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How To Make Money Scrapping Metal For Beginners - Scrap Metal Tips, What To Look For

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Scrapping metal 2018! Scrapping metal for beginners is a subject with a lot of noise to navigate, so here is a contribution of scrap metal tips on what one should be looking for when scrapping metal for money. More resources: Favourite gloves - https://amzn.to/2HzSGGG Favourite grips - https://amzn.to/2EMTzsE Wire Stripper - https://amzn.to/2EMm3Tp Cordless drill - https://amzn.to/2GZKUsF Scrapping christmas lights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epHCGZcUilI&t=314s Best way to remove tires from scrap rims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3bdZrjMXMc How much you make scrapping a car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OQorUvcbzA&list=PLoCvyFGeTCuHEpxlEkEszxLYEk-F42phi&index=64&t=0s Uberism81's Wire stripping video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkhRlIM-uLk Dumpster Marcus on Ewaste: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-a89G6LHb4 Bearded Diver: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnVrHxGe9wjIJSXvJ8ThqvA Please like/share this video if you enjoyed it, and subscribe to thubprint! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtMag9TB1x3f-Px235_8Irg I love mail! You can send me some here if you like: Thubprint PO box 34036 Westbrook PO Calgary AB T3C 3W2 I'll probably send something back! Tip Jar!: BTC here: 1FwSDv7arGMPVAr1BxMYu9ko6Hk2NpKu83 ETH here: 0xC0a462fF9f992F84b322979D6D2fE3ae71de55A0 Thank you! https://www.facebook.com/thubprint https://twitter.com/thubprint https://www.instagram.com/thubprint/ http://thubprint.tumblr.com/ https://plus.google.com/106807224793675369373/posts Music: Cherry Lips (Garbage Cover) https://soundcloud.com/godexx/cherry-lips-garbage-cover
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midninte ranger (1 day ago)
Very informative video learned alot but still a little confused tho
Mystery Buyer (1 day ago)
I never use power tools like drills . They are more trouble than they are worth.
Mark Punte (2 days ago)
Sometimes the rims are magnesium
harleyrdr1 (3 days ago)
Great vid! But ohhhh...that friggin “manbun”. 😣
Stinky Mcfarter (5 days ago)
I like to go to construction sites after dark and always find copper. It's like there for the taking I guess? Ohh! And tools too!
John Casey (5 days ago)
Highway guard rails can be a great source of aluminum scrap.
Ko Chae-pong (7 days ago)
You forgot to mention the meth habit needed
TheCooperman666 (7 days ago)
The uk needs to get better at buying e waste there is no one near me buying or you have to have atlest 500kgs before thay will buy.
Mark Cogburn (8 days ago)
Copper is also naturally bacteria resistant
Mark Cogburn (8 days ago)
Good sized plumbers wrench
AMERICANREBEL ! (9 days ago)
AWESOME VIDEO thank you!
PapaWheelie (11 days ago)
How about aluminum and steel scuba tanks? I can get a ton of those
PapaWheelie (10 days ago)
I took them in today- got $10 each for the aluminum and $2.25 each for the steel
The Overgrownpig (11 days ago)
Bring them to a scuba shop. I sold a steel tank I had from the 70's for good money. Obviously if they are too worn thin on the inside, scarp them like normal.
Pedro Diaz (11 days ago)
so im really interested in investing in a scarp business i have a good 3/4 big rig with trailers 48ft probably can haul around 21 tons also have 5 acres of industrial land. i just had the idea this morning, never have i ever thought about transporting scrap metals until now. so i guess my question would be where would you transport scarp metal in bulks to ? i know theres scarp yards, land fields, yards, etc but would you know where they take the metal to?
ejradrenalin (12 days ago)
cast iron tubs are worth way more in resell value than for scrap. people want them and they are willing to drive to you to pick them up.
damienski (13 days ago)
Thanks for your videos. I am just starting to get into scrapping and am Learning a lot from your videos. Thank You
Frank Clarke (14 days ago)
great vid...thanks
cowboy10069 (16 days ago)
bro angle grinder with 2 yr warranty is $10, plus $5 for the blade, what do you mean you cant afford? i have 4.....
eckopoppin (16 days ago)
For the #1 copper wire. If someone has the time. Is it worth it to strip the wire to have just the bare copper?
