👏🏼
WENEGUEI Julien (1 month ago)
Good teacher!
gilmoregirls (1 month ago)
I think for us (italians) is so important to learn articles (in italian) that we can't forget them in english. Probably we even use them too much lol
Владимир (1 month ago)
A Trump wall???? 😁😁
Rajesh Kamal (1 month ago)
Excellent teaching .Thanks !
mehmet ali (1 month ago)
thanks a lot I hope it'll be natural for me
Emília Monteiro (1 month ago)
Thank you from Brazil. You are an amazing teacher!
Surya Prakash (1 month ago)
You are amazing person
Eruanion (1 month ago)
The difference between ''an'' ex and ''the'' ex
lalala lalala (1 month ago)
the great teacher once said 'its not about grammar its about understanding.
Keisha Fletcher (1 month ago)
Do you teach maths ?
Keisha Fletcher (1 month ago)
Sir James you have good teaching strategy.
gozel1 abbasova (1 month ago)
Shopify Ayoub (1 month ago)
Thank you very Much
Nerox TV (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot! I'm trying my best for traveling in a future to Bristol. I have planned to look for a job there and live with my best friend. I cannot thank you enough!
Articles "a" and "the" are explained good, but what about zero articles?
Le Tinghirien (1 month ago)
Thanks mister james moroccan from London
Christopher Castro (1 month ago)
Wao I learned a lot with you
Ekene Nesiagho (1 month ago)
Cute ❤️
Jann Ilagan (1 month ago)
Thank you very much James from Philippines 😘
Rajni Thapa (1 month ago)
hello sir namaste from nepal
Gizem Karademir (1 month ago)
Greetigs from Turkey thanks for lessons.I found out yet 💜👍
Hakan Kösebaş (2 months ago)
When u say let's look board I understand let's going to get bored
Ambeli Lolelolelalall (2 months ago)
That snayk is cute
Universal Entertainment (2 months ago)
Thank you so much! Your the best teacher 😊
Angel Argumedo (2 months ago)
Are you a native English speaker?
Michał Szelka (2 months ago)
Teaching is a art
Marypaz Jauregui (2 months ago)
I need you to explain to me why in some prepositions you don't use to, pleeaaasee
prem malhotra (2 months ago)
you must go to the store. is this sentence correct
T. Aprilia (2 months ago)
Thank you 😊
TheTopStriker (2 months ago)
Good looking out pimp!
Amigo Diba (2 months ago)
Insane, Superb and Fantastic course. Thank you Sir
MAX MSB (2 months ago)
Superb class!
Zxcc Zxvb (2 months ago)
Geovane Guimaraes (2 months ago)
so proffesional how is this even for free ? omg your videos are amazing
Osvaldo Rábago (2 months ago)
I like so much your program. Thanks a lot... I'm a beginner and I going to keep me studying with your videos. So ... Wich part from Canada are you? I said well? Regards Antonio Sánchez.
Clarita Montigo (2 months ago)
陳ねこてん 誠 (2 months ago)
as always, stay awesome bro
Tiago Santana (2 months ago)
Thanks teacher, I joined your video, you helped me to understand these words
Микита dad (2 months ago)
Philippe Okende (2 months ago)
You're the best teacher in the world
Ana Paula Wanderley (2 months ago)
I like this class 👏👏👏
Homayoon Andisha (2 months ago)
Respect from China
Wsam Wsam (2 months ago)
The wrting on the board is not clear
Fehr Miranda (2 months ago)
This channel is awesome!
baghdadi siham (2 months ago)
you're the best teacher i've seen; great job!
Tommy (2 months ago)
Thank you for sharing. 😁
Justin Feng (2 months ago)
It really helps me a lot learning English with you ,thanks!
Rahim Freshhh (3 months ago)
B .M (3 months ago)
but I have a question here is (to) an article
Angelica Kobek (3 months ago)
You are brilliant, thank you.
Bern Roth (3 months ago)
Your lessons are suberb, I'm American and have gotten lazy in my English and grammer, thank you!
Md Martin Razy (3 months ago)
Thank you from Iran...
linvixen (3 months ago)
You're an amazing teacher James♥️
Jagadeesh M (3 months ago)
Mahbub Hasan (3 months ago)
Your are amazing
Gerardo Guillen (3 months ago)
Good lesson Mr. James Im from Mexico and I studing english and your clasroom are good
you and me (3 months ago)
I really like ur explaining style sir
1234Malik1234 (3 months ago)
Can u plz give lessons about how to change ur accent to american or british accent
Dougllas Austin (3 months ago)
I have a question: Which one is correct, or both are? I walk with dogs or I walk with the dogs?
solikin sudibyo (3 months ago)
I love the way you explain and hope we can get more fluent by watching at your videos. very usefull and fun. love it. thank u from Indonesia
Gone Mad (3 months ago)
gdl 68 (3 months ago)
You do know Chinese, don't you?
CalikL (3 months ago)
It is very useful... similar thing is in German only more complicated ;) ...but anyway, from my perspective it is just pain in THE back :P
gokhan elma (3 months ago)
Thanks for your helping good men :)
。。。 (3 months ago)
Jon Jones (3 months ago)
Thanx bro....
ever gantz (4 months ago)
Best Teacher ever
Christ The King (4 months ago)
the best teacher in town!😊
gofran deve (4 months ago)
You are the best. Thank you for your efforts
RICHARD JONES (4 months ago)
Best teacher ever
Fhiona Domini Escurzon (4 months ago)
My English language improve because of you 😅.... We have English class in our country but it is really different when American people teach 😂...
Pat Bienfaiteur (4 months ago)
quinh double (4 months ago)
how can i contact with u ?? i wanna have your Facebook or other social media a to have some question ?

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