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The Business of War: SOFEX

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SOFEX is where the world's leading generals come to buy everything from handguns to laser-guided missile systems. It stands for "Special Operations Forces Exhibition Conference" and it's essentially a trade-show where just about anyone with enough money can buy the most powerful weapons in the world. Hosted by Shane Smith | Originally released in 2012 at http://vice.com More from Shane Smith: http://www.vice.com/author/shane-smith Follow Shane on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shanesmith30 Check out the VICE Guide to Karachi here: http://bit.ly/Karachi-1 Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (7743)
Sean Conway (5 days ago)
yeah where is OCP 12:05 lol
Hardrock (13 days ago)
Pay attention, keep your eyes open and you can see what your enemies are buying. Helps you decide what it is that you are going to be buying.
Matt Scott (19 days ago)
The end was the best part.
Joshua Pierre (1 month ago)
8:13 lolol
Lost Soul (1 month ago)
War is a racket. That's how fucking retarded we are as a species people. We need to be worried about the non terrestrial threat below our fucking feet.
Ardheshwar Singh (1 month ago)
11:30 BORAT
Ardheshwar Singh (1 month ago)
Still no money for education
Bubby Flippu (1 month ago)
I bet you each for those maana Quinn’s cost 15K
Ferry Cruise (1 month ago)
8:44 is internet gold
Frosty Alaska (1 month ago)
Generals gather in there masses
Snow 2-5 (1 month ago)
Marines aren’t Spec Ops though.
Scottie guru (1 month ago)
It's a real sausage party going on there with all these long hard things that shoot things out of them. Have fun boys. Glad I'm not there. I'm going to Rio.
steffenlgk (1 month ago)
These saudi special forces. Nobody can tell me they give a shit about human rights.
Camilo c (1 month ago)
Jack (2 months ago)
Happy to be a part of it
Tim Logans (2 months ago)
Welcome to humanity; lets make weapons world wide and invent/indoctrinate political machinations so that companies and individuals in the big military industrial complexes/ countries can make shit loads of money at the expense of people dying!!
Southpaw Moose (2 months ago)
I feel like this reporter is missing the fact that this is the future and this type of warfare is new, and far more complex that other forms of warfare, this kind of training and equipment is needed.
🌍 (2 months ago)
Davids Goliath (2 months ago)
These losers by these WMDs from the same seller than fight each other with millions of innocent childrens and civilian deaths!! This is evil
RAHMATH ALI (2 months ago)
It’s actually supposed to be in Israel 🇮🇱. But they chose this venue.🤨
Yolanda (2 months ago)
Chris Sztof (2 months ago)
That's the same training area that The Grand Tour filmed at in season 1 isn't it?
Etienne Ouellet (2 months ago)
Kind of scary to think North Korea can buy Heli there...11:06 or anything for bad users...
Raghav Die (2 months ago)
The Buisness is Booming lol Will the put up nukes on thier shelf in next 5 year....
0mg1tsbatman (2 months ago)
I like how that guy at the end tried to play dead.
john sosman (2 months ago)
So, if youtake a mp3 player with baby sounds on it to avoid getting shot on a plane while fighting the special ops.
Jesus Solis (2 months ago)
sig sometimes suck
Malacki 655 (2 months ago)
Call me leftist propaganda but I agree with the reporter, this is the military industrial complex at work.
Kenny McCormick (2 months ago)
All those generals have killed innocent people. Gathering or killers
dranor44 (3 months ago)
looks like either surprise or insult when you didnt recognize hk
Barry Iaconelli (3 months ago)
Where are the Russian booths
Rafid hassan oney (3 months ago)
GUNCON ! this is fucking nuts !
Justin Turner (3 months ago)
Good job finally Vice!
TheHomer1990 (3 months ago)
If anyone is planning on taking over the world. Send a couple of bombs to this location where all of the world generals are having a tea party 🥳
Michael (3 months ago)
How do I get into this buisness!? 😂
carrierzone (3 months ago)
carrierzone (3 months ago)
Work for a weapob company like Raytheon build missile guidance systems
Stone Osborne (3 months ago)
This makes Shugart-Gordon look like Chuck-E-Cheese.
Ricardo G (3 months ago)
Don’t fuck with the USA
FRISHR (3 months ago)
My favourite is General Kenobi.
FRISHR (3 months ago)
War? It's free Real Estate!
Yo, you guys at vice have done a great job with this eye opening stuff. This is great stuff. You should do more of these. Serious work.
yuukine date (3 months ago)
its like from weebos convention 😂😂😂😂😂
Philipp Lawrenz (3 months ago)
America is worse than the Nazi regime.
Mr. Sotack (3 months ago)
The way you ended that. You leftist cunts.
Ezhaz Danish (3 months ago)
That's on Grand tour
Brazilian Nationalist (3 months ago)
Civilians love to talk shit safe from behind their computers. Civs wouldn't get their fat asses and fight for their country for nothing
Noneya Damnbiz (3 months ago)
Real gangsters club lol all murders the lot of them think about that lol
BrianDgreat123 (4 months ago)
A convention center full of real life Lex Luthors, how interesting.
Paxus (4 months ago)
Xuhong Gan (4 months ago)
The Grand Tour scenes 5:00
Neha Kumari (5 months ago)
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Abdulrahman Alawadi (5 months ago)
well you can imagine who is the biggest loser if no one buys weapons the biggest supplier
phil chickenfingers (5 months ago)
This dude is a such a pussy, I love how vice always sends someone who knows nothing about war or guns and yet claims their opinion matters on the topic.
