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NEW Flower Pot Heater - Costs Just 4 Cents An Hour To Run...

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Simple, effective, cheap heater alternative to keep you warm this winter... Additional Video Notes: - COST: Costs mentioned in the video are base on Australian prices for Ikea candles - The may be cheaper/more expensive elsewhere - TIME: It takes about and hour to make a noticeable difference on overall room temperature. But sitting next to it makes a huge difference. e.g. if you're working at your desk, sit it next to you - MODIFICATIONS: The version shown in the video doesn't have any holes in the the top for the warm air to escape like many others on shown Youtube do. I have tried both configurations and my conclusion is that both options work well, but have slightly different applications -- No holes version gets hotter and therefore is better if you are sitting next to it as you get more radiant heat -- With holes version lets some of the hot air escape out the top and therefore fills the room with hot air, and is thus better for heating a larger area. - OTHER LINKS -- How to make a halving Joint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGfI4GRjm40
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Leon Dessertines (1 month ago)
This is very dangerous, specialy if you don't put the candles in a special tank filled with water! And there's the Co problem and the conbustion's particles!
jopuentedura (1 month ago)
and what about the carbon monoxide?
Rod P (1 month ago)
Those pots are 6 and 4 inch not 5 inch... I have all three and the 5 barely fits int he 6 inch pot
Evan Mcsharry (1 month ago)
Get a stove if you want to heat a room
jenny cestero (1 month ago)
i cant see this heating up a cabinet, let alone a room
Barbarian Beast (1 month ago)
The first rule of thermal dynamics is the conservation of energy. It is impossible for the flowe pots to get hotter than the candle flames under the flower pots. Theses people are just selling flower pots that don't do anything that the candles couldn't do by themselves without any flower pots.
TRLWNC1 (1 month ago)
I just tried this out, and found that there is no real help with heating. The BTU per candle is simply vastly too low. Check it out: https://youtu.be/9pss7ApjZkY
Matt Walsh (1 month ago)
Hmm.. let me run down the shop and get four candles....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi_6SaqVQSw
Öli (2 months ago)
Try my new Yoga-Heater: Take a deep view to a single candle, and... you will get nicely comfi and warm! By the way: a terra-heater adds no energy to the candles you put inside. So if you cant heat a room with candles you will never heat the room with the same amount of candles + terra-heater. Lol
Karen Tysver (3 months ago)
Parrafin candles emit acetone, toluene, benzene and other dangerous toxic chemicalswhen burned. It's like running a deisel engine in your home. Use only beeswax or soy candles in your homes. Parrafin scented candles and tea lights are toxic.
John Smitty (3 months ago)
Bullshit I tried this it did not work at all. It was 27 degrees in my room i left these candles burning for 3 hours checked the temperature and it actually went down to 24 degrees. Maybe if the room is in the 80s it might make it warmer but in no way will this turn a freezing room warm. People who make these fake info videos should be forced to live in a freezing enironment for a week with nothing but their bullshit heaters.
omegasignas (3 months ago)
the wax vapor will accumulate in the flower pots, and eventually combust
hey! dude! (3 months ago)
i was skepticsl at first so i built one of these for myself, it worked brilliantly! encouraged, i added 2 more candles and an additional flexible insulated pipe which i have taken thru to the kitchen and spurred off up through the ceiling into the upstairs bathroom. consistently over the last 11 weeks, if i keep those candles burning for 7 hours, i have enough hot water for steam-cooking a main meal, the dishwasher afterwards and then at bedtime a shower for me, my wife and three grubby teenage children. on colder days, 8 candles allows for a hotwater bottle.
Jackie Cooksey (3 months ago)
thanks for the tip. I'm definitely going to try this as I'm running a wood burning stove, oil central heating and a portable gas heater in cold weather.as well as an electric fan heater in the kitchen occasionally. it will be a lot cheaper and easier lighting 2 tea lights whenever im feeling a bit chilly. . ill let you know how I get on after the next cold snap
James Woodard (3 months ago)
TOTAL B.S. !!!
southwestsearch (3 months ago)
I like the cupcake pan idea better. I'm going to experiment with this idea. I keep tea candles anyway for power outages.
southwestsearch (3 months ago)
I've just been thinking about your idea about multiple nut's inside the pot to absorb heat. Place washers between the nuts. Whether the washers will absorb more heat or dissipates it will remain to be seen with experimentation.
Happy Honey (3 months ago)
Dangerous and doesn't work
F. De. Vos. (3 months ago)
Ever heard of Parafine ???? (not ok for health??)
mobilemowers (3 months ago)
So where are the fumes going ? https://www.notechmagazine.com/2014/11/dont-heat-your-room-with-tea-candles.html
thomas tarter (3 months ago)
I use oil lamp to heat my apartment. I have 4 of it but most time I use 2 . Tempters stays at 70 degree
Di Wi (3 months ago)
1.3k dislikes from utility companies
Shugar Burke (4 months ago)
OUTSTANDING!! This will be great for my balcony at night!! 🥂😁
Pastor Pepe Avalos (4 months ago)
Don't waste your money, this doesn't work. It'll look good, I give you that, but, I replicated the exact same model and was very disappointed.
