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60V High-Current Step-Down LED Driver Controller

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with Walker Bai Applications Engineer Section Leader, Power Products The meaning of the term "high power LED" is rapidly evolving. Although a 350mA LED could easily earn the stamp of "high power" a few years ago, now, 5A to 40A LEDs and laser diodes are used in the DLP projector, surgical equipment, stage lighting, automotive lighting and other applications traditionally served by high intensity bulbs. To meet the light output requirements of these applications, high power LEDs are often used in series. The problem is that several series-connected LEDs require a high voltage LED driver circuit. LED driver design is further complicated by many applications that require fast LED current response to pulse width modulated (PWM) dimming signals. The new LT®3763 (http://www.linear.com/product/LT3763) is a 60V synchronous, step-down DC/DC controller designed to accurately regulate LED current at up to 20A with fast PWM dimming. It is a higher voltage version of its predecessors, the LT3743 and the LT3741. In addition to higher voltage, the LT3763 has 4 regulation loops that make it easy to design highly efficient, versatile and robust circuits.
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greg rae (5 years ago)
I enjoy your presentation of the LT3763 high powered led dimming . I am present trying to draw a circuit for this LT3763 to enable me make a circuit board. but am not very perficint in this area . Could you supply me with a circuit board print out of the copper side and the silk side to enable me to make my board using the LT3763. Thank you Greg

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