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LabMinutes# SEC0023 - Cisco Router ASA Site-to-site (L2L) IPSec IKEv1 VPN with Pre-Shared Key

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more Cisco VPN Video at http://www.labminutes.com/video/sec/vpn The video walks you through configuring site-to-site (L2L) IPSec VPN tunnel between Cisco router and ASA firewall. This is probably the simplest form of L2L IPSec using 'crypto map' and crypto ACL to match interesting traffic. You will see that you can apply the same configuration thought process to both router and ASA, while ASA having slight variation on the use of Tunnel-group and Group-policy. We will also look at how to restrict traffic over the tunnel using an access-list (ACL). Topic includes - L2L IPSec VPN between Router and ASA - Restricting VPN Traffic with Per-Tunnel ACL
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