SuperPlayz Gaming (5 months ago)
Is there free samples?
Louis film production (5 months ago)
War is horrible and fucking expensive. Peace is beautiful and free.
YouTuBeast (5 months ago)
I wonder why the thumb nail is a Chinese officer? huh ?
Enrique Ventura (5 months ago)
you guys hiring there? im a good salesman.
Johann Labertaler (5 months ago)
The training facility really looks like levels from shooters of the CS 1.6 era
William Snow (5 months ago)
:50 off the trigger "marine"....lol
Dan Cooper (5 months ago)
Patrick Donohue (5 months ago)
SOF disneyland
apostoles templarios (5 months ago)
the dream of call of duty kid
Al Green (5 months ago)
Where did it all go wrong?
The meme Man (5 months ago)
I live in jordan and I never knew about this
Jack The Leaf (5 months ago)
"If you didn't know the military industrial complex was a place to party, you'd be wrong." Implying I'm wrong for not knowing
Danny dragon (5 months ago)
I notice everybody wear suit shoot and tie , but you the only just wear T-shirt from vice hahahahaha wtf 👍👍👍👍😂😂😂😂😂🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳!!!!
tuzbubey (5 months ago)
President Putin pocketed another $Billion$
Nunov Yobeeswax (5 months ago)
"Gen'rals gathered in their masses, Just like witches at black masses Evil minds that plot destruction, Sorcerer of death's construction In the fields the bodies burning, As the war machine keeps turning Death and hatred to mankind, Poisoning their brainwashed minds Oh Lord yeah"
StageLined (5 months ago)
That tour guide is so humorless.
Andrew Crawford (5 months ago)
Can I point out in the thumb nail that gun is photoshopped
aimar ramadhan (5 months ago)
Just imagine when North Korea have the money to buy American weapons of mass destruction that can destroy the USA itself.
Austin Bennett (5 months ago)
"we brought along an ex-marine" points gun at camera........
Abstract Badger (5 months ago)
At least we know why nothing is improving in america, they steal tax payers money for their own fun.
Abstract Badger (5 months ago)
They come here with billions of tax payers dollars, this is stupid and selfish of these idiots (Americans), our tax money can go to more important things like restricting guns, help stop school shootings, etc.
FANBOY Lets' Plays (5 months ago)
Nah fuck that liberty over security
Jerry Oliver (5 months ago)
Lots of hate for these people, but really how else are they supposed to deal in arms? This kind of expo actually makes a lot of sense. It wasn't as debaucherous as I thought it would be. War has always been about business with the exception of Helen of Troy.
Clorox Bathroom Spray (5 months ago)
James Taylor (5 months ago)
They clearly ran out of money for the dummies.
Adnan Rehman (5 months ago)
He sounds super democratic and biased
Keven Antoine (5 months ago)
Vice news journalists are assholes:
Winston Huang (5 months ago)
3:07 wow back when Yemen had a proper government
Grass Cyat (5 months ago)
Osama trained here?
Ben Ghazi (3 months ago)
No He was trained by CIA operatives in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion
Ricky T Rock Climbing (5 months ago)
Heckler and kock! The HK416 or M416
Enlightor Rocker (5 months ago)
another business my country lacking behind
Ricky T Rock Climbing (5 months ago)
Airosoft dream playground
lucas the trooper (5 months ago)
Are the north Koreans here?
Alexander Jacob (5 months ago)
We can't make a t.v. Or an SUV worth a fuck anymore, but we sure can bomb the fuck outa your country! - George Carlin
Light in Darkness (5 months ago)
13:10 .... thank me later
coochie swipers (5 months ago)
Bruh when he got the attack helicopter, the only thing stuck in my mind was gta5
Castlehill650 (5 months ago)
Lol they have ninja warrior for militaries to compete with each other
Grandle The Gay (5 months ago)
“Are wave cannons real things” *THUMP* “Oh shit...”
Logan Wightman (5 months ago)
15:23 oh my god you can buy a cone shaped piece of steel???? Hoooollllyyyyy shiiiiiiit
Crim15 (5 months ago)
This video pretty much defines pretentious vanity maquerading as "journalism"..
Tomas Petkevičius (5 months ago)
Nothing but bunch of bandits gathered from around the world to destroy our precious planet. I wouldn't mind if someone would bombed the fuck out of them with their own weapons.
Josh F (5 months ago)
anyone else notice the poor room entrance at 8:01
Elvin deSouza (5 months ago)
What was that last clip?
Gosip militer (5 months ago)
where is tony stark ?
TJT (5 months ago)
one of those companies sponsors my robotics team. I mean, we wone nationals...
Charles Watts (5 months ago)
Shane Smith is a breath of fresh air, cliche'. Not many reporters under age 70 can maintain the focus that is needed to be really entertaining and informative.
John Finlayson (5 months ago)
Vice did a poor job of trying to demonize the military industrial complex.
Mour (5 months ago)
The marine in the field seems to be the only one with sense under those tents...crazy stupid!
Mour (5 months ago)
Sad to see human capital be used and be ready to be destroyed casually...wonder if aliens were to drop in all those weapons would even be effective on them! Looking at this...we kinda do deserve an alien invasion right about now...

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