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How I Made $2000 Winning Free Demo Trading Contests (forex and binary options) Promo Video

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A good resource for those who want to make extra income in the Forex Market without any risk exposure. https://gumroad.com/l/win_free_demo_trading_contests Prizes won - 12 times And just last week August 20, 2018 - August 24, 2018 another 1st position attained (pending verification period). Hi, my name is Temitayo Akinrinola and I go by Teemy in forex circles. I hope the intro video was explanatory enough but having you do verification yourself is also in line. I did a bit of explaining (4 hours long) on how I did win contest prized and how you can as well. It's free money folks and every year since 2011 save for 2013, I have had an extra income source with just doing a little extra when chanced to. Not successful at all the contests though but the accolades are growing. What you would learn - Introduction to trading contests How I won them and Contest Strategies Brief Discussion about Trading Systems How to get better performance with my Tools Closing advice You get the video book in all the versions below as .doc .mobi .epub .pdf No reason for a loooong sales copy. You know what to do next. Here it is. https://gumroad.com/l/win_free_demo_trading_contests
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Wayne Filkins (1 month ago)
Hey I was doing the lmfx one and someone said it's a scam, that the top 3 are always fake and no one wins. I'm looking for some legit contests, which ones do you recommend?
I would recommend taking a cue from the ones I actually won from the video above. At least, those ones paid up. Cheers

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