Aminah Mosley (4 months ago)
Best LOOKING one I’ve seen so far
jamie johnson (4 months ago)
This guy is a jerk off!
Gianclaudio Citarda (4 months ago)
Mi pare na minkiata
Gub alicious (4 months ago)
Tried this. Doesn't work
Nonaka Byrd (4 months ago)
I will enjoy the nay sayers to complain if the grid goes down....oh wait, your cell phones won't work after awhile 😎
E Ry (4 months ago)
Rich G (4 months ago)
Thought they were dangerous
Josh Hayl (4 months ago)
Another version of this is to provide a way to adjust the distance between the two pieces properly to get a high-velocity-flu-affect (necessitating a hole or two drilled in the top) which causes air to move through the device quite quickly,... It will burn-up candles faster though even when it's tuned properly!
Chonkybeatz (4 months ago)
If i hold my hand 2 feet above just one tea light my hand begins to burn. So i dont know why all these people are saying 4 candles dont produce enough heat. Put your face above 4 candles and you wont last long.
Dennis Gosik (4 months ago)
https://youtu.be/S7Xv-TCGgIo. Proof it doesnt work better
L2design (4 months ago)
One guy had three pots (for the top ones)
L2design (4 months ago)
Watch the 72 day candle using CRISCO!
Laura Barber (5 months ago)
It needs to be able to vent out of the top.
Dajeau (5 months ago)
Ha! This thread is exactly why my mantra is, "Don't read the comments..." yet I do and again, nothing but really worthless comments, like mine. Just had to shine a light, so to speak, on the ineffectiveness of these stupid comments! Haha!
RobMacKendrick (5 months ago)
I haven't tried this technology yet, but lots of people who have say it heats modest spaces very well. On the other hand, many in this thread also haven't tried this technology, but are certain, based apparently on their presumed inherent awesomeness, that it doesn't. What I haven't seen any of is someone saying "I built this and it doesn't work." Therefore, by a process of algebraic reduction I conclude that the device is probably effective, and that a certain percentage of YouTube commenters are less congenitally awesome than they assume. Also, the design is attractive and intriguing, so it's reasonable to guess that it warms conversations, at bare minimum. Finally, it's cheap and easy to make, leading one to wonder why anyone would post negative conjecture about it when they could just make one and see. Or am I making sense again?
primeEmu16 (5 months ago)
I'm skeptical of it working but it looks rustic and pretty so i night just make one for decoration purposes only.
chris lane (5 months ago)
Brilliant! I've saved your video.
Ronald Martino (5 months ago)
My God! What's with the Negitive comments. This isn't supposed to replace your natural gas or oil burning furnace. For those who made Negitive comments you've obviously never been freezing to the point of hypothermia.A Good Well Intentioned Video that could save your life in an emergency. For all you knuckle heads calculating the btu's, get a life. Thanks for the tip sir, I'll be constructing one.👍
Megan Megan (5 months ago)
Thanks. Im gonna make it
Crystal Constance (5 months ago)
Thank you for sharing this information, it's a great idea how you made it to hang on the stand.
Tanner H (5 months ago)
I think this is a Beautiful invention. I love the base and what the heaters are hanging on. Really unique.
Ashwin Patel (5 months ago)
What about the carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other fumres? Does that remain in the house or does it go out. If it goes out, what about the heat loss. How many candles and for how many hours should you burn them to heat minimum three rooms of say 15' x 15' x 10' dimensions. Would that be worth the effort? Worth the money and time spent?
Vulchrys (5 months ago)
There’s one thing you can do to increase heat output one hundredfold. Toss the shit and buy a propane heater.
Edward Belliveau (5 months ago)
Just try it and stop with the wise remarks could help in a emergency situation
Ben Joseph (5 months ago)
Once u build this and find out what a wasted effort u undertook, there may just be plenty of heat around your collar till u get over it anyway... ✊😣💨
Ivor Zulim (5 months ago)
...aaaand then you burn your house down ;)
rehlein klein (5 months ago)
Next inventon: perpetuum mobile
You could also just pay your electricity bill.
Samuel J (5 months ago)
use metal pots,buckets for more efficient heat transfer not ceramic or terracotta pots that absorb the heat being radiated..
Rick Echeverria (5 months ago)
Ya know U Tube must have over a hundred of these flower pot heater videos on line and nobody has tried to test it correctly...Of course a clay pot with a candle burning under it will get hot and that is the way these so called “inventors” try to prove it works by using a thermometer next to or on the clay pot itself.... Why doesn't anyone film with an infrared camera to see how far out the heat radiates before rising to the ceiling? Or a less expensive method might be to put the heater on a table in the middle of a 10 by 15 room with 8 foot ceilings light it and put 5 chairs in a line a foot apart and measure the temps the farther from the heater...Will it be significantly warmer 1 foot away, 3 feet away or 5 feet away? Get my point, it may be hot enough for a small van but being an inexpensive room heater, I doubt it.
Roger le (5 months ago)
Minimize heat lost? A heater is 100% heat lost. All it does is radiate heat away from it. That is heat lost.