Ryan McKeag (13 days ago)
Jaylene Cloud (16 days ago)
I was thinking about doing some scraping myself and this video was great for me.... Now I’m a subscriber and binge watching all your videos, trying to absorb as much info as I can.... Thanks for the video ❤️
MrcabooseVG (17 days ago)
I have no ambition to be a scrapman but this is an interesting point of view
Brian North (24 days ago)
I found a out 6 Crt tvs oh man.
Chris Walker (26 days ago)
I have a grinder and a 55 lbs slaghammer and 5 tons of metal and about 40 lbs of copper and I can use lead after I malt it
xcvsdxvsx (27 days ago)
Dude, a claw foot bathtub will sell for a bundle to an antique shop. Don't scrap that!
Colin (1 month ago)
They too many Mex doing it
Kevin Nelson (1 month ago)
Try boardsort.com for your computer scrap if you can afford the shipping cost at this time they are paying 15.25 a pound for gold ram memory if you dont have any near by yards accepting ewaste look them over and see if its worth it for you.
Tomel Moore (1 month ago)
Dude nice video my grandpa made me peel copper with a hooked roofing knife lol in the 70s 😂😂😂
He cute
JoAnne (1 month ago)
Amen, leave it better than you found it :)
JoAnne (1 month ago)
Spot on and I learned a few things.
Leon Lewis (1 month ago)
great tips I learnt so much even though its not my 1st time scrapping, some scrapyards wont tell you these things
beatleographer 1 (1 month ago)
I'm retired and had been trying to find something to make a little xtra money w/o having to work for the man. Then down the street one day, there was a washer, dryer, and refrig was next to the road so I stopped. After the owner helped me load them I went to a used appliance repair and store to see if interested. NOPE, but he told me I could scrape them. Scrap, scrap, what do you mean scrap! LOL!! Well, I didn't get much but I did get the fever. I pick up any and everything now. I have a magnet, put a nylon string on it and walk the streets picking up tire weights. Since the weight clip is metal, ya don't have to bend over. I put them in a strong canvas bag on my shoulder, and go back to empty in the truck when getting too heavy. I was shocked by how many are out there laying on the side of the road. If you hustle, ya can get 30-50 lbs a day. The most work is walking back to the truck to empty. But then just drive to where you left off. This video has been awesome and has really helped me. Thanks so much.
Don Johnson (1 month ago)
What was your major in college ?
thubprint (1 month ago)
First time was doing courses to be an educator, didn't graduate. Second time I graduated from hair school.
TortureTest (1 month ago)
a do metal roofing and we use mid west snips they are some of the best.
thubprint (1 month ago)
Danielle padgett (1 month ago)
You def should be recycling ac/heat pump units. While the older units used a lot more copper, today's models have started switching copper coils up with aluminum. However the compressors do have a high dollar value for refurbishing. (It's best to find connections for a specific buyer of such products, and check into whether or not they allow a drop off point, and then be sent payment later. The old style is rotary, the newer models work more like a piston. Here in the States lead batteries don't pay very much at all in scrap yards, (Maybe about $2.00 USD) since most States passed laws that require recycling facilities to pay extra waste disposal fees, even though the consumer already must pay the fee when purchasing a new battery. As an added FYI, South Carolina, in many jurisdictions now require a person to file for a scraping license, which basically means you fill out a form with the local police department, they run a background check on you. I think the intent was to better be able to track if a scrapper brings in a lot of high value metals, such as copper etc. it makes it easier to trace where it came from, and to match whether or not it was obtained legally or stolen. As with any commodity, when it comes down to money, there's a a lot of theft going on. It wasn't unusual for people to go into new construction, and rip out all of the new copper wiring. Some being so brave to actually target peoples summer, or winter homes, stripping them down of even their ac/heat units. The permit is mostly required to the sell of copper, and isn't needed if selling most other metals, such as steel, or aluminum.
Nick Last (1 month ago)
Lauren Gall (1 month ago)
Hard drive cases are cast aluminum. Use a punch to get the center motor out. The boards on them also go for 9 bucks a pound at a mail order escrap place.
lo key (1 month ago)
Where do you find this stuff
MultiChaga (1 month ago)
You're loosing time showing us your face and yakkin...Go pick-up man$$$$$....
Queen City Picker (1 month ago)
Great video for beginners. I come across alot of this stuff in storage units. Thanks fot sharing
Kevin Nelson (1 month ago)
Where do you find computers and old cell phones
thubprint (1 month ago)
Everything I find comes from garbage bins and dumpsters
Resale Rabbit (1 month ago)
This was a really well done video and a great explanation! Thanks!
