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How to Make Money as a Programmer in 2018

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I'll go through 5 methods that you can use to make money as a programmer! We are lucky in that our skill will only get more valuable to society over time. Links to everything I've discussed are below. Please Subscribe! And like. And comment. That's what keeps me going. Contract work: http://upwork.com/ http://freelancer.com/ https://github.com/engineerapart/TheRemoteFreelancer (huge list) Improving your portfolio: http://www.codeofhonor.com/blog/marketing-yourself-as-a-programmer https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/54506/how-to-market-yourself-as-a-software-developer/59875 Paul Graham's goldmine of essays on starting a startup: http://www.paulgraham.com/articles.html Programming Challenges: http://topcoder.com/ https://www.hackerearth.com/ https://www.codechef.com/ Bounty listings: https://www.bountysource.com/ https://bountify.co/ Join us in the Wizards Slack channel: http://wizards.herokuapp.com/ And please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3191693 Follow me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/sirajraval Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sirajology Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sirajraval/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sirajraval/ Signup for my newsletter for exciting updates in the field of AI: https://goo.gl/FZzJ5w Hit the Join button above to sign up to become a member of my channel for access to exclusive content!
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Text Comments (505)
Rotbart1337 (24 days ago)
#6 be a really good programmer
Md Dilshad Islam (1 month ago)
Wow I watched it till the end
gandezafamily (1 month ago)
sell yourself I thought there is no such thing a slavery now a days.
Gamer Mahit (3 months ago)
Hey can you give me idea on best AI programming language or programming language that will have high demand in future for programming.
Victor Gabriel (2 months ago)
O heard that kotlin can become something important in the Future. Also people say that python is good with machine learning. I can't garante you that both things that i Said are precise tho, Sorry. . .
Thomas Eng (3 months ago)
Thanks Siraj. Great video...
Happy John (3 months ago)
4:25 The very bottom one (third one) is an off rip 9:55 PM 1/26/2019
Maximize your Success (4 months ago)
Here are other ideas: 10 Ways to Make Extra Money by Programming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gheMXIcv0YU
Anime Maze (4 months ago)
Prateek Pradhan (5 months ago)
Thank a ton bro. Gave me hope
Пилешка Супа (6 months ago)
I need few answers 1. What about web developer 2. Can i work from home? Xd 3. Any problems if I'm 14 years old?
Anonymous Everywhere (6 months ago)
first step: You need to know "HOW TO CODE"
Tomoko in 4k (7 months ago)
How many cups of coffee did you have this morning🤔
Siddhartha (7 months ago)
how i get sponsors for my startup and should i talk to them please reply in mail([email protected])
Tech Witch (7 months ago)
I switched majors from Computer Science to BSIT in Mechanical Design Technology. I want to major in CS, but it would take me extra time and money to do so. Could I still teach myself CS without looking lost to employers?
GUAVA BEAN (8 months ago)
I recommend www.guavabean.com for finding online work. They post new jobs daily & it's totally free. The theme this month is TECH jobs :)
Like Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge" and it's true. I'm a 4th year colleague, really good at maths, physics and especially in programming and still can't make even a dollar because I can't thing of anything to create and when it comes to upwork I can't make anyone trust me to give me a job. That sucks...
David Hoar (10 months ago)
https://youtu.be/BMT7FMwOIKc?t=313 Was she about to pet the robot after it gave her a spoon? Adorable.
Kevin Fairley (10 months ago)
Is it just me or does bountify have barely any bounties. I only see 3.
Kevin Fairley (10 months ago)
The github link says it has 0 contributors
Samer Noah (10 months ago)
Thank you . Very helpful video
wikiteli (10 months ago)
How about contract agreement and IP?
maxamed yasin sicid (11 months ago)
Hhhhh you make me laugh bro, I like it when you say, get payed to learn, that’s what I do. Keep the motivation bro.
Kyuma (11 months ago)
Good Video!
Rosario Fondo (11 months ago)
Man, you are just AWESOME!!!
Pratik Solanki (1 year ago)
you are awesome Siraj. Keep up the good work :)
ayyappa swami (1 year ago)
I am feared when i saw you in youtube.
Rishi Kesh (1 year ago)
Bro how to develop programming skills
Ibrahim Price (1 year ago)
I love this Maybach music, sweet.
sagar jain (1 year ago)
How can I know my price? You say never underprice yourself but first of all how to decide what should be amount I get paid?
Umair Rehman (1 year ago)
Make a video on Kriging Method estimation
Ashish Kapil (1 year ago)
Great video as always
MegaMaxclan (1 year ago)
The toilet one cracked me up!
