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Canton Fair

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http://www.avela.com A montage of the first phase of the Canton Fair in Guangzhou China.
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Encantados de conocerles. Bienvenidos a China, Soy Figo Zeng, su traductor y asesor.¡Qué te ofrecemos!Llámanos o envíanos un mensaje al WhatsApp.: +8613714692878 1.Asesoría para tu hospedaje en hoteles cómodos y cercanos a la feria. 2.Traducción y compañía en la compra de productos. 3.Seguimiento del producto y visita a la fábrica donde se elabora. 4.Asesoría en la mejor decisión para la compra de productos buscando calidad, modernidad y mejores precios. 5.Evaluación de las fábricas. 6.Servicio de control de calidad de los productos. 7.Seguimiento del producto hasta su entrega. 8.Conclusión del servicio hasta su regreso a su ciudad de origen.
Zeeshan Ahmad Khan (1 year ago)
Is there also displayed lightning products and automobile decoration Mr Admin..
Scott Smith (1 year ago)
yes.there is
ÖNER GÖKÇE (1 year ago)
Bu yıl oradayım
Abdulhakim Amer (2 years ago)
thanks for the videos do they also have Mobile Accessories like chargers and cables ???
Sergey Dranygin (3 years ago)
Sergey Dranygin (3 years ago)
Abdelmalek Khaled (4 years ago)
Hello, please i have q question for the people who went to the Fair, I want to know if anybody (not a company) can buy from the Fair?
ICE AV Sales (2 years ago)
Abdelmalek - Its a show case expo rather than a sell and walk out the door with what you bought. Though you could order, pay and then it will ship after the show. Its focus is to bring seller and buyer together to create future business. the exhibitors don have stock on the stand you can take away with you. By the way its not open to the consumer public, you need to be a company, with business card and to be authenticated. I spent one day at the show
Wang John (3 years ago)
canton fair is a big market,,in fact ,it is super market ,,,anyone can buy ,and sell in the market ,,,but coz all saler and buyer is very big , ,,big quantity ,,it is hard to buy and sell in the market , ,,but they can know each other ,,and they can do business in the future
+Abdelmalek Khaled can you send e-mail to us: [email protected]
Sonia Mendoza (5 years ago)
Una maravilla
muy bonito todo por alla ojala tuvieramos algo de eso en COlombia sobre todo en Bogota que desorden tan terrible sobre todo en vial
sdushdiu (5 years ago)
There is PLENTY of info regarding the fair! Trades persons do not go ferreting around YT to learn about tools fundamental to their trade. Google the Canton Trade Fair & you will find several listings under cantonfair & cantontradefair. As far as "how to get there"? is that really an issue? & "what goes on behind the scenes"? That is dependent upon the myriad roles such as sourcing or mfg, etc., one can assume. How each 'works' is specific to the function, not the fair.
sdushdiu (5 years ago)
You employ a VPN
TheMoneyTruth (5 years ago)
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mougiman (6 years ago)
It's a biggest fair. There is anything
Supercar (6 years ago)
How did you use YouTube in china?
AuroraRon (7 years ago)
After 50 years it would be nice to see a high quality promo video. I know the government bans YouTube and all other social media but you would think to the rest of the world they would like to show some higher quality material not shot on a camera phone. Actually amazed at how little there is on this fair. How to get here and behind the scenes. Anything.....
8wealthyone8 (7 years ago)
beautiful business place. i wanna do business there and be so rich!

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