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Koh Samui Travelers Cheque Run - April 2016

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This is for anyone thinking of taking Sterling Travelers Cheques to Koh Samui. In Bangkok I dont think you will have any trouble changing them, but in Koh Samui you will have problems, NONE of the small road side change bureaus or Krungsri banks will change them for you, the ONLY place that will change them is SCB bank in Chaweng, and then you will be charged 153THB for EACH cheque cashed, so if you must take Sterling cheques then take £100 or £200 cheques, better still take Sterling cash, which you can change anywhere! Dollars & Euro cheques are widely accepted. Banks will require a copy of your Passport, whereas Bureau De Change will do with a driving licence.
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Roy dont be nosy (2 years ago)
My mate Ronnie had a nightmare trying to change the travellers cheques ,best take sterling if you go there.
Paul (2 years ago)
You are a braver man than me.... There is no way I would ride a bike anywhere in Thailand without a helmet! After the carnage, deaths and crashes I've seen there over the years! Thailand is in the top 5 countries in the world for deaths on the roads! I just hope you both have a major holiday insurance plan! Take care guys.
Thai Traveller (2 years ago)
+Ryan Darcy Koh Samui moves at a very slow pace Ryan, and I am extra vigilant on the roads. Thanks for watching and your concerns my friend! ;-)

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