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Sanket Shendre (5 months ago)
Indian explanation is more clear than foreigners ...thanks a lot
Sanket Shendre (6 months ago)
You are simply Genius ....i was searching for this...thank you
Abhijeet Dutt (7 months ago)
Hi jaya , i have been studying from your videos for past couple of weeks , i think your videos explain the topics in a very smooth and elementary way , which is required for budding and aspiring network engineers . The videos are hour long which beautifully explains the main topic from scratch . I have been looking for such videos for a while and thank you for clearing my concepts . Just one con that videos divided into parts are not readily available and hamper the continued lab . Would also appreciate some detailed LAB on TRAFFIC ENGINEERING and FAST REROUTE. thank you again
Hoàng Hùng (1 year ago)
Hello Jaya Thank you very much for a great video. Can you please >>to me sile IPSEC over GRE in Video, please ..
Jatin Prasad (1 year ago)
Nice sir
Abu Razeen (2 years ago)
Nice explanation.. thumps Up
sai prudvi A (2 years ago)
@jaya chandran . Can you please explain GRE over ipsec tunnel ???
prapti jaiswal (2 years ago)
In one of ur video u said tunnel mode means : Source ip n tunnel ip is going to be different Tranport mode means same ip , so this one is little bit confusing for me pls explain me
Shitanshu Sharma (2 years ago)
Awesome Video Sir , Hope to get trained from you for CCIE R&S LAb , one more thing Sir , can i get Video , How Ping works , How trace works ,
arntcr (3 years ago)
really amazing video .. Thank you JC
Techy Kasi (3 years ago)
hi sir! again, thanks for this great video! can you please also upload ipsec over dmvpn? please.. please.. please... Merry Christmas!
Muhammad Khalid (3 years ago)
Hi Jaya, Thank you very much for a great video, I was stuck with IPSEC over GRE till I saw your video and boom I nailed it thanks a lot sir.
MAXWELL CYRUS (3 years ago)
So vivid and compact....U made this so elementary ....Outstanding Sir....And most importantly i can understand your accent and presentation as suppose to some other videos......Kudos :)
Maruthees R (3 years ago)
Very helpful sir :) Thanks a lot :)
l58p56 (3 years ago)
Very good presentation Sir. Thanks for taking the time creating this lab. I think this method is better than some that use static routes. You are an excellent teacher. Subscribed
simon nyangon (4 years ago)
Asep Waluya (4 years ago)
great video,, thanks :)
Jaya Chandran (4 years ago)
For Training write to - [email protected]

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