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How to Make Money Without Working

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➤NOTE - This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here ▶ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFr3c472VstzAUSTygS0YZKoqjNQCESAI That's right, you can totally get rich without putting in any effort! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (19201)
Dirt Pool (42 minutes ago)
this is effin hilarious!
Brandan Neal (23 hours ago)
Thanks for the laugh, this was awesome.
test id (1 day ago)
it's just simply foolishness. You just send a mail to the president without an address and you got a letter fill with money to your address. What kind of foolishness are you trying to create in peoples mind
Michael Rothkopf (1 day ago)
Nice clickbait
Tiffany Stuart (2 days ago)
A lot of people today are unable to pay their regular bills. Other folks have issues making substantial amounts of money on the net. Thankfully, a whole new approach has been made accessible just recently and it is actually reliable. You can find more about how to produce "$8k" per month by browsing ‘“fetching wovo space” on Google..
Sir Underwood (4 days ago)
shit I'm watching acid
It’s a joke guys XD
uriah tatel (7 days ago)
good joke. made me watch the whole video. hahahsh
uKnw Universal (9 days ago)
Thanks for wasting my Data :(
Victor Feliz (9 days ago)
That's crazy !!!!
Duduzile Mbatha (10 days ago)
Fortnite Fan (9 days ago)
It works
Md Hasan (11 days ago)
i am a bangladeshi can i get money this way plz
Md Hasan (10 days ago)
+Fortnite Fan thanks
Fortnite Fan (10 days ago)
Yeah you get but read the description first.
Benjamin G (11 days ago)
Arthur Morgan (11 days ago)
This is great now we've got money to go to Tahiti
JustMike (12 days ago)
RAD RYAN (12 days ago)
ALL IN ONE ROCKS (12 days ago)
i can just before send a latter to prasient in gemail success or not idont know
Fernando Carrion (13 days ago)
That look like 60 dollor
el el Batel (13 days ago)
monikamoon14 (13 days ago)
Click fucking bait!.
Servant of God (14 days ago)
I wish I'm in America....
jarnel cavalxa (15 days ago)
I will subscribes back for those who will subscribe to my channel thank you 100%
Al The Beastly (15 days ago)
outdoors man heath (15 days ago)
Can you do it with trump
Sunnyshoes Cawthon (15 days ago)
i wish this is real lol
Marc Miranda (15 days ago)
but y'all heard about some demoninvader? heard can hack into bank, he even hacked NASA's database
Cigar Bella (15 days ago)
lol smh i wish too lol
Casto Marlon (15 days ago)
lol i need this video most cos m too old tryna work my ass off. but video is not even real smh
Consumers perspective (16 days ago)
Wallstreet hates him with just one simple trick
John Walsh (17 days ago)
Yes try that with Teresa may she would laugh you out of existence
Scott Rabie (18 days ago)
Biggest scammer ever
Mythical Titan (18 days ago)
by looking at this comment i have lost faith in humanity
Aishat (20 days ago)
Contact Marcus on instagram @__intelligentmarcus. He his the best money hacker and he does it for FREE. NO UPFRONT. Cheers. (Only United States and Canada Citizens.)
Debarghya Acharya (20 days ago)
Bloody, don't you have other work without posting these fake videos?
Mythical Titan (18 days ago)
by looking at this comment i have lost faith in humanity
Warrior Saint (20 days ago)
Dr. Boskonovitch (21 days ago)
Good One Satire :) Any Fool Who Believes this video is Cou Cou ! No Seriously ! TJ Mentions this on his channel here for real like all the other his videos its all a joke !
jrumdum (21 days ago)
Shut the hell up using us for view
Mythical Titan (18 days ago)
by looking at this comment i have lost faith in humanity
DGamer1133 Playz (21 days ago)
oneoflokis (22 days ago)
😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Good clickbait. Does it also work with Trump?? (Wait though: the latter would want to check your citizenship first, wouldn't he?! 😁)
Realeboha Mphatle (22 days ago)
😂 How do you not laugh?
Moishe Tiudic (22 days ago)
Wanna know how to get rich? Tell people to mail me money. You can do that too
Douglas Christian (22 days ago)
Burn in hell you worthless nazi garbage
Mythical Titan (18 days ago)
by looking at this comment i have lost faith in humanity
Is this real
Deepak Iyer (24 days ago)
i was serious when i came here.................. i was thinking investing
SiNNed #Ro (26 days ago)
Anthony Rock (16 days ago)
uh, watching youtube yourself?
Mythical Titan (18 days ago)
lol ur dumb
javier migoya (27 days ago)
August 35th 2016, 2016 in case people are wandering or didn't know this was a Double Leap Year with a Lunar Squat, you seldom ever get a 35th day in a month But Cinco De Mayo and Winter Solstice of that Year gave it those extra 4 days, it wont happen again til the year 3592
Whistleflute (28 days ago)
Oh my heck that was totally hilarious!
