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10 Legit Ways To Make Money As a Teenager [In 2019]

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In this video, I will show you 10 ways that you can make money as a teenager or as a kid in 2019. Hopefully, you can take at least one of the ideas presented in this video and expand upon it to earn some money. If you found value in this video, be sure to subscribe to the channel! Call Me: https://clarity.fm/nateobrien Take control of your future with this FREE budgeting template: https://goo.gl/P3V2TH Listen to two audio books for FREE by signing up for an Amazon Audible 30 day free trial!!➤➤➤http://amzn.to/2DAuty0 Subscribe for more videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/nateobrien?sub_confirmation=1 Follow me on social media: Snapchat: nateob2 Instagram: nateobrienn
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Nate O'Brien (3 months ago)
Comment which state/country you live in on my latest Instagram post for a chance to win some free business books and a free phone call to discuss your business ideas with me! IG - nateobrienn
alicia stewart (2 days ago)
Nate O'Brien FL
Mia Hutson (5 days ago)
Rodrigo Valdez (10 days ago)
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inance abah (11 days ago)
Abuja /Nigeria better late than never
eanna connolly (1 hour ago)
Sell old stuff on eBay for more than they're worth
LIL J (15 hours ago)
Yeah ima sell drugs 😂
Lauren & Nel (17 hours ago)
Luxheri Brand (1 day ago)
I am a professional video editor, but on sites like fiverr I get 0 orders. So I am stuck, any advice?
SlothLover 68 (1 day ago)
You fucking twat I literally hate you
Turkeyman157 (1 day ago)
Are you saying selling drugs in a real way 😢😪😂
Kayle Daniel (1 day ago)
got a transfer from trustedfamilyhackers,wordpress,com so i can start up a good jobs and pay bills for ,my family
Prativa Neupane (1 day ago)
selling weed in locally more profitable than others.
Nicholas Jusino (2 days ago)
I did no. 3 like candy and the fattest teacher in my school yelled at me
Ashley Stivers (2 days ago)
this is probably the worst video I’ve ever watched you white bread crusty loser
Waddling Cucumber (2 days ago)
Kill someone, sell their heart. Boom, $442,000!
Anonymous friend (1 day ago)
Sounds easy. Lemme start with you. Joking.
sveze banane (2 days ago)
Just buy an ounce of weed and sell 1/8 ounces. Its a hell of a profit!
hey, what do you do? _"I wash windows"_
m7md for games (3 days ago)
I know i way to make even more money but im not a girl and im not a homo so i cant do it
Zia Eve (3 days ago)
Omg Tysm
KD 93 (3 days ago)
Mane, i'm making 20 bucks a week for installing cracked windows.
Magenta Diabla (3 days ago)
Selling my nail clippings for ONLY 2 bucks.. now that’s a bargain
Eunique Woods (3 days ago)
I do $5 art portrait commissions and I’m having trouble with people buying it. Not trying to be cocky but I’m really good at drawing people and most people pay much more for a drawing of themselves. if anyone is interested my IG is @niqsart .
ThisISclickBAIT (4 days ago)
I want to get money since my sister broke her leg and got 60 thousand for that, and she’s only 16, i earn some money when i draw, im currently working on illustrating a childrens book, but i want more money 😂 but it’s hard earning money as a 13 year old 😔
Arjun (4 days ago)
buy redbull, sell them for more at school. My classmates are crazy for them
WoofSune (4 days ago)
How are u supposed to sell stuff online without a bank account
Frank Fitzgerald (4 days ago)
Can I just be a male prostitute
mrcole alfred (4 days ago)
Globalcyberaids com just sent us a hack transfer
John Perry (4 days ago)
Wow thanks to globalcyberaids com for they just transferred $40,000 into my account
Ian Peanøtt (4 days ago)
I love this vid
Gold Mubirigi (4 days ago)
I taught the add was the video
AllZ44 Smaili (4 days ago)
Cobra_clan_bandit (5 days ago)
Wow😀 you are the best you tuber ever you made my day
alyssa brittingham (5 days ago)
hehe watching this bc i wanna buy an ipad pro and a macbook👍🏼👍🏼
Mr Maskman (5 days ago)
Wait what "there aren't that many podcasts out there" was this video shot in 1943
Suck My dong (5 days ago)
Or you just sell drugs
mades games (5 days ago)
I do my friend homework for 2 bucks
Muhammad (5 days ago)
Surveys are pointless.
UmmmPerfect (5 days ago)
I going to buy a pack of gum for a dollar and sell each piece for 10 cents that is an extra dollar
UmmmPerfect (1 day ago)
+DG Tutorials not in a big pack of 32
DG Tutorials (2 days ago)
theres usually only 6 pieces..
D. Alli (6 days ago)
this is the most underrated channel compared to Alex Becker's, anyone?? 🖤
Viole Ramacciotti (6 days ago)
Is it true that I can earn money according to the views of my videos if I post?
