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English Conversation Learn English Speaking English Subtitles Lesson 01

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Nadøü Ç'hã (1 day ago)
It's so Nice. .l love it thank's a lot❤❤
Hocine Ghrieb (1 day ago)
Useful video
Ghjjn Ghnm (3 days ago)
Thank you so match ☘
hello I am from Kazakhstan, you are nice teache
Hameed M. Azizi (4 days ago)
Nice program, it's very useful for every one... thanks.
Keila Silva (4 days ago)
Lovely! Lovely ! Girl ?
Liang Sun (5 days ago)
This videos is good.I study english have one mouth. I need practise . I come from china,if you also want learn chinese , Wecan learn frpm eath other.
James Ahoam (6 days ago)
SPLENDOUR,,,, magnificent glory,,, best ever movies on wishes 107.5 SPLENDID WORDSON WHITHSUN
You are really a great teacher...
ayşegül Cepkin (6 days ago)
Its better on the world. Really it helps me. Thank you so much all teachers
Nguyenanhdoanh Nguyen (6 days ago)
i want to train english and this video is so efective!
فلاح صالح (7 days ago)
too long lesson thank u
Muhemmed Esgerov (7 days ago)
Very funny
ma Iza Mohamed (7 days ago)
I want to learn english language who can halp me
Hana Hana (7 days ago)
i love this lesson .the thaecher is very goog iam happy because i inderstend what she said thanks a lot for this lesson
Malik mumin (8 days ago)
When itz second lesson will come? plz can anybody tll me ....
Mimi Aya (8 days ago)
can you give me movie's name of the first scene please please please I need to it now
Mimi Aya (8 days ago)
can you give me the name of movie please please
Aynur 9oo (8 days ago)
Claudia Machado (8 days ago)
Orteguita Cinco (8 days ago)
hola me gusta la manera de como enseñas el idioma ingles, gracias, quiero ver mas videos, te saluda edgar ortega de la ciudad de Guatemala
Şahnaz Əliyeva (8 days ago)
Very good excellent
Ahmad Saufi (9 days ago)
I like this English
kakosoul (11 days ago)
very good sitcom
moe htet (11 days ago)
I am the king 👑 of my life 🙂 Nice to see my teachers in video 🙂
Cristian Costa (11 days ago)
Galera eu gostaria de saber se elas falam inglês americano ou inglês britânico da (Inglaterra) nos vídeos por que tem uma pequena diferença !! alguém sabe me dizer isso por favor???? Quero aprender o americano please
olda culu (12 days ago)
I love it
Thơm Mai (12 days ago)
english very difficult haizzzzzzzzzzzz
Nor Mohamed (12 days ago)
Yes yes i loke this lesson
nambirajan raja (12 days ago)
Hi my name Nambirajan. I am a indian .this video is very useful for me and my conversation very poor. So pls help me with English conversation
Stephen Nzioka (13 days ago)
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Rohit sarkar me (13 days ago)
Ram's brother lives in Dubai - do you remember? It's right
jose roberto capette (13 days ago)
I love too mucho.
Hadi Suprapto (13 days ago)
I'm very happy to be here. I want to practice my English
THE PP (14 days ago)
I like
Moumiss Ayoub (14 days ago)
thnak you
dieudonne mbuyamba (14 days ago)
Joanna Jo (15 days ago)
Hello everyone, I'm glad to announce all of you who are interested in learning/speaking ( conversation focus)that I'm ready to make a group on Skype for it! We will try to open this session as soon as possible. For more details contact me on Skype live:ee2960707ce60339 By the way: it's free! No costs, nothing! Only for serious people who don't have partners in English speaking! Let's do that! I'm looking forward to meet you!
victor smith (15 days ago)
Quein entiende español den un like
Semsir Eliyev (16 days ago)
How. Are you. Tearcher
zu lee (16 days ago)
depon nada (16 days ago)
Wow, I can speak English a little thank you teacher😊
sharmake hersi (17 days ago)
very nice lesson thnx
Sara Abdallat (17 days ago)
How are you my teacher,,,,,,, thanks so much
Ferraro Filippo (18 days ago)
Ibrahim Aboud (18 days ago)
This a good way to learn English
Ibrahim Aboud (18 days ago)
My name is Abdullah Qablan ,I am from somalia, i travelled other country to learn something, but my eng level is not high level, so help me plz, if u have whatsapp group u may add me ..+20 109 731 6073
Paulinho Silva (18 days ago)
Is there someone for practice with me? my whatsApp number is +55 81 99361-6478. I'm from Brazil, thank you!