Flor Cedillo (1 month ago)
Just Awesome! I typed in Recycling and I am so glad I came across your video. Our HOA doesn't have it's community residents on any type of recycling pickup at the curb. It bothers me that people think EARTH is a TRASH 😡 CAN. I am so glad I came across your video. But, this here is gold. It serves as a motivation to make $$$. We definitely need more people to recycle and nearby recycle centers. I am going to share your video. Thank you for making this video.
Kim Him (1 month ago)
Use a fishing magnet.
KieraSwex (1 month ago)
ok but is he single..
Rauch (8 hours ago)
Are you
Cyclone Scrapper (1 month ago)
is it better to scrap in canada?
D Boettger (1 month ago)
Your so fine... oh and great information!
Rauch (8 hours ago)
I'd hit
1163562 (1 month ago)
I have a Vibe as well. It has a decent towing capacity for being a 4 cyl. and have thought about getting a trailer for doing scrap.
Bradley Goo (1 month ago)
Get a griple cutter for wire
Sarah Blue (1 month ago)
I live in PA and get $7 a garbage bag filled
Mark Henry (2 months ago)
Stainless can rust. It does not get the whole covering of rust plates but it can speck and get a bit off-colored depending on the type. Just FWIW.
The Garlic Farm (2 months ago)
You missed two common sources of cast iron. Wood stoves and radiators.
Jeremiah Lynch (2 months ago)
You should invest in a portable band saw
dajaco81 (2 months ago)
The small armored transformers stumped me at first because i had no idea how to take them apart but all you have to do is really pull on one of the metal plates and they will are loosen and fall out!
Kattra Blake (2 months ago)
Is smelting aluminum and casting ingots worth it?
Jeff Hunter (2 months ago)
30 fing mins for a 5 mim video
Carla Costa (2 months ago)
I want to scrap but have to do it on a small scale. I am disabled and can't do much but I love this.
Donald Smith (2 months ago)
You can get a pump to pump out what is in the Air Conditioner! Need to keep the different types apart, R-12, R22, so on, for that to be worth much. You are working with very high pressure, can be bad. I looked into a class on pumping it out of the units. The cost of the classes and the cost of the pump, high pressure tank and everything, until you can do a lot of them I didn't see where it would pay. If you find someone that scrapes them it could be worth it. But to do one or two a month,it isn't worth it. As for selling the gas, not sure about that. If the compressor in the unit went bad the gas becomes acid and can't be used. It would distroy anything it was put in! Don't think anyone would pay for it, not knowing if it was good. I have 3 units at my house that have copper tubes, yes old ones. They have R-22 I know the gas is good, the compressor good, just the fans don't work, the frame rusted out! I will not let the gas out. I just need to save up money to take the classes on how to pump it out safety without putting to much pressure in the tank I pump it into!
Ryan Inq (2 months ago)
Big carbide drill bits! Lucky find!
Westley Robert (2 months ago)
Sounds like you need some basic tools like a sawzall and a grinder both cord and cordless plus a fire big fire pit.
thubprint (2 months ago)
Well I just happened to be online, haha. Scrapping is mostly a side hustle for me, I've never gone all out with a trailer. From what I can tell though, the real money is in steel because its so common and a lot of scrappers focus on the nonferrous because they don't have the means to haul big loads. Whenever I check the free section of kijiji there are always a few listings of free scrap metal but they just sit there because its always a small pile of steel. If I wanted to spend the day doing it I would look those up, reply to them and plot a route from one to the next to the next all the way to the scrapyard BUT skip the roads and drive all the alleys from one to another and I guarantee the truck will be full by the afternoon with bits and pieces found along the way. If you do this a few times I'd bet some of those listings are from people who produce scrap regularly and if they like you, they'd probably call you rather than bother taking pictures/making listings/catching phone calls. Probably even know other people in the same industries who could use a reliable pickup service. Focus on service and I wouldn't be surprised if you quit your job in a year. Just my thoughts. All the best!