Jacob Winterburn (6 days ago)
You kinda look like an alpaca not gonna lie
Abraham De Jesus (6 days ago)
I am selling illegal stuff and everyone even the principal is like kid I will buy everything you sell.😅 Just Kidding
mood hunny (6 days ago)
uhm.. *says 2019 in the title but was posted in 2018* hMm
sayedur rahman (6 days ago)
india is not a good country....coz it never gives freedom to kids....and if they come to know that u gonna wash window....then they will torture u ...till u suicide. ....we r only forced to study and even after that we dont get jobs......no respect for talent ....its the reality of india.....
sempyie (6 days ago)
I’m only searching this up because I want to buy 7 flats of AriZona Green Tea Don’t ask why
Abd-alatef Zeidan (7 days ago)
What about doing homework for ppl
Abd-alatef Zeidan (7 days ago)
11.what is there more to sell
Andrew C (7 days ago)
This is just a great down to earth video that actually helps you out
Racoonman 217 (7 days ago)
I make 120 dollars a day. Working *Blue Work*
Brian Biscuits (7 days ago)
I sold candy last year and made $160
Party (7 days ago)
I did alot of things but literally all of it got shut down one way or another. I sold candy until my school threatened to suspend me, I mowed lawns but everyone was scared of a lawsuit if I got hurt (even though I have always done my own lawn). Then I sold custom computers but everyone was buying prebuilt systems
LightGamers (7 days ago)
Selling drugs is pretty easy
Sprīdītis Ainažos (7 days ago)
Sell cannabis soda
Taylor Made (8 days ago)
When I was in sixth grade I used to sell paper fidget spinners for about a dollar and would make like 10 bucks a day
Flacco On da beat (8 days ago)
Buy, Flip, repeat
Bladamone Sauce (8 days ago)
Option 11. Sell your virginity on ebay. People pay big bucks😂
Bladamone Sauce (8 days ago)
Over here it costs about $400 to fix an iphone screen
Jacob Donnaker (8 days ago)
Love your page!🙂 Come check me out when you get the chance!🦁
Lil Pump (8 days ago)
in my school, if u sell takis, or hot cheetos, ur gonna be rich
Kanav Animations (8 days ago)
Thanks For Idea I'm 13 I am a professional editor I Know About green screen chroma key and stuff
Elite Flow (8 days ago)
*time to buy v-bucks*
B cuber (8 days ago)
I have 13 years and i make about 400 a motnh by helping my dad at his work at autocad at home
J T (8 days ago)
I do work for my neighbors because a lot them r old and they pay me $50 everytime I help them
Party (7 days ago)
My neighbor fired me because my tractor didn't work one day then it did the next day
G-Turtle (9 days ago)
How bout just selling weed
Karma OwO (9 days ago)
FINALLY a tutorial that isn't bs! Thanks man
Daddy_ Marx (9 days ago)
or you could just prostitute yourself
Antee24 (9 days ago)
I sell glocks and mp5s
Paddy Griffin (9 days ago)
I just wanna work at one of the farms around my house but I don't know how to get the work
Trunks (9 days ago)
I just sell weed to my friends
Jude Wallis (9 days ago)
So he gets annoyed when people advertise different things in there videos to make money but he asks people to subscribe witch make him money 🤔
Målin Henke (9 days ago)
Somebody here who wants to give 1000€ to me?
VIBES WITH JUNIOR (10 days ago)
Lindsey Easterwood (10 days ago)
window washing is deceptively hard. I was one for two weeks (one was a whole 40 hour week just on training). There is a technique called a swirl you need to get down, and it's hard on your car. I quit. Better luck to yall, there is money to be made.
InfiniteBlue (10 days ago)
Best ways for a teen to make $$$ a - sell candy at school b - get a part time job c - sell drugs lol
Lucas Tassie (10 days ago)
WolfFrags (10 days ago)
I could do like 2 or 3 of these. I've already sold food at school. I especially made money when we had vegan food days...
WolfFrags (10 days ago)
I sold warm subway style sandwiches for 4 bucks. I had to stop doing it when some jackass told a teacher, tho.
Pearl Oyewole (10 days ago)
october 2018??? reads title “MAKE MONEY IN 2019” um ok 👌🏾
Kristers Dancis (11 days ago)
I am too lazy to watch this video, how am i supposed to do smth
already tracer (11 days ago)
instructions un clear, my toes ended up in the blender.
Unicorn Pop (11 days ago)
Step 1 = get a job
Gilberto Esparza (11 days ago)
Just trap lmaoo
ZmileY ReaL (11 days ago)
What does it mean to wash windows???
DoughntuDeluexe (12 days ago)
The guy in this video looked like Adam Scott
Ashli Byers (9 days ago)
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HuskyPlayzGames (12 days ago)
I'm always so confident because I know I can work for money but then I get let down because of my age
Party (7 days ago)
Watermarqkiki (8 days ago)
Ixone *** •_• (12 days ago)
i. w o r k e d. o n. an. a l p a c a. f a r m
Ericka Phantomhive (12 days ago)
Well there’s also a program at high schools for summer paid internships too
John Homles (12 days ago)
I am so grateful to lutherangrants com .They helped me financially .They sent me over $35,000 from their grant schemes .
Mrs Mary (12 days ago)
trustedfamilyhackers,wordpress,com this service is so cool doing business with just got $12,000 in my paypal account
Lucas Homan (13 days ago)
For teens *RePaIr pHonE sCreEnS*
I turned 13 when this dropped October 25 2005
TheAmazingLittleRose (13 days ago)
Some people are like “Buy my $200 dollar book on how to save money”.
Willz World (13 days ago)
Thanks I found this video rly helpful ❤️
Fernando Perez (13 days ago)
fifty cents Sunday 😭😭
vidar sjögren (13 days ago)
3: this is a good idea if ther wasnt a f*****g supermarket 300 feet from My school.
I used to mix cocaine with any white powder and sell it to some chicks at my school and never got caught. Made a couple hundred euros that way
Funny WorldTV (14 days ago)
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Money made J (14 days ago)
Or just sell drugs🤷‍♂️
SublimeDegree2 (15 days ago)
Drug dealer ?
Some Guy (15 days ago)
You really think a fucking kid in 2019 is savy enough to do this shit? I don't know about my friends but when I need money i sell loud.
Adam Towski (15 days ago)
John : ey what's your job turtle? Me: causally dangling from burj Khalifa : I wash windows for a living
Kyle Hood (15 days ago)
What if your 12
Siobhan Taylor (16 days ago)
Do you know the real secret to getting money??? Read more

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