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IPsec Site to SIte VPN on IOS Router

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crypto isakmp policy 10 encr aes authentication pre-share group 2 crypto isakmp key cisco address - remote peer public IP crypto ipsec transform-set L2L esp-aes esp-sha-hmac mode tunnel crypto map L2L 10 ipsec-isakmp set peer - remote peer public IP set transform-set L2L match address L2L ip access-list extended L2L 10 permit ip - mirror this on remote side
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Nithish Romeo (9 months ago)
Hi, Thank you very much for the video. Good demonstration!Keep sharing your knowledge.
Mike Dee (2 years ago)
any chance you can do a full tutorial on installing vmware esxi exactly how you did it. you lose me after vmware. I don't need to know the history or how it works but rather how to install it and use as it pertains to networking and gns3 labs. I would like your vmware setup please...btw I'm drinking the kool-aid
Adam Steele (2 years ago)
Hi Rob great demonstration! I am wondering if you would do a demonstration of IPSEC over GRE as a compliment to this video? Great work!

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