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Cisco Crypto Map / Transform Set Tutorial

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A friend emailed today asking about how VPN's work between two sites, a bit confused on the addressing and naming, what' a crypto map, crypto acl, transform set etc. Here you have it.
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BSCCIE Ini (1 year ago)
Great man, so easy to understand good work
riturajb1 (1 year ago)
The PEER ip can be in a different subnet? (As in here - and ) . I seen examples where there is a different IP given to the VTI tunnel interface which is in same subnet at both ends.
Javed Shaik (2 years ago)
thank you very much
Venkat Krishna (2 years ago)
cleared my doubts over the crypto map and transformset....thank you very much
Prashant Sharma (3 years ago)
Ryan, I can't thank you enough for the knowledge you are sharing. The best part is, your ability to make the complex topics easy to understand. It is just amazing. Please keep on posting videos. Very much appreciated. :)
Anand Narine (3 years ago)
really good ryan what do u use to draw on mspaint ?
juan de dios murillo (4 years ago)
its an excellent video, i just would add the nat excemption on both appliances
Paul Kim (4 years ago)
You know your stuff when you can take a dry technical process and simplify it so anybody can understand it.  Thank you so much.  This was a clear and concise explanation.  Please do more.  
Craig Allan (6 years ago)
Great video!!! You should make more tutorials
Jose Linares (6 years ago)
Wow thanks you just explained in 4 minutes what I couldn't understand in one whole day with cisco documentation.
Ryan Lindfield (6 years ago)
Thank you for your kind feedback :)
Marcus Heath (6 years ago)
Very good video, thanks for sharing your knowledge.
sreid70 (7 years ago)
Thanks. That was very helpful.

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