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Articles - an inevitable part of speech | Mrs. Priya Krishnan

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Articles - an Inevitable part of speech : In English grammar, especially in competitive examination is being discussed in this video. The usage of indefinite articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ from the perspective of vowel sounds is given. Usage of definite article ‘the’ and omission of articles which confuse the students are also given by Mrs. Priya Krishna in detail. You can except one to two questions based on this concept in banking as well as SSC exams. Download the Bankersdaily Android App now http://bankersdaily.in/launching-bankersdaily-android-mobile-app-download-now/ Can you solve Quadratic Equation within 30 minutes , Try now http://bankersdaily.in/quadratic-equations-50-qns-pdf-download-practice-master-topic/ How to solve Quadratic Equation - Check now http://bankersdaily.in/let-us-see-solve-quadratic-equation-series/ Check the notification of the RRB ALP Exam 2018 now : http://bankersdaily.in/railway-recrui... RAILWAY RECRUITMENT BOARD -GROUP D POSTS-62907 Vacancies http://bankersdaily.in/railway-recrui... Check the DO's and DONT's of Descriptive Writing http://bankersdaily.in/prepare-descri... How to approach Descriptive Paper ? http://bankersdaily.in/how-to-prepare... To attend the FREE MOCK TESTS for CANARA BANK , CLICK http://bankersdaily.testpress.in/ Check the notification of the Canara Bank PO from : http://bankersdaily.in/canara-bank-recruitment-probationary-officerspgdbf-released/ Attend the Quiz on National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries from : http://bankersdaily.in/quiz-on-national-parks-and-wildlife-sanctuaries/ Also check this to find the links of various topics here. Check the DO's and DONT's of Descriptive Writing http://bankersdaily.in/prepare-descriptive-section-ibps-po-mains-examination-2017/ How to approach Descriptive Paper ? http://bankersdaily.in/how-to-prepare-for-descriptive-paper/ Sample Essay Writing Topic - DESCRIPTIVE WRITING FOR SYNDICATE BANK PO EXAM 2018 http://bankersdaily.in/essay-writing-advatages-of-bhim-app-over-other-mobile-wallets/ Important Essay Writing topics for the Descriptive section for the PO EXAM http://bankersdaily.in/important-and-expected-essay-writing-topics-for-bob-po-and-sbi-po/ Rapid Fire Questions for the upcoming SYNDICATE BANK PO EXAM 2018 Banking Awareness Quiz http://bankersdaily.in/?s=Banking+Awareness+Quiz UNION BUDGET 2018 http://bankersdaily.in/union-budget-2018-live-updates-complete-analysis/ Banking Awareness Topics http://bankersdaily.in/youtube-live-banking-awareness-jackson/ TOP 100 BANKING AWARENESS QUIZ http://bankersdaily.in/page/2/?s=Banking+Awareness Check Daily Current Affairs in BANKERSDAILY now http://bankersdaily.in/category/current-affairs/daily-current-affairs/ Check Daily Current Affairs Quiz in BANKERSDAILY http://bankersdaily.in/category/current-affairs/current-affairs-quiz/ Follow us in Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bankersdaily.in/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/bankersdaily JOIN US IN TELEGRAM : http://bankersdaily.in/bankersdaily-is-in-telegram/ DOWNLOAD BANKERSDAILY ANDROID APP http://bankersdaily.in/launching-bankersdaily-android-mobile-app-download-now/
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Ravi Latha (2 months ago)
Very nice mam...easily understandable mam
Mahesh kumar (5 months ago)
Very very useful
prema latha (5 months ago)
thank you mam.first time unga video parkiraen .very useful video mam .
srinithi sp (6 months ago)
very useful video mam...
HidayA M (10 months ago)
thank you mam..good explanation..keep uploading grammar tips
Sivasankaran N (11 months ago)
nice mam
kavin raj (1 year ago)
Thanks mam
SJ RAM (1 year ago)
super mam.. good teaching.. and please give videos for other topics also
vv ss (1 year ago)
Ahhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhh tqqqqqqqqqqqqqq maaam pls continue daily...nanga elam ENGLISH kaaga romba engi poiukom maam ..pls continye daily...it's very much helpful for me.....
Pavithra kannan (1 year ago)
Thanks mam
pavithra ramu (1 year ago)
super mam....thank u
A.antony Britto (1 year ago)
Nice mam
vig nesh (1 year ago)
thanks mam
vijay sri (1 year ago)
Pls upload more grammar rules and thank you for this video mam
lavanya k.s (1 year ago)
Thank you mam
Heera Sri (1 year ago)
thank you mam
kowsalya kowsi (1 year ago)
plz upload more grammar tricks mam
kiruthika paramasivam (1 year ago)
Thank you mam for clear explanation
Ashwin Mathiyalagan (1 year ago)
Thank you mam.

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