The 10s of the world (28 days ago)
Bro how to make money without working india bro plz reply
Mythical Titan (18 days ago)
lol ur dumb
walla walla (29 days ago)
Cool I'm leaving school now
Tiến Nguyễn (30 days ago)
35th August????? WHAT?????(top right corner btw)
That was on purpose it’s a joke
Paul Mamani (1 month ago)
It sux😆😆 I am in Bolivia
Umniyah Abbas (1 month ago)
This is sooo fake but funny video
Eduardo Casrejon (1 month ago)
You are stupid how does he know that you’re sitting on the couch all day
neko chan YT (1 month ago)
I think who written this to the president has already been in jail(srry bd eng)lol!!!!
LIAM vs EMMA FUN (1 month ago)
Online begging huh!
Spencer Bejcek (1 month ago)
Yes, but does it work in the UK?
b j (1 month ago)
it does not work
easy hacker of success (1 month ago)
asking while you dont easily hack with a card and a magnet
kit long cheng (1 month ago)
Christian Popa (1 month ago)
Blacks and natives...liberals in general are the ones who believe this haha
Logan Ketchopulos (1 month ago)
This was extremely helpful. I havent worked in 20 years now and i get 100k a week!
10 Days (1 month ago)
The amount of r/wooshs I can do here can give me so much karma
Eduardo Llerandez (1 month ago)
That was good bro!lol!you had me going!!haha good stuff!!:)lol
Nick Trachl (1 month ago)
It’s not stupid....it makes sense in reality.
Nick Trachl (1 month ago)
You’re awesome, bro!
Jeff Huertas (1 month ago)
first of all they never send money in the mail sorry good story, Just not good enough
Mike Turk (1 month ago)
Oh shit, I don't have a couch! Me can't them money! Oh And me wunt sum pussy for free as well!
jonatan Rago (1 month ago)
Amazing man
ItsGibson (1 month ago)
This is funny😂😂
Chris Rivera (1 month ago)
4:50 August 35th?
briar Lusk (1 month ago)
this is funny
Marc Van Masten (1 month ago)
From which mountain do you come from .... come down from the tree
Henrik Hagenn (1 month ago)
It works for me! My money just arrived yesterday! Thank you joe!
xoinr2 (1 month ago)
This actually worked!!!!! Thxx
Varinder Singh (1 month ago)
Then why are you working? Are you fuckin with us?
Mohit LLC (1 month ago)
August 35th is it even a date😂😂
John Cena (1 month ago)
1:23 ???? Do you know YouTube is on phones, tablets, and pretty much anything with a screen? Not just computers.
Nathan Micklatcher (1 month ago)
Does it work if you are under 18? Just kissing I'm not a retarded I know this is satire
ItzCrazyStuff (1 month ago)
Adventure Guide (1 month ago)
I became millionaire after watching this video
Deam-Arco (1 month ago)
this is kinda dumb no offense
10 Days (1 month ago)
Did it before me
horselady2 (1 month ago)
That was funny, it made my day, laughed my ass off.
Leroy Glass (1 month ago)
How did you keep a straight face???? LOL
Leroy Glass (1 month ago)
It got patched now you have to email Trump
Robyn Tyler (1 month ago)
Hahahaha! It's amazing how stupid people are to thing they can get something for nothing.
Klaudia Guerra (1 month ago)
Wish it was that easy 🤔
Wee Gee (1 month ago)
waggly (1 month ago)
Are you taking the piss?
hafid mostarhfir (1 month ago)
U only need a pair of shoes ...to get ur fucking arse and find a job
Mythical Titan (18 days ago)
Hood vines (1 month ago)
Subscribe me so I can make money without having to work like this guy 😂😂😂
DiSa DS (1 month ago)
Is this real or fake?
Evd (1 month ago)
I make about $200k/year owning a UniSpec home inspection franchise ... I am a business owner, work on my own time and am much happier than before. In the past I used to work in an office cubicle and was miserable .-.-.
seekNdestroy10 WOTB (1 month ago)
Why is the fbi here?
degaming squid (1 month ago)
( Dad ) (Why is the FBI here?)
Viteok Martinov (1 month ago)
How to make money without money for computer to send emails? Video tutorial please.
Armin Senoner (1 month ago)
1:35 do you think it may work with a chair as well instead of the couch?
Leah Bustos (1 month ago)
Myoid Jenis (1 month ago)
Wtf? If i would have sent must be thrown out of my country🤣🤣🤣 Its like all other fantasy i drew like why dont we seek and ask for remedies available to us at instance of Political gains
Ahmed roblox Gamer (1 month ago)
IM in jail now very good
Pixxilutia (1 month ago)
Mythical Titan (18 days ago)
r/woosh r/woosh
Philip Evans (1 month ago)
It iSn’T wORkInG
antonia carvalho (1 month ago)

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