HitmanBobina47 (1 year ago)
Step 1: Go to Neumont University Step 2: Get hired by a tech giant Step 3: Do crappy work and get demoted to a janitor Step 4: Mine crypto in the cleaning closet Step 5: Become a billionaire Step 6: Quit your job Step 7: Spend 8 million dollars on an amazing bunker Step 8: ?????? Step 9: Profit!
Slingboi (1 year ago)
This is some good stuff! Thanks!
Alakolmio Matriisi (1 year ago)
Your videos talk too much about money, thsi cahnnel used to be great but nowdays it only talks about "how to make money in whatever way"
Jigar Parmar (1 year ago)
I created profile on UpWork, but somehow it got rejected in review. Can anyone suggest how to get it approved?
Sumit Kataria (1 year ago)
Amazing video Siraj. I am a big fan.
Cris Mo (1 year ago)
I admire your boundless optimism, energy and good will, but did You won any competitions organised by www.innocentive.com, NASA or www.kaggle.com ? Sometimes over 98% of the winners are USA citizen and some challenges are huge, so that even University professors have difficulties with such problems. On the other side there is no wonder that some students leaves the Universities when they see how great the difference is between the theory and practice.
Nahuel D (1 year ago)
1. Get a degree in something else End of the tips.
Filip (1 year ago)
How to get rich: Get programming jobs and earn some good money. start out small making the money work for you. Make the money work even more for you. Ok now you have alot of money finally you get your well deserved time to do programming the rest of your life isn't that awesome lol
Daniel Aubertine (1 year ago)
Thanks Siraj! Inspirational
StuBz211 (1 year ago)
Siraj, you are awesome!
Eric Verzel (1 year ago)
That book cover looks very similar to Andres books, busted ;p
Aakash Maheedar (1 year ago)
bro i wana ur email id
Kuro (1 year ago)
what is your idea startup ;) ?
Retro Gamer (1 year ago)
get a job. LOLs.
Luca (1 year ago)
Or create a cyrptocurrency and name it after yourself *cough* sirajcoin *cough* *cough* ahhh must be the allergies
Edmond A. (1 year ago)
Great videos Siraj, In the past week I've watched don't know , 20, 30 of your videos , excellent job! Could you list the very bare minimum topics (possibly along with a set of your recommended choices of textbooks) to enter the job market? Something that can be used as a self check list, Thanks again!
abcd xx (1 year ago)
Ml needs GPUs crypt to currency needs GPUs gamers are screwed
Stephen Lee (1 year ago)
Thanks I didn't know.....about the other 4 ways....
Sricharanreddy kaliki (1 year ago)
thank you this vid was really useful and detailed unlike anyother video on youtube
Ben Chaussee (1 year ago)
A glimpse of hope...
Lance Roark (1 year ago)
Get a job? Wow, that was deep.
Petros Makris (1 year ago)
wow, though i like you and you look skilled you made a mess here https://www.amazon.com/Decentralized-Applications-Harnessing-Blockchain-Technology/dp/1491924543#customerReviews it appears. post-mortem, why is that, lack of experience at the time?
Daniel Khoroshko (1 year ago)
btw in most places on earth you won't be able to find job locally for any decent money
Alexander Rivera (1 year ago)
That Ballers gonna ball meme had me dying. Thanks for the advice
Giselle Azevedo ® (1 year ago)
Your videos are amazing! ^^
Hello There (1 year ago)
Grow food. ;-)
António A (1 year ago)
Can you share something about the code and process that you used on your robot project?
Rakshit D. Gautam (1 year ago)
#1. First learn programming ...
Ilovemy sachiko (8 months ago)
Mohamed Osama (1 year ago)
the memes in your video make it so much better
Edris Saberi (1 year ago)
Awesome video, thank you Siraj.
Aratron (1 year ago)
How to make money? Be veeery good at somthing that most people are retarded in...
A M (1 year ago)
Nice overinflated video. Could've been a 5 minute video, but hey! gotta fit in more ads and retention am i right!? My favorite thing is the bot accounts pumping up your video. Might wanna change the verbage so they arent as obvious.
Paxton Keskitalo (1 year ago)
Resume I know 5 language c/c+/c++,java,python,html,english
Unbound (1 year ago)
I don't think everyone is going to make their purpose to make the world a better place as a programmer because some people are just beginners and need a job. Down to earth people are accidental and are authentic. If, programming requires people to make things better as a requirement, you'll increase the barrier to entry into programming. Siraj you make good videos, you're smart and enthusiastic. As a joke, this video could be interpreted as becoming a cryptocurrency programmer: how to make money as a programmer.