Westley Robert (2 months ago)
+thubprint wow! Didnt think you would respond at all! Let alone so quickly too.. I love your vids as im trying to make ends meet and love to recycle especially for some profit. I am a single parent of 2 kids and only work 5 hrs a day 5 days a week so always looking for more independence income. Thanks a whole bunch. Just want to be able to make 400 a week with scrapping. About to buy a truck and trailer for more than scrapping alone.. any tips??
thubprint (2 months ago)
I've got those now! Corded/cordless grinder and a cordless sawzall. Even if I had them at the time though, I was aiming to keep this video basic. Still no bandsaw sadly :,D
Nice!!! More and more i watch!! Im learning and learning more,, im just starting picking scrap metal to make extra,
Jason Myers (2 months ago)
wow in the fuck would scrap a claw foot bathtub..... those things are worth money. way more than scrap money. great video bro. keep up the great work. just my 2 cents.
noblsht (2 months ago)
Here in United States at least in this state for many years now we have not been allowed to recycle catalytic converters, because of the thieves
Jayy TV (2 months ago)
How much is cast iron worth
Zombie Hunter (2 months ago)
Great job Thanks for all the great info Do you know that they call you now The metal expert on you tube Great job keep it up
Christoph Chamberlain (2 months ago)
Good vidd man learned alot
Aiden van Wyk (2 months ago)
Is this man the metal expert of Ytube?
What’s the best metal and the most easiest to find to scrap for the most money?
Juan Guerrero (2 months ago)
Have you ever thought about getting a small automatic with stripper?
Brian Huber (2 months ago)
IF you have that heavy duty copper wire, anything bigger than 12g, i strip all that insulation off. If you dont, at my local scrap yard, depending on prices.. can pay 75 cents more a lb. Might not be worth to some people.. i know some old folks that just like to burn the insulation off. That is fine but i like to make more and stripping off the insulation when you have a nice sharp pocket knife is easier than buttering a piece of bread.
Robert M (2 months ago)
They pretty much never use Freon for anything anymore. If you do find something that you know has Freon in it then you just made a small fortune. The stuff goes for around $50 a pound(not that you would get that) and an AC or fridge that actually has Freon would have 2-15 pounds in it. They have been cutting back on Freon for decades now and it will be 100% phased out in 2020. Go ahead and start scrapping those fridges and ACs.
Christopher Harper (2 months ago)
Well done! Thanks!
Kamuii (2 months ago)
that intro was clever
Donald Don Kirk (2 months ago)
Northern California Charges you to take appliances to the metal scrapyard. Washer's and Dryers $15. each. Refrigerators more.
Basslicks and Big Tires (2 months ago)
Thanks man, I appreciate the video. Your explanation of things was very thorough. Now I know what's worth the time and what's not before I take my truck load to CMC Recycling next week!
Tim Max (2 months ago)
Those are transformers not motors, and if you take out a microwave transformer people will pay a premium because they can make welders from them
Tim Max (2 months ago)
BX Is cladded with steel
Tim Max (2 months ago)
joseph wright (2 months ago)
freon can be captured and resold to companies that recycle it. but an ice box only has maybe 8 oz. and you have to have a freon license to mess with it. the fine without it is $35500. i do it because i am a hvac tech and have the license.
Maxx Maxwell (2 months ago)
On e-scrap, don't forget the disc drives. I'm in Florida and e-scrap is a payer. A high speed side cutter is great for your newbies. Also, stainless steel is non magnetic. On Freon items, state of Florida requires proof of removal by a registered a/c company. However, there ARE some scrap yards that will take those items with the Freon intact. Check around. Note: I like to use the same scrap yard all the time (even if they don't always give the best price). Often when they get to know you, they'll give you perks like grouping clean aluminium and your "dirty" aluminum together and giving you clean aluminium pricing. JS
Nomad (2 months ago)
You will get WAY more for your lead by selling it to reloaders.
Mustie1 (2 months ago)
great video, well spoken and to the point,
duane carroll (3 months ago)
It helps to have a place to bring scrap, and get the best price. Try getting a business account at the main scrap yard, all other yards send their stuff to. I have an account at a place that deals in export scrap. I get the highest prices that way.
robert smith (3 months ago)
trim that fucking tree
Miranda Retzlaff (3 months ago)
that was NOT CCA wire btw
SecondComingTwice (3 months ago)
Much appreciated. I did trip when you said that your dream-tool would be a band-saw, since I had just had a conversation with my brother about cleaning a bunch of transformers that ended with "but who's got a bandsaw? And then YouTube did some kind of "enhancement upgrade" thing and I had to reload the page.. Good stuff. Not scrapping, "they" won't let me drive (even though I haven't had a wreck that was my fault since '79 or '80) Making art. Wire, and the transformer's from the microwaves off the street are going into a Lichtenberg burner. Like you attitude, bro. Namaste
Paul M (3 months ago)
You are very detailed thorough and have a great sense of humor. I enjoyed watching and learned a lot. Thamks
j-e-c Mannig (3 months ago)
The claw foot tubes are covered with a ceramic substance called hot julius. Don't know if anyone has told this cause I've not read all the comments but thought you would like to know.
señor shaman (3 months ago)
I have absolutely no interest in this area, but it was great to learn and hear your take on it. So thanks!