CipherBytes (5 months ago)
A BTU is a BTU.
moustachelessness (5 months ago)
Best ending to a video I've ever seen. Did you suddenly have a cardiac arrest or something?
CTROCK (5 months ago)
How do u make the little hole in the pot?
Living One Day at a Time (5 months ago)
This was doable until the terra-cotta dish where you have to drill a hole into it. I wonder how many he went through that didn't crack and break. HD or Lowe's have tools at each station to cut that metal rod. Now all I have to find is a stand because I don't have the tools to make one. Now once I make it and put it into action, I hope my cat doesn't knock it over. LOL.
HOH (5 months ago)
It's a pleasant looking light source😄. I thought it would be cool to make one, but judging from the comments wouldn't do much to keep me warm.
HOH (5 months ago)
Those are cheap candles, are you sure the wax does not have lead?
Erik Iacopelli (5 months ago)
This is a pretty cool idea
Ryan p (5 months ago)
in a Canadian winter, a cast iron wood stove that pumps out 50'000 btu/hr is considered "comfortable" for a large living room....Neat candle holder tho!
AuroraLalune (5 months ago)
Easier to just light the same amount of candles on a plate or something. Generates more heat too.
MrDemented669 (5 months ago)
i tea candle is recommended to keep in your car if you live in the north if you get stuck in -20 on the road side it will keep you warm till help arrives so just a candle alone is heat..so don't know why people saying this is bogus
C H (5 months ago)
This is why I absolutely love YouTube. This video is fun, informational, and useful. I can't think of any shows on cable TV that would show something cool like this.
Abe Coulter (5 months ago)
Dosent work
Akbar Hussain (5 months ago)
Hi there,I thought that was a great idea,very well explained & it looks nice as well,I'm sure that that heater would take the chill out of a 4×4 M room,Excellent ..
YouTube Scientist (5 months ago)
Some dumb shit for low IQ misers.
Index (5 months ago)
$350 a year per lamp.
Viceroy Bear (5 months ago)
This might work if you're in a tent and two of your huddled around it, lol
yangtse55 (5 months ago)
mmmm fumes ;) You too can experience the lung diseases of people forced to burn stuff for light and cooking.
Macs M. (5 months ago)
If you run the "heater" 24 hrs, then you've spent almost $30 in a month for minimal heat produced. I can understand attempting this idea in a survival situation, but in no other.
Daan Zengerink (5 months ago)
This is exactly what we do when camping!! It's so powerful,its great.
Patrick Weaver (5 months ago)
I've done it.Bullshit.
JoJo C (5 months ago)
Looks nice
Rob Schneider (5 months ago)
aquame (5 months ago)
Great video, I’ll defiantly try this,, 🤙
Finn Green (5 months ago)
Suspended silliness
Davina Test (5 months ago)
I suppose you could just hang them from a garden flower basket hanger ...simple and cheap
Sterling M (5 months ago)
I just made one with half the candles that only costs two cents per hour to run so it's even better.
Zoes Dada (5 months ago)
"A medium size room". Bull shit. There is no way that thing heats an entire room.
Notonebuttwo Othman (5 months ago)
4 cents per hour x 24 = 96 cents a day Almost 30 bucks a month for a stupid candle heater 😂
Melody (5 months ago)
It costs 4 cents an hour cause it has 4 cents worth of heat.
Dan Anthony (5 months ago)
These don’t work.
Mel Basilio (5 months ago)
I tried it a few times a few years ago, bread pan method in a very small room, 10x10'. It actually worked & in dead of winter (40°f) by no means did the room get too hot but it took off the chill. Was quite paranoid it would start a house fire so with constant monitoring it did not😀☮️
MoooMooWitney (5 months ago)
Why do you need fork handles in the heater? 😜
TheAwokenGoyim (5 months ago)
The most crucial part was to tell everyone how you put a hole in the base. Did you use a masonry drill bit?
kenny10rendon (5 months ago)
Maybe a good night light 😂😂
Midwest nobody (5 months ago)
Life hack: how to waste your time with pots and candles
nbookie (5 months ago)
So, just lighting the candles will net the same heat. Everything else is "art".
aFreeman0409 (5 months ago)
You would stay much warmer sleeping with a very hot chick and a blanket...
Tom Ratliff (5 months ago)
I built one. Complete fucking lie! Don't waste your time. You are an asshole for propagating this fake science. Why don't these kind of videos get demonetized?
victor jo (5 months ago)
But doesn't this pollute the air in the room with chemicals?
knut riis (5 months ago)
I can't believe why the house burned down.
Youtuber Trump (5 months ago)
Wow! This might heat a dog house. 🤣🤣🤣
Evan Fedro (5 months ago)
I think a fart would heat the room more.
SoCal Gal (5 months ago)
Can you use Sterno to heat with instead of tea lights?
15chillz (5 months ago)
Just a note, 4c an hour is 288$ a month. The standard electric heating cost for a home depending on size and efficiency is between 50$ and 150$ per month.
Tiago Ruivo (5 months ago)
This is true defenition of stupid... Or in other words: It's Trump!
Jason Moonsmith (5 months ago)
This is a joke, right?

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