Fitness Girly (1 year ago)
Finally, An Effective Way To Get Quality Traffic & Commissions On Autopilot! : http://bit.ly/trafftrapper
Dmitry Vanyagin (1 year ago)
Freelancing is the most profitable one. For all of those who want to learn how to build web applications, I stated a series of blog posts here: https://earnmoneyprogramming.com Posts are coming daily! Keep reading and you will be able to build a fully functional website in no time :)
Mr. Mystiks (1 year ago)
His dyed hair makes him look ridiculous. P.S. You give very good advice.
George Maisuradze (1 year ago)
Did anybody say it already? This guy fucks!
Conrad Parker (1 year ago)
Probably going to watch this video a dozen times just for the inspiration. Thanks!
Angela Chika Ebirim (1 year ago)
what are the sites that have contract listings for machine learning and deep learning?
Nashit Babber (1 year ago)
Dude... You are the best B)
Mr Maestro 87505 (1 year ago)
Thank you countlessly Mr Raval. This is truly helpful for me. Thanks again really.
fake Apple Store (1 year ago)
"name brand vs great value." I died
lil b (1 year ago)
this video's earnings $262 like if im right siraj
Thank you!
Muhammad Shehryar (1 year ago)
thanks alot bro.you made my work a bit easy :)
RUFF- (1 year ago)
Love the guy who says "Airbnb is not big enough for our business model." I think his company deals with customers from other planets since Airbnb isn't big enough for them...
Johnny D (1 year ago)
I need work
DarkHorse (1 year ago)
*Subtitles Please* I am not able to understand american accent.
Mitteilungsbedarf (1 year ago)
If you know how to code, you should be paid for it(!)
Mitteilungsbedarf (1 year ago)
Down to earth guide that is not comfortable to digest. Get good reviews, do great work. How do you know that what you developed means something in the world of coding? If you found out Bubblesort yourself and called it differently and put it in your resumee, people wouldn't be impressed and say "so what?". Also, whenever I developed something I thought was great there've already been at least 5 working implementations on github. Also, how do you learn the lingo of 2:29 without a bs in cs? Also: should you get bad reviews, which is likely in the beginning, how do you recover?
Arzoo Singh (1 year ago)
Thank You!
Daiyah Sayed (1 year ago)
Tweetable: before you start asking people to trust you, you have to trust yourself.Gorgeous! Thank you my dear
Camp Yazlo (1 year ago)
5:18 Subscribed...
JackBurden (1 year ago)
This guy puts Obama in every Freakin Video....thank God for TRUMP, send these Illegals packin!!!
Siraj Raval (1 year ago)
lmao! i also have trump memes in some of my vids. and i left the US to live in Europe a few months ago love u
Max (1 year ago)
5:39 - Laurie Voss of NPM suggested the opposite - work at a big company first so you know how things are supposed to be and them go to the chaos of startups
Cali wolf (1 year ago)
programming contests for making money !! it's easier said than done xD .. to win any of these prizes one must have tons of experiences and years of practice.
Max Lee (1 year ago)
I look at it this way: If you have the time, you lose nothing by trying, but will likely learn a crap-ton along the way.
RetardedPornstar (1 year ago)
When I first started watching your videos, I found your overly enthusiastic manner of speaking annoying. Now I understand that what I was feeling was jealousy because you are extremely talented. I can only hope to archive what you have when I am your age. You are a great teacher and seem like a decent person too. I wish you the best, and I encourage you to keep producing high quality videos as you have done so far.
Nands (1 year ago)
Damn Siraj I am annoyed by the same stupid Udacity Ad "This is for the dreamers...shit" on all of your videos. Someone's ML doesn't seem to work properly ;)
Siraj Raval (1 year ago)
will talk to them about it thx
Phirdeline (1 year ago)
Wait. A hacker house?
Ram Gupta (1 year ago)
Great job dude ..keep it up :-)
Kumar Chandrashekhar (1 year ago)
nice video
Nischay Behal (1 year ago)
You are Indeed Great ! Siraj ...
DSYNC (1 year ago)
Hey Siraj great tips, another idea for programmers to make money is to build integrations for marketplaces. Example like shopify, magento, or even a plugin for woocommerce. Trick is to hunt around for the connection that is missing. We get plenty of requests to build different connectors into systems and like you mentioned on your video we go to upwork to get them built. Thanks mate keep up the videos.
PHLiiP (1 year ago)
Ur a legend m8! Subscribed!
Rohan Patil (1 year ago)
4:27 😂😂
Henrique Baldin (1 year ago)
AI seems amazing, but I have no idea of how to get these examples and apply to some problems that I have. I wanted to start from scratch and end up building huge things but where to start?

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