Scott Brandt (3 months ago)
im sorry i don't know what you said because i could not get past your Girl Bun
J& K (3 months ago)
Some of the power transformers from vintage electronics are worth hundreds of dollars to the folks that dabble in vacuum tube audio. Not all of them but the bigger and more wires coming out the better.
that fonv dude (3 months ago)
If your sniffing for copper in arizona your gonna find a body I can guarantee that
In the states its 100000 dollar fine for releasing freon im an a.c. tech I can reclaim it and yes its useful to do so and is dangerous if you breath it in while releasing it
DaddyO's Ink (3 months ago)
+whatthefuckiswrongwithyou? asshole it used to be something like $25k if you could provide proof of an intentional blow off, or so that was what another tech that worked with told me anyway. There was a competitor company in town that was notorious for it, I could've gotten rich off of them alone. But this was the world before smart phones and I wasnt going to carry a camcorder around with me. Lol.
+DaddyO's Ink I havent heard that they do anymore but I really havent looked either but I know when my dad whent through the course they told him about it and they never mentioned it when I went through it
DaddyO's Ink (3 months ago)
I was an hvac tech when I was younger..... does the EPA still pay a huge reward for reporting "blow offs"?
AznRyda001 (3 months ago)
lol bullet casing worth more
Kim Nielsen (3 months ago)
Buy a furnace and melt it dovn to ingots.. takes up zero Space! 🤗
ROBERT KRAHN (3 months ago)
Way to go , good job  and  thank  you
Angelo Matthew Narciso (3 months ago)
Thanks. I can now survive my second day of being homeless. Owe you alot bro
00gyb00gy (2 months ago)
You'll make more at a minimum wage job. Get a tent or build a shelter in the woods and work a min wage job. Save all your money. Only spend money on cheap food. After a few months you should have enough to get a studio apartment.
Dnice3477 (3 months ago)
Most “stainless” isn’t real stainless. If it looks like stainless but it’s magnetic then throw it in you light iron pile. True stainless won’t be magnetic at all.
Snorri Ö.K. (3 months ago)
Brass = alloy of copper and zinc (cheap substitute for bronze). Bronze = alloy of copper and tin/nickel and is more expensive. Difficult to tell apart for a layman. Stainless steel is stainless because of its chrome content which is about between 4 and 18%. The 4% one can rust if it's been in salt or acid for a long time. The 9% one is normally a welded part because 9% is the way between normal carbon steel and a 16% grade and they make 9% electrodes to connect the two. There are mainly two grades of stainless (apart from knife steel that is a bit different and not collectible because the blades are so thin and would take long to stack up and even longer to take apart) and those are the 4% that do take "half a magnet" and 16-18% that don't, are very heavy, have this aluminium sort of whitey sheen and will not bend. The latter is also very resistant to both salt, acid and other general causes of corrosion. When the 4% grade does rust, it's only a "here and there" type of deal, not everywhere like on mild steel up to high carbon steel. Keep in mind though that if you find high carbon steel like bearings, spring steel etc. (look up types of hardenable steel), you might get better prices for them from knife makers (blacksmiths) than scrap yards. As one (but in Iceland, where everything is imported) I have paid 50$ for 10 kilograms of hardenable steel, so definitely keep that in mind. Also, wholesome looking old parts can sell for a lot more to antique enthusiasts because of their "rustic" looks so please try not to throw those away because they can catch a pretty good price as well.
Joseph Robar (3 months ago)
Who has the time to waste to even cut that copper sounds like you need a job my man I strip houses and send it all one shot well when you make 1,500 a day I guess taking a break for half HR to play Sanford and sons don't work here my friend and scrapping in your car make you look like a junkie getting your fix money lmao
ZXBeatsXZ 6 (3 months ago)
Me and my dad is scrapping again what’s the best tool to peel the skin off of the cords thanks brother
DaddyO's Ink (3 months ago)
Tie long lengths of wire to the trailer hitch, skin back a few inches with a knife, pull it off with some pliers. You can usually pull all of the insulation off in one piece.

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