عبير الجنه (18 days ago)
السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته أنا لا أعرف اتكلم انجليزي
amazing this lesson!!! I see you from Paraguay!!!
Asghar Khan (18 days ago)
Very nice conversation
Nail Hesenov (18 days ago)
Thank you.l had a very good time😍😍😍
Selim Reza (19 days ago)
very good . thanks
Sürüngen Evim (19 days ago)
My dad has 9 twins
Elgun Bekirov (20 days ago)
Thank you
thuan nguyen (20 days ago)
l like the teacher very much
Looking forward (20 days ago)
The best lessons for me Thank you Teacher. 🌹
Ruqiya Nur (21 days ago)
This telephone for my sister
Ruqiya Nur (21 days ago)
I don’t have telephone this telephone is don’t for me
Quy nguyen thi (21 days ago)
Hello i am from Viet Nam, iam study English, who is want to contract with me by skype to partic? My skype is "Quy"
tonysopranootnspn (21 days ago)
excellent for learn English
Diego Lopez (21 days ago)
Gabrielle is de beautiful
soy beatriz (22 days ago)
How are you
Mehwish Mishi (22 days ago)
Good ...like it.
Murali Dharan (22 days ago)
Hey thanks for making these videos. It help's me a lot to learn english. Thanks teahcer :-).
Andres Ruis (22 days ago)
Greetings from Colombia
Ali Köse (23 days ago)
My job is pysical treatment and rehabilitation
Amira Khaled (23 days ago)
What is this accent? American or British??
vo Daisy (24 days ago)
hello, i really want to improve my english, pls help me.who can speak english with me ? my whatssap is +84 0703071280. My name is Daisy.
Jwamer gyan (25 days ago)
Wowww it is very good well dawn👏👏👏
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frederick sebastian (25 days ago)
quisiera poder hablar ingles :(
Jussara Santos (25 days ago)
Vou aprender o inglês é com esse canal 😍
Jussara Santos (4 hours ago)
+Vivendo Pela Fé obg vou te chamar
Vivendo Pela Fé (4 days ago)
+Jussara Santos De Nada, Sei que você vai Gostar muito. Tem também: DICAS DE INGLÊS BY DIOU e TIM EXPLICA... se quiser uma ajudinha em qualquer assunto meu face é DIALISON BARBOSA e Whatsapp: 93600266.
Jussara Santos (4 days ago)
+Keila Silva 😘
Jussara Santos (4 days ago)
+Maria Carolina Alves 😘
Jussara Santos (4 days ago)
+Vivendo Pela Fé obg vou dar uma olhada também 😘
Mori Ran (26 days ago)
I am arabic by your favor am learn english thank you teacher
bestzii Asisafiya (26 days ago)
I like💖
mohamed niinii (26 days ago)
Your speech and written bar graphs are not together The written bar graphs on the screen is very faster Plz do it better
tractor Azerbaijan (26 days ago)
Hi it's good😹😻thanks
Samsam Abdikarim (17 days ago)
I m new student
Awet Weldy (26 days ago)
Thanks you
Mabel Rodriguez (26 days ago)
I am is learning ingles now but it is very difficult understand when other person talk with you.
hacker 29 (26 days ago)
Fack you
Ielts centre. Net (26 days ago)
Best lesson on YouTube ever
Very good
Vinh Tran (27 days ago)
So.......o easy !!!
Vinh Tran (27 days ago)
Nếu hiểu thì cho 1 like
Vinh Tran (27 days ago)
Có hiểu tớ nói gì không ?
Vinh Tran (27 days ago)
Tiếng Việt muôn năm !!!
Vinh Tran (27 days ago)
Á hí hí
Vinh Tran (27 days ago)
Can I speak VietNamese ?
only4me (27 days ago)
Fuck you system because I must learn english.but l hate english lesson.....if I go to work Boss doesn't want my land language... They said :do you know speak english? And unfortunately don't know......And thank you video... I believe It really help me in the future.
Kaju Toys Review (27 days ago)
Nice and useful video thanks I love it keep developing this kind of content video for daily use, Kaju Toys Review
Misbahuddin Mashuri (27 days ago)
I'm understand by step on lesson. easy to learn speak english
كتبت الحرف (27 days ago)
Well done
I am love this video. I am learning a lot. Thank you!!
arundhati sethy (28 days ago)
love this
Quỳnh Trần (28 days ago)
What's these series film name ???
manisise Pierre (28 days ago)
That good program I like it a lot.

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